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LB's Peter Jackson's King KongTM
The Official Game of the Movie

Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
01. Introduction - Chapter 14

King Kong Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > 01. Introduction - Chapter 14

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King Kong LB Rating: 8.3
Platforms: PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, PC
Release Date: 11.21.05
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
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01. Introduction - Chapter 14
02. Chapter 15 - Chapter 30
03. Chapter 31 - Extras and Internet Codes

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King Kong Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

01. Introduction - Chapter 14 | 02. Chapter 15 - Chapter 30 | 03. Chapter 31 - Extras and Internet Codes
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01. Introduction - Chapter 14



Because this guide works for Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, Gamecube and PC versions of the game, I identify controls by their action rather than their specific button name. Also, the game is much easier if you enable two control options: Aiming Visor (crosshair) and Inventory. To do this, go to your Start Menu > Options > Controls and turn both of these options from "No" to "Yes". If you want the authentic movie immersion gaming experience, then you can choose to leave these "No", but they do help significantly if you're just trying to make it through the game.

HUD - Heads Up Display

As you read above in "Controls", by default, this game doesn't have a HUD. If you want a crosshair and inventory, you can turn them on. If you like the immersion value in not having a HUD, pay attention to Jack's comments such as, "I have two magazines left," or "I need to reload." These audio cues will let you know your current ammo situation. Also, know, that with each weapon, you can "Zoom-In". This is done by clicking down on the right analog stick (Xbox and PS2). This will give you a perspective of looking down the sights of the weapon (in WWII games, this is called "iron sights"). If you don't have the crosshairs activated, this is the most precise way of aiming.


You can save at anytime by going into the Start Menu and choosing "Save". The game also saves in-game checkpoints for you, however, if you turn off the console without Saving, those checkpoints will be lost. Because you can save at any time, it is good practice to save at the beginning of each chapter, after the chapter has successfully loaded (see "Glitches" below).

Glitches, Bugs

Unfortunately, this game has glitches, some of which are game-ending. These glitches are not platform specific. I encountered one and was not happy. In an attempt to get around the glitches it is good to have a sound saving strategy. I recommend that you save at the beginning of each chapter, after you know that the chapter has loaded successfully. This way, if you encounter a glitch in that chapter, you can load up that save and try again. This should also work if the next chapter does not load successfully (as was the case with my glitch). That is why I recommend that you save only after you know the chapter has successfully loaded.

In some cases, you may have to start the game over again.

For more info on specific bugs, you can visit www.ubi.com and click on "Support". You can also visit www.kingkonggame.com and check out the forums to see if other people have encountered your problem. My game-ending glitch came on Chapter 33, right after fighting the sea monsters in Kong's Lair.


There is no health in this game to speak of. If you are hurt, the screen will turn increasingly darker shades of red and you'll hear heroic funeral-esque music. You'll automatically regain health after a few moments of not being attacked. In most cases it's best to find cover/shelter and wait until your screen returns to normal.

Extras and Internet Codes

See the end of this guide for information.

1. The Venture

After watching the opening movie sequence you'll be asked to look up at the guy yelling down to you. This will set your Aiming Axis to either be Normal or Inverted. If you want to change it, simply go to your Start Menu > Options > Controls > Aiming Axis.

From here, you'll be on a row boat in some rough seas. You can look around but otherwise, there is nothing for you to do until you get to the island.

2. Skull Island

Once you land on the island, get a feel for movement with the Left Control Stick. Take a minute to get used to the controls. Head up the path and up the stairs. Ann will light a flare to lead the way. Hit your "Select" button while looking at Hayes (your companion with the pistol). Hit it again to take his pistol. Follow the on-screen instructions to point and shoot your weapon...in general, you'll hold down the left shoulder (trigger) button (L2 on the PS2) to aim and then hit the right shoulder (trigger) button (R2 on the PS2) to shoot. If you have turned on "Aiming Visor" (crosshairs) then you'll see them now. You'll also learn to reload.

Now that you know how to use a gun, shoot the crabs that are attacking you. Next, head along the path to the bamboo stick door and use your melee (hand) attack to break through it. This is done using the right shoulder (trigger) button or the R2 button (PS2). Go through the door after you break it down and go along the path until you get to the two rotating poles used to open the large gate. You'll have to rotate one while Hayes rotates the other. Go to either pole. Press and hold the same right shoulder button and push forward to rotate the pole.

While you're doing this, Carl Denham, the film maker will have Ann do some test screams. This will cause more crabs to come at you from the ocean. Shoot them. Next, a large crab will come at you. Shoot him in the head repeatedly. If you run out of ammo (you shouldn't as you have a lot of ammo at this point), go to any of the rib cages on the beach where you can pick up a "bone". This will appear as a spike or spear to you. You can aim and throw the bone at the large crab. Then, you can grab another and repeat.

When the large crab is dead, go through the open gate and up the stairs. Here you will be told that you can save at any time by going into the Start Menu and choosing "Save".

Follow the path and you'll see a Sea Plane flying around. Throughout the game it'll drop supplies for you. Go to the crate hanging from the parachute. Bash it or shoot it. Grab the Shotgun. Follow the path, shoot the scorpion, break through the door, and kill the remaining crabs.

Here there is a two pole door. One pole, however, doesn't have a lever. The lever is sitting on the ground in front of the door. Grab it and place it in the rotating pole. Then, rotate the pole to open the door. Follow the path until you get a Checkpoint.

3. Necropolis

Follow the path to the crate, bash or shoot it down. This is another shotgun. Grab it to supplement your ammo. Continue along the path until you get to a fire urn and some spears. Grab a spear and using your right trigger (R2 on the PS2), jab the spear into the fire. This will set the spear on fire. To burn the brush blocking the door you can either throw the spear into the brush or you can jab the spear at the brush to catch it afire. Either way, the brush will burn and the door will burn, too.

You may as well arm yourself with a flaming spear. Go through the door. Follow the path to the cavern (catacombs). Here you'll have to battle some centipedes. Use your Shotgun. If you run out of ammo, grab the various bones or spears in the area to throw at the centipedes until they are all dead. If you die, don't worry, you'll start up in the same cavern.

Once the centipedes are dead, Carl will get a few shots with Ann. Soon thereafter, one of the sealed doors will burst open and three more centipedes will emerge. Then, a few bats will fly down. Kill them and move through the door.

Follow the path, killing any centipedes in your way, and you'll emerge outside where you'll see a large bat and more centipedes. Let Hayes kill the centipedes and when the large bat swoops down, shoot him in the face with your Shotgun. If you're out of ammo, you'll have to use the nearby bones.

Continue forward and cross the thin wooden plank (be careful as you can fall off of it). It'll collapse behind you. There is a crate with a Pistol here. If you still have Shotgun ammo, wait to grab the Pistol. If not, grab the Pistol. Watch as Ann climbs along the wall. Shoot the centipedes before they attack her. Once she is safely across, go up the path, cross the wooden planks, and meet up with her.

Follow the path and you'll see a large bat and some centipedes up ahead. The bat will attack. Kill it and Ann will note that all of the species on this island eat each other. Watch as the centipedes eat the dead bat. When you've seen enough, kill the centipedes.

Grab a spear and move forward to the fire urn. Two more centipedes will attack but will hang out in the brush for a moment. Quickly light your spear on fire and light the brush. The flaming brush will kill the centipedes.

Watch as Ann climbs the wall to the right of the gate. Kill the centipede that attacks her. While she's opening the door, watch out from behind because two bats will attack. When they're dead, go through the now open gate.

The path is blocked by a bunch of spiders. Ann suggests that you lure them away with a bit of food. Grab a spear or a bone and stab one of the nearby grubs (you stab by pressing the right trigger, R2 on the PS2). Once you have a skewered grub throw the bone/spear to the left of the path. The spiders will go to it, clearing the path for you and Ann. Go forward and you'll reach a Checkpoint.

4. Scorpions

Follow Ann along the path. Shoot the bat. Continue up the path. You'll soon reach some brush and you'll see a fire urn up above. Ann will climb up to the fire urn. Meanwhile, several more bats will attack and the game will teach you how to "Zoom" in while aiming. On the PS2 and Xbox, you click down on the right control stick. Shoot the bats then back away from the brush. Ann will throw a flaming spear into the brush, clearing the way for you to enter the water. If you see a centipede, kill it before entering the water. Move forward through the water slowly allowing Ann time to kill the water monster before you get to them. At the end, Ann will help you out of the water.

Move forward and you'll enter an open area with a lot of brush and several scorpions. There is a fire urn further along the path. It's important to get to that fire urn as quickly as possible with a spear. Near the fire urn is a supply crate blocked by brush. You'll want to burn that brush before the fire goes out from the rain that will soon come. The general plan here is to arm yourself with a spear and run to the fire urn. Along the way you may have to kill one or two scorpions who will impede you. The scorpions are easy one hit kills if you throw a spear into them. Once you kill or run by the first few scorpions, light a spear on fire and burn the brush blocking the crate. Ann will tell you to watch out. There will be two more scorpions coming down at you. This area is also covered in brush, so simply light it on fire to easily kill the two scorpions.

Kill off any remaining scorpions then grab the Pistol inside the crate. When you do that, some centipedes will emerge. Kill them and then continue along the path. You'll soon be blocked by brush. In front of you, above a doorway, is a fire urn. Shoot or throw a spear at it to knock it down, thus setting the brush on fire.

Move forward and you'll meet up with Hayes and Denham. Hayes has a Sniper Rifle. Look at him and hit the "Select" button twice to have him toss it to you. Shoot the three centipedes that attack from behind and then cross the bridge that Ann lowers. Cross it for a Checkpoint.

5. The Wall

Bash through the gate. Go up to the overlook platform on the right, where Ann will be standing. From here you can survey the area below. You'll see two bats; one flying and one hanging upside-down from the far off archway, two fire urns, many scorpions, and lots of brush. The best strategy here is to shoot or spear the nearby bat. He'll end up dying near the closer fire urn. Wait until the scorpions go over to eat the downed bat. Then, when they are all assembled together, shoot the fire urn to kill several scorpions at once. Repeat for the hanging bat. This is fairly easy to do, especially since you have the Sniper Rifle. Finally, clear out any remaining scorpions in the area.

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Move through the area being sure to grab the Sniper Rifle in the crate in the middle of the area to resupply your Sniper Rifle ammo. Keep following Ann. You'll soon reach another open area right after Ann comments that the wall must be 70 feet high. In this area there are a variety of enemies: bats, scorpions, and centipedes. Note the four fire urns in this area: one in front of you, one on the left wall, one on the right wall near to you, and one far away on the right wall. Shoot the bat that is flying around, wait for the others to come and eat it, and then shoot the three closest fire urns, leaving the far right one alone. After the fires burn out, snipe the bat hanging in the archway near the remaining fire urn, wait for more predators to eat it, then shoot the urn. Kill any remaining enemies.

Continue along the path. Ann will open the gate for you. Go through. She'll then raise the next gate. Egad man! The villagers are here. They'll conk you on the head. This is a Checkpoint.

6. Sacrifice

When you wake up you'll be tied to a pole. Ann will be lowered as a sacrifice to Kong. He'll come and grab her. Carl Denham will come and free you.

Carl will stand next to the opening that you need to go through. Do so, drop down a few plateaus and continue along the path. The villagers will be throwing flaming spears at you. Don't worry about it, just run along the path. Soon, you'll reach a gap in the path. Look to the left wall for an opening that you can enter. Continue along this narrow path.

When you emerge, to the right, you'll see a two pole door that you'll eventually need to open. However, first, you'll have to face off with a dinosaur (dino). You are still weaponless, so grab a spear or a bone. If you can, set the spear/bone on fire. Throw it into the dino. If you're lucky, the dino will walk around with the flaming spear and walk into some brush and kill himself with the fire. Next, note the three fire urns. Another dino will appear. Throw a spear/bone at each of them to cause as much fire as possible. If you're lucky, the second dino will walk into it. If not, just keep throwing spears/bones at it. Also be on the lookout for a centipede or two. If, during this battle you need to take cover to heal, there are various ruins that you can duck into. Finally, there will be two smaller dinos to deal with. They are one-hit kills if you hit them in the head.

Once the area is clear, you need to find a lever for the pole. The lever is located underneath the furthest fire urn from where you entered. If you didn't yet knock down the fire urn, do so to get the lever. Bring the lever over to the pole missing the lever, place it in the pole, and then rotate the pole (while Carl automatically rotates the other) to open the gate.

Go through and walk along the path to the fire. This is a Checkpoint.

7. On Kong's Tracks

Still weaponless, follow Carl along the path. Carl will set up his camera to take some film of the chaos left behind by Kong. While filming, a large bat will swoop down and grab Carl. There's nothing you can do about this, so just let it happen. Grab a spear and kill any bats that are attacking you.

Continue along the path and before you get to the waterfall, note the two pole door that you cannot yet operate (as you are only one person and you need Carl). You'll be coming back to this door.

Cross the waterfall, bash open the door, and continue along the path. Use spears to take out any dinos that are bugging you...there are many spears along the path. After you make your way through the thick weeds which cause you to slow down (you can burn these weeds if you want), you'll have to deal with two bats. There is a spear and some bones along the left side of the path under where the two bats are circling. The spears/bones are effective, especially if you are able to get a bat to swoop down at you, you can throw your spear directly into its face for a one-hit kill. Then, you can take that same spear from the dead bat and use it on the other bat.

When these two bats are dead, cross the wooden planks and be aware that there are two more bats to deal with. There is a pile of spears and bones nearby. Continue along the path and you'll soon hear Carl pleading for help. You have reached the bat nest. There are many bats circling the nest, including the large one that took Carl. Along the path you'll see a supply crate hanging. Before the supply crate is a bone pile.

Work your way to the crate. Two bats will attack. Kill each of them when they swoop down on you. Next, throw a spear/bone at the crate to knock it down. Inside is a Shotgun. But, you only have 10 rounds of ammo so don't go crazy. Work your way up through the thick weeds leading to the nest. Using the side wall here for some cover, start shooting the bats. Make sure to shoot them at close range to get one-hit kills. When you're down to about two or three bats, the large bat will start swooping down on you. Let her get really close and blast her in the face with the Shotgun. She'll retreat and start circling again. Then, she'll repeat. Do this until you run out of Shotgun ammo. Then, find the nearby crate with the Pistol inside. Repeat until she is dead.

You should be able to kill her using the shotgun alone without having to resort to the pistol. Once the large one is dead, kill off the remaining bats and start backtracking with Carl to the two pole door that was pointed out earlier, past the waterfall. Along the way, kill any bats and dinos that bother you.

When you reach the two pole door, open it, go through and go to the fire for a checkpoint.

8. Hayes

Follow Carl up the path. At the top, Carl will point out some spiders. Note that they are guarding a lever to a pole. You'll be coming back here later to get it. For now, continue on and you'll soon see some dinos, a bat, a shelter and a crate hanging outside the shelter. Make a run for it, directly across to the shelter. If the dinos have yet to bug you, break the crate and grab the Pistol. If the dinos are right outside the shelter, wait for them to go away.

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Now armed with adequate ammo, shoot each of the three dinos (one will enter after you kill the first two). It helps to use some bones/spears to save a little ammo. You can kill them from anywhere, but a convenient and safe place to situate yourself is the upstairs of the shelter, near the fire. Also, kill the bat when you have the opportunity.

That is all of the threats you have. Go up to the two pole door and you'll discover that both levers are missing. You already passed one of the levers back at the spiders. The other lever will require you to burn the brush to the left of the two pole door. To do this, grab any of the many spears, go to the fire on the second floor of the shelter, light your spear and bring it over to the brush to the left of the two pole door and throw or jab the spear to burn the brush. Grab the lever and bring it to one of the two poles and place it.

Next, grab another spear or bone, go into the first floor of the shelter where you will see some grubs. Skewer one of the grubs onto your spear and backtrack to the aforementioned spiders who are guarding the second lever. Throw the grub-spear a bit of distance away from the lever. The spiders will leave the lever to eat the grub. Grab the lever and bring it back to the other pole. Open the two pole door.

On the other side of the door is a crate with a Shotgun with 6 rounds total. You need to decide if you want it, or if you want to keep your Pistol. I recommend keeping your Pistol if you have over 12-15 rounds total. Otherwise, grab the Shotgun. Continue along the path, kill the centipede and then drop down into the water.

In this cave, note the black holes along the sides of the cave. This is where the centipedes come from. Use the bones along the way when you can to save ammo, but otherwise, kill the centipedes as they emerge from their holes. You'll soon see a path on your left, leading out of the water. Follow it.

You'll get to an outside area where you'll see Hayes across a gap, a fire urn to his left, and a waterfall along your path. Hayes needs you to clear a path for him using the fire. The problem is there are three dinos (two now and one who will join) roaming the area and you probably don't have much in the way of ammo. Grab a spear and enter the waterfall. Here you can skewer one of the lizardfish in the water. When the dinos are near, toss the spear with the food on it to distract them. Then, continue across the waterfall, use the various shelters if needed, and make your way towards Hayes. You'll end up across from him. He'll throw you the Thompson Machine Gun. The dinos, by this point, will probably be attacking either Hayes or you. Find all three dinos and shoot them dead.

Go back up to the platform across from Hayes. Light a spear on fire and toss it into the brush below and to the right of Hayes. This will clear the path so that Hayes can proceed. Backtrack a tad and you'll see that Carl has moved to the two pole door that you need to get through; no surprise that one of the levers is missing. Facing the door, head down the path to the left and in front of you, you'll see the lever in a pole. Grab it and bring it back to the two pole door and open the door.

Follow the path. Enter the water and work your way to the fire which marks a Checkpoint.

9. V-Rex

Follow Carl and Hayes. You'll pass a crate with Thompson Machine Gun ammo. Grab it. After you drop down the small ledge, notice the two pole door on the right...you'll be coming back here. Go a tad further and you'll see Jimmy's crew get eaten by a huge V-Rex. Carl and Hayes tell you to retreat. Follow them. They'll get to a two pole door. It is your job to distract the V-Rex until they get the door open. There are two bats flying around. Kill the one nearest the door first. Then, shoot and kill the other bat.

When the V-Rex has eaten both bats he'll head for Carl and Hayes. Shoot his head until he gets distracted and starts chasing you. Then, use the various ruins/structures as shelter, running around them in a circle so that the V-Rex can't get you. Soon enough Carl and Hayes will have the door open. They'll tell you it's open, but you may fail to hear it amongst all of the excitement, so check on it from time to time. Go through the door. The V-Rex will break through the door. Run to where Carl and Hayes are taking shelter, directly across from the door. Enter the water at the far back and wait for the V-Rex to give up on you (don't move).

It's time to find the lever to the two pole door you passed earlier. From the shelter where you hid from the V-Rex, hang a left and follow the left wall. You'll see the lever in a pole leaning against the wall. Grab the lever and backtrack to the two pole door. Insert the lever and open the door.

Continue along the path and you'll have to cross a wooden plank. The plank will break and you'll fall down. You are now separated from Carl and Hayes. Weave your way up the narrow path to where the wooden plank would have ended had it not broken and continue a few step for a Checkpoint.

10. Ann

Move forward and you'll see a supply crate hanging. Knock it down and grab the Thompson Machine Gun ammo. Next, you'll have about a dozen dinos and a bat to deal with. The dinos die pretty easily with only a few shots from the Thompson Machine Gun. It's best to try to kill as many as possible with spears, preferably one at a time, before they all gang up.

Move forward and you'll hear and then see Ann. You are parallel to her. You need to protect her as she makes her way forward. At first, just pop the dinos that come her way. Then, after you go through the small tunnel, note that there is a supply crate with a Pistol and, just ahead, another crate (this one hanging), with a Shotgun inside. Wait until you run out of Thompson Machine Gun ammo, then grab the Pistol or Shotgun. By this point, some dinos will have jumped the gap and will be attacking you. Also, you'll see many bats entering the area. This is an all out fight and it's all about survival as Kong will soon enter the scene. If you get damaged, retreat to the tunnel until you heal. Otherwise, just keep up the barrage of fire on the bats. There are also spears at the end of the path if you've completely run out of ammo. At the end of it, Ann will get taken away by the large bat and Kong will come to save her.

11. Kong

You are now playing as Kong. The controls are very good and fairly intrinsic, but do pay attention to the on-screen tutorial. The important thing to remember is if you can't go any further it pretty much means you have to jump; either to a branch or to another wall. Also, you can climb or run along any walls that have vines on them. This first part is very much a linear path.

You'll eventually reach a mini-boss fight where the large bat will swoop down on you. Follow the on-screen instructions to do a "Dash". Timing wise, you'll want to perform this about half-way through the large bat's dive at you. Doing it successfully will make you charge the bat giving him a nice hit with your shoulder.

Next, the game will tell you to work yourself into a "Fury" by rapidly tapping the button it tells you to tap ("Triangle" for the PS2). Once in a Fury, time slows down. You'll be attacked by many small bats. Punch, or Grab and Throw, each of them. When the first wave is gone, the large bat will dive bomb you again. Do another "Dash". More small bats will attack. Work yourself into a Fury and then punch/grab them. Finally, do one more Dash on the large bat which will knock it down. The game will then tell you to do a finishing move by rapidly tapping either your Punch or Grab button.

Head to the door blocked by the pillar. Follow the on-screen instructions to move it (rapidly tap the Grab button). Punch through the door and follow the path. Climb down the cliff wall and on the next path you'll see Ann being chased by some dinos. Kill the dinos. When Ann crosses the bridge, use a wall run to keep up with her. Do one more wall run and you'll be in an area where all you have to do is catch Ann. Get near to her and use your Grab button to grab her. This will lead to a Checkpoint.

12. The Canyon

Follow the path and you'll see a hanging supply crate. Knock it down for some Pistol ammo. Don't go onto the wooden planks yet, instead go into the cave on the right and go up to the window pillars and look out on the archway. Here you will see four bats hanging down. Start shooting them. When all four are dead, cross the wooden planks.

Go forward and you'll realize you can't cross the gap with the water flowing down. Instead, take the left path, a ledge, running along the side of the cliff. You'll see about 8-10 bats hanging from the cave ceiling. Backtrack a tad to the Sniper Rifle but DON'T pick it up. Use your Pistol to shoot as many of the bats as possible. Keep using the pistol until you run out of ammo (I was able to kill all of the bats with my Pistol). Then, grab the Sniper Rifle and finish off any remaining bats.

Cross the wooden plank bridge. Continue along the path and you'll eventually reach an area where you'll see a herd of Brontosauruses. Marvel at their beauty then grab a spear from the right side, go over to the fire urn and light it on fire, and burn the brush blocking your path. Head up the stairs and along the narrow path. Cross the wooden plank bridge then grab the Sniper Rifle ammo from the crate hanging near the waterfall.

Go through the waterfall to find a path behind it. Enter the small water-filled cave and you'll get a glimpse of some centipedes. They'll hide. Go to the left of the cave where you'll find some spears and grubs. Skewer a grub and toss it so that it lures out the centipedes. Then, kill the centipedes with spears to save ammo, or your Rifle, if you don't care about your ammo.

Cross through the water, exit out of the water, and then bash through the door. Kill the centipedes (remember, they come out of the dark holes in the walls), bash through the next door, kill more centipedes, enter the water and watch out for one more centipede. When you exit the water you'll be in a narrow passageway with a few huge statues. There will be one scorpion to start, then several bats, then a bunch more scorpions. Kill them or use a skewered grub on a spear to distract them while you run by.

Go forward and you'll reach a wooden plank bridge which has spiders crawling all over it. Grab a spear/bone and skewer either a grub, a fish, or one of the flies. Go to the beginning of the bridge and throw the spear/bone below the bridge, at the wall. The food will fall from the spear/bone and the spiders will chase after it. Kill the centipede that comes onto the bridge and then quickly cross the bridge before the spiders come back. After the bridge you'll get a Checkpoint.

13. Millipedes

Bash through the door and you'll see Carl and Hayes across the gap. They'll soon be overrun by centipedes. Look for the fire urn on the wall above where the centipedes are attacking. Shoot it using your Sniper Rifle, zoomed in to help you aim. Then, pick off any remaining centipedes as Carl drags Hayes through the door to safety.

Move along the narrow path. You'll reach a wooden plank bridge being guarded by bats; there is a small shelter at the beginning of the bridge if you need to take cover. If you have Sniper Rifle ammo left (I have 24 rounds at this point), shoot them. If not, use a spear/bone and skewer one of the grubs inside the small shelter. Then, throw it in the general direction of the bats. They'll chase after the grub allowing you time to cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a crate with more Sniper Rifle ammo; grab it.

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Standing at the crate, look down. You'll see Carl and Hayes. They'll soon be overrun by bugs coming under the gate. Use the Sniper Rifle to pick off the bugs. Soon enough Carl will get the gate open and you can watch as he and Hayes run through. (Note, a slight glitch, if they never get attacked by bugs and if the gate opens and they don't go through, then simply continue across the wooden plank and along the path. You'll hear Hayes screaming for you to help. Just let him die. When the game reloads continue down the path and you should be fine.) Forget them for a bit. Finish crossing the bridge and work your way along the path. You'll drop down into a nasty area with centipedes and bats. There are some grubs on the ground. Skewer one and toss it to distract the bugs and bats. Still at the grubs, look up and to the right wall. You'll see a fire urn way up above. Don't worry about it yet, just notice it. If you want, you can shoot all of bugs in the area or just ignore them for now. Either way, bash through the door with the waterfall and kill any centipedes in your way as you approach the next door. Bash through it.

Continue along the path and you'll soon see a lever blocked by brush as you overlook a multi-columned area. There are various centipedes and bugs in here. Kill them as you walk down the path and you'll soon see Carl and Hayes by the two pole door. Help Carl and Hayes kill any bugs in the area. If you want, you can trade weapons with Hayes. He has the Shotgun.

At this point, you need to get fire to the brush blocking the lever. Backtrack to the area with the fire urn up on the wall and clear it out if there are any remaining bugs. Then, shoot the fire urn. This will cause a lower fire urn to light on fire. Of course, due to the waterfall covering the door, you can't get a fire spear through it. Instead, light a spear on fire and throw it through the opening in the wall, to the left of the door, at the fire urn on the other side. With a spear in hand, go to that fire urn, light the spear on fire and proceed to the brush near the lever. Set it on fire. Grab the lever, place it in the pole. Protect Carl and Hayes as they open the gate. Go through for a Checkpoint.

14. Brontosaurus

Follow Carl and Hayes through the Brontosauruses legs to the other side. You'll realize that you need some fire to get through the brush blocking the door. Go ahead and switch weapons with Hayes (if you haven't already) to get the Shotgun. Hayes mentions that he saw some fire further down and that you'll have to follow the Brontosauruses to get to it. Notice the crate hanging on the left side of the path, it contains Shotgun ammo.

Armed with the Shotgun, continue along the Brontosaurus path. Some dinos will be out hunting you. Shoot them. Take cover anywhere you can if you get hurt. After a bit of travel, keep your eye on the right side for a dead dino with spears sticking out of it near a set of stairs. Go up the stairs. Cross the wooden planks and you'll see fire ahead.

Before you can get to it, you'll have more dinos to shoot. Once they are cleared, work your way to the fire urn. Notice that you had to go through a waterfall to get to the fire urn? Grab a spear next to the fire urn and turn and face back the way you came. You'll see an unlit fire urn along the same wall. Throw a fire spear at the unlit fire urn to light it. Grab another spear, deal with any dinos in your way, and head to the fire urn you just lit. Set your spear on fire using this urn, again, dealing with any dinos first.

You have to make it back, with fire, to the door where Carl and Hayes are waiting. There will be many dinos in the way as you head there. There will also be some brush that you have to burn through to get back. Along the way, there are various unlit fire urns. Go ahead and light any that you like so that you have a source of fire for convenience as when you fight the various dinos, you'll be using your Shotgun.

When you make it back to Carl and Hayes, the huge V-Rex will be back. Quickly light the brush blocking the path on fire. The fire will burn through the brush just in time to escape the V-Rex. Go along the path for a Checkpoint.

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