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LB's "Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial Indiana Jones(R) and the Staff of Kings(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide (Wii, PS2) contains everything you need to help Indy on his quest to rescue The Staff of Kings from the evil Voller and to earn 100% completion!

  • 100% Completion Game Guide
  • Detailed walkthrough
  • All Fortune Artifacts (with screenshots of every one!)
  • All Glory Moves
  • Walkthrough for "Fate of Atlantis" unlockable game
  • All Skins
  • Comprehensive Boss Strategies

Get our complete Indiana Jones SoK guide, including ALL Fortune Artifacts, ALL Glory Moves, and a "Fate of Atlantis" Walkthrough:

LB Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Game Guide

Below you will find a sample of Chapter 1: Sudan. If you'd like to download the complete guide, please sign up for the LunaPass.


This walkthrough is based upon the Wii version of the game on "Normal" difficulty. We have used generic controls wherever possible for those playing on the PS2. This walkthrough contains all Fortune Artifacts and all Glory actions.


At the start of the game, in Indy's office, you'll see seven choices:

  • Journey Onward! - This will start the game for you.
  • Extras - These are extra game elements that you have unlocked.
  • Options - Here you adjust your controller options like inverting the Y axis and also deal with sound and screen calibration.
  • Journal - This is the place to see details of your progress so far in the game.
  • Tutorial - Go here for instruction on how to play the game.
  • Passport - This is your saved game profile.
  • Co-Op Journey - Choose this to play the Co-Op adventure.


To start the game, select "Journey Onward," and highlight the airplane "Go!" icon. Select it to begin.

From the path you start on, turn around and run to the end of the path. Hop up the rock ledges by pressing against the rocks (you'll automatically jump) and pull yourself up. Here you'll find a FORTUNE ARTIFACT (1 / 3) - NUBIAN BUST.

Hop back down and back track along the path. Go past where you started and continue on the path until you get to a cave entrance covered by vines. The game will show you how to use your Whip to break through the vines. On the Wii, hold "B" while you whip the Wii Remote down.

NOTE - The game will show you the controls that you need to use in various situations. If you're stuck, just look at the controls shown to you in the lower right corner of the screen.

Repeat, using your whip three times to break through the vines. Enter the cave and move forward. Up ahead the path is covered by twigs. Here you'll learn the Whip Grab skill. Use your whip just like you did moments ago, but this time, you'll see that the whip has attached to the twigs. Flick your Wii Remote up to pull the twigs, thus breaking them. Repeat and then head through.

Continue forward and you'll reach a gap that you can't clear. You'll learn the Whip Swing. Approach the edge of the gap and swing your whip. It'll automatically grab onto the log above and you'll swing to the other side.

Continue a bit deeper into the cave and it'll get dark. A few step beyond and you'll spy a shining object on the ground. Follow the on-screen commands to pick up the flint and then move your Wii Remote as shown to flick the flint to spark a fire. You now have a torch.

Head forward to the end of the cave where there is a huge spider web covering the path. Lucky for you, spider webs burn. Holding the torch, flick your Wii Remote down to set the cob web on fire. Proceed.

In front of you is another cobweb and to the right is a suspension bridge. Burn the cobweb in front of you for a FORTUNE ARTIFACT (2 / 3) - LIMESTONE TABLET and then cross the suspension bridge to the right.

Spiders! Follow the on-screen motions to first shoo the spiders and then to brush them off of you. You'll then make a run for it. As you're hanging from the bridge, you'll experience a Panic Moment. Follow the on-screen motions (or buttons if on the PS2), moving your Remote and Nunchuk up and down to save Indy (you'll see the life bar at the bottom of the screen). Once you are safe, push forward on the control stick to make Indy climb up to the path.

You lost your torch, but don't worry, as the game conveniently places another one for you a few steps up, on the left. Grab it and light it. Approach either the left or right side of the large door. You'll see a prompt telling you that there is oil that can be lighted. Swing your torch near the urn/well and it'll light on fire. Repeat for the other side and the door will open.

Head down the fire stairs and push the statue blocking the door by holding down the "Action" button and pushing forward ("A" on the Wii). Go through the door and you'll see a large gap. Here you'll learn how to Shimmy. Approach the left wall and you'll see an action icon. Push the button shown to you to wall hug the wall. Move to the right and you'll shimmy along the narrow ledge. To leave the wall, push in the opposite direction of the wall.

Back on solid ground, use your whip to clear the swing across the next gap. In the next room the idol that you're after is protected by flames. Push against the stone block in front of you to climb atop it. Standing there, use your Whip Grab skill to grab the idol (just like to you did to break the twigs on the cave path earlier).

Hop back down and proceed into the next room. Trap! The statues will fall behind you and you have to run like a mad man to escape. Alternate flicking your controllers to long as you stay in the green section of the meter you'll be fine.

Head up the stairs and you'll meet up with Magnus Voller...rotten Nazi sympathizer!

Fighting Tutorial

It's time to learn how to fight. The game will run you through a tutorial. If you miss anything you can always pause the game and view the tutorial there. If you're playing on the Wii, these motions are quite natural and you should pick them up fairly easily.

You'll learn the right and left jabs, quick but not very powerful. To do these, flick either controller forward. Next is the right and left hooks. Move the Wii Remote from right to left for a right hook and the Nunchuk from left to right for a left hook. Finally, you'll learn the uppercut. Again, it's just like it sounds. Move either the Wii Remote or Nunchuk sharply up.

After mastering those skills, you'll get to try them out on a soldier. After defeating him, head left to an open tent containing a FORTUNE ARTIFACT (3 / 3) - GOLD RAM'S HEAD. Return to the path, beat up another soldier, and then continue up the path.

Here you'll see another soldier pop out from the shack on the left. You'll learn about environmental attacks, or Whip Hotsets, as the game calls them. That is, using the environment around you to attack enemies. In this case you'll see a whip icon above the soldiers head. Use your whip to collapse the shack on him.

The next soldier can be defeated using the shovel in front of you. Pick up the shovel in front of you using the action button. Just like swinging the torch earlier, move your Wii Remote from right to left to swing the shovel. To drop the shovel, hit the action button again.

Next, you'll learn how to throw an object. If holding an object (like the shovel), press and hold the action button ("A" button on Wii) while flicking the Wii Remote down. If you want to quick throw an object, step near it, press and hold the action button and then flick the Wii Remote down (really the same thing as just throwing an object you are already holding).

Now it's time to learn a little defense. Head forward a big bruiser of a soldier will approach. To dodge an attack, press both the action and whip button at the same time ("A" and "B" on Wii). Dodging will result in you performing an automatic counter attack that is quite powerful. The game mentions that each enemy has a "tell" to let you know when they're about to swing. Keep your eye out for it.

Oh goodie! Whip training! You can disarm and pull in enemies using your whip. To pull an enemy in via the neck is a two step process. First, press and hold the whip button ("B" on Wii) and flick the Wii Remote up. This will engage the enemy. Second, you have to quickly flick back again to drag the enemy to you.

To pull an enemy to you via his waist, do the same as above, except make the motion on your Wii Remote go from right to left. Again, you'll need to flick back once you have him to pull him in.

Next, you'll learn how to disarm an enemy. This is pretty simple. Press and hold the whip button and flick the Wii Remote in any direction.

After doing that move, you'll learn how to pull in an enemy by the feet. This is just like the neck and waist, except this time you flick the Wii Remote down. Once you have an enemy on the ground you can punch him before he gets up.

Defeat this enemy and the next one. Proceed forward and make a u-turn into the hieroglyph building. Another enemy will attack and you'll learn the Grapple skill. When a weak or stunned enemy is near you, press the grapple button ("Z" on Wii) and you'll grab him. You can now unload on him with punches. Or, better yet, you can throw him. To do this, flick forward with both controllers at the same time.

Finally, you'll learn of environmental grapples. That is, when you have an enemy grappled, you can move them toward an object with an icon over it and then hit the "Action" button to smash him into it. In this case, you don't have to move the enemy, just hit the "Action" button to smash him into the desk.

End of Fighting Tutorial

Now that you know how to handle yourself in the rough world of archaeology, you'll be tested by a variety of enemies: three soldiers, a brute, and an enemy with a weapon. Take out the three soldiers first, using a grapple on one to smash him into the desk, if you wish. For the brute, I recommend that you disarm the enemy with the crowbar, grab it, and then attack the brute. Remember that you can dodge the brute's attack. Watch for when he rears back. Finally, take out the armed enemy. If he re-armed himself with a shovel, just disarm him again and beat him up.

Note that in order to earn a GLORY (1 / 2) - SHELVED here, you'll need to defeat three enemies with a bookshelf. The best way to do this is to grapple one of the three weak enemies and back him up up toward one of the bookcases. The others will sort of follow and you'll get them all bunched up. Quickly pull down a bookcase on them.

If you didn't do this in the first play through, from the main menu, you can select the chapter and checkpoint to quickly replay that part again.

After those enemies are disposed of, you'll automatically end up on a biplane. Hold your Wii Remote like a control stick on an airplane: straight up and down. Your motions will now control the plane. Push forward and down and then plane will go down; pull back and down and the plane will go up. Left and right are self-explanatory. To fire your guns, press the whip button. If you're playing on the PS2, just take note of the controls shown to you prior to flying the plane.

My suggestion to you is to make slight movements with the Wii Remote...any sudden and crazy movement will only get you in trouble. You may also want to place the base of the Wii Remote on your knee or coffee table in front of you (think of it like a joystick). Note, also, that your guns can overheat. Watch the crosshairs. The more red they get, the closer your guns are to overheating. Just lay off firing for a moment to let them cool.

This will most likely take at least a few tries for you to get used to the controls, the path, and where the enemy planes spawn. If you kill five enemy planes, you'll get a GLORY (2 / 2) - HOT SHOT.

Get our complete Indiana Jones SoK guide, including ALL Fortune Artifacts, ALL Glory Moves, and a "Fate of Atlantis" Walkthrough:

LB Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Versions Included!

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