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The Great Escape
Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King

The Great Escape GTA: Vice City
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The Great Escape >
2. Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King

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1. The Great Escape FAQs and Resources
2. Aboard the Bomber - The Castle
3. Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King
4. Inflitration - Reconnaissance
5. The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines
6. Airfield Escape - Resistance Collaborator
7. Ambush - Jump to Victory
8. LB's Great Escape Review
9. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"The Great Escape"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)

Struggle in the Mountains

Escape from the Mountain
You should have your uniform on automatically. Head across the bridge. You'll hear a phone ringing and you'll get a message saying that the phone call is the Castle informing this checkpoint of your escape. You need to get to the phone before anyone else answers it. Go into the building where the phone is ringing and go into the room on your right. Pick up the phone. When you get off a guard will be there. Just act cool and don't spaz out. He'll let you go about your business. There is a First Aid Kit and Luger Pistol Ammo on the table. Go across to the other room and get the Luger Pistol, Sniper Rifle Ammo, and a First Aid Kit.

Exit out and head South, going through the small gate. Avoid contact with anyone. Go into the building. There is a fireplace and some Sniper Rifle Ammo on the table along with a First Aid Kit. There is a closet which contains the Sniper Rifle but it is locked. Go to the outside of this building and work your way around to the back and find the ladder going up to the roof. Climb up and drop down into the room. You'll find the Sniper Rifle, Stick Grenades, Pistol Ammo, Store Room Key, and Sniper Ammo. We recommend a save here.

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Time for a little action. There are two guards and a sniper/guard tower blocking the access road that you need to get on. You need to climb back onto the roof, drop down to your stomach, and shoot out the search light with your Sniper Rifle. This will make many people start shooting out you. Simply drop down the hole in the roof into the room below. Equip your Pistol or Sniper Rifle and aim at the door. Guards will start coming in after you, one after another. Just shoot, shoot, shoot. After killing between 5-7 of them, the coast is clear.

Run to the road the two guards were blocking (past the guard tower) and head up the hill. You'll get to a couple of men guarding a truck. Take them out with either your Sniper Rifle or Pistol, then collect the many many goodies in the area (including a Sub-Machine Gun) in the barbed wire area across from the truck. Continue on killing the guys around the corners. There's some ammo and a Health Kit behind one of their sand bag/barrel bunkers. Keep following the road take out the guys hiding behind the various trucks. There is a house on your right with an alarm siren/bell above the front door. You can't go in the house but you can shoot the alarm to make the noise stop. Go ahead and save here.

Keep going down the road and you'll see a bunker. Take out the guys in there using your Sub-Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle. Watch out for guys coming from behind. They may or not be there, but watch your back. Head to the bottom of the hill, toward the bunker taking out any remaining guys. If you want, go into the bunker and use the Mounted Machine Gun to take out guards coming from the top of the hill. When that fun is done, head on down the hill. You'll automatically get a cut scene and you have escaped...for now.

Burn the Code Book

Get to the Army Depot
Look at your map. It is to the NW of you. Go down the hill on your left. You'll get the next two objectives.

Steal a Vehicle
Stay behind the building and watch out for the guard. The vehicle that you need is in the open garage in the Depot compound. Watch the guard and go behind the building and then use the broken truck as cover while you crawl on your tummy. From behind the broken truck, peek out and wait for the guard to make his rounds then sneak toward the free standing buildng with the windows (the garage where you need to go). Go into the side wooden door of the garage and take out the mechanic as quietly as possible. You should be able to sneak up using stealth and choke him. To choke him, repeatedly hit the "strangle" button until your meter fills up and he passes out. Then, drop him wherever. Once he's out of the way, grab the wrench off of the work bench. You need the wrench to fix the tank/truck vehicle. If you're at the back of the vehicle and facing the open garage door, go to the left side of the vehicle where the panel is open. Take out your wrench and you'll get the action (gears) icon. Hold down the action button until the vehicle is fixed. Now, hop in.

Drive to the Farmhouse
Look at your map. You need to go through the archway to the East of the Army Depot. That leads to a road that you need to go down. It's basically right in front of you once you hop in the truck. Remember, at any point in time you can go into your inventory screen to switch from driving to the Mounted Machine Gun. For now, though, just take the road and run over anyone that gets in your way. You will soon get to a German Panzer (tank) that is blocking your way. Drive your tank/truck behind the building on the left. Exit your vehicle by allowing it to stop and then go up into the building. It is a switch building for the RR tracks. Pull the levers by using your action button and the Panzer will be hit by a train. You now have a clear path. Go back down and hop into your vehicle and go over the RR tracks. There is a fork in the road. Take it to the right and run over any one you can on the way to the farmhouse. There is a Health Kit in the barn on a table. You'll get a new objective.

Burn the Code Book
Look at your map. The Code Book is in a field to the East. Enter the farmhouse and make your way through it to the other side. Exit the house and you'll need to go out onto the road/sidewalk/path. Watch out though as there is a guard. We recommend a save here.

Watch the guard and when he's not looking use the broken wagon and the pile of logs for cover. and go through the archway. Continue along the path and you'll reach another archway which leads to the field. You'll see a cut scene of three nazis who need to search your plane. Quickly run to the plane. On the opposite side, you'll see an exposed area of the inside of the plane. It looks caged. Approach the "cage", and head left. You'll find yourself inside the plane. Go up the stairs and locate the Code Book on the desk to your left. Hit your Action Button and you will burn the Code Book. Objective and Level complete!

The Cooler King

Get the Lockpick
Head one Barracks to the south. Look at your map and find the Lockpick right where it's indicated, next to the lamp on the small bureau.

Get the Official German Stamp
You just obtained the Lockpick. Head to the southern door and look through the keyhole. Watch for the Spotlight and guard. You need to get to the building directly in front of you. When the coast is clear, run through the open gate directly in front of you, and circle around to the east side of the building and pass through the door (stealthily). Inside, hold down the Action Button at the cell door to open it. Speak to the man inside, and you will receive the German Stamp.

Get Ink and Paper
You must head east to get to the building with the Ink and Paper in it. Look out the east door and in front of you is the building you need to get into. We found it easiest to sneak back around the building and through the gate, back into the Barracks where we obtained the Lockpick. Watch the guard from here. When he head east, exit out stealthily behind him, but on the north side of the sinks. At the sinks, get your belly to the ground and hide. He will walk right past you without seeing you. At this point, get up and get to the door on the west side of the circled building. Enter the building and locate the Ink and Paper. Also grab the Bottle.

Visit the Forger
Exit Hut 4 through the north door, and run straight across to Hut 3. Inside you will find the Forger. Speak to him and he'll tell you to get a map. Obtain the Map
The Map is waiting for you in the Kommandant's Office, just south of Hut 4. However, we can't get there without a distraction. So, head back across the way into Hut 4. In the room across from where you picked up the Ink and Paper you will find a man. Speak to him. Tell him to start the distraction. Follow him, but wait until your coutdown clock begins counting down. From here, run through the gates to the south and enter the office through the closed eastern door (don't enter the front open door). Inside, grab the Map from the table, the Med Pack if you want, then run back out and back into Hut 4. This should all be done within the time limit of the distraction clock.

Get the Forged Pass
You're back in Hut 4 after making it through the distraction. Check the north keyhole for the roaming guard, then run across the way to the Forger's Barracks. Speak to the Forger again. You'll get a new objective.

Exit the Camp Using the Tunnel

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You're simply heading north two buildings to get to the Tunnel entrance. There should only be one wandering guard walking the main middle path to the west of the barracks. Just watch him and move from door to door until you get to Hut 1. Inside, pull back the bunkbed, and approach the hole. Someone is moving through the tunnel first. He gets stuck. Just great.

Free Trapped POW
Push the bed back to cover the hole as a guard will come in to check the commotion. When he leaves, look through the west door's keyhole and cross over to Hut 5. Talk to the man inside and you will be given a Trowel. Head back to Hut 1, move the Bunkbed back, then climb down the ladder. Pull out your Trowel and hit your action button when you approach your trapped friend. You will have freed him and excaped the level. Nice!

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