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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
2. Chapter Two: Lair of the Titan

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2. Chapter Two: Lair of the Titan

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter Two: Lair of the Titan

Part 1 - Return from Hades

Begin to work your way out of Hell by attacking the hands as you climb up. At the top, move to the right. Go to the edge and wall jump to the wall across the way. Eliminate the hands here then climb up. Press up and jump to jump the gap and attach yourself to the above section of wall. From here, work your way left and up into the light.

You'll emerge in the arena where Zeus just took you down. Save.

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Examine the bodies of those around you by approaching them and hitting "R1". Eventually you'll come to a Spartan who is still alive (he's the one with the least amount of blood around him). Once you've spoken to the Spartan you'll find yourself on a new mode of travel, Pegasus.

Of course, Pegasus is more than just transportation. She's a fighter, too. Follow the on-screen prompts to defeat the griffins you encounter. Use "Triangle" (heavy) and "Square" (light) to hit them with your Blades. Use "R1", "L1", and "X" to ram them with your flying horse. Watch the backs of the griffins, as, once you've wailed on them enough, a "Circle" mini-game prompt will appear. Hit "Circle", then hit the indicated button to take out the raven. Repeat until you're told of the "X" boost.

Once you've killed three griffins the raven will charge you from a distance. Line yourself up with him and hit "X" for a head-on collision, which will cause you and your flying horse to fall to the ground. Rapidly move your left control stick right and left to prevent death. Continue on this head butting course until you're knocked onto the back of the raven. Follow the prompts to grab his head and pull it back. When he's gone, evade the slow mo light orbs that are tossed your way, and fly into the Lair of Titan.

Part 2 - The Lair of Titan

Continue to fly forward, where you'll spot the Titan. Fly up to his face and you'll be blown away. At this point you can really stop controlling things as the game guides you to where you need to be next...apparently without Pegasus.

Fight the Harpes ("Circle" attacks are always fun) then fall off the ledge to the left. Here you'll find a couple of the Titan's fingers. Ignore them for now and continue on the path to the right. Collect from the Green Chest, then climb down the wall. Fall of the platform to the left for a Red Chest and a Gorgon Eye. Backtrack to the fingers.

Use your blades on the fingers, as it seems to tickle them a bit. Titan will move his fingers, opening up the path for you. Take it around to the left, then climb down the wall. Fight through the Undead to the right ("Circle" attacks are fun), then jump the gap. Make your way up, then attach yourself to the ceiling. Move across it, then work your way down to the ground, where you'll find a Save Point. Save.

Move down the tunnel, where you'll meet a Minotaur. Fight him as best you can with your weak blades (note the Green Chest just beyond him). Once you've hit the bull man enough times, you'll get a "Circle" prompt. Hit it, then rapidly tap "Circle" for the kill.

Continue down the tunnel to the Red Chest at the end. Next, back up a few steps and note the cage to the right. Destroy it, then jump up onto the ropes from which it was suspended. You will quickly slide down the the level below. Continue forward and you'll soon emerge in the snowy/ashen mess of an outside world.

Take down the guard towers and eliminate those who were shooting from them, then fight the Minotaur (look for the "Circle" prompt above his head when he's weakened, then rapidly tap "Circle" to kill him). When all is clear, climb the ledges to the top (you'll have to shimmy left to actually reach the top), collect from the Green and Red Chests and slide down the rope. Here you'll find an old friend, Prometheus. Whip him free, then hop onto the chain to the right. Prometheus will be hanging down the opposite chain. Run past him and past the ledges (if you need health, you can climb the ledges for a Green Chest).

Shimmy along the wall to the level below. Collect from the Red Chest and Save.

Part 3 - Freeing Prometheus

Continue forward and fight the Undead who climb down the nearby wall. Collect the Gorgon Eye from the nearby chest, then climb the wall. Wait for the Undead to fall beneath the gap, kill them, then jump the gap and continue to make your way up to the top. Once there, go through the skull door.

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Move forward, collect from the Red and Green Chests, then find the Grapple Point at the end of the path. Use "R1" to fling yourself to the path across the way. Note the caged chest. To get to it, slide down the nearby rope, then quickly return via the grapple point. This should temporarily lower the bars. If you don't get to the chest, try again. After three tries the bars should stay down for good. Open the chest for a Phoenix Feather. Continue until you meet up with your first Gorgon.

The best way to fight a Gorgon is to be in a constant state of attack. Just stay close and hit it hard, for, if the Gorgon gets an opening, it will unleash a green ray that will turn you to stone if you come in contact with it. The best way to avoid the green ray is to roll. If you find yourself "frozen", shake the left control stick right and left to break free.

Keep an eye on the top of the Gorgon's head, as an "Circle" prompt will appear once you've beaten it down enough. Once you hit the "Circle", you'll be shown a circle with a directional arrow inside of it. This indicates the direction in which you must move the left control stick in order to finish the Gorgon off. Emulate these directions and soon the Gorgon will be sans a head...and two more Gorgons will appear. I suggest focusing on one Gorgon at a time, as, the sooner you can get rid of one, the easier the battle will be. Also look out for Harpies who pop up as you battle.

Once you've defeated the Gorgons, and the area is unsealed, continue in the direction you were moving, where you'll discover a "shining" section of weak wall. Break it and a new path will be revealed. Move down it, collect from the Red and Green Chests and Save.

Part 4 - Facing Typhon

Continue left, along the path, and you'll see that both of Typhon's eyes are glowing. Use the well-placed rocks as cover to avoid Typhon's breath attack as you make your way across the bridge. Be careful as you turn the corner to go up the path. Stop before you get to the part of the path without the rock guardrails or you'll be blown off.

At the next landing, note the covered Grapple Point to the right (you won't be using it yet).

Face Typhon so that the covered Grapple Point is on your right. Directly in front of you is a large rock column which is shining. Attack the rock to break it and then use "R1" and rapidly tap the "Circle" button to lift the rock. It'll smash down, creating a bridge between you and Typhon's face.

Run up the bridge. At the top you'll be on a pedestal and you'll be prompted to hit "R1". Do so and you'll automatically attack Typhon's left eye. After the attack, you'll be given, Typhon's Bane, a bow and arrow.

Once the action starts back up, hold "L2" to draw Typhon's Bane, as it's a Magic item (uses the blue magic meter). At this point, you'll be told that with it drawn, you can fire it by hitting the "Square" button. That's really all you need to know for right now (when you have multiple targets, you can switch between them with the "Right Analog Stick").

Go ahead and draw the Bane, which will automatically target Typhon's right eye, and fire away at him until he closes his eye (five or six shots). At this point, head back down the bridge and take out the Undead, both near you, and the Undead Archers firing on you from afar (use your Bane and practice switching targets). Note that when you are locked onto a target, you'll see a blue beam of light illuminate that target.

Once the Undead are, well, dead, the spirit blocking the paths will disappear.

Part 5 - Return to Prometheus

Before using the Bane on the covered Grapple Point there is a little bit of side business to take care of.

Continue left, and up the path where you'll encounter a group of Undead. Surrounding the fire pit in this area are three Red Chests and one Chest. The problem is, the chests are covered in ice.

In order to melt the ice, you need to throw the Undead into the fire. To do so, grab any Undead by going up to him and hitting "Circle". Then, push "Square" to slam him down and throw him. Usually, you'll automatically throw him into the fire.

After tossing several Undead into the fire, the fire will grow and melt the ice on the Chests. Open the Chest for a Phoenix Feather and the Red Chest for Red Orbs. Once you collect six Phoenix Feathers your magic meter will grow.

Note, it was during this fight (and the opening of the Red Chests) that we gained enough Red Orbs to power up our Athena's Blades. If you are notified of this, go ahead and upgrade by pressing start, finding the Athena's Blades in the list of weapons/magic, and then holding down "X" until the meter fills. If you have yet to gain enough Red Orbs, then just keep collecting.

Now that your Blades are leveled up, head back down the path.

It's time to take care of that covered Grapple Point. Hold "L2" to highlight the Grapple Point (watch out for the three Undead Archers firing on you). Fire your Bane at the covered Grapple Point in order to make it useable and then take out the three archers.

Grapple onto the Grapple Point ("R1"), swing (hold "R1"), and then jump and grapple ("X" then "R1") onto the next Grapple Point. Continue this process for the next one and then jump from it to the path which you were previously on. Smash through the rocks on the right and make your way past the Save Point (Save as you like), all the way back outside.

Once outside again, look to the left and use the Bane to destroy the cover on the Grapple Point. Then, use the Grapple Point to cross the gap.

Drop down the ledges and you'll see Prometheus hanging above the fire. Target the rope holding him and shoot your Bane until he drops into the fire, thus ending his eternal suffering. If you need blue orbs to power your Bane, there is a Blue Chest near the fire.

Part 6 - Back to Pegasus

For ending the suffering of Prometheus, you will receive the Rage of the Titans and, secondarily, a slack chain above on the ledges will become taut.

Rage of the Titans is a special power activated by clicking down on the "Left Control Stick" ("L3") and the "Right Control Stick" ("R3") simultaneously. When activated, your attacks become very powerful and you'll take less damage. You can also turn it off before the meter runs out by clicking "L3" and "R3" again.

The Rage of the Titans meter is in the lower right of your screen. You'll know it's full when it is fully red and flames are coming from it. At this point, it is full. You fill the meter by killing enemies. To fill it faster, try to string together attacks and get bonuses. You'll see this as the "hit count" when you're attacking enemies.

When you get back to the action, you'll be attacked by some Undead and three Minotaurs. Feel free to go ahead and give the Rage of the Titans a try. Once they're all dead, the spirits blocking your path will disappear.

Head to the right and climb the two ledges where you will see a Green Chest near the platform and rope structure. Open the chest if you need health, and then target and shoot the platform being held by the rope.

The rope will drop, allowing you to climb it. Do so, and then work your way up the ledges to the now taut chain structure.

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Before you cross the horizontal chain, locate the vertical chain hanging down from the front of this same structure. Jump onto the vertical chain and slide down to the small cave where you'll find two Red Chests on either side of a Chest with a Gorgon Eye. Open all three, exit out, and climb back up the chain.

It's time to traverse the gap using the horizontal chain. Jump up to it and work your way along it. You'll soon see three enemies approaching you. There are three ways to attack them while on the chain.

Press "Circle" to do a Rope Grab, "Square" to do a Quick Kick, and "Triangle" to do a Long Swipe. If you are grabbed by an enemy while on a chain, rapidly shake your "Left Control Stick" back and forth to free yourself.

When you get to the left side of the chain, drop down to the platform and then drop off the ledge to your left. When you land on the ground below, you'll see a Gold Chest (Gold Orbs fill your Rage of the Titans meter) and a Rage of the Titans door.

Open the Gold Chest and then activate the Rage of the Titans. Attack the door while in a rage to break it down. (Better yet, if you have some Rage meter, break down the door first, and then refill your Rage meter with the Gold Orbs after.)

Head through the door, go along the path, kill the Undead, use the Grapple Point to clear the gap, continue up, climb the wall, and make your way up to Typhon's fingers. Along the way, feel free to Save at the Save Point that you pass.

Once you arrive at his fingers, activate your Rage of Titans and attack each of his fingers and his thumb until he lifts them up. Don't worry about running out of Rage as it will regenerate as you hit the Titans fingers. Hit the fingers fast, as it is timed. Once all of Titan's fingers are raised, Pegasus will be free.

Go up to to Pegasus and use "R1" to get on. Fly out of the cavern for a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you'll be on Pegasus flying toward the Island of Fates. Attack the Griffins and their riders as you did before. When they're all defeated, you'll have to face off against a more powerful Griffin and his rider.

To defeat this mini-boss, keep attacking him until you go into a super-fast flying mode where you have to dodge the purple orbs coming at you. After that, simply keep attacking him until you get the button prompt on screen. Follow the sequence of buttons to defeat the mini-boss.

After that, you'll be free falling towards earth rather quickly. Get ready for some a button prompt which will make you dodge a ledge and attach you to a wall.

Now that you're on solid ground, well, hanging from solid wall, climb up to the ledge, pull yourself up the ledge and go to the right to find a Save Point.

Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates

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