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LB's Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Portland Island

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Strategy Guide > 1. Portland Island

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LB Rating: 8.5

Platforms: PSP

Release Date: 10.25.05

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

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1. Portland Island
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If you've played previous Grand Theft Auto games you'll be able to jump right in. The controls are remarkably similar to the PS2 versions and anything that is new will be taught to you.

For those of you who have never played a GTA game, all two of you, then read this section before you begin playing.

Controls - You can view your controls at any time by pressing "Start" and then selecting "Controls". To view the difference between "On foot" and "In car", simply hit "X" and then scroll down to "Type". Use your "Left Arrow" or "Right Arrow" to switch between the two.

Map - The map is very important. I'll use Map and Radar interchangeably in this walkthrough. Your Radar, however, is the in-game map in the lower left of your screen. If your in a vehicle, it will zoom out as you gain speed and then zoom in when you've stopped or on foot.

You can access the Map at anytime by pressing the "Start" button. The Map will show any current Story Mission Icons (like the "S" for Salvatore), your current location, the location of your Safe House, Ammu-Nations, Phil Cassidy's (later in the game), and Pay-n-Sprays. You can also use the "Target On" to mark a particular location on the Map so that you can more easily find it using your Radar. You can mark any location you please.

Radar Blips - Your Radar offers you a wealth of information. Locations/Destinations are marked with a Yellow Blip. If it is a square, that means that the destination is at the same altitude as you. If it is a triangle either pointing up or down, it means that the destination is either above or below you. The same goes with Enemies, the Red Blips, and friends, the Blue Blips.

Safe House - This is your home. There is one on each of the three islands. It is marked by a Disc (like a CD) on your map because this is where you can save. Inside you can change your clothes and save your game. There is also a Heart (health) inside and often times there is a weapon outside your door, in the alleyway. For example, a baseball bat. Also, in the alley, there is a garage. You can park any vehicles you want to save in here. Also, the garage will repair vehicles.

Saving - Find the Disc Icon on your Map (looks like a CD). This is a Safe House. You have one Safe House on each of the three islands. You can only save when not on a mission. When you save, time will advance by six hours. I recommend Saving after every mission. That way, if you die, you can simply reload from a save so that you don't have to start out without any weapons or body armor. It is best to get supplied before a mission, save, and then attempt the mission.

There are some missions that are more difficult and frustrating than others. I have noted at the beginning of "x" mission when I feel that is the case by telling you to save.

Wanted Level - If you get in trouble with the cops, like running people down, cops witnessing a car jacking, killing a cop, etc., then your Wanted Level will go up (represented by Stars). There are various Police Bribes (Star Icons) around the cities which you can drive through to drop your level one star. You can also go to any Pay-n-Spray to completely get rid of your Wanted Level.

Pay-n-Spray - There is one Pay-n-Spray per island. Here, you can repair damaged cars and drop your Wanted Level. You can enter Pay-n-Sprays while on missions.

Targeting/Shooting - To lock on to a target, hold the "R" button. While holding the "R" button, you can scroll through targets by pressing either the "Right Arrow" or "Left Arrow". You will automatically lock on to the nearest enemy. While holding down the "R" button and aiming, you can also hold down the "L" button to steady your aim. This is very useful when using the Sniper Rifle.

Busted/Wasted - If a cop catches you or if you die you'll end up at the Police Station or Hospital, respectively. All of your weapons will be taken away and you'll lose money, either for a Police Bribe or your Hospital Bills. As mentioned in "Saving" above, you can avoid all of this by simply reloading if you are busted or die.

Cell Phone Calls - Many missions are unlocked by receiving a Cell Phone call. To answer a call, press the "L" button. To hang up, press the "Triangle" button. If you, by accident, miss a call, don't worry. Another call will come in due time. Just wait for it. Also, if for some reason you're not receiving a phone call that is necessary to begin a mission, make sure that you are on foot and on the island where the mission is to begin. (I had an issue later in the game in Shoreside Vale with getting a call from 8-Ball which was solved by walking around for a while.)

Getting 100% - In order to get 100% completion you must complete all Story Missions, all Side Missions (Odd Jobs), finish all Races in first place, get all 100 Hidden Packages, complete all 20 Rampages (Skull Icons), and complete all 26 Unique Stunt Jumps. For more information on how to do this, please visit the Maps and Extras section of this walkthrough.

Beginning Mission

After watching the cutscene of you arriving in town, you'll be told to enter the car to drive Vicenzo to your new apartment. Use the "Triangle" button to enter the car. Use your on-screen map and drive toward the Yellow Blip. When you near it, you'll need to drive down an alley to reach the Yellow Marker. Drive into it.

Vicenzo will tell you to put on some decent clothes. Walk into the Yellow Marker to enter you apartment. Go to the Clothes Icon and walk into it. You'll automatically change into the Leone Suit. Exit your apartment by walking into the Yellow Marker.

Get back into the car. Drive to Vicenzo's office in the Atlantic Quays. Drive to the Yellow Blip and drive into the Yellow Marker. Vicenzo will tell you that you work for him. Note the new "V" on the map.

You earned: $100.

"V" - Vicenzo Missions


You need to pick up and encourage Vicenzo's dealer. Get into any vehicle. Drive to and into the Yellow Marker. Take the dealer to the next Yellow Marker, where the Sindaccos (the other crime family) are dealing. That's it.

You earned: $100.

Dealing Revenge

Vicenzo tells you the dealer has been killed. You need to head to Chinatown to mete out some revenge. Drive to the Yellow Marker. This is where you learn how to fight. While on foot, you target a person by holding the "R" button. While locked-on, press the "Circle" button to punch. Watch as the targeting changes from Green to Black to indicate that the target is dead. Pick up any money he may have left behind.

Next, locate the two Red Blips on your radar. Go to each one and beat up each enemy. Or, hop into a car and run each one over. When they're both dead the mission will end.

You earned: $500. Also, the "Capital Autos" in Harwood side missions will be unlocked. See "Capital Autos" for more info.


You're first mission with a gun! Go to the Ammu-Nation, soon-to-be the Handgun Icon on the map, currently marked by a Yellow Marker. Enter and buy the Pistol, the first one is on the Leone family, so you won't have to pay for it. Whatever you do, don't lock-on to the shopkeeper or he'll blow you away. If you're low on health, there is a Heart Icon in the alley to the right of the Ammu-Nation.

Note that the Ammu-Nation is now marked by the Handgun Icon. You now need to go to the Construction Site, the Yellow Marker. Walk into the marker. Here you will learn how to use your gun. Hold the "R" button to lock onto a target. While locked-on, you can scroll between targets using the "Left Arrow" or "Right Arrow" button. To fire your gun, press the "Circle" button. If you want to manually aim, push the "Down Arrow" button and then use your Analog Stick to aim.

Kill the first two guards. Move forward and aim at the red barrel next to the guard. Manually aim at the barrel and shoot it to kill the guard. Kill the next guard and then work your way toward the car, the Red Blip. Shoot the guard by the car. He'll drop cell phone. Pick it up as proof you killed him.

The cell phone will ring. It's JD You'll meet him later. Get into the car. It's time to learn about the Pay-n-Spray, the Spray Can Icon. At the Pay-n-Spray you're car will be repainted and damage will be repaired. This will get rid of any Wanted Level you may have at the time. This part of the mission is simply to teach you where it is located (there will be others once you open up more of the map). Usually it costs $100, but this first time is free.

You earned: $500. You unlocked the "J" - JD Missions.

Smash and Grab

Some of Vicenzo's men are stuck in a police shootout at a Gas Station. You need to rescue them. The thing you'll want to do for this mission is to get a sturdy car (it needs to seat at least four) and then make sure you know where there is a Pay-n-Spray.

You have a limited amount of time to drive to the Gas Station, the Yellow Marker. Time shouldn't be an issue as you can easily get there within the time limit, indicated by the Blue meter. On the way, try to find a Humvee. If you can't find a Humvee, get a Van of some kind.

Drive up to the three men who need rescuing. As soon as you get them, look at your Map. Find the Pay-n-Spray. Mark it with the "Target On/Off" button on the Map Screen. This way you can easily find it. As soon as you pick up the three men you'll have a Wanted Level of 3 Stars. All you have to do is make it to that Pay-n-Spray. After you get out of the Pay-n-Spray you'll see your Wanted Level flashing. If you commit another crime while it's flashing, you're level will go back up. If you stay clean, the Wanted Level will soon disappear.

Drive back to Vicenzo's place, the Yellow Marker.

You earned: $1,000.

Hot Wheels

You have to go pick up a car filled with cocaine. Go to the Blue Blip. Get into the car. Oh man! The cops have been watching you. You need to lose them. You marked the Pay-n-Spray in the last mission. Drive there again. This time may be more difficult as more likely than not a few of your tires will be blown out due to the chains they're placed on the road. Try to avoid these. If you didn't avoid them, I find that tapping the Accelerator ("X" button) when my tires are blown out will help to keep some control.

After you lose the Wanted Level, go back to Vicenzo's Lock-up, the Yellow Blip. Vicenzo will call you. You tell him to go feck himself. To get back at him, you'll crush his car. Get in the car. Go to the Yellow Blip. Stop in the Yellow Marker. The car will be crushed.

The mission will end and the "V" Icon will be gone from your Map. Your Mother will call. You have unlocked "C" - Ma Cipriani Missions.

You earned: $0.

The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

This mission is unlocked by completing the Salvatore "S" mission, "The Made Man". You'll receive a Cell Phone Call after that mission is complete. Before you start this mission, I recommend a Save. You'll probably die a few times trying to do this mission and it's not worth losing your guns, etc. every time.

You have to get down to the Portland Docks and board the Freighter, the Yellow Blip. To get there, head East from Vicenzo's place and take the Southern dock (runs East-West). It's along the bottom of your Map. From here, there is a ramp leading up to the Freighter. Go to the Yellow Marker.

You are now inside the ship. You need to get down to the Hull. But first, you have to pick up two items. Go to the end of the hall. Turn right to find a Magnum Revolver which will do one-hit kills for you. Equip it. Then, go down the first set of stairs. Just before the second set of stairs, to the left, is some Body Armor. Continue down the stairs to the Yellow Marker.

Oh man! Vicenzo has set a trap for you. There are a multitude of enemies with Chainsaws. You may survive one hit of a chainsaw but you're unlikely to survive two. This is hard. Make sure you are using your Revolver. At first, you'll see four Red Blips coming at you. You can usually shoot at least two enemies before they get to you. As soon as you see them after you, start running. Be aware of your Sprinting...don't overuse it. Also, jumping helps to put a little distance between you and them.

The basic gist here is to run, sprint/jump until you have some distance between them and you. Then, turn, lock-on and fire one shot with your Revolver. This will kill the enemy. Repeat. Don't get stuck in the lower right corner behind the boxes. Use the Heart Icons if you need them. Also, pick up a Chainsaw by running over it while hitting "L".

Once you have the pattern down of running away, turning, shooting...running away, turning, shooting, this really isn't too difficult.

When all of them are dead (I had two Revolver Bullets left), Vicenzo will enter with an SMG. Don't panic. Simply lock-on and fire at him with your Revolver until you run out of bullets. At this point, your weapon will automatically default to the Chainsaw you picked up. Run over to him and attack him with the Chainsaw until he dies. Head to the exit by backtracking the way you came in.

You earned: $3,000. You also unlocked the Overalls outfit. If you come back here wearing the Overalls you can play "SlashTV". Vicenzo is dead, so there are no more "V" missions. You'll get a Cell Phone Call from Salvatore. Notice the "S" is back on your Map.

"J" - JD Missions

You cannot start JD missions wearing the suit. Go to your Safe House (Apartment) and change into "Casual Clothes".

Bone Voyeur!

JD is a little, shall we say, unique. Some of JD's girls are ripping him off. You need to collect money. Hop into JD's van. You'll see that JD is owed $700. You'll also be told when the girls' shift ends. Start driving around the neighborhood. It doesn't matter what direction as long as you stay in the general area. As you drive, you'll hear JD point out certain girls. The girls will be marked with a Blue Arrow and a Blue Blip. Stop the car next to a girl to collect money. Keep driving around the neighborhood, being careful not to retrace your path. After a few girls you'll spot a Pimp who is ripping off one of JD's girls. He is marked with a Red Arrow. Run him down and kill him. Get out of the car and grab his money. Meet any more girls for the remaining money. Drive back to JD's club and drive into the Yellow Marker.

You earned: $500.

Don in 60 Seconds

The cops are going to raid JD's club. Salvatore Leone is in there. You must drive him away. Get into the car. Drive to the Pay-n-Spray to lose the cops. After that, drive to Salvatore's home, the Yellow Marker.

Note that there is now a "S" Icon - Salvatore Missions. Also the Micro SMG has been unlocked at Ammu-Nation.

You earned: $1,000.

A Volatile Situation

Before you start this mission, go to the Ammu-Nation and buy the Micro SMG. You may also want to get some Body Armor. To find some, go to Vicenzo's place on Atlantic Quay's at the South of your Map (where all of the "V" missions were). Head West to the Donut Shop. Just past the Donut Shop, on the left, is a tunnel. Drive down the tunnel, go out on the dock and go down the stairs. You'll find some Body Armor. Go to your Apartment and Save. After that, begin this mission. If you fail this mission, reload your save.

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It's time to check out the Casino. Head to the Yellow Blip. JD will call and tell you that there are waves of Sindaccos coming your way, each trying to blow up the Casino. Watch the Red Blip come to you. When they get out of their car shoot them. Alternatively, you can run them down in a car when they get out of theirs. If you wait to kill them for too long, they'll succeed in setting the explosives. Also, if you see that you're low on Ammo, look for a Sindacco to drop his weapon after he's dead. Repeat this for each of the three waves.

After that, the Sindaccos will attempt to blow up the Casino using a Truck Bomb. You have to stop this from happening. When the truck arrives, wait for the Sindaccos to get out. Get into the truck. You'll see a timer and a Safe Distance meter. You need to get the truck far enough away from the Casino (fill up the blue meter) before the time runs out. Although the truck is very slow moving this shouldn't be a problem. Hop out of the truck when you've reached a safe distance and run away.

You earned: $1,000.

Blow Up 'Dolls'

It's time to blow up a Sindacco Casino. Although the game doesn't tell you now, you need a Sindacco car; one of the white station wagons. There is one parked outside of JD's club. Drive it to 8-Balls Bomb Shop, the "bomb" icon on your map. Drive into the Garage when you get to 8-Ball's place. Try not to damage it on the way there. After your car is equipped with a bomb you must drive carefully. If you take too much damage or have a big accident, the bomb will explode. There is a Damage meter to track your damage.

Drive your bomb-laden car to the Casino, the Yellow Blip. If you don't have a Sindacco car, you'll be fired on and your car will explode. With the right car, wait as the Sindaccos let you through and then drive into the garage. Try not to run over any Sindaccos guarding it. Park it in the Yellow Marker. Note, when you get out of the car you'll have the Detonation Device in your hand. Run like heck out of there and jump over the wall (or get into a gun battle, however, I recommend just running). Soon, you'll be at a safe distance as indicated by the fact that the game will tell you to push "Circle" to detonate the bomb. Do so.

You earned: $1,500. This is the end of "J" missions for now.

Salvatore's Salvation

This JD mission is opened when you get a Cell Phone Call after the "Contra-Banned" Salvatore ("S") mission.

Salvatore has been kidnapped from JD's club. JD will point out a Sindacco who is driving away. You need to follow him. Hop into a car and being tailing him but don't get too close, the game will warn you. Also, if there are any Sindaccos in the area who are messing with you, kill them and then grab a car. When the car stops, you'll hear that the Sindaccos are planning to crush Salvatore in the junk yard crusher.

Don't try to stop them here, instead, hop into a car and follow them to the junkyard. The Sindaccos will leave the car unattended while the cars waits to be carried to the crusher. This is your opportunity to get into the car. Pull up right beside it and get into the car. Once you have the car, you can run over any Sindaccos that you see. Then, drive to Salvatore's Mansion.

Alternatively, you can ram the car on its way to the junk yard. After a few solid hits, the car will stop and the Sindaccos will get out. Shoot them and then drive the car back to Salvatore's Mansion.

You earned: $1,500.

The Guns of Leone

This can be a frustrating mission for a variety of reasons. First, the Analog Stick of the PSP isn't really meant for precision aiming. However, this is partially solved by holding down the "L" button ("Fine Aim" button) to steady your Rifle. Second, Salvatore will sometimes die very quickly and sometimes take longer. Granted, much of this has to do with how quickly you kill the Sindaccos, but still, sometimes he just dies mid-way through the mission when there is no threat. Fortunately, if you fail, you are close to where the mission started so you can easily run back and try again.

JD has left a Sniper Rifle on the roof across the street. Cross the street and go up the stairs (Note the Freeway motorcycle...this is where the "9MM Mayhem" challenge begins). Grab the Sniper Rifle. Note that there is now a Yellow Blip on your Radar. This is the "vantage point" that you need to get to. It's not far from the Sniper Rifle and there is a Pill (slows time) next to it. Grab the Pill and then walk into the Yellow Marker.

Using the Sniper Rifle is just like using the Camera. The game will explain how to use it. Basically, hold "R" to aim and then press "Square" or "X" to zoom in/out. While in this mode, hold "L" to steady your aim. Note that Salvatore has a Health Meter. You need to protect him by shooting the Sindaccos. They are fairly easy to hit and they are marked with Red Arrows so there should be no confusion.

The first wave will come from the right. The second from an alleyway in the middle. And the third from the left side. At this point Salvatore and his bodyguards have reached the corner. You can either go further along the roof to get a line at the fourth and fifth wave of enemies, or, jump down to the ground and take them out that way (as long as you have at least half of your health you can jump down without dying). I recommend jumping down to the ground and following Sal. After all of the Sindaccos are dead, a cop car will pull up. Kill both of the cops that get out. That's it.

Also, remember that the Sindaccos are Red Blips on your radar in case you're having trouble locating them.

You earned: $3,000.

Calm Before the Storm

You need to get to Salvatore's Mansion quickly. Drive to the Yellow Marker. Here you'll see Massimo get into his helicopter. You have to follow it. It's the Red Blip on your Radar. It will land in the construction area. Here you learn that he is enlisting the help of the Diablo Gang of Hepburn Heights. Continue to follow him. The helicopter will land. Get out of your car and get closer (go to the Yellow Marker) by going up the stairs. Here he meets with the Triads. You'll be spotted.

Shoot the Triads across from you. Then, look at your Radar. There are more down below. At this point, you can go down there and pick them off, or, what I prefer is to go to the Pill on the roof, in the corner. Look down. You'll see various Triads (or their red arrows) amongst some delivery trucks. With your Sniper Rifle, fire into the Truck's hood until it explodes. This will wipe out several Triads at the same time. Then, head down and finish them off. Note that there is a Heart Icon near the bottom of the stairs if you need Health.

You earned: $1,000.

The Made Man

JD is to become a Made Man. Get into the Leone Sentinel and drive to the Yellow Marker. On your way there, some Sindacco Hitmen will be out trying to off JD. They are the Red Blips. They are both in cars. Let them get near you and they'll get out of their cars. When they do, either run over them or get out and shoot them. Then, drive to the Yellow Marker in the Junk Yard.

Ah man! JD was whacked by Mickey (the other guy in the car). Get back into the car. Drive Mickey to his place. Lovely, the car is dripping blood. You'll have a Wanted Level. Drive to the Yellow Marker while avoiding the cops and drop Mickey off. Next, you have to dump the car in the river.

By river, they really mean any body of water. I recommend driving to Salvatore's Mansion and going over the hill on the left of his house. You'll end up down below on a flat area (boardwalk?) near some water. Drive fast toward the water and then hit the "Triangle" button to leap from your car. The car will continue on into the water. You can do this with any body of water; from the beach, at the docks, etc. Whatever works best for you.

You earned: $1,500. This is the end of the JD missions. You'll get a call from Vincenzo.

"C" - Ma Cipriani Missions

These missions are unlocked after you complete the "V" Mission, "Hot Wheels".

Snappy Dresser

Your mother thinks that Giovanni Casa is a better son than you. Time to prove her wrong. Go to your Apartment to pick up a Camera. The Camera works just like a gun. Head to Casa's Deli. Drive into the Yellow Marker. Watch as Casa gets into his delivery van.

You have to follow him, but not too close. You'd think there would be a meter, but there isn't. Instead, rely on the game telling you "Don't get too close...". When this message appears, back off until it goes away. Along the way, Casa will pick up a few ladies. Continue to follow him into the park/green area. Casa will change into his fetish outfit, a diaper.

Get out of your car. Go a little way toward him. Hold down "R" to bring up the camera. Then use "Square" and "X" to zoom in and out. You can stay a good distance from him and zoom in on him. As long as he's in your frame, snap the picture. Once you have the photo, head to Ma's place. Walk into the Yellow Marker.

You earned: $100.

Big Rumble in Little China

Before you start this mission, go to the Ammu-Nation and buy the Micro SMG. Also, if you want Body Armor to make this mission easier, follow my instruction in the "J" Mission, "A Volatile Situation".

Your Mom is embarrassed of you. Show her you got the stuff by beating up the two Triad gangs in Chinatown. Get into a car and drive to one of the two Red Blips. One gang is in Chinatown, protected from you running them over by concrete barriers. Get out of your car, locate the gang of four, and shoot them with the Micro SMG (you could also do a drive by with a motorcycle, but that's advanced). Then, locate the other Red Blip, a delivery van. Repeatedly ram the van until the gang jumps out. You may need to switch cars along the way if yours takes too much damage. When the gang gets out of the delivery truck, either shoot them or run them over.

You earned: $0.

Grease Sucho

Once again, your Mom points out a son who's better than you; that Sucho boy. He's going to be in a race. You have to beat him.

Grab the Leone Sentinel car outside your Ma's apartment. Drive to the Yellow Marker which will automatically enter you in the race. You'll probably have to try this one a few times in order to get to know the course. Note that inside each Yellow Checkpoint, there is an arrow pointing in the direction of the next Checkpoint. You can also see the next Checkpoint on your Radar as a faded Yellow Blip.

You beat Sucho. Now you have to take him out by doing a drive-by to get him out of the car. You can only do a drive-by if you have a Submachine Gun (SMG). To do a drive-by, hold down your "L" button and push the Analog Stick either right or left. Then, push your "Circle" button to fire.

Catch up to and get alongside Sucho. Fire on him. This will cause him to exit his car. Once he's out of his car, you can simply run him down in your car.

You earned: $1,000. You also unlocked Racing Missions. You'll get calls challenging you to race. You'll find these missions by finding Pay Phones that have a Yellow Marker near them.

Dead Meat

Your Mom informs you that Casa has stopped paying his protection money. You need to get his guts. Head to Casa's Deli, the Yellow Blip. When you get there, you'll tell Casa that you need to talk. Get back into your car and Casa will get in, too. Drive to the Sawmill, the Yellow Blip. Drive into the Yellow Marker after you go through the gate/fence.

Once inside, Casa will run away from you. You'll be armed with an Ax. It's not worth chasing him. Instead, wait for him to stop moving, and then walk up behind him and give him a few whacks. Repeat. If you're having trouble sneaking up on him, try to move your camera to see what direction he's facing. After three or four whacks, he'll die.

Next, you'll have to escape the Cops. Get into Casa's van. Guess where you should go? Yes, the Pay-n-Spray. Go there and then head to the Yellow Marker, Casa's Deli.

You earned: $500.

No Son of Mine

Before you start this mission make sure you have some Body Armor. If you don't know where it is, follow the instructions in the "J" mission, "A Volatile Situation." Once you have the Body Armor, go to your Apartment and save. If you die, just reload the game from here.

Your Ma has hired hitmen to take you out. Talk about tough love. Note, there is a Heart Icon (Health) down the stairs from where you start if you need it.

When you start up there is a Shotgun in front of you. Grab it. Shoot any Hitmen coming up the stairs while keeping an eye out for any Grenades (the game will tell you if a Grenade has been tossed). When the stairway is clear, make a run for it to any car. Then, use the car to run over the remaining hitmen until they die. Grab any money, ammo, or weapons that they have dropped.

A second wave of hitmen will arrive. At this point you can either continue to run them over in your car or get out and use your Shotgun when they arrive. The Shotgun is a powerful weapon which usually results in one-hit kills. Remember to lock-on with the "R" button and then use your "Left Arrow" or "Right Arrow" to scroll through the targets. When this second wave is wiped out, grab any money, ammo or weapons.

At this point, several more waves will come. Either run them down or shoot them, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Note that the last wave has Assault Rifle, so stay out of their way.

Another effective way to handle the last two waves is to be in a car, let it get shot until it catches fire and then drive it to where the hitmen are located. Get out and run away. When it blows, it'll take out several hitmen at once.

You earned: $0. Also, there is a note that since the hitmen have been paid, they won't stop until they get you. Be aware because throughout the rest of the game, a hitman may be near you. You are alerted when this happens. This is the last of the "C" - Ma Cipriani Missions.

"S" - Salvatore Missions

These missions are unlocked after you complete the "JD" Mission, "Don in 60 Seconds".

The Offer

Salvatore asks that you go down to the Portland Docks to meet up with the union leader, Jane Hopper, to pay her off.

Drive to the Yellow Marker. After Jane takes the bribe you'll have a ton of dock workers trying to kill you. You have to escape. Since you'll tire quickly when sprinting (by holding "X" button), you'll need to utilize your sprint only when needed. While you're being chased, run at your normal speed. If somebody is catching up to you or is approaching you, use your sprint to quickly dodge of get away. While running, keep your eye out for a vehicle. As soon as you see a vehicle, get in and drive out the main gate. Don't worry about running anybody over, they're trying to kill you after all. Once you clear the gates the mission will end.

You earned: $500.

Ho Selecta!

Since you failed with the union leader Salvatores new plan is to get the striking dock workers on your side. You need to deliver six hookers to the picket line.

You are given a time limit (6 minutes). The hookers are marked with Blue Blips. Hop into the Leone Sentinel outside of the house and head to the Northernmost girl. I'd recommend you get a Moonbeam (mini-van) to fit all six girls but for some reason, it can only fit three girls.

When you get to the Northernmost girl, at the gas station, ram the clients' car and then run the three of them down. Wait while the hooker gets into the Moonbeam (hopefully you have a Moonbeam by now, if not, keep looking on your way to the next girl).

At this point the remaining girls are to your South, as is your destination (the Yellow Blip). Take a look at your Map. Work your way South, picking up girls as you go. Note that there are a total of eight girls that you can pick up, but you only need six. After you've picked up the third girl, the game will tell you to drop them off at the picket line. Do so. Pick up another three girls and return to the picket line.

You earned: $500.


You need to scare the union big shots. They are the Red Blips on your radar.

Each union big shot is in a car. Ram him or, if you're on a motorcycle, do a drive by, to get him out of the car. Once out of the car you don't want to kill him, just scare him. You can do this by beating him up, or you can simply pump a few bullets into him, just not enough to kill him. Repeat this for the other two big shots. The last one may take off meaning you'll have to chase him. I recommend being on a motorcycle, preferably the PCJ-600, and shooting him with your SMG until he gets out of the car. Otherwise, get a fast car to chase him down.

You earned $1,000. You also unlocked the Avenging Angel outfit at your Apartment. You'll also receive a phone call from "Maria". Notice the "M" on your Map.

Rollercoaster Ride

You need to deal with Jane Hopper. She is at the radio station. Get there fast (you only have 2 minutes). You'll see a limo. You need to deal with the Chauffeur, who is standing in front of the limo. Shoot him dead. You'll now be in the Chauffeur's outfit. Get into the limo. When Hopper gets in you'll get a Scare meter. You need to drive fast, erratically, take jumps, and get into a few crashes to fill the meter. Be sure not to do too much damage to the limo. If it blows, the mission is over.

After you've filled the meter, take her to the Ferry Station picket line, the Yellow Blip. Be careful not to go too slow when you approach the Yellow Marker as there are angry dock workers that will drag you out of the limo and beat you.

You earned: $1,000. The Chauffeur outfit is now available at your Apartment. That's it for Salvatore Missions for now.


This Salvatore Mission is unlocked by receiving a Cell Phone Call after the "M" Maria mission, "Biker Heat".

Salvatore needs your help with a "shipment". Grab the Leone Sentinel and pick up each of the four Blue Blips. Then, head to the Portland Docks, the Yellow Marker. During the cutscene, note the Body Armor in front of your vehicle. When the action starts back up you need to kill the Drug Dealers, the Red Blips. The cops will be all over the place, too.

I recommend running to the Body Armor. By this time, your own men may have killed the Drug Dealers. If not, hide behind the huge fuel tanks for relative safety to see if they will kill them. If you're being overrun by cops, give up and run back toward the Drug Dealers and either hop into a car and run them over or just kill them with your SMG. When they're dead, hop into the Drug Dealer's car, the Hummer.

You'll have a three star Wanted Level. Your best bet is to get to the Pay-n-Spray. However, avoid the roads right as you exit the docks area as there are spikes on the road to pop your tires (stick to the sidewalks). After the Pay-n-Spray, take the vehicle to Salvatore's lock up. Drive it into the garage and get out to complete the mission.

You earned: $1,000. You'll get a Cell Phone Call from JD telling you to stop by.

Sindacco Sabotage

This mission is unlocked by completing the final "V" Mission, "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade". After you complete that mission, you'll get a Cell Phone Call.

The Diablos are causing trouble. You need to kill them before they kill the Leones on the scene. Notice you have two meters. One for the Diablos and one for the Leones. In Sal's garage, there is an SMG and some Body Armor. Grab them if you need them. Hop into a vehicle and drive to the Red Blips.

There are a ton of Diablos here. Note the Heart Icon underneath the scaffold on the sidewalk and the Body Armor, a block away at the corner across from the Diablo Gang Car. Use them when you need to. You have to kill all of the Diablos before they kill all of the Leones. Walk along the road and shoot them. Be aware that they'll come from both sides, so keep an eye on your radar. An enemy may drop a Molotov Cocktail (the Green Bottle) which is good for taking out any Diablos who are close together. There is plenty of ammo from all of the killed Diablos and Leones, so that won't be an issue. As long as one Leone survives, you're fine.

You earned: $1,500.

The Trouble with Triads

Sal has a bunch of money you need to pick up at Callahan Point. Head to the Warehouse, the Yellow Blip. The Triads have blown up the warehouse. You have 4:30 to get the money out. The money is marked with Green Arrows. The Triads are marked with Red Arrows. Shoot the Triads as you get to them. You'll have plenty of time to pick up the money. The thing you don't want to do is go through any flames. Anytime you turn a corner, press your "R" button to lock-on. If any Triad is there, shoot and kill him. You don't want to be surprised by a Triad.

After you have all of the money picked up, kill off the remaining Triads. There's a very nice weapon that you can now get. Locate the downed red beam leading up to a weapon (on what used to be the roof) which is highlighted in green. This is an Assault Shotgun. This is a test in patience. Get onto the red beam leading up to this weapon. Adjust your camera so it is directly behind you. Then, push the Analog Stick very carefully so that you walk up the beam. If you already have a Shotgun, get ready to hit "L" when you reach it to change out your weapon. Otherwise, just run over it to grab it.

Find a car and drive back to Salvatore's. Oh man! There are two Triad Delivery Trucks after you! If you have a PCJ-600 or another fast vehicle, you can easily outrun them. Do battle with them if you like, but I don't recommend it.

You earned: $1,500.

Driving Mr. Leone

This mission will require you to do some fancy driving because there will be cops after you. If you're comfortable with it, I recommend you taking the PCJ-600 motorcycle. The speed cannot be beat. If motorcycles aren't working for you, hop into the Leone Sentinel. When you near the Ferry Terminal you'll see the Yellow Marker. As soon as you touch that Yellow Marker you'll have a 3 star Wanted Level. Back into the Yellow Marker so you can quickly take off.

You need to head to the Callahan Bridge. You'd think it'd be a good idea to stop by the Pay-n-Spray on the way there, however, this will only temporarily drop your Wanted Level (as soon as you pass a cop it'll return). The only reason you should visit the Pay-n-Spray would be to fix your vehicle, however, since you can hop into any vehicle you want on the way there, this isn't necessary.

So, from the Ferry Terminal, drive like crazy to the Callahan bridge avoiding any cops and road spikes that you can. When you get there, drive onto the bridge (it isn't blocked any more although you do have to run over some cones) and then gun it toward the ramp. You'll jump the ramp.

Sal tells you to head to the Safe house, the Yellow Blip. The cops are still after you so be careful as you drive there.

You earned: $4,000. The Staunton Safe house is now available. You unlocked new Multiplayer content. Go into the Safe house and Save.

The Sicilian Gambit

Sal is finally out of Jail. This mission is unlocked by completing the Shoreside Vale "S" mission, "The Shoreside Redemption."

Before you start this mission buy Body Armor, Grenades, and the Minigun. Then save.

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Sal has pissed off some Sicilian Wise Guys. You'll have to watch out for them. Head over to City Hall while avoiding the Sicilians and the Cops. When you arrive, there will be four Sicilians on the steps. Shoot them. Sal will tell you that the Sicilians have already grabbed the Mayor. Drive down to the Pier. The road to the Pier is not far from your Safe House. If you see the white parking garage, the road you want to take is to the South of it. And, if you need Body Armor or the Pay-n-Spray, now is a good time to do it as you're in the area. When you get to the pier take out the Wiseguy and you'll be put into the boat (Sal may get stuck on the dock, it happened to me, and I had to reload).

You are the gunner on the boat. You have a Minigun and unlimited Ammo. Shoot all of the boats and the helicopter (the Triangle Blip). Remember you can steady your aim with "L", however, I didn't find that I needed it except for the helicopter. You'll eventually arrive at the Lighthouse.

Work your way up the stairs of lighthouse. There will be two enemies above, on the left, as you go up. Then, you'll have to deal with the enemy behind the crate. He can be a real pain. I recommend standing on the stairs and throwing a Grenade over the fence at him. As long as you're on this side of the fence, he can't shoot you, so you can toss as many Grenades as you need to kill him. Continue up the stairs. You'll have one more guy to kill before you can step into the Yellow Marker. Also, be careful not to kill Sal, who may be in front of you.

Finally, you'll have to take out the helicopter. There is some Body Armor in front of you if you need it. Take out your Minigun, lock on to the chopper and unload on it. It won't take long to shoot down. That's it. The last story mission. Congrats!

You earned: $500,000.

"M" - Maria Missions

These missions are unlocked by receiving a phone call after the "S" mission, "Frighteners". If you failed to answer that phone call, you'll get another one later. Maria is Salvatore's girl.

Shop 'Til You Strop

Make sure you saved before this mission. If you fail, reload.

You have to take Maria shopping. No matter what vehicle you have the tires will be shot out at the second shop you visit. So, for this first part of the mission, drive whatever you want. Take Maria to the shop, the Yellow Blip. It looks like she has shoplifted something. You have a one star Wanted Level. You need to lose the heat. If you like, you can head to the Pay-n-Spray, but probably by the time you get there your Wanted Level will be gone, so I recommend just driving around until you lose you Wanted Level.

Once you are back to zero stars, Maria will ask that you go to another shop. Drive her to the Yellow Blip. Once again, she steals and you'll have to get her back to her Apartment. The problem is you have a three star Wanted Level, the shop owner will have shot out your back tires and there are various spikes on the road to pop your tires just in case you weren't having enough trouble driving.

At this point, you want to get to the Pay-n-Spray. However, your car will be hard to control due to the shopkeeper blowing out your tires. I found the best success with this method: getting out of the car, shooting the shopkeeper and then finding whatever car is nearest to me and hopping in. If you do this quickly enough, the cops will just be arriving but shouldn't interfere. If one or two cop cars do come while you're trying to find another car, shoot them and then grab another car. When you have an operational car or motorcycle, drive to the Pay-n-Spray and then drop Maria off at her apartment.

You earned: $100.

Taken for a Ride

Maria wants to throw a party but her cabinets are bare. She needs some "pure cane sugar". Grab a speedy car and drive her to her dealer. Pull in behind the dealer, a Sindacco. Maria will get in the car with the Sindaccos. They'll drive away with her. You need to ram their car, the Red Blip. Keep ramming the Sindacco car until they get out. Then run them over or get out and shoot them. Go pick up Maria, Blue Blip, from wherever she ended up. Drive Maria back to her apartment.

You earned: $500.

Booby Prize

Maria has entered herself as the first prize in a race. You need to win her. This is a bike (motorcycle) race. If you haven't been using motorcycles in the game yet it's time to get used to them. If you have (I prefer motorcycles for my daily driving), then this should be cake. The competition all have Sanchez's, the dirt bike. You want to use a PCJ-600. If you're having trouble finding one, there is always one parked outside of Salvatore's house in Portland Beach (you've been there before). This is a two lap race and it's fine if you crash. I crashed about 8 or 9 times during the race (less in the second lap) and I had no problem winning.

If you're having trouble it is most likely due to the fact that you're not used to driving the motorcycle or you don't know the route well. The more practice you get, the better. One tip: when going around corners, use the handbrake ("R" button) and turn the wheel in the direction you want to go. When you're about half-way through the turn, slam on the accelerator again. This will pull you through the turn without losing as much speed as traditional braking. It will take some practice but it is worth knowing this driving skill (it works for cars, too, although depending on the car you may spin out).

You earned: $0. However, you're street cred for bike racing is high enough that people will contact you to enter bike races.

Biker Heat

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Before you start this mission, make sure that you have an SMG and some Body Armor. If you don't know where to get Body Armor, check out the "JD" Mission, "A Volatile Situation". Then, Save at your Apartment. If you die, restart from this save.

Oh geez. Maria is in love with you. A guy she was seeing, Wayne, hit her. Time to exact some revenge, aka, murder. Drive to the Yellow Blip. Wayne and his gang will be there. Wayne will take off and you'll have to deal with his gang. Actually, you don't. I recommend running away from the gang long enough for them to follow you away from the motorcycles. Then, run back to the motorcycles, be sure to grab the ammo that is there and then hop onto the PCJ-600.

Time to chase Wayne. While riding you can fire your SMG by pressing the "Circle" button. This will fire in front of you. You can also fire to the right and left of you by holding down "L" and moving your Analog Stick left or right. Anyway, if you're good enough, you'll stay close to Wayne and you will be able to fire on him to kill him. If you don't get him while he is on his bike he will eventually go back to Chinatown and get off of his bike. Simply run him over or shoot him dead.

You earned: $1,500.

Overdose of Trouble

Maria has overdosed. She needs a ZAP. She left them at the Diner at Callahan Point. Grab whatever vehicle and head to the Yellow Blip. When you arrive, Maria will remember that the ZAP isn't here, but somewhere in Hepburn Heights. Unfortunately, you've met up with Wayne's old gang and they want some revenge. You can either deal with them here by shooting them, but that will get you a few Wanted Level stars. Or you can simply outrun them (if you're on a PCJ-600) or smash and ram them (if you're in a car). If you kill off the first wave of Wayne's gang, a second will appear soon thereafter and chase you again. If you kill off the second wave, expect a third and so on. I recommend being on a PCJ-600, killing the first round of the gang at the Diner, and then driving really fast to Hepburn Heights.

When you arrive there, Maria will remember that she has a stash of ZAP in her apartment, where you started. Drive there. If the cops are still bugging you, stop by the Pay-n-Spray on the way. When you get to the Apartment, you find out she meant Salvatore's place. Drive there. Finally, she's off your back.

You earned: $0. The "M" missions are done for now. You unlocked the "Goodfellas" outfit in your Apartment.

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