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LB's Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit)
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Lunabean's Unofficial Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) Game Guide (PS2, Xbox, PC)will walk you through each and every chapter of this mysterious game. All possible endings and bonuses are included. What's more, it details how to get the tricky 75%-100% rating on the Composite Sketch.

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"Indigo Prophecy" bills itself as a game where you have to make split-second decisions that will influence the outcome of the game. This isn't exactly true. While there are three different endings to the game, the decisions you make in the game really don't affect much. Sure, there are some minor differences if say, you choose not to save a drowning child, but it's really nothing to worry about.

This guide will get you through the game and give you all of the information you need to make choices. Just so you know, there may be minor differences between what you experience and what I have written. Don't fret. I have done my best to explain what will happen if you do/don't make a certain decision, but in general, your choices will not make that big of a difference and the guide will work for you no matter what you have done and/or chosen.

With that being said, it's time to delve into this wonderful and unique game. Select "New Movie" and then select "Training".


The Training segment is led by a virtual version of the game's writer and director, David Cage. He introduces you to a robot whom you will control to get a feel for the controls in the game. If you like your Y-Axis inverted you can enter the Pause Menu and go to "Controls". You can also see your Controls from this menu by selecting "Controls".


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Walk to the red X. Not hard. Next, hold down your "Run" button to run. Run around the area a bit. Next, use your "Camera Switch" buttons (L and R triggers on the Xbox) to rotate the camera around you. Also note that you can enter a First Person View by holding down the "First Person View" button (Black button on Xbox).

Action Icons

After you look around with your Camera Target functions (right analog stick), head to the door. You'll see an Action Icon appear at the top of the screen. This Action Icon shows you what motion you need to make with your Right Analog Stick to accomplish the action; in this case, opening the door. Later on, this will be things like climbing over fences, or choosing dialogue. Next, head to the Rib Stall (ladder-like structure) on the wall and follow the Action Icons to climb onto it.

Strength/Stamina Meter

Once on the Rib Stall (ladder-like structure), you'll learn the very tiring Strength/Stamina Meter (L-R Trigger, Xbox) sequence. Basically, you have to hit the L and R triggers (or whatever it is for your system) alternatively. The key here is to make sure your doing it rhythmically and quickly. Yes, you'll need speed alright, but jamming on the triggers with speed will only be good if you do it rhythmically. In most cases, you'll want to get the meter into the dark blue area of the right side of the meter. If you index fingers get tired, move on to your middle fingers or even your thumbs.

Action Sequences

Another unique aspect of this game is the Action Sequence. Often in the game you'll see two multi-colored circles appear on your screen (they look like the old memory game, "Simon"). Using your two Analog Sticks (or whatever it is on the PC) you have to move your stick in the direction that the screen shows you. This isn't hard, but does require a lot of concentration, especially later in the game. You'll hear a nice "beep" when you've done it successfully and a disappointing "bong" when you mis-enter. Practice by avoiding the two oncoming police cars.


You'll know you can talk to a character when you see the "Talk Bubble" icon appear in your Action Icon area at the top of the screen. Once you're talking to somebody you'll see a variety of choices, and in some cases, a timer. Move your Right Analog stick in the direction of the phrase or idea you want to express or ask. If you choose "Sexy" or "Nice" you'll get the same response from David Cage, which is good to know, as your choices don't really matter a whole lot in this game, despite what you may think.

Mental Health

Next, you'll be filled in on your Mental Health status. Certain conversations or events will cause your mental health to rise or lower. For example, drinking water or eating will raise your mental health while finding out bad news will lower it. You really don't have to worry too much about this in the game. If your meter falls all of the way, the game will end, but you can restart from your last save, which is never far away. In general, though, I'll be telling you to choose the "good" thing throughout the game, however, you are free to choose what you like.


You can access your PDA at anytime in the game (Back button or Select button). It will tell you your current Mental Status, your Lives, Bonus Points, Bonus Unlocked (see "Bonus" at the end of the guide), Story Completed, and Elapsed Time. You can also scroll to the Book Icon to read the notes you've received up to that point in the game.

Please Read...

Remember, there may be differences between what I've written in the guide and what you are experiencing. At the most, these will only be minor differences and the overall gameplay will not be affected. Your choices may vary from what I choose, which may cause your mental health to be a bit different or may cause a slightly different cutscene to ensue. Rest assured, that no major differences will occur. Let's get playing!

1. The Murder - Doc's Diner

After watching the opening murder sequence, you'll be at the controls. You'll see a shot of a policeman at the counter. You are in the bathroom. Note that your Mental Health dropped 60 points. This is probably the most it'll ever drop at one time. Note that while in small rooms, like this bathroom, you can use the "Camera Switch" buttons to get a different camera angle. You need to get out of the bathroom but there are a few things you need to do first.

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Go to the dead body and drag it into the middle stall. To do this, you'll get a taste of the Action Icon and the Strength/Stamina Meter (L-R Triggers, Xbox). Next, walk over to the urinals until you get the image of the Knife in your Action Icon. Pick up the knife and Lucas (you) will hide it (you won't see where, though). After you pick up the Knife, you'll get another shot of the policeman. Go over to the sink and operate the right side sink to wash your hands and face. You can't get out the window and although you can grab the mop and use it, it will not clean up the blood...you'll see why later. Go into the left side stall, where you were hiding, and investigate the blood on the floor. You'll learn that you cut both of your arms. It's time to exit the bathroom.

At this point, the policeman should still be sitting at the counter. If he is on the move, you took too long in the bathroom. Exit the bathroom. If you want to make a phone call, hang a right. Go to the Payphone and use it. You'll call Markus (your brother). He's not in, so you'll lose some Mental Health. If, instead, you want to use your Quarter in the jukebox, head over to the jukebox and operate it. You'll gain Mental Health. Go up to the table where you were sitting; the table you can interact with, and pick up the bill for your food. Look at it and then pay the bill (if you don't, the waitress will notice you leaving). If you want, you can talk to the patrons and to the policeman, but that'd be kind of dumb seeing as you want yo go unnoticed. Exit out the back door (its fine if you go out the front door, I just want you see the Bum in the back alley). In the back alley, take a look at the bum.

Now that you are outside, you'll see the policeman on the move toward the bathroom. You need to find a Taxi to take you away. With your back to the front door of Doc's Diner, turn 90 degrees to the right and go forward along the street. You'll see a Taxi on the left side of the street. Enter the Taxi.

2. Investigation - Doc's Diner

You will now be introduced to Carla and Tyler, two NYPD investigators. Often, you can switch between these two characters. Each has their own abilities, so sometimes Carla will be able to spot something Tyler cannot and vice versa. You know you can switch between them when you see an Icon in the upper right of your screen with the face of Tyler or Carla (depending on who you are at the time). When you start up, you'll see a "?" Action Icon. Hit it to get some background on Carla. Enter the diner.

You'll talk to Martin, the cop that found the body. Ask him what you like. You'll be told to interrogate Kate, the waitress. Before you talk to the waitress, go to the table beyond where the waitress is sitting. This is the table where Lucas was sitting. Investigate each of the items on the table, noting the book under the table: "The Tempest" by Shakespeare.

Sit down with the waitress and talk to her. Choose what you like. She'll tell you about the victim, John. If you didn't pay the bill earlier, she'll tell you so, if you did, she won't mention it. You ask her to come down to the station tomorrow to help you develop a profile of the killer.

Talk to Garret and Frank, the other two cops. Head into the bathroom. Tyler will be with you. Look at the blood on the floor. Check out the dead body. Enter the left stall and check out the blood on the floor. You'll tell Tyler to get Garret to analyze this blood, which is Lucas'.

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In order to find the murder weapon, as Carla, go into the left stall and place yourself between the toilet paper dispenser and the door. You'll get an Action Icon to kneel down. Do so. You'll find the Knife (this is why you didn't get to see where Lucas hid it earlier). If the Knife is not here, then have Tyler look in the Trash can on the wall and you'll find the Knife inside.

Exit the bathroom and take a look at the Payphone. You'll ask Frank to verify all of the calls made from this phone. If you want, Carla and Tyler both will benefit from a little coffee behind the counter.

Switch to Tyler and go talk to Garret and Frank. Exit out the back door as Tyler. You'll see some footprints. Examine them. In front of you, on the fence between the sidewalk and the alley, is a piece of Bloody Clothing. Use your "Eye" Action Icon to view it. Head to the back of the alley and talk to the Bum. He won't help you.

Switch to Carla and talk to the Bum. Choose "Seen Anything" and then "You" to get some more info. Talk to Tyler and choose "Leave", then "Confirm". Go to the yellow car and enter it to leave.

3. The Day After - Lucas' Apartment

You begin in your apartment. Get up and close the window. Go over to your computer desk. Pick up the picture of your dead parents. Get onto the computer and read the "Web". Here you can read about "Video Games Notch up New Victims," "The Weather," and "Pakistan: The Ultimatum Ends Today." All of these are simply environmental features meant to draw you into the game more.

Go to your bed by the night stand. You'll have four Action Icons. First, make the bed (pull up the covers). Then select the "Medic/Cross" icon to take some aspirin. Then look at the book, a Nietzsche classic: "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". If you took any Philosophy and/or English courses in college you're sure to have come upon this book. Turn on the clock radio if you want. Exit your bedroom via the door.

You'll hear the phone ringing. Pick it up. It's Markus, your brother. You tell him that you are in trouble and he agrees to meet you in the park. If you don't get to the phone in time, or the phone isn't ringing for you, simply pick up the phone and you'll call Markus, resulting in the same conversation. Listen to the answering machine messages. It's Tiffany. Don't worry about that.

Sometime during your exploration of your apartment you'll see a vision of a policeman knocking on your door. This flash of a vision will come true so you better get your apartment ready for a policeman to enter. You'll get an Action Sequence. Use your analog sticks to match the sequence on the screen. If you succeed in matching the pattern, you'll see the pieces of evidence that the cop will look for when he's in the apartment. If you fail in matching the pattern, you won't see this clue as to what to hide.

Anyway, up until the point where you get this vision, feel free to explore your apartment. Open the fridge and drink some milk. Grab some water from the sink. Notice your Apartment Key sitting on the kitchen table.

After the vision of the cop knocking on the door you'll have a short amount of time before the cop will arrive. You've already made your bed so as to cover the bloody sheets. So, that's out of the way. You now need to locate the bloody shirt on the floor, next to the column near the living room. When you look at it you'll get a vision of the murder and then will be able to pick it up. Do so and bring it into the bathroom (door to the left of the front door if facing the front door). Place the bloody shirt into the washing machine.

If the cop has yet to arrive, go ahead and hop into the shower. Then, open the medicine cabinet and use the first aid to wrap up your arms. You can now put clothes on, seeing as you won't get them bloody. Shut the medicine cabinet (did it scare you?). Again, if the cop isn't at the door yet, head on over to your bedroom and go to the wardrobe (closet), open it, and put on some clothes.

When the cop arrives you'll get a timer (the horizontal bar at the top of your screen). You should have done everything necessary by now, but for the sake of quick review, the two things you need to do are to make your bed to hide the bloody sheets and to hide the bloody shirt on the floor by putting it into the washing machine in the bathroom. You'll have ample time to do this is you haven't yet.

So, when the apartment is cleaned up, go grab the Apartment Key from the kitchen table and open the front door. The first answer doesn't matter, but when the cop asks if it's OK to look around your apartment, say, "Yes" so as not to attract Suspicion. Even fully bandaged and clothed, the cop will ask what happened to your wrist. He'll take a look around your apartment and then leave.

At this point, if there is anything else you want to do in the apartment, feel free. I suggest you open the kitchen cabinets to find a Bonus. Otherwise, head out the front door to end the chapter.

4. Confession - The Park

At this point you can choose whether you want to play this chapter, or the next one. I'll just be doing these in the order they are presented, but it's fine if you want to do Carla's chapter first and then this one.

Go forward along the path. Take note of the creepily realistic movement of the two kids playing (hey, it impressed me). Before you go up to the man to the left of the statue, take the right path around to find a Bonus. Then, go up to the man to the left of the statue. This is your brother, Markus. He is a priest. You will be Markus, asking questions of Lucas (later in the conversation, you'll be Lucas). It doesn't matter if you're rough or gentle with him. The result will be the same. When Markus offers Lucas the Cross, take it. This is an Extra Life.

After the conversation, you'll see a vision of a kid falling through ice. There will also be police. At this point, you can simply turn around, but what kind of moral choice would that be? Instead, run forward and you'll automatically dive into the water. Follow the on-screen instructions to dive down and grab the kid. Return to the surface and get out of the water. At this point, the police will be there. The only way the police will let you go is to save the kid by doing CPR on him.

Kneel down next to the kid. First, listen for a heartbeat. Then, you'll automatically start performing CPR. The key here is to wait until each count of 1-2-3, and then hit the Action Icon to do a compression. Then, wait for another 1-2-3 count and repeat. Do this until you save the kid. It is now that you realize that the cop on the scene is Martin, from the Diner. He'll mysteriously let you go.

There's still much more guide to go!

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