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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos

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5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 5: The Halls of Atropos

Part 1 - En Route to Perseus

Locate the fire spewing door (to the left, if you're facing the face). Stand in front of it and tap "L1" immediately before a fire ball hits you to make use of the Golden Fleece. Doing so will break the door open. Press yourself against the right wall and make your way to and through said door.

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Move along the path and climb down the ladder at the end of it. Continue forward and battle the Archers and other Undead you come across. Use the grapple to jump the gaps and move under the waterfalls. Collect from the Green Chest, fight the Undead, and climb the ladder.

Fight the blade-tossing Wraiths (I suggest "Circle" attacks and the Gorgon Stare) and Save at the Save Point.

You'll find yourself in a large courtyard with a statue who is sending out blue beams. You'll see a crank which raises a platform, a ladder you can't reach, and a door just past the save point.

Head through the door where you'll find a Green Chest and a Blue Chest on this super shiny floor area. Go ahead and use these. Head into the next room and you'll encounter three Summoners who will, well, summon, Minotaurs. Take out the Summoners first. Use anything you've got to do this or it can become a really nasty fight. The Rage of the Titans and Cronos' Rage (lightning) work well. After the three summoners are dead, take out the Minotaurs.

Now that the room is clear, note the crank and the two movable statues. Move the left statue onto the elevator. Then, grab the right statue and push it so that it is right next to the elevator. Operate the crank. This will raise up the elevator, which has a statue on it. When the elevator gets to the top, quickly push the other statue under it so that as the elevator comes back down, it gets stuck.

Whalaa, you now have a nice system of ledges to climb up. Do so and at the top, enter the hallway. Follow the hall to the gate where you'll find a ladder on the left. Go up.

At the top, go forward and just after you pass the statues on either side, you'll see a staircase on the right, going down. Don't go down the stairs yet. Instead, head out the balcony to find a Blue/Gold Chest. Fight the two Undead and Harpies and then use the Chest for either Rage or Magic.

Backtrack and go down the stairs. At the bottom you'll enter a room with two Satyr Champions, evil Satyrs with glowing red eyes and a hook staff/sword. Use your Rage and Cronos' Rage on them, or whatever you see fit.

After they're taken care of, go up to the stone block doorway. Before you push it out, pull it toward you and use it to get up to the Chest with a Gorgon Eye above the door. Then, push the block out and let it drop to the ground. Follow it.

This looks familiar. You are back in the courtyard. Move the stone block so that it ends up under the ladder you couldn't reach earlier. Climb up the ladder and you'll be on the bridge in front of the beaming eyes.

Head right and then hop over the hedges to find a statue of a sitting person. Destroy the base on which it sits and then push it over the edge. There isn't anything you can do with the statue at this point, so cross the bridge in front of the beaming eyes, and on the other side use the Chests if you like (Phoenix Feather, Green Orbs) and then go through the door on the right.

You'll be in a room with some undead and two Juggernauts (armored gladiators). Take care of them and then up the ledge, go past the Green/Blue Chest and Save at the Save Point.

Now outside, go to the left edge of the balcony where you'll see a Grapple Point a tad below you. Jump over the ledge, grapple on to the Grapple Point, and perform a series of Grapples, the last of which will require you to double jump on the back swing to land on the next balcony.

Fight the Undead and feel free to utilize the Statue of the Fates to slow down time to help you. Once they're out of the way, locate the branches at the end of the balcony. There's a little circular nub sticking out. Step onto the nub, which is actually a floor switch. This will cause vines to grow so that you can cross to the central pillar.

As soon as the vines are done growing, activate the Amulet of the Fates to slow time and cross to the central pillar. Note, there is a Chest with a Phoenix Feather on a ledge off of the right side of the pillar. If you grab it, you'll have to step on the nub on the central pillar and go back to where you just came from.

Otherwise, if you're not going for the Phoenix Feather, once you're on the central pillar, take the vines that head off to the left and you'll end up on another pillar with some enemies, another nub, and a Statue of the Fates. Continue to slow mo and cross vines until you get to an inside hallway with a Green Chest, a Blue Chest, and an ornate door.

Open the door to begin your battle with Perseus.

Boss Fight: Perseus

You meet up with Perseus who is on his own quest to meet the Sisters of Fate. Way to crash his party, Kratos. Perseus is an annoying, but not necessarily tough, boss.

For the first stage of this fight, Perseus is invisible. You can tell where he is by watching the ripples he makes in the water or by seeing his translucent black form. Basically, you'll just want to attack him with whatever normal attack you would like to use. Don't waste any Rage or Magic on him at this point.

His attacks are basic and easy to avoid. When he comes at you with his sword, hold "L1" to block each attack until he is finished with his sequence, then, attack him. If he fires his green sling shot at you, simply roll out of the way. Also, anytime that he creates a large splash it means that he has moved to a different area of the pool.

After a good number of successful attacks, you'll get a "Circle" icon above his head. This is where this battle becomes annoying because, more likely than not, you'll miss the timing of this "Circle". It is only above his head for a second, so, if you're in the middle of a combo or super attack, you probably won't make it to him in time.

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To remedy this, once you have him at the point where you've seen the "Circle", only attack him with short, quick attacks. This way, when you get the "Circle" the next time, you'll be in a better position to grab him.

Once you successfully grab him, you'll smash his helmet, thus ending his invincibility.

For the second stage of this battle, go ahead and use your Cronos' Rage (lightning), but not your Rage. Anytime that he blinds you with his shield attack, rapidly move your "Left Control Stick" from side to side and then, immediately roll out of the way before he can perform his uppercut attack. Keep at him until you get a "Circle" icon, which, this time, is much easier to activate.

Upon grabbing him, you'll stab him and break his sword.

For the third stage of the battle, Perseus will get desperate and will use his blinding shield attack frequently. He'll also generously use his green sling shot attack which you can easily roll out of the way of. Just stay on alert and don't take any damage that you don't have to.

Since you've been so good and patient, now is the time to activate the Rage of the Titans and go house on him! Also, use any remaining magic you have. After a fair number of attacks, you'll see a "Circle" icon.

Grab him and prepare yourself for a series of button prompts, with a little control stick shaking thrown in for good measure.

Wow, that ending was off the hook, or, more appropriately for Perseus, on the hook. Sorry. Okay, now that Perseus is defeated, you'll gain the Shield of Perseus.

Part 2 - The Face Statue

Head past the Chests, jump to the chain, and then slide down. Attach the Shield of Perseus to the statue of the sitting person (use "R1) that you pushed over the ledge earlier. Then, move the statue to the indentation in the platform next to the crank.

Operate the crank to raise the platform. The statue and shield will reflect the right eye of the blue beaming statue.

Quickly run to the block under the ladder and climb the ladder to the bridge. Position yourself in front of the other eye beam and use your Golden Fleece (hit "L1") to reflect it.

This will successfully destroy the beaming eye statue and thus, the blue force field opening for you a new path.

Hop back down to the courtyard, Save if you like, and then head into the newly opened area by climbing the stairs.

At the top, follow the path to the right (there is a treasure chest behind a gate along the path to the left, but you can't do anything with it now) where you'll encounter some Archers. Take them out, swim across the small pool of water, pass the Blue Chest and Green Chest, and continue along the path until you are outside on a balcony with a vine-covered wall.

Climb the wall and then make your way to the lever. Pull it, which will raise the gate below. Drop down and go through the gate.

You'll be in an area with a crank, a Statue of the Fates, and a dead bird.

Approach the dead bird with the purple spear sticking out of it. Grab the Spear of Destiny. This is your second secondary weapon (the barbarian hammer was your first). To toggle between your Blades and your Spear, tap "R2". If you want to switch up your secondary weapon, go to the Start Menu and press "Circle" to select what weapon you want.

Right after you grab the Spear, the crank in the middle of this area will drop down and get covered up. Then, a slew of Undead will attack. This is a good time to get familiar with your Spear if you like, however, just tap "R2" to switch back to your Blades.

Once the Undead are taken care of, the crank will reappear. Go up to the Statue of the Fates. Note that the green glow is facing inward, or to the left. You're goal is to get it to face outward, or to the right.

To do this, move the Statue of the Fates onto the circle surrounding the crank. Use the crank, which will rotate the statue, until the Statue's green glow is pointing to the right.

Return the statue to where you found it, noticing that the green glow is now facing outward.

Exit out of the area, down the ramp, and along the same path that you used just a few minutes ago. From here, you'll be able to see the statue that you just moved.

Jump up onto the tilting platform in front of you. Activate the Amulet of Fates to slow time, and then run across the platform, jump to the next platform with the two Chests, and then jump across to the Save Point and Save.

Part 3 - The Grapple Course

Go to the end of the Save Point platform and you'll see a Grapple Point. Your next task is to perform a series of Grapples. It flows pretty well and you shouldn't have much trouble getting into the groove of it, however, here is the sequence for you in case you're having trouble:

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Grapple, Grapple, Grapple and jump (you'll auto-jump) to the right. Grapple again and you'll be doing the horizontal Grapple rotation. As you're swinging around and around, wait for the tower to fall to the right and then double jump to the platform (if you don't wait for it to fall, you'll hit the pillar on your jump).

From the platform, Grapple to the point in front of you, swing while you wait for the series of columns to fall, and then Grapple to each of the falling columns as they fall across your path. From here, it's really just a predetermined sequence of grapples and auto-jumps. Just be quick and make sure to Grapple anytime you see a white Grapple Point.

Before you know it, you'll crash through some columns and end up on a new path, a viney tunnel, to be exact.

Follow the tunnel and you'll soon come upon two Sirens. These two hate Cronos' Rage (lighting). Defeat them and another Siren and two Minotaurs will come out. Be aware that these Minotaurs require button sequences to defeat.

It was at this point that we upgraded our Athena's Blades to Level 4.

After you've defeated all of them, continue up the path until you see a Blue/Green Chest. If you need Health or Magic, fill up quickly because you'll soon be attacked by two Satyr Champions and two Juggernauts. It's worth using your Rage here as this can be a difficult fight.

Continue up the tunnel and you'll exit outside to a new area.

Part 4 - Kid Icarus

Head up to the Save Point and save.

From the Save Point, hop to the next platform where you'll meet up with Icarus. You'll soon get into a scuffle with him as you fall down a shaft leading to the center of the earth. As you fall, follow the "Control Stick" prompts on screen, and any time that you are on top of him, attack him with "Circle," "Triangle," or "Square."

Before long you'll tear the wings from Icarus, thus earning Icarus Wings. You'll also note that you landed in front of Atlas's face and that his hand has covered the hole through which you came.

Chapter 6 - Atlas

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