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LB's Just CauseTM
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
2. Missions 11 - 21

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2. Missions 11 - 21

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LB "Just Cause" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

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1. Intro, Missions 01 - 10
2. Missions 11 - 21

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2. Missions 11 - 21

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Meet Caramicas outside the broadcast centre

Head to the broadcast centre however you like. When you arrive, talk to Caramicas who is outside the gates. He is marked with red arrows.

Defend Caramicas from attacks

Run to the marked door, killing as you go. When you near it, you'll be told to defend the door.

Defend the entrances from attackers

You have to defend the doors for 2:00 while Caramicas gives his speech. Sheldon will tell you what door to defend. The door that you are currently defending will be marked with red arrows. Also, you can follow your fellow troops. When you get to a particular door, look for the oncoming enemies and shoot them.

Blow up the broadcast centre

Head down the ramp which leads underneath the antenna. Place either a Timed or Triggered C4 explosive at the base of the antenna. When it blows, the mission will end.

Safehouse Agency 04 unlocked.

The next briefing is NE of here, along the river. I recommend extraction to Agency 04 as it is closer to the briefing.

Recon the facility

You are given a helicopter at the start of this mission. Get in and fly to the red icon. When you near it Sheldon chimes in and gives you your next objective.

Place a satellite beacon at each of the three objective markers

You are under attack in your helicopter. Bail out before you blow up. Each of the three placements is marked by red arrows and a red dot on your map. They are not the larger red dots with the black center. You can do them in any order. This is the way that I did them.

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Parachute down to the nearest marker, probably the one in the jungle. This one is located on the raised platform in the fenced-in area. Go up the stairs to the platform and go to the placement area. When you get near it, you'll be prompted to place the satellite beacon.

Hop into a truck and head up the road to the second beacon in the complex. This beacon needs to be placed at the top of the building with the satellite dish. Go to the back side of the building and climb up the stairs. At the top, go forward a touch and hang a left. On this upper building (on the wall) you will see a ladder. Climb the ladder. Next, look for a small set of metal stairs going to a catwalk. Follow the catwalk to another ladder. Climb the ladder. Finally, use the pipes to jump up to the satellite dish. Place the beacon. Basejump off and hop into a truck.

Drive the truck out of this area and take the road up the hill, heading to the final beacon. At the top of the mountain, you'll see the red arrows. The placement is at the top of a missile silo (three missiles). Run up the ramp to the top of it and place the beacon.

Re-program the missile and get out of there

The missiles are about to launch! You have just over 60 seconds to re-program the missiles and get out of there. Head down the ramp and head left toward the red icon. It is the nearby bunker down the hill from you. Enter the bunker and approach the flashing console. You are prompted to re-program the missile. Do so.

Run out of the bunker and toward the tree in front of and to the left of you. There is a cliff edge here. Run toward it and you will get a cutscene of you jumping off of it. Mission over.

You end up back at Agency 04. The next briefing is to the West of you. I recommend extraction to Agency 02, which is very close to the next briefing. It also has the Jet Boat, so you can quickly get to the briefing.

Destroy the San Pedro power plant

Before you begin this mission it is a good idea to get the RPG (rocket launcher) from Agency 04. Also, make sure you have at least 4 triggered C4s.

If you used the Jet Boat to get here from Agency 02, then hop in and drive to the island marked with a red icon. Otherwise, either extract to Agency 02 and grab the Jet Boat, or find another boat and head there. Once on the island, get into a car and head up the road to the red icon (yes, you will encounter a lot of resistance along the way). When you near the power plant you'll get a new objective.

Blow up the three power plant units

Each of the three units is marked by a red dot. Each of these dots is a control panel with two red pipes. You have to blow up each of these control panels/pipes with whatever you like. I recommend triggered C4. You can also use rockets or grenades if you like. Timed C4 won't allow you enough time to get out of range of the explosion. If any helicopters are bothering you, use your rocket launcher if you have it.

Examine the facility on the western part of the island

After all three power plant units are destroyed hop into a car and head to the new red icon. As you approach, you learn that El Presidente is going Nuclear (where'd he get his yellow cake?).

Blow up the reactor coolant system

Head to the far side of the reactor and locate the stairs. Note the motorcycle near the stairs. Go up the stairs and follow the cat walk to the ladder. Go up the ladder and follow the catwalk to the control panel. Set a triggered C4. Backtrack to the motorcycle.

Note the direction the motorcycle is facing. Hop on it and drive straight off the cliff. Freefall and then deploy your chute. Land on the beach below. When you land, use the detonator to set off the triggered C4. The mission will end.

Note, if you set off the C4 before you reach the beach, you'll have 60 seconds to reach the beach. The best way to do this is to jump or drive off of the nearby cliff as mentioned above.

Note, instead of getting up to the power plant using a car, feel free to try to hijack a helicopter.

The next briefing is pretty far away from you. Get there however you choose.

Go to the red smoke. Choose to "start mission". A helicopter will come and pick you up. Get in the helicopter for the briefing.

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Destroy all the rocket parts on board the train

Fly toward the red arrows. When you near, you'll see the train pull out of the station. Get behind it and aim at it. You will see all of the 25 rocket parts marked. Sheldon warns you that the train has SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles). Don't worry about them. If you're pounding the train with missiles it won't be a problem.

Aim at any of the locked on targets and start firing rockets like crazy (you can hold down the "fire weapon" button). On the right of the screen you can see the count of how many you've destroyed.

Before long, Sheldon will warn you of incoming choppers. Anytime he does this during the mission, it is in your best interest to stop what you're doing, locate the incoming choppers, and shoot them down. Then, continue on with the train.

In my case, I got to 22/25 destroyed and couldn't do any more damage. This was because I was too far back. To get the last three rocket parts, hover over the front 1/3 of the train, or fly past the train and approach it from the front.

Kill Kleiner before he escapes to safe distance

First, shoot down the two choppers that are coming at you. If you die or crash, just reload from the latest checkpoint. Then, fly toward Kleiner, lock on to him, and fire rockets at him until he dies.

You end up at Agency 04. The next briefing is SSE of here.

Kill the helicopter pilot

Hop into a car and chase him down. You can either take his car and then shoot him when he gets out, or follow him all the way to his helicopter and wait for him to go to it. When he does, shoot him.

Steal the helicopter from Villa Celeste and go to Mendoza Airport weapons fair

Hop into the marked helicopter. Fly to the red icon. Land on the marked helipad.

Kill Luis and Tomaso

Exit the helicopter. Go to the podium and wait for the two brothers to begin the speech. Kill them both with whatever weapon you choose.

Get to the safehouse

Run back to the helicopter. On the way back, stop by the tables with guns on them and grab the Sniper Rifle. Hop back into the helicopter. Fly to the marked safehouse. When you are above it, the mission will end.

Safehouse Agency 05 unlocked.
New heavy drop vehicle unlocked (Agency Gyrocopter).

The next briefing is south of here. If you still have the helicopter from the last mission, fly there. Otherwise, call in a heavy drop for your new gyrocopter and fly there.

Hijack the armored transport at the bank, or during the robbers' escape

Hop into any car (or fly) to the bank. On one side of the bank, there is a large open garage door. Drive into it and you will find the truck waiting for you. Note, if the robbers already have the truck, chase them down and hijack it (or just reload your last checkpoint and get to the bank faster).

Bring the armored transport to the garage

The truck has a health meter. As long as you don't get into a bunch of wrecks, you'll be fine. Drive to the red icon. It is an underground parking garage. Find the entrance and go down the ramp. Pull into the red arrows to end the mission.

The next briefing is at the other side of the city. Drive there.

Help the guerillas attack the police station

Drive to the red icon.

Meet up with Inmaculada and the Riojas

Drive to the nearby red icon. Talk with Inmaculada (the woman).

Get inside the prison

Run to the red icon. You'll go through a street with sandbags and cops with body armor. On that street is the door to the prison. It's under a large covered area. As you approach it, you'll be told that you need to make some "bangs". In other words, toss a few grenades, or use C4 on the wall with the door. It'll blow open. Enter the prison.

Bust Esperanza out of jail

Cross the area and go up the stairs. Work your way toward the jail cell. Just follow the path to it, there is nothing tricky.

Escort Esperanza out of there

Backtrack until you get the next objective.

Hunt down Carmona

Head down the stairs and hop into one of the police trucks. Esperanza will get in and Inmaculada will man the mounted gun in the back. Chase down Carmona's car. Inmaculada will fire on it with the mounted gun. Keep this up until the truck explodes. If your truck catches on fire, exit and grab another one. The mission will end when Carmona is dead.

The next briefing is East of here. I recommend a stop at a Safehouse to restock ammo and health.

Get inside the army base

Hop into the nearby boat and head to the army base. Before you enter the base, look down the road from it for the black dot on your map. Go there. You will find a monster truck. Get in and drive to the army base. Crash through the front gates.

Locate the key code suitcases within the army base

One is inside one of the garages (the one on the right). One is located in front of the left garage, near the tents. One is located in the back right of the base, in front of an "L" shaped building. That's all three.

Go to Mendoza's destroyer and get on board

By this time, you'll have a few helicopters and half the army trying to kill you. Head to the ship. When you get to the water, hop in a boat and cruise to the ship. Pull alongside the port (left) side of the ship and use the stairs to board it.

Note, another way to get to the ship is to head to the black dot, north of the ship. Here you will find a dry dock. On the dock is a control panel. Hit "activate". This will lower the underwater scooter. Hop into the water, dive down to it and use the underwater scooter to get to the ship.

Blow the hatches and enter the key codes into the consoles

You can do the hatches in any order. The hatches are actually cargo containers. One is at the front of the ship. Use a grenade or C4 to blow it open, then enter the code when prompted. Another one is in the middle of the ship, on the right side. The final one is at the back of the ship.

Note, if you need a quick refuge to heal, you can go underneath the helipad at the back of the ship.

Once the third code is entered, jump off of the ship to end the mission.

You end up on top of the lighthouse. You're next briefing is south of you. I recommend a stop at a safehouse before you head there.

This is the beginning of three very difficult missions. Before you start, head to Agency 05 and make sure that you have the rocket launcher.

Go to the marker and "Start Mission". A helicopter will fly in and pick you up. Get in. When the mission starts, jump out of the chopper and get into the boat below.

Go to the Presidential Palace

Getting to the island and destroying the tank is very difficult and you'll probably get frustrated. Unless you get really lucky, you will have to try several times before you get it. Here is the best way that I've found to get there and to destroy the tank.

Once in the boat, head north (away from the marker) to any of the islands. Once on solid land, call in a heavy drop for the gyrocopter. Fly the gyrocopter to the objective, the presidential palace. Make sure that you are at the highest altitude possible as that is the only way that you won't get shot out of the air. When you are over the palace (red arrows) jump from the gyrocopter and freefall to the area with the tank.

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Take out the tank

This is the difficult part as you have choppers and enemies firing at you, much less the tank. Take cover behind the wall protecting the SAMs (surface to air missiles). Take out any enemies on the ground who are threats to you. Make sure to never stop moving or the choppers will shoot you. Peek out, lock on to the tank, fire a rocket and take cover. Repeat this for each of your four rockets. If the tank still has some life left, you will need to finish it off with grenades. The best method is to throw a grenade and shoot it while it is in the air, just above the tank (switch target button to lock on to the grenade).

Note, depending on what's going on, attack helicopters' missiles may hit the tank by accident causing it some damage. Also, your gyrocopter may fall on it doing it some damage. The two times I did this successfully, one time, as I was parachuting in, an attack helicopter missed me with its missiles and they hit the tank, taking about half the life meter off. I only needed three rockets to destroy the tank. The second time, I used an attack chopper to get here (see next paragraph) and had to bail out when it was on fire. When I landed, there was something firing on the tank (or my destroyed chopper hit it) because all I needed was one rocket to destroy the tank because its health was so low.

Alternatively, you can fly an attack chopper in (you could extract to Agency 05 earlier in the mission and grab the Delta MAH-15 Chimaera). Again, fly in at a very high altitude so you aren't bothered. Then, when you have a good line of sight on where you know the tank and the SAMs to be, lower your altitude and start firing missiles like crazy in hopes of blowing up any and everything. When your altitude is low enough, you will begin to lock on to targets. You will also be a target yourself at this point, so if you see your chopper burning, jump out!

Once the tank is destroyed, you will get a checkpoint. Thank goodness.

Pursue Mendoza's chopper

Call in a heavy drop for a gyrocopter. Fly to the red icon, at the top of the mountain. When you are over the marked house you will get the next objective.

Get to the airfield

Fly to the airfield and land. Walk into the red arrows and choose to start the next mission.

Destroy all three missiles

You have a fighter jet at your disposal. There are three missiles in flight that you need to shoot down. They are difficult to locate on your minimap, but are clearly marked with arrows on the screen. To shoot them down, fly toward one of them and wait until you get a lock on. Then, fire missile after missile at it until you get confirmation that it was destroyed. Repeat for the other two missiles.

While you're shooting down missiles you are under attack. You have a health meter at the top of the screen. The best thing to do is not to fly in a straight line. Zig and zag, and move up and down to make it harder for the enemies to hit you. After the third missile is destroyed, keep flying erratically as you have to stay alive long enough for Sheldon to get done talking.

Board the Excelsior plane

Welcome to another frustrating mission. You have to board the president's plane. First, catch up to it. When you near it, line yourself up so that you are just above it and directly behind it (or to the right just a tad). When the front of your plane is about to reach the back of the president's plane, go into your stunt position. Look on the left of your screen and wait for the button icon to change from "jump off vehicle" to "jump to vehicle". This will happen quickly and won't last for long. As soon as you see it, hit the "jump to vehicle" button.

If you miss the button icon change, or just never get it, simply re-enter your plane and try another pass at it. If you die or fall out of your plane, simply load the latest checkpoint.

Take out the Black Hand escort

This is a good ol' shoot 'em up. Take cover behind the various crates, just lots of grenades and work your way forward to the door.

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Kill Mendoza

Your final act is to place some C4 on Mendoza as you are both free falling. Adjust your angle of falling by using the left analog stick forward (to dive) or back (to slow down). If you really need to slow down, deploy your parachute for a second or two and then continue to free fall again.

Since you start out facing him, there really isn't a whole lot of adjustments that need to be made. For the first ten seconds or so, I recommend pulling down (back) on the stick to slow you down. Then, don't touch anything as you get closer to him. Just make small adjustments as necessary. If you are getting too close to him and you are still too far above him, dive to catch up to him. Essentially, I'm saying minor adjustments work better than huge over-corrections.

When you are close enough to him, you will be prompted to "plant explosives". Do so and the game will end.


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