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LB's Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit)
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. Chapters 30 - 43

Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit) Strategy Guide > 5. Chapters 30 - 43

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LB Review: 9.3

Platforms: PS2, Xbox, PC

Release Date: 09.23.05

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

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31. The Clan - Unknown Place

Listen while the Oracle talks to this Clan about another, possible rival Clan, the one that Agatha works for. He explains that Lucas has the Chroma, which is why he's able to resist the Oracle. Follow along by doing the slow Action Sequence in order to get a longer scene and learn a bit more.

32. Danger and Ubiquity - Sleazy Hotel

You wake up after a vision of the Oracle going to the church where Markus is the Pastor. Scene switches to Carla and Tyler, who are hot on the tail of Lucas. You'll start up as Lucas. You have a timer. Go to the phone. Call Markus.

You are now Markus. Choose to answer the "Telephone". Run to the office, pick up the phone. Lucas will tell you that the Oracle is in the Church. Choose "No Time" which will make Lucas tell Markus to lock himself in. Markus agrees. As Markus, go to the door and lock it. Return to the phone and talk to Lucas. If you let Oracle get to Markus by not answering like I told you, you'll lose 60 Mental Points. This way, you'll gain 30.

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You are now Carla. Tyler is waiting outside what he believes to be room 369. Kick open the door. It's the wrong room! That was actually room 366 with the last 6 turned upside down. Find room 369 at the end of the hall near the "Exit" door. Kick the door open and you'll discover that Lucas has already left, or has he? Nope, he just pulled a Spider-Man trick.

When Carla and Tyler have gone, you'll re-enter the hotel room. Answer the phone. It's Tiffany, begging for your help. The Oracle then gets on the phone. He has her.

33. Fate on Russian Hills - The Fun Fair

You are now in a "Silent Hill"-esque amusement park. Tiffany is at the top of the roller coaster. Before you head left to the roller coaster, go right as far as you can go and find the Extra Life. Then, head toward the roller coaster noting the bum who is here. He looks an awful lot like the bum outside the diner. Hmm?

Enter the control booth of the roller coaster and pull the lever to bring a car around. Enter the car and ride it to the top. Get out and walk the beam to Tiffany. To do so you'll have to keep a needle in the middle of a Balance Meter. In the example of the Xbox, if the needle goes left, tap the R-Trigger to bring it back to center and vice-versa. There is no jamming on the buttons here; simply a methodical tap of the Trigger when you see the needle heading one way or the other.

When you get across, untie Tiffany from behind. The Oracle will make the platform fall thus killing Tiffany and you, too?

34. Child's Play - Unknown Place

You are back to being a child. Get out of bed. Wake up young Markus. Head out the window. You have a map. Blow it up and take a good look at it. The Red X's are new. The Red X's mark places where you have to perform a specific action, so you'll need to go to them. You also have a nice Yellow Path telling you where you need to go. I shouldn't have to say it, but stay out of the spotlights!

Head around the backside of your house and move West along the path. You'll see an inset of two soldiers when you reach the corner of your house. Check to make sure they're not looking in your direction and continue along the Yellow Path to the corner where it turns North. At this corner, you'll hear Lucas say, "A soldier! Quick, let's hide." Hide behind the crates covered with tarps and wait for the soldier to turn the corner and go by. Then, continue North up the Yellow Path.

At the corner, you'll stop and will have to figure out a way to get by the next soldier. Markus says that, "One of us should sneak around back and find a way to avoid him." You'll see a new Red X on your map, behind you. Switch to Markus and run back to the corner where there is a Red X. When you get there, you'll see an "!" Icon appear. Choose it to have Markus throw a rock to distract the soldier.

Switch back to Lucas. As Lucas, wait for the guard to leave to check out the noise caused by Markus. Run toward the next Red X by following the Yellow Path and avoiding any spotlights on the way. If you followed the Yellow Path and end up between the correct two houses, you'll automatically stop and say, "Better wait for Markus before I go on."

Switch back to Markus and meet up with Lucas by following the same path. Go forward a tad to the Red X. You'll need to climb a telephone pole to get to the hangar. Markus will sacrifice himself to get the guard away from the pole.

You are now Markus. Note the new Red X that has appeared on the other side of the house. Go around back to the new Red X and hit the "!" Icon when you see it. You will distract the guard by pretending to look for your cat.

You are now Lucas. Climb the pole. Once your up, note that you now have a panoramic view of the telephone line. You are the small orange object on the right. You need to shimmy your way from right to left, avoiding the spotlights as you go. To do so, wait at the edge of each spotlight as you get to it and as soon as it moves back, start moving left. When you get to the other side, slide down the pole.

Continue to follow the Yellow Path avoiding spotlights as you head to the final Red X. Once you arrive at the side door, open it and enter. Move forward and open the next door. You are astonished by what you see...whatever it is.

35. Checkmate! - Unknown Place

Another Oracle scene with the Clan. Do the Action Sequence. There is mention of the Indigo Child...we almost have a title! That's it.

36. The Pact - The Cemetery

You are now Carla. Note it is -41 degrees. Um, that's a little too cold to be out. Head to Tiffany's grave marked by the fresh flowers. Lucas will meet you. You survived! Or did you? Talk to Carla. Do the action sequences to hear Carla's internal thoughts. Carla makes the connection of Janos having told her about the Orange Clan. You must find the Indigo Child!

37. Jade - Unknown Place

You begin with an Action Sequence which will reveal that the Indigo Child is at an orphanage. Pay attention to the picture across the hall from her room. It is of the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. You wake up and Carla is with you. That's it.

38. Frozen to the Bone - Police Station

Once again, you can choose to be Carla or Tyler for his chapter of the game. It doesn't matter.

The cold wave has now hit the entire planet. Things are looking dire. Tyler asks if Carla is hiding something. Tell him the Truth and "Admit" it to him. This will help your Mental State. Enter Sam. You are now Tyler. Walk over to her and choose to Leave with her if you want a Mental State boost or choose to Stay if you want to take a hit to your Mental State. Go back to Carla and talk to her.

38. Frozen to the Bone - Police Station

See above.

39. Where is Jade? - The Orphanage

Lucas and Carla are now at the Orphanage. Enter the Orphanage. Jade (the Indigo Child) is in the last room on the left. You know this because the picture of Mary holding Jesus is across from her room. You can see the picture by adjusting your camera. Before you enter Jade's room, go to the room across (last door on the right) and grab the Extra Life in the corner. Also, inside the room two doors down from Jade's room you'll find a Bonus.

Enter Jade's room. Check out the clipboard next to the bed to learn that Jade is autistic. Pick pick her up. Exit the room and the Oracle will be at the end of the hall. Quickly go through the "Exit" door on the right side of the hallway.

It's showdown time! Get ready for the longest and most finger-tiring Action Sequence in the game. Hopefully, you have at least a few Extra Lives at this point as you'll probably need them. If you fail during this fight, you'll have to start all over. For the first part of the fight, just follow the prompts. There will come a point, after the brick throwing, that the Oracle will realize how powerful you are. This will be followed by a Neo-like Zen where you'll know from where the Oracle will attack.

After that scene you'll have to do some Strength/Stamina (L-R Trigger) sequences. Keep in mind that you're looking for rhythm, not speed. If you have a good rhythm, the needle should get into the dark blue area of the meter without any problem. After the water tower falls you'll have more Strength/Stamina sequences dealing with jumping over the helicopter and then running along the wall. Not to be a broken record, but rhythm, not speed. In fact, I made sure to NOT be in the dark blue when I jumped the helicopter and I made it. Same with running along the wall. My needle was about halfway up the meter.

Decision Time!

At this point, you can choose to give Jade to Agatha or not. This will not affect the endings (all three are still possibilities no matter what you choose here). This choice will determine how you start the final chapter. If you give Jade to Agatha, you won't have Jade with you (that makes sense) in the next few chapters. If you don't give Jade to Agatha, you'll keep Jade. This will also determine whether or not you'll fight the sniper soldiers in the final chapter and who you'll fight first.

Please see "Possible Final Endings" below for more info on how to get each of the three different endings.

Talk to Agatha. You will discover that Agatha isn't exactly what she claimed to be. If you trust her, "Accept," and hand over the child. If you don't, "Refuse," and hold onto the child.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, I'm going to hold onto the child. If you want to experiment later, simply reload this chapter and play from here. Nothing changes except for a little dialogue in the underground base and the fact that you won't have Jade with you.

Since you chose to keep the child, Agatha will reveal her true self, a glowing energy entity who possesses the touch of death. Resist the swirling energy. You'll bust through the wall and you, Jade, and Carla will enter the underground.

40. Bogart - Underground Secret Base

You are now carrying Jade through into the underground base. Follow the bum. After you go down the elevator, go forward along the tracks to find a Bonus. Then, go up to the subway platform. Go toward the fire. You'll meet up with Markus (if you saved him in the "Danger and Ubiquity" chapter).

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Go up to the familiar bum. He explains that you have entered the Camp of the Invisibles. Take a seat by the fire. The bums are actually a group of watchdogs who pose as bums so as to not attract attention. Bogart, the head bum, will tell you that you need to bring Jade to a Chroma Source. The closest one is located at Wishita Military Base, your childhood home, how convenient.

You'll leave in about two hours. Lucas will go and get some sleep. You are now Carla. To hear some depressing news you can repair the radio (end of the platform) by finding the flashlight (torch) in the nearest open car to the radio. Take out the batteries and put them into the radio. Then, find the car where Lucas is sleeping. Outside that car is what looks like a pile of debris. Go up to it and you'll be able to pull an iron bar off which will serve as the radio antenna. It'll take two tries to pry it loose. Go to the radio and repair it and listen to some apocalyptic messages.

Find the Extra Life in one of the train cars.

Go to the car where Lucas is sleeping. Lie down with him. You and he will get it on. Chapter end.

41. Revelation - Wishita Military Base

You are a kid again. Get out of bed, go down the hall, and listen in on your parent's conversation. This reveals that you were exposed to the Chroma radiation while your mom was pregnant.

42. Final Countdown - Wishita Military Base

You are on your way to the military base in a snow cat. Carla will stay behind. You will be carrying Jade (because you chose to keep Jade instead of giving her to Agatha). Fight your way through the wind using the Strength/Stamina meter. Enter the Hangar. Sniper Soldiers and the Oracle will be inside. Fight the Oracle. This consists of dodging his energy and then charging up your Strength/Stamina meter to release your own energy.

Next, toast the soldiers. Finally, you'll have to fight the Yellow Energy form of Agatha. This isn't hard. Once she's defeated grab Jade. Bring her to the Chroma Altar. She will tell you the secret of the universe.

43. Epilogue - Somewhere on Earth

Yay! Utopia. A green lush landscape with trees. You and Carla are together and she is pregnant with your baby.

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