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LB's God of War(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. The Challenge of Hades to the End

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God of War Walkthrough and Strategy Guide >
5. The Challenge of Hades to the End

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LB Review: 9.0
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 03.22.05
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
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God of War Table of Contents

1. God of War Options Page
2. Intro and Gameplay Tips
3. The Aegean Sea to The Desert of Lost Souls
4. The Desert of Lost Souls to The Challenge of Hades
5. The Challenge of Hades to the End
6. God of War Review

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The Challenge of Hades

You are in a large magma room with a main set of stairs, a green chest on either side of the stairs, a sunken statue of Hades in some red water, and a series of platforms going up the left wall. If you climb the main stairs you'll get to the top and be told that it is too dark for you to proceed. Instead, go up the left side wall to the carved wooden door. The door says that you must "make blood sacrifices on the altar of Hades". Answer "Yes". A gang of Centaurs will emerge from the main staircase. Hop back down to the main floor. Notice that there are two blue rings in the room. You need to kill the Centaurs while inside the circle. Each time you kill one inside the circle, one of the four indicators on the blue circle will light up. Kill four Centaurs inside the circle and part of the door will lower. Go to the other blue circle and repeat for the door to completely lower. Go back up the left wall and go through the now-open door.

In the hall you'll find a blue/green chest and another one just past it. You'll also see three chests up above on a ledge. Go to the left side of the ledge and hop up for a Phoenix Feather and some red orbs. Hop back down and raise up the door on the left.

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Here you'll see that the floor opens and closes and there is magma below. Simply hop over the first one and then time your double jump for the second one. You will note that the second one goes in a quick one, two, three pattern and then holds for a second. Jump just before it holds so you have a firm platform to land on. Once by that one, you'll have some arrows to deal with. Just roll through this trap. Turn the corner to find a green chest and you'll be attacked by a Gorgon.

You are now in a maze. You need to kill everybody in the maze in order to proceed. Take the left path and kill the Archer near the statue of the architect who built the maze. Then, take the right path where you will see two Archers. Before you deal with them, hop over the debris on the left which leads to another room. In this circular room, you'll have to deal with some Gorgons and Centaurs. Kill them, go to the chest in the North, and go right at the chest where you'll face some Undead in the hall. Follow the hall and you'll see a path going left and one, just past it, going right. The path to the right leads back to the room you were just in. The path to the left leads to a fountain where you'll kill two Archers. Make sure everybody is dead and then re-enter the circular room and exit out the way you came in.

The two Archers that you saw earlier will still be waiting there. Attack them. Note that to your left is a circular lift operated by a crank. To the right is another hallway which contains more enemies and a green chest. Go to the circular lift and wind the crank to rise up. You'll see a carved door to your left. Hit R2 to push it back. Here is another sliding floor with magma which simply leads to two red orb chests. Go back to the main hall. Go forward and go right at the "T" intersection and kill the two Archers. You'll see a door with a Carved Hades which cannot be opened. You'll also see a door with glowing red eyes. Use R2 to push the door with the glowing red eyes. You'll emerge in a room with many Undead and a green chest. Facing the green chest, move down the narrow hall to the left and take out the two Archers on the upper ledge. Then, lift the Carved Hades door that was locked from the other side. You just did a loop.

Go back to the "T" intersection and this time go left and down the hall. Kill the two Archers and you'll see a moving smasher block that is operated by a chain. While it's retracting, go into the hallway and then quickly jump onto the top of it. Kill any enemies that may follow you onto the block. While on top of the block, note that there is another arched door on the right. The smasher block will retract incrementally. Wait for the block to recede all of the way and then slip into the arched doorway and kill any enemies inside.

At this point, you should have killed everybody in the maze. If you did, the door at the far end of the smasher block will have dropped. If the door is still there it means that you have still have enemies to kill. Go back through and find them.

Assuming the door has dropped, go through. You'll see that you are now up above in Hades' Chamber. There is a round pressure switch on the floor. Step on it which will raise the large Hades Statue out of the red water. Jump onto the neck of the Hades Statue where you will find a handle. Before you activate the handle, climb down the ladder and jump into the red water and dive down to the base of the statue where you will find a lever. Pull it. This will cause a beam of light to emit from Hades' mouth. Swim back up. Climb back up the ladder and pull the handle to rotate Hades' head so that the beam of light illuminates the dark area at the top of the staircase where you couldn't enter before because it was too dark.

Go up the stairs and into the now-lit hall. Here you'll see many boulders rolling your way. There are nine doors: five on the left and four on the right. The door that you need to get through is the third on the left. However, there is a nice treasure room all the way at the back of this hall, where the boulders are rolling down. There is also a green chest in the second door on the right. The boulders are fairly easy to avoid; you can either run or roll out of their way. First, make your way all the way to the far end of the room and once at the back, go into the room under where the boulders are originating. Inside, fight the Undead and then open the chest for a Phoenix Feather. You'll also have green chest, a red chest and a book in the room. Exit back out and find the third door on the left. Open it and go through.

Follow the hall and you'll meet up some Minotaurs and Archers. There is a blue/green chest nearby. Note that there is a path to the left and a red sealed door on the right. You will eventually be going up that left path, however, you must first make your way up the right path so you can actually make it up that left path. So, fight the enemies and the sealed door on the right will open. Go through the door and up the stairs. Take out the enemies (these are the guys hindering your way on the other path), and collect from the blue/green treasure. When that's done, return to the room below and move up the left path.

Go up the stairs and hop on the rope. Cross it while fighting off enemies. At the end, drop down onto the circular structure below and fight the Undead, then the larger enemies who appear next. Collect from the blue chest (as your Poseidon's Rage attack will help you greatly through this area), then, once all of the enemies are dead, climb up the ladder and jump up to the ledge above. Move down the hall.

You'll find yourself in a short maze of sorts, but there's nothing tricky about it as there are few dead ends. Just work you way through to the Save Point, then the area just beyond it. You'll emerge in an area of planks, beams and large spinning blades. Don't be intimidated by any part of it, as it's really quite easy to pass through. The number one thing you must realize is it's easy to avoid the spinning blades if you stop as one comes toward you, then double jump as it sweeps beneath you. It's also important to realize that sometimes crossing the beams isn't necessary...like at the very beginning.

From the beginning, step out onto the beam and double jump straight forward. This will place you on your first destination plank, while avoiding the beams completely. Move forward, grab the Phoenix Feather from the chest to the right, return to the main plank and continue forward to the next set of beams. Step on and work your way around the beams (remember, stop and double jump to avoid the blade). You'll come to a couple of chests along the way. At the end, the beam dead ends into a spinning blade, with one stripped spoke. Hop onto the stripped spoke and walk up it to ladder. Climb the ladder, then walk the beam to the rope that runs down and left (take the beams around to a chest, if you want, but return to the rope). Ride the rope down, locate the ladder, then climb it down. Run along the final plank and move through the hall.

At the end of the hall you'll come to a wheel. Spin it and you'll be shown a cutscene of a familiar door. Head down the stairs, collect from the blue and green chests (if you didn't empty them earlier), and move down the hall. Save at the Save Point, then pass through the narrow door into the room with that familiar door.

Boss Battle: Mega Minotaur

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The door is pulsing. There's something that wants out from behind it. Approach the door and the Mega Minotaur will break out. Truth be told, this is a fairly easy battle. All you have to do is damage the Mega Minotaur (I suggest using Poseidon's Rage along with various Blade of Artemis attacks) until he stands up. Once he rises, he'll immediately fall. Hit your "O" button to start the mini-game, which, like fighting the Gorgons, requires the rotation of your left analog stick. Upon successfully completing the mini-game, the Minotaur will rise again. At this point, head to the back end of the room, run up the stairs, and pull the lever at the top. This will send a large wooden spike straight at the Minotaur. Watch out for his charge attack following the spike, jump down to the ground, then repeat this process one more time. His attacks become stronger, so roll out of the way as best you can, and use "L1" to protect yourself from the fire. He does give off many orbs with almost every successful strike, so staying alive isn't that difficult here, nor is keeping enough magic in your meter to deploy magic attacks.

Once you've spiked the Minotaur two times, jump down and begin hacking away at him once more. Note the Minotaur's health meter at the top of your screen. As you hack away, the armor surrounding it will fall off, revealing a normal health meter. Continue to work on him, as you watch his health decline. His attacks are at their fiercest here, so be careful, and, if you have your Rage of Gods meter full, now is the time to use it. When the Minotaur has the slightest amount of health left, he'll back up and stand up. When this happens, send the last wooden spike his way, and the battle will be over. Collect the many orbs and pass through the opening beneath his hanging body.

Head up the spiral staircase then cross to the Save Point. Save, then continue up the large staircase. Collect from the chests (blue, green and red orb), then approach the coffin and pull off the lid. Hop in and yank the head off the skeleton to acquire the Architect's Son's Head. Exit out and backtrack to the room where you fought the Mega Minotaur. Your original entrance to this room is now covered. Approach it to gain your final power: The Army of Hades (which, by the way, is a blast to use). Like all of your powers, it's the tap of a directional pad (up) to select the power, then L2 to activate it. You'll get the chance to use it immediately against a new round of enemies. Defeat them, then pass through the door.

Move down the hall and dive into the water. Swim down the tunnel and you'll emerge in the central pool inside the the Rings of Pandora. Swim straight over to the skeleton door near the hole and insert the Architect's Son's Head into the Skull Key hole (R2). This will open the door and cause the pool to drain.

Enter the small room and note the jewel on the bust of the statue. It wants light. Your goal, now that the water is drained, is to line up all of the doors of the Rings of Pandora so the light from the pool room (beyond the spiked hall) hits this jewel. First, exit back out and locate the closed door with the crank next to it along the outside wall. Open the door. You now have one door open in every ring. Now you must align them. The easiest way to do this is to work from the outside to the inside. So, work your way through the doors until you get to the outermost ring. Go ahead and turn the crank next to the door here to reveal the spiked hall which leads to the pool room. This should line up the spiked hall archway with an archway into the inner circle (this door was your first skeleton door). Enter that inner circle, then locate the doorway into the next inner circle. Pass through it and turn the crank until you line up the door with the two open doorways. Finally, enter the innermost ring and turn the crank until the doorway lines up with all three doorways, creating one long passage, from the pool room to the center ring. Run down the hall. In the spiked hallway you'll encounter some enemies. Take them out, then enter the pool room and push together the two halves of the gem, creating one long beam of light that reaches the center.

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After the cutscene run back to the central room. The crank is replaced with a lever. Pull it and ride the lift up. Exit out onto the statue's hands and you'll be carried to the path. Move forward and you will encounter your first Satyr.

***Note, here is where I upgraded to Level 2 Army of Hades***

Having gotten this far in the game, the Satyrs should provide you with little trouble, particularly with the two green chests in the area. As always, Poseidon's Rage works well against them, as does the Army of Hades and Medusa's Gaze. Collect from the two green chests as necessary and move out onto the bridge for an extensive and bloody cutscene.

After the cutscene, move out onto the bridge and Save at the Save Point. Use the blue/green chest, smash the wall to reveal two red chests, and read from the book. A maze lies ahead of you. No problem. Enter the Cliffs of Madness.

The Cliffs of Madness

Fight the Undead at the top of the path, and slam the Archers across the way with some Zeus' Fury. Head left for a blue chest, then take the path to the right. Jump the gaps, killing Archers as you go, fight the Harpies, then work your way across the rope. Move along the cliff to the lift. Kill the Undead who appear, then wind the crank to raise the lift. Save at the Save Point, then climb the ladder up.

Climb the next few ladders (collect from the green chest) to the Temple at the top. However, don't enter the Temple yet. Instead, head left and take out the enemies who appear. You'll come to a dead end with a red chest. Collect from the chest and note the area. You'll be back here again. Now, return to the Temple and enter.

Work your way up the path, dealing with the Satyrs who appear along the way. At the end of the path is a blue chest. Use it if necessary, then take out the Archers shooting at you. Jump out onto the circular bridge structure and turn the crank in the middle of it. This will bring the two straight sections of the two bridges toward one another. Wind the crank just past where the two bridges meet (as they'll spin back upon release), then jump from your bridge to the bridge across the way. Ride it around to the next path and follow it, dealing with any and all enemies as they come at you. Jump up the ledges and exit out.

To the left is a blue/green chest. To the right is a cliff ledge. Jump up to the cliff ledge and fight the Minotaurs. Note the ladder leading down, but ignore it for now. Instead, approach the small Temple at the end of the cliff. The door is locked and the two statue heads on either side of the door appear to be missing necklaces. If you examine the head on the right you'll spot a red chest on the opposite side of the Temple. Slip past the right side of the Temple and collect from the red chest. Here you'll also spot a passageway. Move through it, kill the Archers inside, then hop into the pool at the end. Swim through the water and you'll emerge in a beautiful cliff side pool. Smash the cracked doors surrounding the pool for three red chests. That's all that's here, as it's just a bonus area. Work your way back to the small Temple with the statue heads on each side of the door, then climb on down that ladder.

***Note, here is where I upgraded to a Level 3 Blade of Artemis***

Move across the narrow path and fight the Satyrs and Archers you encounter. Collect from the chest and ride the rope down. Prepare for battle and enter the passageway in front of you. You'll eventually come to a room with many enemies: Undead, Archers, Minotaurs...just about everything. If you're low on health here (I was) try to run for the blue/green chest before the enemies come to life. If you can't do that (you should be able to get there if you roll), go ahead and run into the next room. Here you will be shown the green necklace, which will then be blocked by a gate of sorts. Ignore that for now. Instead, hop on top of the T-shaped stone structure, then to the ledge above it. Here you will find one blue/green chest, two red chests, and a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside. With your health in order, take on the enemies below, then deal with the necklace room.

In the necklace room your goal is to place the various Tetris-like stone structures against the gate that's protecting the necklace. Excluding the single block, all of the blocks fit together (along with the two small blocks already attached to the fence) to create one solid wall. To rotate the pieces so they fit correctly, drag them to the circle in the middle of the room, then turn the crank. First, place the upside-down L-shaped piece along the left side, so the length of the piece takes up the entire left column. Next, slip the short pillar (two blocks high), next to it. Fit the T-shaped piece in the center, as it will fit snuggly between the L-shaped and short pillar pieces in the second column. To the right of the T-shaped piece, place the question mark shaped piece (in the direction of a question mark). With those pieces in place, all that's left is the tall pillar to fill the right column. Push it in place and the wall (and gate) will lower. Grab the Necklace of Hera.

With the necklace in hand, exit out of the cave and Save at the Save Point. Notice the ladder that has dropped down to the right of the Save Point and climb up it then work your way up to the climbable section of the cliff. Climb on up, obviously dealing with Undead as you go. Work your way up, right, up, right (across two gaps), up, left (although note the gap to the right), and up. At the top is one chest with red orbs inside. To the right of it is a chest with a Phoenix Feather inside (maxing out my magic meter). To the right of that is the next cliff area you must climb across. However, it's hard to access because the Undead will be attacking from below. So, I suggest climbing down the second cliff and eliminating the Undead from the side, then hopping the gap to the area where you need to be. From here, climb to the bottom and all of the way right. Here you will find a lever. Pull it.

Pulling the lever will drop a block and a rope into an area you visited so long ago. To get there, attach yourself to the wall and climb left. Hop the two gaps, climb down, then climb right. Here you will find the gap I told you to note earlier (as we came from below and went directly left). Hop the gap then climb straight down. You will come to a chest with red orbs in it to your left. Collect from it, then climb down the section of wall to the right of it, in order to drop down onto the ledge below. Run forward, across the narrow bridge, then hop up to the ladder and climb it.

To the right is the small Temple where you must place the necklaces. Since you only have one, ignore it for now and move right. Hop off the cliff, then move through the Temple you passed through earlier (this is the Temple with the bridges you must wind to cross). Once outside the Temple, move all of the way left, where you will find that block and rope. Climb the rope up, Save at the Save Point, then enter the Temple door.

Once inside, notice the holes in the floor. Beneath these holes are deadly spikes. If they pop while you're on the ground you'll die. Note the cage in the area, with a lever next to it. Don't pull it until you know what you have to do, as pulling it starts the timer on the spikes. Behind the cage is a block. You need the block in order to reach the above level (and don't go thinking the block will protect you from the spikes, because it won't). To access the above level, you must get the block down the hall, then to the area to the right (note there's a lot of blood where you must place the block). Since you're short on time, you have to kick the block, or you simply won't make it. So, when you're ready, pull the lever, then pull the block out. Kick the block toward the dropped cage door, then kick it down the length of the hall. Finally, kick it one more time, so it's above the bloody mess, and, quickly jump on top of the block to to the ledge above. This may take a few tries.

On the second level, collect from the red chest, then hop over to the vines and climb up to the Necklace of Aphrodite. Grab it and the spikes on the floor below will retract. Hop down to the ground and exit out.

Now that you have both necklaces, make your way back to the small Temple (slide down the rope, enter the Temple with the red eyes, cross the spinning bridges, exit out, jump up to the right ledge, run forward). Place the necklaces on the appropriate statue heads and watch as the platforms across the way move toward one another. Work your way up the platforms to the top. Collect from the treasure chests, jump across one more time, then head right. You'll come to a cutscene.

After the cutscene you'll have a few enemies to face. Take them out, then continue right. Jump the rubble and make your way to the rope. Hop over to it and swing your way to the next rope (swing as high as you can and jump from that height to make the jump), then to the ledge across the way. Climb the cliff up and pull the lever on the lift. Ride it up. Enter the tunnel and follow the path to the Architect's Tomb.

The Architect's Tomb

Save at the Save Point, then move forward. In front of you is a raised circle. Beyond that are moving platforms, separated by spinning blades. Beyond that is the Architect's Tomb. Step on the raised circle and note as one set of bars splits on the door to the Architect's Tomb. This is temporary and worthless right now, but it's good to know. Make your way across the platforms. There's another raised circle to your left, which splits another set of bars on the door. There's also a movable statue to the left, which you'll be tempted to to place on top of the raised circle, but that's not where it goes. Ignore the left for now and look right. There's a crack in the ground and a gate that can be raised. Raise the gate and move forward.

Collect from the blue/green chest and face the enemies as they come. At the top you'll come to an arena area, where you'll face a Fierce Cyclops. Take him down, along with the many puppies that appear. If you need health, climb the ladder to the left of the arena, and break down the bars to reveal a green/blue and red chest. When that's done, climb up the other ladder in the area, so you're overlooking the moving platforms and blades below. Turn the crank and you'll be given an overhead view. Keep turning until the box at the end of the crane is directly above the cracked section of ground. When it is, walk out to the end of the crane and pull the lever to release it, breaking the ground beneath you. Before you jump down to see what's in there, pull the lever again to raise the block. Return to the crank and turn it until the block is directly above raised circle button (look at the shadow for precision). Drop the block directly on it. There's one set of bars you'll no longer have to worry about.

Jump down to the ground and fight the three Fierce Cyclopes. An important note here is that you have a tough battle coming up after this. I suggest saving all of the magic you possibly can to fight it. Once you've defeated the Cyclopes, grab the statue and pull it over to the new hole. Push the statue into the new hole and jump down to meet it. Inside the hole you'll discover the third circle button. Push the statue on top of it. All that's left is the first circle button, on the other side of the platforms and blades. There is nothing to weigh down this button, other than your own body. So, you must make your way back to the button to step on it, the recross the platforms, and enter Architect's Tomb before the bars come down. It may take a few tries, but it can be done.

Inside the Tomb, check out the surrounding sketches, only because they're interesting. When that's done, approach the Architect at the end of the table, and pull his head off. This will automatically open the door behind him. Pass through it, then work your way toward the Save Point and large set of stairs. Save at the Save Point and move up the stairs. Once inside the mouth of the large statue, move down the spiral staircase.

At the bottom of the spiral staircase you'll come to a room with many conveyer belts with smasher wheels at the end of each one. Clearly, you don't want to run into any of the smasher wheels. And, clearly, this isn't going to be as easy as simply running across the belts.

As soon as you cross the belts you'll be attacked by Harpies and Archers. You will find yourself tempted to stand safely on the platforms with the Archers, however, as soon as you kill an Archer, a blast of fire will come over the platform and kill you immediately. So that's out. The best way to get through this room is focus on the Archers. Pick them off one by one (remembering to clear the platform upon which they're standing immediately upon doing so). The first set doesn't regenerate, so kill them and move on. The second set regenerates twice. The final set, at the end of the room, regenerates four or five times. Once you've taken out a set of Archers, you can safely stand on their platforms (although they will occasionally spew fire, so be careful). So, when the Archers are out of the way, use the platforms to remain in place (or wedge yourself between two so you won't run into the smasher wheels) while you eliminate the remaining Harpies. It is here where I suggest you blast the Harpies with the magic power of your choice, and don't stop until you run out. An Archer or two may pop up at this point, but you should be able to deal with it. This is a very tough room, so be patient. I also found that rolling will help you avoid the Harpy attacks, so keep that in mind.

Once you finally clear out the room, move up the stairs and kick open the door at the top. Approach the orb and pull the handle on it out. This will reveal Pandora's Box. Approach the side and try to open it with R2. After a word from Athena, you'll drop down to your original entrance to Pandora's Temple. Push Pandora's Box to the exit. Here you'll get another cutscene...this one is quite detailed and explains much of the God of War story, so I suggest paying attention. You'll arrive on the Path of Hades.

The Path of Hades

Move up the spin and Save at the Save Point and collect what you need from the two green/blue chests. Jump up the platforms in front of you. At the fork, head right and work your way up to the larger platform. Fight your way up it and the next two, until you get to the next set of vertebrae. Move up it, then along the spinning walkway (checking out chests as you pass them). When the walkway leading to the top of your screen runs out, hop left, to the next walkway that runs to the top of your screen. At the end of this walkway is a platform. Hop on, then hop on the next walkway, to the left. There's a platform just right of this walkway. Hop onto it, then onto the walkway which is parallel to the one from which you just came. Hop onto it and move toward the bottom of your screen. You'll come to another platform, along with some Fiery Harpies. Take them out before moving on. When you're ready, take the walkway that leads to the top of your screen. At the end will be more vertebrae. Move up them.

Collect from the green/blue chest and Save at the Save Point. Next, work your way up via the moving platforms. Look out for the Archers at the far end. Once you reach the next solid platform, take out any remaining Archers, and the Fiery Minotaur who appears. Up the path to the right is a blue/green chest, and, eventually, four more Fiery Minotaurs. Take them all out, collect from the chest, then work your way up the left path. Here you'll encounter two more Minotaurs, and a few Archers. Deal with them, then continue up to...you guessed it...more Minotaurs and Archers. Once you've killed everyone in the area, the red barrier will come down. Move through it, then collect from the green/blue chest.

Next, you must climb the spiked tower. This is tough and takes patience. You can't let a single blade hit you, nor can you run into the spikes along the side of the tower (although you can comfortably rest along any unspiked portion), or you'll fall to the bottom. All I can suggest is for you to study the pattern of the rotating blades and wait for large openings. When you spot them, climb. If you keep falling in one area, study the area before trying again. Also, don't be scared to jump certain sections to move through blades quickly. At the top, you'll come to a red orb chest.

***Note, this is where I upgraded to Level 5 Blades of Chaos***

Move right, fight the enemies, collect from the blue/green chest, and climb the second spiked tower. At the top, collect from the blue and green chests and Save at the Save Point. Make your way up the next set of platforms. The path to the right takes you to a red chest, the path the left take you to where you need to go.

At the top of the next large platform you'll encounter some Satyrs. With each one you kill, a platform will emerge between you and and your destination. Collect from the blue and green chests as necessary, then make your way all of the way up the new path, to the head of the skeleton beast you've been climbing. Here you'll be given a rope to climb. Climb it and you'll arrive next to the Gravedigger at the Temple of the Oracle.

Temple of the Oracle

Save at the Save Point, collect from the green and blue chests, and make your way up the stairs, into the Temple. At the top you'll encounter some Ogres, followed by Minotaurs. Defeat them, then move up the side stairs, taking out the Archers and Gorgons you meet along the way. At the top, eliminate the Archers, cross the fallen pillar, collect from the blue/green chest, and head left. Be aware of Archers and Minotaurs in your path.

Hop down into the destroyed courtyard, Save at the Save Point, then go through the door once protected by the Seal of the Oracle. Move down the stairs, collect from the red, blue and green chests (be sure your health and magic are full), then head outside to meet Ares.

***Note, here is where I upgraded to Level 3 Zeus' Fury***

Boss Battle: Ares

Ares is a dangerous attacker, as his hits do a lot of damage to your health, so do your best to roll or block to avoid them. Almost all of his attacks are blockable with L1. Most importantly, avoid his fire spewing hammer and his spike attacks. To avoid the spike attacks, stay relatively near to him. If you get too far away he'll utilize the spikes. When you see the hammer come out, roll or run away. The fire is coming next and you don't want to be anywhere near it.

I suggest using your Blades of Chaos against him, along with your Army of Hades magic attack. Don't use your Rage of the Gods on Ares as you'll need it in the next battle. Use the magic attacks early and often, as they will take a chunk off his health. Hit him with your Blades of Chaos (I'm a big fan of the "Triangle" + "Triangle" + "Triangle" attack, or the L1 + "Triangle") while the Army is attacking. When Ares is damaged enough, he'll let off a good number of green and blue orbs, allowing you to continue with your Army of Hades attack. Repeat this process. If you don't have enough magic for the Army attack, go for Poseidon's Rage. Again, the more you damage him, the more orbs he'll give off, allowing you to continue using magic attacks against him.

Eventually, when Ares meter is down to almost nothing, the two of you will play a little pushing game. Tap "O" rapidly to defeat him. Once you climb on top of him, look for the on-screen prompts of which buttons to push, and do so. You'll then be taken to your wife and child.

***Note, this is where I upgraded to Level 3 Army of Hades***

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You must protect your wife and child from the many Kratos incarnates. They aren't hard to battle individually, but the high number of them does take its toll (which is why I suggested saving your Rage of the Gods for this battle). Keep an eye on the meter on top of your wife and child. If it runs down, approach your wife and child and hold "O" to hug them and refill their meter. Don't let their meter run out, but, note that you are giving up your own health to fill up theirs.

When the house blows away, continue to fight. Keep an eye out for the Kratos on the floating rock, and zap him with Zeus' Fury. He will continue to regenerate. Continue to knock him out. Truthfully, I believe the length of this battle is determined by how fast you completely eliminate the man on the floating rock.

I found this battle to be best fought with the Blade of Artemis and Poseidon's Rage, with a Level 3 Army of Hades thrown in there for fun. Oh, and stay on the platform. If you fall, you'll die. Whether you opt for the Blades of Chaos or the Blade of Artemis, be careful of your own spinning attacks, as they can easily send you over the edge of the cliff. The goal here is to remain in control while you pick off your family's attackers. Honestly, I fell off more than I died by having my health run out here.

Once you defeat the Army of Kratos, you must face Ares one last time.

You will be placed back in the battle arena with Ares. This time, you have a new sword (which you must use) and no magic powers. Also, the Health meter is a little different...it's kind of like a tug of war. Your goal is to get all of Ares' health to your side. Your attacks are pretty basic but they work well enough. Do your best to avoid or block Ares' attacks. Then, just go at him with various combos. When Ares' health is low you'll get an on-screen prompt to rapidly tap your "O" button. Do so and you'll do a nice jumping attack leaving Ares with only a sliver of Health. At this point go after him with everything you've got and he'll die.

After the long cutscene you will have acquired Athena's Blades. You are now on Mt. Olympus. Walk through the mirror. Climb the stairs to the top. Go up to the throne and sit in the throne of the God of War. You are now the God of War!
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