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LB's "Iron Man 2: The Video Game" - Wii, PSP
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

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LB's "Iron Man 2" Walkthrough - PS3/X360

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LB's "Iron Man 2" Walkthrough - DS

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Iron Man 2 (Wii / PSP) Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Iron Man (TM) 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii and PSP contains everything you need to earn 100% completion. This guide contains the detailed location of every Tech Trophy and how to complete every Bonus Objective. It also contains a complete walkthrough, advice for suit upgrades, and boss strategies. In other words, it's all you'll need to help Tony Stark vanquish his enemies!

We are also working on a PS3/X360 version and a DS version. We'll have Iron Man covered like an iron curtain! Please stay tuned for details.

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Destroy the 3 Relays

All three relays can be found off of this main room. There is one door downstairs and two upstairs. It doesn’t matter the order you destroy them.

Note, there is a TECH TROPHY (1 / 7) in this main room. It’s on the second floor, behind the large vertical pipes on the left.

Tesla Relay: Mines

Go through the large door on the first floor. You’ll immediately see train tracks. Follow them and an enemy robot will pop out the left. In this alcove is a TECH TROPHY (2 / 7). A touch farther along, blast through the boarded up tunnel on the right and grab the TECH TROPHY (3 / 7) in the corner. Continue on to the large canister room. Use the computer in front of you to move the hanging canister to the left. Shoot its hook to make it drop on the enemies.

Clear the enemies below and then use the top of the concrete wall that goes around this area to locate a TECH TROPHY (4 / 7) across from where you entered.

In the next room, the room with the tesla coil, you can find a TECH TROPY (5 / 7) on the shelf on the left.

Destroy the tesla coil by first destroying the two power towers on either side of it, and then firing at the coil itself. Exit back to the main room.

Tesla Relay: Garage

Head up the stairs and go through the right side door. There are two turrets you can hack. Hover up to the covered balcony and locate a computer you can hack which controls the nearby turret. The other turret is near the tesla coil and the Roxxon Rocket Drone. Hack it as quickly as possible and then get out of there, allowing the turret to do the hard work of destroying the drone for you. Otherwise, just destroy the tesla coil any way you see fit.

Before you leave, locate the train cars to the left of where you entered. Hover up to one of them and then drop through the roof of the gray one to find a TECH TROPHY (6 / 7).

The other tech trophy is not far away. Head across the area to the turbine (that operated the robot elevator) that is underneath the helipad (there is a helicopter on the helipad). Hover over the turbine and move left and right to sort of trick the game into making you go higher.

Once you are up high enough, land on the helipad and enter the cave in the cliff wall for the TECH TROPHY (7 / 7).

Tesla Relay: Piping Station

Head up the stairs and go through the large door at the top. Hack the turret and then clear the area. Destroy the tesla coil using whatever you want.

Hack the MagLock Computer

Head back to the main room where you started. Go up to the computer on the wall with the three locks above it. Hack it (or auto-complete) to finish the mission.


I finished off the Power upgrades by purchasing Recharge II. I also purchased Sensors > Data I and Data II and Composite > Alloy I.

Nice…I’m feelin’ good about my superhero self.

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Release Date: May 4, 2010
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