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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates

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3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 3: The Island of Fates

Part 1 - The Temple of Lahkesis

Before climbing up the ladder, go left around the ledge and open the two Chests: one has a Phoenix Feather and one has an assortment of Orbs. Head back to the Save Point and climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder, you'll automatically hang from the underside of a balcony. Work your way up to the balcony above. Once on it, fight the Undead soldiers (look out for the "Circle"s above their heads and after you grab them, hit one of your attack buttons to do massive damage). After they're all dead, go to the right and double jump up to the ladder against the wall. Climb it.

At the top you'll find yourself in a garden with a multitude of Dogs, some hanging skeletons, a lever, and various Chests. Try to take out the dogs using the "L1" + "Circle" attack to really rack up the hit count. Then, jump and attack the skeletons for orbs and make sure to knock down the dead body, the one that's not a skeleton, who is hanging near the Red Chests.

Carry the body with you to the lever platform on the left, drop the body, and then activate the switch. Nice, you now have the body with you in this lower room. Place the body on the floor switch to open the first gate, and then pull the crank (handle) from the wall (grab with "R1" and pull down on your "Left Control Stick") to open the second gate. Quickly run down the hallway and through the second gate before it closes.

You'll enter another garden area. Hang a left and go to the end of it where you'll be prompted to use "R1" to kick open a draw bridge. Do so.

Go to the end of the draw bridge for a beautiful cutscene explaining some Zeus and Cronos history.

Part 2 - To the Steeds

After the cutscene, backtrack a few steps and note the ledges going both left and right off of the draw bridge. Go right first and open the Chest for a Gorgon Eye. Then, head left around the ledge, rolling as you go as it crumbles behind you.

Follow the ledge until you can go no farther and then drop down into the arena where you'll battle Cerebus (three headed-dog) and his Dog minions. To kill Cerebus, attack him until you get a "Circle" icon. Activate it and then rapidly tap "Circle" to pull off one of his heads. Repeat this for the other two heads and then take out any remaining Dog minions that are hanging around.

There is also a Blue Chest and a Green Chest in this arena. Use them when you need them.

When the arena is clear, break all of the statues along the back wall. The second statue from the right will create for you a block. Pull the block over to the high platform from which the Dogs were dropping, and then get on the block and double up to the platform.

Fall down to the other side where you will find a Red Chest, a Save Point and some Dogs. Kill off the Dogs and then Save.

Head right and out on to the ledge. You'll automatically begin wall climbing. Climb down to the lower ledge and head left where you'll find a Red Chest and a Green Chest between a wall ladder.

Climb the ladder to the ceiling and then move your way across it to the shining arch, killing Undead as you go. Break the arch and continue moving along the ceiling eventually pulling yourself up onto a balcony.

Fight the Dogs and the Undead on this balcony and then use your Bane to shoot the Undead Archers. When it's all clear, double jump the gap and jump up to the next balcony where you'll find a Blue Chest. Fight the Undead and the Archers and continue to move forward. You'll see a lever. Pull it.

You'll find yourself in an impeccably shiny circular room (Mr. Clean would be pleased) you will have to fight three Sirens. These singing beauties unleash ear-piercing screams which will stun you. To break out of the stunned state, rapidly move the "Left Control Stick" back and forth. They also have a pretty nasty duel dagger attack.

At first, you just have to fight one Siren. Use your Blades on her until you get the "Circle" icon. Press "Circle" to destroy her. This will cause a scream to be forced from her, thus cracking a door.

Next, you'll have to fight two simultaneously. Use your Bane on them in order to try to stay away from them. When you get the "Circle" icon on either of them, do it to kill your second Siren. Another will appear. Kill a third Siren which will make the door explode.

Before you go through the open door, climb up the large chain spanning the room. At the top of the chain, jump up to the ceiling and move across it to the two Chests. Drop down and open them for a Gorgon Eye (the sixth one, your health increased) and various Orbs.

Drop back down to the shiny room and go through the door blasted open by the Sirens. You'll find a Save Point and a Blue Chest.

Go forward out onto the large chain, which makes a bridge between you and the huge horses. Above two thirds across it, you'll enter the next chapter, The Steeds of Time.

Part 3 - The Steeds of Time

Continue moving along the chain which attaches to a small balcony with a wall that you can climb. Do so and at the top you'll reach a circular balcony with a Green Chest, a Blue Chest, a door between them, a lever, and two gates on either side of the balcony.

Try the door to be told that you need the Horse Keeper's Key. Mare enough...um...fair enough. Since you don't have such a key, go to the far side of the balcony and to the left of the gate you'll find a lever. Pull the lever which will lower a rope attached to a moving arm. You have a limited amount of time to get to the rope, so run like a banshee and double jump up to it.

Ride the rope across the gap to another balcony where you'll find the Horse Keeper.

Boss Fight - Horse Keeper

This fight requires you to do a good bit of dodging (rolling) and expects you to know your attacks pretty well. It greatly helps to have the increased energy bar (see the six Gorgon Eyes in the walkthrough above).

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From the start, don't use your Rage or Bane. Just attack the Horse Keeper the old fashioned way...with your blades. Don't worry about doing a ton of damage to him at once, instead, focus on getting in a few good attacks and then dodging (roll) or blocking his attacks. It's possible the Horse Keeper will hook you onto his sword. If this happens you will get a directional prompt. Rotate your left control stick in that direction to take advantage of the situation. If you can turn it on him, you'll temporarily stun Mr. Horse Man, allowing you to get a few good hits in. If you fail, you'll take some damage.

After a good bit of fighting, the Horse Keeper will unleash his ice attack. Avoid the emerging bergs and get a few hits in while he's busy summoning the attack.

Eventually, the Horse Keeper will release a few orbs and swing up to the top of the door. Roll away from the blue energy bursts he fires at you. Also, start shooting arrows into him with the Bane. Don't worry about running out of magic, as a couple of Minotaurs are soon to appear who will release green and blue orbs upon their demise.

When the Minotaurs come out, activate your Rage. Lay into them with everything you've got. Both the "L1" + "Circle" attack work well as does any combination of normal Blade attacks. After killing each one, you'll get a good dose of Health and Magic.

Refocus on the Horse Keeper and continue to pelt him with your Bane. Sure enough, two more Minotaurs will emerge, however this time, you don't have the advantage of Rage (unless you have a little left over from the last Minotaurs). Attack them however you see fit, being sure to roll around to avoid getting hit by the Horse Keeper's blue energy.

Once this pair of Minotaurs is dead, you'll have more Health and Magic. Guess what you should do? That's right. Shoot the Horse Keeper with your Bane until two more Minotaurs come out. Kill off this third set and lay into the Horse Keeper one last time with your Bane. (Note, you may have to fight one more round of Minotaurs depending on how much damage you've done to him with the Bane while he's up above.)

At this point, the Horse Keeper will fall off of his perch and hang down, showing off his new "Circle" icon. Go up to him and hit "Circle". Next, rotate your "Left Control Stick" in the direction indicated to pull him down. Finally, tap "Circle" rapidly for an uber bloody kill. My goodness. The good news is that you now have the Horse Keeper's Key. The bad news is that some poor slave is going to have to clean up this bloody mess.

The door that the Horse Keeper was protecting is now open to you. Head inside, open the Chests as necessary, and then approach the open book on the pedestal. Read it for a little back story, and then head out either the right or left hallways. It doesn't matter which, but the right path does take you past a Red Chest.

Either way, you'll end up on the saddle of the horse, and will be able to double jump up to a platform with a Red Chest and a rope. Open the Chest and then jump up to the rope, thus riding back to where you were earlier.

Since you have the Horse Keeper's Key, you can now open the door on this balcony. Do so and go through the door. Approach the pedestal and hit "R1" to activate the ruin which will impart upon you, Cronos' Rage. This is another piece of magic for you.

To select it, hit "Left" on the "D-Pad". Once selected, hit "R2" to place a lightning orb. You can place up to three simultaneously.

If only you could practice using it. Oh, look at that. A slew of Undead will emerge perfect for testing out your new magic skill. Note that your magic automatically regenerates in this room, so feel free to go nuts.

After the Undead are shocked to death, the bars blocking the right and left hallway will drop. Head out the left hallway and go up the ladder. At the top, go up the stairs to the Save Point. After saving, collect the Red Orbs from the Chest above and the Phoenix Feather from the Chest down the right path.

Note, before doing the crank puzzle, we had enough orbs to upgrade Athena's Blades. Athena's Blades - Level 3 open up some new attacks and gives you generally increased damage. The new attacks are Cyclone of Chaos ("L1" + "Square"), either on the ground or in the air; Spirit of Hercules ("Triangle", "Triangle", "Triangle"); and Valor of Hercules ("Triangle", "Triangle", "Square").

Backtrack to the top of the ladder and head past it, along the path. You'll soon come to the end of the path where you'll see four different colored cranks: Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue.

Pull the Red crank by hitting "R1" and then rotating the "Left Control Stick" in the direction shown. Note, the game says not to worry about the speed of your rotation, however, we found it easiest to try to match the speed of rotation shown on the screen...in other words, go slow and steady.

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Once it is fully pulled, quickly make your way to the right and climb the wall. At the top, you'll see the red electricity chain and an open keyhole. Approach it and you'll be prompted to hit "R1". Do so to break the red electricity chain, which removes the blinders from the horse, and also releases a bird who, conveniently enough, will serve as a grapple point.

If you didn't make it there in time, head back down, reactivate the switch, and try again.

Next, activate the Green switch. Quickly head to the left, climb the wall, and plunge your arm into the Green keyhole. Another Grapple Bird is released and the blinders have come off of this horse.

Before returning to the switches, head down the nose of the horse to find a Chest with a Gorgon Eye.

Go back to the switches and activate the Yellow switch. Quickly head to the left again, and this time, use the bird that is floating as a Grapple Point. You'll have to double jump at the end of the grapple swing to land on the wall. Climb up the wall and plunge your arm into the Yellow keyhole. The third horse has his blinders off now.

In order to get back to the switches you'll have to double jump + grapple.

Once back at the switches, activate the Blue switch and make your way to the right, climb the wall, jump to the grapple bird, and then make your way up to the blue keyhole. This one is difficult to get to in the allotted time, but it is completely doable, just try not to pause anywhere along the way.

With the fourth and final keyhole activated, all four horses have their blinders off.

Head back to the switches and press "R1" as prompted at the center of where the switches used to be. This will cause the platform that you are on to rise into the air much like a town festival traveling amusement park ride...but safer.

When the platform reaches full height, press "R1" again to initiate a sequence of "Left Control Stick" rotations that you will have to mimic in order to whip the horses. Perform these correctly and the horses will spring into action and pull the chains of the Island of Fates so that the island is pushed together.

After the cutscene, head back up the path, Save if you'd like to and then hop off of the platform to the circular balcony below where oh, so long ago, you needed the Horse Keeper's Key to get through the door.

Fight the various Undead and Minotaurs until they're all defeated. This will cause the bars which are blocking your path to drop. Head down the stairs on the right, climb down the wall back to the chain, and run up the chain back to the island.

Part 4 - The Divine Pools

At the end of the chain is a wall that you can climb. Do so, and then use your power attack ("Triangle") to destroy the barrier preventing you from moving to the right. After it's destroyed, head right, and pull yourself up. Go around the ledge to the Save Point.

After saving, hop through the opening in the wall to the lush waterfall room with the dragonfly enemies. Take them out and then climb the ledges to find a Red Chest. From the Chest, make your way around the waterfall ledge to the ledge outside. Follow it around to the climbing wall on which you can go left or down.

Head left first, to the balcony with the Chests, including a Gorgon Eye. Go back onto the wall and head down.

You'll soon reach a platform on which you can head left. Before you do that, continue down on the wall and make your way to the large boulder blocking a cave. Attack the boulder to smash it and enter the cave to grab a Phoenix Feather.

Head back up to the platform that was just mentioned and head around to the right. Here, you'll find a large wooden door and a Red Chest. Open the chest and kick open the door with "R1".

Go forward into the temple and you'll see a large statue in front of you. There is a floor switch on the path which lowers the statues arms. Don't worry about that right now. Instead, hop down to the area below.

Here you'll find a central pool and a variety of switches. Before doing anything, locate the handle on the back side of the large planter (the planter is in the pool) and drag the planter back. This will reveal a passageway that you can swim through. Dive and swim through the hole, dash (hold "R1") through the stone barrier, and surface on the other side.

In this little room you'll find a statue holding a green orb. Approach it and hit "R1" to earn the Amulet of the Fates.

The Amulet of the Fates allows you to slow time. To activate it, hold "L1" and then press "R1". Note the new meter below your health and magic meter. This is the Amulet of the Fates meter. It shows how much slo-mo time you have remaining. Note, you can only use the Amulet when in range of a statue of fates, marked by a glowing green orb.

Swim back out of this small room and back to the large room with the various switches. If you look through the iron bars, you can see the statue from whence you just came. Go to the lever on the left and pull it. The gate will drop a bit, and then become stuck on the dead body. This is why you had to swim there.

Head to the bottom of the screen to find a floor switch. Step on it and watch as two columns on each side of the room rise up. Activate the Amulet of Fates to slow time, and then use either set of columns to jump back up to the base of the large statue.

Now on the upper path again, backtrack to near where you came in; to the floor switch mentioned earlier. Stand on it, wait for the statue's hands to lower, and then activate the Amulet. Run to the lowered hands and jump onto them. They will rise up and you'll get a cutscene.

After the cutscene, drop down to either side of the statue to open a Red Chest and a Chest with a Phoenix Feather (upgrade).

Then, get back up to the face of the statue and attack the head which will go flying through the window, thus creating a path for you. It also, conveniently, allows the green glowing orb to enter the next room so that you can use the Amulet on the enemies.

Jump through the window and attack the Wraiths and web-spewing Insects. Feel free to slow down time to make things easier. If you're really having trouble, utilize some magic (Cronos' Rage...lighting) but try to hold off on using the Rage of the Titans as you'll need it shortly. It's also fun to use your "Circle" attack on the Wraiths.

Once the area is clear, attack the statue head until it breaks apart. Continue forward to the Green Chest at the intersection of a three way bridge. To the left is a Red Chest and some jars. To the right is a Chest with a Gorgon Eye and some jars. Open the chests, break some jars, and then use the ladder on either side to get down to the bottom of this area.

Part 5 - Destiny's Atrium

You will find yourself trapped in this area by blue force fields emitting from the eyes of the statue. Run around a bit until you trigger a Cyclops and a variety of Boars.

Try to take out the boars (grabbing, "Circle", and brutal kills work well on them) and then concentrate on the Cyclops. The best way to handle the Cyclops is to roll out of the way of his attack, perform a sequence of attacks on him, and then roll again. Get in a groove of doing this (roll, attack, roll) and then stay alert for a "Circle" prompt. When you see it, activate it to pull some Orbs out of his eye, which will help your health a bit.

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After the first Cyclops is dead, two more Cyclops will appear. Great. Now, more than ever, rolling and dodging the attacks is imperative. Keep at it, and, if you've held off on using your Rage of the Titans, now is the time to use it.

Also note that there is a Blue/Green Chest in this area. Use it wisely...most likely for health.

After all of the enemies are defeated all of the force fields except for the large one, are dropped. Ignore the evil fire-spewing statue in the left alcove for now, and instead, go up either the left or right ladder closest to the face of the large statue.

At the top, explore both the left and the right of the area to find two statues that you can move and a lever on the right. Go to the left first, and move the statue into the indentation to block the beam of light coming from the right eye. Then, head to the right and locate the other statue.

You'll soon discover a bit of a problem, as there is a lip in the ground that you can get the statue past. To solve this problem, push the statue onto the wooden platform activated by the lever. Once the statue is on the platform, pull the lever to raise the statue.

Double jump up to the raised platform and get behind the statue. You're going to kick it. To do so, hold "R1" and then hold "X" to charge your kick. Release "X" to perform the kick, thus sending the statue flying past the lip.

Move the statue into the indentation to block the other beam of light from the eye. This momentous event will lower the blue force field behind which is a Save Point.

Chapter 4 - Euryale

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