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LB's Kameo: Elements of Power
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Travel to the Forest Temple and rescue Halis

Kameo Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Travel to the Forest Temple and rescue Halis

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Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: 11.22.05
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
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1. Introduction
2. Thorn's Castle/Wotnot Book
3. Forest Temple/Rescue Halis
4. Water Temple/Rescue Lenya
5. Snow Temple/Rescue Yeros
6. Return to Thorn's Castle
7. Extras
8. Kameo Screenshot PDF Guide
9. Kameo Printable PDF Guide


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Kameo Walkthrough:
Move through Thorn's Castle

Thorn's Castle

You are immediately tossed into this game. If it seems overwhelming, or confusing, it's supposed to. Everything will make sense once you get out of Thorn's Castle. But, for now, you must deal with what's in front of you.

You have taken on the form of Chilla, one of the three Elemental Warriors provided to you at the beginning of the game. Chilla uses his icicles to shoot enemies, or, in this instance, climb. So, climb the wall by pushing up on your left control stick. At the top, move left, then drop down once you're over the balcony (down on your left control stick).

Here you'll meet the first of your Troll enemies. Get used to these guys, as you'll be fighting Trolls all through the game, although they will come in different forms to mix thing up. You'll also be transformed into Pummel Weed, the carnivorous plant who loves to punch. Use your right and left triggers alternately (or just keep pulling one) to take down the two Trolls. Note, the numbers above their heads tell you how much health they have left. At this point, a Troll will emerge from a doorway atop a ramp. If you're going for points fight him and any other troll who comes your way. If you're simply trying to get though the game, ignore him and focus on your new form, Major Ruin.

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Major Ruin will be one of your most oft used Elemental Warriors as you play through the game, as he's the only one who can roll up ramps. So, get good at it. Face the ramp and pull "RT". This will charge Ruin up. When you're happy with his charging, release "RT" and he'll move up the ramp. Use the control stick at the top of the ramp to edge him over the ledge. If you have difficulty with this (I did my first time), use the "pause in mid-air" technique. To do this, pull "RT" just as Ruin gets above the lip of the ramp. When he's paused, use the right-control stick to move the camera, so you're looking straight down the tunnel in front of you, then, release "RT". Ruin will fly through the tunnel. Continue through the tunnel (read the "Help" pages, if you want), then charge ("RT") and release to smash through the gate at the end.

You'll find yourself in a bowl. Find the arrows and roll (charged) up to the tunnel above. Move down it and you'll come to a large room. Locate the ramp next to the fence, and jump it so you land on the other side of the fence (this, by the way, is when I went into "Game Options" and inverted the Camera Up-Down). Here you'll find a couple of spiders. Punch them with Pummel Weed to avoid being poisoned by them . Continue to the next ramp and jump over the next fence.

Here you'll meet your first Shell Troll. Switch to Pummel Weed ("Y"), then use his "Creeper" move ("RT" + "LT") to slip underground. Creep up to the shell (if it's spinning and spikey, avoid it until it stops), then, when you're next to the shell, use the "Uprooter" ("RT") to flip the shell and expose the Troll under it. Beat up the Troll before he gets the chance to slip under another shell. Once you toast him, the wall between the next room and you will drop. Use Ruin to move up the ramp and jump into the next room.

Here your next ramp is unblocked, but, this area provides a good place to experiment with Chilla, so, hit "X" to switch to the snowman. As Chilla, hit "LT" to go into "Aim" mode. Aim with the left control stick, then pull "RT" to send an icicle flying forward, damaging any creature in its path. Hit "LT" again to get out of "Aim" mode.

Next, approach one of the Trolls and pull "RT". This will cause Chilla to stick the Troll on his back. You can, then, use the Troll as a club ("RT" + "LT", then pull "RT" to swing), OR, go back into "Aim" mode ("LT") and pull "RT" to hurl the Troll forward, instead of an icicle (this is a good way to eliminate the Fire Imps in the area, by the way).

When you're done playing around with Chilla's skills, find the left ramp, roll up it, and move over the right fence. You'll end up safely on a high platform. From here, use the next ramp to jump the gap. Ignore the spider, then use the aforementioned technique to jump the ramp, pause in midair (hold "RT"), adjust the camera so you're looking into the tunnel (right control stick), then shoot yourself forward (release "RT") into that tunnel. Move through to the other side.

Move left, up the ramp, and through the next tunnel. Here you'll meet some Roll Trolls. Roll Trolls don't take direct damage. However, they will roll into little balls when struck, which comes in helpful when you're next to a fiery pit. So, as Major Ruin, charge and roll into a Roll Troll (feel free to use the "Cyclone" move, too, I just found it hard to control). When the Roll Troll balls up, charge and roll him in the direction of the fiery pit. It may take a few tries, but you'll learn how to control Ruin by doing it, and that's very important.

When all of the Roll Trolls fall into the pit, the color of the stone on the gate blocking your path will change colors. Switch to Chilla, "Aim" ("LT"), then shoot an icicle into the red stone ("RT"). Switch to Pummel Weed and use his "Creeper" move ("LT" + "RT") to slip under the gate. Run across the bridge, take out the Troll, shoot the next red stoned gate, then slip under it as you did before.

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You'll find yourself in quite the dangerous hallway. Spiders will be the first to meet you. Punch them as Pummel Weed, then switch to Chilla and move up the hall. A Troll will pop out of the right window. Use "RT" to stick him on your back. Continue up and a Fire Imp will jump through another window. Use the Troll as ammo and "Aim" and shoot the Troll at the Imp. If the Imp survives, switch to Major Ruin and use your "Cyclone" or "Rush" move to eliminate him, as Ruin shell isn't harmed by fire. You can also pick him up as Chilla and simply toss him out the window. Take out the remaining spiders as Pummel Weed or Major Ruin. At the top is another gate. Shoot and slip under it.

Run forward, ignore the Trolls, then jump the ramp (use the pause boost, if necessary). Enter the fiery tower and move up the path, jumping the ramp as you go (by the way, if you need health, break the boxes for hearts). Cross the narrow bridge, ignore the Troll, and move up the next path. Charge the Cannon Troll at the top, then shoot and slip under the next gate.

Here, you'll have an all out Troll battle. You must eliminate all of the Trolls to move through this area, so use the technique you find easiest. I was partial to Chilla's Troll swipe ("RT") which stuck the Trolls onto my back, allowing me to use them as ammo against each other, or, to simply shoot them through the broken floor, killing them immediately. Use Ruin against the Fire Imp. If you get the Fire Imp to stick to Ruin, use Ruin against the Trolls, as you'll set fire to them in addition to damaging them normally.

Once you defeat the first set of Trolls, a second set will come (if they don't look for a Troll hiding behind some crates along the left side). The second set of Trolls will be Shell Trolls, and will take cover under the various metal shells. Use Pummel Weed's "Creeper" move to sneak up to them, then "Uproot" to flip the shells. Punch them out before they sneak back under their shells. Eliminating all three will cause a tower to pop up.

Face the tower and shoot the Cannon Troll with Chilla's icicles. When he goes down, it's tricky character switching time. As Ruin, roll and jump the ramp as you normally would. Right before you hit the tower, pause by holding "RT". Continue holding "RT", then hit "X" to switch to Chilla in midair. Chilla will automatically grab onto the ice lining the tower. Release "RT" and climb up and through the window above. Roll through the next window and pull the same character switch. Climb to the top, avoiding the ice spiders as you go. Ignore the Trolls at the top, and climb the third ice patch. Dismount at the Balcony ("LT").

Boss Fight: Ogre

Here you'll meet the first of many Orges you'll encounter in this game. He's one of those creatures who isn't that difficult to battle, once you figure out how, particularly since his attacks are obvious and easy to avoid. Before you begin, note the many crates in the area. If you need health at any point in this battle, break a crate and collect the hearts.

The Ogre's vulnerable area is his chin. To hit it, switch to Pummel Weed, "Creep" up to him, then use the "Uprooter" as soon as you're beneath the Ogre's jaw. A successful hit will temporarily stun the Ogre. When he's in this mode, his throat and chin will be exposed. Switch to Chilla and "Aim" at the Ogre's throat. Toss as many icicles into it in the time you have. Repeat until the Ogre's meter runs out (five or six icicles).

Alternately, you can shoot one of the above chandeliers with one of Chilla's icicles, and the chandelier lands on the Ogre, you'll kill him in with one hit and score many points. Either way, when the Ogre is dead, move through the open doorway for a cutscene.

Obtain the Wotnot Book

Mystic's Hut

After a cutscene you'll find yourself in a conversation with Mystic. She tells you you must convince Ortho to allow you to use the Wotnot Book to collect the Elemental Warriors and save your family. Good to know. Exit out.

Enchanted Kingdom

Note the map on the right side of your map. The green dot indicates your destination. So, take the dirt path up the hill. You'll get a quick cutscene as you move. When it's done, move up to the Warrior Trainer's Hut and enter.

Warrior Trainer's Hut

Approach the Warrior Trainer and speak to him with "A". Tell him you are ready to prove yourself. Press down (click) the right control stick to go into first-person view. In this view, look around the room at the four torches. "Focus" by zooming in and out with "RT" and "LT". When you've successfully spotted a torch it will go out. When you've successfully spotted all four torches, click the right control stick again to get yourself out of that view.

Next, "Hover" by pulling "LT". Hover around the room with the left control stick. Pull "LT" again to stop hovering. Next, approach the Warrior Trainer and plant a "Flip Kick" on him ("RT" + "LT"). Next, practice on the pumpkin. A successful pumpkin hit will provide you with Runes. There are various shops in the game where you can buy items with these Runes. The Warrior Trainer will also provide you with an Elixer of Life. These elixirs extend your health meter. "Drink" it with "A".

Finally, you'll be presented with the Wotnot Book. The Wotnot Book makes Elemental Warrior collection possible, and you need Elemental Warriors if you're going to successfully fight Thorn. It will also allow you to upgrade your Elemental Warriors, and will provide you with the occasional answer, if you're stuck. Exit the Warrior Trainer's Hut, then move through the Enchanted Kingdom, back to the Mystic's Hut. Enter.

Mystic's Hut

In the Mystic's Hut you're told more about the Elemental Warriors/Sprites. As mentioned before, you need these guys to help you defeat the Thorn, which is the ultimate goal of the game. What wasn't mentioned before is that you must save each one of the Elemental Warriors from the Shadow Troll in order to use them. Exit the Mystic's Hut.

Enchanted Kingdom

Once you move outside you'll get a view of one of these Shadow Trolls as he disappears down a nearby well. Check the map (press the left control stick if it disappeared) and make your way to that well. Fall in.

Shadow Realm

This is your first of many trips to the Shadow Realm, which is where you go to fight the Shadow Troll and free the necessary Elemental Sprite (you're freeing the Pummel Weed this time around). The basics of the fight against the Shadow Troll remain the same throughout each battle, although it does get more difficult as you go.

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First, identify the Shadow Troll. He's the shadowy and lanky character who sends the bats your direction. Don't do anything to him at the beginning. Just run around the arena and wait for a Light Demon to appear. He'll crawl up through the ground. Run up to the Light Demon and "Flip Kick" him. This will knock the light out of the Demon. Walk into the light (you'll know you've successfully entered when the screen goes light). Note your right and left triggers are now giving you a "Throw" option. Aim yourself straight at the Shadow Troll and pull either trigger to throw the light at the Shadow Demon. A single successful hit will cause the Shadow Demon to retreat and release the Elemental Sprite. If you miss the Shadow Demon, you must try again. If, by chance, you're caught by one of the Light Demons (or the Shadow Demon), shake your left control stick until you're released.

When the Shadow Demon releases the Sprite, walk up to the little guy and "Absorb" him with "A". He will, then, be transformed into an Elemental Warrior and be placed in your Wotnot Book. Move the light cursor over the new Warrior (Pummel Weed) and assign him to the button of your choosing by pressing the button. Once he's assigned, press "A" to learn more about him. You'll be presented with the information page. Here you can select a move and read about it. You're told to select "Uprooter". Scroll down to it and hit "A". Select "Info" to read about the Advanced Technique, then "Upgrade" to "buy" the technique. You buy techniques with Elemental Fruits, which are collected throughout the game. You're given one at the beginning, which is why you were able to buy the "Uprooter" (although this one doesn't count toward your Elemental Fruit number). Press "Back" to exit the Wotnot Book and return to the Mystic's Hut.

The Mystic will provide you with your first task: Travel to the Forest Temple and rescue Halis. Exit out of Mystic's Hut.

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