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LB's "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (HBP)
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PC is all you need to make it through this latest Hogwarts adventure. Whether you're trying to find all Hogwarts Crests, looking for a 5 Star Ranking, or just trying to take down Draco and Snape, this guide will get you there.

What's more, it contains ALL Crests, ALL Lion Statues, ALL Badges, and ALL 5 Star Rankings (100% completion)!
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • 100% completion
  • All Crests (comprehenisve Crest List)
  • All 5 Star Rankings for Dueling, Potions, and Flying
  • All Badges
  • Instantly Downloadable
  • Only HP: HBP Game Guide available

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Introduction - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Game Guide

Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Game Guide for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PC. Below you'll find the complete Story Mode walkthrough.

If you're looking for a comprehensive Crest List, how to get 5 Star Rankings in all Clubs, a complete Badge List, Lion Statues, Achievements and Trophies, or anything else you need to get 100% Completion, you can download the complete guide, both Screenshot and Text versions:

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Flying Tutorial - Weasley's House

Please note, this walkthrough was written playing the Wii version of the game. Because there are other versions of the game available, the guide refers to buttons by action rather than name. However, because of the unique nature of the Wii controls, there will occasionally be additional Wii explanation. If you need console specific spells, go into your Pause Menu and select "Spell List".

All versions of the game are the same in terms of missions and gameplay. So, check you system's controls and enjoy the guide.

Begin the game by selecting "New Adventure" and choose your save slot.

If playing on the Wii you'll be asked to point the Wii Remote at the screen to start. You'll see a bright dot which indicates where you are pointing. Otherwise, just follow the on-screen directions to fly through the green stars. If you need to adjust your control stick at all, for example, inverting the Y-Axis, go to your pause menu and select "Options."

If you make it through all of the green stars, you'll earn the Quidditch Beginner's Luck Badge.

Back on the ground, head forward to meet with Ron and Hermione. Here you'll learn Wingardium Leviosa. Follow the on-screen directions. For the Wii, aim at the cauldron and then flick up your Wii Remote. The cauldron will float into the air and crash down, thus spilling.

You'll now need to move each of the cauldrons and drop them into the pond. To do this, aim at the cauldron and then case "Wingardium Leviosa." While it's in the air you can move it with your control stick. Move it near the pond and you'll be shown how to throw it (on the Wii, flick the Wii Remote down).

You'll now be tasked with getting rid of the rest of the cauldrons. One final thing to mention here is that you need to aim at and then hit the "Talk to/Interact" button (A on the Wii) to actually target it. You'll then be locked on to the cauldron. Go ahead and toss the three cauldrons into the pond.

Hogwarts' Grounds

You and Luna Lovegood start out on the path leading up to Hogwarts. Along the way you'll see your first CREST. A little farther along, you'll find the second CREST and the third CREST. Just after grabbing the third crest you'll be told about Mini-Crests.

Crests and Mini-Crests
There are 150 Crests in the game that you can find. 125 of them are "normal" crests, like the first three you just encountered. 25 of the crests are earned by finding Mini-Crests.

Mini-Crests hide in shining objects, like all of the lamps lining the path, the pegasus statue, the pumpkin outside Hagrid's house, etc. To release the Mini-Crests from an object, just point to it and perform a "Wingardium Leviosa" spell on it. You are shown how to do this just a few steps after grabbing that third crest.

To get more crests out of an object you'll want to time it so that you release them when the object grows brighter. You'll see the circle of light around an object get larger as you approach it. When it's big, release the mini-crests and you'll get more than if you did it when the circle of light was smaller.

When you release Mini-Crests you'll see a multitude of tiny crests bouncing around the ground. To collect them you need to aim at them (walking through them doesn't work). As you collect them you'll see an icon appear on the screen showing a crest and how much that crest is filled up. The more mini-crests you release, the more that icon fills up. When it's full, you earn a Crest and the tank is emptied until you fill it again.

That being said, this walkthrough contains the locations of all 125 Crests. Earning the 25 additional crests simply requires you to be vigilant and release mini-crests any time that you see a glowing object.

For more information, please see the "Hogwarts Crests" and "Mini-Crests" sections near the end of this guide.

Continue up the path releasing Mini-Crests from the glowing objects that you see. By the time you reach the top of the path you should have enough to have earned another crest (note that this crest is not part of the 125 findable crests and is therefore not highlighted.)

At the top of the path you'll get a cutscene.

Gryffindor Common Room

Nearly Headless Nick
Upon resuming gameplay you'll be told to call Nearly Headless Nick, who knows his way around Hogwarts. Press the button shown to you. This will summon Nick and you'll be able to follow him to where you need to go.

In the future, if you're stuck, need directions, or need advice you can summon Nick to help you. When he is summoned and in your presence, you can go into your pause menu and select, "Where is...". This menu gives you contextual options such as where is your current objective or where is Hogwarts' entrance, etc. Whatever option you select, Nick will guide you there.

Follow Nick to Potions

Along the way you'll be told how to move the camera so that you can look around (Wii gamers, hold the "B" button and point where you want to look) and you'll run into another CREST. When walking through the outdoor courtyard areas you'll be told how to run, which makes getting around much easier.

Upon heading back inside you'll hear Nick say, "Is that a crest over there." Sure enough if you look above the doorway you'll see a square crest plaque. On the ground is a vase. Use "Wingardium Leviosa" to toss the vase into the crest, thus knocking it down and earning you a CREST. This is actually much easier said than done and may require quite a few tosses before you actually hit the crest. However, this is good practice. The only tips are to stand a good distance from the crest and toss the vase from about halfway between you and the crest. Of course, you'll want to adjust your stance if you're hitting the wall to the left or right of it.

Continue along and down the spiral staircase. You'll end up outside Potions Class. Enter.

Potions Class Training

Basic Training

Here you'll learn how to make potions. Essentially, it's following directions. At first, you'll want to point to any bottle, press the "Interact" button to grab it, and the same button to release it. After that you'll need to match the shape and color of the bottle shown to you with the same bottle on the desk. Release the bottle each time. Next, you'll learn how to select and then pick up a bottle. Do that until you are told to pick up a bottle and pour it.

Follow the directions to pour and then keep pouring until the potion turns yellow. Don't pour too quickly or you may add too much. You'll know you've done enough when you hear a dinging bell and your controller vibrates. Put that jar down and pour the next jar until the potion turns purple. Even if you did it right you'll be shown what happens if you make a mistake. The potion will smoke and you'll need to fan it away (Wii gamers, shake the Nunchuk).

Wit Inducing Potion

Once that initial training is done, go ahead and select the cauldron to continue. You'll now make your first real potion. Note that there is a time bar. You'll earn a time bonus after completing each step (22 seconds added, to be exact). You'll know you've gone far enough with a pour when you feel the controller vibrate. Stop pouring and release the jar between each step.

Completing this potion will earn you the Gold Badge - Potions Beginner's Luck Badge.

Heating Potions

Some potions need to be heated. Follow the onscreen directions to heat a potion (Wii gamers, flick both controllers down together as if you were fanning the flames). Do this a few times to match the color shown to you.

When you feel comfortable in your heating skills select the cauldron to continue.

Cure for Boils Potion

This is a combination of heating and pouring. You'll see that there are two more jars added to the mix so don't be surprised when the game shows you a bottle you're not familiar with. It's there, you just need to select it.

When this potion is complete, you decide to follow the notes in your Potions book to heat it just a bit more until it turns pink (hmmm, I wonder whose notes those could be?...I won't ruin anything for anybody who hasn't read the book).

Finally, Prof. Slughorn offers up a Felix Felicis (good luck potion) to the person who makes the best Draught of Living Death potion.

Draught of Living Death

There are now nine bottles to choose from. Be sure to match both the color and shape as there are a few bottles with the same shape. After completing this potion I earned the Silver Badge - Last Gasp Badge, for completing a Potion after a countdown situation.

Go and Meet Ron Outside

Feel free to explore the Potions class as there are a few mini-crests there. When you're ready, exit out the door. While talking to Ron you'll be invited to join the Gryffindor Dueling Club. There is a shortcut through a painting whose password is: Libraries Liberate.

Go to the Great Hall and find out about the Dueling Club

Head straight down the hall to the painting of a balding man. It is labeled, "Grand Staircase Shortcut." Point at and select the painting to automatically give the password you just learned. Go through the painting.

You'll end up on the main staircase. If you want to use Nick to lead you to the Great Hall do so. Otherwise, head down the stairs until you can go right into a foyer. Here there are two large wooden doors (left and right). Attempt to go through the right one and Nick will unlock it for you. Enter the great hall.

Speak to the Gryffindor Dueling Club Captain (Dueling Training)

Approach Angus Matlock and follow the onscreen directions to learn:

Stupefy - If you're on the Wii, it's a flick up of your Wii Remote. After hitting Ron three times with the spell you'll learn how to dodge.

Dodging - Simply hit the "Dodge/Interact" button on your controller when you see a spell coming at you.

Expelliarmus - On the Wii, flick both controllers down at the same time (like fanning a flame in potions class). Hit Ron three times.

NOTE - If you forget any of these spells, simply go to your pause menu and select "Spell List."

After the tutorial you'll have to battle Ron. You can move around while dueling and you can also cast spells repeatedly. In other words, you don't have to wait to cast a spell, watch it go toward your opponent and then cast another. Get some practice in by repeatedly casting Stupefy.

Dueling is a best of three rounds contest and the winner of each round is determined by who can take off the six dots of their opponent first. To remove dots from your opponent you just need to keep hitting them with spells. Expelliarmus is more powerful than Stupefy but takes longer to cast. Therefore I recommend going after Ron with a barrage of Stupefy all the while dodging his attacks.

If you get knocked down, shake your Wii controllers to get up more quickly. For other systems, I'd imagine it's a button push or control stick move to get up faster.

When you win the duel you'll earn Gold Badge - Dueling Beginner's Luck Badge.

You'll also be graded on your performance. I got a 1878.

Signing up for Duels - Duel Challenge
There is a noticeboard on the wall of the Great Hall near the door. Here you'll find four duels that you'll need to complete which count toward 100% completion. The advantage of doing these now is that if you defeat the champion your dueling spells will become more powerful. This will help you down the line.

Junior Duel - Earned the Reflex Badge.

Senior Duel 1 - This duel gives you wooden shields to stand behind. You can break the shields by repeatedly attacking them.

Senior Duel 2 - Attack relentlessly with Stupefy and if you can get the opponent knocked down with an Expelliarmus, Stupefy them while they are on the ground. Of course, dodging all the while.

Champion Duel - Use the same tactics as the previous duel.

Once you defeat the campion you'll earn the Gold Badge - Dueling Club Champion Badge and your dueling spells will become more powerful. Feel free to replay any of the duels for a better score. You can come back at any time, though, so there's no hurry.

Go Meet Ron Outside

Exit through the large doors and talk with Ron and Hermione. You'll be given a password, "Acid Pops," for Dumbledore's office.

Go to Dumbledore's office for your first private lesson

Call Nick and follow him into the courtyard. He points out a crest above a torch. Use any bench in the courtyard to knock down the CREST. Continue following him a short distance to the statue of the Phoenix and you'll automatically enter Dumbledore's office. You'll get a cutscene.

Go to the Quidditch pitch with Katie

When play resumes a new area of the map will be unlocked. Follow Katie through the clock tower and down the stairs. A gate will be dropped blocking your way. Katie will bring a broken lever to you. You need to repair it.

Here you'll learn the Reparo spell which fixes objects. Follow the onscreen directions to repair the lever (Wii gamers, shake your Wii Remote left and right) and Katie will place it in and raise the gate.

Just after the gate is raised a witch painting will talk to you and tell you that she is a shortcut with the password, "Dashing Codagon." This will come in handy later.

Keep following Katie remembering to release mini-crests along way if you want. After crossing the bridge you'll have to duel Goyle. Do so and then continue to follow Katie all the way to the Quidditch pitch.

Quidditch Training

Much like the very first part of this game you'll be flying on your broom through stars. That's all you need to do. Note that the color of the stars at any given moment is an indication of how much time you have left. Eventually, you'll grab the snitch and the flying will end.

I earned the Gold Quidditch Badge - Combo Flyer (20 stars in a row) and the Silver Quidditch Badge - Dodger (no hard collisions).

Quidditch Practice - Quidditch Challenge
There is a noticeboard on the wall of the Quidditch trophy room. Just like the duel challenges, you can play these at any time however, they must be unlocked first which simply happens as the game progresses. Currently, you have available the "Gryffindor Tryouts."

Meet Ginny outside of the Quidditch Gate

She'll talk with you and then you'll offer to make a potion for her...ahh, young love.

Go to the Herbology greenhouses and make a Shrinking Solution for Ginny

Call Nick have him lead you to the Herbology greenhouses.

Go to the noticeboard and join the Potions Club

Upon arriving, a girl will talk to you and tell you that you need to join the Potions Club. Head over to the noticeboard at the back of the greenhouse and select Volubillis Potion.

Make the potions and you'll both be able to join the Potions Club and earn the Potions Silver Badge - Potions Club Member.

You can now make the Shrinking Potion for Ginny. You'll automatically start up and you'll learn a new trick, shaking. Add this to your pouring and heating skills. Follow the directions to shake a bottle. You'll want to stop when you see bubbles coming out of the top of it. If you shake too much it'll fizz over and waste time. For Wii gamers, point your controller straight up and shake it with small motions. If you don't point it up, you'll be likely to mistakenly pour before it's properly shaken.

When you're ready, select the cauldron and you'll learn about Adding an ingredient, like Rat Spleen...eww. Simply select the jar and lift up the ingredient. Drop it in when it's over the cauldron. Note that if you see a number near the ingredient shown to you, you'll need to add that many of that ingredient. Continue and you'll finally be able to make the potion for Ginny.

Shrinking Solution

Use your newly learned skills to make the potion. If you seem to be having trouble with time then you'll probably want to use the control stick to move each jar/ingredient rather than waiting for the game to slowly move it over the cauldron for you. It'll take a bit of trial and error to figure out the perspective of where to drop it, but you'll soon get the hang of it and making potions will go much faster with you in total control.

Take the Shrinking Solution to Ginny at the Quidditch Pitch

Exit back out to Training Ground and you'll have to duel with Crabbe. After the duel is won a Hufflepuff kid will ask that you help him and his dueling club. You'll learn the Protego spell, which is a defensive spell. For those Wii gamers, you'll want to cross your controllers as if you were blocking a punch. This will create a temporary circle of protection around you and will repel any attacks.

After Protego you'll learn how to charge spells. You'll know you're doing it when you see your wand pointed up in the air over your head and glowing. When it's fully glowing you'll want to cast your spell, in this case Stupefy, and you'll see three energy balls go out.

After the demonstration you'll be able to challenge Hufflepuffs any time you want by visiting the noticeboard for Dueling Club Hufflepuff. The board is on a pillar among the ruins in the Training Ground between the Quidditch Pitch and Herbology.

Continue heading back to Ginny who is waiting for you at the top of the stairs near the Quidditch pitch. If you can't find her, call Nick. Once you meet up with Ginny you'll get a cutscene.

Make your way to the Quidditch Pitch

After placing a little good luck juice into Ron's cup you're ready to head to the Quidditch pitch for your match (that sounds so British). Summon Nick and follow him down the Grand Staircase. Go through the "Clock Tower Shortcut" painting (remember you need to point at the painting and hit the "Interact" button).

Exit out and head into the Clocktower Courtyard. You'll have to duel a Slytherin. Use your new skills (Protego and charged spells) if you wish to defeat him. Call Nick again and follow him. When you get into the Quidditch Gate stairs a painting will talk to you and give you a password, "Boiled Beetles," for a shortcut to the Grand Staircase. Continue on and meet up with Ginny in the Quidditch trophy room.

Quidditch Match vs. Slytherin

For both the warm up and the actual match just fly through the rings. After you'll get a cutscene about Prof. Slughorn's party.

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Find Luna at the boathouse and take her to Slughorn's party

Summon Nick and follow him to the boathouse.

Here you'll meet up with Luna and be taught the Incendio spell. Follow the onscreen directions (Wii gamers, move your Wii Remote as if you were fanning something...up and down) while aiming at the fireworks box.

Light the other boxes of fireworks on the way back up to the castle

Head up the stairs and use Incendio on each of the fireworks boxes. There are four total and Luna will point out each one. Upon completion a new area is unlocked.

Take Luna to the party in Slughorn's office

Follow Luna and eventually you'll go through large wooden doors labeled, "Viaduct Entrance." Continue following her through the cave tunnel, up the path and along the hallway until you reach the office.

Party Punch

Slughorn has been slacking and needs some help with the punch. Time to whip up a potion...err...punch. You'll learn a new skill, stirring. Follow the onscreen directions and give it a try. For you Wii gamers, point your Wii Remote down at the floor and rotate it. Next, stir in the direction shown until the punch turns the color shown. After this brief tutorial you're ready to make some punch. Use your new skills (just like making a potion) to do so.

A few tips: First, most of the bottle's appear black so you'll really need to study the shape, not the color of the bottle. Second, the first fruit that you need to add looks reddish, however, it's asking for the lemons on the left. Third, the green spritzer bottle is very volatile. It does need to be shaken, but do so gently.

Once you have made the punch you'll need to figure out what Snape and Draco are doing.

Follow Snape and Draco

Don't get too close or you'll be caught (hey, Snape and Draco, don't mind the person following you who is using Lumos...if ever there were a time for the invisibility cloak...). Keep following them up to Floor Seven and soon you'll get a cutscene.

Weasley's Home - Duel vs. Bellatrix and the Werewolf

This battle is fought in three stages. This general strategy works well. Start by rapidly casting Stupefy. While casting it move left for a few seconds and then right for a few seconds. If you see any spells coming at you, be sure to keep hitting the "Dodge" button. Continue with the Stupefies and moving back and forth and you'll slowly wear her down.

You shouldn't need to use Protego, Expelliarmus, or charged attacks. Just keep it simply and rapid. Repeat this strategy for the second round with Bellatrix and the third round, which is against a Werewolf.

Investigate what Draco is up to in the seventh floor corridor.

You'll end up back in the castle; in the library to be exact. The nearby painting tells you that her password is, "Happy Headlines," (he's a bit of a gossip). Head to her and go through. She's labeled, "Grand Staircase Shortcut."

Once on the Grand Staircase, summon Nick and have him lead you up to the seventh floor. Here you'll find Ron and a recipe for a potion. Hmm? Suspicious.

Find Hermione in the Potions classroom.

Summon Nick and follow him to Potions class. Make the potion that you found in the seventh floor hallway.

Mystery Potion

It seems that the mystery potion is Polyjuice Potion. The mystery deepens. After, Hermione tells you to visit Dumbledore.

Meet Dumbledore in his office.

Summon Nick and follow him to Dumbledore's office. Here you'll meet up with a girl. She tells you that her Gobstone has been taken and you offer to get it back.

Ask the Slytherin student to return the stolen Gobstone and then return it to the girl.

Approach him and then Duel him. Return the gobstone to the girl outside of the office and you'll get a cutscene regarding Horcruxes and a new area will be unlocked.

Follow Hermione to the Transfiguration Courtyard

Follow Hermione to the courtyard and talk to Prof. McGonagal who is in the middle of the courtyard wearing a black dress. She'll introduce you to the Ravenclaw Dueling Club. This is a dueling club just like the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

You'll be taught the Levicorpus spell. Wii gamers, this is a bit tricky at first. Hold both controllers in a neutral position and then quickly flick them both up toward your chest. In the duel against the Junior champion an effective attack is to land a Levicorpus and then, as he is hanging in the air, run at him and repeatedly cast Stupefy. Get in close range and you'll defeat him before he regains his footing.

As a reward for joining this club, you'll get access to a Ravenclaw shortcut via a nearby portrait whose password is, "Light Against Darkness."

Feel free to go ahead and duel more Ravenclaws via the noticeboard. If you defeat their champion, your dueling spells will become more powerful.

Make your way to Quidditch practice.

Summon Nick and use your new found password on the portrait to get back to the Grand Staircase. Continue to follow Nick to the Quidditch pitch. When you arrive you'll fly through stars just like you always do. I earned the Silver Quidditch Badge - Grounded during this practice.

Head forward and talk to Hermione.

Follow Ron to Potions

Head toward Herbology and outside you'll have to duel a Slytherin. This will unlock the Slytherin Dueling Club in the Paved Courtyard. You can visit there later.

Make your way into the Herbology greenhouses and Ron will lead you through a previously locked door. Keep following him and eventually you run into Ron's girlfriend, Lavender. Talk to her.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on Lavender's Bag
Lavender's bag is the red bag in the corner. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and fly it around scooping up the flying books. Because you can't control the altitude of the bag, you'll just have to wait until a book comes down to the bag's level.

Continue to follow Ron, or Won Won, as the case may be.

Elixir to Induce Euphoria

Nothing new here. Just stir, add, pour, heat and shake your way to the potion.

Go and meet Ron outside

After chatting with Ron a Slytherin will inform you that McGonagall wants to see you. A new area of the map is unlocked.
Go and see Professor McGonagall in the Astronomy Tower Summon Nick and follow him to the Astronomy Tower. It's a trap! Crabbe and Goyle are waiting for you and you'll have to duel them, one at a time.

Find a way to re-open the Gate

Next to you is a lever but you can get it through the gate. You're going to have to smash it. Lift it up using Wingardium Leviosa and then throw so that it smashes against a wall and breaks into pieces. Lift up the pieces and move them through the gate. Once they are on the other side, use Reparo on the pieces to reassemble the lever. Finally, place the lever into its crank and it'll go in automatically and open the gate.

Follow Harry to Romilda!

You are now playing as Ron and your are a bit enchanted by a love potion. Because you can't move very fast this is a good time to release some mini-crests as you follow Harry. You'll end up in Slughorn's office.

Love Potion Antidote

You know what to do. After making the antidote Ron will be poisoned. Poor Ron. You'll get a cutscene.

Get to the Quidditch pitch, ready for your match against Hufflepuff

You begin outside the Hospital Wing. Summon Nick and follow him to the Quidditch pitch. When you arrive you'll have to do some flying, first for practice and then for the match itself.

Go and see Katie Bell in the Great Hall

If you haven't been doing any exploring, this is the first time you've been in the Gryffindor Common Room, other than for training at the beginning of the game. Feel free to look around.

When you're ready, exit and head down the Grand Staircase to the Great Hall. Use Nick if you need to. After speaking with Katie, you'll see Draco standing in the Great Hall, chase after him.

Chase Draco!

Be sure to hold down the "Sprint" button so that you run faster. When you get to "Viaduct Entrance" head up the stairs (in case you lost sight of him) as opposed to going down the spiral stairs.

When you catch up to him you'll have to duel. As always I recommend casting a Levicorpus and then repeatedly using Stupefy as Draco is hanging in the air.

Felix Felicis (Good Luck Potion)

After a cutscene where you drink some Felix Felicis, the game's perspective will change to first-person. As you automatically walk along be sure to release mini-crests. Due to the good luck potion you'll see a ton of mini-crests come out of each glowing object and it's a great time to stock up.

Eventually you'll reach Crabbe and Goyle and will have to duel each one which isn't a problem due to your current state. After the duel, continue on grabbing mini-crests and you'll eventually get to Slughorn in Herbology. You'll need to make some fertilizer.


Do your potion thing.

After you've made it, you and Slughorn will end up at Hagrid's and you'll be able to convince Slughorn to give you his memory.

Take the memory to Dumbledore's office

Summon Nick and head to the office. Along the way you'll have to duel Crabbe and Goyle again, geez Louise! Actually, you just have to duel one of them. Do so and you'll end up in Dumbledore's office to see the memory.

Warm up before the match and then fly in the match

With Harry in detention it's up to Ginny to fly as Seeker. You'll be flying as her, but the controls are no different. I earned the Quidditch Silver Badge - Endurance after this match (flown 15 times).

Go to Potions Club and brew a Wiggenweld Potion

Head over to Herbology where the Potions Club is located, and go to the noticeboard. Scroll through the potions (highlight the little finger to scroll through the pages) until you see Wiggenweld. Select it and then you'll have to make it.

Wiggenweld Potion

This is difficult but it's nothing different than what you've already done a dozen times. The difficulty results from a lot of steps and limited time. If you concentrate and don't make any mistakes, you'll be fine.

After you make it you'll drink it and will be told that you have more strength in dueling now.

Meet Dumbledore at the Astronomy Tower

Summon Nick and follow him there. Approach Dumbledore. After he talks with you, talk to him again (use the "Interact" button) and you'll be off on your quest.

Inferi Attack!

After the cutscene you'll have to battle the Inferi who are coming out of the water. Walk back and forth rapidly firing Stupefy and you won't have any trouble with them. Keep this up until you get a cutscene and are returned to the Astronomy Tower.

Final Duels

After the cutscene where, egad, something terrible happens, you will have to battle two Deatheaters, the Werewolf, and Bellatrix Lestrange. The basic strategy of Levicorpus and then Stupefy works for all of them.

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