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LB's The Godfather® Blackhand Edition
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5. Capo to Underboss

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5. Capo to Underboss

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1. Introduction
2. Outsider to Associate
3. Associate to Soldier
4. Soldier to Capo
5. Capo to Underboss
6. Underboss to Don

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5. Capo to Underboss

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Meet Monk near the hotel in Little Italy

After speaking to Michael twice, you'll get this objective. Before you leave the Compound, go to the basement for Ammo then exit and drive to the blue circle in Little Italy.

Order to Kill

Find the snitch in the hotel

Speak to Monk (directly in front of you). He'll run ahead. Follow him to the hotel entrance, arm a gun, then open the doors for Monk. Step aside to let Monk get a few hits in, then pick off those who remain on the first floor. Carefully step inside.

Keep a gun aimed at the stairs, as a couple of thugs will appear here. Once you've cleared out the stairwell, run to the top, then run left. Kill the man protecting the next set of stairs, then the man who comes down the stairs. Monk will start on the man in the apartment. Once you've cleared the stairwell, enter the apartment, eliminate the thug (since Monk really can't kill anyone on his own), collect the HEALTH from the table, then enter the bedroom for ammo. Exit and climb the stairs to the third floor.

There are four men in the upstairs apartment. Two on the right side, two on the left side. You don't need to worry about anyone coming down the stairs here, so take out the men as you do best (I tossed a Molotov Cocktail in at the guy behind the bar...it killed 3 of the 4), then search the bedrooms for more HEALTH and Ammo. Once the 3rd floor is clear, run up to the 4th floor. Here you'll get a cutscene.

Track down Monk

Run down the stairs and out onto the street. Grab a car and drive to the pulsing blue "X" within the time limit (not hard, just use your map). Drive into the blue square and you'll find Monk.

Kill Monk

Quickly arm a weapon and take out the man with a bat who comes charging at you. When he's dead, move toward the stairs and kill the next guy. Head up the stairs.

At the top, crouch then quickly move right, so you can use the cover of the bar. A man with a bat will be quite close to you. Kill him first, then take out those on the other side of the room. When everyone is dead, move down the next set of stairs. At the bottom, crouch, turn the corner, then pop into the dining room to your left. Stay crouched and move behind the bar. Use the bar for cover as you take out the many men (again, a Molotov Cocktail works nicely), then eliminate Monk. Exit the establishment to complete the mission.

I earned an upgrade here and went with Speed. Speak to any of the Corleone's outside the club for your next objective.

Meet Tom at the Corleone Compound

Drive straight to the Corleone Compound. You'll find Tom outside, in front of a parked car. Approach him, let the conversation move forward, then speak to him. He'll give you your next objective.

Meet with Willie Cicci in Brooklyn

If you need more Ammo, check the basements of the Compounds. Otherwise, hop in a car and drive to the pulsing blue circle in Brooklyn. Pull up to the icon to kick off the mission.

It's Only Business

Follow Tessio into the Embassy Club

After the cutscene, talk to Willie and then follow Willie into the Embassy Club. Gun fire will break out. Start shooting.

Assassinate Tessio

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Like all of your previous hits, Tessio is the guy with the white circle above his head. He disappears pretty quickly once you enter the club. You need to find him and kill him before the timer runs out. So, use a strong weapon to kill people quickly. The Tommy Gun was my weapon of choice. Don't let the timer intimidate you, as staying alive is tougher than doing the deed within the time limit. A couple of tips to stay alive: Reload before going after any mobster, as you don't want to be forced to do it in the middle of a kill. And, if you find Health, let it replenish your meter fully before exposing yourself to another hit.

Clear out this first floor as you've done several times before (go right, kill the man at the back entrance to the bar, then the man in the bar, then open the double doors and kill the two men to your left). Per usual, there's HEALTH in the Kitchen, if you need it. Once everyone is dead, ride the elevator down. I suggest you crouch from here on out.

Open the door in front of you and ignore Tessio, who will run left. Instead, focus on the two men by the desk to the right. Kill them. If you need HEALTH, collect it from the desk, then move into the next room. Sneak up on the thug hiding behind the crate and kill him. Enter the hall, kill the man standing in the middle of it, then run to the stairwell at the end. Move up it.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, kill the man in front of you and move forward to the back bar entrance. Here will be another thug. Take him out, then focus on those in the bar. Kill them and it's you vs. Tessio. Tessio is unarmed and won't fight back. Speak to him, then kill him to complete the mission.

With the respect earned with this kill, I receied one Skill Point. I went with Health.

Exit and you'll notice that you don't have any story mission objectives at this time. So, while you wait to be notified of your next mission, let's go ahead and take down the Tattaglia Compound.

Eliminate the Tattaglia family - Bomb their compound in Brooklyn

Check your map for a few things. First, locate the Tattaglia Compounds in the NE section of Brooklyn. Once you know where you're going, check your ammo. If you're low, find the suppliers on the streets of Brooklyn and buy some more. Buy a couple of Bombs from the Bomb supplier, if you want. However, there will be some provided for you in the Compounds, so do what you want there. I also bought the Assassin's Pistol (lvl. 3) for $250,000, which can be found in the crate yard at the southernmost section of Brooklyn. You don't need it. I was just feeling frisky, and it does do a good job. When you're ready to go, and your Health is full, drive toward the Compounds.

As you get close you'll come across some roadblocks. Don't worry about them, just blast past them. If you get caught up and your car catches fire before you even get through them, park your flaming car next to a roadblock, exit, then quickly hop into one of the roadblock cars. Drive it to the Compound. Once you reach the Compound entrance, you'll spot a few men on the street outside. Run them over, then drive into the compound itself via the driveway.

Immediately exit your car and run to the left pathway, where you'll find a wall with lots of stone outcroppings to hide behind. Take out the enemies who come at you from the front and behind.

Remain in place, killing as the enemies come, until they stop coming. Once this happens, carefully move out and collect their items (hopefully you'll find some Health). Then, head west through the hedge garden and enter the Tattaglia house. Kill the men on the first floor, locate the kitchen (you'll need to escape through here in a minute), and then head downstairs to the basement.

In the basement, take out the one enemy, grab the HEALTH and ammo, and "Plant Bomb" under the blue marker. Run like crazy up the stairs, into the kitchen, and out the kitchen door.

One down. One to go. Head North to the other part of the compound, taking out enemies on your way there. Enter, clear the first floor and then open the double doors to the basement. Go down, kill the two enemies, collect the ammo and HEALTH and then "Plant Bomb". Run like crazy up the stairs and out the door you came through.

When the bomb blows, you'll have control of Brooklyn.

This should have earned you a skill point. I assigned it to Firearms.

By this time, you should have received your next objective, meeting Fredo. If not, go to a safe house and wait for a phone call, or just wait until you are notified. In the meantime you can extort some businesses or whatever.

Since Fredo is in Midtown, not far from the Yellow X hit of Patrick O'Donnell, let's take care of that first.

Hit: Patrick O'Donnell

This hit was given to you by the cop outside of the funeral home in Midtown during the assassinate Bruno Tattaglia mission.

Drive to the Yellow X, the Midtown Suites Hotel. Exit your car, kill the two men outside, enter the hotel and kill the enemy on the ground floor. Use the elevator to go up. At the top, exit, enter the pool hall, kill the enemies and then use the door that leads to a stairwell. Fight your way up the stairwell and go onto the roof. Kill enemies as you make your way along the path, crossing the roof.

Continue on the roof path, up the wooden stairs and you'll eventually get to a window. Shoot through the window to enter a hotel room. Then, open the door to find Patrick hiding behind a bar. Shoot him or use a Molotov Cocktail.

Aside from your normal reward, this suite turns into a safe house for you. Very exciting. Go down the elevator and in the lobby, you'll once again find the Sergeant who gave you this hit. Speak to him again and he'll let you know that he may need your help again, but not now.

Time to get back to the story mission. Head to Fredo at the Peak Hotel, not far from you.

Meet Fredo at the Peak Hotel in Midtown. Bring dynamite.

Since you just did the Tattaglia compound and collected the plethora of ammo down in each basement, you should definitely have some dynamite. If not, find a Black Market supplier.

When you arrive at the hotel, go up to the top floor and speak to Alfonso.

A Royal Flush

Interrogate a hotel worker for access to the casino.

Exit out and talk to Michael again for a little more story and then head down to the second floor and approach the bell hop in the red jacket. Interrogate him and knock him around a little until he reveals the password. If you're in need of Dynamite, go down the hallway to the left of the bell hop and enter the bedroom. On a dresser is the Dynamite.

Go down to the basement and talk to the bouncer. He'll let you in.

Heist $100,000 from the casino vault.

Once in the lower basement, talk to the two guards in green so that they go away. Then, vault over the half-wall to the vault (hey, that's fun). Plant the dynamite on the vault and then hide behind the piano for cover. The vault will blow and you'll have to kill five or six guards who will begin shooting at you. When it's clear, enter the vault and grab the money.

Return the cash to Michael at the Midtown safehouse.

Shoot your way out of the hotel (I used the Tommy Gun) and ignore the cops outside as you run to the left, around the corner and hop into any car that you find (I figured it best not to kill the cops outside as they are angry enough with you already). The safehouse is not far away. Drive there and walk under the icon to complete the mission.

Talk to Michael and Clemenza

They are both on the first floor of the safehouse. Clemenza tells you about the hit on Moe.

Drive to Orchid Inc. in Midtown. Avoid police interference.

Go out the metal door near Clemenza and hop into the cop car. Drive cautiously to the Blue X, don't hit anybody and avoid any streets with a police blockade.

Assassinate Moe Green. Avoid police interference.

Instead of fighting everybody outside the building, I just ran in and up the stairs. Take out the guard at the top and then turn the corner to the right. Take wall cover here, next to the grandfather clock, until you heal (you should have regenerating health by now). I didn't have anybody come up the stairs, but if you do, you're in the perfect position to take them out.

Once your health recovers a little, go through the door and into the room where Moe is getting a massage. It seems that Moe is so relaxed he could care less about any movement or activity in the room. I stood next to him and punched him a few times without him reacting, so I just went into free aim and shot him until he was dead.

Meet Clemenza at Corcoran's Perch in Midtown.

Head back down the stairs, shooting anybody in your way. At the bottom, turn left and enter the room with the safe. Blow it if you want, and then go out the doors to the side alleyway. Hop into a car and get the heck out of there. Drive to the Blue X, enter, and talk to Clemenza. He tells you meet Michael at the church in Little Italy.

Meet Michael at the baptism in Little Italy

OK, now we're ready to meet Michael. Hop in a car and drive yourself to the pulsing blue circle in Little Italy. Exit your car and run into the blue circle, which is outside the church.

Baptism by Fire

Speak with Clemenza at the flower shop in Midtown

There's a timer running, and the name of a hit below it. It looks like Don Stracci is the first to go today. Exit the cemetery, hijack a car and drive to the pulsing blue "X" in Midtown. Enter the flower shop and speak to Clemenza.

Drive to the St. Alban's hotel in Midtown

Let your map and the pulsing blue "X" be your guide as you drive Clemenza. Drive into the blue square.

Meet with Don Stracci and escort him to the elevator

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Enter the hotel and take the stairs (to the left of the elevators) up to the second floor. Speak to the man outside the double doors and he'll open them up for you. Make your way toward the blue "X". Speak to the man with the icon above his head and he'll open up the doors leading to Don Stracci. Speak to Don Stracci.

Assassinate Don Stracci

Follow Stracci into the elevator. When you arrive on the first floor, Clemenza will be there, shooting away. Kill Stracci as you wish. I used my fists.

Speak to Clemenza

Before you speak to Clemenza, help Clemenza kill the Stracci who appear. Once they're dead, put away your weapon and speak to Clemenza. He'll tell you to head over to Hell's Kitchen.

Speak with Willi Cicci at the barbershop in Hell's Kitchen

Exit the hotel and hop in a car. Drive to the blue "X" (Broadway to 42nd to 10th to 44th). You'll find the icon above the barbershop door. Enter and speak to Willi.

Drive to the Savannah Hotel in Midtown

Drive to the blue "X" (42nd to 7th to 49th). Drive into the blue square.

Assassinate Don Cuneo

Speak to Willie. He'll run to the garage door to the left of the main entrance to the hotel. Follow him into the basement and up the stairs. Open up the double doors and step out. You'll be spotted. Run back down the stairs, to the landing, and shoot men as they come at you (a couple should drop HEALTH, which I needed). When they stop coming, move toward the blue "X". This is your hit. I found him outside on the sidewalk. Kill him to complete your objective.

Talk with Willie Cicci

Return to the hotel, kill off any survivors, then speak to Willie.

Speak with Rocco at the Embassy Club in Brooklyn

Exit the Hotel. Note, some people may be shooting at you. Shoot back or run for a car. I ran for a car. Drive to the pulsing blue "X" in Brooklyn (49th to Broadway to Fourth to the Manhattan Bridge to Tillary to Main). You'll be followed and shot at as you drive. Do your best to force your enemies into obstacles and keep going. Once you arrive at the Club, exit and move through the doors. Enter the doors and speak with Rocco.

Find the brothel racket

Return to the street and look right. You'll spot a woman with an icon above her head. Speak to her and she'll tell you to go to the Saint Sebastian. Check your map. The hotel is within walking distance. Run there (pulsing blue "X") and open the doors.

Assassinate Don Philip Tattaglia

Enter the establishment and start shooting. Note, if you need HEALTH, there's some on the bar in the back right corner. Look out for men coming down the stairs, eliminate them, then make your way up to the third floor. Move through the left door, charge the man behind the couch, kill him, then use the protection of the couch to take out the mobsters in the room (watch the door, as one will come from the stairs above).

Move toward the blue "X", kill the man behind the couch, then move through the door leading to your map. He's with a couple ladies. Kill him.

Talk with Rocco

Help Rocco kill any survivors, then speak to him.

Meet Al Neri at the police station in Little Italy

Exit the brothel and hop in a car. Drive it to the pulsing blue "X" in Little Italy (Main to Tillary to the Manhattan Bridge to Bowery St.). Again, you'll be shot at. Avoid it as best you can. Switch cars if your car catches fire. SPeak to Al, who is outside the police station.

Drive to the courthouse in Little Italy

Drive Al in the police car to the courthouse (pulsing blue "X"). Drive into the blue square on the street outside the courthouse.

Wait for Al Neri to start shooting

Remain in the crouched position and watch what happens in front of you. Select your weapon, but don't pull it out. After Al does his business with the car, your hit will come walking down the courthouse stairs (white circle above his head). Al will yell "NOW". Pull out your gun.

Assassinate Don Barzini

Don Barzini will run right. Follow him, shooting anyone who gets in your way. You'll find Barzini behind a planter. Speak to him, then kill him.

Outrun the police

Crouch and use the planters for cover as you make your way to one of the parked cars outside the courthouse. Enter and drive like the wind!!! The police will be on you like white on rice. You must drive until the timer atop your screen runs out. I had good luck driving back and forth on the Brooklyn Bridge. The cops beat me up enough to catch two of my vehicles on fire. If this happens to you, stop by a parked car, exit your car, and get in the new car. Continue driving until the timer runs out.

Return to the Baptism in Little Italy

Simply make your way to the blue "X". The cops won't be on you anymore, so you should have no problem reaching the destination. Drive into the blue square to complete the mission.

Upgrade with any skill points you earned (I went with Fitness and Firearms), then speak to one of the two men outside the church.

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In order to get the promotion that you seek, you need to earn at least $50,000 per payday. That doesn't mean your take-home pay, that just means you total pay, of which the Corleone's get a cut. Each payday you can see how much you earn.

Before you go on a rampage of extorting businesses and taking over warehouses, there is a little business that you need to take care of at the Church. Remember all that time ago when you were told to interrogate the Gravedigger? That was back in chapter one of this guide, at the end, when Kathy, the dancing girl upstairs at the Tattaglia club on Bowery and Division, told you to do this. So, since this is the same Church, let's go ahead and do it.

Interrogate the gravedigger at Old St. Patrick's

See the paragraph above to explain where this objective came from. Walk into the graveyard and Interrogate the gravedigger. He'll run away. Follow him and punch him until he breaks, then, talk to him again to learn about the police chief's wife.

Confront the Police Chief at Harry's Bar in Little Italy

Harry's Bar is on the east side of Little Italy, on the corner of Grand and Allen. It's a Tattaglia bar and there is a police badge marking it, too. Make sure that you don't have a wanted level when you enter or the police chief won't talk to you, but will instead, shoot you.

At Harry's Bar, talk to the chief and you'll gain the ability to talk to him to lose police heat, without having to pay...hah...a little bit of blackmail goes a long way.

Okay, time to get back to extoring businesses and taking over warehouses so that you earn $50,000 each payday.

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