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LB's "Iron Man 2: The Video Game" - Xbox 360, PS3
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for the Wii & PSP version please go here:
LB's "Iron Man 2" Walkthrough - Wii/PSP

If you're looking for the Nintendo DS version please go here:
LB's "Iron Man 2" Walkthrough - DS

  • Xbox 360 and PS3 Version
  • Comprehensive Walkthrough
  • Detailed boss strategies
  • Upgrade and Weapon Loadout Recommendations
  • List of Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies
  • Screeshot and Text versions
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LB Iron Man 2 (Xbox 360 / PS3) Game Guide
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Iron Man 2 (Xbox 360 / PS3) Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Iron Man (TM) 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox 360 and PS3 contains everything you need to earn 100% completion. This guide contains a complete walkthrough, advice for suit upgrades, and detailed tried-and-true Boss strategies. In other words, it's all you'll need to help Tony Stark vanquish his enemies!

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Locate DeWitt’s arc reactors

Head forward to the marked terminal and operate it.

Activate the loading platform

Head to the next terminal and activate it.

Proceed to the reactor room

You need to hover down through the shaft of lasers. If you get lased, as it were, attack drones will find you. Take them out. Your best bet is to stick toward the edge of the area drop as fast as you can (hold down the descend button). This way, you’ll land at the bottom and can take out any drones you activated.

At the bottom, take out any other enemies and then head through the tunnel. The next door is protected by two sets of four turret guns…one set on each side of the door. Lock on and destroy them. The door will open. Head through.

NOTE, if the door doesn’t open, that means you missed an enemy somewhere. Use your radar to find him.

Activate the terminal at the other end. You’ll discover that your suit has been infected with PROTEAN. You cannot fly now…you can still hover, though.

Proceed to the observation area

The next door will open to a room with many a short-circuiting generator. You need to get to the back right side. The only problem is there are a bunch of enemies in your way (take them out) and, if you get close to a generator with blue electricity coming out of it you’ll be fried faster than a horsefly in a 800 watt insect zapper.

First, try not to hover as it’ll get you closer to the electricity. Second, from where you enter the room, head right as far as you can go and then forward as far as you can go. You’ll now be next to the marked door. Walk to it and punch it to break it down. Head through.

There are only a couple enemies here. Take them out and then punch through the door on the left. Repeat this for the next room.

Destroy the generators

Egad man! Now your weapons systems are infected! It’s time for some hand-to-hand action as that’s all you’ve got. Take out all of the enemies and then punch the two marked generators to destroy them.

Call in the helicarrier strike

Head to the nearby terminal and activate it.

Locate Kearson DeWitt

Your flight and weapons systems are back online. w00t! Backtrack several rooms (to the room with the blue electricity) and go into the red shaft in the ground. Once on the ground, head through the marked doors.

Defeat PROTEAN Hybrid

This is not a nice guy. The strategy here is to stay as far away from him as possible. Like with the Armiger, you can parry back his attacks. In this case, they are the blue energy balls.

Otherwise, lock on and fire missiles, rockets, and the unibeam at him as quickly as you can muster. Try to stay on the ground for this as they’ll reload more quickly. A fully charged unibeam can really do some damage and that should be your main attack.

When it comes to his attacks, the blue laser is devastating. As soon as you see it coming, ascend up to the ceiling where it can’t hit you. When it stops, return to the ground. Or, dodge left and right to get out of its way.

When he charges you, your best bet is to dodge left or right (Afterburner button) and then fly away from him, land, and repeat the process.

NOTE, you can sometimes hover up in the ceiling where he can’t get to you, but you can repeatedly get him with charged unibeams. You may want to give that a try.

Keep this up and when his health is about half way down, he’ll start recharging (he turns green). Drat! Don’t worry, this is all part of the game.

While he’s recharging, it’s time for you to RUN! Well, fly. Fly toward the marker (the terminal in the next room) and you’ll get a cutscene (you may need to wait for the door to open…it will…just give it a second).

Restore power to the shock point assembly

When play resumes, head to the three marked segments of the shock point assembly. You need to go to each segment and look for the button prompt. Do as the game shows you to restore power to each segment (it’ll turn orange/red). Of course, the robot will be bothering you, so do your best to ignore it while you’re doing this.

Activate the shock point assembly

Now that all three segments are active, you need to wear him down to the stunned (recharge) stage and QUICKLY fly to the other room to activate the terminal. If you do it fast enough, you’ll trap him in the room with the shock point and he’ll be toast. If you are too slow, you’ll end up temporarily trapping him in the room with you, ugh!

I recommend for this last part of the fight to go ahead and activate your invincibility. Get near either of the doors separating the rooms and lay into him with repeated fully charged unibeam attacks. The second that you see him stunned, un-lock-on to him and fly quickly to the terminal in the other room. You don’t have long. Activate it and he’ll be toast. Again, if you are too slow you’ll just have to keep trying.

If you die, you’ll have to start all over again…pure rotten. If you enter this fight with less than optimum health, I recommend that you replay the mission and get to this fight with full health.

When you defeat him the level will end.

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