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LB's "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (HBP) - DS - Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo DS is all you need to make it through this latest Hogwarts adventure. Whether you're looking to catch that darn Snitch, searching for Potion ingredients, or just trying to take down Draco and Snape, this guide will get you there.

What's more, it contains ALL Wizard World Cup Cards and ALL Ingredients, providing you with what you need to earn (100% completion)!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • 100% completion
  • All Wizard World Cup Cards
  • All Ingredients
  • Instantly Downloadable
  • Only HP: HBP Game Guide available

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DS - Game Guide


Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Guide for the Nintendo DS.

This guide is quite detailed and follows the linear style of the game. So, while you can go off course and explore Hogwarts at any point, if you forget what you're trying to do, just come back to the guide and it will point you in the right direction. It's that easy.

If you are looking to this guide for pointers or tips on Potions, Dueling, Quidditch, Gobstones, Exploding Snap, or Wizard Skittles, look to the "Extras" section at the end of the guide.

I. The Burrow

Move through the conversation by tapping the conversation clouds.

Talk to Ginny

Touch the screen with your stylus to guide Harry over to Ginny (note, you can also use the d-pad to guide Harry). Once there, tap the young Weasley to talk to her. Move through the conversation and you'll be dropped into a Quidditch game.

Basic Quidditch Tutorial

Yours is the brown team. Guide them to the Quaffle by dragging your stylus in the direction you want them to fly. The teammate who captures the Quaffle will be highlighted with a star.

Lead the Quaffle to the goal. When you have a clear shot (it's best to shoot from a distance), tap one of the three rings to take a shot.

You may also tap members of the other team to tackle them.

Beat Fred and George to move on.

Note, for more details on quidditch, including how to catch the Snitch, get the guide.

II. Hogwarts Express

Move through the conversation in Diagon Alley, then the one on the train. On the train you will receive a Wizard Card, and be told you can summon cards by casting Accio on books and bookcases.

To cast Accio, touch the pile of books with the stylus and drag them toward Harry.

Note, most stacks of books hide multiple Wizard Cards, so continue to pull from the stack until you can pull no more. Then, if you ever return to that stack, try pulling again.

It's a good idea to collect Wizard Cards at every opportunity, as they will be used as currency, and it's a lot easier if you already have them when you need them, than if you have to go back and search for them.

Talk to Luna Lovegood

Guide Harry to the right. Speak to Karl, who offers you a magazine for 3 Wizard Cards. If you don't have the cards yet, pull from the stack of books to the right. Return to Karl and collect magazine.

Move right to find Luna Lovegood and speak to your old friend.

Ask students about Spectrespecs

Enter the car to the right and speak to Jason. Give him your magazine in exchange for his Spectrespecs. Return to Luna.

Luna will provide you with an invitation in exchange for the Spectrespecs. Take it, then head right, as you make your way to Slughorn's carriage.

On the way, speak to Nanette, who asks you to play a game of Exploding "Patience" Snap. Agree to do so.

Patience Snap

Patience Snap is merely a game of Memory, with one small twist, and that's that mismatches disappear. This means that the more mismatches you make, the less likely you are to achieve the target score. What's more, you'll get a higher score the faster you make the matches.

Reach to target score of 200 to earn 2 Wizard Cards. Repeat as often as you'd like.

Continue right, into Slughorn's carriage.

Speak to Slughorn, then to your classmates. Upon speaking to Ginny, your invisibility cloak will be put on and you'll be led to Draco. After a cutscene. you'll be sent to Hogwarts.

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