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LB's "GTA(R): San Andreas(TM)" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Las Venturas

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GTA: San Andreas Strategy Guide >
Las Venturas Missions

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GTA: San Andreas Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Table of Contents

1. LB's GTA: SA Strategy Guide Introduction
2. Los Santos
3. San Fierro
4. Las Venturas
5. GTA: SA Extras
6. GTA: SA Updates
7. LB's GTA: SA Quick Review

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GTA: SA Las Venturas Missions

"?" Icon Missions (? Missions)

You will receive a phone call after completing all of the San Fierro missions. Answer it. It's a mysterious caller who wants to discuss your mother. Head to the "?" icon in Tierra Robada, in Las Venturas.


Go to the "?" icon. Walk into the red marker. The monster truck is equipped with a GPS. You have to go through each of the 35 red checkpoints and get back to the start within 6:30. Get into the monster truck and drive through the red checkpoints. Your truck can climb steep hills as long as you have enough speed going up. Keep that in mind. Also, on the Xbox, you can hold down "X" for 4-wheel steering, for extra control. Finally, it's not that hard to get there within the time limit (I average about 4:30), so take your time to ensure you don't flip your vehicle. Once successful, you'll earn $1000.


Answer your phone to activate the next "?" icon. Toreno is there and he's a gov't agent. He tells you to use Cesar to help you. Get onto the bike with Cesar and follow the truck (red blip). He's crossing the Garver Bridge. Get onto the freeway and cross the Garver (Golden Gate) Bridge, chasing the truck. Pull up along the left side of the truck and hold the bike into position until Cesar jumps. Try to hold the bike near the red arrow. Cesar will bring the truck to a stop. Get in and drive it back to your garage (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker and you'll earn $7000.

"T" Icon Missions (Toreno Missions)

This mission is opened after the "Highjack" "?" icon mission. It is located where the "?" icon was before, on your save in Tierra Robada.


Get to El Castillo del Diablo in the desert (yellow blip). Hop into the dune buggy. Drive to the yellow blip and into the red marker. Pick up the rocket launcher in front of you. Choose a vehicle to get to the top of the mountain and get to the drop zone and await the package. I chose the dune buggy, choose whatever you'd like. Drive up the mountain. Near the top, take the steep ramp up to the red marker on the natural stone bridge.

Next you have to protect the contraband helicopter (blue blip) from the spooks (red blip). The helicopter has a health meter. In addition to various men on the ground, you'll have enemy helicopters to deal with. You can recognize them by the red arrow above them. Use your rocket launcher to shoot down the 4 enemy copters. After that the friendly helicopter will drop the contraband (green blip). Get into your vehicle and drive to the green blip. Exit your vehicle and grab the contraband.

Get the contraband back to the hideout (yellow blip). Run to the red marker in the barn. You'll have earned $1000.

Verdant Meadows

Head to the abandoned airstrip (airplane icon). As you get closer to it the airplane icon will be covered by a "Property for Sale" icon, but don't let it fool you. At the airstrip, run up the stairs and into the office. Hop into the red marker (if there is no red marker, you may have to purchase the property for $80000 to make one appear). You are now in Pilot School.

Pilot School is just like Driving School. Follow the onscreen directions to practice your flying skills. You must get at least 70% to pass each level. You will learn to take off, land, circle the airstrip, and circle the airstrip and land with the plane. With the helicopter you are taught how to takeoff, land, and destroy targets. In the biplane you'll learn the loop-the-loop (pull back on the left analog stick as soon as you go through the corona), and the barrel roll. Next you'll learn parachuting. Again, simply follow the onscreen directions. You will be scored at the end of each test. After the parachuting test, you'll have passed the mission.

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Airplane Icon Missions (Abandoned Airstrip Missions)

This is unlocked after you do the "Toreno" mission, "Verdant Meadows".


You need to take some of Toreno's equipment to some men in the field. Get into the plane. You have to stay low and use the canyon for cover to avoid RADAR. You have a visibility bar to let you know if you are on RADAR. Take off and stay very low to the ground as you fly to the yellow blip. When you near the yellow blip, fly through the red corona. Next, fly back to the airstrip (yellow blip) and land. If you happen to set off the RADAR meter, air force jets will be after you. They'll fire missiles, so be careful. Upon nearing the landing strip, look for the moving yellow blip to indicate the strip. Land and stop in the red marker. You'll earn $15000.


First, drive the motorcycle into the back of the airplane. Just drive through the men then avoid the barrels coming out the back of the plane (once you get close enough and line up directly behind the ramp, the barrels will stop coming). Once inside, don't use any weapons. Make your way forward in the plane by punching out each of the enemies. One enemy will have a parachute. After you take out all the enemies, grab the parachute. Then, place an explosive charge anywhere on the plane and then run out the back of the plane. That's it. The charges will detonate automatically. You'll earn $20000. Float down to the ground.

Black Project

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This mission is open between 20:00 (8pm) and 6:00 am.

You have to investigate the research labs. You must gain entry by 5:30am. First you need to open the blast doors by climbing into the control tower (yellow blip). Use your Sniper Rifle to shoot out the spotlights in the watch towers and shoot any enemies that you can find. Then, go through the fence, shoot the guard, and grab the Body Armor in front of you. Continue to kill and clear watch towers. Shoot the lights and avoid being spotted.

Soon, you'll get a message saying the control tower has been closed and you need to enter via a vent (yellow blip). Head there. Take out any surrounding guards, then blow off the vent cover and jump in. Follow the vent, grab the heart (health) and blow off the vent cover at the end of the vent.

After the cutscene, you'll be told to find the "black project" (yellow blip). Make your way through the hall of Area 69 to the research lab. Basically, just head to the yellow blip, shooting enemies as you go. There is much body armor and health around.

When you near the yellow blip, you'll be told that the door to the launch bay is locked and you need to find a keycard. Continue to head to the yellow blip. Inside the lab, a scientist (green blip) will get scared and give up his keycard. Grab it then stand in the red circle. Go through the door. The Black Project (green blip) is located at the bottom of the launch bay. Make your way down silo staircases, shooting enemies as you go.

At the bottom, grab the Jet Pack. Take off by holding down "X" on the PS2, "A" on the Xbox. Once outside, head to the yellow blip, your hideout at the top of the mountain, and walk into the red marker.

Green Goo

This mission is unlocked after completing the "Black Project" mission and waiting for a phone call. You have to use the Jet Pack to fly to and land on the train (green blip). When you near the train, stay aloft and target and shoot the guards on the train (you can land on the train if you want, but floating is more fun). You'll see several green blips on the train. Each one is a green crate. Shoot each green crate until you get confirmation that you have found the right green crate. Land and grab the green goo. Fly back to the airport (yellow blip) and deliver the green goo to The Truth.

For this you'll receive $20000 and you'll earn the Verdant Meadows Airport as an asset which will generate up to $10000.

Yellow Triad Icon Missions (Four Dragons Casino Missions)

This opens up after you complete pilot school in the "Verdant Meadows" mission. The Four Dragons Casino is in Las Venturas. Get close to the icon and you'll be told to go inside the Four Dragons Casino to find Woozie. Enter the casino and walk into the red marker.

Fender Ketchup

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A thug is tied to to hood of your car. Your goal is to scare the bajeebees out of him by driving him around. High speeds scare him. Insane jumps scare him. Use of your handbrake ("R1" on PS2, "X" on the Xbox) at high speeds for sharp turns scare him. You are to continue scaring him until the Scare-o-meter is full. Avoid the highway (attracts attention) and head on collisions (will kill your passenger) while driving. Just follow the on-screen advice to scare the guy. Once you've successfully scared him, drive him back to the casino (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker. For this you will receive $5000 and Respect.

Explosive Situation

You need some explosives. Drive to the Quarry (yellow blip). Walk into the red marker. You are to walk into the Quarry and steal the dynamite (green blip) before the timer goes off. Drop down into the quarry and hop in the Super Dump Truck (the Dumper). Drive over each of the four indicated crates to destroy them, then hop out of your truck and collect the dynamite. Once you've collected all four sticks, hop on the bike (blue blip) and follow the red markers out of the quarry. If you fall off the path, return to the closest red marker, as they will remain active in an effort to guide you out.

Upon exiting the quarry you are told to deliver the dynamite to the drop point (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker for $7000 and Respect.

You've Had Your Chips

It's a good idea to grab a decent weapon and body armor before you start this mission.

Head toward the factory unit (yellow blip). Go around the backside and through the open gate. You will get a quick cutscene. You will be spotted. Continue through to the building and you will be told to destroy each of the injection molding machines (green blips).

Pass through the factory doors and start shooting. Take out anyone you can target. Once you've eliminated all of the enemies, collect their weapons and check how you're doing. Ammo low? Armor? Health? If any of these things are low, go refuel now. The mission will stay active and there is both a restaurant and an Ammu-Nation nearby. Return and take out each of the machines with your weapon of choice. Be sure to stand back as they blow. More enemies will appear. Take them out as they come. When you've taken out all of the machines, exit out and return to the Casino (yellow blip). As you exit, be very aware of the enemy on top of the shipping containers. He has a nasty gun and will kill you quickly. Kill him quickly, instead.

Hop into the car parked outside the factory and drive to the Casino. Run to the red marker. Note, the red marker is outside the Casino, despite the fact that if you enter the casino it seems to be inside. For this you will earn $10000 and Respect.

Don Peyote

Grab a car (it needs to have at least two passenger seats) and head to Paul and Maccer up north (blue blip). Take the dirt path up the mountain and drive into the red marker. After the boys awake from their Peyote experience, get back in your car, wait for the Peyote twins to hop in, and drive them to the snake farm (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker.

After the scene you will be shot at. Hop back into your car, wait for your boys to hop in and head to Rosie's Casino (yellow blip). People from the snake farm will chase after you. Avoid them as best you can. If they toast you rcar, get out, grab your boys and hop into another. At Rosie's drive into the red marker and take out the snake farmers.

Watch the cutscene for some familiar faces. Upon completing the mission you will have earned Respect, and you will have also opened up the Caligula's Palace missions.

Fish in a Barrel

You need the keycard to even initiate this mission. You get the keycard from dating Millie (heart icon). This can be a pain in the arse. Be sure to be looking good, pick her up in a nice car, and take her to nice restaurants. Oh, and wearing the Gimp suit speeds things up. Millie will eventually call you, telling you the keycard is waiting in her bedroom. Enter her house and grab it. If you don't get the Triad icon back upon getting the keycard, do a Mafia Mission or two and you'll get the icon.

Go to the icon and hop in the red marker. This mission is just a quick cutscene. Exit out and answer your ringing phone and the "Mafia Icon" will reappear.

A Home in the Hills

Again, this one will take a few missions to open up. You'll have to complete the "St. Mark's Bistro" "Mafia" mission to access the Yellow Triad Icon again. You'll also want some good weaponry and armor before you go into this mission.

Walk into the red marker for a very "American Idol" moment. Madd Dogg enters and tells you the back story of his mansion. It's go time.

After a cutscene you'll find yourself parachuting to Madd Dogg's mansion rooftop in Los Santos. If you miss the roof, simply make your way to it. There's a ramp leading up to it from the top walkway, outside. On the rooftop, take out the men. Keep taking them down until the Triads land safely on the helipad. Note, there is body armor in one of the rooftop corners. Once the Triads arrive safely, lead them inside the mansion, via the door indicated by the yellow blip (move down the ramp, hang a right, then another right).

Inside, take out the men immediately in front of you. You are to locate Big Poppa (red blip). Clear the corridor and move forward. Moving forward a bit will trigger the Triads to clear out the rooms. Run into the rooms to collect ammo and body armor. Keep an eye at your back, as men will appear from behind you. At the end of the corridor, take out the men downstairs. They will continue to come, so look for an opening, move down the stairs and hang a right. You will get a message saying Big Poppa is on the run. Chase after him. You're basically going to take the same path we took so long ago when we stole Madd Dogg's rhyme book, but backward. Work your way toward the exit, taking out everyone in your way as you go. Outside, hop in the parked car and chase Big Poppa (red blip). Shoot his car, ram his car, push it off a cliff, whatever. Just take the car out. For this you will get Respect. Drive toward Las Venturas, get out of your car and answer your ringing phone. The "$" Icon will reappear in the Four Dragons Casino.

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"$" Icon Missions (Robbery Icon Missions)

These are opened up when you open up the Four Dragons Casino.

Architectural Espionage

It's a good idea to have both body armor and a weapon before embarking upon this mission.

Grab a car and run over the tourists (red blips) on the strip. One of them will drop a camera (green blip). Grab it and take it to the planning department (yellow blip). If the cops are on you, go into a Pay 'N' Spray. Walk into the yellow arrow (planning building). Put away your weapon. Walk to the front desk. Reply positively, twice. Go up the stairwell (yellow blip). Pass through the door. The blueprints that you need to photograph are in the far room on the top floor (yellow blip). Head to the top floor and you'll be told that you need to create a distraction. Head downstairs one level to the document depository (yellow blip).

Once there, you'll be told to destroy the air con units (green blip). Punch them to cause a fire, the distraction that you need. Run back upstairs and photograph the blueprints (yellow blip). Once you successfully take the photo, your wanted level will go up to two stars and security will begin shotting at you. Run downstairs, shooting guards as you go.

There will be many cops on the bottom floor. Just run right and through the door indicated by the yellow arrow. Grab a vehicle (try for the bike) and get back to the Casino. Note, you'll have quite the wanted rating. There's no point in going all of the way to a Pay 'n' Spray, as your destination is close. Instead, do your best to get to the Casino quickly, and drive into the red marker. For this you will earn Respect.

Key to Her Heart

Head to Caligula's Palace Casino (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker. You need to follow the croupier (red blip), an employee. You have a spook meter. Don't get too close, but don't let her get too far. Be aware that she stops quite often at stoplights. Keep your distance when she does. Also, to make life easier, don't do anything to possibly cause a wanted level.

The croupier goes into the sex shop. Walk into the red marker and enter the store. In the store, walk into the red marker. You are told to go and get a gimp suit. Walk into the changing room. You are now in the gimp suit. Exit the sex shop and continue following the croupier. Drive into the red marker across from the croupier's house. You'll be told that the other gimp is arriving shortly. He's shirtless and is carrying something (a purple thingy). Shoot him or take him out. Grab whatever he had and go into the house. After a suggestive scene, you will earn respect.

You are told that she is new girlfriend and that you have to wine and dine her to get the keycard. She is now the Heart Icon.

Dam and Blast

You have to shut off the city's power supply. To do so, you have to parachute onto the dam. Go to the airport (yellow blip). Get into the plane at the end of the runway (blue blip). Fly the plane to the jump point over the dam (yellow blip). The jump point is a red corona way up high in the sky. After taking off, keep climbing. When you go through the corona, hit "Triangle" to parachute out of the plane ("Y" on the Xbox). Now free falling, look for the yellow blip which marks the red marker that you need to land in. Deploy your chute and control yourself as you float to the red column marker.

Upon landing near the red marker, make your way to the dam quay, where all the red blips are. There is a knife nearby (green blip). Go pick it up then kill off the guards as you work your way to the yellow blip. Walk into the red marker. Inside the dam, you have to be stealthy and place an explosive charge on each of the five generators. You place charges with the "Triangle" button ("Y" on the Xbox). Stay in the shadows, crouch, and remember to do your stealth kill (crouch, lock on, sneak behind, stab when your arm raises up). Learn the guards' routes and sneak up on them. Go up the stairs and again, take out the guards when their backs are turned. When the coast is clear (or when you've taken out the patrolling guard), place the explosives on the generators. You'll be told to exit the building (yellow blip). Do so and you'll automatically jump into the water. For this you'll earn Respect.

Cop Wheels

You need some "Cop Wheels". You are to steal four police bikes (green blips) and get them safely back to the Packer truck in under 12 minutes. You are timed. After each bike that you steal, you'll be told to drive it onto the back of the Packer truck (blue blip). The Packer truck drives in a clockwise manner around the freeway loop outside of town. To attach the bike to the truck, simply drive up the ramp of the truck, trying to match the truck's speed, and hit your brakes when you are on the ramp. It'll automatically attach.

First, take a look at your map and locate all 4 police motorcycles (green blips). Grab the westernmost bike first, then work your way around in a clockwise fashion. The goal is to be near the packer truck after each bike that you steal so that you don't have to waste time tracking it down each time. Using this method this can be accomplished with about two minutes to spare. For this mission you will earn Respect.

Up, Up and Away

This mission can only be activated between 20:00 and 06:00. Also, it's a good idea to have a decent gun and body armor before you start this mission.

You are to get to the military fuel dump (yellow blip) in order to steal the sky crane helicopter. You need a military vehicle to get into the military fuel dump. The military fuel dump is in the NE corner of your map. Drive to it (in any vehicle) and stop outside the gate (at the dead end of the road). Wait for the Patriot (Humvee) to come to the gate. When the gates open, drive through, past the Patriot. You will be shot at for doing this. Shoot back.

Pass through the warehouse doors, to the right of the massive crane. There will be about a dozen army men to kill. Use the M4 that you grabbed from the army men in the parking lot and slowly make your way through the warehouse. If you go the middle route, you'll find some grenades, and to the right of the grenades, some body armor and in front of the body armor, a heart for health. The enemies are either hiding behind crates or are up on the catwalk above. Remember to stay covered as much as possible.

Exit out the back of the warehouse and continue through the complex and move up the stairs. Again, shoot anyone who shoots you. At the top you are told that they have sent two gunships (red blips) after you. You are to us the gun emplacement (yellow blip) to take them down. Run over to the gun emplacement and step into the red marker. Hit "Triangle" ("Y") to get behind the gun, and take aim at the gunships. Take them down, along with any surrounding enemies. Once everything is clear, go all of the way up to the helipad, kill the last guard, and hop in the helicopter.

Next, make your way to the depot to pick up the bank van (blue blip). At the depot, hover over the bank van and use your winch to pick it up (right analog stick for up and down). Lower the winch all of the way and it will attach itself. Next, fly the van to the Aircraft graveyard (yellow blip). At the graveyard, hover over the red marker, then lower yourself and the winch until the van hits the red marker. When the van detaches itself, land your helicopter in the red marker. For this you will earn Respect. You will also get a phone call from Woozie telling you you need to get that pass key from Millie.

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

This mission will open up after completing the "A Home in the Hills" Yellow Triad mission.

You're all dressed up and ready to go. Enter the Mafia Casino (yellow blip). Enter the casino. You are given 4 minutes to get the team inside. You are told to play it cool, so don't have anything in your hands. Run to the swipecard door (yellow blip) and move toward the man guarding it. You'll get a quick cutscene. Next, use your swipecard on the panel next to the door with "Triangle" (or "Y" on the Xbox). Head down the stairs to the backup generator room (yellow blip). Inside, you're told to toss the gas canisters into the vent. Move to the back of the room and toss two of your gas canisters into the vent.

Upon successfully tossing the canisters, you'll be told to move to the next swipecard door (yellow blip). The lights will be taken out. Select your night vision goggles from your weaponry and hit "O" (or "B") to turn them on. Move to the door and, again, use your swipecard to open it up. Run forward, all of the way to the service bay (yellow blip).

At the actual bay door you'll be told you need something to lift the door. Face the door and head right, to the forklift (blue blip). Drive the forklift to the door and use the right analog stick to lift the door. The Triads will come in with their van.

You are told you have seven minutes to get the money and get back to the van. Make your way through the corridors, clearing out security guards (red blips) as you go. If your team (blue blip) isn't moving forward, it means there's someone shooting at them. Find that person and take them out. Next, follow the team to the vault (yellow blip). You will be informed that someone is trying to bring the generator back up. You are to stop that from happening.

Collect the satchel charge (run into it and hit L1, or L), then run back to the generator room (green blip) at the top of the stairs. Look out for security. In the room, attach two charges to the two generators, exit the room, select your detonator and hit "O" ("B" on the Xbox). This will destroy the generators for good. Head back down to the team.

Downstairs, the vault will blow. Run into the safe (yellow blip). Collect the body armor and prepare to take on the Mafia (red blip). Shoot every red blip that comes down the stairs, then lead the team back to the van in the service bay (yellow blip). Stay in front of your team and watch your radar for the red blips. Take out every guard and get the team back safely. The clock will stop.

The team leaves. You are left, as you are the decoy. Make your way back through the halls (note the soda machine, if you need health), again, taking out guards (this time they are blipless, so be careful). Walk into the red marker instead of running up the stairs.

Up the elevator, hang a right and take out the guard. Make your way up the stairs, to the roof (yellow blip), continuing to take out guards as you go.

Outside, you are told to follow the rooftops and collect the parachute (green blip). Simply jump up to the higher sections of roof, pull yourself up, and make your way to the green blip. Take out the guards who drop down along the way. Hit "L1" ("L" on the Xbox) to pick up the parachute. Jump off the roof and open up your chute ("O" or "B" button). Try to glide to the waiting helicopter (blue blip). I missed the rooftop, so I had to drive to the Verdant Meadows safe house (yellow blip) instead. Drive into the red marker. For this you will receive $100000 and Respect. You will also receive a phone call. Here is where the "CJ" Icon was activated at Madd Dogg's Mansion.

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Mafia Icon Missions (Caligula's Palace Missions)

These missions are opened up after the "Don Peyote" Yellow Triad mission.

Intensive Care

You need to pick up Johnny Sindocco from the hospital (yellow blip). Drive into the hospital parking lot and into the red marker. When you get there, you discover Johnny has been taken by the Mafia. Locate the ambulance (red blip) with Johnny inside. There are three ambulances. When you approach an ambulance, ram it and see how the drivers react. If they drive away, it's the Mafia (for us it was the SE ambulance).

Continue to ram the Mafia ambulance. Eventually, the Mafia men will exit the ambulance. Shoot them or don't, just get in the ambulance and drive it to the meat factory (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker for $5000 and Respect.

The Meat Business

You are to take Rosenberg (blue blip) to the Abattoir (yellow blip). Grab a car and drive. Enter the Abattoir's via the indicated door. All hell breaks loose and you have to protect Rosenberg and kill all of the witnesses (red blips). Shoot anyone you can target. Rosenberg will grab a fire extinguisher. Clear the first few men out of the next room and Rosenberg will put out the flames. Continue through to the next room. Remain near the doorway (protection) and wait for the enemies to come to you. Take them out as they do. Note, if Rosenberg is trapped in a freezer by one of the men, his health will go down. Go free him by standing in front of the door switch and hit "Triangle".

Continue making your way through until you kill all of the witnesses. When you do, head for the exit (yellow blip). Outside, drive Rosenberg back to the Casino. When you get him back you'll earn $8000 and Respect.


Complete the "Fish in a Barrel" "Yellow Triad Icon" mission to make the Mafia icon reappear.

Grab a vehicle and drive to the airport (yellow blip). Drive to the hangar and steal the plane (blue blip). If you need body armor, there's some waiting for you in the hangar.

You are to intercept the Hitman's plane (yellow blip) before it lands. Take off and fly toward the yellow blip. At the yellow blip you will find a plane with a corona behind it. You need to fly through the corona to intercept the plane.

Inside the plane you will be shot at. Use R2 and L2 ("black" and "white") to take cover as you manually aim your pistol at the shooters. Take them all down, then take out the pilot. Once you've done this, you'll be in control of the jet. Fly it back to the airport (yellow blip). Land on the runway and exit the plane for $15000 and Respect.

St. Mark's Bistro

Complete the first "Madd Dogg" mission and you will receive a phone call from Rosenberg, opening up the Mafia missions again. Before you start this mission get some body armor and a decent weapon or two. After the cutscene, head to the airport (yellow blip). Drive to the jet (blue blip) and fly to Liberty City (yellow blip). Just keep flying to the yellow blip and you'll automatically land and be brought to the Bistro. When you start back up you'll have to kill Farelli (red blip) and all of his bodyguards. Take cover behind the half wall by crouching, then target and kill off the guards upstairs. Then, from upstairs, shoot the two guards below and then slowly head down the stairs.

As you move down the stairs, face the downstairs bar. Quickly take out the two men shooting you from behind it, and continue down the stairs behind the bar. Make your way down and through the kitchen (taking out the enemies as you go) and outside. Outside, take the men out from the stairs. Once all of the men have been eliminated, you are automatically placed back in your plane. Land it at the Las Venturas Airport (yellow blip). Land and receive $20000 and Respect. You will also receive a phone call from Mr. Leone, providing you with with access to another Yellow Triad Mission.

"C" Icon Missions (Crash Missions - Las Venturas)

Open up after completing the "Intensive Care" "Mafia" mission.


Tenpenny wants you to take out an FBI agent and grab his dossier. Head to the target (red blip). Once you get close, note that you'll have to drive past the mountain to find the dirt road leading up to the red blip. When you get there you'll be spotted. The target will run, the others will shoot. Deal with the others as best you can, and make your way to the helicopter (blue blip). Honestly, I recommend avoiding the structure altogether and simply driving around it to the helicopter. Hop in and fly after the target (red blip).

Follow the target to the helipad (avoid flying over the military base, or you'll get a five-star warning, check your map for the "Restricted Area"). Land near the helipad and he will run. Chase him down and take him out. Once you do, collect the dossier and you will complete the mission. Answer your phone to make the next "C" icon appear at El Castillo Del Diablo.

High Noon

Before you start this mission get a Micro SMG or a Tec-9 and lots and lots of ammo.

Tenpenny leaves you alone with Palaski. After you dig a grave for the FBI agent, Palaski drives away. You must kill him. Hop into the dune buggy and chase Palaski down. Note the interesting and detailed conversation that can happen between two vehicles. There are several ways that you can do this. First, you can get alongside Pulaski and do drive bys (L2 or R2 + "O" on the PS2, black or white + "B" on the Xbox) until his car blows up. Secondly, as you're chasing him, you can hop out of the dune buggy and onto a motorcycle then chase after him as you shoot at him. Thirdly, chase him until he goes into the small town. Stay near him until he runs into a wall or gets himself stuck. Then, either shoot his car or, better yet, carjack him and run over him with his car. When successful, you won't earn anything.

"D" Icon (Madd Dogg Missions)

These missions are opened up after completing "The Meat Business" "Mafia" mission.

Madd Dogg

You have to find a way to save Madd Dogg. Use the pickup truck around the corner (blue blip) to rescue Madd Dogg. Run to the truck and drive it to the yellow blip and drive into the red marker. Watch as Madd Dogg goes back and forth on the roof. Use your accelerate and reverse buttons to line up the bed of your truck with Madd Dogg so that when he jumps he'll land safely in your truck. After that, drive Madd Dogg to the hospital (yellow blip) carefully because each bump hurts his chance of survival. He has a health meter. Once at the hospital, drive into the red marker. For doing this you will earn respect. You will also get a phone call from Rosenberg, opening up the Mafia missions again.

Los Santos Missions

You will return to Los Santos to complete the game. You can find these mission in the Los Santos Category, or below.

"CJ" Icon Missions (Carl Johnson Missions)

The "CJ" icon will appear over Madd Dogg's Mansion upon completing the "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's" "$" mission. Hop into the red marker outside the upstairs entrance to activate it.

Vertical Bird

Toreno calls and in the middle of a Madd Dogg recording session. He drives you to a boat and sends you on a big mission. You will be stealing a military jet off and amphibious assault ship, and you are going to use it to destroy some spy ships. No biggie.

Hop in the boat and grab the knife and silenced pistol. Head for the ship (yellow blip) by moving northwest and around the barrier. Approach the blip and you'll get a quick cutscene. You are to get into the ship before the door closes. Hop out of your boat, swim alongside the ship,then move around the back toward the blip. You'll get another quick cutscene.

Inside, make your way up the ramp. Wait for the talking guards to walk away, then move forward. If you're spotted by the mechanic, he'll run to the alarm. Tag him with your silenced pistol before he reaches it. Go through the door and up the stairs. Only move up this first flight, then make your way through the door. Work you way toward the control room (yellow blip), again, try to avoid being spotted. Enter the small control room and walk into the red marker.

Next, you are to steal one of the military jets. The jets are on the same level as the control room. Go ahead and take out a more powerful gun, and make your way to one of the jets (yellow blip, which is probably covered by a red blip indicating a guard), taking out the few guards as you go. Hop in one of the exposed jets and take off (hit "X" on the PS2, "R-trigger" on the Xbox). Once you're satisfied with your height, hit R3 (push down on R-trigger) to pull in the landing gear, then press up on right analog stick to position your thrusters and fly normally. You will be attacked. You'll need to fight back. Hit "R1" to target ("X" on the Xbox). When the target turns red, hit "L1" to fire the homing missiles ("A" on the Xbox). If a missile comes at you, hit "O" to unleash countermeasures ("B" on the Xbox). Take out all of the planes. Once you've destroyed all three jets, you must destroy the spy ships (yellow blips, up north). Again, target and launch as you did previously.

Upon destroying the enemy ships, fly the jet to the desert airfield, anywhere on the landing strip (yellow blip). If you want to land in a hover, you'll have to readjust your thrusters, otherwise, just land normally and drive the plane into the hangar's red marker (yellow blip). For this you will receive $50000.

Home Coming

Before you start this mission it is recommend that you get body armor and a few decent guns and ammo. Toreno gives you a phone. Sweet is on the end of the line. You must go pick him up from the Precinct (yellow blip). Hop in the parked car and make your way there. Drive into the red marker. Sweet wants to go back to Grove Street (yellow blip), despite your warnings. Drive him there anyway.

On Grove Street drive into the red marker. Your new mission is to take back the hood from the Ballas and take out the Dealers (red blip). You should take advantage of your gang members here...but only those not jacked up on crack, obviously. Walk up to your Grove Street gang and target a gang member and hit "up" on your control pad to call them to you.

Take out the Dealers first (note they have red arrows above them). Next, take out some of the surrounding Ballas (gang members in purple). This will provoke the necessary gang war with them (purple blips). The Ballas will come in waves. Watch your radar so you know where they are, and shoot away. Keep an eye out for randomly appearing health and body armor. Also watch Sweet's health meter. Upon completing this mission you will get your turf back, you'll earn Respect and unlock new "S" missions.

Cut Throat Business

You are going to make an unannounced visit to the studio to bust up OG Loc. Drive Madd Dogg to the video shoot (yellow blip). When you near it you'll be told OG Loc (red blip) is getting away. Hop into a hovercraft and chase him to the pier. At the pier you will get into a Go-Kart. Chase OG to his studio. Madd Dogg has his rhyme book back. You'll earn respect.


You will unlock this mission when you complete the "Grove 4 Life" "S" Mission.

It's riot time! The system has screwed the people, and the people are rioting! Nothing good can come from this. Head to Grove Street (yellow blip). Along the way cop cars will spontaneously combust. Be careful to avoid them. Drive into the red marker. This unlocks another "S" mission.

"S" Icon Missions (Sweet Missions)

These are unlocked after completing the "Home Coming" "CJ" Mission.

Beat Down on B Dup

It's a good idea to have some decent weapons and body armor before starting this mission. Once you start this mission, grab a few gang members to help you.

Drive to B Dup's house (yellow blip) and into the red marker. B Dup isn't there. Drive to Glen Park (green "families" icon). When you near the area, Sweet will get a health meter. Get out and start taking out Ballas (gang members in purple) to incite a gang war. You'll have to look for them as they're not indicated on your radar. They can be anywhere in the park, even on the bridge that spans across the park. You're more likely to incite a gang war if you take out a group of them with your automatic weapons.

Once you have your gang war, watch your radar for purple blips, which come from every direction. Simply take out the three waves of Ballas, by gunfire or by running them down, and you'll capture the hood. Note there there are a couple of health refills on the surrounding streets.

After you take over the hood, you'll be placed in front of B Dup's house (yellow blip). Take out the guards (red blips), then walk into the red marker for Respect.

Grove 4 Life

Body armor and good weaponry are a must here.

It's time to get your old turf back. Collect Sweet and a couple of gang members, then make your way to Idlewood (yellow blip). In Idlewood, do what you do best. First, find a group of Ballas and shoot them down. This will start a gang war. Next, take out the three waves of Ballas that come after you. You're used to this by now. As always, crouch for accuracy when shooting, and use what you can for cover (parked cars and few corners and walls are all you have). Watch your radar so you can see where the Ballas are coming from. If they sneak up behind you, they'll toast you. Health and body armor are usually nearby during these skirmishes. Also, be sure to keep an eye on Sweet. He's OK at protecting himself from gunfire, but he can fall to his death or be run over by a car if you're not watching him.

Upon surviving the three waves, the turf is yours. The square will turn green. You have to make all of the squares in the Idlewood area turn green. That's right...all of them. Grab more gang members, as many as you can, and head to another purple area. Repeat the process. Note, when you've cleared out an area, you are free to leave Idlewood to refuel, gear up, or hit the Pay 'n' Spray (if you have a wanted level).

When you completely claim Idlewood as Grove Street territory, you'll be told to head home (yellow blip). Do so and drive into the red marker. For this you will receive $10000 and Respect.

Los Desperados

Complete the "Riot" "CJ" mission to access this one.

You have to help Cesar. Grab two "grove street families" gang members. You'll be told to drive with Cesar to meet up with the Veteranos at Unity Station (yellow blip). Drive into the red marker. Help Cesar and his gang clear out the neighborhood. The enemies have a red arrow above their heads. The radar won't show the enemies to you until you get near them. So, let Cesar lead you and kill off the Vagos as you get to them. After Cesar and you clear out the first area you'll be told to clear the Alleyway (yellow blip). Go into the red marker.

Next, you must stay close to Cesar and clear out the alleyway. Use the car for cover and take everybody out. After the first wave, note the health heart in the garage. Kill off the next wave, again, hide behind the car. You'll be told to watch your back. Turn around and kill the two Vagos who come in from behind. Next, you'll have one final wave of enemies to kill. Watch out for the guy on the roof on the left, and kill off everybody. You'll earn respect.

End of the Line

After the "Los Desperados" mission, you'll receive a phone call from Sweet telling you to take over more opposing gang territories (Ballas - Purple, Vagos - Yellow) before you can start the next mission. You know the routine. Shoot a gang of enemies to start a gang war. After you win each territory, be sure to save at any of the various safe houses or back in your hood. Keep taking over territories until you get a phone call from Sweet. It took me quite a while to get that phone call...probably a good 8-10 territories. Also, be sure to mix up your purple and yellow territories so that you don't get too many of one and not enough of the other.

Finally, you got a phone call from Sweet. Go to the "S" icon and pick up Sweet. Time to take out Smoke. Drive to Big Smoke's crack fortress (yellow blip) and drive into the red marker. In order to get into the crack fortress you have to break down the reinforced wall with a SWAT Tank. Go get a SWAT Tank (blue blip). Sneak up to it as best as possible, take out any cops in your way, then grab it and drive it back to the crack fortress (yellow blip). Smash through the wall and continue to drive it through the halls to the next yellow blip. Hop out and enter the yellow arrow. Smoke is on the 4th floor Penthouse Suite. You need to make your way up to him.

Floor 1: Security Area - go up the stairs, kill, grab the body armor then just barely go through the doors to the warehouse. In this area there are several enemies up above on the balcony and a bunch more on the ground level. Use your AK47 or M4 assault rifle to take out the enemies. Remember to crouch and take cover as best you can. After that warehouse room, go through the crate hallway and up the stairs. Grab the heart and the assault shotgun then go through the double doors.

Floor 2: Drug Lab - go up the stairs, kill the guy at the top, grab the body armor and go through the doors, crouched. In this drug lab, take out all the enemies. The exploding barrels help and if you want, grab the plethora of M4s left behind by the enemies. Go up the stairs, all the way around the balcony and into the computer room where you can grab a heart. Go through the doors.

Floor 3: Ballas Lounge - go up the stairs, shoot the guy, and grab the body armor. Make your way through the lounge and go up the stairs to the fourth floor.

Floor 4: Penthouse - note the Rockstar welcome mat. Go through the doors. After the cutscene, you are told that Big Smoke is wearing a bullet proof vest so you'll have to aim at other parts of his body. First, take out the enemies in the area, then target Smoke and lay into him. Don't worry about manual aiming, just pump him full of lead. Use an assault rifle (AK47 or M4) and keep crouched behind the counter for cover. Take out any other enemies that appear while you're attacking Smoke.

After the cutscene with Tenpenny, you have 7 minutes to get out of the building. The lights are off. You are supposed to pick up the Night Vision Goggles and equip them. However, I found it easier to move around with out them.

Start backtracking through the building. Shoot anybody who gets in your way. On the 2nd floor you'll have to grab the fire extinguisher and use it on the fire blocking the door. In fact, you're going to have to be aware of fire in the building for the rest of the way. Remember, aim at the base of the fire to put it out. You'll know it's working when you see the fire smoke. Also, you don't have to put out entire fires to pass through them, just sections of the fires. As soon as you pass through a fire, re-equip a gun and continue to be aware of enemies popping out. Check your surroundings to find a health heart and body armor. When you reach the bottom, go into the arrow. I did this fairly carefully and slowly and had about a minute left.

Next, you'll see Sweet hop onto the fire truck that Tenpenny is using to get away. You're in a car, chase the fire truck and make sure Sweet (blue blip) is safe. After a long chase you'll see a meter pop up: "Sweet's Grip". Once that appears, drive under Sweet and he will drop into your car.

You'll switch seats and Sweet will drive while you shoot. Don't worry about the fire truck. You need to destroy the various enemies chasing you. At first, it's Vagos cars. Then, motorcycles will chase after you, then cops. Just keep shooting the vehicles until they blow up. After doing this for a while, Tenpenny will lose control of the fire truck and it will fly off a highway overpass.

And, with that, you will have completed the Story Mode of the game! WooHoo! If you stuck to the Story Mode, your stats should read that you have a 50% - 60% completion. Nice work! Now play around and see what else you can do.

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