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LB's "Halo(R) 2" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide - Master Chief I

Halo 2
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Halo 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Table of Contents

1. LB's Halo 2 Strategy Guide Introduction
2. Master Chief I (The Heretic, Armory, Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis)
3. Arbiter I (The Arbiter, Oracle)
4. Master Chief II (Delta Halo, Regret)
5. Arbiter II (Sacred Icon, Quarantine Zone)
6. Master Chief III (Gravemind)
7. Arbiter III (Uprising)
8. Master Chief IV (High Charity)
9. Arbiter IV (The Great Journey)
10. LB's Halo 2 Quick Review
11. **LB's Downloadable and On-Demand Halo 2 Strategy Guide**

2. Master Chief I (The Heretic, Armory, Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis)

The Heretic and The Armory

After the cutscene where the Covenant military leader is being tried for not destroying the humans in the first "Halo" game you will begin a short training period. First, you'll be forced to look at two lights so that the game can learn your "Y" axis preference. You can always invert it later, if you want by going to Start Menu > Controller Settings > Look Inversion. Once that is done, follow the trainer and step into the shield recharge machine. Press and hold "X" to start the test. You'll learn that your shield regenerates much quicker than in the original "Halo". Next, follow Admiral Johnson (white coat and hat) to the elevator and then the tram.

Cairo Station

OBJECTIVE: Repel the Covenant boarders

Exit the tram and you'll enter an event for your honor for doing such a great job for the humans. Intermixed, you'll find cutscenes of the trial of the Convenant leader. Egad! The battle station is being attacked! Time to start shooting some aliens. Go down the stairs and on the wall you'll find two red-lighted gun racks. Go up to them to automatically grab a Battle Rifle and an SMG (or two, if you use Dual Wield). Now that you are armed, follow your fellow troops.

Home Field Advantage

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You'll be told that the Covenant ship has attached. Wait while the Covenant works on opening the door. When they bust through, start shooting while taking cover behind the various computer consoles to your left and right. Then, continue through the hallway. You can pick up enemy guns if you want. Get to the stairs being guarded by a fellow soldier on a Turret Gun and go up the stairs then through the green door. Go along the hallway then down the stairs, kill covenants, then enter the tree-lined lounge area. Kill the enemies here, then continue following your fellow troops through the door on the left.

Go up the stairs and through the green door and you'll come to a ship docking bay. On the catwalk that you are on you'll find some ammo and grenades. Wait as Covenant come out of the purply connector tube. After they're done, head to the diagonally opposite side of the hangar bay from the tube and wait for more enemies at the door. Kill them then enter the hallway.

Follow the curved hallway to another hangar bay. Here, again, kill the Covenant as they come out the purply tube. After they're dead, you'll be told about a bomb on the station.

Priority Shift

OBJECTIVE: Find the Covenant Bomb

Find the red outlined part of the floor that reads, "Mac Storage," and go down the stairs. At the bottom, kill the enemies. Go down the hall to the next green door, go through and up the hatch. You're now in the Armory where you first trained. Kill the Covenant in here then, if you want, you can arm yourself with a Shotgun or re-arm yourself with some SMGs. When ready, go through the open door into another tree-lined lounge.

In this area, do your best to take out enemies before they man the turret guns. Use the blast shields and other cover as best you can. Also, be aware that there is a side hallway lining both the left and right sides of the lounge which makes it easier to progress through the area without having to go up the middle. When you reach the far end of the room, go through the open left door and kill off all of the little Jackal-Unggoys and go up the stairs and through the green doors.

Kill off the Jackal-Unggoys to the right and all of the enemies in front of you. Then, go through the next sets of green doors. You'll meet up with a couple of white-shirt soldiers. Kill the enemies at the end of the next hallway, then go all the way down the hallway, past the first green door and through the second green door.

Authorized Personnel Only

Kill the enemies in this hallway and then go through the green door. You'll have to kill a flying Covenant, then drop down the level below. You are now in a semi-outdoor area with a red, yellow, and various green shipping container, for reference. Work your way past the yellow, then the green containers and you'll find another flying Covenant and a green door to go through, labeled, "Port Side."

Go through the doors and you'll meet up with more friendly soldiers. Shoot the many flying enemies, then, watch as the cargo elevator slowly works its way up. There are enemies on it. Throw a few grenades down there as it's moving to clear it quickly. Clear off any remaining enemies and get onto the elevator platform. Go up to the red button and hold "X" to start the elevator.

When the elevator comes to a stop, go through the doors in front of you. It's an air-lock door, so you'll have to wait for the door behind you to shut before the next one opens. When it does, use cover to shoot the three flying enemies. Then follow the red "Firing Control" arrows on the floor through the next door. This is an elevator and you're going down.

Return to Sender

You will open up to a cargo hangar with a bunch of enemies. If you're low on ammo, go down under to the lower area and find the red-lighted gun racks. I used dual-wielded SMGs. When ready, use the crates for cover and kill all of the enemies. Grenades help, too. When the area is clear, you'll get cutscene of the you disarming the bomb. Then, you'll watch as you miraculously steer the bomb into the Covenant ship.


They'll Regret That Too

OBJECTIVE: Defend the Marines until help arrives.

One of the Covenant prophets, Regret, has landed on Earth. You are going after him. Follow your fellow soldiers and go down the stairs. You are now in a city environment. More specifically, you are in a courtyard. Begin by taking out all of the enemies in the area. When things seem clear you'll be told that there are "Jackals in the courtyard." Take them out, then you'll have to deal with flying insect enemies. After that, more enemies. Once they are cleared out you'll hear a Pelican (friendly ship) tell you that this courtyard is too small and that he's going to try another area of the city. Wait for the gate to get blown down and you'll have to contend with two Hunter-Lekgolos. The best way to dispose of them is to go up to the balcony/platform where you'll find a turret gun. Use it to take out both enemies quickly. If you're fast, you can man the turret gun before the gate is blown and you can kill the two enemies before they even get through the gate.

OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous with the Pelican

Go through the now-open gate and go along the alley. You'll come to another open area. Watch out for snipers and kill off any enemies you can while the Pelican lands.

OBJECTIVE: Find the Marines from second downed Pelican

Follow the Marines to the next alleyway and into the next building-lined street. Along the way, you'll see purple beams from enemy rifles. They do a lot of damage so avoid them. If you find a Beam Rifle, pick it up. That's what they're using against you and it is a good weapon. Use it to find and head-shot the enemies sniping you. Head down the alley to the left. Continue to find and kill enemies, you'll be outside the "Hotel Zanzibar," for reference.

At the Zanzibar Hotel, you'll get a Marine who tells you that you need to get to the other side of the hotel and to follow him. Do so. Here you will learn how to operate your flashlight (White Button). Go down the hotel hallway, kill the enemies, then be careful as you exit the hallway because a Covenant gunship will be there firing on you. Exit out when the ship goes away. Kill the enemies in this beach area.

A Day at the Beach

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Covenant on the shoreline.

Time for vehicles! A Warthog (jeep) will pull up. Hop in at any of the three positions (driver, passenger, or gunner). I suggest hopping in a gunner. Then, use your powerful turret gun to wipe out any Covenant as your driver drives around. When this area is clear, hop out and make your way past the brown/orange shipping container, take out the enemy manning the plasma turret gun, and go around the wall to the other side of the beach. Here is another battle. You can track down another Warthog and hop in if you like, or as I prefer, hop into a Ghost (purple hover attack vehicle), and fly around killing at will. When the beach is clear you'll head for the hole in the highway tunnel.

OBJECTIVE: Take the highway tunnel to the bridge.

Speed Zone Ahead

Still in your Ghost, go up to the highway in the tunnel and start flying along the highway. You'll soon meet up with a couple of warthogs. Fly along the highway killing enemies as you go. There is never a dead end, so keep going forward, even though you may have to take a parallel road every now and again. Watch out for the flying insect enemies because they can attach to you while you're on the Ghost. Eventually, you'll catch up with a convoy of purple Covenant transport ships. Take out the gunners at the top then stay behind them and shoot each one until it explodes. Each ship is carrying a Ghost, so if your Ghost is damaged, take one from a destroyed transport ship.

You'll then reach an open battle area (labeled "C4" on the walls) where there will be various enemy Ghosts, and enemies firing on you. Stay in the Ghost and take them out. After that roadblock, continue along the highway until you get a cutscene of a Scorpion Tank dropping in on you.


Ladies Like Armor-Plating

OBJECTIVE: Crush Convenant resistance on the bridge.

Jump into the Tank. You have two weapons: the main cannon (right trigger) and a machine gun (left trigger). I pretty much held down the left trigger machine guns while I drove, mostly for fun. The main cannon reloads fast enough that you won't have any trouble taking out enemies with it. Proceed across the bridge taking out Ghosts and shooting at the Covenant drop ships that occasionally fly by. At the end of the bridge, go through the toll-booth area and get ready for a bunch of Ghosts and two enemy tanks. Try to keep moving so that the enemy tanks don't hit you. Blow them all up then enter the tunnel.

OBJECTIVE: Make your way to the surface.

Proceed in the tunnel, take out the enemies, and soon you'll see a Warthog join you. You'll then reach a dead end for the Tank. It can't go any further. At this point you can proceed on foot or hop into the Warthog. I recommend you drive the Warthog up the small ramp, past the partially closed door blocking the Tank.

On the other side, you'll get to some enemies. Hop our of the driver's seat and man the Turret Gun to take out all of the enemies quickly. Proceed a bit further and repeat this process. You are at a true dead-end now. Find the red-lighted side hallway and run up it to the outside.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us.

OBJECTIVE: Regroup with Marine forces in the city-center.

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You are now overlooking a water/swamp area. Using your Beam Rifle zoomed in, snipe any enemies that you see. You should be able to get a good 8-10 of them. You will then see a Warthog chasing two Ghosts. Snipe a Ghost pilot if you can then jump on his Ghosts. Otherwise, try to hop into the back of the Warthog and man the Turret Gun. Then, follow the lower outside path to the next open battle area. Here you will fight more Ghosts, a Wraith Tank, and several enemies. After that, take the arched doorway path toward the waterfall. Soon, you will be back on a main road and you'll have some Marine support.

Go up the road and you'll be told that there are Marines trapped in a building. First, take out the Wraith Tanks from your Ghost. Make sure to constantly be on the move as you fire on them. Once the area is clear go past the "TTerrab" building, to the end of the U-turn/culdesac area and exit your Ghost and enter the opening in the building where all the Marines are.

Field Expedient

OBJECTIVE: Board and destroy the Scarab.

Follow the Marine up the stairs. Out on the balcony you'll see a huge enemy spider-walker (Scarab). Continue up the stairs and go across the courtyard. Follow the Marine. You're going to need to drop down onto the Scarab as it walks. First, go along the catwalk and pick up the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher and start sniping or destroying enemies on the Scarab. When the top of the Scarab is cleared out, get rid of your Sniper Rifle for some other gun, then jump onto the Scarab from one of the cross-bridges.

Go down the stairs of the Scarab. Fire a rocket down or two into the control room then continue to clear it out. Approach the control panels to get a cutscene of the Scarab exploding.

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