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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale

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4. Chapter 4 - Euryale

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 4: Euryale

Part 1 - The Barbarian King

Head up the path and into the Bog of the Forgotten. Feel free to shoot down the hanging bodies with Typhon's Bane, then continue forward for a cutscene. When it comes to an end, you'll be hanging onto a runaway horse. Hit the buttons and move your left-control stick as prompted to survive the ride. Upon doing so you'll be tossed into a Boss battle.

Boss Fight - The Barbarian King

In the first stage of this battle, the Barbarian King will remain on top of his horse, shooting arrows your way and charging whenever he gets the chance. Your first priority it to avoid these attacks (rolling is your friend). Your second priority is to get the spirits surrounding the Barbarian King to peel off of him. You can do this by attacking the King and his horse in any manner, although the easiest way I found was in using the Bane.

Just keep your distance and shoot arrows your enemy's way. Only when you've run out of magic should you go in and start hitting the man and his horse with your blades. Once the final spirit has peeled off, continue whacking the two until you get a "Circle" prompt. Take it to eliminate the horse from the battle, earning you many Green and Blue Orbs.

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The Barbarian King will continue to fight, but, because he's without his equestrian friend, he will call up his minions to do his battling for him. Stay focused on the minions, while avoiding the fire hammer attacks of the King. Don't bother attacking the King at this point, as the spirits are protecting him.

To most efficiently take down the minions, simply use your "Circle" attack. This will result in one-hit kills. Each minion who dies will release a few small Blue Orbs, allowing you to have a full magic meter by the time they're all dead.

Three sets of minions will generate. Once the third set appears, the Barbarian King will be free from spiritual protection. Keep working on the minions, but feel free to strike at the big guy when you get the chance.

Once the minions are gone and you've done damage to the King, he will release more Green and Blue Orbs (phew) and grow bigger. Since he has some pretty nasty attacks here, I suggest using the Rage of the Titans at this point to get him down to his normal size fast. If you run out of Rage, then attack him normally and/or use Cronos' Rage (lightning).

Once he's down to normal size, look out for his hammer attacks. Also, note that he protects himself fairly decently against Blade attacks, so, it's my suggestion that you use as much of the Cronos' Rage attack as you possibly can against him.

After doing your damage to the Barbarian King, an "Circle" will eventually appear above his head. Approach him, hit "Circle", then rapidly tap "Circle". Finally, hit the buttons as they are shown to you on-screen. Successful execution of this will make for a successful execution of the Barbarian King AND the acquisition of the Barbarian Hammer.

The Barbarian Hammer will automatically replace the Blades. Use it as you would the Blades against the Barbarians who emerge to practice with it (you may switch back to your Blades with "R2"). When all is clear, head forward and use the Grapple Point on the tree branch to cross the gap.

Continue forward through the forest, fighting the boars you come across, until you reach the Temple of Euryale.

Part 2 - Euryale's Key

Jump across the lava and approach the door. Ah...green laser eyes. Can't go there yet. If you go left you'll find a gate requiring Euryale's Key. Since you don't have that key, there's no point in going that direction. So, instead, move to the right side and locate the Save Point. Save, collect from the Green Chest, jump your way up the ledges, across the lava, and onto the path below.

Head forward and spot a fellow Spartan screaming for help. Hmm. Move forward and examine the dead body. Collect from it Euryale's Key and take down the Satyrs who attack.

Since you can't go forward, and since you now have Euryale's Key, go ahead and return to the green laser eye door, go past it, and then move along the path to the left of it (look out for Undead along your path). Collect from the Red Chest, then use your newly acquired key on the locked gate.

As soon as you move through the unlocked gate, look right for a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside. Collect it and move on.

Part 3 - En Route to the Golden Fleece

Upon entering this new area you'll meet up with a Cyclops and a Cyclops Rider (Satyr). The game will tell you to hit "Circle" to remove the rider. To do this properly, stand in front of the Cyclops and hold "Circle" until a directional prompt is shown. At this point, rotate the left control stick in the direction indicated to pull the Satyr off, and attack him until he dies (repeat as necessary).

Once the Cyclops rider is out of the picture, focus on the Cyclops, himself. Use your Blades to beat him down until you spot the "Circle" above his head. At this point, approach him, hit "Circle", then hit the string of buttons as prompted. A successful round of this will reward you with a Cyclops Eye (collect 20 for a Bonus Costume), and a dead monster.

At this point two more Satyrs will show up, along with another Cyclops. Simply repeat the whole process to defeat the monsters and lower the blue force fields. Enter the broken-pillar area and pull the stone from the doorway to reveal a gate. Lift said gate and enter.

Follow the path forward until you spot a "U"-shaped opening into a cavern and a path to the left. Take the path to the left first, kill the Undead, and open the Red and Blue Chests at the end. Backtrack to the "U" entrance and go through it.

At this point we upgraded Cronos' Rage to Level 2

In front of you will be a shining rock pillar. Ignore it for now and drop down into the shallow pit below. Fight the Wraiths who appear ("Circle" attack is the best), along with the Fire Bugs. While you fight, the shining rock pillar should take enough damage that it will shatter, leaving you with a nice grapple point. If the rock pillar is still intact, just attack it to break it.

Once you've defeated everyone, use the grapple point to escape the pit (hold "R1" to swing, "X" to release, "X" + "X" to double jump). Move along the next series of grapple points and enter the next area.

Climb the ladder to your left and move along the horizontal rope. Fight the undead, then collect from the chests on the other side. One is full of Red Orbs, the other has a Gorgon Eye. Hop down then continue forward, jumping tree stump to tree stump to avoid the burning lava.

Once you reach the other side of the lava, charge the pillars beneath the Undead Grenadiers and have at 'em. Break the two side columns and kill the Grenadiers who fall (stand back as they'll explode upon death). Approach the center column from the front, press yourself up to it, and repeatedly tap "R1" and "L1" to break it. Kill the Grenadier who falls. When all are dead, step on the broken pillar and double jump to the ledge. Pull yourself up to it.

Before heading up the path, collect from the Green and Red Chests (to your right and left), then move forward to the Blue Chest. Collect from it, then fall into the arena below.

In this room there's a central floor switch, a floor switch in an alcove to your left, a breakable wall behind that alcove switch, a lever to the right of the front gate, a body behind bars in the alcove to the right, and a breakable wall behind the dead body.

All of these pieces will come together, allowing you to go through the main gate, behind which is the next Save Point. Also, completely unrelated to the puzzle are some vines on the second level that can be shot with your Bane. Deal with that first as it will reveal a Grapple Point and a couple of chests. Open the chest for Orbs and a Gorgon Eye. When that's complete, return to the puzzle below.

In order to solve this puzzle, you'll need both floor switches activated simultaneously.

First, pull the right lever to lower the bars to the dead man's alcove. Once inside, attack the breakable wall to reveal a stream of water. Kill the Undead who appear, and then pick up the body of the dead man and place it in the stream.

Next, run over to the switch in the left alcove and break through the wall behind it. Here you'll find the same stream...it simply circulates in, well, a circle.

Wait for the dead man's body to float to you, grab it, and place it on the alcove switch. Then, head to the central switch and stand on it, thus lowering the gate in front of you. Run quickly through the now open doorway and Save.

Part 4 - Getting the Golden Fleece

Head forward and navigate the circular platforms in the lava river by using the cranks to line up each jump from platform to platform.

A few tips on rotating and aligning the platforms: Although the game says to rotate your "Left Control Stick", simply try holding it in one direction (rotate until you find that position). This will make rotating the platform go faster. Also, even if the rotation stops and disengages you from the switch, try it again to make the platform move even closer.

In general, it'll be this sequence: Kill the Undead, and then rotate switch. Kill more undead, rotate the switch again, and then jump to next platform. If you're having trouble, use Cronos' Rage.

When you get to the other side head up the path to meet up with...

Mini-boss: Stone Minotaur

This guy isn't too difficult to defeat. First, attack him with a three or four instances of Cronos' Rage (lighting) and then activate the Rage of the Titans and go at him. Before long you'll get a "Circle" prompt. Activate it and follow the button sequence to put an end to him.

After he's defeated, go up to the shining stone column and hold "R1" to make it collapse, thus making a bridge for you. Note, in this area, there is Blue/Green Chest if you need it.

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Go ahead and cross the stone bridge you just created and climb the vine wall to the left. Drop down on the platform and then use the horizontal rope to cross the lava pit.

At the other side, drop down, take out the Undead, and note the spinning water wheel and the nearby door. Open the door to reveal a green-glowing Statue of Fates (remember these...they allow you to slow down time).

Use your Amulet of the Fates by holding "L1" and then pressing "R1". This will slow the water wheel so that you can cross over it.

You'll now be faced with a series of mechanical conveyor belts. Run forward, ignore or fight the Undead, and then head right along the belt. Here, you'll have to avoid the green Gorgon beams emitting from the walls. These beams will turn you into stone, ala, Medussa. If you get caught in a beam you can rapidly shake the "Left Control Stick" to free yourself.

When you get to the wooden gate, attack it until it breaks. You'll now see a Grapple Point. Use it to get to a circular balcony with a Green Chest.

Break the three statues on this balcony and the middle one will reveal a door. Push open the door and go through.

Recognize this area? Unless you had a brain hemorrhage in the interim, you probably will.

The stone block (door) that you just pushed out is the same as the stone block (door) that you pulled out earlier. Therefore, you have two stone blocks to work with. The columned structure likes to tilt back and forth.

Hmm? So you have to heavy stone blocks and a tilting structure. Whatever shall you do? Well, first, drag the block that is currently in the columned structure to the left so that the structure tilts down to allow you to push the other stone block onto the structure.

With both stone blocks on the columned structure, push them both to the right to make it tilt down toward the lava river below. Doing so will reveal a shining edge of the bottom of the structure. Go to the shiny edge where you'll be prompted to press "R1". Do so and then rapidly tap "Circle" to raise the structure and toss it into the lava below.

Congrats. You have made for yourself a nice, safe platform. Double jump down to it, cross it, and then jump to the stairs. From the stairs, climb the wall and make your way to the left, destroying the tree obstacle when you get to it.

Enter the cave tunnel and make your way to the wheel. Destroy the wheel to find a Chest with a Gorgon Eye. Continue on to the wounded Roman soldier. Use "R1" to talk to him.

After the chat, fight the Gorgon and then head down the path staying to the right (the left path leads to a door you can't use). Pass the conveyor belt and pulverizer wheel and open the Chests for a Phoenix Feather.

Go back to the wounded Roman, pick him up with "R1" and, eww, place him on the conveyor belt...poor guy. This causes the pulverizer wheel to break. Attack the wheel to destroy it and then go through the opening it created.

Use the Blue/Green Chest if you want and then go through the gate to initiate a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Cerberus

This Cerberus is not a good dog at all. In fact, he is the most difficult boss you have yet faced. To kill Cerberus you have to be patient and methodical. Here's a technique that works well.

From the start, lay into him with Cronos' Rage (lighting) until you run out of magic. Then, activate Rage of the Titans and attack him until it runs out. That was your shock and awe. Now, you have to slowly bleed him to death.

At this point it's more a matter of defense than offense. You'll be rolling a lot, so get used to it. What you need to do is roll, roll, roll...wait for an opening...tap "Triangle" once to do a quick one-two hit, and then immediately roll again. While this is not the most exciting method imaginable, it is effective.

You need to keep up this cat and mouse game, getting in the "Triangle" attack any time you can, until your patience nearly wears thin. This could take anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes.

Then, the light at the end of the tunnel appears: a "Circle" icon. As soon as you see this, run up to him and tap "Circle". That's it. The rest is automatic...no sequence of buttons, no three heads to destroy.

If you fail to get to him in time to activate the "Circle" then you'll have to keep up the attacks until you get it again.

When you're successful you'll pull the Golden Fleece from the mouth of Cerberus! The Golden Fleece serves as protection from projectiles. To use the Golden Fleece, tap "L1" at the moment before impact.

At this point we upgraded Typhon's Bane to Level 2

After the fight, pull the lever to activate the door with the face which spews a fire ball. Stand about half way between the door and the charred bit of ground where the fire ball land, and tap "L1" just before the fire ball is to hit you. You will witness the power of the Golden Fleece as you absorb the fire ball and shoot it back to the door, thus destroying it.

This is a timing skill. If you rapidly tap "L1" you may get lucky and succeed at returning the fire ball, but it's better to practice until you get the timing right.

Head through the destroyed doorway. You've been in this hallway before.

Part 5 - Euryale

Backtrack until you get outside and then use the climbing wall to get back onto the roof of columned structure that you earlier sent crashing into the lava river. From this platform, jump toward the dead body on the ground and continue along the path (saving at the Save Point) until you get back to the green laser-eye door that you passed oh so long ago.

This time, however, you are ready with your Golden Fleece.

Go up to the green laser-eye door and step into the circle in front of it. Immediately tap "L1" to use the Fleece. Then, rapdily tap "Circle" to send the beam back at the door, thus cracking it. Attack the door to break it down.

Go through the door, head down the path, lift open the gate, and head into the circular room with the Green Chest and two Undead. Kill them and go down the side hallway to trigger a slew of Undead. Battle them until they're all defeated.

Continue along the path and you'll soon see a ladder going through a hole in the floor. Go down the ladder.

At the bottom you'll be in a blue force field-sealed room. Fight the various Undead and the Minotaurs, focusing on the Undead first. Note that there is a Blue/Green Chest on the right side of the area if you need it.

When they're defeated, the force field will drop so that you can go down the hallway which leads to a rotation switch. Rotate the switch to lower the platform.

At the bottom, kill the Fire Bugs, and note that there is an identical elevator across from you; identical except for the fact that the switch handle is missing. Before you do anything else, locate the decorative circle on the wall, between the two elevators, and attack it. The wall will break to reveal a Chest with a Phoenix Feather.

Go back to the elevator on which you came down. Rotate the switch again and note that the other elevator mimics this elevator. Raise the elevator up just a bit...enough so that you can walk off of it without bonking your head on the cage/bars. Doing this will, obviously, raise up the other elevator to the same height.

Hop off of this elevator and, before you hop up to the one across from you, look at the base of the elevator you are on. There is a doorway there. If you can't fit through the doorway, then you'll have to adjust the height of the elevator ever so slightly. When it's the correct height, you can enter the doorway to find a Chest with a Gorgon Eye.

Okay, back to business. Jump up to the other elevator, pull yourself up, and then jump to the ledge of the elevator shaft itself. Make your way up the series of ledges. At the top, fight the Undead soldier and then make your way to the Save Point. Save.

From the Save Point, backtrack a few steps, go left and climb the short wall. You'll be shown a ceiling full of blade obstacles. Climb up the back left patch of wall, go onto the ceiling and navigate the blades. Drop down on the other side.

Here, you'll find a Green Chest and a rotation switch. The switch controls a spiked squishing device (that's the technical name for it). Rotate it to pull the spiked squisher back. Quickly run into the opening it created and roll or run down the path. You'll soon see a lever. Pull it. Then, run to the gate at the end and open it. If you did this quickly enough, you did not get squished.

Your speed and skill have resulted in a new path being open to you. Head out onto the small circular balcony and then drop down.

You'll end up in a very pretty chapel-esque room. Go up to the book on the podium and hit "R1" to read the inscription. This will trigger Euryale.

Boss Fight: Euryale (Medusa's Sister)

Hey Medusa, if I wasn't so polite, I'd say you put on some weight. What's that? You're not Medusa? You're Euryale, Medusa's sister? Oh, whatever. If I can kill her, I can kill you.

This fight doesn't become truly difficult until the end, but more on that later.

From the start, lay into her with Cronos' Rage (lighting) until your meter runs out (if you haven't upgraded to Cronos' Rage level 2, you should do that now if you can). After your magic meter runs out, activate the Rage of the Titans and attack her until it runs out. If you don't have magic or rage, you'll be stuck attacking her with normal attacks.

Soon enough, Euryale will have climbed one of the two columns. When she's on the columns your best bet is to run directly up to her and perform repeated jump attacks. One attack that works well in this case is to jump and then hit "L1" + "Square". Keep doing this attack on her while she's on the column. Inevitably, you'll get frozen by her beam. When this happens, break free of it as quickly as possible and resume the attack.

After several successful hits, she'll belly flop off of the column. Double jump just before she lands to avoid the earthquake she sends out. Then, continue to attack her. She'll then proceed to go up the other column.

Continue on in this manner (she'll go back and forth between the columns) until you get a "Circle" icon. Activate it and then rotate your "Left Control Stick" to pull the column down on her. This will release some health and magic. Immediately use the magic you have gained by attacking her with more of Cronos' Rage.

She'll soon go up onto the remaining column. Continue attacking her until you get another "Circle". Do the same as before to bring this column crashing down on her. Again, this releases some magic and health.

At this point she'll start spazzing out, flailing around the arena. She is difficult to avoid and will do a ton of damage to you. Try to roll around as best as possible, but the real goal here is to attack her until you get one final "Circle" prompt. Your best chance of success is to continue to roll until you see her do a red orb/beam attack. At this point she'll pause just a bit. Get in as many "L1" + "Square" attacks (or whatever you like) attacks as possible and be sure to use any magic you have left.

When you get that final "Circle", activate it and correctly hit the sequence of buttons shown to you in order to defeat her.

After you kill her, you'll earn the Head of Euryale.

This is another magic attack, called the Gorgon Stare, and can be selected by pushing "Up" on the "D-Pad". Once selected, activate the head by holding "L2" and pressing "Square". Doing this will send out a beam of light which will turn enemies into stone.

With the Gorgon Stare ready to go, you are tasked with sacrificing five enemies to the Sisters. To do so, turn five of the Undead into stone and shatter them. After they are shattered, the gate at the end of the room will open. Pass through it.

Here you'll find a Save Point on the right. Save.

Part 6 - The Water Chamber

Continue forward and you'll enter a lovely little water chamber. Your goal, of course, is to figure out how to work your way through the chamber to the door on the second level. Easy enough.

Begin by turning the crank immediately in front of you. This will lift the pillar in front of it, placing a grapple point high in the sky. Don't bother trying to reach it now. Instead hop across to the small platform with the lever. Pull it back and notice the gate in the water below raises momentarily. Release and the gate will fall. Hmm...if only you had a way to slow down time. Wait. You do. And there's a green-glowing Statue of the Fates. Perfect. Pull back the lever again, the immediately activate the Amulet of Fates. Jump into the water and swim through the now open gate and into the second quadrant.

Once the timer runs out and the gate closes behind you, immediately take note of the lever to the right of the gate through which you just swam. Pull it, as doing so will raise this gate permanently, which does make things easier.

Next, surface and pull yourself up to the next crank. Raise the pillar so it's in its locked position, then hop back into the water. Swim toward the next gated archway on the right side. Next to it is a lever (don't confuse this lever with the lever that let's you back into the first area). Pull the lever, then face right. Hold down "R1" to power up your swim dash, then release. Swim straight through the first gate and under the second. If you failed to "dash" you won't make it under the second gate in time. If this is the case, just swim down the side tunnel and try again.

Now in the third quadrant, surface and turn the third crank to raise the third pillar. Before hopping back in the water, break down the door behind you to reveal a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside. Collect it and jump in the water, dive down.

Locate the cracked gate and "dash" through it with "R1". Swim through it to enter the fourth quadrant. Turn the crank to raise the pillar. When this is complete, hop over to the lever across the way and pull it. This will raise the gate on the door above you. Finally, make your way over to the open archway and move down the hall.

At the end of the hall is a ladder. To the right is another open area with a crank and a pillar. You'll be back here in a minute. However, for now, climb the ladder to the second floor, then step on the switch pad in front of it. This will lower another ladder for you. This is in case you make a mistake in your next task, as it makes for an easy return. Before going back down the original ladder, move behind the hole from which you emerged and collect from the two red chests. Return down the ladder.

Turn the crank and face an onslaught of Undead and Juggernauts (armored gladiators). Fight them until there are no more to fight. Feel free to slow down time to aid in this battle.

When you're alone again, turn the crank again. This will raise the pillar. Step away and...wait a minute. That pillar is falling back into position. We can't have that. Thank goodness for the green-glowing Statue. Go ahead and crank the crank again, then step away and immediately activate the Amulet of Fates. When this is done, return to the ladder and climb it back up to the second floor.

Move toward the raised pillar and grapple point in front of you, but don't jump. Wait for time to return to normal, then quickly slow it down again using the Statue of Fates that's now on your right. When this is done, jump onto the pillar and swing around.

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Hold "R1" to spin and gain speed, then double jump and press your control stick toward the next grapple point (on the other side of the green-glowing Statue). Connect to it, then jump to the third grapple point, which may be lowering at this point, so move fast and quickly move to the fourth grapple point. Remain swinging, but take comfort in knowing your jumps are no longer time dependant. When you feel ready, double jump to the fifth and final grapple point (jump to the right side of the statue between the two grapple points), then hop into the open archway. Collect from the green chest and head down the hall.

You'll find yourself in a circular room with a lever. Go ahead and pull the lever to release the hounds and raise the floor. Defeat the dogs as fast as you can and continue to ride the lift up. At the top you'll spot a doorway. However, you can't go through the door way quite yet. Instead, focus on not getting smooshed. When the floor approaches the ceiling you'll be prompted to tap "Circle". Do so to temporarily lower the floor. Note, this will also open the bars on the door a tad. Fight off the next round of dogs and tap "Circle" again to prevent a flattening. This will open the bars even more. Repeat until the door is completely open, then jump through.

Move down the hall and fight off the Harpies. Carefully move across the beams, then jump up to the narrow ledge on the right. Shimmy across then enter the next room. Collect from the Blue/Green chest (or save it, as you have a mini-battle here), then move forward. Slowly approach the pile of rocks in front of you to uncover the Stone Minotaur, then defeat him as you have before (If you have a full Rage meter and unleash it on him, it should be fairly easy to get him to the "Circle" point, at which point you must hit the appropriate buttons to take him down).

Once the Minotaur is out of the picture, grapple to the open tunnel across the way. Save.

Move down the tunnel, taking out any enemies you come across (primarily the boney Undead), then head up the stairs at the end. Pull the lever at the top, then continue up the new set of stairs. You'll find yourself in familiar territory.

Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos

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