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LB's Kingdom Hearts(R) 2
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Part 1

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1. Part 1

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LB "Kingdom Hearts 2" Guide
Table of Contents:

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0. Introduction
Gameplay Basics
Drive Command
Limit Command
Start Menu

1. Part 1
1st - 6th Day
The Tower
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Olympus Coliseum

2. Part 2
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Port Royal
Halloween Town
Space Paranoids
The Land of Dragons Part 2
various Atlanticas

3. Part 3
Beast's Castle Part 2
Olympus Coliseum Part 2
Port Royal Part 2
Agrabah Part 2
Halloween Town Part 2
Pride Land
Pride Land Part 2
Space Paranoids Part 2
100 Acre Wood
various Atlanticas
The World that Never Was
Final Boss Fight

4. Part 4
Olympus Coliseum Tournaments
Ultima Keyblade

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Tram Commons

After the long and amazing cutscene you'll discover that something keeps getting stolen around town. You need to investigate. Once the game actually starts, you'll be told how to run and jump. Not hard. Move the Left Control stick to run/walk (depending on how far you move it) and press the "Circle Button" to jump. Run over to your friends at the Armor Shop. As you near you'll be told how to climb ledges; face the ledge and push and hold the "Jump Button". You'll automatically grab on and pull yourself up.

Next, you'll be told to go to the Accessory Shop. Here you'll be told about "Reaction Commands". Essentially, if you can interact or talk to an object or a person you'll see a Green Triangle appear over them/it. This means to hit the "Triangle Button" to interact.

Head over to the Candy Shop. Here the woman asks you to find her cat. The cat is on top of the roof of the Candy Shop. This will teach you how to use the camera; move the Right Analog Stick. If the up/down left/right is bugging you right now, you'll get a chance to adjust it later. For now, you'll have to deal with it. Look at the cat. You have to "Lock On" to the cat. Do this by pressing the "R1 Button". You'll get a purple reticle (target) over the cat. The cat will automatically be returned to its owner.

The Sandlot

After getting down on your knees you'll see three weapons: a Staff, a Hand Guard, and a Club used in Struggle battles. It doesn't matter which one you pick up. The only thing that will be given to you is a slight AP (Ability Point) increase for Magic, Defense, or Strength. Choose whatever you like.

You'll be told about HP (Hit Points). The green gauge is your HP Gauge (life meter). When it goes down to zero, you die. There is also the MP (Magic Points) Gauge. It's blue. This isn't used right now, so don't worry about it.

Fight Seifer by pushing the "X Button" repeatedly. If you want to lock on to him, tap the "R1 Button". Keep doing this until you defeat him.

The Woods

Run through the woods, chasing after the mysterious thief.

The Old Mansion

Run up to the mysterious thief and "Capture" him by using the "Triangle Button". You'll be told to fight him, but you won't be able to do any damage. Just keep it up until you get the KEYBLADE! Attack the mysterious enemy. Note the "Reversal" Reaction Command. This will quickly put you on the other side of an enemy. Keep your eye out for it and get used to using it.

When you defeat him, orbs will be released. Yellow Orbs are Munny. Green Orbs are health. Blue Orbs are magic.


The Usual Spot

You are in your home. This is your first chance to Save. Walk into the swirling light (Save Point) and hit the "Triangle Button" to Save. Walking into a Save Point replenishes your and your party's HP and MP (health and magic).

Back Alley

You'll receive a Twilight Town Map. It will appear in the Upper Right of your screen. Run forward and up the stairs.

Market Street

You need to earn 800 Munny. There are three jobs to do. Each one is pretty easy once you know what to do. I find the quickest one to be the Mail Delivery, but do whatever you want. If you do them fast, you'll earn 50 Munny. Keep doing jobs until you have at least 800 Munny. I recommend you do a few more jobs and make at least 1000 Munny so you have some extra cash.

To check how much Munny you have, hit the "Start" button when you're not on a job.

Mail Delivery - There are five letters that need to be delivered. You are on your skate board. You can do this in under 10 seconds. Skate down the path pushing the "Triangle Button" repeatedly so that you don't miss a delivery. Deliver the first letter to the human. Deliver the second letter to the bird flying across your path. Deliver the third to the human and then use your "Triangle Button" to rail slide. This will make you automatically jump at the end of the rail. In the air, deliver the fourth letter to the bird. Continue down to the end of the street to deliver the fifth letter to a human. If you do this in under 30 seconds, you'll get 50 Munny.

Cargo Climb - Combo the cargo by attacking it up the hill. On the third combo, the cargo will either move forward or bounce up into the air. If it goes into the air, attack it again and it'll scoot forward quite a bit. You can lock on to it if you want. Do this in under 30 seconds for 50 Munny.

Grandstander - I consider this the hardest and most time consuming. You need to combo the ball so that it stay in the air. The first thing to do is to lock on to it so that you don't lose sight of it. Secondly, you'll just have to get lucky on your combos so that the ball doesn't go so far that you can't reach it to continue comboing it. It helps if the ball ends up between the buildings as it will bounce off of them and stay in your area. Get 20 or more consecutive hits and you'll earn 50 Munny.

When you have enough Munny (800 or more) head up the street, past the "Garage" to Station Plaza.

Station Plaza

Talk to Hayner. Tell him you've earned enough Munny. You'll be rewarded with AP +1 (an Ability Point). You obtained a Munny Pouch with 5000 Munny in it. You'll be attacked by a mysterious dark man. He'll take your Munny Pouch!


The Usual Spot


Back Alley

Exit the usual spot, hang a left, and head up the road toward the Station. You'll get to Market Street.

Market Street

You'll meet Namine. The cutscene will show you finding the hole in the wall of Tram Commons which takes you to the Woods and then the Old Mansion. You'll end up in the Sandlot. You'll grab a club. Attack the mysterious enemy. You won't be able to do any damage. Keep this up until you are transported to a different world; a stained glass platform.

Weapon Selection

It's up to you what to choose: Magic (Wisdom), Attack (Strength), or Defense (Protection). It really doesn't matter. This simply determines what abilities you'll be better at earlier. As the game progresses you'll learn all of the abilities. I recommend Strength.

Fight the enemies. After defeating the first three you'll gain the AERIAL RECOVERY ability. After you open the chest for a potion, go into your pause menu and equip this ability. A door will appear. Go up to it to go through it.

Station of Calling

Fight your way up the platforms. If you get knocked back whilst in the air, try your Aerial Recovery to see how it works. Don't miss the chest with a potion on the second platform. At the top, go through the door.

Boss Fight - Large Mysterious Enemy

This fight will require you to use your Reaction Command ("Triangle Button") quite a bit. Wait for the prompt for the first three attacks. You will end up on a platform and will actually have to attack the Boss. He starts off down and out. Get some good shots in on him until he wakes up. Then, wait for the Reaction Command prompts to appear. Hitting them correctly will make you float up to his head where you can attack him.

Next, he'll put his head so that it is near the ground. He'll shoot out electricity and will spawn some sub-enemies. If you are low on health, use a potion or kill the sub-enemies who will release health. Otherwise, concentrate on your Reversals and attacking. I recommend an attack of one-two-reversal, repeat.

He'll then move his head back up to the normal position. Continue to attack him using the Reaction Commands. If you get hit while in the air, use Aerial Recovery to quickly recover.

You'll know the fight is almost over when you repeat the first three Reaction Command attacks. After you do that, his head will be accessible again. Attack it until he is defeated.

Maximum HP increased. GUARD Ability earned.


Sandlot - Struggle Match

You'll start off in the Sandlot. It's Struggle Day! There is a Save Point. Save. To get the Struggle Match going, talk to the referee in front of the chalk board in order to listen to the rules. Then, if you want to practice (there's really no reason to) head to Back Alley by going up the stairs. Here you'll find Seifert and you can practice beating on him. By doing so, I earned enough Experience to level up to Level 3; you may or may not have already reached this level depending on how many enemies you've fought.

When you're ready, go to the center of the Struggle Match ring in Sandlot and talk to the Promoter (fat guy in yellow vest).

The Struggle Match works like this: Each player has 100 orbs when they start. Successful attacks on an opponent will release some orbs. Run and collect them and they'll be added to your total. At the end of the match, whomever has the most orbs wins. This is very easy to do. I recommend you attack until you have a comfortable lead and then just run around until time runs out.

Before the match begins, equip your Guard ability as you'll need it in a later fight. Fight Hayner, then Vivi. It helps to lock on to your opponent with the "R1 Button". It also helps to wait for them to get done with an attack and then attack them.

Mini-Boss Fight - Axel

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After you defeat Vivi you'll have to fight three mysterious enemies. You'll be given the Keyblade. After you beat them, you'll meet up with Axel. You have to fight him. This is your first tough battle. Since you equipped your Guard Ability before the Vivi match, you can block his attacks by pressing the "Square Button". Otherwise, get the heck out the way when you hear him say, "Burn" as his fire attack is coming. To defeat him just keep attacking. If you get low on health, use a Potion or two. You'll get a cutscene and then be back at the Struggle Match.

To win the Struggle Championship, you need to defeat Setzer. Talk to the Promoter to get the title match underway. This is another easy fight. Upon winning, you'll get the CHAMPION BELT and the STRUGGLE TROPHY.


Save and then head up to Station Plaza. You will be investigating the seven wonders of Twilight Town for a school report. Go to the large glass doors to Central Station.

Sunset Station

Head down the stairs and talk to Pence (your friend in the red jersey). He has a map of five of the wonders. Since you already investigated the Spooky Steps, head to the next point, The Friend from Beyond the Wall.

Sunset Terrace

The Friend from Beyond the Wall - Head up the stairs on your right and continue up to the right. You'll soon reach the alleyway where you'll find the Wall. Go to the back of the alleyway and you'll get a Reaction Command. Press your "Triangle Button". Some balls will come out of the wall. Hit one back with your club nd then follow it. Investigate the wall by hitting the "Triangle Button" again when you get to the back of the wall.

Backtrack back down one set of stairs. Jump onto the top of the Tram. From the tram, look left to the platform with a chest. Jump over to the chest and open it for the ABILITY RING.

The Moans from the Tunnel - Head to the tunnel and hit your "Triangle Button" to investigate. You'll have to fight about a dozen Vivis. Backtrack out of the tunnel and head to the next wonder, a waterfall.

The Doppelganger - Investigate the waterfall. Fight the shadow of yourself. Head to the next section of town, Sunset Hill.

Sunset Hill

The Animated Bag - Go to the top of Sunset Hill. You'll find a bag. Investigate it and it'll start hopping around. The bag has a stamina meter. You need to ride the bag (hit "Triangle" to get on it) and hit "Triangle" when prompted to wear the bag out. Hey, it's dog...or is it?

You'll be placed back in Sunset Terrace. Head back to Sunset Hill to look for the Ghost Train, the sixth wonder. After the cutscene, you'll be brought back to Station Plaza.

Station Plaza

The seventh wonder is a ghostly girl who lurks in the second floor window of the Mansion. You need to go down to Tram Common to find the hole in the wall that leads to the Woods and then to the Old Mansion. You saw this hole earlier in the game.

Head down to Tram Common. If you get lost, read the sign posts. From where you enter Tram Common, hang a left and follow the Tram Track (the different colored brick). Keep your eye on the left. You'll soon see a triangle-shaped hole in the wall. It's across from the tall green building. Enter it.

The Woods

Follow the path to the Mansion.

The Old Mansion

A long cutscene. The transformation from Roxas to Sora is almost complete.


Save. Exit out of the Usual Place.

Back Alley

Fight the strange enemies. After they are defeated, time will freeze. Head down to the Sandlot.


Fight the enemies. It was during this battle that I was upgraded to Level 4. You will gain the SCAN ability. When equipped, you can see an enemy's HP. Head to Tram Common.

Tram Common

Fight the enemies as you head to the hole in the wall which leads to the Woods and then to the Old Mansion.

The Woods

Fight enemies.

The Old Mansion

Cutscene and you'll enter the mansion.

Mansion: Foyer

There are three doors for you to go through: One on the first floor on the left, and two upstairs; one on each side. Before you go through any doors, collect the Potions out of the three chests and battle the various enemies. I was able to get to Level 5 by fighting these enemies.

When you're ready, go through the door on the first floor.

Mansion: Dining Room

Open the two chest for an ELVEN BANDANA and a Potion. Next, head up the stairs and go to the left. Go through the door on this side of the Mansion.

Mansion: The White Room

You'll get a cutscene. You discover that you are a Nobody; half a person. You obtained NAMINE'S SKETCHES and a Map of the Mansion. There is now a Save Point. Save.

Head back out to the Foyer and go through the other door on the second floor.

Mansion: Library

You will reveal a covered hidden room below. Go down the stairs, open the chest for a potion, and go through the only door.

Mansion: Computer Room

After smashing some computer equipment and a reference to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the GBA, you'll see a Save Point. Save. Go through the door.

Boss Fight - Axel

Fight the strange enemies. Then, Axel will enter the scene and you'll have to fight him. You now have two Keyblades! All right! Go after him. Keep a keen eye out for any Reaction Commands that may appear. This is especially the case when he hides on the other side of the wall of fire. As soon as he charges, hit your "Triangle Button" and then look for more of the same to do three special attacks. Otherwise, just keep attacking and use Potions when necessary.

Maximum HP increased.

Mansion: Basement Hall

I recommend a Save back in the Computer Room and then going through the next door.

Mansion: Basement Corridor

Here you'll see Donald and Goofy, sleeping in a hibernation chamber. Open the chest and go through the next door.

Mansion: Pod Room

Finally, you meet up with Sora and the game really begins.

Sora, Donald and Goofy

The Old Mansion

You are now Sora.

Here is where you'll learn about your Party, or the people in your group. Your party will always consist of three characters. Since you only have Donald and Goofy to choose from, the only thing you can do is switch them amongst themselves. However, as you meet new characters in your adventures you'll be able to choose who you want as part of your party.

Check your Journal. Here you can read all about the various characters, how they got where they are, and how Sora saved Kairi. Get used to navigating this menu as there is often valuable information here.

Check your Abilities. Note that you can now choose abilities for each of your party members. You can also choose how often you want that ability to be used in battle by hitting the "Triangle Button" to make the arrow point up (use freely), sideways (use conservatively), or down (use only in special situations). For now, there's no reason not to have them all used freely. Note, too, that Sora's abilities are the same as Roxas'.

Explore the ground for two chests. One has a Potion, the other a Mythril Shard used for item synthesis (you'll get to that later). Exit the area and you'll end up in Twilight Town.

Twilight Town - Sora

You start off in The Usual Place. Save. Exit out and head up to Station Plaza. Fight the strange enemies. Don't worry about what Donald and Goofy are doing. Just do your thing. During this battle, I leveled up to Level 6 and Donald and Goofy leveled up to Level 7.

Keep fighting until you get to a cutscene with Mickey coming to save you. He tells you to board the train and gives you the Munny Pouch that was taken from Roxas. You also receive a blue Crystal Orb and Ansem's Report 2. You can read the various new entries in the journals and check out your new items.

Central Station

Head up the stairs. Save. Before you get on the train, go to the front side of it and along the wall you'll find two chests. One has a Potion, the other a Tent. If there is anything else you want to do in Twilight Town, like buy or sell items or armor, feel free to do it in Tram Common. There are also a lot of chests in the area. One on top of the blue roof has an AP BOOST. The others have various Potions and Mythril Shards. I bought the SHADOW ANKLET at the Armor Shop. Otherwise, talk to Donald and choose to get on the train.


Head toward the tower door. You'll get a cutscene with Pete. Fight the Heartless. You'll be brought into the tower.

Tower: Entryway

Save. Open the chests for a Mythril Shard and Ether. Head up the stairs.

Tower: Wayward Stairs

Fight the heartless as you go up the stairs. Go through the door at the top.

Tower: Star Chamber

Fight the Heartless and go through the next door. It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 7. You got a new ability, COMBO BOOST which increases the power of your finishing move of a combo while on the ground. I recommend you equip it.

Tower: Wayward Stairs

This is called the same thing as the previous Wayward Stairs, and is just an extension of the stairs, so don't get confused. At the top, go through the door.

The Tower: Moon Chamber

Fight the Heartless. Keep an eye out for a Reaction Command to do a special attack. Go through the next door and up the stairs to the next door.

Tower: Sorcerer's Loft

Here you'll meet Yen Sid. He'll give you a book to read. Read all the parts. Then, talk to Yen Sid again and tell him you have more questions. He explains the difference between the Heartless and the Dusks. He also talks about the Nobodies. Open the large chest for the Tower Map. Save at the Save Point. Then, head through the green door, the Wardrobe.

Tower: Wardrobe

Talk to the red fairy to get some new clothes. You'll get new clothes and two Keyblades! Your garments contain special powers. You obtained STAR SEEKER, which increases your maximum combo by 1 when in midair. You also receive VALOR FORM, your first form! With Goofy's help, use the Drive Command to change into Valor Form.

You now have the Drive Command. You'll see a new meter in the lower right called, "Drive," which is used for Transformations. It uses party members' strength, so party members disappear while you are transformed.

Check your Pause Screen. Go to "Items". You'll be told about Forms (like the form you just got, Valor Form). When in a Form are very powerful. Take a look at all of the abilities. You can also equip a sub-weapon (secondary weapon).

To activate a Form, scroll down and select "Drive" from your Command Menu.

Exit out of the Wardrobe back to see Yen Sid.

Tower: Sorcerer's Loft

The Gummi Ship pulls up and Yen Sid explains some more stuff to you. When you start back up you'll be in the Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship

Fly to Hallow Bastion and land.



Head through Marketplace and you'll run into a Moogle, a little floating character. They synthesize items for you. Talk to him and hand over all of your materials to him. Don't worry about this now as you'll understand it better later.

Across from the Moogle is Scrooge McDuck. Talk to him and you'll discover that he's trying to come up with the recipe for his favorite ice cream. Talk to him again and he'll tell you that Leon and the others are in the Borough, at Merlin's House. Head to the next area.


You'll meet up with Yuffie and have to fight some Nobodies. It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 8. You'll get the Marketplace Map.

Before following Yuffie, climb up the nearby ledges to the top where you'll see the crane. On this bridge/ledge there are three chests and some Heartless to fight. In one of the chests is a Drive Recovery which fully restores your Drive Meter...quite valuable. After you open the three chests, jump back down to the main path and follow the path that Yuffie took.

Go to the arched wooden door and enter.

Merlin's House

Here you meet up with Leon and the gang. Merlin will show up. You receive a MEMBERSHIP CARD and Merlin gives you some magic: BLIZZARD ELEMENT. Save at the Save Point and then exit Merlin's House.


From Merlin's House, take the right path and go up the stairs (you were up here before to open the treasure chests). From the top of the steps, hang a right and go through the open doorway at the end of the bridge/ledge.


After the cutscene you'll be notified that your party members have been switched due to the gate closing which trapped you and Leon together. You need to fight the Nobodies and protect the gates. Notice that the gates have a meter. The more damage they take the lower the meter will go. To prevent this, fight in front of the gates.

You'll gain the FIRE ELEMENT. It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 9. After you hear from a member of Organization XIII you'll unlock discover that your Membership Card is really a keyhole. You'll then receive Ansem's Report 7.

Gummi Ship

Twilight Town is gone! You have two options: Asteroid Sweep or Stardust Sweep. It doesn't matter which one you do first, but do them both so that you open the path to each of the two world's: The Land of Dragons and Beast's Castle.

Stardust Sweep

Blast your way through the level by pushing the "X Button" a lot. Aim at the targets and for the enemy at the end, shoot off each of his arms. Highwind Lv. 2 Blueprint obtained. This opens the path to Beast's Castle.

Asteroid Sweep

Blast your way through the various enemies and asteroids. Highwind Lv. 1 Blueprint obtained. Falcon Lv. 1 Blueprint obtained. This opens the path to The Land of Dragons.


You'll meet up with Mulan, or using her name as a boy, Ping. Ping will be joining your party. You have to choose which character to remove from your party: Donald or Goofy. Choose whomever you like and you can always change your mind later. It's a little confusing to actually choose. The party member with the blue background is the one who will no longer be in your party. Once you get the character you want to leave your party, hit the "Circle Button". Check out your party's Abilities and equip anything that you would like to.

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Once you return to gameplay, the Party Command will be added which allows a quick exchange of party members.

Bamboo Grove

Talk to Kupo Moogle, the floating character. This is an item shop. If you want to buy or sell anything, do it here. I purchased the Abas Chain and equipped Mulan with it. Open the chests and go along the path to the next area.


You have to fight some Heartless. You'll be told about the "Morale Gauge". If this meter empties, game over. To keep it full, pick up orbs dropped by the enemy. It was during this fight that I leveled up to a Level 10.

You receive the Map of the Encampment. The Captain gives you an assignment to scout out the mountain pass for his army. In reality, if you talk to the Captain, you'll see that there are three Missions for you to choose from.

Choose the first mission, "The Surprise Attack."

The Surprise Attack

You have a limited amount of time to destroy 15 Heartless. The timer (which you don't see) is linked to your Morale Gauge. Keep the Gauge full by collecting the orbs that the enemy drops. You should have no trouble defeating the 15 Heartless in the time allowed.

The Ambush

Talk to the Captain again and choose this mission to get it underway. There are several Centaur enemies (half-man/half-horse) here but they are nothing to worry about. Simply destroy all of the Heartless.

The Search

You have to fight off the invaders in the Encampment. If you are having trouble finding the Heartless, use your "R1 Button" to lock on to them, thus locating them. It was during this fight that I leveled up to Level 11.

For completing all three tasks, you'll earn an AP BOOST.


Speak to the Captain again. He gives you one more task. This one isn't selected from a list, however. Leave Encampment and go to Checkpoint.


Open the chest, destroy some Heartless and then head up the trail.

Mountain Trail

Fight the heartless and don't let the Morale Gauge run out. To get through the wall, approach it and use your "Triangle Button". You will attack the wall. Then, watch for another Reaction Command right after the first. Push your "Triangle Button" again to ram through the wall. After slamming through three walls you'll meet up with a gang of your fellow soldiers and the Captain will talk to you.


You discover that Shan-Yu, the Hun leader, is in a cave outside of the village. You'll be going after him soon. You receive the Village Area Map. Use the Save Point just outside of the Village gate. Then, enter the cave that you were shown a moment ago, outside the Village gate, to the right.

Village Cave

Shan-Yu traps you and Ping in the cave with a bunch of Heartless. Fight them. During this battle, I leveled up to Level 12, which earned me the MAGIC LOCK-ON ability. This isn't a hard battle, but you do have several Centaurs to defeat. They can block you pretty well, so attempt to attack them from behind. Fire (Magic) also works well against them, but you have to be near them. After defeating all of the enemies you'll gain the SLIDE DASH ability. Exit the cave. You'll discover that the Village has been burned. Save at the Village Save Point and then head up the snowy path.


Fight the enemies. Note the small tornadoes (cyclones). Step into one and you'll get the Reaction Command to "Soar". Do so and you'll be shot up into the air. You can use this to attack high up enemies. Finish off the enemies and then continue up the path.


Shan-Yu unleashes his army of hundreds. You'll have to fight them by yourself. Attack them and pay attention to the Reaction Commands which will allow you to do some powerful attacks. After battling for a few minutes, a cutscene will begin and you'll cause an avalanche. The Captain will discover that Ping is Mulan.

Ping is now Mulan. Mulan has gained some new abilities: mostly magic. Select your party and then learn about the "Limit Command". Limits are Abilities that consume Sora's MP and are executed with party members. In other words, they are powerful joint attacks.

Head back down through the Village, along the Mountain Trail and back to Checkpoint. The gate that was previously locked in Checkpoint is now open. Go through the gate. You'll warn the Captain that Shan-Yu is still alive.

Imperial Square

Fight the Heartless. It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 13.

Boss Fight - Shan-Yu, Palace Gate

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Head up the stairs. You have to defeat Shan-Yu while defending the gates. Begin attacking Shan-Yu. You'll soon lock swords with him. When this happens, press the "Triangle Button" rapidly. If you win the standoff, press the "Triangle Button" again to do a powerful attack. Repeat this process several times while keeping your eye on the gate meter. When you have the chance to break away from Shan-Yu for a moment, go to the gate and defeat the enemies attacking it. Collect the nearby orbs to restore the gate.

Go back to attacking Shan-Yu. He has two full life meters, so after you beat his first one down, he'll gain another full one. This is a good time to use your Limit attack, "Red Rocket". It does lots of damage and is fun to use. Otherwise, continue to normally attack Shan-Yu until he is defeated. If you're health is low, you can usually count on Mulan to heal you, or simply use a Potion.

Note, you could also use your Valor Form in addition to, or instead of the Red Rocket attack.

When you defeat him your Maximum HP will increase and you'll earn a new ability and the HIDDEN DRAGON Keyblade. This Keyblade restores MP relative to the amount of damage taken.

Gummi Ship

Fly to Beast's Castle and land.



Fight the Heartless until the Beast comes in. After the cutscene, Save at the Save Point. Buy, Sell, or Synthesize at the Moogle store. When ready, exit out to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall

Fight the Heartless. Go up the stairs and take the right side staircase.

Belle's Room

You'll run into Belle. She explains that the Beast has been acting strangely. He locked up his servants in the dungeon. She tells you to head to the West Hall and then to the Undercroft to get to the dungeon. Open the chests and you'll get the Castle Map. Save at the Save Point. Exit out to the East Wing.

The East Wing

Attack the Heartless, including the Big Body. He can't be damaged from the front, so go to the back of him and attack. Look for Reaction Commands to finish him off. The East Wing leads back to the Entrance Hall. Go up the left side staircase and you'll be i the West Wing.

The West Wing

Go forward and locate the Wardrobe (cabinet) on the left wall. Use your "Triangle Button" to move it. The Wardrobe will come to life and then move back to its original position, blocking the door. You can only move the Wardrobe while she's asleep. You'll see "Z's" coming out of her when she's asleep. When she's sleeping, go to the left side of the Wardrobe and press your "Triangle Button" once. You'll move the Wardrobe and she'll wake up. Wait for her to fall back asleep. Repeat this the ten or so times it takes to move her. Also, if you're running, making a lot of noise, she'll wake up, so just walk if you need to move.

After she moves, head through the door.


There is a Heartless possessing the door. To remove it, lock on to the keyhole in the door. Then, jump over the swinging arms and start attacking the keyhole. Ignore the other enemies and the arm attacks and just keep attacking the keyhole. When it gets down to zero, you'll get a "Push" command. Hit your "Triangle Button" and you'll de-possess the door. The Heartless that was in the door is now floating around. Concentrate on killing it. If you don't, it may re-possess the door and you'll have to start the process over. Once you defeat the floating Heartless, take out the remaining enemies.

It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 14. You'll also earn a new ability after beating the keyhole enemy. Before you head through the door, note the balcony in the room. You'll be back here later.


Listen to the servants and then open the chests for an AP BOOST and a Basement Map. Save and then follow Lumiere (the candle) through the door to Undercroft.


Use the furniture on either side to get up to the balcony. Talk to Cogsworth (the clock). The guards will allow access to the door. Go through.

Secret Passage

In order to open the door to get out of this hall, you need to light three lanterns. Cogsworth has lowered the lanterns and is hanging from the switch. If he gets tired, he'll lose his grip and you will have to start over. You should have no problem lighting all three lanterns before Cogsworth loses his grip. Run to the first lantern, wait for the others to arrive (all of you are needed to light the lantern) and then use the "Triangle Button" to light it. Repeat for the second lantern. When you near the third, destroy a few of the crates near it in order to let the others pass through. Light this third lantern and the door will open. Open the two chests and then go through the door.

The West Hall

Fight the gargoyle Heartless, open the chest for an AP BOOST and go through the door.

The West Wing

Fight the Heartless and go through the door at the end of the hall. Before you enter the next room, use a Tent to heal your entire party.

The Beast's Room

You have to help Beast come to his senses. Activate your Valor Form and start attacking the Beast. Push your "Triangle Button" when you see "Push" appear on Beast. At this point, you need to charge up Cogsworth so that his alarm will wake up Beast. To charge Cogsworth, rapidly tap your "Triangle Button". This will make Beast come to his senses. If you didn't succeed on the first try, just repeat the process.

After this fight, you'll gain an ARMOR SLOT so that you can equip two pieces of armor. The Beast will now be part of your Party. Choose to dump either Donald or Goofy.

Open the chest for the MEGA-RECIPE. Save and then exit out to the West Wing. Head back to the Entrance Hall and go to Belle's Room (via the right side staircase). It was while heading to Belle's Room that I leveled up to a Level 15.

Belle's Room

Talk to the Wardrobe. Belle is gone. Exit out of Belle's Room and go back to the Entrance Hall. In between the left and right staircase, there is a door that leads to the Ballroom. Before you go in, use a Tent and switch your party member to Goofy so that you can use your Valor Form. Enter the Ballroom.

Boss Fight - Chain Monster, The Ballroom

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I recommend being around a Level 15 before starting this battle. If you're not there, keep battling Heartless in the various parts of the Castle. If you are nowhere near level 15, you probably haven't yet done the Mulan world, The Land of Dragons. I suggest you go to a Save Point, leave this world, and go there. Then, return after you have leveled up appropriately.

Part 1 - Chain Monster, Ball Form

Immediately use the Limit attack, Twin Howl on the enemy. While the Limit Meter is still active, attack the Chain Monster, using any Reaction Commands that appears. After the attack is finished, you'll probably have taken down the enemy's life meter to zero. You'll get a "Push" command. Hit your "Triangle Button" and the enemy will take some damage and then gain a new life meter. He'll also release some orbs. Grab them.

If the Chain Monster has now disappeared, he is probably hiding in one of the tentacles on the side. Look for the tentacle that is glowing with dark energy. Target it and you'll get the "Push" command. This will make it come out of hiding. If, by this time, your magic has replenished, attempt another Twin Howl. Otherwise, I suggest using your Valor Form (remember, you can only do it if Goofy is in your Party). Attack it until you get a "Push" command. After this round you'll probably have done enough damage to have defeated it. It will now morph into a new monster.

Part 2 - Chain Monster, Monster Form

For most of this battle, the Chain Monster will be invisible. You can lock onto him, however. Do so and use the Twin Howl. Attack him while the Limit Meter is still active and then look for the Reaction Commands while attacking him to do some powerful attacks. This guy also has two Life Meters. After you take out the first one, be ready for a chandelier attack where it goes swinging around the room. Just back up to a side of the room to avoid it. Otherwise, just keep locking on and attacking the monster until it is defeated.

For defeating the enemy, your Maximum HP will be increased and you'll gain a new ability. You'll also receive the CURE ELEMENT which restores HP.

Gummi Ship

The ship will automatically take you to Hollow Bastion.


Merlin's House

Merlin gives you Pooh's Storybook. Save at the Save Point. Go to Donald and "Examine Book". You'll be transported inside the book to the 100 Acre Wood.


Pooh Bear's House

Go to the raised tree near where you entered the book. Open the chest for the 100 Acre Wood Map and then talk to Pooh. You'll be rudely ripped out of the book and the book will close. You'll be back in Merlin's House.


The Heartless have stolen the Pooh book. Defeat the Heartless and you'll automatically be taken back to the 100 Acre Wood.


Talk to Pooh. Weird things are happening. You'll automatically be taken back to Merlin's House.


Merlin's House

You'll discover that the Heartless have stolen some pages from the book. Over the course of the game, you'll find them. Merlin then gives you the BASEBALL CHARM. With the help of two friends, you can use the Summon Command to summon Chicken Little. Go to the Save Point and choose World Map to leave Hollow Bastion.

Gummi Ship

Phantom Storm

Select the Phantom Storm door. You are attacking a pirate ship. If you chose a ship that "Locks On" use this frequently for the larger enemies that come at you. It also helps to lock on to targets to see where you need to shoot them (like the spinning wheels of the pirate ship). Use your blasters on the smaller enemies.

Opened Mission Levels 1 and 2. Highwind Lv. 3 Blueprint obtained. The path to Olympus Coliseum is opened. Fly there and land.


Underworld Entrance

Save at the Save Point. Go over to the girl and "Help Her Up". This is Megera, aka, Meg. She tells you to visit Hades. Note that there are three paths here: The blue flame path which you can't get through, the stairway going up that you'll take later, and the large doors. Go through the large doors.

Cave of the Dead - Entrance

Head across the cave to the tunnel entrance (marked by two blue torches). Watch for falling rocks, fight the Heartless, and then enter the tunnel.

Cave of the Dead - Passage

Proceed slowly to avoid falling rocks. You'll see small pebbles fall before the big rocks; a warning to get out of the way. Soon, on the left, you'll see a side path. This path simply reconnects with the main path up ahead. It's worth exploring both paths in order to open the chests as one contains an AP BOOST. Continue along the path and enter the next tunnel.

Cave of the Dead - Inner Chamber

Open the large chest to find the Underworld Map. Buy or Sell anything you want at the Moogle. I bought the Comet Staff for Donald. Save at the Save Point. Then, go through the next opening.

Valley of the Dead

Go up the path, fight the Heartless, and go through the door at the top of the path.

Hades' Chamber

Here you meet up with Auron. Attack Hades until you get a cutscene. Auron will join your party. Dump either Donald of Goofy.

Valley of the Dead

You have to escape. Start running down the path. You'll reach invisible gates along the way. Kill the Heartless in the area to open the gates and proceed to the next area. It was during this battle that I leveled up to Level 16.

Cave of the Dead - Inner Chamber

Save and continue to backtrack.

Cave of the Dead - Passage

Fight your way through.

Boss Fight - Cerberus, Cave of the Dead - Passage

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You and Auron must defeat the three-headed dog, Cerberus. You may remember him from the first KH. Start by attacking any of the three heads. It doesn't matter which one. You'll want to do as many "Limit" (Joint Attacks) as possible. Activate "Bushido", your and Auron's Limit Attack and watch for the "Triangle Button" prompts. When the attack is over, keep slashing away normally until you magic replenishes and then do it again. If, during the battle, Cerberus snatches you, look for some "Triangle Button" commands to do a powerful attack which will knock him down. Continue to swing away. You may need to use a Potion or two during this battle, and don't forget that you have "Cure", which will use all of your MP, but can be used in a pinch. Cerberus will go down easily enough. You'll gain a new ability.

Auron is nowhere to be found and therefore, has left your party. It's back to you Donald and Goofy.

Underworld Entrance

Save and then go up the pathway with the stairs. You'll be brought to Coliseum Gates.

Coliseum Gates

Go up to the large doors. Hercules will greet you. You receive the Coliseum Map.

Coliseum Foyer

Save and then go through the open door (not the blue door).

The Coliseum

You run into Phil and will have to do some training. Talk to Phil to start the training.

Phil's Training - Smash the pots and collect the Orbs within the time limit. Don't forgot to collect the Orbs. You need 20 of them. Talk to Phil to start the next round of training. This time you have to collect 100 Orbs. The pots are close together in this round, so just go at them and you'll break several at once. Again, you should have no trouble getting through this round. You'll earn a bonus ability.

Hercules returns. Talk to him. He has bad news. The Olympus Stone has been stolen and Hades has kidnapped Meg. Save and go out to Coliseum Gates and then to Underworld Entrance.

Underworld Entrance

After talking to Phil you'll notice that the blue fire blocking the third path is now gone. Save at the Save Point. Open the large chest for a POWER BOOST and then go through the large double doors with the green zig-zag pattern.

Underworld Caverns - Entrance

Move forward and you'll drop down through the fog. Fight the Heartless and head forward to the next area.

Underworld Caverns: The Lost Road

Fight through the area. Be sure to explore the entire area as there are three chests. It was here that I leveled up to a Level 17. Go through to the next area (if you can't find it, look for the two blue torches marking the entrance).

Underworld Caverns: Atrium

Open the chest on the right for a Tent. Follow the path up, out of the fog. Before you head up the small set of stairs and into the next area, jump to the platform to the right of the stairs to open the chest. Inside is an AP BOOST. Go up the stairs.

Mini-Boss Fight - Demyx

Demyx has the Olympus Stone. He also has a guitar which sends out forms. You have 80 seconds to defeat 100 forms. Pay close attention to your Reaction Commands. When you see "Wild Dance" appear, hit your "Triangle Button" to do a powerful attack. Keep doing this until you destroy all 100 forms. I had 32.68 seconds left. Upon winning the fight, your Max HP will be increased.

Demyx leaves behind the Olympus Stone. You'll also receive Secret Ansem's Report 5.

Note that now that you have the Olympus Stone your Drive Gauge is refilling. I recommend that you refill your Drive Gauge (it refills when you are attacking enemies, so backtrack) or use a Drive Recovery or two if you have them. Before you venture to the next area, use a Tent. Then, go into your Pause Menu > Items and equip Goofy and Donald with Elixirs and/or Potions if they don't' have any. When you feel ready, go up the stairs and into the next area.

The Lock

Open the chests for an AP BOOST, the Caverns Map, and Shard of some kind. Save. Then, go to the stone (Keyhole) in the middle of the room. Use your "Triangle Button" to open the lock. You'll create a green glowing column in the middle of the floor. Walk into it.

Hades disappears and Pete unleashes some Heartless at you. Kill the Heartless while you protect Meg. Don't worry about Meg unless you see her taking a ton of damage. Concentrate on killing the bats and attacking Pete. Keep this up until you get a cutscene where Hercules will enter. Meg asks that you help Hercules.

Mini-Boss Fight - Pete

You have to defeat Pete before the cave collapses. Enter your Valor Form and start attacking Pete. Watch for any Reaction Commands that you can use. In Valor Form you will quickly defeat Pete. You'll get a Bonus Ability (TRINITY LIMIT in my case).

Underworld Entrance

You are automatically brought back here. Visit Moogle. If you have given him the right items for synthesizing, you may get lucky and get a High Drive Recovery, which recovers all three of your Drive Meter. If you got this, use it so that you have a full Drive Meter. (If you don't have a full Drive Meter and you don't have anything to refill it with, take another pathway to find some Heartless to fight.) Save and then head up to the Coliseum via the staircase pathway.

Boss Fight - Hydra, Coliseum Gates

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You shouldn't need any special attack (like Limit or Drive) for this fight. Attack the Hydra's head when it comes down to your level. After about a dozen hits, stay near the neck, and you'll see a "Push" prompt appear. Push your "Triangle Button" and you'll cut the head off. Being a Hydra, more heads will appear, but the important part is that the Hydra's main neck will be buried in the ground and his back will remain still.

Jump onto the Hydra's back and look for the "Push" prompt at the middle of his back. Hit your "Triangle Button" which causes Phil to throw a large pot your way ("Phil One-Two"). You'll automatically jump into the air. Get ready to hit your "Triangle Button" again to slam the pot down into the back of the Hydra ("Urinator").

This causes the three heads to become knocked out. Go up to any one of them and start attacking it until it wakes up. When it does, you'll see a "Push" prompt on the neck. Hit your "Triangle Button" to destroy the head. Move to the second head, do the same, and then the third, and do the same. If the heads return to normal before you can attack them, simply go back up on the Hydra's back and repeat the "Phil One-Two".

After the three heads are destroyed, the Hyrda will regain its normal posture and now has 6 heads! Start attacking any of the heads that you can. Keep fighting until you'll see a "Triangle Button" prompt to get on Pegasus ("Pegasus Run"). It'll pick you up and fly you around to each head. Hit your "Triangle Button" as you pass each head to attack it. Repeat this procedure another time.

After the second round of attacks via Pegasus, avoid the Hydra's attacks as best you can and then go up to the main neck to look for a "Push" command. Do it and then get ready for one more "Triangle Button" prompt ("Vanquish") to finish off the Hydra.

Your Maximum HP will increase and you'll gain THUNDER ELEMENT, a new magic attack, and the HERO'S CREST, a new Keyblade which increases damage of the finishing move in the air relative to the number of hits in a combo.

Gummi Ship

Fly to Disney Castle and land.

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