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LB's Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
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2. Staunton Island

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Strategy Guide > 2. Staunton Island

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After you arrive on Staunton Island, Save at your Safe House, and then drive around a bit until you get a phone call from Salvatore (if you're not getting the phone call, walk around until you do). This will give you the "S" on your Staunton Island Map.

"S" - Salvatore Missions

A Walk in the Park

Before you start this mission, make sure that you have a Sniper Rifle. You can purchase one at the Ammu-Nation.

You need to kill the Mayor, but he is being heavily guarded. He is jogging in the park. Using this method, you won't have to enter the park until after he is dead. From where you begin this mission, not far away is a large building with American flags all around it (it's near the SW corner of the park). At this building, you'll see a large opening to an underground garage, actually, it's just a pathway down to the lower highway (depending on the time, the garage door may be open or shut). Stand at the opening.

Get your Sniper Rifle ready. Watch as the Mayor's blip goes around the park. When he gets within you sights, he'll pause to catch his breath. You have a direct line of fire at him. Zoom in and kill him. If you don't have a good shot, just wait patiently for him to make another lap. After he is dead, hop into a car and drive to the Cell Phone he dropped, the Green Blip. If there are any cops/guards nearby, then run them down, get out and shoot them, or just ignore them and quickly grab the phone. Once you have it, drive back to Salvatore's. You'll have the Mayor's guards on you, so avoid them the best you can. They won't be too much of a problem.

You earned: $1,500. The Sweats outfit is now available.

Making Toni

This mission begins in your Safe House. Mickey is back (he's the one that offed JD). He tells you to drive to the Meeting Place. Do so. That's it. Salvatore will make you a Made Man.

You earned: $2,000 for doing nothing. Nice. This ends the Sal missions for now. You'll get a Cell Phone call from Sal telling you about Donald Love, the "D" on your map. You'll also get a call from your Ma telling you congrats and that she's called off the hit on you. Lastly, the Antonio outfit is now available.

Caught in the Act

This mission is unlocked by answering a Cell Phone call from Sal after completing the "D" mission, "Morgue Party Candidate".

Time to do some boating and shooting. This is a mission where all you have to do is shoot enemies as Sal calls them out to you. Remember that the "L" button helps to steady your aim. When it comes to boats, it's easier to shoot the boat than the men on it. When it comes to docks, try to hit the exploding barrels that are usually there. No tricks here, just aim well.

You earned: $2,000. Sal will call you after this mission and you'll see another "S" Icon. You also unlocked the "R" - McAffrey missions.

Search and Rescue

Before you begin this mission, get a good weapon (M4 or AK47), the Flame Thrower, some Body Armor and save.

This mission is unlocked after you get a cell call from Sal after the "Caught in the Act" mission.

The Sindaccos and the Forellis are at war. Sal is stuck in the middle of a hit. You need to rescue him. Go grab Sal's Limo, the Blue Blip in the parking garage. Back the Limo into the Yellow Marker and get out. Immediately start shooting the enemies in the alley with your M4 (or AK47). Work you way down the alley killing everybody. Work your way to Sal and kill the two enemies near him. Before you go up to him (which will spawn more enemies), get your Flame Thrower ready. At this point, if you have most of your life and no body armor left, there's a good chance you'll make it.

Two enemies will come down the alley to you. Flame them. Then, being very careful not to hit Sal with Flames, move to the alley entrance. You'll see many Red Blips to either side of you. Just barely go out into the alley and spray the left and the right side with Flames. Duck back into the side alley you are in. See if you killed anybody by looking at the Red Blips on your Radar. You should have killed everybody but a few on the left and a few on the right. When that is the situation, re-arm yourself with the M4, pop out to the left and kill the enemies and then work your way to the Limo killing as you go.

Get in the Limo. You'll have at least a 2 star Wanted Level. Drive the Limo to the Yellow Marker and then into the Garage. Get out and the mission will be over.

You earned: $2,000. Wait a minute or so and you'll get a Cell Phone call from Sal telling you where the next mission will begin.

Taking the Peace

This mission is unlocked by receiving a Cell Phone call from Sal after completing the "Search and Rescue" mission.

Go to the Van, Blue Blip. You'll be remotely controlling Paul Sindacco's car. Your goal is to run over all of the Forellis in order to set up the Sindaccos. Once you press "X" to take control of the car you'll have a 5 minute timer. It's best to wait to take control of the car until it is close to the meeting in order to give you as much time as possible.

When you take control of the car you'll be in First Person night vision mode. If you haven't been using the First Person view, this will take a bit of getting used to. Find the alleyway where all of the Forellis are located. Aim your car at it. The first pass through the alley you'll want to be fast. Don't get stuck or their gun fire will damage your car greatly. Try to split the two cars blocking the alley so that you don't get stuck. After the first pass through the alley, get out of the line of fire. Look on your Radar to see if any Blips are running away. If so, run them down. Then, face the alley again and go for a second pass. Repeat this until all of the Forellis are dead.

You'll probably have to try this one several times. Fortunately, you are close to restarting the mission, so it's not a pain. Once you learn to not get stuck in the alley you'll be fine.

You earned: $2,500. Drive around a bit until you get another Cell call from Sal.

Shoot the Messenger

This mission is unlocked after getting a Cell call from Sal after the "Taking the Peace" mission.

Some wise guy is onto your fabricated war. He's headed to tell Franco Forelli that you and Sal are behind it. Get to the boat. When you near the boat, you don't have to jump into it, simply hit the "Triangle" button when near it and you'll automatically get in it.

This is actually pretty easy once you know what to do. Just like every other vehicle in the game, you can shoot your SMG to the right or to the left, aka, a drive-by. Pull your boat up alongside the wise guys boat and lay into it. The game is pretty forgiving and you'll hit and kill the wise guy pretty quickly. You'll automatically be placed back on the dock.

You earned: $3,000. The Wise guy outfit is now available. That's the end of the Sal missions for now.

"D" - Donald Love Missions

You'll get a phone call from Sal after completing the "S" mission, "Making Toni". A "D" for Donald Love will appear on your Map.

The Morgue Party Candidate

Donald wants to throw a Morgue Party. Egad. You need to steal the Hearse (Blue Blip) before it reaches its destination. Either use a motorcycle and shoot the Hearse to make it stop or use a car and ram it until it stops. When you get in, the Police will be alerted and you'll have a 3 star Wanted Level. Drive to the Pay-n-Spray as quickly as possible. A tip: it's good to try and ram the Hearse when it's at its nearest point to the Pay-n-Spray, that way you won't have far to go.

Next, drive the car to Donald's Garage, the Yellow Blip. Be careful not to run over any cops. Leave the car in the garage and get out.

You earned: $1,000. You get a call from Sal. The "S" is back on your Map. Also note the Bell Icon on your Map, the "Church Confessional".

Steering the Vote

You have to spread the word about the upcoming election. Get into the Public Address Van. Drive through any of two Yellow Checkpoints. You'll be told that O'Donovan has sent out his own vans to reclaim some of the Voting Areas. You need to drive through five Voting Areas within 6:00.

There are many Yellow Markers scattered throughout the city. You'll be in competition with O'Donovan's vans. It's useless at this point to spend time trying to destroy the two vans because O'Donovan will launch more vans to replace the ones you've destroyed. What you want to do is to get five areas as quickly as possible. Once you get five, the Yellow Markers will disappear and you can go after the vans. Of course, as you're driving around to get the five areas, if you see an opposing van, feel free to ram it. They are weak vans and usually one good hit will set them on fire.

Destroy the two vans to complete the mission.

You earned: $1,500.


Before you begin this mission, go to Ammu-Nation and buy some Grenades. I also recommend that you Save before this mission.

Donald is eating the corpse's rib cage. Ew. Well, back to campaigning. You need to kill the campaigners within 4:00. You'll have to work fast. The first group is up on a rooftop party. Climb the stairs, stand by the Body Armor in the bushes, and then toss several Grenades into the middle of the party. If this doesn't kill everybody, then shoot the remaining people. You'll have at least a 1 star Wanted Level and probably a 2 star.

The second group is at ground level and can easily be run over with your car. If any of them escape, simply run them down on your way to the third group. When you get to the third group, drive your car up the set of stairs to where they are holding their party. Run down as many as you can. If your car catches fire, great! Exit and run away. The explosion should kill everybody. If anybody got away, chase them down and shoot them.

You earned: $1,500.

Friggin' the Riggin'

Before you start this mission make sure you have some Body Armor.

Upon beginning this mission, Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop will be open for business. It is marked on your Map with an American Flag. Go there. Get a Flame Thrower. This one is free as Donald Love has already paid for it. Everything else is out of stock.

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Head to the Forelli Warehouse, the Yellow Blip. Once outside, equip your Flame Thrower and torch any guards and anything with a Red Arrow above it. You'll need to keep the flame on it until you see it burst into flames. You shouldn't have any problem with Ammo, but keep an eye on it...don't go crazy with the fire. Note the Heart Icon in the warehouse. Use it if you need it. As far as the guards go, it's easy to swing yourself in a 360 to set anybody messing with you on fire. Once all of the equipment is destroyed, you have to go after the two Forelli Vans.

Hop into whatever car you want and ram and/or shoot them until the two vans explode.

You'll earn $1,500. New stock has been delivered to Phil Cassidy's.

Love and Bullets

You need to protect Donald after you are ambushed. There is a Sniper Rifle at the back of the Limo if you don't have one. There are various enemies around you; some on the roof to your left, some on the bridge in front of you, and many at ground level to your left. The mission will end if you die or if the Limo explodes. Note the Limo's health meter on the right of your screen.

First, shoot the two enemies on the roof to the left. Then, shoot the barrel near the ground level enemy on the left and then the other guy near him. Finally, shoot the three men on the bridge in front of you. Get back into the Limo.

You need to drive back to Donald's building. There will be another car of hitmen on you. They're not much of a bother.

You earned: $2,000.

Counterfeit Count

Time for a little election fraud. You'll be intercepting three ballot exchanges. You are allowed to miss one exchange. Get into whatever vehicle and drive to the Ballot Van. Follow it until it stops. Get out of your car. Wait for the Courier to make the exchange. As soon as the arrow above the courier turns red, shoot him before he even has a chance to get back into his car. Grab the Package (green). Repeat this for the other two exchanges.

If you're lucky, there won't be any cops around when you shoot the courier. If there are, you'll have to deal with a Wanted Level. If it's becoming a problem, fail the mission, go to the Pay-n-Spray and start over.

You earned: $2,500. This is the end of the "D" missions for now.

Love on the Rocks

This mission is unlocked by receiving a Cell call after completing the "Church Confessional" mission, "False Idols".

Before you start this mission buy some Body Armor and make sure that you have a decent Assault Rifle.

You have to meet up with Donald's guy in Newport. Drive to the car. Get into his car. He tells you that you need to steal the Van with evidence in it. The Van is located in the tractor trailer yard not far from where you meet the contact. The van is heavily guarded.

There is a car and two delivery trucks blocking the entrance. I tried various methods including driving various cars into the area. I found the most success with staying on foot. If you have any leftover Rockets from the "False Idol" mission, use one to destroy the middle car blocking the entrance. Using the AK47 or M4, work your way toward the Van. As long as you stay slow and steady, taking out any enemies as soon as you see them, you won't have much of a problem getting there. You could also use the Sniper Rifle if you like.

Once in the Van, you'll have at least a 2 star Wanted Level. You have to get to the meeting place, the Yellow Marker. On your way out of the tractor trailer area, there will be some enemies in a Banshee shooting at you. It's important to ram them either in the front or back so that they spin out and you continue on without losing much speed. If you get stuck they'll quickly shoot your van and blow it up. After you get by that car it's your basic avoid the cops drive to Yellow Marker scenario. When you arrive, drive the car into Donald's garage.

You earned: $0. Donald will tell you that you're to blame for his poor approval rating with voters and will end your relationship (for now). That's it for Donald Missions for now. You'll get a phone call from Sal. He's been caught. You now have an "S" back on the map. It's your first mission in Shoreside Vale.

"R" - Leon McAffrey Missions

Unlocked after completing the "S" mission, "Caught in the Act". You'll get a cell call from Sal which will unlock it.

Sayonara Sindaccos

What a dirty cop! Get into Leon's car. Drive into the Yellow Marker. Kill the Sindaccos in the area, there are about six of them, and then head back to the car. Once back in the car you'll be the gunner. Remember that "L" will steady your aim. Otherwise, just look for the Blips on your Radar to see which way their coming and shoot every Sindacco vehicle culminating with the helicopter at the end.

You earned: $1,500.

The Whole 9 Yardies

Due to the motorcycle chase in this mission, I recommend a Save before beginning this mission. Body Armor wouldn't hurt, either.

You need to steal a Forelli bike. You can't kill any Forellis. Drive to the Blue Blip. You'll see a gang of Forellis and several PCJ-600s. There's no way to avoid taking a few hits. Just run to any of the bikes and steal it. Drive away quickly. You're being chased.

Lure the Forellis into the kill zone, the Yellow Blip. It's best that you don't crash on the way there. If you do, the Forellis will quickly kill you. If you're not yet good on the motorcycle, you're simply going to need practice.

Once you arrive, help the Yardies kill the four Forellis.

You earned $2,000.

Crazy '69'

Time for some swordsmanship. You have 4:00 to kill 20 Forellis. Catch is you have to do it with the Katana (sword). Head to the park, run around and kill the Forellis. You should have no problem getting at least 10 before your time expires.

You earned: $2,000. The Dragon Jumpsuit outfit is now available.

Night of the Livid Dreads

There is a good chance you'll die trying this mission. Go ahead and gear up with an Assault Rifle (M4 or AK47), some Body Armor, and Save.

You have to help the Yardies defend their turf against the Sindaccos. Go there and shoot the Sindaccos. In the main battle area there is a Shotgun if you need it. Sindacco reinforcements will arrive. Protect the Yardies. As long as you have an assault rifle of some sort you can easily kill them...remember that the "Left Arrow" and "Right Arrow" will scroll through targets. Next, you have to clear a path for the Sindaccos. As you go along the path, the thin alley, note the Body Armor in an alcove. Continue to fight your way through: moving forward, locking on, shooting, repeat. If you run out of ammo for your Assault Rifle, use your SMG. When they're all dead run into the Yellow Marker to wait for the ambulance.

You earned: $2,000. You'll get a phone call from McCaffrey. An "R" will reappear on your map marking the next mission.

Munitions Dump

This is unlocked by receiving a Cell Phone call after completing "Night of the Livid Dreads".

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You need to destroy the trucks that the Forellis are using to smuggle arms. I had the best success using a PCJ-600 and driving right behind the truck while firing with my SMG. If you take a car, the rear gunners in the truck will quickly set it afire. So, with the motorcycle, shoot up the back of the first truck until it explodes. Immediately, back up will arrive and you'll have to deal with other Sindaccos cars chasing you. As long as you're on the PCJ-600 this shouldn't be a problem as you can outrun them and, then while shooting at the second truck, adjust your speed to avoid them. Fire into the back of the second truck until it explodes.

You earned: $2,500. McAffrey will call and tell you that things are getting too hot. He tells you to deny that you know him. This is it for McAffrey missions for now.

"Bell Icon" - Church Confessional Missions

These missions are unlocked by completing the first Donald Love mission, "Morgue Party Candidate".

L.C. Confidential

You need to help the Father exonerate some doping Athletes by stealing the results of their tests from the F.B.I. You have 3:00 to go to the crime scene, steal the F.B.I. car and then get to the meeting point.

This is pretty straight forward. The F.B.I. car is marked with a Blue Arrow. Drive right up to it, hop out and drive it to the Yellow Marker. You will have a 3 star Wanted Level, so you'll be banged around a bit, but the meeting place isn't very far away.

After getting to the meeting place you'll realize you're dealing with an informant. He'll run away. Run him down and grab the Report (green). Then, you'll have to drive to Liberty Tree. You'll still have your wanted level and by this time your car is probably pretty banged up. Drive away from the concentration of cops and switch cars if you want. Get to the Yellow Marker.

You earned: $1,500.

The Passion of the Heist

Grab an M4 Assault Rifle from Cassidy's and some Body Armor from the Ammu-Nation before you start this mission.

The Father is after some diamonds. Grab the briefcase (Green Blip) and kill the gang members. Drive all the way to the North of the Map where you'll find the briefcase being guarded by many guards and a helicopter. Leave the area and go to the grassy area across the road. Many of the guards will chase you. Gun each of them down as they near you. Then, work your way towards the remaining guards and helicopter. When you're near enough, you can lock onto the helicopter. Pump it full of M4 lead. Then, take out the left over guards. Grab the briefcase. Get in a car and get out of there, heading to the Yellow Blip; Liberty Tree.

You earned: $1,500.


It's time to cause a little mayhem. Drive to the Fire truck, Blue Blip, and steal it. You have 4:00 to cause as many pile-ups, crashes, and acts of mayhem as possible. Bonuses are awarded for spectacular crashes, spinning, flipping or destroying vehicles. The thing you don't want to do is flip your Fire truck, which will end your mission. Otherwise, drive like an animal, hitting pedestrians, knocking over motorcycles, and ramming car after car after car. The harder you ram a car the more potential for a spectacular crash. You won't have any problem getting your "Rating" Meter full.

Note, if you flip on your side there is a good chance you can recover. Turn your steering wheel all the way left or right and push the accelerator. This will usually right your Fire truck. If you flip over completely, you're toast. Also, to avoid flipping in the first place, I recommend smashing cars from behind rather than head on as the head on crashes will often cause your Fire truck to jump into the air.

After you fill the meter you'll have to destroy the Fire truck. You can do this in a variety of ways. I simply drove mine into the water. You can also keep ramming things until it catches fire, or you can get out and shoot it until it blows.

You earned: $1,500.

False Idols

The Father doesn't like the current state of celebrity, so he's asking you to kill three stars. The game will brief you on how each of the three stars is arriving: Faith W. on a private helicopter from Francis Airport, DB-P on a Boat from Portland who will then switch to a bullet-proof Patriot, and Black Lightman arriving in a limo.

First, visit Phil Cassidy's to grab a pre-paid Rocket Launcher. You won't need more than 8 rockets, but if you want to spend another $9,000 to have 16 rockets, feel free. You shouldn't need them, though.

Next, it's good to know where LCFR is located. It's on the South end of the map (Bedford Point). It's the white building with black glass. The building is huge and takes up the entire block. It is one block South of the block where the Church is located. That's where all three celebs are attempting to go.

I had the most success first taking out Light Blackman's Limo, then DB-P's Patriot, and then the Helicopter. Drive in the direction of the Limo (the Red Blip coming from North to South). You'll meet up with it about half-way up the map, not far from the park. Pull out your Rocket Launcher. Remember that the "L" button will steady your aim. Fire a rocket at the Limo for an instant kill. Next, check your Map to see where the Patriot is currently located. That Red Blip has driven from the docks on the East and shouldn't be very far away from you at this point. Drive to it, get out and fire two rockets at it to destroy it (actually, if you fire one good shot just underneath it, it'll blow up). At this point, you only have the helicopter (the Triangle Blip, because it's above you) to worry about. Drive to the LCFR building, beating the helicopter there. Get out and watch as the blip nears you. When you spot the helicopter, fire at it. One hit will do it. Remember, when aiming, that you'll probably have to lead the helicopter a bit to hit it.

Head back to the Church to let the Father know you have completed God's dirty work. What, it wasn't a priest, but a newspaper guy named, Ned?

You earned: $1,500. You'll receive a Cell Phone call from Donald Love. The "D" is back on the map.

"T" - Toshiko Kasen Missions

More Deadly than the Male

This mission will be unlocked by receiving a Cell call after completing the Salvatore Shoreside Vale mission, "Shogun Showdown."

Toshiko wants you to destroy her husband, Kazuki Kasen, head of the Yakuza Mafia. She asks that you intercept a shipment of arms. Drive to the Blue Blip. For as many guards as are there, I didn't have any problem with this mission. Drive to the two Yakuza Stingers guarding the entrance to the docks which are down below. Hop into a Yakuza Stinger and quickly drive down the switchback path and onto the dock. You'll see a Blue Blip above a boat. Get out of the car and stand near the boat and hit your "Triangle" button to automatically get in the boat.

Drive the boat to the Yellow Marker. Although there will be various Yakuza boats along your path, they won't be a problem as long as you keep going fast.

You earned: $2,000. The Minigun is now available at Phil Cassidy's.

Cash Clash

Before you start this mission make sure that you have the Rocket Launcher. Also get some Body Armor and then Save at your Staunton Island safe house.

You need to intercept a money transfer from Kazuki's Casino. There are three Armored Trucks transferring the money. You are going to want to destroy all three when they're still together. Once they go on the run (after they spot you) it is much more difficult.

From where you start the mission, drive North until you get to the diagonal cross street. Hang a left and go one block. You'll see that the three trucks are headed your way. More often than not, they'll stop at a traffic light at this intersection. This is your time to act. Have your Rocket Launcher ready and remember that "L" steadies your aim. Fire a shot at the first truck and then the second truck. If your still standing (the cops may be on you), fire a third rocket at the third truck. Basically, attempt to get all of the trucks here but make sure you get at least two of them.

If you got all of the trucks, mission over. If you only got one, then reload from a save as it's very hard to chase down two trucks. If you got two trucks then hop into any car and chase down the remaining truck. Try to spin it out or wait for it to crash on its own. Get out and fire a rocket at it. You will have a Wanted Level as soon as you blow up the first truck so be careful not to get busted.

You earned: $3,000.

A Date with Death

You have to take Toshiko to the Opera. You have 3:00 to get there. Run around back and get into her Limo, the Blue Blip. Pick her up. Next, you'll have to pick up your Tuxedo. Head to the blue "Shirt Icon". Get out and walk into the Yellow Marker for the Tuxedo. Then, drive to the Opera.

Some Forellis don't like the idea of you being seen with Toshiko. Gun down the half-dozen Forellis and then jump back into the Limo. Wait for Toshiko to get in and then drive back to her apartment. On your way you'll be chased by some Forellis and some cops. As long as you keep driving quickly (I recommend taking the West side expressway) they won't bug you.

You earned: $2,000. The Tuxedo outfit is now available.

Cash In Kazuki's Chips

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Before you begin this mission, make sure that you have Body Armor and the M4 or AK47. Note, the Minigun is now available at Phil Cassidy's but due to a quirk later on I don't recommend you waste your money on it. Also Save.

It's time to kill Kazuki. Drive to the Yellow Marker. Get ready. When the elevator opens kill the three men. Then, watch your back and kill the other four or five men. You'll see Kazuki escape in his helicopter. When you start back up you an find some Body Armor in this alley if you need it. Head to the Casino (Yellow Marker) in one of the Yakuza Stingers. You'll be chased but you'll have no problem outrunning them.

When you arrive, work your way to the top of the casino. Note the Heart Icon under the stairs. There is no trick to this, just shoot and kill as you work your way up the stairs. You've had several missions like this before so it should be nothing new.

When you reach the top, step into the Yellow Marker. Kazuki will challenge you one on one. For some reason, the game will take away your best weapon for this battle (when I had the M4 it defaulted me to the SMG and the M4 was no longer in my inventory...when I had the Minigun, it defaulted me to the M4). That is why I don't recommend you buy the Minigun. You'd think it would quickly kill Kazuki, and it would, if it wasn't taken away for this battle.

If your Body Armor is gone (and it probably is) immediately run to the Body Armor. Then, run away from Kazuki. When you get some distance, turn, lock on, and fire at him. After you do this a few times he'll tell his men (there are two stationed up here) to shoot you. Kill them if you have the chance, but otherwise continue to fire on Kazuki because once he's dead the men disappear.

When he is dead, take his sword to Toshiko as proof that you've killed him. Note that whatever weapon was taken from you is now back in the inventory. Her place is very close. Drive there. She'll kill herself.

You earned: $4,000. That's the end of the "T" missions.

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