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LB's The Godfather® Blackhand Edition
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
6. Underboss to Don

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6. Underboss to Don

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1. Introduction
2. Outsider to Associate
3. Associate to Soldier
4. Soldier to Capo
5. Capo to Underboss
6. Underboss to Don

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6. Underboss to Don

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Earn $50,000 per payday

Before you can move on, you have to earn $50,000 per payday. That's your cumulative payday, not just your cut. To get to this mark, extort businesses and take over warehouses. If you want to see the relative payoff from each business/warehouse, pull up your map, hit "Z", and then scroll left or right to see what each family owns and where.

When you reach the mark, you'll automatically get a new objective to meet Michael.

Meet with Michael at the Corleone Compound

Drive to the Compound and walk toward the marked building. Here you will receive your promotion to Underboss. Again, upgrade (Firearms and Firearms for me, thus maxing it out). Speak to the man outside the compound and you'll be told what you need to do next.

Eliminate all 4 rival families - Bomb each family compound

If you're following this guide, you have already taken out the Tattaglia Compound (right before the last mission). However, for ease of navigation, below you'll find the same information repeated.

Tattaglia Compound

Check your map for a few things. First, locate the Tattaglia Compound in the NE section of Brooklyn. Once you know where you're going, check your ammo. If you're low, find the suppliers on the streets of Brooklyn and buy some more. Buy a couple of Bombs from the Bomb supplier, if you want. However, there will be some provided for you in the Compounds, so do what you want there. I also bought the Assassin's Pistol (lvl. 3) for $250,000, which can be found in the crate yard at the southernmost section of Brooklyn. You don't need it. I was just feeling frisky, and it does do a good job. When you're ready to go, and your Health is full, drive toward the Compounds.

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As you get close you'll come across some roadblocks. Don't worry about them, just blast past them. If you get caught up and your car catches fire before you even get through them, park your flaming car next to a roadblock, exit, then quickly hop into one of the roadblock cars. Drive it to the Compound. Once you reach the Compound entrance, you'll spot a few men on the street outside. Run them over, then drive into the compound itself via the driveway.

Immediately exit your car and run to the left pathway, where you'll find a wall with lots of stone outcroppings to hide behind. Take out the enemies who come at you from the front and behind.

Remain in place, killing as the enemies come, until they stop coming. Once this happens, carefully move out and collect their items (hopefully you'll find some Health). Then, head west through the hedge garden and enter the Tattaglia house. Kill the men on the first floor, locate the kitchen (you'll need to escape through here in a minute), and then head downstairs to the basement.

In the basement, take out the one enemy, grab the HEALTH and ammo, and "Plant Bomb" under the blue marker. Run like crazy up the stairs, into the kitchen, and out the kitchen door.

One down. One to go. Head North to the other part of the compound, taking out enemies on your way there. Enter, clear the first floor and then open the double doors to the basement. Go down, kill the two enemies, collect the ammo and HEALTH and then "Plant Bomb". Run like crazy up the stairs and out the door you came through.

When the bomb blows, you'll have control of Brooklyn.

Stracci Compound

Drive north, take the Holland Tunnel west and get yourself to New Jersey. Take the Observer Highway west and around. You can go directly to the Stracci Compound from here. However, I purchased the STREET SWEEPER, the most powerful weapon of all, from the man in the train tunnel (look for the yellow star north of the Stracci compound). It's $350,000, so if you don't have the money yet, keep extorting businesses and wait a few paydays until you have the money. Going in with this gun greatly increases your chance of success. When you're ready, head for the Stracci Compound.

Truthfully, this is going to be very similar to taking out the Tattaglia Compound. First and foremost, you must blast through the roadblocks. Don't get out of your car to shoot anyone and don't try to run anyone down (although it's good if you can). Just try to fly past them while taking on the least amount of damage. It doesn't matter if you choose to come from the north or the south, as there will be one roadblock either way.

Next you'll come to a roadblock that's blocking the extended Compound driveway. Again, do everything you can to drive through it. Do your best to avoid the flaming trash can, as it will only do more damage to your car, which gives you less time in your car. Car time is important, as you need to make it as far down that driveway as you possibly can before exiting your car. Continue trying your best to avoid the flaming cans as you drive. Despite your best efforts, your car will, almost certainly, catch fire. When it does, continue driving for a few seconds (your car won't blow up right away, after all), then, at the last possible second, hop out. Continue by running down the length of the driveway, then hang a right to enter the compound (if you're good you can actually make it into the compound safely before your car blows).

When you exit, you will probably take a few bullets, but your health should be upgraded to a point where damage from these bullets is minimal. Please note, this approach will take a few tries. However, I found it is the best way to reach the Compound, as, when done correctly, it's fast and preserves necessary ammo. If you are having trouble making it to the end of the driveway and you're willing to spend the money on Dynamite, you can clear out the roadblocks leading to the Compound quite effectively by tossing Dynamite sticks at them. But, again, they're fairly expensive and not really necessary.

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Just like the Tattaglia Compound, go to the right of the entrance, and over the half-wall, is a square planter/hedge. This is the best place for you to hunker down. First, if your crouch, it offers great protection. Second, it offers a fantastic vantage point. Keep your eyes forward and left and pop enemies as they come at you.

Once the enemies stop coming, remain in your crouched position and use the wall for cover as you check out the grounds of the Compound. There will be another few mobsters to take down. Do so very carefully. When all is clear, move out and start collecting dropped items. You will, most likely, find some HEALTH in that mix.

When you're ready, approach the door of the south Compound (the one closest to the entrance). Take wall cover near the door, and then open it. Shoot anybody who rusn out at you. Then, run in and take cover behind the couch on the right. You'll need to make your way upstairs to find the room to bomb. Fight your way up there, plant the bomb, and then run the heck out of there!

Be careful, though, as it's possible men will be waiting for you outside. Take cover behind the same square planter/hedge and kill anyone who comes after you (keep an eye on the driveway). When the area is clear, enter the north compound.

Again, take cover just outside the north compound door, open it, and shoot anybody who comes out. Then, go through the only unlocked door (the single door) and go down to the basement killing the men there. Collect the ammo and BOMB, then plant the bomb. Run outside. When the bomb blows, you'll have successfully taken control of New Jersey. Nice work.

Cuneo Compound

Upgrade and locate the Cuneo Compound on your map. It's on 51st in Hell's Kitchen. Drive there. Pick up any ammo you need along the way.

Again, drive like a maniac up the driveway and try to get all the way up to the staircase leading to the house. To the left of the staircase is a half-wall concrete area that is perfect for taking cover behind. From this area, crouch, and pick off the many enemies who come at you.

When it's quiet, vault the halfway to the east and you'll see a lower garage on the right. Shoot the man in the garage and then enter it. Note the double doors. This is where you're going. Before you open them, equip a Molotov Cocktail. Open the doors, throw the Molotov at the group of men and then run away. Return to pick off any remaining enemies and then go through those double doors. Clear out this entryway.

If you need some health/ammo, open the metal door and go downstairs. Otherwise, go through the door on the right, up the stairs and into the bar where you'll find one enemy. Kill him, collect the plethora of ammo, plant the bomb, and then get the heck out of there via the garage.

Head west to the house and open the front door. Kill the enemy coming at you and then enter. Take out any enemies on this floor, head down to the basement and plant the bomb. Escape and you'll have taken control of Hell's Kitchen.

Barzini Compound

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This compound doesn't have much in the way of a roadblock set up for you, so driving into it is quite easy. Once you breach the compound, crouch and take cover behind whatever you can...I used the shrubs. From there, shoot anybody in your immediate area and then head up the driveway to the upper compound, shooting as you go.

When it's clear, go ahead and approach the front door of the upper compound. Shoot the men who shoot at you through the windows on the right, and then enter the compound, quickly taking cover behind the red couch on the right. From here, shoot anybody who comes your way.

Next, head through the double doors, and hang a left. Go down the hallway, enter the room at the end, and then turn left again. You'll be able to see a staircase at the end of this hall (this is adjacent to the kitchen). Go up the stairs, fight your way along the hall, and go down the stairs on the other side.

At the bottom of the stairs, look right to find the basement door and the stairs leading down. Go down into the basement, collect health/ammo, and then plant the bomb. Run out of the basement, through the double doors (locked from the other side, which is why you had to go up and around), into the hall, and through the double doors on the left to exit.

From where you just exited the upper compound, head due east, down the grass hill to the back of the lower compound. Here there is a door leading to the kitchen. Open it, kill the men inside, and then enter. Kill off anybody remaining and then locate the nearby basement stairs. Head down, kill enemy, collect stuff, plant bomb, and then exit via the same kitchen door.

Congrats. All four compounds are done.

Get to the Corleone Compound for an important meeting

Kill anyone shooting at you, upgrade as you like, then drive to the Corleone Compound. Exit your car and approach the indicated door. Here you will be promoted to Don of the Corleone family. Nice work!

If you choose to continue with the game and try for Don of New York, here are a few tips for you.

First, to become Don of New York you only need to earn a 91.5% game completion.

Second, you'll be required to extort every merchant and take over every racket. Remember, you'll know if a business is hiding a racket if you extort the business owner and the insignia on the map pointing to the business doesn't change to the Corleone family insignia.

Third, the Corleone Compound houses a safehouse (people are missing this one when trying to purchase all safehouses).

Fourth, each compound houses a safe with a good chunk of money in it (wait a week after you've bombed them to access them).

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Fifth, execution styles are tricky, and they're almost impossible to write up, as they're often earned without knowing it. If you play through the game, chances are you'll complete the vast majority of executions styles. If you want to earn them all, look at the list of execution styles (in Tom's Report), and you should be able to decipher what you need to do by their title. When trying to pull one off, look for the on-screen prompt, which will tell you when to "execute". Perform the noted action to do so. Other executions just happen. One style people are having a hard time with is the "traffic accidents kill". The easiest way to accomplish this is to grab someone and toss them into an oncoming car. The person must be hit while in mid-air...if he hits the pavement first, it won't work. If you have more questions, please post them here:

Sixth, you should have no trouble performing hits at this point. Our PDF guide provides a list of Hits not mentioned in the walkthrough, although it really is for people who prefer to earn the bonus money and respect. Otherwise, just look for the yellow circles, then kill those indicated by the yellow "X"s. Continue doing this until you've killed the sons of the rival family bosses and the yellow circles disappear from the map.

Finally, collecting the various Film Reels will help your collectible percentage, and, therefore, your overall percentage (collect several of them to unlock movies in the Start menu). They are hidden well, but, in my opinion, aren't worth the time to find. If you're looking for a list, I suggest you check out the growing list here:
http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=920131&topic=27398358 .

Chances are this list will eventually go away. If that's the case, check places like Gamewinners.com or GameFAQs.com, as these sites often provide cheats and locations of such items.

And with that, you're now on your own. You know what to do. If you don't, you're not ready to be the Don of New York (and the objectives list will help you, if necessary).

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