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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Strategy Guide

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Buy Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Lunabean Rating: 7.2
Platforms: PS2, GCN*, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 11.15.02
ESRB Rating: E - Everyone
Official Site: EA's Harry Potter Games Site
Purchase from Amazon.com: PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, PC
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Soundtrack Enabled: No
Online Play: No

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*Important Information About This Guide*

Please note, this guide is based on the GCN version of the game. There are few differences between the two versions, however, there are some. If you have a PS2 and are having problems with this guide, please check out this version, as put together by Lunabeanie bencarr7. Wizard Card location are also included in this version. Thanks bencarr7 for the guide!

Also note this is a very basic walkthrough and one of our first. Please don't judge our walkthroughs and strategy guides based on what's below. We wanted to remove it from our site in our most recent redesign as it's not up to Lunabean par. However, it seems to be helping many people who wrote in upon its removal. Who knew? Anyway, enjoy...but, please, don't judge.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough

Day #1: The Burrows

To Do:

Smash some objects
Just use your Flipendo and your targeting button to smash some items.

Meet Ron, Fred and George in the Barn
Take care of the flour bags with your Flipendo first, then take care of the Gnomes in the rafters with your Flipendo.

Defeat the Washing Machine in the Barnyard
Shoot Flipendo at the Washing Machine when the door to the washing machine opens. Three shots and he's toast.

De-gnome the Garden
Flipendo the Gnomes first. Then, walk over to them, and pick them up. Then, hold down your "Throw" button and when the indicator turns green, let go, thus hurling the Gnome way out into the field.

End of day
Go to your menu (Remembrall) and you'll be able to End Your Day, or, if you wish, you can continue exploring, etc., until you want to End Your Day.

Day #2: Diagon Alley and Entrance to Hogwarts

To Do:

Retrieve Lumos Spell Book
Find the door that you can "Open." You'll hide in there and get a cut scene with Draco and Lucious Malfoy. Then, grab the book that is now on the stand. You have gained the spell, "Lumos."

Use Lumos spell to find secret panel behind black cabinet

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Go back into the place you were hiding (black cabinet), and you'll see that it leads to a passage. Use your Lumos spell to find your way. Find the little Troll and put him into his cage. Then, continue to climb and explore. Call Hedwig, your owl. Find the owl treats and give Hedwig one. He'll open up a ladder and a hole in the roof that you can climb through. Go up the ladder and you'll find a little hole in the wall that you can crawl through. Go down the stairs and do a, "Wall Sneak," when prompted to get by the boxes. You'll find a locked door. Pull the box back and you'll reveal a button. This will unlock the gated door at the bottom of the stairs, back where you had to Wall Sneak. Push the button in that room to unlock the door out to Diagon Alley.

Buy Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) from Flourish and Blotts
Find Flourish and Blotts. You'll see the Spell book right in front of you. Buy it.

Find Ginny's Scales in the Magical Menagerie
Take care of the small barrels. Go back and open a door. An old man will tell you that they're closed. You have to sneak (push forward gently on the control stick) to the button on the wall. Don't let him see you. I used a Stink Pellet on him and he hacked and coughed and I was able to push the button then run and open the door. If you get caught, and you've already pushed the button, just head for the door. You don't need to push the button again.

Find Ginny's Quill in Gambol and Japes
Use Lumos in the dark corner and push the bookcase back. Collect a few things back there. Take the door next to where you buy the Stink Pellets. Use your Flipendo on the strength meter and you'll open a hole you can crawl through. Destroy some barrels by the fireplace, and you'll find Ginny's Quill.

Find Ginny's Spellotape in the Leaky Cauldron
Go into the Leaky Cauldron. Say hello to Hagrid while you're at it. Go to the back room and Flipendo the small barrels. Then, go past them and you'll fall through a trap door. Push the button on the wall. Go through the door. Go through the obstacle course of little critters and barrels. Go through the door and do a Wall Sneak across the broken floor. Push the box down. Then, jump down. Push the box to the other side so you can get up to the wooden staircase. Use Lumos to reveal the wall. Then, return to where you originally fell through the trap door and grab Ginny's Spellotape.

Buy Potion Vial from Mr. Mullpepper's Apothecary
Find Mr. Mullpepper's. Buy the Potion Vial. It's that easy.

Go to Flourish and Blotts
Go there and you'll get a cut scene telling you that you've missed the Hogwarts Express.

Meet Ron in Leaky Cauldron courtyard
Meet Ron outside the Leaky Cauldron, you'll be driven away in his car.

Rescue Ron
Ron and you crashed into the Whomping Willow. Nice work, Ron! Anyway, work your way down the tree and then around to a path upward. Use your Flipendo and Wall Sneak against the obstacles on the way up. At the end of the way, fall down and take care of the spores. Behind the spores is a hole you can crawl in. Flipendo the Gnomes. Then, Flipendo the Gnome holding a spore on top of the logs (wooden gate). This will open that path up to you. Save at the Save Scroll. Crawl on top of the log that fell and crawl up to the ledge with the Hedwig perch on it. Work your way down. You'll encounter some nasty white/ghostly wolves. Keep casting your Lumos spell and making the green light from your spell go over the wolves. After a few hits with the Lumos, they'll begin to die. Once they're defeated, you can crawl into a hole. Fight some more Gnomes. Fill up your vial if you want. Once the Gnomes are defeated, crawl into the hole in the wall, by the cauldron, behind the spore. Now you have to fight the Whomping Willow. Use Lumos to highlight the weak spot under the hand of the tree, it'll glow green. Then, shoot a Flipendo at it. This will stun the tree and you can now shoot a Flipendo into the yellow eye at the base of the tree. Repeat. You have rescued Ron.

Meet Ron outside Hogwart's Entrance
From outside the Entrance, you can go off into many different areas of the campus. Explore if you want to. Otherwise, head on in.

Go to Gryffindor Common Room on the Seventh Floor
Follow Ron. You'll run into Hermione along the way. She'll give you the password for the painting.

Visit Fred and George's Shop
Go through the door and sneak past Percy to the portrait at the end of the corridor. Open it and you'll have entered the store. Buy whatever your little wizard heart desires.

End of Day

Day #3: Flying Lessons

To Do:

Meet Ron in the Entrance Hall
Crawl through the hole and work your way down the stairs. Ron is next to the main door.

Flying Lesson with Madam Hooch on the Flying Pitch
Ounce outside, take the path to "Flying Practice". Hover with the control stick. This test will set how you fly: "Normal" or "Reverse". If you don't like your designation, go into the "Options" menu and change it. Now, take Hooch's tests. Keep in mind, it's OK to miss rings, just try to fly through as many as you can. We flew through 33 and received and "A".

End of Day

Day #4: Free Neville

To Do:

Find Horklump Book
Head down to the second floor and go into into the Library Annex. Sneak by Professor Lockhart and enter the Library. Run directly across the room to collect the book.

Find severing charm
Go outside and head toward Herbology Greenhouse 3. Find the door surrounded by Horklumps. Hit them with your Flipendo spell, then, as they are screaming, pick them up and toss them away. Now, enter the door, clear out more Horklumps, and pick up the Severing Charm.

Rescue Neville from behind the Tapestry
Head back up to the grand staircase. Go into the second floor Charms and Library and you'll get a cut scene that someone attacked Nearly Headless Nick. Keep working your way up and go through your portrait. Get to Hermione and the tapestry. Target the tapestry and use your Diffendo Spell on it to free Neville.

End of Day

Day #5: Defense against Dark Arts Class and Quidditch Practice

To Do:

Defense Against the Dark Arts class on the Third Floor
Head down to the 3rd floor and enter Classroom 3C (Defense Against the Dark Arts). You will be put in to the Expelliarmus Challenge Chambers. Hit the switches on the wall with your Flipendo spell. Then, avoid the attack of the spikey balls, and on their way back to formation, hit the ball with a Flipendo. Climb up and use Diffendo spell on the Tapestry. This will reveal a door. Go through the door and up the ramp. Target the chains on the large spikey balls and use your Diffendo spell on them, progressively working your way up and around. Go through the door. Use your sever spell (Diffendo) on the rope that is highlighted in pink. There is one on the other side, too. Now, the blades have slowed down and you can progress through to the door across. Climb the wall and Flipendo the fire-breathing things so that you can get by. Go through the door, and Diffendo the large spikey ball. Jump down and get the Expelliarmus Spell. Now, you have to fight the Gargoyle. Use your new Expelliarmus spell to play "tennis" with his attack. Just time your swing right, and send back his yellow/orange attack right back at him. Sometimes, he'll hit it right back to you, so be ready for a few volleys.

Quidditch Practice at the Quidditch Stadium
Fly through the hoops and catch the Snitch. The Snitch's path makes the rings, so just keep up on it and use your boost. When all is said and done, you'll have earned the Nimbus 2000, and the ability to ride it around the grounds, thus, significantly reducing travel times.

End of Day

Day #6: Hogwarts: A History

To Do:

Enter the Library
Go down to the second floor. Work your way into the Library Annex. Past the Library door (to the right if you're facing it) is another door. Go through it and locate the portrait. Head toward the star on the map. Take advantage of the "Wall Sneak" move to get an idea of where the prefects are.

Get a copy of Hogwarts: A History from the Restricted Section of the Library on Floor 2
Work your way up by taking the ladders, wall sneaking, and avoiding the flying books. Go through the door, then into the next door. Pick up the Owl Treat in the treasure chest, then go to the opposite side and call Hedwig. He'll drop a ladder for you by the door with the green slime on it. Collect some goodies, then jump across (on top of the green slime door) over to the other treasure chests. Across the way is a tapestry. Take it down with your severing magic and jump across. Work your way to the next set of chests, then jump across the way. Here is the book.

Show copy of Hogwarts: A History to Hermione

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Now, head through the door opposite from where you entered the secret library area and you'll encounter a Mad Bookcase. Target him so you have the "Dodge" option, and dodge his attacks. Just keep hitting him with your Flipendo spell until he backs all the way up and trips. Now, push the crate to the other side, get on it and climb up to the bookcase. Hit the books with Flipendo, wait for it to fall, jump and repeat until you get to the Spellbook on the other side. Nice work. You now have the power of "Skurge" and you can clean up ectoplasm. Go through the ectoplasm door in the restricted library. This will lead you to more doors covered in the gunk. Every door has a button behind it. Push them all. Once you do that, you've unlocked the door, and you have a battle in front of you. Use your Expelliarmus spell to play a little wizard tennis with the guy and take him down. Now go through the newly opened door, and push the crate under an area of the wall which you can climb. Remove the ectoplasm and use Flipendo on the switch. Do the same on the other side to open the door below. Go through the door and crawl through the hole. You're now in the Library Annex. Head out to the Grand Staircase and you're in the dorm.

End of Day

Day #7: Transfiguration Class and Quidditch Match vs. Hufflepuff

To Do:

Transfigurations Class on the First Floor
Head to the first floor. Go into Classroom 1B (Transfiguration). You will be given the task to complete the Avifors challenge, in order to get the Avifors spell (changes small objects into birds). Fall down and go to either side. Use Skurge to de-slime the round doors and open the way. Then, hit the green wall button. Repeat on the other side. This will unlock the two gated doors in the center and bottom of the area. Go back and through the door near the green glowing cauldron. Use Skurge to get into the center of the area you're in. Use your Lumos. You'll see a block highlighted in the wall. Push it out. This will allow you to climb up the central part. Make the jump across to the platform that is extended and work your way around. Use Skurge on the door when you get there. Go through the door. Drop down and pick up the book. You have received Avifors. Use your new spell on the egg looking statue rock, and a bird will come out and land on a switch for you. Climb up the now accessible wall. Do it again to the rock up there. Go to the wall opposite of you, and do it again. Now you can go through a hole in the wall. This will pop you out above and across from where you originally entered. Work you way around the wall, using your Avifor when necessary. Then Wall Sneak and use your Flipendo on the wall switch to lower the bridge. Repeat on the other side. This will make a metal grate slide out. Jump down onto it and deal with the Gargoyle using your Expelliarmus. Once you've done that exit and head back to class.

Quidditch Match vs. Hufflepuff at the Quidditch Stadium
Go to the Quidditch Stadium. Fly through the rings and get the Snitch.

End of Day

Day #8: Meet with Draco Malfoy

To Do:

Meet Hermione in the Girls' bathroom on Floor Two
Head down to Floor Two and find the, "Girls' Bathroom."

Talk to Draco Malfoy in the Dungeons
Head down, and then out to the Entrance Hall, down the main stairs, and then down into the Dungeons. Go into the Slytherin dorm. Run around a little, and find Draco. You'll get a cut scene.

Meet Hermione and Ron in the Girls' bathroom on Floor 2
Run out of the Slytherin dorm as quickly as possible. Head up into the Entrance Hall, up the main staircase and right to the Grand Staircase, then back to Floor 2.

End of Day

Day #9: Charms Class and Quidditch Match vs. Ravenclaw

To Do:

Charms Class on the Second Floor
Head down to Floor 2, and into the, "Incendio Challenge Chamber," room. So, now you're onto the challenge. Jump straight down and fight the Gargoyle. Move to the very back of the green circle and try to "charge up" the spell as much as you can before you hit it back to him. It seems like if you just tap the Expelliarmus button, it's not powerful enough to hurt him. So, hold it down a little and then hit the spell back. Once you defeat him, go through the door behind him. Go ahead and fight the Gargoyles in this area. When you beat one of them, the gate near him will open and you can use your Avifors spell on the egg/rock thing left behind. Beat the other one and you can use Avifors again. Now, go through the door and get the Incendio spell. Now, still standing in the middle, light all four fire statue/urns at the same time. You have to be quick, but this opens the iron gate blocking your progression. It's a lot of trial and error. Watch the gate in the background open and close based on what is lit. Once you get all four lit, make a break for the gate and light an urn along the way, to keep the door open just a little bit longer. Now, you're back in the original room. Use your Incendio spell on the switches (they kinda look like garbage cans) at the base of the staircase. Go down into each room that is opened by the switches and play with the fire until you get one clear pathway. It doesn't matter which side first, because you're gonna have to do each side. So, the plan here is to light the Pig statues with Incendio on the side that you've cleared of fire, then shoot the Pigs (once lit) with Flipendo. This will cause you to have some elevated platforms so that you can jump across and hit the switch on the other side. Once you have one side done, go back and do the other side.

Quidditch Match vs. Ravenclaw at the Quidditch Stadium
Catch that Snitch.

End of Day

Day #10: Hagrid and Aragog

To Do:

Talk to Hagrid in Hagrid's Hut
Work your way down the Grand Staircase and leave the building. Head to the Forbidden Forest. There will be a cut scene. You will pick up a key. Use it to go through the door they show you.

Follow the trail of spiders
Kill the spiders with your Incendio spell. Work your way down to the spider web and, again, use your Incendio spell. Go through this cave. Continue fighting off the spiders and locate the web on the ground. Get rid of it and fall through.

Escape from Aragog

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Facing Aragog, on your left side, use your Incendio spell to break the webbing attached to the wall. Continue on...if you feel like you're stuck, see if there's a gap you can jump. Eventually, you'll get to more webbing of Aragog's that you can zap. Do so, do a wall sneak and continue on. You'll run into yet another piece of webbing you can eliminate. Do so. Move on and you'll encounter the last piece of webbing. Aragog is down, but, sadly, so are you. It's time to fight the big guy. When you see a green sparkle on his belly, shoot him with your Incendio spell. Avoid his attacks. You will get a potion vial for "defeating" him.

End of Day

Day #11: Quidditch Match vs. Slytherin

To Do:

Quidditch Match vs. Slytherin at the Quidditch Stadium
Catch the Snitch. The Quidditch Cup is on the line!

End of Day

Day #12: The Final Battle

To Do:

Find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets in the Girls' Bathroom on Floor 2
Head to the Second Floor Girls' bathroom.

Rescue Ginny
Okay, so you're gonna have to fight a big snake. You'll get the Sword. Hold down the sword button and aim it's emission with your control stick. Aim for the green glow in the snake's mouth. You'll get this green glow after he attacks. Just avoid his attacks, then attack with the sword. After each successful attack you'll have to go and retrieve your sword again. Repeat.

End of Game

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