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LB's Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit)
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Chapters 11- 20

Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit) Strategy Guide > 3. Chapters 11- 20

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Release Date: 09.23.05

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

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11. Friendly Combat - Gymnasium

At this point, you can choose to be Carla or Tyler for the Gym chapter. It doesn't matter which you choose.

It's sparring time! The first thing you have to do is warm up. This means doing 10 reps on any of two exercises: the butterfly machine, the sit up mat, or the rope. For these you'll have to do the Strength/Stamina Meter. It isn't about speed, but rhythm. Yes, if you go faster, you'll do the reps quicker, but you won't fail for going slow. Once those two exercises are done, switch to Tyler. As Tyler, do any two of: the bench press, leg machine, or pushups on the mat. You can drink the water bottle or turn on music to gain some Mental Health. There is a Bonus in a corner of the gym, near the boxing ring.

Once you are both warmed up, head to any side of the ring to get the Action Icon to begin the fight. This is a lengthy Action Sequence. You need to get to 10 before your opponent does. If you'd like to go again, you can choose to do so, but it's not necessary.

11. Friendly Combat - Gymnasium

See above.

12. Debriefing - Police Station

Carla and Tyler are briefing Capt. Jones. You'll be able to answer a few questions. It doesn't matter what you choose. After the load, Carla will head down to the police station basement where she wants to look into the archives for the file on Kirsten. She reveals that she has a claustrophobia problem. You'll deal with this in a minute.

First, however, head backwards along the hall for a Bonus. Head back to the main hallway and go toward the gate. Note the small red light to the right, on the wall. Go to the red light, a light switch, to turn on the lights. Open the gate.

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Here you will be told about Carla's breathing. You will see a gauge. You need to keep the needle in the middle. If you see it go to one side or the other, alternate your Trigger buttons (or whatever you use) to return the needle to the middle. Note that you are in first person view. You should only worry about moving with the left analog stick. If you add in the right stick for camera action I find it gets too difficult. The goal is to simultaneously be cognizant of where you are going and Carla's breathing. This will take a few minutes to get used to. If you mess up the breathing, don't worry. Carla will freak out but you can go right back in.

Walk up to the first archive in front of you. Go to the wheel. When you get the Action Icon, spin the wheel. While you're spinning it, keep an eye on the breathing. When the archive is moved, go forward to the next row of archives. You'll see a gap on the left side. This path is blocked by boxes. So, turn the wheel on the left first, and then the wheel on the right. This will create a path for you to access the computer.

Go up to the computer. You'll discover that you need to find a switch box to power up the computer. Facing the computer, go to the left side of the room. Go past the first row of archives to the second row. Turn the right side wheel first. Then, turn the left side wheel to reveal the red lighted switch box. Go up to it and pull the switch to power on the computer.

Go back to the computer room. This time, you need to go into the right side of the room in order to get to the 1990-2000 archives. First, use the left side wheel (1980-1985) on the first row of archives. Go through to the second row of archives and use the wheel on the left (also 1980-1985) of this row (note there is a computer/boxes blocking access to the right).

Go back to the computer room, and once again, re-turn the left wheel (1980-1985) that you turned just a second ago. Then, turn the right wheel (1985-1990). Go through to the second row of archives. Directly in front of you, you will see the 1990-2000 section. Turn the wheel on the right to access this section of the archives. Go forward into this section of archives and look to the right to get an Action Icon. You'll pull a tape from the shelf (you can pull many various tapes from the various shelves, but this is the correct one). Go back to the computer and insert the tape into it to verify that this is the right tape.

You will note that this Kirsten file contains her killer, Janos, and the detective on the case, Mitchell. The chapter will end.

13. Debriefing - Police Station

Tyler has been sent to the bookstore to find out some info on "The Tempest" copy that you found at the crime scene. Head down the stairs and talk to the Chinese bookstore owner, Takeo. Do the Action Sequence to hear Tyler's thoughts about "Gremlins". No matter what you choose, Tyler will say, "Thanks anyway, at least I tried." Immediately run back to the stairs. Takeo will stop you and ask that you help him locate a book.

The quick answer to this is to go to the third floor, white section, and grab either of the two books in this section. In order to grab the book, you first have to get rid of the book you're holding by going to the table underneath the first floor stairs (the lowest level). Place the book on the table and then go get the book on the third floor, white section. You should also check out the copy of "The Tempest" that you have.

If you're interested in knowing how you'd figure this out, then follow along. Go to the table underneath the stairs. You'll get an icon to place your book on the table. Do so and you'll be able to read the author's name, "De Gruttola". Exit this and you'll automatically put the book on the table, out of your possession.

Before moving on, this is a good time to check out "The Tempest". Choose the other book in your possession and you'll take "The Tempest" out of your jacket pocket. You'll be able to turn the pages and scan each one with a magnifying glass. Turn a few pages until you see an almost blank left page. Put the magnifying glass in the upper left of the page. It reads, "To my brother for his 18th birthday. MK." Do you think perhaps it's Markus Kane? Put "The Tempest" back into your coat. Upon doing so, a piece of Scrap Paper will fall to the floor...it is a computer print out which was being used as a bookmark.

OK, back to puzzle solving. Go up the stairs to the table by the door. Look at the book on the table and find "De Gruttola". Next to his name is a date, "1796". Go back downstairs and go to the desk behind Takeo, the bookstore owner. This book shows that the 3rd floor is dedicated to authors between 1700-1800. Since your author is 1796, that's where you want to be. Also, this book tells you in what section to look based upon the author's name, "De Gruttola". In this case, between "A-E", which is the white section. That is how you determine 3rd floor, white section.

Note: Go to the second floor, Green Section, for a Bonus. Thanks to Stefan for emailing in this missing bonus!

Head to the third floor. Make sure you don't have the other book in your hand. Go to the white section. You'll see that you can grab either of two books in this section. It doesn't matter which one you grab. Take it down to Takeo and give it to him. You'll realize that Takeo has lost his accent. If you want to know why, choose "Accent". No matter what you choose, he won't have much info for you.

At the base of the stairs you'll find a Bonus. Grab it and then exit the bookstore.

14. Agatha - Agatha's House

You are on a snowy street. You need to find Agatha's house. It is the one on the left with the street lamp and porch light turned on. Go ahead and Ring the Bell. It's useless. Enter the house. Go straight forward to the door at the end of the hall. Go through. You are in a sitting room. Go through the door on the left to Agatha's bedroom where you will find her. Answer her question. You'll realize she is blind. She'll ask that you push her to her birds. Before you do, grab the Extra Life from her bedside table. Then, go into the bathroom and grab the Bonus.

The birds, Crows as a matter of fact, are through the door on the left when you first entered the house. Get behind the wheelchair and push her there. She'll ask you some questions. Then, tell you to grab a bag of seeds from the drawer of the cupboard. Do so and then feed the seeds to the various birds. Go up to Agatha and talk to her again. You'll show her your symbol you carved into your arm. She tells you to push her back to the sitting room. Do so.

She now tells you to find some candles and some matches. The Matches are in the Kitchen, across from the bird room. Go grab them. Inside the kitchen, you'll also find a Bonus. Head back to the sitting room. In the dresser/cabinet that is half-covered, you'll find the candles. It looks like you only picked up one, but indeed, you grabbed three. Go over to the table where Agatha is sitting and move in front of each candle holder. Place each of the three candles into the candle holders. Then, light each one.

Next, she'll tell you to pull the curtains and turn off the light. Go to each of the two windows and close the curtains. Then, go to the light switch by the door and turn it off. Have a seat next to Agatha.

Get ready for another long Action Sequence. This time, it is to delve deep into your unconscious memory. If you fail, you simply start over. Here you will learn what happened in the Diner. A strange man joined you at your table and made you kill. This also explains why there was a cup of coffee ordered that was halfway gone with no finger prints on it...something that Carla noticed in the initial investigation.

15. Questions and Bullets - Police University

From the archive you learned that the detective on the Kirsten case was Sgt. Mitchell. You're at the shooting range to find him. Go to the second to last booth and talk to him. He asks you to do some target practice. If you need to invert your Y-Axis, you can go to your Start Menu and go to "Options" > "Controls".

Here's how shooting works. Use your Left Analog Stick to aim. Pull your Right Trigger (or whatever it is for your system) to shoot. Pull the Left Trigger to reload. You can see how many bullets remain by looking at the left side of the screen. Shoot terrorists to gain time (they have a gun and are dark on a white background). Don't shoot civilians (their arms are raised). When you're actually doing this, you'll see that a "-3" keeps appearing. Don't be confused. This is adding 3 seconds to your time. It's not where you're hitting the terrorists, it's how many you can kill. If you keep up a steady pace, you'll keep gaining time. When time runs out, Mitchell will tell you how you did.

After this, you can ask more questions. Hmm? Another killer who precisely cut the three arteries going to the heart of his victim and one who cut snakes into his arm? Next, you'll have another round of shooting. My personal best was 39 out of 55. Again, ask more questions. You'll learn more about similar murders.

16. Double or Quits - Outside Police Station

It's time for a little B-ball, Tyler-style. Much like the Sparring Match a few chapters ago, you'll be asked to do an Action Sequence by matching the on-screen prompts (the two colored circles). If you choose to "Warm Up", you'll start with the ball. If you choose to "Make Fun", Jeffrey will start with the ball. Jeffrey is no good. Winners outs. First to 10 wins. If you want to play some Defense, just purposely miss a basket.

17. The Storm - Lucas' Apartment

The phone is ringing. Answer it. Egad! It's the mysterious man trying to kill you by throwing furniture at you! Get ready for another long Action Sequence. Your apartment will disintegrate.

When you start back up, you're Markus. You have gone to visit Lucas. You have a timer of how long Lucas can hold onto the balcony before he falls. Depending on your camera perspective, Lucas' apartment will be the first door on Markus' right. Just check various doors until you find it if you're having trouble. Ring the doorbell. Then, use your Strength/Stamina Meter to bust through the door. Run out to the balcony and save Lucas.

18. Dark Omen - Carla's Place

You are Carla. You are in her apartment for the first time. Leave the shower room (there is a Bonus in the corner), go through the bedroom and exit to the living room. Answer the phone. It's Tyler. He will fax the Scrap of Paper he found in "The Tempest", except you have to be Tyler to fax it.

Switch to Tyler. Pick up the Scrap of Paper from your desk. Walk it over to the fax machine (near the hanging coat). Send it to Carla.

Switch back to Carla. Feel free to explore the apartment. When you're ready, go to your fax machine to find the Scrap of Paper fax. Sometime during this time you'll get someone buzzing at the door. You can't open the door if you are still in your underwear. Go to the bedroom, find the closet and put on some clothes. Answer the door. It's your neighbor, Tommy.

Tommy brought wine. You need to find glasses. The glasses are fairly difficult to find unless you're in the right place. Enter the kitchen. Go to the back left corner (fridge is on the left side) so that you get two cabinet Action Icons. Choose the right side cabinet Action Icon to open the cabinet with the wine glasses. Grab them, take them over to the table, and then sit down.

After drinking a little wine and conversation, you'll discover that Tommy is a friendly gay neighbor who happens to work at an investment firm. Hmm? I wonder if that'll come in handy? Tommy also knows how to read Tarot Cards. Go through the process of selecting cards. No matter what you choose, it'll be the same and it won't be good.

As Tommy prepares to leave, he notices the fax and fills you in that the Scrap of Paper has stock quotes on it, probably on watermarked bank paper. Sweet! Call Tyler.

Switch to Tyler to find the watermark on the Scrap of Paper. First, grab the scrap of paper from the fax machine. Then, place the scrap of paper on your desk. Sit down. Turn on the lamp. Then, grab the piece of paper. You'll automatically hold the Scrap of Paper up to the lamp. Move the spot of light behind the paper to reveal an alphanumeric code.

At this point, you'll call Carla. Carla will tell Tyler that she'll make a visit to the bank. Tyler asks if he should go. You can decide if Carla or Tyler will go visit Naser and Jones Bank. It doesn't matter. Choose whoever you like.

19. Face Off - Naser and Jones Bank

You are Lucas again. You are at your job at the bank. Carla or Tyler (depending on who you chose) is coming your way. You have a timer. Get up. Go to the corner of your desk where you'll find the computer paper you used to tear the Piece of Scrap Paper from. Grab it and you'll automatically hide it. Go to the other corner of the desk and locate the book, "Richard III", sitting on a side computer. This book matches "The Tempest" so you'll automatically hide it as well. Then, sit back down at your desk. Open the right side drawer for a Bonus. By this time Carla/Tyler should have made it to your office.

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He/She will ask you a few questions. During the questioning you'll have some Action Sequences which will allow you into Tyler/Carla's thoughts. This will help you answer the questions. Later, the Action Sequences will help you avoid the insects. You'll want to avoid as much suspicion as possible when answering questions and answering truthfully (or not outright lying), if you have the option, is the best way to go. If you incur too much suspicion, you'll be taken to jail.

After a while you'll go to the bathroom to splash water on your face. You are now Tyler/Carla. Go to the right side of the desk and grab his pen which you'll use to do some fingerprint matching. Open the left side drawer for the book, "Richard III". Then, go to the box on the floor at the side of his desk and grab the Computer Paper. If the Computer Paper isn't in the box, look in the back corner of the room, behind the servers, or look at the other corner on the same wall, in the small file cabinet on the desk. Look at the picture of Markus and Lucas. When Lucas re-enters, you'll leave.

20. Back to Agatha - Agatha's House

You have returned to Agatha's house as she had asked. Enter the house, go down the hall to the sitting room. Agatha has been killed! The cops are on the way. You have a timer. Check out Agatha's dead body. Then, head to the Bird Room. Go to the small cabinet and open the bottom drawer. Inside you'll find the bird seed bag, this time there is a Key inside. The Key opens one of the cages in the bird room. Open the cage and grab the paper inside, it's a newspaper article from 1928 about a similar murder. Go to Agatha's bedroom and grab the Bonus by the bedside table. Then, go back to the sitting room and escape out the window.

Note: You may be wondering what the knife in the kitchen is for. If you didn't find the key, you can pry open the bird cage with the knife. The locked cabinet in Agatha's bedroom cannot be opened and has nothing to do with either the key or the knife.

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