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The Great Escape
Inflitration - Reconnaissance

The Great Escape GTA: Vice City
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The Great Escape >
2. Inflitration - Reconnaissance

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1. The Great Escape FAQs and Resources
2. Aboard the Bomber - The Castle
3. Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King
4. Inflitration - Reconnaissance
5. The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines
6. Airfield Escape - Resistance Collaborator
7. Ambush - Jump to Victory
8. LB's Great Escape Review
9. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"The Great Escape"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)


Find a Uniform
You have to get to the Goons' rest hut SW of you. Work your way through the woods, avoiding the men with flashlights. Stay along the left side, crawling on your belly when you can to avoid the guards. You'll see the whitish rest hut in front of you. Take note of the guard on the SW side of it. Make your way around the north side, then around the corner. There's a door here. Open it and stealthily sneak past the sleeping guard. Pick up the uniform and equip it. Also pick up the Bottle and Binoculars. Save is recommended here.

Enter the Truck Depot
With your Uniform on, equip your German Army Permit and walk up to the main gates outside the Truck Depot. When you're asked for papers, use your action button to show your permit. Walk through the gates.

Obtain the Truck Keys

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The keys are in the ground floor of the warehouse. Normal soldiers aren't allowed here, so don't get caught. Enter the warehouse. by running around to the west side and picking the gate lock with your Lockpick by holding the Action Button. Don't let the guard see you do this. When you pass through, hide behind the crates to avoid the guard, and work your way around to the white door on the south side of the building. Inside the warehouse, hide behind the crates and work your way over to the west side of the room. Save recommended here. The Key is on a desk along the west wall. Sadly, there's a guard right near it. Equip your bottle and toss it in front of the crates, to the east. This will distract the guard. Grab the key now.

Obtain the Transfer Orders
From the desk, you are heading over to the east side of the room. It's still important to use the crates for cover here. On the east side of the room are some stairs leading up. Take them and work your way around the balcony, in stealth fashion. Belly crawl under the window. When you get to the door, take a look inside and watch the pattern of the guard. When he heads into the next room, run in his direction and hide behind the crates next to the door he passed through. When he exits out, head into the other room and grab the Transfer Orders from the desk on the far side of the room. Quickly run back and hide behind those same crates before the guard returns. Exit the Area
Exit out of the room and quietly work your way downstairs (belly crawl under the window, included). Downstairs, exit out the white door, then sneak back to your open gate door on the west side. Outside of the gates you should be fine if you're spotted. Now, run to the truck parked south of the building, next to the tankers. Hit your Action Button to enter the truck and start driving. Exit out of the open east gate and drive it north along the road. When the guards tell you to stop, bring the truck to a complete stop and exit. Equip your Transfer Orders and show them to the guard using the Action Button. Get back in your truck and continue through the gate and down the road. Mission complete.

Delousing Breakout

Get a Disguise
Exit out the West door and lay on your tummy and crawl underneath the barracks that you were just in. You'll find a uniform.

Get the Pocket Knife
Put on your uniform and walk to the North of the camp toward the Kommondant's Hut. Approach the guard at the gate and you'll tell him that you forgot your pass and he'll let you through just this once. Go to the building right in front of you...look at your map if you're not sure which building. The Pocket Knife is under the building. Crawl on your belly to get it.

Cut the Telephone Wire
Go to the East of the building you were just under to cut the telephone wire. Go to the Easternmost side of the building and equip your Pocket Knife. Find the telephone box on the side of the wall and use your Action Button to cut the wire.

Get the Delousing Pass
Now go to the North building in this 3 building complex. Be sure to un-equip your knife of you might look suspicious. Enter the North building. We recommend a save here. Go up to the table and grab the Delousing Pass. However, it's unstamped. Darn.

Stamp the Delousing Pass
Go back to the Kommandant's office (the one you crawled under for the Pocket Knife) and enter. You will hear an announcement about having to be back for Roll Call. You will now have a timer. Go to the back desk and make sure to have your Unstamped Pass equipped. You will get an Action Icon. Go ahead and stamp your Pass. This will trigger an officer who will come into the office that you are in. Take cover behind the crates to the right of the desk (if you're behind the desk) until he leaves. Strangle him if necessary.

Attend Roll Call
That timer is still ticking. Go back to the gate, show the guard your Stamped Pass if he asks for papers. Once you are safely through the gate go into any barracks in order to take off your uniform and not look suspicious doing so. Make sure not to have anything equipped. Head back to the barack that is circled on your map. A roll call will automatically begin and you will get a new objective.

Gather the POWs
Go North to the circled barrack. Enter it. Put on your Nazi Uniform. Exit out and got speak to the two men on the North side of the building.

Escort the POWs
It is now your job to escort the POWs through the Kommandant's compound and to the North. Have your Stamped Pass ready as you approach the gate. Show your papers to the guard and go through. Take your time and walk normally through the area to the North. Make sure to follow the tire tracks. Continually check on the two POWs your're escorting to make sure that they are following you. Just look at your map if you don't know where to head. Go past the broken down truck and to the guard station in the North. Have your Stamped Papers ready and show them to the guard. He will try to call for confirmation but the phone is down because we cut the line. Heh. The two POWs will make a run for it when they see the Kommandant's inspection coming. New objective.

Get the Timetable
You can't be seen by the Kommandant. Use the broken down truck to hide behind so that he won't see you as he passes. Head to the same building where you cut the telephone wire earlier. This time, go inside. There is a guard sitting down guarding the time table. Go to the room with the radio and switch it off using your Action Button. This will make the guard suspicious and he'll investigate. Head to the table and grab the Timetable while the guard gets up and checks on the radio.

Return to the Camp
Go back through the gate to the camp. Show the guards your Stamped Pass to get through. The mission will automatically end.


Reconnaissance Visit Manufacturer
You need to get to the NE building, Hut 112. It's night, so you can't be seen outside. Look out the north door's keyhole. You have guards on both sides of you. When the pass, run over to the NE hut. Speak to the Manufacturer.

Cover the Hiding Places

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While you are being given the Wire Cutters, you are told a guard is coming. It is your job to move the furniture over the hiding place. There are three bookcases you need to move into place to cover them. Wait for the inspection to end. Move larger bookcase and grab the Wire Cutters. You are told you need to look for a spot void of spotlights to cut the fence.

Cut the Fence
You are heading to a chunk of fence to the east. Exit out the east door of 112 and crawl under the hut in front of you. Staying on your belly, continue forward to beneath the next hut. Watch out for spotlights. Looking south, take note of the patrolling guard, the searchlight, and the guard with the dog on the other side of the wire fence. There's a point in time when you will be completely clear. Go to the fence, pull out your Wire Cutters, and run along the fence until you get the Action Icon. At this point, hold down your Action Button and cut through the wire. Crawl underneath.

Escape from the Camp
Get up and move to the red circle highlighted on your map. Once you get there, you've cleared the objective.

Into the Woods
We're in the Woods now, and chances are, you've been spotted. You are just running from red circle to red circle on your map, following your compass. If you get attacked by a dog, repeatedly tap your Attack/Strangle Button.

Through the Woods
As soon as you get this objective, look in front of you, on the right side of the path. You'll see a bunch of logs. Climb over them and you'll be up on a side path. The guards below won't see you move to the right and above them. Drop down into the area by the house and run forward.

Head for the River
Once you reach the house, you'll get this objective. Head to it while avoiding gunfire as best you can.

Escape to Sagan
Another red circle to run to. Run up the river, following your compass. You'll eventually have to get out and onto the road. Head NE on this road. You'll reach a low wall. There's a log ramp leading up to it. Run up and hit the Action Button to jump the fence to the road. Cross the road and you're clear. Hurt, but clear.

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