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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates

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7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates

Part 1 - The Palace Entrance

On either side of the ramp leading up to the palace there is a Chest (one Green, one Blue). On the right, under the ramp, there is a lever. Pull the lever to lower the ramp and cause a ruckus.

This can be one of the more difficult fights as of yet if you don't have a plan. Since you're reading this, you probably want to hear a plan. So, here goes.

The ruckus consists of a variety of Beast Lords and an indeterminate number of Cyclops. Indeterminate because the plan is to kill off the horn blower Beast Lords as quickly as possible so that they can't call any more Cyclops.

From the start, run up to the Beast Lord on the right, the one nearest you, and grab him ("Circle"). This will cause you to stomp on his face and interrupt his horn blowing. Do three more grabs of him to finish him off with his own axe. Doing it this way will make it so there's only Cyclops to fight.

Next, locate the other horn blower and go after him. Continue to go after horn blower Beast Lords making sure to utilize your Cronos' Rage and Rage of the Titans when necessary. You should also use the Green Chest and Blue Chest when you have the chance.

Continue taking out the Beast Lords, then concentrate on the Grenadier Beast Lords, then concentrate on the Cyclops. If you fight as described, you'll have to fight, at most, three Cyclopses, but it's possible you'll only have to fight one.

When the chaos has settled, look to the handle sticking out from the circular wall near the Blue Chest. Push it to the left as far as it can go. You'll see a variety of locked gates go by. When you have it pushed as far left as it can go, quickly run back and grab another handle and continue to push it to the left...don't let it reset all the way back to where it began.

In this manner you'll want to continue to spin the contraption to the left, over and over, until it locks in place showing an open door...after about six locked gates go by. The ramp will also rise back up. Enter the palace via the ramp and open gate.

You'll find yourself in a circular room with a lever in the middle. Before you activate the lever, go into the alcove on the right for a Green Chest and a Red Chest. Then take a look around the room at all of the alcoves. Each one has something unique in it.

Pay particular attention to the alcove on the with the cracked wall.

Now that you're familiar with this room, head to the middle and pull the lever. This will cause the outer wall, with its one opening, to rotate around the room, thus allowing you entrance to each alcove as the opening passes by said alcove.

Pulling the lever will also cause a pattern of spikes to come up from the floor and will trigger some bugs. Try to ignore the spikes and bugs as best you can, and wait for the opening to pass by the alcove with the cracked wall. As soon as it's open, enter the alcove and use "R1" to pull out the cracked wall. Doing this will cause the rotation to stop and will make it so that all of the alcoves are open.

At this point go around to each alcove and open the various Chests. Be sure to grab the Crank Handle (the shining object from the alcove on the left).

The rotation stopping also caused a door in the center of the outer wall to open. Go through it and you'll see a staircase going up to the left and the right.

Go up the left staircase, past the chests, and you'll soon emerge in a large circular outdoor area.

On your right is a large horn and across from you is a ladder. Go over to the ladder and climb up. Here you'll find a crank without a handle and a Statue of the Fates (slo mo). Lucky for you, some fool left a crank handle in the last area and you grabbed. Go ahead and attach the crank handle and operate the crank.

Turning the crank shuts off the steam vents coming out of the wall below you. As soon as the steam vents are off, use your Amulet of the Fates to slow time, jump from the crank area and glide to the balcony where the vents are located.

Just past the vents, in an alcove off of this same balcony, you'll find a Chest with a Phoenix Feather. Jump forward to the next platform through the arch and you'll reach a Save Point. Save.

Part 2 - The Key of the Ram

Head up the hall behind you. Climb over the tall stair and continue to the other side, where you'll find a steam vent. Run past it and note the raised gate on the first door to your right. There's also a raised gate on the door just past it, but your attention should remain on that first door. Just past the second gate is a lever. Pull it to lower the first gate. Run back to the steam vent and double jump/glide straight up and over the top of the gate before it closes. It's a tight fit, and you may have to try a few times, but it can be done. If you're having trouble, concentrate more on getting the full lift before heading over to the gate.

Make your way down the hall to the end. Along the way you'll encounter a few dogs. Take them out, then focus on the dogs and Undead at the end. When they're all dead, open the large door.

Collect from the Green and Blue Chests, then break the wooden structure to your left to free the hanging block. Push the block through the open door.

You can try to give the open book that is sitting on the altar a read, however, you won't understand it. So, continue to push the block down the path to the right. At the end of said path is a shrine where you'll discover a man praying on a pressure switch. This man is the Translator. Replace him with the block (so the gate to the shrine doesn't fall), then carry the man back to the open book.

Along the way you'll encounter a few enemies. Place the man on the ground and take out the enemies before they get a chance to gnaw at his health meter. Take note, your weapons won't hurt the Translator, so feel free to stick close to him.

When you reach the open circle, look out for the Satyr Champions (I suggest using a Gorgon Stare and/or Gorgon Flash to deal with them quickly). When they're dead, continue carrying the Translator to the book.

Here will be one more battle before the Translator is safe. Be careful to safely balance protection of the Translator with the elimination of various Summoners. The enemies will continue to come as long as the Summoners are alive, so you must focus on them, despite the fact that they are rarely near the Translator. Just watch the Translator's health meter and get rid of the three Summoners as fast as you can (they hate Cronos' Rage).

When the area is clear of enemies, approach the Translator and hit "R1" to make him start reading. When he refuses to continue, wait for the "Circle" tapping prompt and begin tapping. Repeat until the full text is read, and the Translator's blood is sacrificed.

After the cutscene the nearby door will be aglow. Approach it and collect from it the Key of the Ram. Move through the door and make your way down the hall. Open the gate at the end, then head left. Climb back over the large stair, save at Save Point, then return outside.

Double jump/glide back over to the circular platform, and locate the closed door on the far side with the image of a ram on it. Use your new Key of the Ram to open it up and pass through.

Collect from the Blue/Green Chest then move along the fiery path to the right. Along the way you'll be faced with many Undead, then a couple of spiked walls closing in on you. You must kill the Undead before the walls close, or you'll die. I used Cronos' Rage combined with the Rage of the Titans to take out the gang of Undead as fast as I could. Do what serves you best, then, when the walls retract, run to the end of the fiery path, then down the hall to the right.

Move up the staircase to the open statue room at the top.

Part 3 - The Warrior's Skull

Open the chests for some Red Orbs and a Phoenix Feather, then destroy the cracked wall. Move through the opening, then press yourself against the wall and move right, all of the way to the Save Point.

Collect from the Green Chest in the next room, then attach yourself to the chain and slide down to the bottom. Jump off and note the two levers on the bottom. Pull one to ignite the torches on the opposite side. The same thing happens if you pull the other torch. Approach the large door and try to open it. You'll be told that the Sisters require a sacrifice by fire. Interesting.

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In order to sacrifice a Siren by fire, you must get her so she's close to either side, and make sure she stays there long enough for you to pull the lever across the way. The best technique I found for doing this was using the Gorgon Stare and/or Flash. Simply turn her to stone then pull the lever to fry her. If you need juice for your magic meter, kill a Siren or two the old fashioned way, as they always provide you with Blue Orbs. Also, keep in mind, the Flash is faster, but the Stare actually requires less magic.

Once you've sacrificed the first Siren, you must sacrifice two more (it's cake easy once you figure out how). When all three have been sacrificed the door to the next room will open up. Go through it and hop in the red pool.

Swim down, then through the tunnel ahead of you, avoiding spikes as you go. Surface once you reach the large area at the opposite end and pull yourself out of the pool.

Collect from the Red Chests behind you, then move into the next room where you'll discover a bird statue in a pit, symbols surrounding the outer wall of said pit, three cranks above the pit, and many a frozen door lining the room.

To begin, hop in the pit and go to the back side of the bird statue. Use "R1" to pull a lever, which causes the bird to blow fire, thus melting the door across from it. This reveals a pedestal with an orb on top of it. Leave it be for now.

Next, climb one of the surrounding brick sections of wall to the top, then move along the ceiling from which is hanging eight icicles. Knock each one down to reveal eight beams of light. Drop back down to the ground.

Pull the orb pedestal out from its alcove and move it under the beam of light to the right (clockwise). This will melt the next door, revealing a Minotaur and a Red Chest. Kill the Minotaur, collect from the chest.

Next, back up and move the orb counterclockwise. As you move it you'll realize the orb is more of a half-orb that reflects light in various directions. Once you place that half-orb under the third beam from the alcove, the beam will bend so it's pointing directly at the symbol beneath the alcove from which you pulled the half-orb pedestal. Leave the half-orb in place and make your way to the cranks.

Note, all of the cranks move a section of the pit wall, which allows you to move the symbols lining the wall. The left crank moves the top section, the middle crank moves the middle section, and the right crank moves the bottom section. Your goal is to place the symbol of the new moon, which is really just a circular mirror, in the spot where the beam of light is now shining (beneath the alcove from which you revealed the orb). If you need more instructions beyond this, turn the left crank so it points left, the middle crank so it points at the bird in the middle of the pit, and the right crank so it points right.

Once the new moon symbol is in position, the beam of light coming from the half-orb will be aimed at the bird in the middle, melting the ice surrounding him.

Jump down to the bird and use the newly revealed handle to turn him in the direction of each of the ice covered doors. Melt each door to release one Minotaur (two if you didn't release the first one earlier) and reveal several Chests for several Orbs and one Phoenix Feather. Finally, your melting will reveal a new door. Raise it and move under it.

Head left and jump down into the pit with the crank. Fight the Fire Bugs that initially come after you, then climb the wall up to the ceiling. Continue to fight the Fire Bugs, then locate the two large hives opposite each other on the ceiling. Destroy them, then return to the ground and destroy the final hive. Finally, kill off the remaining Fire Bugs.

When all is clear, turn the crank in the middle of the room to lower a grapple point. When you see it, release the crank then grab onto the grapple point and ride it up to the top.

Drop down to the platform, collect from the Chests and enter the next circular room, where you will have a Cerberus battle. Fight the three-headed dogs and their pups as you do best. I suggest focusing on one Cerberus at a time, and using the Gold Orbs that are released upon his death via the Rage of Titans as often as you can. When the Juggernauts appear, make use of your Cronos' Rage. Also, take note of the Green Chest near your entrance, as you very well may need it.

When all are dead, move down the short open hall and climb the ladder to the left. Save at the Save Point.

At this point we upgraded Athena's Blades to Level 5

Glide to the area across from the Save Point for some Orb Chests and a Chest with a Gorgon Eye inside. Note, you can fall between the poles to the two Red Chests behind the gate if you care to do so. Climb back up by hopping back and forth between the wall ledges. Return to the Save Point and raise the gate behind it.

Collect from the Green Chest and move down the ladder. Grab the Statue of the Fates and drag it to the end of the hall. Here you'll get a quick cutscene of another Translator killing himself.

Enter the Auditorium of Autropos by pulling the lever. Approach the open book to discover you need that Translator. If only you could go back in time. Hmm. Note the wavey door to your left. Move through it and, look at that, you'll be brought back to the moment in time immediately before the Translator jumps. How convenient.

Open the gate and try to push the Statue of the Fates through the opening. You won't be able to do it, but it's important to make sure the Statue is in front of you to make activation easier (it also prevents the gate from falling all of the way).
When you're ready, run through the wavey door one more time, then immediately use the Amulet of Fates to slow time. When this is done, run straight at the Translator and hit "R1" when prompted to grab him. Phew.

Carry the Translator to the open book and hit "R1". Tap "Circle" as prompted to make him continue reading. After another bloody cutscene, move to the glowing door and collect from it the Warrior's Skull. Move through the door and down the hall.

Turn the crank to expand the amount of steam coming from the vent, then glide up to the lever above. Pull it to increase the steam, then fall back down to the crank. Turn it to expand the steam again, then glide up past the lever and over the broken pillar above. Please note, the lever is on a timer, so, if you fail the first time, you may have to wait for it to reset in order to try again.

Collect from the Red Chest, then jump straight up to the ceiling. Destroy any pillars in your way and continue across the ceiling to the far end. Drop down and enter the next circular room.

Turn the crank to lower the platform then move through the doorway. Glide to the platform across the way, where you will encounter four Cyclopses (two at a time). Fight them as you have before. If you need a little help, climb the ladder to the Statue of the Fates and slow down time. Return to the Cyclopses and get a good number of hits in before time speeds back up.

When all is clear, approach the door next to the ladder and insert the Warrior's Skull to unlock it. Move under the door, collect from the Chests and Save at the Save Point.

Part 4 - The Phoenix Chamber

Please note, at this point we upgraded Cronos' Rage to Level 3.

This next task is quite difficult and may cause you to get a hand cramp, so get the tiger balm and your tapping finger ready.

Head forward and you'll end up on an elevator with broken bones. Go to the center of the elevator and hit "R1" to activate it. Then, rapidly tap "Circle" to lower the elevator.

Upon doing so, you'll see that the spiked ceiling above is coming down toward you. As long as you keep tapping "Circle" you'll stay ahead of the spikes. However, this isn't so easy because the Undead Skeletons will come to life and throw a monkey wrench, well, an ulna into the cogs.

As soon as the first group of Skeletons stops the elevator, run over to the one who has his arm in the wheel and use your Cronos' Rage twice and then attack him with your Blades. Take out the other Skeletons if they aren't already dead and then run back to the center shaft, hit "R1" and continue rapidly tapping "Circle".

Continue in this manner of lowering the elevator and then killing the Skeletons when they bother you. When you get to the bottom, take out the last two Skeletons and then quickly open the gate on the far side of the elevator and go through.

There is really no advice other than to get really good at rapidly tapping that "Circle" button and to use your Cronos' Rage extensively to quickly destroy the Skeletons.

Upon going through the gate, open the Chests for Red Orbs and a Phoenix Feather then proceed along the path where you'll soon encounter a horizontal chain. Jump up to it and cross the lava pool until the chain breaks, causing you to land on a platform below.

From the platform, jump up to the ledge, shimmy to the right, and then pull yourself up. You'll face off with a variety of Gorgons and Archers. If you're low on magic, focus on the Gorgons first and feel free to use your Rage. When they're killed, they release magic. Once you have some magic, use Cronos' Rage on the Archers and remaining enemies.

After they're dead, go back down to the platform (glide there if you're having trouble) and then climb the climbing wall on the left side of the platform. Move along the ceiling and then climb down the wall on the other side.

Here you'll be near a Green Chest, a Blue/Gold Chest, and a variety of Undead. Take them out and then use the steam vent to float up to the ledge where you'll see a large rotating shaft with branches sticking out of it.

On the right of the shaft, note the steam vents. Double jump/glide and hit the steam vents on the right, making sure to not get hit by the rotating branches. The steam vents will lift you up enough to make it to the second rotating shaft.

Note the steam vent in front of it and to the left of it. Hit both as you fly around this rotating shaft and then safely land on the platform beyond it. Move along the path to be shown the urn with the ashes of the Phoenix.

Read the open book on the podium and a lever will rise up a little bit in front of you. Enter this room and Glide to the Save Point to Save.

From the Save Point, Glide back to the middle and pull the lever for fun. You'll see a pully system dip into the lava. This will be how you sacrifice the Phoenix Ashes once you have them. But you don't have them yet. So, for now, glide to the left platform and fight your way along the path to the spike room with the lever.

Pull the lever to lower the spikes and run forward to the cracked wall just to the left of the dead body on the crank. Quickly attack this wall to destroy it ("Square", "Square", "Triangle" works well), thus revealing a Statue of the Fates and two Undead.

Don't worry about the Undead or anything else right now. Just run back to the lever as quickly as possible before the spikes raise back up, thus killing the Undead as well. Note, if you're having trouble making it back to the lever, use your slow motion, however, doing it this way will allow the Undead to follow you and you'll have to kill them instead of the spikes killing them. (You can also give the Undead a quick zap of Cronos while they're over the spikes to stall them, almost ensuring a spiked kill).

Pull the lever again, activate slow mo, and then go ahead and open one of the Chests near the Statue of the Fates. Run back to the lever, repeat for the second Chest, and then run back to the lever. Pull the lever, activate slow motion, and run to the dead body on the crank. Hit "R1" to grab the Hail of Boreas. Run back to the lever.

Pull the lever one more time, do your slo mo, run to the crank, and start turning it. Turning the crank will cancel the slo mo, but as you're turning it watch the gate down the right hallway raise up. You'll need about one and a half rotations of the crank.

When you see that the gate is up, quickly activate your slo mo, and make a run for the open gate. Be aware that you'll have to jump some low spikes on your way.

Once you are through the gate, follow the path to the Green Chest and Blue Chest and use them if necessary. You will now be entering a nasty hallway, where at the end a Phoenix is blowing fire at you in waves.

In the small room just before the fire hallway, look on the left wall to find a statue that you can grab and move. This statue will serve as your fire shield.

In the fire hallway, note the raised sections of floor. Pushing the statue in front of one of these sections of floor makes it so that the fire can't push it back.

Your goal is to move the statue onto the left floor switch in front of the Phoenix, at the end of the hall, which will raise the gate above the Phoenix.

To do this, grab the statue and quickly push it forward and to the right, around the first raised part of the floor, and then the left so that it is in front of the first raised section of floor. At this point, the first wave of fire will come at you and some Scythe Undead and Harpies will attack.

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These are the only types of enemies you'll face in this room. For the Harpies, use grab ("Circle") to easily and quickly kill them by ripping off their wings. For the Scythe Undead, your best bet is to use the Gorgon Stare or Gorgon Flash (Euryale's Head lvl. 2). Using this magic to turn them into stone and then breaking them is a quick way to get rid of them.

Continue to push the statue forward and to the right, past the raised section of floor there, and push it against the right wall. With the statue in this position, it'll shield you while you open up the gate. Inside the alcove is a Red Chest and Chest with a Phoenix Feather.

Grab the statue again and push it forward and around to the left so that it stands in front of the lever, which is in the middle of the hallway. Pull the lever which lowers the raised section of floor in front of you.

Now that the floor is even, and before you push it onto the left floor switch, push it all the way forward and against the left wall. This will give you enough time to run back to the gate on the left and open it for a Red Chest and a Blue Chest. The problem, of course, is that you'll be attacked by at least two Scythe Undead and more Harpies. If you use the Gorgon Stare/Flash, you should be okay. However, if you don't feel that you need either of these Chests, then it's best to ignore them.

Finally, push the statue in front of the left floor switch (not directly on it, as the fire will push it back) and then step on the right floor switch to lower a Grapple Point. Use it and you'll land on a platform above the Phoenix. Wait for the fire to push the statue onto the switch, which will raise the gate. Go through the raised gate.

Here you'll be on a small circular platform with the Urn containing the Phoenix Ashes. Push the Urn away from the center causing the platform to lower.

Back on the ground, continue pushing the Urn along the channel until it falls into a small pit. At this point, run to the lever at the front of the room to pull it. You'll be interrupted along the way by some Minotaurs and Undead. Take them out as you wish, then pull that lever. This will transport the Urn into the fire, thus sacrificing the Phoenix ashes.

After the quick cutscene, glide over to the Save Point and Save. Next, return to the central platform and note the many steam vents in front of you. Jump and glide to the right to catch the steam vent here, and glide to the broken staircase to the right. Take it up, fighting the Undead you encounter along the way.

Collect the Phoenix Feather and the Red Orbs from the Chests at the top of the stairs, then pull the lever and ride the lift up.

You will find yourself back in familiar territory. Note the Horn of Boreas has been moved directly above you. Face the mouth of the Boreus door behind you and insert the Hail of Boreus with "R1". Go through the lowered door.

Run down the hall, hang a left, and climb the chain. Jump off at the top, collect from the Green and Blue Chests, then Save at the Save Point.

At this point we upgraded the Head of Euryale to level 3.

Head out to the balcony overlooking the palace entrance and approach the Horn. Blow it with "R1". This will cause the lava geyser to stop spewing, a couple of statues to fall of their platforms, and the Phoenix to fly onto a platform a good distance away from you.

Jump back down to the main floor and jump up to the shorter of the two platforms. From here, glide over to the second platform, then to the left balcony. Open the door and enter the room behind it. Once inside, pull the lever. This will raise the platform to the left and provide you with a climbable section of wall. Climb that wall and get yourself up to the ceiling, then over to the two chains holding up the gated doors below. Break the chains to reveal a Red Chest and a new pedestal.

Collect from the Chest, then pull the lever for a second time. This will lower the floor, revealing a few Undead. Fight them, then push the pedestal toward the lowered floor. Push it so it's halfway on the lift, then pull the lever. If the pedestal was placed correctly, the floor will be raised only partway. If it wasn't, try again.

Hop up onto the halfway raised floor then pull the pedestal in with you, thus raising the floor with you on it. Push the pedestal up against the gate, climb up onto it, then jump and slash the chain holding the gate. When the gate falls, move through it.

Turn the crank to raise the two platforms outside. Move down the hall (collect from the Green Chest), run through the open door, and turn the crank inside until you spot an opening in the opposite door. Move through it for a shadow battle.

To defeat the mysterious stranger, I suggest using the Rage of the Titans along with Cronos' Rage. It really isn't a tough battle to win. When you see the "Circle", hit it to put an end to the life of the Last of the Spartans.

Part 4 - Kraken

Boss Fight: Kraken

After a cutscene you'll find that you are damaged. You can't do anything but walk around, so approach the crazy sea monster ahead of you. This will provide you with another cutscene, flashback style. Once you're back in the game, you will be given the Rage of the Titans Upgrade. Use it immediately to free yourself from the arms of Kraken.

At this point, take a look at the creature in front of you. Note that he has three red spots on his body. Two are on his legs (or tentacles) facing out near the base of the two pillars that he's wrapped himself around. The third is in the middle of his forehead.

Approach the red spot on Kraken's left leg and start thrashing. Use the Cronos Rage if you wish to simultaneously hit the spot on his forehead for more damage, but really, just keep focused on that left left. After a bit he'll lift the leg a bit, giving you access to the square pressure plate beneath it. At this point, collect the body of fallen Spartan and carry it over to the plate (avoiding attacks as you go, of course).

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With the weight of the Spartan on the plate, the vent in the middle of the room will open up. Immediately run over to it and double jump/glide over to Kraken's face. While in the air, slash away at the red spot on his forehead. After a few hits, Kraken will slam one of his tentacles into the vent closing it off.

While Kraken's tentacle is stuck in the vent, run to the outside of it, jump up and start climbing. Once you reach a knobby knee of sorts, begin picking away at it with your Blades. Eventually you will get an "Circle" prompt. Take it to sever the monster's tentacle.

Repeat the process for a second time and Kraken will slam his second tentacle into a pillar behind you. When this happens, stand beneath the blue portion of the tentacle and jump up to it to grab on. Climb toward that knobby knee (toward Kraken's face), and slash away again. Hit "Circle" to sever his second tentacle.

At this point Kraken will eat the body of the Spartan and freeze the pressure pad. Don't worry about it, as you won't need either. Instead, focus on avoiding the monster's attacks (I did a lot of rolling), then take aim at either of the red spots on his two remaining tentacles. Once one has taken enough hits, it will release a bit from the pillar to which it's holding. At this moment, run over to the opposite tentacle and begin working on its red spot. Do enough damage to it, and it, too, will loosen from the pillar (if you have trouble getting them at the same time, use your Rage of the Titans).

When both tentacles have loosened their grip, Kraken's entire body will fall back, exposing the central lever. Pull it to kill Kraken and extend a bridge.

Cross the bridge and cross over Kraken's head. Collect from the Chests for some Red Orbs and a Phoenix Feather (upgrade). Stand in front of the Phoenix and hit "Circle" to reign him in. Follow the various prompts to get control of the Phoenix, and allow him to fly you to the next area.

Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

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