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LB's "Halo 3" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Chapter 6 - The Ark

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Chapter 6 - The Ark

0. Introduction
1. Chapter 1 - Sierra 117
2. Chapter 2 - Crow's Nest
3. Chapter 3 - Tsavo Highway
4. Chapter 4 - The Storm
5. Chapter 5 - Floodgate
6. Chapter 6 - The Ark
7. Chapter 7 - The Covenant
8. Chapter 8 - Cortana
9. Chapter 9 - Halo
10. Multiplayer
11. Skulls and Terminals

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Chapter 6 - The Ark

Installation 00

Eliminate hostile anti-air units

As if there are friendly anti-air units.

You start out with the Sniper Rifle and a Battle Rifle. Nice. Head through the two caves and up the path. Position yourself next to the Sniper Rifle resupply pod.

Zoom in and target one of the Brutes and head shot him. Switch to your Battle Rifle and head back down the hill. Some Grunts will come up and try to surprise you. Take them out and then take cover behind the rocks.

Use the Sniper Rifle to pick off the remaining Brutes and the Grunt manning the Plasma Turret on the hovering watch tower. When all of the major threats are dead, grab more ammo at the resupply pod and then jump down and enter the ring. Go forward and kill the Grunts and Jackals.

When you get near the hovering watch tower turn left and you'll see two more Brutes and more Grunts. Toss a grenade or two their way and feel free to grab a nearby Carbine if you prefer it to the Battle Rifle.

When they're dead locate the nearby resupply pods for both the Sniper Rifle and the Battle Rifle, grab more ammo, and then go up to the hovering watch tower to grab the Plasma Turret.

Head through the cave.


Near the end of the tunnel you'll see a Phantom hovering over the next area. If you're interested in details, you can see that the Covenant are trying to build a new anti-air cannon, like the one that you blew up in an earlier mission. At this point, it's not complete, but the legs are there. I mention this only as a factoid.

Wait for the Phantom to fly away. Drop the Plasma Turret (you'll need it later) and equip the Sniper Rifle. Pick off the Jackal on the platform of the anti-air cannon. Switch to the Battle Rifle and if you're patient, the Brutes will come to you. Grenade them and shoot them.

The remaining Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts tend to stay down below. Use cover and the Sniper Rifle to head shot the Brutes. When they're all dead you'll see a Phantom come in and drop off two Hunters!


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This is what you saved the Plasma Turret for. Before you grab it, use the Battle Rifle or Sniper Rifle to pick off any easy targets like the Grunts and Jackals. Keep an eye on the Hunters while you do this just to make sure they aren't coming up to you.

You'll want to try to take out everybody but the two Hunters. When you have the area clear, except for the two Hunters, grab the Plasma Turret and head around the perimeter wall to the backside.

The Plasma Turret is most effective on the Hunters if you are relatively close to them. You don't have to be right up in their face, but you do want to make sure every shot counts. Don't worry too much about aiming at the head, just go for the torso and you'll mow each one down pretty quickly.


After the two Hunters are dead clear out any remaining annoyances and make your way up the path killing the Brute and any remaining Grunts.

Before you drop down into the cavern at the end of the path return to the battle area and grab a Brute Shot and all of the Brute Shot ammo that you can find.

I recommend that you enter the next area with the Brute Shot and the Sniper Rifle.

When you're all geared up return up the path, drop down into the cavern and go through the door. You'll find yourself in a fancy indoor hallway. If you want a Forerunner Terminal you can go through the door on the left.

Otherwise, just go through the door at the end.

You'll soon emerge on a cliff ledge with marines overlooking a downed Pelican. Snipe the Brute with three head shots but don't waste any Sniper ammo on the Grunts. As they run away head down to the crashed Pelican.


You'll notice a nice little weapons cache under the tail of the Pelican. Quickly grab the Rocket Launcher and take cover. Two Brute Prowlers are driving around and their Plasma Cannon can rip through you pretty quickly. I found hiding behind the front end of the Pelican to work well.

From this position, wait for one of the Prowlers to get stuck or stop moving. At that point, fire a Rocket at the Prowler. If it doesn't blow, repeat. Do this for the second Prowler. If you run out of Rockets, use the Brute Shot.

You can also try to pick off the driver without damaging the Prowler so that you can use it yourself.

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After both Prowlers are destroyed, depending on where you destroyed them, you can hop into one and man the Plasma Cannon. Use it to mow down the other Brutes and Grunts by the tree and boulders. If this isn't a possibility, use the Brute Shot (or whatever...just don't waste Sniper Ammo) to take them out.

When the area is clear grab the Battle Rifle (for the Brute Shot) the marines will join you and you'll note that there are two Mongooses (ATVs) by two large boulders not far from the Pelican. You'll want to drive.

Head up the sandy hill to the left of the Pelican (if you're at the back of the Pelican looking at it). You'll jump and land in the next area. I recommend immediately getting off of the Mongoose and trying to get a hold of a Ghost. To do so just wait for one to come your way and shoot the Grunt driving it. Hop in and use its speed and Plasma Cannon to take out the other Ghost(s), Choppers, and enemies on foot.

When the lower area is clear head up the hill to another crashed Pelican. Swing around it to the left and continue forward. You'll soon see a downed Covenant ship (Phantom) on the right. It is protected by two Plasma Turrets. Shoot the Grunts manning them and then continue past the ship. You'll drop off a ledge into the next area.


After you drop off the ledge note that you can go forward toward the large structure with what look like flying buttresses (you know your Gothic architecture, right?), or you can go right, which puts the structure on your left as you go along the path.

There are a multitude of enemies along the forward path which you are welcome to clear out, but there is no real purpose to it because you'll be back later to dominate.

To save time, and ammo, head right. Before you've gone too far you'll see two Ghosts approaching. Hop out of your Ghost as the two of them will easily maul you. Instead, before they start moving toward you, take out your Sniper Rifle and pop each Grunt driver.

This also serves to give you two fresh Ghosts from which to choose (and fresh Ghosts are the tastiest). Hop into either one and continue up the hill.


Although you can just bypass this next area with some shielded Jackals, Grunts, a Brute, and two more Ghosts, and head directly up to the right through the cavern, it's best to clear them out so that you get a very convenient checkpoint.

I recommend taking out the two Ghosts first, by staying back from the main battle area. Use the Battle Rifle as you don't want to waste any Sniper Rifle ammo right now.

When the Ghost drivers are dead, hop into a Ghost and use it to clear the area. Go up and into, but not through, the cave.


This next area is nasty, plain and simple. In the distance are two anti-air Wraiths. You need to get to those. In your way is a Wraith, a Shade Turret, enemies on Choppers and Ghosts, and a ton of enemies on foot.

I played through the area many times before I settled on the following strategy to get you through.

This is where the Sniper Rifle becomes indispensible. I've been telling you to save its ammo. Ideally, you have twelve or more rounds. However, to make your life much easier you'll want at least four.

Note, if you don't have the Sniper Rifle then you can backtrack all the way to the first crashed Pelican and grab it. On the way there, you can get up the first ledge blocking you by jumping from right to left the rocks/boulders under the ledge. The second ledge is easily passable by using the side path to the left of it. The problem with going all the way back for the Sniper Rifle is, if you die, you'll start out at the same checkpoint without it and will have to go all the way back again. This is why you should have it the whole time and use it sparingly. If it's a real problem, just "Save and Quit" and reload the game at "checkpoint alpha".

Before you use the Sniper Rifle to pick off the enemies below it behooves you to locate the nearby Warthog near the entrance to the cavern (it may be flipped over). It may also be unusable, but hopefully, it's okay. There are two marines who will also be in the area. If they are not, just run forward into the nasty area and get yourself killed. Upon restarting at the checkpoint, they'll be there.

Okay, so all things are set. You have two marines at your disposal, a fresh Warthog (hopefully), and the Sniper Rifle. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of some key enemies with the Sniper Rifle.

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Position yourself at the cavern exit overlooking the Wraith firing at you (but overshooting you). Equip your Sniper Rifle. If you don't have four rounds of ammo, then read the paragraphs above.

Here's what you'll want to shoot: Use two on the Grunt manning the Shade Turret (he's near the Wraith). You may only need one, but usually it'll take two. Be sure to wait until you have a clear shot when he shows his side.

Use the third shot on the gunner of the Wraith. Use the fourth shot on the Grunt manning the Plasma Turret to the left of the Shade Turret.

Move out a little more and locate the hovering watch tower to your left (and not far from you). Snipe the Grunt manning the Plasma Turret on the hovering platform with the fourth shot.

Use any remaining ammo you have to take out the Brutes under the hovering watch tower.

When your Sniper Rifle ammo is depleted hop into the Warthog. Let the two marines join you so that one is on the Machine Gun Turret. Drive forward and as soon as you leave the cave, turn left. Head toward the hovering watch tower. Drive around it in circles, or back and forth...just don't stay stationary...and let your gunner shoot any and all Brutes until this little area is clear.

(If you don't have the Warthog try using the Sniper Rifle to pick off Brutes under the hovering watch tower and then use grenades and anything else you've got. You want to clear that area. Or, you can use the fresh Chopper near the cave entrance.)

When it is clear, drive back into the cavern for safety.

Hop out of the Warthog and take out any Ghost drivers if any come up to you. Otherwise, make a run for the hovering watch tower. There may be one or two more Brutes there, perhaps on top of the hovering platform. Clear everybody out of that area. Grab the Brute Shot and ammo in place of your Sniper Rifle.

Your next bit of business is to take out the Wraith. If you're lucky, your two fellow marines did this for you. If not, you'll have to do it yourself. The best way to do this is to make sure that there is nobody (like a Ghost) between you and the Wraith. When it's clear, run up to the Wraith and hop onto it using "RB". Toss a grenade into it or punch it until it blows.

If you're having trouble with this then go back and grab a vehicle. Drive up to the Wraith, hop out and do the same.


The first part of this area is now clear. The task from here on it is actually rather easy in comparison. Head forward and use the Brute Shot to shoot down the hovering watch tower, and the enemy on it. To the left, under a rock bridge/opening are a few more Grunts (one manning a Plasma Turret) and a Brute. Clear them out with the Brute Shot and some grenades.

All that you have left are the two anti-air Wraiths. Run up to each one, board it, and place a grenade or punch it until each is destroyed.

Phew. That was tough.


A Pelican and a larger vessel will land.

Forward Unto Dawn

Lead friendly armor through the wall

Time to have some fun! Hop into a Scorpion (tank).

Scorpion: The Scorpion is one of the more difficult vehicles to maneuver because you have to maintain control of both the turret and the direction in which you're travelling. The Left Control Stick controls the direction and acceleration of the tank while the Right Control Stick will pivot the turret. Use these in combination to both move in the direction you want to go, and to shoot at what you want to shoot.'

I found success in controlling the tank as long as I kept moving forward. Even if I wanted to turn around, for example, instead of trying to reverse, I just went in a wide circle to get where I wanted to go.

Backtrack up and through the cave tunnel taking out Ghosts and Hunters as you go. As you exit the cave shoot the Phantom, first in its front cannon so it won't harm you, and then in its side until it blows up.


Continue to backtrack blowing up anything in your way. You'll want to eventually hang a right and head toward the large structure, the area that I advised you to ignore earlier (see why).

Head to the upper part of the structure making the Wraiths your top priority. When it's entirely clear the little Robot Orb (the Monitor) that is with you will pick the lock on the large door creating an opening big enough you to go through on foot.

Checkpoint. Hop out of the tank and go through the door.

You'll find yourself inside an ornate yet cleanly designed building. Head up the ramp in front of you to grab the Auto Turret and then head down to the door which the Monitor will open.

Follow the path until you see a blue terminal on the left. Go up to it and you'll see all of your friendly armor below. Activate the terminal to extend a bridge for your armor to cross. Continue along the path and you'll soon exit outside, on the other side of the wall (this building).


Locate the Cartographer

Egad! A Scarab is walking by and there are multiple Wraiths in the distance. Either hop into the nearby Warthog, grab a Ghost, or run down the path to the right until you see a Scorpion; hop into it.

Use the Scorpion to clear out the upper area of all Wraiths, then the Phantom, and then anything else that is moving. When it's clear, head down where you'll see the Scarab.


Drive the Scorpion directly under the Scarab (so that it can't shoot you) and shoot each of its leg joints until it collapses. When it does, drive to the back of it, shoot any enemies that you see inside of it, and then get out of the Scorpion.

Hop into the back of the Scarab, clear out any remaining enemies, and go up and around to the back of the Scarab where you'll find the Power Source. On the way to it, grab one of the Plasma Turrets. Shoot the blue energy field protecting the power source and then shoot the source itself until it turns red. Jump off of the Scarab and wait for it to blow.


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If your Scorpion made it, head back to it and hop in. If not, find another Scorpion or a Ghost. Drive it up the ramp of the structure to the right of the Scarab, where you'll see enemies firing on you and use the Scorpion/Ghost to clear it out as best as you can.

You won't be able to drive the Scorpion past the first ramp so hop out and continue up the various ramps taking out enemies (watch out for the cloaked...invisible...Brute) until you reach the Arbiter and some marines at the top (I recommend grabbing dual Spikers along the way). Follow the Arbiter through the open door.

Real Men Don't Read Maps

Wait for the Monitor to open the next door and then enter the room. There are a multitude of Grunts and a Brute. Take them out with the Spikers and then go through the next door. Follow the Arbiter along the path. (Note, if you are quiet, you'll note that the Grunts are sleeping and you can Melee them without waking them.)


When you enter the next room you'll see a door in front of you and a ramp to the left. It doesn't matter whether you use the upper or lower doors...they both lead into the next room which is full of Grunts and Brutes. I recommend going through the lower door, and if you still have the Auto Turret, activating it in the middle of the room. It'll take out a bunch of enemies for you. (Again, the Grunts are sleeping, so do what you will to them...explosive canisters are fun.)

Clear the rest of the room however you wish and then visit the weapon stations for either dual Spikers or dual Plasma Rifles (I went with Plasma Rifles). Head up the ramp to the balcony to grab another Auto Turret, and then go back down to the ground floor and through the open door where all the marines are waiting for you.


Follow the hall to the next room with a purple power core in the middle of it and about six Brutes. Clear the room and grab a Brute Shot. Exit through the next open door and you'll be outside. Approach the blue terminal in front of you, the Cartographer, and activate it.

Head downstairs for evac!

After the cutscene ends go through the open door, through the rooms and down the ramps until you get outside to the evac area. This is easier said than done due to the many Brutes and Grunts you'll encounter along the way.

Don't try to go running willy nilly through rooms in an attempt to avoid enemies. Take your time and clear rooms completely. Grab Brute Shot ammo along the way and be aware that there are at least four invisible Brutes. You can see them as they'll appear blurry. Shoot them to break their invisibility and then finish them off.

When you get outside you'll see that the evac site is surrounded by Brutes. Whatever you do, don't go running at them or they'll all gang up on you. From the balcony you're on after coming out the door, drop down, head right across the evac site, and then go up to the balcony on the other side. Here you'll find a weapons station with Spikers. Grab two. (If playing on Normal, they'll be Plasma Rifles.)

Go to the end of the balcony, closest to the Brutes below, and you'll get a checkpoint.


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Watch out because a Gravity Hammer Brute will be running up to you. When he gets near you lay into him with the dual Spikers as you run backwards. If you see him glowing as you hit him he has activated Invincibility, so don't waste your ammo. Avoid him until it wears off. When you run out of ammo, run across to the other balcony and grab a Carbine. Use the Carbine and any grenades that you have to finish him off.

Grab the Gravity Hammer and if the Brutes (many of whom have Jump Packs) aren't yet coming at you, run down there to trigger then and then run back up. Let them come to you, which will result in them coming at you one-at-a-time. Use the Gravity Hammer on each one and then take out any Jackals who remain.

When it's all clear run up to the Pelican that has flown in to pick you up.

Chapter 6 - The Ark - Skulls and Terminals

Looking for Skulls or Forerunner Terminals?

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