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LB's Just CauseTM
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
1. Intro, Missions 01 - 10

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1. Intro, Missions 01 - 10

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LB "Just Cause" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

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1. Intro, Missions 01 - 10
2. Missions 11 - 21

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1. Introduction, Missions 01 - 10

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Go to the Start Menu and select Settings > Controls. Here you can see what each button does. You can change it around if you like.

Your HUD, or heads up display, contains all everything from a health meter to a minimap. If you would like to change the various elements of the HUD from dynamic (meaning, for example, that the health bar will show up when you get hit) to show all the time, go into Settings > HUD.

Health Meter - In the upper left. It regenerates to about 1/4 full (so if you are under heavy attack and your health is low, take cover and it'll refill a bit). Otherwise, you have to fill it up by picking up health packs dropped by enemies or fill it up at any Safehouse.

Weapon and Grenade box - Under the health meter, this shows your currently selected weapon and how much ammo you have left. To the right of that is your grenade count.

Minimap - In the upper right, this shows where your next briefing is located as well as any nearby points of interest. For a full map, go to your PDA and select Map.

Wanted Level - To the left of the minimap. The column on the left is your police wanted level. The column on the right is the wanted level for the government.

Altimeter - A column that appears to the left of the wanted meter when in a helicopter or plane. The solid white bar is an indication of the altitude of the land below you. The one-line white bar is your altitude.

Briefing - Black circle with "!" in the middle. Head to this to start a mission.

Mission Objective - Red circle with white star in middle. When on a mission, on the minimap and map. Shows distance and direction to next objective.

Side Mission - Green or yellow circle with "!" in the middle. Either a Riojas or Guerilla side mission. These missions can vary but are usually taking over a settlement or finding objects.

Safehouse - Black circle with castle in the middle. You earn safehouses after certain missions and after taking over a settlement.

Settlement - Black square with hut in the middle. These mark various towns on the island.

Interest Point - Black dot. Go here for special vehicles or weapons. Often Sheldon will mention them in his briefings.

Race Missions - Checkered flag circle icon. Go here to do race side missions.

Collectables - Blue dot. Pick up the items marked with blue dots for rewards.

Helicopters - Red triangles.

SAM (Surface to Air Missile) Site - Red square, black middle.

Map - Self explanatory. You can move it around and zoom in. You can also look at the icons.

Political Map - Shows who is in control of each province.

Extraction - Go to any of your safehouses at any time. As long as you're not under attack and on a flat open area, you can get extraction.

Mission Information - Shows you your current objective.

Guerilla Relation - Note your current ranking in the upper right. You earn points for doing Guerilla side missions. The more points you earn, the higher ranking you get. Each time you earn a specific ranking, you get a safehouse which contains special weapons and vehicles. Each ranking on the left tells you how many points you need to earn it (for example, to become a Soldado you need to earn 100 points), the safe house that you'll unlock, and the weapons and vehicles at that safehouse.

Rioja Relation - Same explanation as Guerilla Relation.

Heavy Drop - If you are in need of a vehicle, you can call in a heavy drop. There are four different vehicles: motorcycle, truck, boat, and gyrocopter. All but the boat are unlocked during the course of the story mode campaign. If you need the boat, you can extract to Agency 02 at any time where you will find it.

Statistics - Look to see what you've done.

Safehouses offer you the chance to take a break and replenish your supplies. You unlock safehouses by doing story missions or by earning new Guerilla or Rioja rankings. They are marked with a black castle icon. Here you will find Garages to store any vehicles you want, Ammo Crates which will restock your ammo, First-Aid Lockers which will replenish your health, New Weapons which will be rotating on a weapons crate, a Satellite Uplink used to save your game, and sometimes, new vehicles. Also, if you need to get rid of a wanted level, you can visit any safehouse.

Earns you Prestige Points so that you can up your ranking. Working for the Riojas and the Guerillas earns you Prestige Points which builds your Rank and gives you access to more advanced equipment at safehouses.

Rendezvous with Sheldon

Yeeee haaawwww! Sky diving! What a way to start a game. You start off facing the correct direction. If you push forward you will start a dive, if you pull back, you will slow down. To open your parachute, hit the "Action/Use" button.

You are heading to that island you see in front of you. On your mini-map, you are heading for the black exclamation mark, which will turn into a red star icon as you approach. If you land in the water you'll have to swim to shore (unless a boat comes by). If you deploy your chute about half-way down, you can easily drift onto the beach with style.

As you land, you will be told how to shoot your weapon. This is dependent upon what system you are playing the game on. Reference "Controls" above.

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When you land, you will be in the middle of a gun battle. Pull out your weapon (you have dual pistols) and start firing on anybody that you lock on to. Note that Sheldon is marked with red arrows. Make sure to go up to him during the battle. As you kill enemies they will drop their weapons, and sometimes health. Simply walk over the weapons/health to pick them up. If the weapon that you walk over is one you currently have, you will get ammo. If the it is different from one currently have (like a different pistol), then you are prompted to "Switch" it out.

Man the mounted gun in the back of the MV

Sheldon has run to a vehicle. Go to it and man the mounted gun by hitting the Enter/Exit vehicle button. You are now manning the mounted gun. It has infinite ammo and will automatically lock on to targets. Take out the first few jeeps, then the helicopter, and then more jeeps. Soon you will get to a roadblock.

Clear the road up ahead

You are out of the vehicle. Run forward toward the roadblock. Here you are told about Over the Shoulder aiming. You activate this by clicking down on the Right Analog Stick (all systems). It allows you to more precisely aim, however, when in this view, you won't lock on to targets. Activate it and shoot the red tanker truck until it blows up. This will clear the roadblock.

Cover MV on your way to the safe house

Hop back into the truck. Continue to take out jeeps and helicopters. Shoot the helicopters first as they can cause more damage. After the air strike from friendly fighter jets the mission will end with a cutscene.

Find the prison fort

Step up to the door of the RV at the Agency 01 Safehouse to begin this mission (you are placed here after the previous mission).

When the mission starts, grab the new silenced weapons, refill your health, and restock your ammo. Hop onto the motorcycle near the RV. Note the Red Star icon on your minimap. Begin driving toward it by heading up the hills and through the forest. You will soon come upon a twisting dirt road. Follow the dirt road down to where it meets a paved road at an intersection. Cross the intersection and follow the paved road until you get to a bridge. The bridge has a checkpoint with two guards and a roadblock. Shoot the guards and drive through the roadblock.

At this point you have a wanted level and are being chased. If you would like to get into a car, instead of the motorcycle, feel free to hijack a police vehicle. Continue across the bridge. Stay on this road, cross another bridge, and you will soon end up at the front gates to the prison.

Free Caramicas

With enough speed, and using a car/truck, you can easily bust through the front gates of the prison. Do so. Hop out of the car and work your way through the exercise yard to the prison interior, killing as you go. Once inside, head left and work your way to the marked jail cell.

Break out of the prison

Remember how you got in? Do that backwards. You will come upon another marked area and Caramicas will take off, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Meet up with Caramicas at the guerilla camp

There are several police cars near the front gates. Hop into any one of them and drive away from the prison. You will soon get to a bridge and be told that it is opening. Don't worry about. Just drive up the bridge and you'll jump the gap. When you get back to the intersection, take the same twisty dirt road all the way to the guerilla camp. Pay attention as you near the icon as you may miss the turn off to the camp. Drive into the camp to end the mission.

Liberate Los Mirasoles village

Wait around the guerilla camp for a few minutes and Sheldon will chime in and tell you to help liberate a small village. You will then see a red star icon appear on your map. Head there.

If you need ammo or health, I recommend that you head down to the Agency 01 Safehouse, which is almost directly downhill from the guerilla basecamp.

When you arrive at the village you will find a man marked with a green exclamation point icon. Go up to him to get the liberation started.

At the start of the fight you will be given grenades. You are told how to throw grenades, and how to target them while they are in the air so that you can shoot them. Very cool. The first thing you have to do is kill the government troops. Follow your fellow freedom fighters to the action. After you kill a few troops you will be tasked with destroying a blockade. Toss a few grenades at it to destroy it (you will see its health bar at the top of the screen as you do damage to it).

Repeat this process for the next two blockades. If you run out of grenades, first look around to see if anybody dropped some. Then, look around for the truck with the mounted gun on the back. If it goes in the correct direction, you can man the gun and fire at the blockade. If all else fails, go get a car and drive it into the blockade. Then, shoot it (preferably with your dual pistols as they have infinite ammo) until it explodes. The car exploding will do damage to the blockade.

After the third blockade is destroyed go up to the flag (marked with a red arrows) and "Switch Flag". This will earn you Prestige Points. Off to the next town that needs liberation.

Liberate Merecure village

Drive to Merecure village. Talk to the guy outside the village (the green icon) to start the liberation. You are given timed C4 explosives. To use an explosive, select it from your weapons menu and place the explosive on what you want to blow up, the blockades in this case. The explosives will blow in six seconds (you can see a count on the right of your screen), so quickly run away.

Liberating this village is the same as the last one. Kill the government troops and destroy their blockades. Note that you get a bonus for destroying the Police Station to the left of the third blockade. After you switch flags at the end of this liberation, the mission will end.

Safehouse Guerilla 01 Unlocked.

Sheldon will chime in and tell you to head to Guerilla 01. Use Extraction, by opening your PDA and selecting Extraction. Choose Guerilla 01. (It's really not that far away, but it's good to learn how to use extraction.)

Kill Franco Alifano before he reaches the hotel

After the briefing, you get the Grappling Gun. Select it from your weapons menu to use it. Fire this at any vehicle to paraglide. Use your Primary and Secondary weapons buttons to reel in or out. You really won't be needing it in this mission, though.

First, drive to the airport where Alifano is landing. It may take a while, but don't worry. You have lots of time. As you near the airport, Sheldon will chime in an let you know that Alifano has landed and that he is heading toward the hotel. His limo is marked by red arrows. Catch up to him and pull alongside him. Go into a Stunt Position. Then, jump to his limo and enter the limo so that you're driving it. You will see Alifano bail out of the limo. When this happens, get out of the limo, run up to him and shoot him (he is marked with red arrows when outside the limo).

You have assumed the identity of Franco - Proceed to the hotel

The hotel is your new objective. Head there and walk to the front door to complete the mission.

The Rioja have promoted you.
Safehouse Rioja 01 unlocked.

Call in an extraction to Rioja 01. If you are under attack, just drive away until you are allowed to extract.

Find a way to get into the Montano Rice Mill

After the briefing you are given Triggered C4 explosive. You place this explosive the same way you do for Timed C4, however, in this case, you have to use a Detonator to activate the explosive. The detonator is known as the Remote Trigger.

Sheldon tells you that an easy way to sneak in is to hitch a ride on a Rice Mill truck that is doing a delivery. Head toward the Rice Mill, marked with a red icon. As you approach, look for the small black dot icon on the map. This is the Rice Mill truck. The driver is on the Rioja payroll, so all you have to do is hop into the truck and the driver will take you inside the Rice Mill.

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Destroy the Silos

You are now inside the Rice Mill property. Drive the truck through the fence gate near the silos. Go into the middle of each silo complex, where the red arrows are pointing, and place a Triggered C4 explosive (you can use a Timed C4, but you may not have enough time to get away). Go to the second silo and plant another Triggered C4. Run away from both and use the Remote Trigger to blow both explosives, thus destroying the two silos.

Steal Rice truck containing coca crates

Run to the garage and hop into the truck.

Deliver at least two coca crates to the Rioja settlement

Note that your truck has a health meter. It is displayed at the top of the screen. You can lose the top layer of crates on your truck, so don't worry if they fall off. To ensure that you arrive at the Rioja settlement safely, I recommend that any time a purple truck with a mounted machine gun is attacking you, hop out of the truck, kill the driver(s) and gunner(s), and then hop back in your truck and proceed. You'll have to do this several times, but it beats being constantly attacked the entire way to the settlement.

When you arrive at the settlement, pull into the garage to end the mission.

You are told to check your map for the location of the next briefing. Open your map. Locate the black exclamation point icon in the SE sector of this island, on the west side of the bay. Head there.

Kill Velasco

This mission is unlocked after completing "Test of Loyalty".

Velasco is on a Yacht in the middle of the bay. Either swim out to it or use a boat. On the starboard (right) side of the boat, you will find some stairs leading up to the main deck. Go up, take out the guards and then locate Velasco, near the front of the boat (he was on the port side for me). Pump him full of lead.

Man the mounted gun on Kane's boat

After he's dead hop over the side of the ship and swim to Kane's speed boat. Man the mounted gun on the back of it. Shoot the boats and helicopters that are chasing you. Kane will eventually get you to your destination.

Safehouse Agency 02 unlocked.
New Heavy Drop Vehicle unlocked.

Your next briefing is on the other side of the island. Lucky for you there is a jet boat (looks like Batman's boat) out on the dock. Hop in and cruise to your next briefing.

Get to the army base

Call for a heavy drop. I used the dirt bike. Make your way up to the army base. As you near, Sheldon will tell you that Durango's limo is moving. Chase down the limo and hop in to it. You can do this, if on the motorcycle, by deploying your parachute and then choosing to "jump to vehicle" when you're over it. If you're in a car, pull alongside the limo and go into a stunt position and then "jump to vehicle". Either way, get in the limo. Sheldon tells you that Durango isn't there. He is already at the whorehouse.

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Kill Durango

Hop into whatever vehicle you choose and head toward the red icon. Drive all the way up to the volcan whorehouse, locate Durango, and shoot him until he's dead. A fun alternative to this method is, when you're about halfway up the volcano, to locate the helicopter that is chasing you. Use your Grappling Gun on it. Then, reel yourself in and take control of the helicopter (this may take a few tries because your grapple will often break loose). Once you are in control of the helicopter you can fire down on Durango, or, park the helicopter at the front gates and storm in that way.

After you kill him, you are taken back to Agency 02. The next briefing is in almost the same location as the previous one: across the island from you...hop into the jet boat and cruise there.

Meet Esperanza at the Alcazar crossroads

The agency has given you a helicopter. Hop in. If this is the first time in a helicopter, then read about the controls. Basically, you increase/decrease altitude using the primary and secondary weapons buttons (triggers) and you move left/right/forward/back using the Left Analog Stick. To fire your weapons, hit the "Fire Weapon" button. You can switch your weapons by using the D-Pad.

Escort Esperanza to arms deal

Fly to the marker. Land nearby and talk to Esperanza. She gets into the green truck. Go to the driver side and hop in. Drive to the marker. After the cutscene, where the arms dealer double crosses you, you have to kill him.

Kill Sanchez, retrieve the money

You know the routine. Hop into a truck, pull along side Sanchez's vehicle. Get into stunt position and leap to his car. Get in the car. He'll bail out. Get out of the car and kill him to end the mission.

Head to the next briefing marker, at the north end of this island, on a beach. If you like, you can extract to any safehouse for ammo, health, etc.

Get to the Quayside loading area

You are given a jet boat. Hop in. Head toward the objective by heading around the island and then heading up river. When you enter the river you are given a timer of 3:40. As long as you don't beach your boat, you will have plenty of time. When you approach, you are given the next objective.

Destroy consignments of rocket fuel

The three rocket fuel tanks are on the train. The train will soon be departing. You have to destroy all three tanks before the train reaches the tunnel. Pull your boat up past the train and get out (don't beach your boat...you will use it later...leave it in the water). Go onto shore and work your way back toward the train. If you see an enemy firing rockets at you, kill him and grab the rocket launcher. Use the rocket launcher on each of the three tanks. If you don't have the rocket launcher, then toss a grenade at each tank. While it's mid-air, target it with the "Cycle Targets" button and shoot it as it nears the tank. That way the grenade will explode and damage the tank.

Locate hidden boathouse for secure extraction

Head back to your boat (or any boat if you lost your boat) and backtrack down the river towards the marker. If, along the way, your boat is destroyed or you beach it, then try to get into another boat, or use your Grapple Gun on a helicopter and fly it to the boathouse.

Safehouse Agency 03 unlocked.

Head to the next briefing, not far from this safehouse.

Destroy all the coca fields

Head to the coca fields. Once there, you have to destroy the fields. This is actually quite confusing until you know what to do. There are six fields total. Each field consists of several parts. Go into any marked field. You will see the field is green. Throw a grenade or plant an explosive and watch what happens. When it explodes, part of the field turns brown. You have to make each section of each field turn brown. There are a number of ways to do this.

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First three fields:

Note that black dots on your minimap. These represent herbicide trucks (barrels in the back of the truck). Hop into a truck and drive it to the middle of a field. Stay in it until the enemies shooting at you set it on fire (or detonate the truck itself). This will release herbicide and will destroy several sections of a field. Another way to destroy fields is to use C4, grenades, or rockets (if you have them). Another way is to steal any normal truck and drive it to the field. Let the enemies shoot it until it catches fire. Get out and when it explodes, it will destroy part of the field.

Last three fields:

After destroying your third field, a helicopter will enter the area and begin making your life a pain. It will take many tries, but Grapple the helicopter and take control of it...it's worth the effort. Once inside the helicopter, hover near each of the three remaining fields and fire rockets at each section of the field (while hovering, use the Right Analog Stick to aim).

Return to El Toro Loco

Since you are in a helicopter, it's easy to fly back to El Toro Loco. On the way there will be another helicopter on your tail, but you should have no trouble with it if you zig and zag a bit while flying. When you get close enough to El Toro Loco, the mission will end. You will be back at Agency 03.


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