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LB's "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PC is all you need to make it through the icy environs and the jungle heat. Whether you're trying to get through the game, learn how to swing, climb, shoot, and wall bounce, looking for valuable Pears and Circles of Rocks, or want to find all of those pesky Crystals, this guide will get you there!

What's more, it contains ALL Cystals and will earn you (100% completion)!
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • 100% completion
  • All Crystals
  • Pears and Circles of Rocks locations
  • Instantly Downloadable

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Introduction - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3) Game Guide

Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" Game Guide for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PC. Below you'll find two sample chapters from the walkthrough.

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Chapter 1 - Sid's Early Start (Tutorial)

Walk over to Ellie and talk to her

Ellie is the mammoth on the left. Head over to her and follow the instructions to talk to her. After, head over to Crash and Eddie, the opossums. They are directly in front of you.

Help Crash and Eddie find a present for Ellie

Crash and Eddie tell you about the Objective Menu. You can view this menu at any time to see your current objective. On the Wii, press the "2" button.

Follow Crash and Eddie, paying attention to the onscreen prompts to: jump, attack, double jump, and climb up a ledge (double jump and push forward on the controls stick). You'll soon reach a crystal, the perfect gift for Ellie.

After crashing down to the ground you'll be shown how to use the camera (adjust your view) and how to recenter the camera behind you (on Wii, double tap the Down on the D-Pad).

After speaking with Manny, head across the log following the instructions to balance. Once you cross you'll learn how to do a slam attack: on Wii, double jump and flick the Wii Remote down.

Perform a slam move in the circle of rocks

Do so and then collect the apples.

Defeat the Beavers

Use your attack button and/or your slam attack to take out the six beavers.

Help Crash and Eddie Open the Cave Entrance

Before heading up to Crash and Eddie, explore the Beaver cave for a PEAR. Climb up to Crash and Eddie. They'll show you the cave entrance blocked by a large rock. Follow the onscreen instructions to move the rock. Enter the cave.

Follow Crash and Eddie

You'll soon learn that strawberries replenish health (and why wouldn't they?). As you exit the cave you'll be told to follow the wind wisps to the next objective. Be sure to slam the circle of rocks on the left as you exit the cave for apples.

Follow the wisps of wind through the next cave, watch out for spiders, and talk to Crash to learn that you can use mushrooms as trampolines to get to higher places. Hop onto the mushroom in front of you and you'll automatically begin bouncing. Move your control stick in the direction of the rock platform that you're trying to reach.

Once on it, head left and cross the log. On the far side you'll find a PEAR on the right. Grab it and then head over to the fire. Follow the onscreen directions to light a torch. Slide down the ice ramp.

Follow Crash and Eddie to the cobweb

Backtrack to the cobweb you saw earlier and approach it. You'll be shown how to burn the cobweb. Continue following Crash and Eddie.

Fast Tony's Shops

You'll come to Tony, the shopkeeper. If you want to buy items you can shake your Wii Remote (or follow the onscreen instructions) to enter a shop. The shop rock looks like a statue of Tony and is shiny.

Go ahead and enter the shop. Here you'll be able to spend your berries (money). I recommend a Health Extender, but do what you please. After visiting the store, head up the ledges behind Fast Tony's shop for a PEAR.

Head forward and you'll meet up with some Molehogs.

Defeat the Molehogs

At the start of this fight you'll learn that if you rapidly tap the attack button you'll perform a spin attack. Give this a try as you attack the Molehogs.

Open the cave entrance

Before prying the big rock, head left and enter the small cave for a PEAR. Go back, pry the rock, and go through the cave. On the other side, follow Crash and Eddie from the large tree stump to the ledge by double jumping. Feel free to slide down the ice ramp for more berries and then head back up. Head forward to Crash and Ellie.

You'll grab the second crystal and be flung back to Manny and Ellie.

Help Crash and Eddie find a present for Ellie

Follow the opossums and double jump across and up the ledges. You'll soon have to fight some birds.

Defeat the birds

Head forward and run over a snowball to pick up 10 snowballs. You can throw snowballs using your throw button. The aiming is automatic, so just aim in the general direction of any of the birds and let loose on them. You can also use your normal attack button, if you wish. Once they're defeated, head over to Crash and Eddie who are under the crystal hanging from a branch.

Follow the onscreen directions to go into manual aim (Wii gamers, press and hold "C" to get the crosshairs up on the screen. Be sure to point your Wii Remote at the screen. Press "B" to throw). After you knock down the crystal you'll have to defeat more birds, this time using manual aiming.

Don't miss the white spiderweb sack hanging down from a tree branch near the right side birds. Knock it down to get a PEAR. After the fight, go around the area collecting berries. There is another PEAR if you follow the right path.

When you're done collecting, locate Crash and Eddie in the middle of the area and talk to them to end the chapter.


All three Cyan crystals are collected during the tutorial.

Pears and Circles of Rocks

Circle of rocks above and to the left of cave entrance.
Circle of rocks to left of cave exit.
Pear above Fast Tony's Shop.
Pear in cave to left of Molehog fight.
Circle of rocks in back of bird fight area.
Circle of rocks in back of bird fight area, in the cave.
Circle of rocks in front right of bird fight area.
Pear hanging from spiderweb sack in bird fight area.
Pear if you follow the right path in the bird fight area.

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Chapter 2 - Baby Proofing

There are three different hazards that you need to make safe: throw leaves on stones, melt the icicles, and coat the sharp rocks with mud. There are five of each hazard. You can do these in any order. Note there is a PEAR near the beginning, not far from Manny.

Coat the sharp rocks with mud

Hop down the ledge and grab a mudball (looks like the snowball from the previous chapter, but brown). With it in hand, follow the wind wisps to each of the five sharp rocks. When you see one, manually aim at it and throw mud at it. Watch out for the Molehogs and note that there is a PEAR over a mushroom near the third rock (upper area).

Throw leaves on stone

Go up to the pile of leaves near the large tree. Follow the instructions to grab some leaves. With them in hand, follow the wind wisps to each of the five stones. When you get to a stone, you'll be prompted to toss the leaves onto it (not like throwing a mudball). Do so and then return to the pile of leaves to grab more. Repeat until all five stones are covered.

Melt the Icicles

Head over to the fire. Grab a torch and enter the ice cave. Melt each of the five icicles by following the prompts. Note that there is a PEAR on the left side of the cave, near the front. You can also melt the berry ice blocks.

Pull the sharp tree stumps out of the ground

You'll now be playing as Manny. Go up to each stump and follow the prompt to uproot them. If the beavers are bothering you, use your normal attack button.

Use Carl and Frank to smash the rocks

Grab some mudballs and hop up onto the central stump. Throw a mudball at a Rhino and it'll charge the stump and become dazed when it hits. Quickly jump down and hop onto the Rhino. Use your control stick to steer the Rhino and hold down the attack button to smash one of the five shiny rocks on the perimeter of the area. This will knock you off the Rhino. Repeat for the remaining four rocks. Note that a Rhino may randomly take out one or two of the rocks for you, so just pay attention to the number showing how many rocks you have left to smash.


Cyan - Over mushroom in upper area near shop statue
Purple - Over mushroom behind large tree
Purple - On central stump in Rhino area

Pears and Circles of Rocks

Circle of rocks behind tree
Pear near third sharp rock (see walkthrough)
Circle of rocks to left of the area where you start (near Manny)
Pear to left of the area where you start (near Manny)

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