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LB's God of War(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. The Aegean Sea to The Desert of Lost Souls

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God of War Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
3. The Aegean Sea to The Desert of Lost Souls

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LB Review: 9.0
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 03.22.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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God of War Table of Contents

1. God of War Options Page
2. Intro and Gameplay Tips
3. The Aegean Sea to The Desert of Lost Souls
4. The Desert of Lost Souls to The Challenge of Hades
5. The Challenge of Hades to the End
6. God of War Review

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The Aegean Sea

After a suicidal cutscene, you (Kratos) will be thrown into your first battle. Use your Heavy Attack (Triangle) and Normal Attack (Square) buttons to fight the enemies upon the ship. As you fight you'll be told about grabbing enemies (Circle). Add the grab move to the mix and continue to fight on.

At this point, you may be interested in your combo moves. To find out details, enter your Start Menu (where you'll be told about Orbs), then use R1 or L1 to access the "Moves" menu. Here you'll be shown your various combos as they are introduced to you. Follow the directions to pull of specific moves and use them against the enemies.

Continue to fight off the skeletal warriors. Eventually a few will pop out of a hatch in the floor of the boat. Continue to pick these enemies off. Once they've all been eliminated, approach the hatch door. Notice the white sparkle on the handle of the hatch. This indicates something of interest, something accessed by hitting your R2 button. In this case, you must repeatedly tap R2 to pull open the hatch. Do so and jump down the hole.

Here you will be told about treasure chests. Press and hold R2 to open treasure chests. This chest is green, meaning it will refill your health. Open it, then kill the enemy.

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The the right of the chest is a hall block by barrels. Break them with your Blades of Chaos (the sword you've been using). Break any other debris in your way, then continue to make your way forward through the ship (breaking any and all objects as you go for red orbs). Eventually you'll run into a baby Hydra head. Use L1 to block his attacks, the right control stick to roll away from his attacks, then slash away at the baby head (we like the Square, Square, Triangle -- or the "Plume of Prometheus" combo move).

Once you've taken the baby Hydra's health down enough, you'll be told how to fight via a "Mini-game". Some larger enemies will require you defeat them using the Mini-game technique. You'll know when you use the Mini-game when the Circle button icon appears above the enemy's head. At this point, press the Circle button, followed by the next button to appear on your screen. Continue with this process until you kill the monster.

Continue forward. You'll come to some narrow beams. Make your way across the beams. If you fall, quickly hit "X" as you're hanging to pull yourself back up. At the end of the beams, move left, through the opening.

Through the door, move left again to the cell at the end. Speak to the man inside by hitting R2. Next, move up the stairs to the right of the cell. At the top of the stairs you'll find a red treasure chest. Open it up to obtain the red orbs inside. Red orbs build up your Power Up. Once you obtain the necessary amount of red orbs, your character will be upgraded in many ways.

Move to the left of the chest, and, again, make your way forward through the ship, destroying any and all obstacles in your way. Kick open the door to a chaotic scene of many harpies attacking men. Take down the harpies and toasting the men for health, as you need it. Run across deck and another baby Hydra head will attack. Take care of him as you did the first baby Hydra head, with one exception...let him get you in his mouth. When this happens, follow your on-screen instructions and tap "O" to prevent yourself from being eaten. When this is executed successfully, you will automatically damage the Hydra head significantly. Repeat until the Hydra head goes down.

Once you defeat the baby Hydra, lift up the doors at the far end of the deck (tap R2 to raise them up) to reveal treasure chests. Inside the chests are red orbs.

With the treasures extracted, jump into the water through the hole in the deck. Swim straight and climb the rope lattice at the end. At the top, hit "X" to pull yourself up to the deck, then fight your next round of enemies. Follow the on-screen instructions for some specific fighting tips.

Balance your way across the downed mast. At the intersection, move right for a red chest, then return and take the left path to the next ship. Here you will spot a green chest, and a yellow ray of light. Walk into the light to save your game.

After a bloody cutscene you must make your way to the far end of the ship. The catch is that there are archers at the far end of the ship, whom you must kill, but can't reach. To reach them, you have to find a crate that you can use to climb up to them. So, head down the stairs and find the small crate behind the larger crate to the right. Approach it and hit "R2". You're told how to kick crates at this point (Hold R2, then hold "X" until Kratos stops grunting, when this happens, release "X"). Now, you can also simply push crates and other objects by just holding R2. Pushing the crate the entire length of the ship would be perfectly fine if the archers above didn't destroy the crate with five arrow hits. But they do, so you'll have to push and kick the crate. With that being said, push it right, then get behind it and kick it forward, so it's protected and stopped by the larger crate. From here, push it left, then, again, kick the crate forward. Continue pushing and kicking the crate in this manner until you get to the end of the lower deck. Once here, push the crate into one of the alcoves between the higher towers, jump on top of it, then double jump up to the higher deck (pull yourself up with "X").

Take out the Archers and pop open the green chest. Move through the open doorway and through the hall to the other side. Here you'll hear a voice behind the locked Captain's door, telling you to find the key. Opposite the door is a ladder. Climb it, then climb the rope lattice. Along the rope lattice you'll encounter enemies. Follow the on-screen instructions to knock them down. Continue up the second lattice, then take out the enemies at the top. Once they've been eliminated, walk the beam at the bottom of your screen for a red chest, then return to the central structure and jump up to the rope. You'll automatically grab on and slide down to the next ship.

Smash open the three boarded doorways to reveal a red chest, a Gorgon Eye chest (collect six to increase your health meter), and a doorway. Collect from the chests and move through the doorway. Walk up to the blue barrier door. Here you will be given your first Power of the Gods, Poseidon's Rage. To use a Power of the Gods attack, you must choose your attack from your directional pad. Since you only have one Power of the Gods attack at this time, it is always ready to go. To activate it, simply hit L2. Also note your new blue meter, beneath your green and red meters. This is your magic meter. Each Power of the Gods attack needs a certain amount of magic. If you don't have enough, you can't execute the attack.

Use your new Poseidon's Rage attack against the enemies who come at you, then move through the open door. Outside of the ship you'll come to another Save. Save, then collect the orbs from the blue and green chests, if you need them now (you may care to save them for later).

Climb the rope lattice to the top and you'll come to your first boss battle.

Boss Battle: Hydra

You are first shown a cutscene of the brutal Hydra, and the baby Hydras who appear at your level. When you gain control of the game, you'll be shown a large green meter at the bottom. The right half indicates the health of the baby Hydra to the right, the left half indicates the health of the baby Hydra to the left. Choose whichever baby you want to attack first and keep focused on him. Double jump to avoid his swinging attacks as you whip him around. Feel free to use your Poseidon's Rage against him for maximum damage. Eventually, he'll "pass out". Take this time to climb the crates next to him and jump on the platform on top of him. This will cause the platform to fall, with the spike beneath it going into the baby Hydra. He'll twitch, but he'll be out of commission. Work on the second baby Hydra in the same way, and, don't forget, if you left either of the chests full below, you can go back and collect their contents.

With both babies dead, climb the rope lattice to the big guy, the head Hydra. Smack him around as you normally would. While he's a large and loud enemy, he really doesn't do that much damage to you, particularly if you roll around to avoid his attacks. It is difficult to hit him with your Poseidon's Rage, as he's often too far from the platform. So focus on using your standard attacks. He will release various orbs with just about every smack.

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Soon enough a red circle icon will appear above the head of the Hydra. It's Mini-game time. Hit the red circle to activate the Mini-game. This time you'll simply be told to tap the red circle button (the lower left corner of your screen). Do so and you'll pull the Hydra's head into the beam in the middle of the platform. This will crack the beam. Repeat the process of smacking the Hydra around and cracking his head into the beam three times, until the beam breaks. Now you have a nice little spike. Continue to beat up the Hydra one last time, until the circle icon appears above his head again. Hit the circle button when prompted, then hit the next button indicated (for us it was the circle, every time we played). This should, again, prompt a tapping of the red circle button. Do so to pull the Hydra's head down onto the spike, thus killing the Hydra. If you miss, simply try it again.

When the Hydra is dead, walk into the Hydra's mouth and hit "R2" when you get to the Captain. This will get you the Key of the Captain. Exit out of the Hydra head and you'll be shown a sneaky little path. Drop to the ground, then climb up the crates to the right. At the top, jump up to the platform above, and collect from the treasure chests (green orbs and a Gorgon's Eye). Jump to the rope and zip down to the ship below.

Familiar territory. Save if you want, then, again, work your way across the lower deck. Take out the Archers and use your small crate to, again, climb up to the higher deck. Move through the door and follow the path the the Captain's Door. Approach the door and hit "R2" to use your Captain's Key on the door.

Follow the hallway to the end and kick open the door. Bloody gruesomeness, capped with your ultimate task: Kill a God to forgive the crimes of your past.

The Gates of Athens

Head toward the exit of the bedroom and you'll find your Journal. Read it, then continue through the door. Move down the hall, Save at the ray of light, collect the blue and green orbs from the treasure chests, then climb the ladder to the upper deck of the ship.

Approach Athena's statue and hit R2. Again, you'll get your mission. Head to the opposite end of the ship, and take the walkway over to the docks. Fight the Skeleton Warriors. When the Skeleton Warriors are close to death, the circle icon will appear above their heads. You can either hit your circle button to perform a special attack, or keep slashing them like you normally would. The special attacks tend to be more bloody, they give you a better hit rate, and often release more orbs, so try to perform them when given the chance.

Move down the dock and cross the bridge. Take out the enemies then continue along. Hang a right onto the dock. There's a hole in the wall to your right. You'll go through it in a minute, but, before you do, note the wooden lift across the gap at the end of the dock. You will be coming back here soon. However, for now, move through the hole in the wall.

Swim by simply moving your control stick in the direction you want to go. Head toward the platform leading to the door and jump up to it. Pass through the door. Move down the hall, killing any Undead you come across. Collect the Phoenix Feather (collect six to increase your magic meter), then continue on and collect the green orbs from the treasure chest. Climb the crates to the highest level, then jump off. You'll find yourself at the foot of that first bridge. Cross it and work your way to the wooden lift mentioned earlier (across the gap at the end of the wooden dock).

On the wooden lift, grab the sparkling handle of the lever with "R2" and ride the lift up. At the top, move around the wooden walkway. If your health is satisfactory at this point, ignore the green treasure chest, as you might need it momentarily. Move forward and you'll get a cutscene, followed by your first Minotaur battle. Fight the Minotaur as you have every other enemy. Use your Poseidon's Rage power when both Minotaurs are within its reach, then use your favorite combos (again, the Plume of Prometheus works wonders) to damage the beasts. Like the Undead below, you can take advantage of the special attack when the Circle icon appears on top of their heads (this will provide you with Health), or you can continue to slash away until they die.

After dealing with the three Minotaurs, collect the blue orbs from the chest, then pull the lever on the next wooden lift and ride it up, where you'll get a bloody cutscene. Prepare yourself during this time, for after the cutscene you'll have to face three Armored Ogres (one at the beginning, followed by two at the same time), and all exits will be blocked off with a magical red barrier.

Don't let the size of the Ogres intimidate you. Deal with them as any other enemy, but be aware of the metal ball they'll shoot at you in the middle of their attack. Simply jump to avoid it. Per usual, use your Poseidon's Rage power attack and your Plume of Prometheus combo to hurt them. Once you've damaged them enough, you'll get a red circle prompt. Again, use it or don't. I'm a fan of using it. When you activate the prompt, hit the buttons as they appear on the screen to take out the Ogres with your special attack. When two Ogres are after you at the same time, do your best to focus on one at a time.

As you're fighting the Ogres, you may care to note the green treasure chest, which is on a small cliff beneath the battle area. To get there, run right (from your entrance to this area), along the wooden fence, to the ladder leading down. Below you will find the chest. Also note the treasure chest at the far end of the battle area. It changes from green to blue. You will encounter many of these chests from here on out. You simply have to choose whether you want blue or green orbs from the chest. When you decide, wait for the chest to flash the color you want, then hold "R2" when it does.

Finally, if you've been collecting red orbs as you should be, either in the middle or at the end of this battle, you'll get the message that you've collected enough orbs to power up your weapons. When you get this message, enter your Start Menu, then press "X" to use your red orbs to earn the power up for your Blades of Chaos. You'll earn a few new combos, and you'll earn the ability to use the Rage of the Gods. The Rage of the Gods meter will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. It will initially be full. To use it, hit L3 and R3 at the same time (click the right and left control sticks simultaneously). When you activate the Rage of the Gods, your attacks will be more powerful, and you'll be invincible to the attacks of your enemies. This power lasts until the meter runs out. The meter refills with every enemy you kill. Note, this is the only time you will be notified of your qualification to power up. From here on out you'll have to enter the Start Menu and power up on your own. You can power up specific weapons (of which you currently only have one) or your Powers of God (again, you currently only have one).

When the Ogres have been eliminated, check your surroundings. To the left you'll spot a ladder high up on the wall. You can't reach it. To the right are two gates through which you cannot pass. In the back right corner you'll find a red treasure chest. Collect the orbs, then pass through the open door next to the blue/green chest.

Wind your way through the halls into the room with the stacked crates. Notice the two wooden crates at the bottoms of two crate stacks. One is in the bottom left corner, the other in the top left corner. Take them both out by hitting them until they break. The top corner crate will reveal a door. The bottom corner crate will provide you with a path to get to the door. So, jump up on top of the lowered crates in the bottom left corner, then jump to the stacked crates in the middle. From here, jump to the crates with the treasure chest on top (collect the red orbs within), climb the ladder, then move along the wall to the far end of the room. Hop on the crates, then use the rope lattice on the next set to work your way to the top, then drop down to the open door below. Enter the next room.

If you're low on health or magic, collect it now from the blue/green chest, as you'll be tossed into battle momentarily. When that's done, approach the door and speak to the goddess behind it. You're up for a new power, but, to earn it, you must kill Medusa. So, with that being said, start your attack on the Gorgon leader.

Medusa's normal attacks aren't particularly damaging. However, her laser eyes can take you down in a second. When Medusa focuses her laser on you, quickly attack her to disrupt the stream. If her laser eyes rest upon you for too long, you'll be turned to stone. If you find yourself stoned, quickly follow the on-screen instructions and wiggle your left control stick back and forth until you bust out of the stone. If Ms. Medusa strikes you while you're stoned, she'll shatter you and you'll die. So, avoid that at all costs, and do your best to take the lady down. When you've damaged her enough, the circle icon will appear above her head. When it does, hit your circle button, then rotate the left analog stick to match the rotation displayed over Medusa's head. You'll have to move the stick around two to three times. When you've completed the final rotation, you'll automatically rip off Medusa's head, and acquire Medusa's Gaze, the second Power of the Gods.

Press left on your directional pad to select Medusa's Gaze as your chosen power. Once chosen, press "L2" to aim the gaze (the blue beam will show you where you're aiming it), then "Square" to fire it. Just like Medusa, use it on enemies to turn them to stone, then shatter them while in this state. Use your new power on the many Minotaurs who appear in the room. They're much easier to deal with now. Once you've eliminated them, the goddess barrier will fall. Pass through the door.

Move down the hall and take out the Undead who appear. Climb the ladder and pull the lever at the top. This will will aim the large crossbow at the door in front of you. Approach the back of the crossbow, hold "R2", then pull back on your left control stick. Release to send the projectile into the door, taking it down. Return to the lever and pull it again, so it faces left. Let the projectile fly into the cracked will to reveal a treasure chest with a Phoenix Feather inside. Save and collect health from the green chest, if you care to do so, then move down the long hall. You can't open the door at the end. However, there's a ladder going up the right wall, and opposite that ladder is hallway leading to a ladder down. Move down the small hall first and down the ladder. Down here, battle the Undead, collect the Gorgon Eye from the treasure chest, open up the gate, and note you're in the courtyard where you battled the Ogres. Your purpose of coming down here? The Gorgon Eye and the opening of the gate. Back up and return to the ladder, climb it up, then climb the ladder on the right side of the hall revealed by the large crossbow.

At the top of the ladder, move through the open door and fight the enemies on the balcony. Next, climb the short ladder, then up the wall, fighting climbing enemies as you go. Continue climbing until you spot a gap to the right. Approach the gap and you'll be told how to jump (move to the edge and hit "X"). Jump right, then right again, then right one more time. At the end, work your way all of the way down, then move out onto the left ledge, where an Undead will be waiting for you. Battle him, then position yourself behind the large statue. Here you'll get an R2 prompt. Tap R2 repeatedly to topple the statue across the courtyard where you battled the Ogres. You can now reach that high up ladder. Collect the green orbs from the chest around the corner, then climb the ladder down to that courtyard area.

Move across the courtyard and use the statue head to reach that ladder. Climb it up and battle the Gorgons, or mini-Medusas. Battle them as you did Medusa, then, if you need it, collect the green orbs from the green chest around the corner. Climb the next ladder up. Take on the Minotaurs (remember how they hate Medusa's Gaze), then then Gorgon. When they've been eliminated, start whacking away at the two white pillars. The first one will lower greatly, the second will lower about half way. Jump to the first, then the second, then to the level above. Eliminate all of the Skeletal Warrior up here, then approach the crossbow. Use it to shoot a line above the courtyard. Hop onto the line and work your way across it, following the on-screen instructions on how to take down hanging enemies as you go.

At the end of the line, drop down and climb down the ladder. If you need health, collect it from the green treasure chest. Note the bulging door to the right, then move down the hall to the left. Approach the large door and tap "R2" to lift it up. You have now raised the steel door across from the first large crossbow you encountered. Move down the hall, to that large crossbow, and shoot the crossbow down the hall, into the bulging wooden door at the end. Deal with the Minotaurs (it's fun to shoot the crossbow at them as they're coming toward you), then run through the newly opened door and move up the ladder for a couple of treasure chests (red and green). Next, slide all of the way down the ladder.

Move down the hall, then move toward the large staircase, on the other side of the bridge. In the middle of the bridge you'll meet the Oracle. When that's complete, continue toward the stairs.

The Road to Athens

***Note: Here is where I was able to upgrade my Poseidon's Rage to level 2.***

Climb the stairs to the top and you'll spot Ares, the God of War, moving toward Athens. Save at the ray of light. Facing Ares, you can go right or left. Head right first, currently a dead end, and grab the Gorgon Eye from the chest. Head back and this time, take the left path. This will eventually lead to an archway. Enter and you'll be trapped.

In this area there are two Minotaurs, a regenerating blue orb chest, and a floor switch which operates the gate on the far side. You need to use your Medusa's Gaze magic power to turn one of the Minotaurs into stone while he is standing on the floor switch. If you kill the Minotaurs, more will spawn. As soon as you succeed in freezing one of the Minotaurs on the switch you need to quickly run to the now-open gate. To get a distance advantage, freeze the Minotaur while standing between the gate and the switch (not behind the switch).

When you get through the gate, open the green chest, and continue along the path. You are now on a road. Lining the road are houses. You can break the doors of the houses and jump onto the roofs of the buildings. Some of the houses have chests inside, one has a Phoenix Feather. Work your way along the road, busting into houses, and collecting the various goodies. As you go along the road you'll have to deal with some Gorgons and Archers. There is a Gorgon Eye on the roof of one of the houses on the right as the road veers left. There are also innocents running around that you can kill for health. As you get further along on the road, you'll have to face a few Minotaurs. Soon thereafter, one of the houses on the left will have a Gorgon Eye and the house next door will have a Phoenix Feather.

You'll eventually get to a barricade in the road, break through it. Look above you for a rope. Double jump up to it and hold the "Circle Button" to swing. Jump to the next rope and then to the other side of the road. Continue along the road and then up the stairs.

Athens Town Square

Run up the stairs and you'll have to deal with a few Cyclops in this circular area. Attack him like any other large enemy. Look for the Red Circle to appear over his head. When that happens, push the "Circle Button" which will cause you to stab him in the eye. Do this three or four times for each Cyclops to kill him. Be aware that there are many innocents running around which you can kill for Health, if you're low.

Once they're dead, you'll get a cutscene showing you the door to go through to the left and behind the fountain. Follow the hallway and you'll hear a voice telling you to "get away". Find the cracked panels lining the walls. You can break them open for various items including a blue/green chest and behind another, a Gorgon Eye. Make your way up the stairs.

You'll see the lady run away again. At the top of the stairs is a green chest. Head right and you'll see a wooden double door. To the left of the door is a gap. Break open the wooden double door, fight the Undead inside and then break open the wall panels for various goodies and then go all the way right for a blue/green chest. Exit back out and jump the gap, following the woman. Continue up the next set of stairs. The woman will fall over the railing and you'll be shown that she has something of value on her. There is a save point on the balcony. Use it.

From your view point, there is a chest to the left and below of the Save Point. Inside is a Phoenix Feather. To the right of the balcony is a gap leading to a locked hatch. The woman who fell has the key to it. To get back down jump over the railing. Approach the dead woman and grab the Key.

Now that you have the key you need to retrace your steps back up to the locked hatch. Along your journey you'll meet up with undead who use shields (Shielded Undead). Start fighting them and you'll be told in order to break their shields use the "Plume of Prometheus" (Square, Square, Triangle). This attack will shatter their shields allowing you to kill them. Further along you'll meet up with two Gorgons. Kill them. Continue to fight enemies until you get to the hatch.

Use your Key on the hatch and open it. Drop down and open the gate in front of you which will give you access to the circular courtyard. Don't go into the courtyard, instead, follow the hallway and you'll see some debris crash down on the right. Take the left path, raise the gate, go up the stairs.

Rooftops of Athens

Locate the vines on the wall and start climbing. When the vines end, look to the left to find a wall across from you also covered in vines. Follow the on screen instructions to learn how to Double Back Jump across to the other vines. Climb up, jump back across to the higher vines, and then climb up again. Finally, jump onto the balcony with the blue and green chests.

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You'll be entering a tough room. You'll be blocked from accessing these two chests during the battle, so if you're meters are down at all, use what you need before going into the room. Enter. Here you'll have to face many Wraiths. Fight them like normal, while noting Medusa's Gaze works wonders on them. You may die a few times during this battle as it is quite hard. Be aware that to the right of the staircase is a wooden wall that you can break open. Breaking it down will give you a little bit of Health. In the chest behind that wall is a Gorgon Eye. After killing many Wraiths, things will be quiet, but not for long. You need to go up the stairs where you'll have another battle.

Note the green chest near the bottom of the stairs. If you don't need the Health, save it for later. If you do, go ahead and use it. Head up the stairs. Here you'll fight more Wraiths and two Ogres. There is another green chest up here if you need it. Head back downstairs and go through the now unblocked door to the right of the green chest.

Head North where you'll find a green chest. Use it if you need to. Jump to the pillar and then to the vines on the next column. Climb down and then left, making your way so that you can do a Double Back Jump to the balcony with the red chest. Break through the door, fight the Wraiths, and work your way around to the balcony where the Archers are located. Kill them all. Find the raised plank and push it to the lower balcony. Cross and jump back to the vine covered pillar. Work your way around so you can do a Double Back Jump to the next vine covered pillar. Work your way around the pillar and jump to the platform with the chest.

Follow the path and you'll see a blue/green treasure chest outside a room with a Save Point. Save if you'd like, but return back outside and go over the debris-laden bridge to the left. There will be Archers shooting down at you. Once you cross the bridge, you'll see a sealed door to the right and a Large Crossbow to the left. You can move this Crossbow. Grab it and move it down the hall and into the open room. Place the Crossbow on the circular spinner on the left. You'll rotate it in a second.

This room is lined with doors. Lift each of the four doors to find various goodies including a blue/green chest. The door next to the circular spinner houses the switch to spin the Crossbow. It also contains many Undead. Kill them and then operate the lever to rotate the Crossbow. This will make the Crossbow face the other side of the room; not the way you want it to face. Pull the Crossbow off of the circular spinner, activate the lever without the Crossbow on the circular spinner, and then pull the Crossbow back onto the spinner and activate the lever one last time. The Crossbow will now be facing the reinforced door. Pull the Crossbow to the middle of the room and pull it back and let it rip! The door will break open.

Go through the now open door and go down the hall. You'll get to a room at the end which contains a blue chest and a new power: Zeus' Fury. You select Zeus' Fury by pressing down on your D-Pad. To use Zeus' Fury, hold down the L2 Button to lock onto a target and then press the Square Button to launch the lightning.

Go through the door with the statues and you'll be back at the debris-laden bridge. Now, you can use Zeus' Fury on the Archers above. Pretty sweet. Doing this will unseal the sealed door to the right (back across the bridge). Go in and break the wall for a blue chest, a Gorgon Eye, and a Phoenix Feather. This is my sixth Phoenix Feather therefore my magic meter has increased.

Exit back out and go across the debris-laden bridge to the Save Point inside the room. Save. In the Save room, go to the open wall where you'll find a ladder. Climb up.

On the the rooftop you'll immediately face a couple of Minotaurs and some Harpies. Take them out. If you move to the right side of the rooftop, you'll find a ladder. Climb it up to discover a chest with a Gorgon Eye inside, and a green/blue chest. Climb back down, run across the rooftop and jump to the rooftop to the left.

From this rooftop (with another blue/green chest on it), you can smash the barrier blocking you from the next rooftop (with the Minotaur waiting for you on it), or you can hop to the rope near the bottom of the screen. Hop to the rope first and swing to the next rope, then the rooftop with the many chests on it. Use Zeus' Fury on the archers across the way, then use to your advantage the two blue/green chests and the three red chests. Swing back across and jump to the rooftop with the Minotaur on it.

When the Minotaurs have been defeated, smash through the wooden/stone barrier and hop to the vines across the way. Climb them up to the next rooftop. Fight the enemies, note the blue treasure chest (you'll need magic in a minute, so, if you need to fill up your meter, do so), then run up the ramp to the top. Here you'll spot a flashing indicator. Approach it and hit R2 to demand the man across the way raise the bridge. He refuses. So, take aim at him with your Zeus's Fury to raise the bridge on your own. Cross the bridge and enter the open room.

Inside the room you'll find two chests. One has a Gorgon Eye inside, the other a Phoenix Feather. Collect them both then move down the hall. Eliminate any and all Wraiths you encounter. Eventually you'll get to a room with two more chests (red orbs). Enter the alcove in the back of the room and stand on the raised circle to ride the lift down.

Move down the hall and onto the bridge. Here you will see Oracle being taken away by some Harpies. You must save her.

Athens Town Square

You'll find yourself above the courtyard where you first fought the Cyclops. Walk the beam across to the Save Point (if you fall, use the ladder to work your way back up). Head up the stairs then move along the path, fighting the many Undead you encounter along the way. Don't miss the crack in the wall, where, when knocked down, you'll find a red chest.

***Note, here is where I upgraded to a Level 3 Blades of Chaos***

Continue up the next set of stairs to the green and blue chests, and bridge.

Temple of the Oracle

Cross the bridge and move toward the Temple. Here you'll get another cutscene of Oracle being taken away, followed by a Harpy attack. Take out the Harpies and the Gorgons who appear to lower the red barriers. Ignore the grave digger...for now, and head up the stairs to the Save Point. Save, then collect the Phoenix Feather and Gorgon Eye from the chests on each side of the Temple door. You may also care to note two red chests, high up, which you can jump to from the far left and far right of the area. When you've accessed all of the chests, enter the Temple.

***Note, here is where I upgraded to a Level 2 Zeus' Fury***

Head up the stairs to the room with many Harpies. To the left of your entrance to this room is a gate which can be lifted, and a blue/green chest. Ignore the gate for now, as you must first deal with the Harpies. Note that the Harpies are coming from two holes. One along the right wall, one along the left. They will keep on coming until you block the two holes. In order to block them you must pull the two statues (each one blocking a blue/green chest) from the far end of the room, over to the holes. Once you've blocked the two holes, kill the remaining Harpies. Before you raise the gate, you may care to locate the two treasure chests, each one up on a ledge to the left and right of your entrance. One is a simple red chest, the other has a Gorgon Eye inside (this is the final one needed to increase my health meter again). With your goodies in hand, raise the gate and climb the stairs.

You will find yourself overlooking the Harpy room. Make your way across the beams (look out for the falling ones) toward the Save Point across the way. You may care to note the treasure chest with another Gorgon Eye inside, which is behind the window at the far left side of the room. Save at the Save Point, collect from the green chest, and head down the next hall.

Fight the enemies who come your way as you work your way down the hall and up the many small sets of stairs. You'll eventually pop out in a courtyard area where, once again, you'll spot Oracle calling for help. Before doing anything else, explore the area. There are two movable statues, one on each side of your entrance. There's a lift, which takes you to the ground. There's a locked door with the symbol of the Oracle on top of it. There's a high platform, which can be accessed via the covering of the door. When you get to that platform, you'll be shown a quick view of the ivy covered wall and water wheels, which you must get to in order to save Oracle. There are two chests, each protected by breakable walls, which have red orbs and a Gorgon Eye inside. There are also a few chests up high, which you can't access by yourself. You need something to give you height. Return to the entrance and grab a statue.

Pull the statue over to the now open chest, from which you collected the Gorgon Eye. Place it just outside the walled area, and you'll be able to jump to the top of the statue. From here, jump to the ledge and collect the red orbs from the two red chests. Now, the main event. Drag the statue back to the lift. Ride the lift up, then step off, leaving the one statue on the lift. Drag the second statue over to the lift, then quickly hop on and hop off the lift to make it lower to the ground. With the lift lowered, push the second statue on top of the first statue, and you have two stacked statues. Drag the stacked statues over to the small reflecting pool, beneath the ivy covered wall. There's a small notch where the stacked statue will securely fit. Place the statues there, then work your way up to the top of the platform and jump to the top of the stacked statues. From the statues, jump to the wall with the vines, and work your way left. Upon doing so you'll trigger a timed event. You must make it to Oracle before the timer runs out (69 seconds).

Avoid the movement of the water wheels as you hop from vine covered area to vine covered area. Continue left along the vines to the balcony. Move across it and climb the next set of vines, then jump the gap to the next set of vines and climb straight up. Double jump left to the rope and swing to the platform, then quickly make your way across the beams to the next rope. Swing from the rope to the large "plate" the statue is holding. Run toward Oracle to save her. After a cutscene, Oracle will open the sealed door for you. Your new goal is to find Pandora's Box.

Pass through the door and down the stairs. Here you will find a Save Point. You have a long bridge to your right and a path leading up the side of the mountain. Take the path up the side of the mountain. At the top, you will come to a Temple. To the right of the Temple door is a chest with a Phoenix Feather. Also, if you go out onto the ledge, you'll get a "foreboding feeling". That's all that up here for now.

Go all the way back down and cross the long bridge (which is actually a huge sword). Go through the door on the other side of the bridge and then go down the spiral staircase. Collect the Phoenix Feather from the chest beneath the staircase. Hop through the opening.

The Sewers of Athens

Here there are two blue/green chests. Follow the sewer path and soon you'll encounter some Undead and Archers. Kill the Undead and then use Zeus' Fury on the Archers. Double jump up to where the Archers are located and you'll find another blue/green chest and red orb chest. Double jump up and over the next wall and then kill the Minotaurs. Here you will find a blue/green chest. Past the chest are some more Archers. Continue along the path, dropping down.

Here are two more blue/green chests. Go forward to find two red orb chests and then jump up to the next ledge and go forward where you will meet two Cyclops. Kill them and then the bevy of other enemies who spawn. Once they're all dead, note the green/blue chest near the ladder. Climb the ladder and take out any remaining Archers. Go back down and go forward. Climb the ladder here where you'll find a red orb chest. Finally, follow the path and jump up to the next ledge and go forward.

Climb up the ladder. You are now in a hallway with a green/blue chest. Go forward and up the spiral stairs. At the top, pull the lever to lower some stairs for you to climb up. You are once again on the Road to Athens.

The Road to Athens

Go forward and up the stairs. Here you'll be able to see Ares off in the distance and there will be a Save Point to your right. Follow the path near the save point, along the side of the mountain. Here you'll find a chest that you previously opened. The large double doors in front of you are now open, thanks to Oracle. Go through the now-opened door where you will find a blue/green chest.
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