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LB's "God of War 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

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8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

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0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - The Colossus of Rhodes
2. Chapter 2 - Lair of the Titan
3. Chapter 3 - The Island of Fates
4. Chapter 4 - Euryale
5. Chapter 5 - The Halls of Atropos
6. Chapter 6 - Atlas
7. Chapter 7 - Palace of the Fates
8. Chapter 8 - The Temple of the Fates

9. Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures.

10. God of War 2 Screenshot Walkthrough
11. God of War 2 Printable Walkthrough*
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God of War 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 8: The Temple of the Fates

Part 1 - To the Throne

Swim forward and right to Save at the Save Point.

Head over to the platform in front of the large face statue and you'll get an "R1" prompt, which is for a Grapple Point above the central gem pillar. Hit "R1" to grapple up to the pillar. Attack the gem until it breaks, thus releasing you from the greenish haze and the fact that you couldn't use your "R1" on things like the Green Chest or underwater lever.

Your next task is to ring the bells on either side of the area simultaneously. From the top of the gem pillar, you can attack the bell striker (currently pointed at the left bell) to make it strike the bell. The right side bell is rung by you going up to it, hitting "R1" to grab it, and then toggling "L1" + "R1".

To ring them simultaneously, you'll need to utilize slow motion (note the Statue of the Fates green glow on the statue's forehead).

Go up to the bell on the right, ring it. Activate slow motion. Jump down to the platform in front of the face statue, grapple up to the gem pillar and hit the striker. If you've done this quickly, both bells will be ringing at the same time and you'll see the statue of the face crack.

Next, you'll need to rotate the gem pillar so that the striker is pointing at the face in order to use it to break through the face. To do this, you'll need to align the blue handle with the key stone controlled by the underwater lever.

First, dive underwater and try to pull the lever. It'll make a circular key stone rise, but something is not lined up so it won't work.

Go back to the surface and step onto the platform underneath the gem pillar and locate the blue handle. Rotate the handle and watch underwater as a extended cog of the pillar lines up with the key stone below...basically, you'll want to move the handle so that it points to the right.

Head back underwater and pull the lever to raise up the key stone which will slide into place. If the key stone doesn't slide into place, then adjust the blue handle to get it lined up correctly.

Go back to the surface and use the blue handle to rotate the entire gem pillar so that the striker is pointing at the face. Go up to the top of the gem pillar, attack the striker, and watch as it breaks through the face, making a doorway for you.

Head through this new doorway. Open the two Red Chests on either side and then go through the circle hall to the gate. Open the gate and go through. Head up the stairs and onto the balcony.

Part 2 - The Throne of Lahkesis

Glide over to the large circular platform.

Boss Fight: Lahkesis

This is the first Sister of Fate that you will face. There are three phases to this battle.

For the first part, go ahead and use your Rage of the Titans and your Cronos' Rage (lighting) to attack her. When you run out, continue to attack her with whatever combo you like.

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Her attacks aren't too difficult to avoid at this point, but do be aware that if she winds up her staff over her shoulder, it'll be a staff attack that you can block with "L1". If she just moves her arms up and down, or raises the staff above her head (but not behind her), it'll be a green orb attack, so get ready to roll out of the way.

In general, she'll leave a nice opening after she ends her sequence of attacks, so just block or roll until she's done, then get in a few good shots.

For the second phase, it's really more of the same, but she'll be in the air more and will add a new attack to her arsenal...the body slam where she rises up and slams down to the ground creating an area of damage. It's not hard to avoid, just roll out of the area of damage when you see it coming.

To attack her, you'll need to do some jump attacks. Also, if you time your block correctly, you can absorb and send back at her the orb attack using your Golden Fleece's powers.

In the third stage your biggest concern is that she will electrify the floor with green energy. You'll know this is coming when you see a green lighting bolt come down from her. As soon as you see this, grapple up to one of the Grapple Points.

Jump back and forth between the Grapple Points to avoid her green orb projectiles.

Wait for the floor to de-electrify and then, from the Grapple Point, glide to her and attack her. This is really the only way to get to her at this point.

Keep doing this until you see a "Circle" icon above her head. Quickly grapple up again and glide to her. When near her, hit "Circle" once to end the battle and to trigger a cutscene.

Part 3 - Temple of the Oracle

You will find yourself standing on the sword you used in God of War to kill Ares.

A number of Undead will rise up and you'll see Atropos, the second Sister of Fate, flying around the area. She will be tossing green energy orbs at you. Your goal is to take down Atropos before the sword under you breaks.

In order to deal with the Undead around you, simply activate your Cronos' Rage again and again and again. If you want to toss in a few blade moves, go ahead, but it easiest to just zap them out of the picture. You should note that the Undead will provide you with many Orbs once they die, therefore keeping your health and magic meters at their peak levels should not be difficult.

Any time Atropos gets close to the sword, zap her with Cronos' Rage. Also, look out for when she actually attaches herself to the sword via her green electricity. When you see this happen, run up to her, activate your Rage of the Titans, and lay into her with your blades. Finally, when Atropos is at a distance, firing her green orbs your way, do your best to return a few of them via the Golden Fleece ("L1").

Do enough damage to Atropos and, eventually, a "Circle" will appear above her head. Approach her, tap "Circle", then hit the series of buttons when prompted. Successful execution of this will bring forth a cutscene and another battle.

Part 4 - The Throne of Lahkesis, again

Boss Fight: Lahkesis and Atropos

You'll end up back at the Throne of Lahkesis, the site of your previous boss battle. This time, you have to take on two sisters.

Atropos will appear in each of the three wavy doors/mirrors but won't do much damage to you unless you are near her. She does have a beam attack that you should watch out for. If you see it coming, roll out of the way or use a Grapple Hook to avoid it.

To defeat both, you'll need to focus on Lahkesis. Attack her with your normal attacks and a generous amount of Cronos' Rage. Eventually, you'll knock her to the ground which will make a slow motion (green glow) orb appear on her body.

Activate your slow motion and run over to Atropos, who is in the right mirror. Attack her with your normal attacks (whatever you want) until the slow motion ends, after which you'll see that the mirror has cracked. Once the action begins again, attack that cracked mirror for Blue and Green Orbs.

Repeat this procedure and you'll end up with a cracked mirror on the left. The only difference for this second stage of the fight is that Lahkesis is a bit more feisty, so make use of the Grapple Points and roll a lot to avoid her attacks.

In the third stage of the fight, go ahead and use your Rage of the Titans on Lahkesis as she has become even more feisty and you'll want to do as much damage to her as possible in the shortest amount of time. Again, use Grapple Points to avoid her attacks. When you finally beat her down, you won't get a green orb like before, but instead will get a "Circle" prompt. Approach her, tap "Circle", and then perform the sequence of button attacks when prompted to destroy both of them and to crack the third mirror.

Attack the mirror to break it and go through to the Save Point to Save.

Part 5 - The Inner Sanctum

Head forward and you'll enter a circular room with three doors: left, center, and right. Go up to each and read the inscription. There's nothing you can do with them, so head to where you entered and climb up the climbing wall on the central pillar. Move along the ceiling to the other side of the room and drop down when you reach the doorway.

If you want four Red Chests (two on each side), then Glide from this opening to the alcove on each side of this room. Then, return to this doorway.

At this point we upgraded Atlas Quake to level 2.

Go forward and you'll be in a hallway, able to see the third sister through a window at the end. Head to the end of the hallway and break through the stone door on the right.

You'll now be tasked with fighting your way down a path laden with increasingly difficult enemies, and of course, you'll be trapped in small sections of force fields. The first stages are made up of Undead and Juggernauts. Try to take out the Juggernauts first using your Rage of the Titans and then concentrate on the Undead using a variety of magic and normal attacks.

After a few rounds with these guys, you'll get to the Blue Chest and Green Chest. In this section you'll have to fight Gorgons and Sirens. If you need magic, immediately run up to the Blue Chest and open it before you are attacked. Then, use Cronos' Rage repeatedly on them mixing in a few normal attacks as well and being sure to do the "Circle" when prompted.. Killing Gorgons and Sirens gives you magic, so you'll gain back what you used.

After they're dead, if you need health, open the Green Chest, and proceed. You'll soon arrive at Blue/Gold Chest. If you need neither magic nor rage, leave this alone for now.

In this section, you'll face off with more Undead. They aren't too difficult, so try to refrain from using magic or rage.

Once they're taken care of, use the Blue/Gold Chest if you need either, and then continue forward to meet up with Satyr Champions and Minotaurs. Use your Cronos' Rage on them, attempting to take out the Minotaurs first. They'll give you health and magic. After they're dead, take out the Satyrs with the help of the Gorgon Stare/Flash. Atlas Quake also works well here.

It was at this point that we upgraded Atlas Quake to level 3.

Keep heading down the path for some more Undead. After them, you'll soon reach the end of the path where you'll find a Blue Chest and a Green Chest. Approach whichever you need and three Cyclops and several Undead will attack. This is the final battle on this path, so use any and everything you've got to take them out. Try to concentrate on the Cyclops first as they'll give you health. Then, finish off the Undead.

Phew. You made it. A Save Point will appear to the left of the door. Save.

Approach the large door and attack each of the boney hands to reveal a shining latch. Approach each latch and hit "R1" to unlatch that side of the door. When both latches are unlatched, push open the door.

Part 6 - The Loom Chamber

Make your way along the path avoiding the swinging blades. You'll arrive at the kneeling Clotho, the third sister. On each side of her is a crank. Head to the left side, attack her weak little tyrannosaurus rex arm, and then rotate the crank to open the gate above, thus revealing a Green Chest. Attack her arm again, and then use the small staircase to Glide to the Green Chest. Open it.

From the Green Chest, jump up to the ceiling and move along the ceiling to the other side where you'll find a gate covering a Blue Chest. Along the way, if you get grabbed, break free by rapidly moving your "Left Control Stick".

When you arrive at the gate blocking the Blue/Gold Chest you'll see bodies blocking the gate from opening. Attack the bodies and then drop down and do the same thing you did on the other side to open this gate. Go up the stairs and Glide to it.

From the Blue/Gold Chest, grab the rope and climb up. You'll see a complex series of contraptions that you have to activate, aka, the loom.

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Your first action should be to head to the right. You'll see one of her weak arms next to a loom piece. Just a little beyond this is a lever. Run over to the lever and pull it to open a section in the floor near her arm. Jump down into the hole for a Red Chest. Then, jump back out and attack her arm. This will cause her hand to fall into the open hole. Quickly run back to the lever and pull it to close the section of floor on her hand, thus trapping it. That's all for now, just leave the hand in its stuck position.

Just past the lever and you'll see a rope hanging down and another arm. Climbing this rope leads to a lever on a platform. Before you climb the rope, attack her arm until it goes limp. Quickly jump up to the rope, Glide over to the platform, and pull the lever to make a weighted blade fall down into the hand, thus pinning it down.

Head back to the loom piece mentioned earlier and use "R1" to grab the handle. Pull it backwards (to the right) and all the way around the entire circle until it can go no farther (attack her free hand if it's bothering you along the way). At this point, let go and it'll lock into place near a hanging weighted blade. Let go of the handle of the loom piece and attempt to step into it. This will raise up the bobbin and the loom piece will attach itself to the weighted blade.

You can now move the the loom piece and the weighted blade. Grab hold of the handle and push the loom piece one section forward toward the arm. It'll lock into place in front of the arm. Attack the arm which causes it to hit the blade, thus dropping the weighted blade onto the hand, pinning it down.

This also created a rope for you to climb. Climb the weighted blade rope and Glide to the left, to the platform with the lever. Pull the lever to be taken up.

Boss Fight: Clotho

This massive ugly sister isn't too difficult to defeat, but it does require some set up.

You'll want to get familiar with the arena. There are two Statues of the Fates (slo-mo) on either side of the area, there are two levers on the back rim of the area (one on the left, one on the right), and there is a handle which operates a boom on the right side. You can't move the boom at this point because there are dead bodies jamming it.

The first action you should take is to go to the right side arched doorway (currently blocked with a force field) and climb the narrow section of wall to the right of it. This puts you in position to attack the dead bodies on the boom. Do so to free up the boom.

Before you move the boom, you'll want to pull each of the two levers. To pull one, incapacitate the arm closest to the lever (using slo-mo really helps) by attacking it until it goes limp. At this point, pull the lever. This will raise up a dead body and toss it into the arena. When Clotho hits the body with her fist, it'll give you health. Repeat this for the other lever, and then go to the handle of the boom on the right.

Move the boom one notch over. You'll note that this also moves the levers. Repeat the process above to pull each lever again. Continue in this manner, moving the boom and pulling the levers until a large blade is brought up.

With the blade sitting in front of Clotho, attack her arms so that they are both limp (again, using slo-mo is key here). Then, go up to the blade and use "R1" and your "Left Control Stick" to rotate it.

By this time her arms will be flailing around again, so attack both of them until they are limp. Then, go to the back of the blade, tap "R1", and pull back on the "Control Stick". This will pull the blade back for what you'd think is the final blow. However, just as you're about to release the blade, Clotho will attack and stop the blade. At this point you'll get a button sequence. Follow the on screen button prompts to successfully drive the blade through her skull.

Killing Clotho will release the force fields blocking the doors, which both lead to the same hallway.

Go down the hallway and enter the elevator with the lever. Pull the lever to ride the lift up. At the top, go forward and hop into the water. Swim under the gate and open the Green Chest if you need it. Swim under the next gate and follow the hall to the Save Point.

Here you'll see a mirror and a lever. Pull the lever and then head back down to the arena where you just fought Clotho. You'll see that there are now ten bobbins with rope. You can go up to each of them and pull them ("L1" and then rapidly tap "Circle"), however, only one of them will not crack the mirror. The one you want to use is the one to the right of the lever, if facing Clotho.

You'll need to rapidly tap "Circle" until you get an hour glass and a 30 second timer. Immediately activate slo-mo, make a run for the mirror and jump through. You'll be sent to the past.

Part 7 - The Summit of Sacrifice

Boss Fight: Zeus

In the first stage of this battle, Zeus is huge. Don't worry about him, just concentrate on the Sirens. Use lots of Cronos' Rage and when you see a "Circle" above a Siren, activate it to kill the Siren. This sends out a scream which will damage Zeus and will also release a good deal of Blue and Red Orbs. Continue doing this until you see a "Circle" above Zeus's hand (after killing about five to seven Sirens). Note, if you're not getting the circle above his hand, then concentrate on attacking his hand. Usually, the incidental Cronos' Rage (lightning) that hits his hand is enough. Run up to his hand and tap "Circle" to enter the second stage of this battle.

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Hey Zeus, why don't you pick on somebody your own size...oh, you are. Zeus is now the same size as you. Attack him with everything you've got. Use your Rage of the Titans and Cronos' Rage and don't relent. When they run out, continue to attack. Before long, he'll release a variety of orbs and will grab you, taking away the Sword of Olympus.

Because he just released some orbs, you should have a good deal of Rage and a small bit of magic. Go ahead and activate your Rage and lay into him. Mix in a little Cronos' Rage as well. Keep up the attack until you see a "Circle". It is very important that you get to him and activate that "Circle" or you'll have to keep fighting him until you see it again. This can take some time, so get to him and hit "Circle", then, rapidly tap "Circle", which makes you retake the Sword of Olympus and tosses Zeus.

After you toss him, he'll end up underneath a few columns. Run up to the shining column and hit "R1" which will make you grab a column and hit him with it. This will release a good number of Blue and Gold Orbs from him.

In this next stage, do a lot of rolling to avoid his lighting attacks and try to use your Golden Fleece to send them back at him. When you get an opening, attack him. Do this until he retakes your Sword, then attack him some more until you get the "Circle", which will toss him into another set of columns. Run up to the columns and hit "R1" near the shining spot to collapse the top of the columns down on him.

This really ticks off Zeus. He grows large again and shoots lightning at you. Rapidly tap "Circle" and you'll lay down the Sword. As you're kneeling, get ready to hit the button that will flash on the screen. After this, perform the button sequence to attack Zeus.

The Loom Chamber

After the cutscene, you'll end up back in the Loom Chamber, once again in need of altering time. Return to the same thread and pull it until you get the hour glass. Make a run for the mirror...you've done this before so there is nothing new here.

That's it, game over...setting you up for a glorious sequel, undoubtedly on the PS3.

Chapter 9 - Urns, Challenge of the Titans, and Treasures

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