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1. Introduction
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3. Associate to Soldier
4. Soldier to Capo
5. Capo to Underboss
6. Underboss to Don

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The Beginning

At the start, you'll be thrown into the game after an explosion. Use "Z" to lock on to an enemy and then flick forward with the Wii controllers to punch. Wail on the three enemies to get the game going.

Training Mission

Get to the Corleone safehouse

Once you've created your character, dressed him, and given him the features you want, opt to "Play Game", and the game will begin.

Begin your training by following the on-screen instructions. Lock on to your opponent, then perform a quick attack (flick the controller forward). For a power attack, punch across your body with the controllers. For a charged attack, push down on and hold the "Down" button of the "D-Pad". Then, flick forward with a controller.

Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to grab ("Z" + "B") and while grabbing, flick both controllers up to pull the enemy up. While still holding him, flick your Nunchuk forward to do a grab-punch.

With your opponent back on his feet, punch him until he goes down. Repeat with the next guy, then run over his body to collect the money on him. Talk to Luca and he'll provide you with a map (mini-map is on screen, large map is found within the Pause Menu). Here you'll be presented with your first real objective: Get to the Corleone safehouse.

Enter your Pause Menu (hit "1") and select "Map". You are the white triangle. The Safehouse is marked by an objective marker, the pulsing blue "X". It's close, so you can make it on foot. As you're running, you'll learn about the Notepad ("2") and how to sprint (hold "A").

Run to the alley where the Safehouse is and approach the doorway with the blue glowing Corleone insignia above it. Twist your Wii Remote (as if turning a door handle) to open the door. Enter to complete the objective.

Head upstairs to your SAVE

Safehouses are made for saving. Move up the stairs and pass through the door with the Corleone insignia above it. Approach the bed and Save your game. This will save your game.

Answer the Phone Downstairs

Collect the BASEBALL BAT from the corner of the room, then exit and move downstairs. Approach the ringing phone, face it, and hit your "A" button to pick it up.

Meet with Luca Brasi outside

Luca is back. Move toward the door. You'll find it's locked. So, instead, walk into the blue circle at the base of the steps. This will get you outside to Luca and start the next Corleone Mission.

The Enforcer

Talk to Luca Brasil

Speak to Luca again by hitting "A".

Extort the butcher

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The butcher's location is indicated on your map with the blue "X". Note, the location is just across the street from you. Run across to the "Butcher" sign and enter.

Here you'll be introduced to the "Pressure Meter". Your goal is to move the bar past the green marker, as the green marker indicates the point where the person is scared enough of you, he'll do whatever you ask from him. Howsoever, you don't want the bar to turn red, as this indicates you've scared him so much he's furious, and won't help at all.

Approach Emilio the Butcher and "Extort" him. You are given the option to beat up Emilio or destroy his property (or a little bit of both). I went with property. Lock onto the cash register and punch it until it breaks. Repeat with the scale and the meat counter. This should be enough for the extortion. Return to Emilio and try again. For this you will have successfully extorted your first merchant. For this you will receive a weekly income and the back door to the shop will open up.

Take over the racket upstairs

Pass through that Butcher Shop back door and head up the stairs. Here you will discover your first Racket (illegal business, often found in the back door of legit operations).

Move into the back room and locate the Racket Boss (he has the puppeteer icon above his head). Speak to him and offer a Buyout. For this you will earn a weekly income of $400. Exit the upstairs area, collect the money from the meat block in the back room, then pass through Butcher Shop.

Bribe the police sergeant

Sergeant Galtosino will be waiting at the Butcher Shop door. Bribe him by hitting your "Action" button. Note the green Bribe Meter along the left side of your mini-map. Generally keep an eye on it to see how long you have before the cops notice your crimes.

Return the cash to Luca Brasi

Cross the street and you'll automatically speak to Luca.

A Grave Situation

Meet Paulie Gatto at the Falconite Social Club

Check your map. The pulsing circle indicates the Falconite Social Club. Again, it's in the neighborhood, so let your feet do the walkin'. Stop in at the Safehouse along the way (saving is a good thing). Answer the phone if you want, then continue to make your way to the club.

Outside the club you'll find a Corleone ally (noted by the black jacket). Speak to him then step into the circle.

You'll have earned one respect point. Go into the Start Menu and select "Skills and Upgrades". Use the point for whatever you want. I used it for "Blackhand".

Follow Monk and Paulie

Head to the blue circle. Follow Monk and Paulie. When they crouch ("-" button), you crouch. When they stop, you stop.

Beat up the college punks

Move your camera so you can see the college punks around the left corner. Sneak up on them (crouching), then follow them as they run. If you don't have a baseball bat (melee weapon), grab the one leaning against the planter. Equip it by holding down "C" and then selecting it.

Use the baseball bat with a cross-you-body motion to beat up the punk. Then, follow Kevin (with the red sweater) into the small cemetary. Follow the on-screen instructions to learn a wall slam, a normal slam, and a toss to throw him into, or near, a grave. This will complete the mission (and wii give you another skill point...use it as you wish). Speak to Monk.

Meet Luca on the Bowery in Little Italy

Check your map and make your way to the pulsing blue circle, indicating Luca's position. Speak to him.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Learn how to shoot from Luca

Follow Luca down the alley and speak to him. Follow the on-screen directions to draw your weapon (hold "C" to bring up your inventory and then select it with your "Analog Stick" finally releasing "C" to equip it), lock on and shoot (you're shooting the dummy along the wall, by the way). Point the Wii Remote at the screen to aim your reticle. Aim at the dummy's right shoulder (the reticule will turn red when you're aiming at the right spot), then take a shot. Next you'll be told to shoot him in the knee. Again, use the reticule and shoot when it turns red.

Next, approach the glowing wall. Take cover by using the "Wall Cover" button ("-"). You'll be told to shoot around the corner. Move to the corner of the wall, take cover, aim and shoot the dummy. Release then quickly hit "aim" again to automatically aim at the next target (or, while aiming, scroll "left" or "right" on the "D-Pad"). Shoot this dummy.

Follow the on-screen instructions to go into "free-aim" mode ("+"), then use the Wii Remote to aim at the truck. Finally, reload your weapon by flicking the Nunchuk, then conceal it (tap "C").

Drive Luca to the Luna Bar in Midtown

Walk with Luca down the alley, then "Enter Vehicle". Once inside you'll be given a timer (4 minutes) and some basic driving instructions. If you ever need to check what buttons do what, go into your Pause Menu, select Options, then choose Controls from the top menu bar. Select "Driving" and you'll see your button breakdown.

Whenever you hop into a car to drive to a new destination, I suggest you first check your Pause Menu Map, then let your mini-map guide you. The pulsing indicator is north. Drive to it as fast (and as safely) as you can. Once you reach the indicator, drive into the blue marker. (Please note, if you're one of the many people who can't exit your car here, it means you're either playing a cracked version of the game, which is illegal, or you found a glitch...either way, you're pretty much out of luck).

Kill Luca's assassins

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I hope you didn't get too attached to Luca. You must now kill those who killed him. Let the flashing sections guide you. First, move into the flashing square behind the crates. Crouch, draw your weapon, aim, then shoot the assassin behind the crates ahead of you. Next, move to the flashing section of wall. Take some wall cover, then aim around the corner. You should be able to pop two enemies here.

Move from the corner, collect the droppings of the dead men, move up the stairs, then through the door. Look out for the two men who come through the door across the room. Eliminate them, then continue through their door. Use the wall for cover, then take out the men at the far end of the next hall. When their dead, run to their bodies and hang a left. Look out for the man on the stairs. Quickly eliminate him, then move up the stairs and take out the last man behind the bar. Collect the glowing bottle from the bar (HEALTH).

Get to your safehouse in Little Italy

Once you've killed everyone, the timer will be back. Exit the bar via the stairs, then move through the double doors to your left. Enter the parked car across the street and drive straight to the Safehouse.

The Heat will be on you. You can't really outdrive them, however, you can force them into obstacles. Drive close to oncoming traffic, and the cops will, most likely, run into them. After doing this enough, their cars will catch fire and explode. If your car catches fire, hop out immediately and hop into another one (even if someone else is driving it). Also remember that you can take corners sharply by holding down on "C" while turning. Once you get to the safehouse, exit your car and approach the door.

The Don is Dead

Extort businesses to earn money

You'll have earned a couple of skill points. Assign them as you wish (I went with Blackhand and Health). Go up to the Bedroom to Save, then exit outside via the door at the foot of the stairs.

You aren't meeting your contact until later in the day, so all you can do now is do a little business extortion. Look at your mini-map and you'll see a business nearby, indicated by the blue "S" (meaning it's currently a Stracci family operation). Run to it and enter the "Grand News". Try to extort the owner. It won't work. Draw your weapon and aim it at him. Keep aiming it his face until he gives in. Talk to him again to take control of the business. Note, while you're extorting, some men in blue jackets may come in. These are Stracci representatives. Fight or kill them.

From Grand News I really did some exploring. I checked out Bonasera's Funeral Services, which is north on Mott St. (a Corleone operation), then I went to Molsenni's Cocktail Bar, at the corner of Prince and Bowery Streets (SE of Bonasera's). Upstairs is a boxer whom you can fight if you desire (although your fighting skills probably won't let you beat him at this time). Hang around until the phone in the downstairs of your safehouse rings. Pick it up for your next objective.

Meet Monk at DeMantagna's

Check your map and run to the pulsing indicator. Walk into the blue circle.

Protect Frankie from the assassins

People are dropping like flies here! You must protect Frankie. Draw your weapon and shoot the three men across the street (tap "Aim" to focus on a new target once you've taken out one). When they're all down, "Vault" through the smashed windows with your "A" button. Look right and you'll see Frankie being held hostage. Approach the pair, then use your "free-aim" button ("+") to aim at the head of the man holding Frankie. Shoot him to save her.

Follow the ambulance

The ambulance is directly ahead of you. Watch your mini-map, as the ambulance is indicated by the blue "X", and stay behind it. Along the way enemies will shoot at you. Just keep driving, and do your best to lead the enemies into oncoming traffic. Eventually you'll reach a bridge and a cutscene.

Interrogate the Capo and find out who ordered the hit

The Capo has the puppeteer icon above his head, and is behind the line of men shooting at you. Shoot those shooting at you until they've all been eliminated, then approach the Capo and "Interrogate" him (don't worry if he's punching you).

Get Don Corleone to the hospital

Run to the driver's side of the indicated ambulance, then let your map guide you to the indicated hospital on Bleeker St. Drive directly there and you should have no trouble making it before the Don's Heath Meter runs out.

Meet up with Clemenza and Rocco.

Upgrade your skills (I went with Intimidation and Firearms), speak to the man with the icon over his head. Extort businesses until you get a phone call in your safehouse.

Once that happens, hijack a vehicle and drive to the circle. Get out and approach the guys standing in the driveway.

Tom is Still Missing

Follow Clemenza and Rocco to the diner.

Crouch and follow the two of them until you are told to strangle the guard. To strangle, approach an enemy from behind and grab him ("Z" + "B"). While grabbing him, flick both hands away, and then toward each other. Then, shake the controllers until the enemy dies. Do this on the guard in front of you.

Sneak around to the back of the diner.

Crouch and make your way from guard to guard. When you get to one, grab and strangle. If he breaks the strangle hold, try again. If you see an "Execute" above his head, hit "A" and then move the controllers in the motion shown on the screen to break his neck. You have 20 seconds from the time you grab a guard to the time you kill him and this must be done silently. After you kill three or four guards, head to the blue marker.

Rescue Tom Hagen and kill Sollozzo's guards.

Crouch to go under the fence and then join up with your two buddies. Use whatever gun you want to kill off the guards and make your way to the guy holding Tom. Target his head and kill him to free Tom.

Drive Tom to the Corleone Compound in Little Italy.

Head to Corleone Compound, as indicated by the pulsing circle. Once you reach the compound, exit the car and pass through the door with the icon above it. Use the mini-map to lead you to Tom Hagen. Speak to him and you'll be promoted to Enforcer.

Upgrade (I went with Fitness and Negotiation), then speak to Antonio, the man near the base of the stairs. He'll give you your next objective. Next, speak to Sal Tessio outside. He'll present you with your first contract hit: Mikey Saleri. Finally, check your map. The pulsing blue circle is your next objective, the pulsing yellow X is the hit. Go for the hit first.

Hit: Mikey Saleri

Drive to the pulsing yellow "X" (you may care to speak to Sonny first). Once you get to the Butcher shop, exit the car and use the mini-map to locate the alley entrance. Move into the alley and you'll spot the Butcher being beat up by Mikey. If you want the Bonus (and you should), beat Mikey to death with your fists. Don't use any weapons. He's not a tough fighter. Once he goes down under these conditions you'll earn much respect and money.

Upgrade (I went with "Fighting", as it seemed fitting), then check your map. Locate the new pulsing yellow circle in Brooklyn. This indicates where you can find your next contract. Don't worry about that now. Instead, make your way to Clemenza at the Falconite.

Meet Clemenza at the Falconite in Little Italy

Enter the bar and use the mini-map to lead you to Clemenza, who is up on stage. He'll give you your next objective.

Go to the hospital in Little Italy

Hijack a vehicle and drive to the pulsing blue circle. Exit and run up the stairs to start up the next mission.

Intensive Care

Check in with the security guard

Simply run to the security guard in front of you and speak to him. He'll confiscate your weapons then open up the doors for you.

Find Monk's Room

Run up the stairs in front of you, hang a left, then move through the double doors at the end of the hall. Speak to Frankie. The conversation will end with gunfire.

Kill the assassin

A man will shoot through the glass to the right of Monk's bed. Run through the door, grab the assassin, then punch him until his health meter runs out (he's weak, so it should be an easy fight). Pick up the assassin's belongings (including his Pistol), then return to Monk's room when it's over.

Clear the basement of assassins

Michael has asked you to lead Frankie out via the basement. Go ahead and draw your weapon, move down the stairs, then move left to the basement stairs. Head down.

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Open up the double doors to the left, then shoot the man who pops out in front of you. Turn the corner, enter the exam room to your right, and kill the man inside. Pick up his bat. Continue down the hall and take out the two men who appear at the end of it. If you run out of Pistol ammo, use the bat, but be sure to pick up more ammo from those you take out, and try to use the ammo wisely (aka use "free-aim" to take a head shot).

Use the alcove in the next hall for protection to eliminate the next two thugs (again, head shots are great here), then move down the hall and use the protection of the door to eliminate the next two. If a man pops out from the exam room, leave him alone for now, and focus on those shooting you in the hall. When they're dead, switch to your bat and kill the man in the exam room. There's HEALTH in the Exam Room. Use it, if you need it (I did).

Continue down the hall and a man will cross to the room to the left. Pop him, collect his ammo, then shoot the two men who are outside. Frankie will emerge from the double doors to your right.

Escort Frankie to the basement exit

Frankie will run into the garage and stand next to the car. Simply talk to her to complete the objective.

Find Michael Corleone

Move through the doors you just came through, take a left and run up the stairs. Take wall cover at the corner and eliminate the two men who come charging at you. Move down the hall, pop into the admin office to collect the LONG BARREL SHOTGUN, then speak to Michael, who is waiting for you at the base of the next set of stairs. This will complete the mission.

Assign your new skill point (I went with Health), exit the hospital area and move left. Speak to the Corleone thug with the icon over his head and you'll get your next objective.

Meet Clemenza at Gabriel Villa's Tailor Shop in Little Italy

The Tailor Shop (pulsing blue circle) is easily reached by foot. Get there however you want and enter the shop. Go into the back room and speak to Clemenza.

Meet with Rosa at her Party in Little Italy tonight

Hijack a vehicle and drive to the blue circle. Once you get there, exit the car and step into the blue circle outside the Flower Store entrance. Enter the brothel and speak to Rosa.



Talk to Sonny, Paulie and Monk

Pass through the back door and speak to the man at the base of the stairs. Run up the stairs and through the door to the left. Inside you'll find Sonny. Talk to him. Exit out, then speak to Monk and Paulie, who are in the main room and who each have a puppeteer icon above their heads. Continue to run around until you get a cutscene.

Get past the police guarding the joint

Run down the stairs and enter the storefront. Bribe the guard here. He'll open the doors for you.

Sneak past the cops in the alley

Move left and head down the alley. Here you'll spot a police officer with his back to you. Follow the on-screen directions to Strangle him. You've done this before, but as a reminder, grab the officer ("Z" + "B"), then move both hands apart and then together again. This will put your hands in a strangle posistion. Shake the controllers to strangle. Take out all officers in the alley this way. Once you've eliminated the officer at the far end, the door to the right will become unlocked. Move through it and hang a left to complete the objective.

Open the next door, strangle the cop. Strangle the next cop. If you want, switch out your bat for his BATON, then move up the stairs to Rosa, who is calling for help. Eliminate the cop between her and you, then speak to Rosa.

Whack the police sergeant - make it look like an accident

Move past Rosa, go through the door, then move left and ride the elevator up to the roof. Here you'll find the sergeant waiting for you. Grab him then drag him over to the roof's edge, the only wall that isn't tall, (on the opposite side from the elevator). If he gets loose and starts punching you, punch him back to wear him down a bit, but don't kill him or you'll fail.

Once you reach the roof's edge, position the sergeant so his back is to the edge. This is called a "Lean". To do it, while grabbing, drag him to the ledge and push "Up" on the "Control Stick". When he's in the right position, you'll be told how to throw him over. To do this, thrust both controllers forward.

Upgrade (I went with Blackhand), then take the elevator down and speak to Colombo. He tells you that in order to get a promotion to Associate, you need to take over at least three hidden rackets.

Remember, rackets are the secret hidden business behind the storefront. Go to any non-Corleone owned business, extort the owner by threatening him and breaking his stuff, and then go into the back room of his/her place. Approach the racket boss to buy him out. Since you already have one racket that was part of the earlier story, you only need to take over two.

After you do so, you'll be told to go to the Corleone Compound.

Go to the Corleone Compound

Hijack a car let the map guide you to the Corleone Compound. Once there, exit the car, enter the compound, and stand in the blue circle. Here you'll be promoted to Associate.

With the promotion comes the ability to call in a HIT SQUAD. When the Hit Squad meter is full (when the Corleone icon in the upper left of your screen looks like it's on fire), you can call in a four man crew by entering your weapons select screen and pushing "Down" on the "D-Pad". The Hit Squad needs to be paid, so they will cost you money, but they can be invaluable.

NOTE: At the Tattaglia club on Bowery and Division, talk to Kathy the dancing girl upstairs to get the objective: Interrogate the gravedigger at Old St. Patrick's cathedral in Little Itly, on the corner of Prince and Mott Streets. I'll cover this objective at the end of chapter 4 of this guide.

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