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The Great Escape
The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines

The Great Escape GTA: Vice City
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The Great Escape >
5. The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines

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1. The Great Escape FAQs and Resources
2. Aboard the Bomber - The Castle
3. Struggle in the Mountains - The Cooler King
4. Inflitration - Reconnaissance
5. The Great Escape - Behind Enemy Lines
6. Airfield Escape - Resistance Collaborator
7. Ambush - Jump to Victory
8. LB's Great Escape Review
9. ***Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"The Great Escape"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)

The Great Escape

Speak to Hendley
He is right next to you. He is the guy in the black/gray suit and hat. He'll give you the Voriager Gate Keys.

Speak to Ashley-Pitt
He's in the barracks to the West of you. Go to the West door and peek out the keyhole. Avoid the guard and run across. Ashley-Pitt will ask if you want him to start the distraction. Have him start it.

Get the Rope

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Look at your map. It is SE of you. You will now have a timer which times the distraction that Ashley-Pitt started. Exit out and head south to the fence. There is a large gate in the middle that you can't open and to the right of it is a smaller gate. Equip your Voriager gate keys and use them on this gate and go through. Stealth sneak behind the guard who is sleeping standing up. Head to red circle and find the open walled building with the crates under it. The rope is on one of the crates.

Examine the Generator
Facing the SE from where you got the rope, notice the brick wall. Go into the gate on the brick wall and inside you'll see the generator. You now need a wrench.

Get a Wrench
From the brick wall area and go through the house and exit through the North door to avoid any guards that may see you. Work your way around the house and go into the building next to the open walled building where you got the rope. Avoid the guards on the way there. When you go inside the building be sure to be using your stealth so as not to wake up the sleeping guard. Grab the wrench and head back to the brick wall area.

Sabotage the Transformers
Go back to the brick wall area. Equip the wrench. Approach the generators. Use your wrench on them by holding down the Action Button. You have to do this once for each of the 2 generators.

Sabotage the Control Panel
Facing the building, go through the door on your right. This is the control panel room. Approach the control panel with your wrench equipped and use your Action Button to complete this objective.

Get the Rope to Big X
You are still in the Control Panel room. Look through the keyhole. There is a guard by the transformers. Stealth sneak out and strangle the guard. Backtrack to the gate you came through. There is a sleeping guard on the other side. Stealth sneak through the gate and go back to the barracks we started in. Go down the ladder and start your pulley cart ride. Use your Action Button to get things rolling. At the end of the ride you'll meet up with Big X and he'll automatically get the rope.

Set Up the Rope Signal
Climb the ladder. You are now outside the gates. Work your way South and make sure that your Rope is equipped. You'll get an Action Icon. Push the Action Button. You must be behind the bushes.

Signal to the POWs
You need to watch the guard going back and forth along the fence. When his back is turned on either side, signal the POWs by using your Action Button to move the rope signal.

Last Train Home

Jump from the Train
The conductor will ask for your tickets. Equip the tickets and show them to the conductor. Upon moving, signal to Blythe to follow you with your Blythe Orders button. You will get a cutscene. The Gestapo are after you.

Hide from the Gestapo
Simply work your way south. You should be able to make it without running into any Gestapo. The door you were trying to get through is locked. You need a key.

Find the Key
Next to the locked door is a bathroom. Open up the door and shove Blyther and yourself in there. Look through the keyhole and wait for the Gestapo to ask everyone on your car for identification. Once they exit, you can head north. Feel free to leave Blythe behind for now. Outside the door to car number 5 you will see a ladder. Stay low, or you will die. When you come to gap, stand up and hit your Action Button while running to jump it. When you come to a point where you can go no further, climb down the ladder on the right side of the train. Sidestep along the platform. Here you'll run into a guard who won't move. Wait for him to turn his back and strangle him (a punch in the face will also do). In this room you will find two Health Packs. Exit out to the next car and you'll see a man on the platform between the cars. Sneak up behind him and you'll get an Action Icon to pickpocket him. Do so and get his First Class Ticket. Enter the car. You'll be asked for your tickets. Show your newly acquired First Class Ticket. Continue moving north, checking rooms as you go. Through the next door you'll see a sign that says "Halt". Wait for the guard to pass by, then pass through the door into the next car. In this car you will find the Master Train Keys and many two Health Packs. Collect them, and let's revisit our initial objective, jumping from the train.

Jump from the Train
This objective again? What the...? Anyway, head south until you get to car number three where we strangled the guard. There is a gun cabinet. Use your Master Train Key to unlock it. Exit out, sidestep along the platform, and climb the ladder. On top of the train you'll have company, which is why you have guns. Stay low and shoot anyone shooting at you. I suggest picking off the first several without moving from your position just above the ladder. However, keep your eye on the ladder as someone will sneak up it and try to off you. When you clear them out, you can move forward, toward Blythe, without being bothered from the front, however, you may want to check your back as a couple a guards will occasionally sneak up on you as you're moving forward. When you get to car number 6, jump down and go through the door. This car is clear. However, number seven has two guards inside. Kill them. Continue forward and watch your back. When you get to the car with Blythe, several guards will come at you from behind. Take them out, then collect Blythe. Use your Master Keys to get through the locked door and you'll get a cutscene of the both of you jumping off the back of the train. Nice work.

Behind Enemy Lines

Get a Key
First thing you must do is avoid the train coming from behind you. Move forward just a bit and look for the hole in the wall to your left. Step inside and wait for the train to pass. Once you emerge outside, use the stacks of railroad ties to crouch behind and hide from the circling guards. There's a guard sleeping in the hut in front of you. Get in your Stealth position and move into the hut. Grab the Key on the table next to the guard.

Enter the Military Area

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You must now enter the Military Area northwest of you. Again, watch the roaming guards. To avoid the guard facing west on the north platform, we're going to have to approach from the east, so work your way back to where you entered the area, cross the tracks and hide behind the stationary military train. Look west to avoid the circling guard, then make your way up to the north platform. Hide behind the crates, then watch the guard on the platform. We suggest waiting until he shifts his body and faces a little south to sneak behind him and use your keys via the Action Button to go through the door to the Military Area.

Enter the Civilian Area
We are now in the Military Area. We have to get to the Civilian Area. Follow the hallway and peek around the corner so that the guard doesn't see you. When you are clear, you'll see that there are 3 rooms along the right wall. Go into the first room where you will find many crates/luggage. You can climb up the crates and onto/into a duct. You have to crawl on your belly to navigate the ducts. You will now be in a room with duct ramps. Climb up onto a duct ramp and go up and through the crawl space. Go through the door in front of you. You will now be in a work bench room. Grab the Hacksaw Blade. Exit out to the hallway and go East toward the bluish lockers at the end of the hallway. You'll hear voices coming from the second room on your right. There are guards inside. We need to get in that room, but we need the guards to be outside of it. Turn left down the hallway and go into the room on your right. There will be some iron bars on the floor that you can use your Hacksaw on. Do so and then crawl through. You will now see an alarm bell on the wall. Hit the alarm. This will attract the men out of the room you want to get into. Quickly crawl back through your hole, exit the door and turn left. Go into the break room and use your Hacksaw Blade on the iron bars here. Crawl through and use your Hacksaw Blade again. When you exit out of the tunnel, this objective is complete.

Buy a Ticket
Unequip you Hacksaw Blade and look through the keyhole in the door. There's a plumber in front of you. To your left is a valve. Turn it and the plumber will run the other direction. Exit out the door and out of the bathroom. Don't be fooled by the guard arresting someone else. Walk over to the ticket office and speak to the man behind the counter. He asks for Money. Go into your inventory and give him what he wants.

Exit the Station
Before leaving, don't forget to pick up your change. Exit out of the area to the north. You will be asked for your ticket. Show it. You will be asked for you papers. Show your City Pass. At this point, the interrogator will walk away. When he's gone, he'll figure out who you are, so, when you get the chance, run. Run forward and down the stairs, through the underground tunnel. Up the staris, then left through the open door. Head left, then down some stairs. You'll see the doors you need to pass through. You'll also see a dog. Instead of running around the obstacles, go ahead and jump over the luggage and run through the doors. When you clear them, this level will be complete.

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