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LB's Kingdom Hearts(R) 2
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
0. Introduction

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0. Introduction

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LB "Kingdom Hearts 2" Guide
Table of Contents:

Guide Options

0. Introduction
Gameplay Basics
Drive Command
Limit Command
Start Menu

1. Part 1
1st - 6th Day
The Tower
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Olympus Coliseum

2. Part 2
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Port Royal
Halloween Town
Space Paranoids
The Land of Dragons Part 2
various Atlanticas

3. Part 3
Beast's Castle Part 2
Olympus Coliseum Part 2
Port Royal Part 2
Agrabah Part 2
Halloween Town Part 2
Pride Land
Pride Land Part 2
Space Paranoids Part 2
100 Acre Wood
various Atlanticas
The World that Never Was
Final Boss Fight

4. Part 4
Olympus Coliseum Tournaments
Ultima Keyblade

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How this Guide is Written and Organized

This guide is based upon the "Standard Mode" difficulty level. It is a comprehensive guide and walkthrough detailing each and every world in Kingdom Hearts(R) 2 and how to "lock" each and every world. Because there are many ways to play through this game, you may find that you have completed "x" world before the guide covers "x" world. That is fine. Simply skip ahead (or back) to the world where you are stuck.

Depending upon the way you play through the game and what "specialty" (Strength, Defense, or Wisdom) you chose, you will Level Up and gain different abilities at different times than I did when writing the guide. Throughout the guide I note when I leveled up and what ability was earned. This is simply for reference, a sort of guide post, so that you can compare. It is not meant to be an absolute...you will level up a different times and in different worlds.

Most worlds in the game need to be revisited. In the guide, you'll see a "Part 2" next to the name of the world to distinguish the first and second visit to that world.

All important items and power ups are bolded and some are BOLDED AND ALL-CAPS. This is simply done to make it easy to scan the guide and quickly find important objects and items.

On-Screen Display

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Command Menu - The lower left of your screen contains your Command Menu. You navigate it with the "D-Pad" (the Up, Down, Left, Right buttons). There are two sections to it, accessed by hitting the "Left D-Pad Button". The first section has, "Attack, Magic, Items, Drive". The second section has, "Attack, Summon, Party, Limit".

Attack - Simply that. This is your basic attack and is the default action. It is the same in both sections of the command menu...it just repeats for simplicity.

Magic - Scroll down to Magic and hit the "X Button" to bring up the list of magic that is available to you. Scroll to the magic you want and press the "X Button" to perform the magic.

Items - Gives you access to your items.

Drive - This is the Drive Command which allows you to change into forms. There are three forms in the game which you'll earn and upgrade along the way: Valor Form, Wisdom Form, and Master Form. For more info on Forms and the Drive Command, see "Drive Command" under the "Commands" section.

Summon - Gives you access to the characters which you can summon. See the "Commands" section for more info.

Party - Allows you to switch in and out party members without having to go to the Start Menu. This is useful in battle. The character that you choose will be the one who leaves, to be automatically replaced by the fourth character who is not in your party, for example, Hercules or Jack Skellington. You can only switch characters when you have a fourth character as part of your party.

Limit - Allows you to choose and perform any Limit Attacks (joint attacks, co-op attacks) that you have equipped. See the "Commands" section for more info.

HP, MP and Drive Gauge

The health and magic gauge is located at the bottom right of the screen. Health is green. Magic is blue. Above your MP you'll see the Drive Gauge.


The map will appear in the upper right of your screen.


HP (Hit Points) - This is your Health. As you fight bosses you'll gain more and more HP (your health meter will extend).

MP (Magic Points) - This is your Magic. As you level up and/or receive items your MP will rise.

AP (Ability Points) - The more AP you have, the more Abilities you can equip. You earn more AP by leveling up and/or wearing items (such as special rings).

Orbs - After you defeat an enemy, it will most likely drop orbs. Orbs help you to refill your meters. Green orbs are Health (HP), yellow orbs are Munny, and blue orbs (bubbles) are MP (Magic).

Munny - Money.

Saving - You can Save at any Save Point. Simply walking into a Save Point will refill your and your party's HP and MP. You can also choose to go to "World Map" from any Save Point. This is how you get to the Gummi Ship. You can also Save at any time when in the World Map.


Reaction Command

This is the name given to a wide variety of actions that are all executed using the "Triangle Button". You'll know there is a Reaction Command because you'll see the outline of a green triangle over an object or enemy, and at the same time, will see the Reaction Command appear at the top of your Command Menu. Sometimes there is a series of Reaction Commands (for special attacks). In these instances, the best bet to not miss any special attacks is to rapidly tap the "Triangle Button".

Drive Command

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Drive Commands, aka, Forms, is your ability to turn into a Form which gives you extra abilities and increased Strength and Magic. Basically, it's way to temporarily power-up, usually used when you have a tough battle to fight. There are three forms that you earn through the course of gameplay: Valor, Wisdom, and Master. Valor Form can only be used if Goofy is in your Party. When you use it, you and Goofy merge into one leaving you and Donald (or whomever is the third member of your party) to fight. Wisdom Form requires you to have Donald in your Party. You and Donald Form together. Master Form requires both Donald and Goofy to be in your party. When used, they'll go away and it'll only be you (Sora) left to fight. Each form has it's own abilities (which cannot be changed). The Valor and Master Forms each allow you to use a second Keyblade. You can equip the Keyblade of your choice via the Start Menu. See "Navigating the Start Menu" for more info.

When a Form is in use, you'll see your Drive Gauge go down. At any time you can end the Form by selecting "Revert" from your Command Menu (the slot where "Drive" used to be). However, each Form has a minimum of amount of Drive Points consumed if you end early (you can view this in "Status"). The Drive Gauge will refill as you attack enemies. It will also refill if you use a Drive Recovery or High Drive Recovery from the "Items > Stock" menu. The Drive Command Level will level up, much like your normal leveling up, the more you use it.

Limit Command

Limit Commands are co-op or joint magic attacks that you perform with another character. Using a Limit Command will consume all of your MP (your magic meter). You'll also see a "Limit Gauge" appear in the upper right of your screen showing how long you have left before the attack ends. Along the way you'll gain items and keyblades which will help to extend the time. After you enact a Limit Command, get ready to do some Reaction Commands with your "Triangle Button" (sometimes you'll see your "Attack" slot turn into the Reaction Command...if this happens, use your "X Button" to perform the specified action). In order not to miss any Reaction Commands, I find it best to simply repeatedly tap the "Triangle Button" as soon as you enact a Limit Command.

To perform a Limit Command, scroll down to Limit in your Command Menu and choose which one you want. The other way to perform a Limit Command happens if any of your party members has the "Auto Limit" ability equipped. If this is the case, you'll see that character's Limit Command appear as a Reaction Command at the top of the Command Menu. I found Auto Limit to be very annoying as I'd confuse a Limit Attack with a legitimate Reaction Command only to realize I just performed a Limit Attack that I didn't want to. I recommend unequipping any Auto Limit ability of your party. Be aware that any new member of your party will often have it on by default.

Since Limit Commands are directly tied to your MP you can do a Limit Command anytime you have MP.

Summon Command

As you progress through the game you'll gain the ability to summon three characters: Chicken Little, Stitch, and Genie. To do so, scroll down to "Summon" in your Command Menu and choose which character you want to come to help you. The other members of your party will disappear and the summoned character will take their place and help you attack the enemy. If you want to send them away, you can scroll down to "Dismiss".

The Summon Command is tied to your Drive Gauge. In other words, your "Summon Gauge" is your Drive Gauge, which tells you how long you have left on your summon. You can level up your Summon Command by using it frequently. There is only one fight where I found the Summon Command to be of use, however, feel free to use it whenever and wherever you want.

Navigating the "Start Menu"

The Start Menu is the place where you can equip items and abilities, customize your command menu, view and change your party, view your status, take a look at the journal, alter the game's configuration, see how much Munny you have, and see how long you've been playing the game.


This is where you can see what items each of your Party has equipped and what's in the party's Stock. To switch items, for example for Sora, select "Sora". Then, scroll up and down to the item you want to switch. Select it and you'll get the options available to you to switch it out. When you hover over a choice, you'll see how that choice will affect your stats. This is also where you equip Potions/Ethers/Elixirs, etc. in your Item Slots.

Under Sora, you'll see two Form categories: Valor and Master. Here, you can choose which Keyblade will be your secondary Keyblade when in either of these Forms.

Other than equipping specific characters in your Party, you'll also see a "Stock" category. This is where items that your party shares are located. You can use the "L2 and R2 Buttons to scroll through a categorization of the items (Potions/Items, Weapons, Armor, Accessories). Here you'll find things like an AP Boost or Defense Boost that you may have received. Select an item to see if it's equippable. If it is, you can choose to whom you want it equipped (I suggest you equip most of your AP Boosts to Sora, with the occasional one or two given to Goofy and Donald).

One item you should know about is the Tent. Using a Tent will heal all of the HP and MP of your party. This is useful to use before heading into a boss fight if there isn't a Save Point around. Otherwise, simply read the description of an item if you want to know what it does.


Abilities are earned as you progress through the game. They can be equipped/unequipped as many times as you like. Each ability costs a certain amount of Ability Points (AP) to equip. You have a limited number of total ability points to use (which will go up as you Level Up, gain AP Boosts, and find/buy/synthesize items that increase your AP). You have to decide which abilities you like/dislike and equip appropriately. If an ability is equipped, it has a yellow circle icon and the letter "E" next to it. If it's not equipped, it has three little yellow stars next to it.

Donald and Goofy (and any other party member) also have Ability Points to use. You can equip them as you like. You'll notice that some of their equipped abilities have a blue arrow next to them. This means that the ability that is equipped will be used freely by that character. When you select "x" ability, you'll notice that you can also choose to have that ability used in a "Well Balanced" way or will be used in "Rare" situations. As a general rule, Donald and Goofy know what their doing, so just go ahead and let them use the ability "Freely" unless you have some particular reason not to.

Also note that under Sora's category are subcategories for the three Drive Commands (Forms): Valor, Wisdom, and Master. These abilities cannot be changed but at least allow you to see what abilities you'll have when you turn into "x" form. If you level up "x" Form you will gain the ability to use some of the Form's abilities in your normal ability area.


In customize you can assign certain magic or potions to buttons for your "Shortcuts Menu" ("L1 Button"). I suggest you assign the Magic that you most like using. My customize menu had: Potion, Thunder, Magnet, and Cure (and the upgrades as they went along, ex, Curaga, Thundaga). You can also customize Donald and Goofy's "Battle Style". The choices are: Technic, Target, Huddle, Party, Sora, and Relentless Attack. You can read what each one does and decide what you like best. For the sake of consistency and normalcy, I had both Donald and Goofy equipped with the Technic Attack throughout the game.


This is where you can switch party members if there is a fourth member of your party. The three party members that are currently equipped will have a red background. The one member that will be left behind will have a blue background. After you select who you want in your party, back out to the main menu to apply the change.


This is where you can see your stats.


Ah, the journal; the keeper of all of the knowledge contained in the game. You can either select a particular world and view all of the information regarding that particular world or you can view Jiminy's Journal (aka, Collection) to view everything known about the game. It is in Jiminy's Journal that you can read the Secret Ansem Reports that you collect throughout the game.

Of particular use in the Journal is the "Objective" which appears when you select a world. This will let you know what you need to do next. Also of use is "Treasures" to let you know how many chests you missed in "x" world. Otherwise, the rest of the info is there if you want to read it, but is not of important to finishing the game. After completing the game you'll be able to view minigames and missions that you can retry to get credit in the journal.


In this menu you can edit your controls, camera, sound effects, vibration, etc. The most important thing here is to adjust the "Camera Up/Down" and the "Camera Left/Right" so that it's comfortable to you. You won't be able to do this right away, but will be able to after playing for a while.


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Moogles can synthesize items and some act as stores and can buy or see items. Throughout the game you'll be collecting various synthesis items (gems, shards, etc.). Anytime you visit a Moogle, select "Synthesis" and give the Moogle all of the synthesis items you have. As you complete collections of synthesis items, he'll reward you with things like AP Boosts and Drive Recoveries (you can see what he needs via "Lists"). Like other things in this game, the Moogle gets better at making things the more things he makes. That is, he can level up. So, any time that you have the opportunity for him to make something for you, even if you don't want it, have him make it so that the gains experience. You can simply sell the unwanted item later.

Moogles make very powerful items, so it is in your best interest to synthesize anytime you can.


These are items that the Moogle has made for you. If they are highlighted, you can have the Moogle make you another.

Free Development

Here the Moogle can develop new items. If you have the materials, you can select an item for him to make.


Throughout the game you'll find/earn Recipes. It is in this menu that you can see what recipes you have.


A comprehensive list of what you've collected.

Material Log

A list of materials you've handed over to the Moogle.


This is the place where you can see what you earned for reaching certain benchmarks, like collecting 15 types of materials or obtaining all of the dense materials.

Gummi Ship

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The Gummi Ship gets you around from world to world. Often you'll have to open up a path to a world via a mini-game (fly to a door and choose "Proceed") where you fly and shoot things. These are always easy, however, you can get really serious about it and collect lots of treasures, etc. To get through these mini-games always choose the most powerful Gummi Ship at your disposal. As far as treasures and powering up your Gummi Ship goes, well, you're on your own as it's not an essential part of the game and is self-explanatory. To do these upgrades, choose to fly through a particular door/path and then Choose to build a Gummi Ship or a Mini Ship and follow the directions.


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