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The Great Escape
Aboard the Bomber - The Castle

The Great Escape GTA: Vice City
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The Great Escape >
2. Aboard the Bomber - The Castle

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1. The Great Escape FAQs and Resources
2. Aboard the Bomber - The Castle
3. Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King
4. Inflitration - Reconnaissance
5. The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines
6. Airfield Escape - Resistance Collaborator
7. Ambush - Jump to Victory
8. LB's Great Escape Review
9. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough***

*Important Information About This Guide*

This walkthrough and strategy guide is free for those of you who use it for quick and occasional reference. However, we have made a beautiful bookmarked guide in Adobe .PDF format for those of you who would like to print this guide out, or for those of you who will be using this guide extensively. The $4.95 version of the guide is ad-free.

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"The Great Escape"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)

Aboard the Bomber

Get the Fire Extinguisher
Your bomber is on fire. Start heading to the back of the plane and grab the fire extinguisher on your left. Use it on the fires as you go toward the back.

Fight the Fires
Work your way to the back of the plane putting out the fires.

Defend the Aircraft
Now, take a seat at the rear gunner's position and start shooting the nazi fighters. Don't shoot your own bombers, just the smaller green nazi fighters.

Destroy the Code Book
You are still at the back of the aircraft. Work your way forward. Grab the codebook and it'll automatically will be destroyed.

Get a Parachute
Run to the back of the plane and grab a parachute.

Abandon Aircraft
Just move a little bit and it'll automatically launch you out of the plane. You are instantly captured.

Winter Breakout

Talk to Senior British Officer (SBO)
He's in the same building you are in. Look at your map using your "select" or "back" button. The SBO gives you a compass with the direction of your next objective on it. Very handy.

Talk to the Big X
Follow your compass to the Big X. Now is a good time to stick to the shadows. Go outside and sneak into the next barracks. Approach the Big X and talk to him.

Speak to the Forger
The Forger is right next to the Big X. He can make you a pass but he needs a sample from one of the guards.

Get a German Pass

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The whole German Pass objectives are timed. So, pay attention to the clock. Take a look at your map. You need to go outside and go South to the Guard Hut. When you approach the door to the outside, you can look through the key hole by pushing up on your D-pad and then using the right analog stick to look left or right. Time your exit when the guard is not looking. Go into Barracks 03 and go to the door on the other sie. Look through the keyhole. You'll see a barbed wire fence and a gate on the right side of the fence. Keep an eye on the spotlight that is coming from the guard tower on the left. When the spotlight and guard are in a good position, run out and go through the gate. Enter the Guard Hut and use your "Stealth" button so as not to make any noise. Follow your compass and grab the pass off of the table. At this point, we recommend using one of your 3 saves.

Get the German Pass to the Forger
Just do the exact opposite of what you've done so far.

Return the German Pass
You've done it once, do it again.

Talk to the Tunneller
He is Barracks 03. How convienent. Your timer is now off so take your time and use your "stealth" button to make your way to Barracks 03. You've seen this guy beofre when you went through on your way to the Guard Hut. Talk to him and you'll have to get a shovel.

Get a Shovel
The shovel is on the East side of Barracks 03, outside. It's laying up against the fence. Grab it and go back into Barracks 03 for safety.

Talk to the Tunneller
Go to where the tunneller was and notice the large wooden crate. Approach it and get the "action icon" and slide the crate backwards. You have revealed the tunnel and can now go down and talk to the Tunneller.

Get some Wood
Look at your map. The red circle is along the fence, to the West of the Guard Hut. After you climb back up the ladder, make sure to replace the wooden crate over the tunnel hole. The barracks are going to be searched and that way you won't get caught. Once you clear inspection (the guard will walk out) go outside and into the gate and grab the wood from the wood box.

Talk to the Tunneller
Go back into Barracks 03 and slide the wooden crate and go down into the tunnel. Hit the action button to give him the wood.

Get the Forged Pass and exit the Camp
We recommend using a save here. Go into Barracks 02 and talk to the Forger. He will give you the forged pass. Head back to the tunnel. Use your "stance" button to crawl through the tunnel. Go up the ladder and you are free...for 2 seconds. You will be recaptured.

The Castle

Speak to Gerry
So, Gerry is in the cell right next to you. Approach the wall and you'll automatically talk to Gerry.

Get a Uniform
Gerry gives you a list of objectives and a Hacksaw Blade. We will get the uniform first. Equip your Hacksaw Blade and approach the grate opposite Gerry. You'll get an Action Icon. Hold down the Action Button to cut through the bars. Crawl through into the next room. Stealthily approach the door and look through the key hole. You're told it will be hard getting past the guard without a distraction. Go back and talk to Gerry. You will get an option of starting a distraction. Start the distraction, then quickly crawl back through your tunnel and out the door. You will have a timer during this period to indicate how long the guard is distracted. Don't let it run out. In the hall, head right and through the door. You will be outside. Head east, avoiding the spotlights, past the two trucks to the east wall. From here, head north, again, avoiding the spotlight. You will see some crates, and you'll get an arrow to climb. Hit your Action Button and work your way up. Move around the ledge to the balcony area. Go through the door on on your left. You'll be in a study. Walk around in Stealth, look through the keyhole to the next hallway. There's a guard making rounds on your left. When he turns his back, follow him in stealth. When he turns the corner, keep moving forward, and go into the door on your right. You are in the Laundry Room. In the corner of the room on a table is the Goon's Uniform. Equip it. Recommended save point.

Get the Hook
OK. You are wearing the Goon's Uniform and in the Laundry Room. No need to fear the others, as you are now in uniform. Exit the Laundry Room, and backtrack the way you came, through the study and out onto the balcony. Continue backtracking around the ledge, down the crates, and back to the ground level. Move west (along the north side), toward the red circle indicated on your map. Pass through the tunnel to the north. In the tunnel you can go right of left. To the right is a guard who will ask for paper, so, head left and to the radio. Hit your Action Button to turn on the loud speaker. This tricks all of the dirty Gestapos, and you can now pass though the tunnel that was once guarded. Head down the red lit stairs to the basement and grab the Meat Hook off the table.

Get the Key

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You now have the Uniform and the Hook. Exit out of the tunnel area and head back to the Study, the exact way we did before. Inside the study, head through the door in front of you, and left down the hall, walking past the guard and to the Laundry Room. At the end of the hall is a door on your right. Pass through it. The keys are flashing. Approach them and pick up the key.

Cut the Power
You now have the Generator Room Key. It's time to cut the power. Exit out the castle, to the courtyard, the exact same way we did before. Remember, be cool. In the courtyard, head south and follow your compass to a door. Open the door. (At this point, we were notified the we had been discovered missing and our uniform was no longer helpful. We believe it's a timing issue, more than anything else). Inside the Generator Room, open the cage door and approach the Generator. Turn off the power. Save recommended here.

We're in the Generator Room. Exit into the courtyard and, again, take the path we've taken several times now up the crates, around and to the balcony. However, this time, don't enter the study. Instead, run right past the door, and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, hit your Action Button when you approach the pole.

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