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LB's Kingdom Hearts(R) 2
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Part 3

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3. Part 3

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LB "Kingdom Hearts 2" Guide
Table of Contents:

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0. Introduction
Gameplay Basics
Drive Command
Limit Command
Start Menu

1. Part 1
1st - 6th Day
The Tower
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Olympus Coliseum

2. Part 2
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Port Royal
Halloween Town
Space Paranoids
The Land of Dragons Part 2
various Atlanticas

3. Part 3
Beast's Castle Part 2
Olympus Coliseum Part 2
Port Royal Part 2
Agrabah Part 2
Halloween Town Part 2
Pride Land
Pride Land Part 2
Space Paranoids Part 2
100 Acre Wood
various Atlanticas
The World that Never Was
Final Boss Fight

4. Part 4
Olympus Coliseum Tournaments
Ultima Keyblade

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Entrance Hall

Talk to Beast. You'll end up in the Ball Room and Beast will join your party.

Ball Room

Fight the nobodies. Keep an eye out for Reaction Commands. After the fight, Beast leaves your party. Exit to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall

Fight the Heartless and then go up to the West Hall.

West Hall

Here there is a rare Heartless, a gum ball machine. Attack it and look for a Reaction Command to destroy it. Continue along the hall and enter the West Wing and then go to Beast's Room.

Beast's Room

Beast's Rose has been stolen. Beast asks you and Belle to leave the castle. After the cutscene with the servants, head back into the Beast's Room and talk to Beast (technically, "Persuade"). You receive the RUMBLING ROSE keyblade which has great strength, allowing finishing combo moves to be unleashed successively. You also receive the Castle Walls Map. Beast joins your party.

Equip the Rumbling Rose keyblade if you want. Personally, I kept the Dathkeeper equipped. Backtrack to the Entrance Hall. It was on the way back while fighting some Heartless that I leveled up to Level 35.

Entrance Hall

You see an Organization XIII member with the rose. Defeat the Nobodies. If you want to Save or Buy/Sell/Synthesize go into the Parlor. Before you exit, make sure your party is well equipped. When ready, exit the Castle via the tall wooden doors at the front.

Boss Fight - Xaldin

For the first part of this battle, lock on to Xaldin and watch for the "Learn" Reaction Command. When you see it, rapidly tap the "Triangle Button". If you don't get interrupted, this will charge the attack, which is called, "Jump". You can get up to a "Jump x10. Note that your "Attack" slot now reads "Jump". When "Learn" no longer appears, you've charged it as much as you can. Rapidly tap the "X Button" to unleash your "Jump" attack on Xaldin. Depending upon how much you charged it up, you may get a solid 5 or 6 seconds of attack in on him. Most of the time, you'll only be able to get one "Jump" attack in because you won't be able to charge it well.

The rest of the fight is basically looking for the "Learn" Reaction Command and executing "Jump" any time you can. His attacks are very damaging and difficult to avoid. I recommend you save your Magic for the Cura Spell and, if you stocked up properly before this fight, you have plenty of Potions to use.

If you die, you will have a second chance at him because you'll turn into Mickey. If this happens to you, as Mickey, rapidly tap the "Triangle Button" to build up your Drive Meter. Also, as Mickey, you can attack Xaldin. Keep this up until Mickey's life meter runs out. At this point, you'll be reincarnated as Sora and can continue the battle. I'm pretty sure that this will happen to anybody who dies during this battle, as to the best of my knowledge, I didn't have anything special equipped, nor any special spell activated to get this second chance.

After you defeat him you'll receive a Max HP increase and, in my case, an upgrade of the Reflect Element. You'll also receive Secret Ansem's Report 4.

The Beast gets his Rose back. You are taken to the Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship

Head to any of the remaining worlds with objectives: Olympus Coliseum or Port Royal.


Underworld Entrance

Time to fight in some Tournaments. If you like, you can go directly to the Hades Cup. However, in order to gain some experience and help to level up, I recommend that you fight in some regular tournaments first. Equip yourself and your party with Potions and Elixirs.

The Pain and Panic Cup

You can't use Drive but you can use Limit, although I didn't use any special attacks during this tournament. Fight your way through the various levels. For the Final Match you have to fight Tifu and Leon. They're not that, focus on Tifu first. She won't die so fight her until she down to a sliver of health and then go after Leon. When you defeat Leon, both will be defeated. You'll earn the LUCKY RING and a Serenity Stone. I suggest you equip the Lucky Ring on either Donald or Goofy.

Hades Cup

Fight through the various rounds. After each round you will have the opportunity to Save, Heal, restock, etc. For the final round, you'll see Auron. He leaves the area and head to the Cave of the Dead. You have to follow him.

Go through the blue doors.

Cave of the Dead: Entrance


Underworld Entrance

Talk to ("Stop") Auron. After the cutscene you are tasked with finding Auron's Statue. It's in Hades' Chamber. You get there via the Cave of the Dead. Go through the blue doors.

Cave of the Dead: Entrance

As I fought my way to Hade's Chamber, I leveled up to Level 36, which included a Magic Increase and a new ability, Air Combo Boost, in my case.

Go through the next area, Save and Moogle in the Inner Chamber, work your way through the Valley of the Dead and enter Hades Chamber.

Hades' Chamber

Defeat the Nobodies. You'll earn AURON'S STATUE. You'll automatically be taken to Underworld Entrance.

Underworld Entrance

Save, stock up on Potions, etc. and then talk to the little red guy to join Hercules in the Hades Cup.

Boss Fight - Hades, Underdrome

Auron joins your party. Dump either Donald or Goofy. I chose to keep Donald. You'll quickly discover that you can't damage him. Hercules reappears.

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Hades has two forms: A blue form and a red form. When Hades is red, you cannot damage him. When he is blue, you can. You can make Hades turn blue by hitting him with Aura Spheres. Watch as two Aura Spheres (orbs) appear on either side of Hercules. Go up to either one and hit the "Triangle Button". This will shoot the Aura Sphere at Hades. When it hits, Hades will turn blue. You can simply keep this up, the hitting of Aura Spheres, but they simply don't do much damage. Instead, I recommend you make him turn blue, attack him until he turns red and then repeat. He has one very damaging attack, the ring of fire. If you're near him when he initiates this attack, get out of the way as quickly as possible. He's really not that difficult to defeat. Just keep up with the Aura Attacks, use a Potion any time your health is a half or below and keep at him. I did not use any Drive or Limit attacks. For this battle, I am a Level 36 and am using the Dathkeeper keyblade.

For defeating Hades, you'll earn a Max HP increase and a new ability, in my case, Counterguard. You also receive the GUARDIAN SOUL keyblade, which has great strength and increases the amount of damage dealt from Reaction Commands.

Gummi Ship

You can either go to Port Royal or have some fun with the Torn Pages for 100 Acre Wood. I suggest you head to Port Royal.



Visit the Moogle, Save, and head down the stairs to Harbor.


Jack joins your party. Defeat all of the Pirates. Elizabeth tells you that Will is missing. Go onto the dock and board the Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl

Talk to Jack at the wheel and select, "Isla de Muerta," from the map. Ambush! Defeat the Pirates. Remember to fight them in the moonlight or you can't damage them. After the fight you rescue Will are placed in the Captain's Stateroom.

The Black Pearl: Captain's Stateroom

Cutscene, exit out.

Mini-Boss Fight - Big Axe-Wielding Heartless, The Black Pearl

There is nothing difficult or tricky here, of course, if you came to Port Royal early on, you may not be a Level 36, which is where I currently am. Attack him with your normal attacks. If he's giving you trouble go for a Drive attack. He only has one real attack, a blue swirl where he transports to a different location. Just stay away from him during this attack. You should have no trouble with him, no matter your Level, though.

For defeating him you'll earn a SUMMON BOOST.

Your ship then gets blown up. You are stranded on an island.

Ship Graveyard: The Interceptor's Hold

Exit out of the ship.

Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row

Fight the Pirates (remember, only in the moonlight can you damage them) and Heartless, open chests (you'll find the King's Recipe), and proceed to the next area.

Destroy the Heartless to retrieve the medallion. You receive the Cursed Medallion and the Ship Graveyard Map. Elizabeth and Will come to rescue you. You have three more Medallions to track down. You can find them on Isla de Muerta.

The Black Pearl

Talk to jack and sail to Isla de Muerta. Ambush! Fight the Pirates.

Isla de Muerta: Cave Mouth

From Rock Face head to Cave Mouth. Here, you'll have 9 seconds to defeat the Nobody to get a Medallion. If you fail to destroy the Nobody within that time, simply backtrack to Rock Face and then re-enter Cave Mouth for another try. This can be rather tough and frustrating. I recommend you activate the Drive Command, "Master Form" before you enter Cave Mouth. With this form equipped, you should have no trouble beating the Nobody in the time limit. Grab the Medallion on the ground.

It was after defeating this nobody that I leveled up to a Level 37 which included a Strength increase a Max AP increase.

You have 2 of 4 Medallions.

Isla de Muerta: Powder Store

There is a hidden Nobody who has a Medallion. You have 2 minutes to locate and destroy him. There are also Pirates in the area. Destroy the second set of explosive crates on the right to locate the Nobody. Destroy it and grab the Medallion.

You have 3 of 4 Medallions.

Isla de Muerta: Moonlight Nook

In order to make the last Medallion Nobody appear, you first have to defeat all of the Pirates. You have 3 minutes. After you defeat the Nobody, grab the last Medallion.

You have 4 of 4 Medallions.

The Black Pearl

Go to the Captain's Quarters. Equip any Potions, Ethers, Elixirs, etc. you have. In fact, it's a good time to have an even amount of magic and health items as the upcoming battle will require Magic. Equip your party, and then Save. Talk to Jack and sail to Port Royal.

Boss Fight - Big Axe-Wielding Medallion Heartless, Harbor

Much like a Struggle Match, the Boss has a certain amount of Medallions and you need to knock them out of him, collect them, and then bring them to the chest to "Replace" them. It helps to have the "Draw" Ability equipped as the Medallions will be drawn to you.

To start, there are some Medallions on the ground. Run over them to collect them and then return them to the chest. Then, you must attack the Boss with magic. I recommend Thunder or Fire. When successful, you'll see Medallions pop out of the Boss. Collect and replace them in the chest. Continue this until all of the Medallions are back in the chest.

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Once all of the Medallions are in the chest, you can attack the Boss. Try not to use any magic, just normal attacks. When his life gauge is down about half way, the Boss will start to steal coins from the chest. As soon as this happen, run up to the Boss and look for the "Hinder" Reaction Command. Do and look for another Reaction Command, "Loot Launch". This will stop the Boss from stealing Medallions and will knock free a great many of them. The Boss will, most likely, still have some Medallions. Again, use magic to knock free the Medallions. Collect and place them in the chest until the chest is full. Then, attack the Boss again. This time, it may be worth your while to use a Drive Command. I chose Master Form.

When the Boss has a little more than one full life meter left, he'll launch a new attack where his three feet rotate and pound down on you. Watch the shadows and avoid the feet. After this attack, you'll realize that the Boss has ALL 882 Medallions. Start knocking loose the Medallions with magic and replacing them. Soon, you'll see that the Boss is stealing the Medallions again. This time, however, you can go up to him to get the "Hinder" Reaction Command (as you did before). This will knock free a great many of the Medallions. Keep up this pattern of Magic attacks and Hinders until you have all of the Medallions replaced. Then, attack him. Again, I recommend the Master Form. You should finish him off at this point.

For defeating the Boss you get an upgrade to your Magnet Element, Magnera, which is what you need to return to Atlantica. You also receive Secret Ansem's Report 6.

Gummi Ship

Agrabah and Halloween Town are finally unshrouded. Before you head to either of those, fly to Atlantica. You can progress there now that you have Magnera.


Swim up to Ariel and talk to her. Tell her you're ready to grab the pendant. Ursula enters the scene and changes Ariel into a human. After the cutscene, swim up to Sebastian and tell him that you're ready to go check on Ariel. You'll end up in a Musical Challenge with Ursula.

Musical Challenge - Defeat Ursula

In addition to the meter that you're used to by now, there is a new meter which requires you to rapidly tap the "X Button". Pay attention to which meter it is. If you see it pulsing, you know it's the new meter. Start rapidly tapping your "X Button" and you'll go from "Good" to "Excellent". Each time you score a Good or Excellent, Ursula's health meter will fall. If you tap fast, you should be able to get about 5 "Excellents" per meter. Get her meter down to nothing by the time the song ends to get a "Clear". If you want to retry, simply hit the Start Button and retry.

You earn the MYSTERIOUS ABYSS keyblade, which enhances your Blizzard attacks.

There is still unfinished business on Atlantica and you need "Thundaga" magic to carry out Sebastian's idea. You'll be taken back to the Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship

You can go to either Agrabah or Halloween Town. If you like, you can also do some 100 Acre Wood stuff. I chose Agrabah.


Peddler's Shop

Jafar is out of his lamp. Aladdin joins your party. Visit the Moogle if you want anything and then Save. Exit out, head through Bazaar and out the wooden doors to Palace Walls.

Palace Walls

Save and then exit out to the desert.

Desert Ruins

The Magic Carpet comes to give you a ride. There is a new set of controls you have to learn. You move horizontally with the Left Analog Stick: front/back/left/right. The Right Analog Stick controls vertical movement: up/down. This is much like swimming in Atlantica. Don't worry about the other controls; they're useless.

Fly forward to the liquid Jafar. You'll have to defeat all of the Heartless. Just fly around and attack normally. After they're defeated, follow Jafar. You'll be warned that he's casting spells. Attack him once and he'll fly away. Watch where he goes. You need to find him and attack him again. He may be tough to find. He's usually just above ground level. Remember he's gray-ish. When you re-locate him, attack him and keep following and attacking. He will soon lead you to a narrow canyon. Fly into the canyon and up to the top of the red tower where you'll have to fight more Heartless.

When they're defeated, fly down and examine the statue. You need to activate three switches. This examination will show you where each switch is located. One is under the broken bridge leading to the tower where you are located. To activate it, get in the middle of it and when the orbs spin around you, use your Fire Magic. Another is on the top of the first ornate tower that you came to earlier. Fly up there and wait for the orbs to align. Then, use your Thunder attack. Finally, the last one is located under a broken arch (if you're flying out of the canyon, hang a right as soon as you exit and you'll run into it, near ground level). Go to it and wait for the orbs to line up. Use your Blizzard attack to activate it. Of course, during all of this, you need to fight the Heartless that are pestering you. It was during this time that I leveled up to a Level 38.

Activating all three switches will open the red door on the red tower. Fly back through the canyon and into the now open door on the side of the tower.

Ruined Chamber

Save. Open the large chest for the Ruins Map. Open the other large chest for TORN PAGES - 100 ACRE WOOD. Follow the path into the next area.

Escape from the Ruins

You'll be back on the carpet. This time, though, the carpet is following a specific path out of your control. Simply move left/right/up/down with the Left Analog Stick to avoid the hazards while fighting Heartless.

Save and head back into the Bazaar and then to Agrabah.


Talk to the Peddler. Prepare for a Boss fight by equipping items to Sora (you won't have any help in the upcoming fight). Head to the Palace.

Boss Fight - Jafar, Palace

This is a weird Boss fight, mainly because you are on a magic carpet and you're on your own. To start, lock on to and attack his head. You'll definitely be attacked by the debris he throws at you. Do your best to avoid/ignore it and continue hacking away at his head.

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When you get his health about half way down, you'll enter a sub-fight where you're in a dark cloudy area and lots and lots of debris is coming at you. You can't attack him at this point, only avoid the debris. I found the best success avoiding debris by using the Right Analog Stick to rhythmically move up and down, up and down. You can also attack the debris if you time it right. When you break out of this sub-fight and back to the normal fight, use the same up and down, up and down, while flying forward to reach him and start attacking his head again.

Alternatively, you can fly at his stomach. Lock on to his stomach and start attacking it. If you have the "Scan" ability activated, you'll see that you have a short life bar for his stomach. When it goes down to zero, you'll get a Reaction Command attack. This will cause you to unravel his underpants and spin him around, thus stunning him. His head will droop and you can get some solid attacks in on him. The only problem with this method is that often, you won't have the time to get his stomach life meter down to zero before you enter the sub-fight (dark cloudy area) again, thus you'll do no damage to him. It's a gamble and it's up to you to choose which method you feel is best. I recommend sticking to his head.

When it comes to healing, I would let my life get down to almost nothing and then use a Cura. By the time I needed another Cura, my magic meter was replenished. This method worked well for health management.

After you defeat him you'll gain an upgrade to your Fire Element. You'll also receive the WISHING LAMP keyblade, which increases the drop rate of munny, HP and MP orbs. You'll be taken to the Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship

Fly to Halloween Town and land.


Santa's House

Jack joins your party. Presents have been stolen. You need to find out who took them. Save and then head into the Toy Factory.

Toy Factory: Shipping and Receiving

Head up the second floor and go through the door.

Mini-Boss Fight - Lock, Shock and Barrel, Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room

You have to put Lock, Shock, and Barrel into boxes. This is more difficult that it sounds as they are little rascals. The first thing you need to do is "tire them out" by attacking them. When their life meter is down to a sliver, they are tired. Use your Reaction Command to hit a box in that direction. You may need to hit it several times so that it goes the right way. When a tired rascal is captured, move on to the next one. You have to get all three rather quickly, however, as even if they're tired when captured, they'll bust out of the box eventually. When you capture all three you'll gain an Item Slot.

You'll be taken back to Santa's House. Exit and head to Halloween Town Square. It was on the way back that I leveled up to a Level 40, which included a Strength Increase and Blizzard Boost.

Halloween Town Square

Retrieve the four presents by destroying all the Heartless and grabbing the dropped presents. You obtain the Present. You are taken back to Santa's House so that you can make some presents for bait.

Santa's House

Go to the Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room.

Toy Factory: The Wrapping Room

Talk to the elf and choose to make some presents. You have a present cannon, of course. You have thirty shots before you have to reload. Start shooting presents at boxes. The bigger the box, the more presents will fit in. You have to wrap 100 presents. Start shooting. If you see Lock, Shock, or Barrel, fire a present at them to knock them out. After you "Clear" the area, you get the Decoy Presents.

Santa's House

Save and prepare yourself for a boss fight. Talk to Santa and tell him you're ready to go.

Boss Fight - Dr. Finklestein's Monster, Plaza

I am a Level 39 using the Wishing Lamp Keyblade. There's no trick here other than to lock on and attack. During the battle, keep an eye out for the "Kickspring" Reaction Command. Otherwise, heal when necessary and keep attacking. If you want to use a Drive or Limit Command, feel free, but it's not necessary.

When you defeat him you'll earn a Max HP Increase and a new ability, Finishing Leap, in my case. You also receive the DECISIVE PUMPKIN keyblade, which helps with a strong finishing move.

Gummi Ship

There is a new world, "The World that Never Was." Also, the green fog has finally lifted off of Pride Land, the world off of Agrabah and Halloween Town. First, however, you have to open a door, "Sunlight Storm". Head there.

Sunlight Storm

I used the Highwind Lv. 7 for this battle. Mission Levels 1 and 2 opened. Highwind Lv. 8 Blueprint obtained. Route to Pride Land opened. Fly there.



Sora, Donald, and Goofy are now animals. You are faster and can jump long distance. Open the chests (gourds) in the area and you'll receive the Savannah Map. Save and then enter the next area.

Elephant Graveyard

Fight the Heartless. Look for the "Rodeo" Reaction Command to quickly defeat them. Otherwise, attack them normally. Explore the area, fighting Heartless and opening chests. When you're ready, head to the next area.

The Savannah

Head forward, across the Savannah, while fighting Heartless. Enter the next area.

Pride Rock

Open the chests to find a Pride Rock Map. If you want to Save, enter the lower cave. Otherwise, exit back out to The Savannah.

The Savannah

Head across the Savannah and enter the new area (not the Elephant Graveyard). Fight Heartless along the way.

Wildebeest Valley

During the cutscene, you'll learn the Dash ability. This allows you to run really fast by holding down the "Square Button". Fight Heartless as you move forward along the valley. Enter the next area.


Follow the path, open chests, and fight heartless. Enter the next area. It was in this area that I leveled up to a Level 40, which included a Magic Increase and a Max AP increase.


Fight Heartless and enter the next area.


You finally meet up with Simba. Open the large chest for the Oasis Map. Open the other large chest for TORN PAGES - 100 ACRE WOOD. Head back to the Jungle.


Cutscene. You'll be taken back to Oasis.


Talk to Simba. You'll receive the CIRCLE OF LIFE (Elton John would be so proud). This keyblade has great strength, increasing MP restoration after MP is consumed, aka, it refills your magic meter quickly. Simba joins your party. Backtrack all the way back to the Savannah.


After the cutscene you'll be taken to Pride Rock.

Pride Rock

Enter the cave.

The King's Den

Defeat the Hyenas while protecting Pumbaa and Timon. The Hyenas are fast. Pumbaa and Timon will definitely take some damage. To help slow the Hyenas down, try using Magnera to temporarily freeze them. When you see the "Call Over" Reaction Command, use it to call Pumbaa and Timon to you. Otherwise, the best bet is to defeat the Hyena's quickly. I managed to get through on my first try by the Damage meter was close to being full. If you need to, use a Limit or Drive Command. When you succeed, you'll get a Max HP increase. Prepare for a Boss fight by equipping Potions and Ethers. Proceed up the path to the next area.

Boss Fight - Scar, Peak

For this fight I was a level 40 and used the Decisive Pumpkin keyblade. Scar is not too difficult. Begin by attacking him normally. When you get the chance, use Sora and Simba's Limit Command, "King's Pride", to attack him. This will do a good deal of damage. Wait for your magic to recharge, or use an Ether. Then, do the "King's Pride" again.

He can pin you down with a pounce attack. If this is the case, watch for the "Counterattack" Reaction Command to get out from under him. As Scar's health goes down he'll start to have a running attack where he runs around the perimeter of the area and then charges at you. This is a good time to use "Dash" (Hold the "Square Button") to get out of the way. Otherwise, just keep up the attacks and heal yourself and your friends when necessary.

For defeating scar you get a Max MP increase. You'll also receive an upgrade to your Fire Element.

Gummi Ship

You may as well do the second part of Pride Land seeing as you're already here.


NOTE: Throughout this level, I recommend using the Wishing Lamp Keyblade, equipping the Lucky Lucky Ability (if you have it) and equipping Donald and/or Goofy with the Jackpot Ability (if either have it). The combination of these will help to increase the drop rate of munny and items. You'll gain some valuable synthesis items and quickly increase your munny: two things you'll be happy you have later.

Pride Rock

Head up to the upper area. Enter the King's Den.

King's Den

You learn the Running Tackle ability. Simba joins your party. If you want to gain some experience to help you level up, go up to the Peak and battle the endless Heartless bugs. Otherwise, exit out to Pride Rock and enter Stone Hollow (the lower cave).

Stone Hollow

Talk to Rafiki. He tells you to head to Elephant Graveyard. Exit to the Savannah and head to the Elephant Graveyard.

Mini-Boss Fight - Three Hyenas, Elephant Graveyard

This fight is more about chasing than fighting. The Hyenas are fast and will run away from you. Use your Lock On and Dash Ability to track them and catch up to them. Keep attacking them and eventually you'll defeat all three. When you do, you'll gain an Accessory Slot. You'll automatically be taken back to Pride Rock.

Pride Rock

Simba leaves your party. He has gone to the Oasis. To get there, go to the Savannah, Wildebeest Valley, Wastelands, Jungle, and finally Oasis. Fight Heartless as you go. It was along this journey that I leveled up to a Level 41, which included a Strength Increase and the Lucky, Lucky ability.

The Oasis

After some encouragement, Simba joins your party. You are taken back to Pride Rock. Prepare for a Boss Fight, save in Stone Hollow (the lower cave). Head into the Savannah.

Boss Fight - Huge Rhinoceros, The Savannah

For this fight I used the Wishing Lamp Keyblade and was a Level 41.

It's just you and Simba. Get ready for a series of Reaction Commands. First, you'll have to "Leap" repeatedly. Then, you'll get the "Fend" Reaction Command. Once you do, rapidly tap the "Triangle Button" to take the Rhino down. Lock on to locate where to attack him and then start attacking.

When the Rhino gets back up, run directly at him. You'll get another "Leap" command. Do it and then "Leap" again to end up on his back. Lock on and attack. Repeat this (as you'll get tossed off fairly frequently). It helps to use "Aerial Recovery" when you are attacked in mid-air to recover and stay on his back. When you get his life down to about a half, the Rhino will once again have his head on the ground. Lock on and attack each of his eyes (one on each side). After many attacks, you'll damage each eye, causing the Rhino to run around like a madman, back and forth.

At this point in the battle, try to get under him and look for the "Leap" Reaction Command, like you did at the beginning of the battle. After you dodge his steps, you'll get the "Fend" attack again. Rapidly tap the "Triangle Button" to make the Rhino fall to the ground. Attack.

Once again, he'll get up and you can use the "Leap" command to double jump up onto his back as you did in the second stage of this fight. Keep attack him while you're on his back until he dies.

During the fight, use your Potions when necessary and Cura to heal. When you defeat him you'll gain a Max HP Increase and an upgrade for your Thunder Element, Thundaga, which is what is required to go back to Atlantica.

Gummi Ship

Note that to get to Twilight Town you have to open a new path, "Assault of the Dreadnought". At this point, you can head to Hollow Bastion or visit Atlantica. I recommend heading to Atlantica.


Undersea Courtyard

Talk to Sebastian to get the musical underway. You need a score of 30,000 or higher. This musical combines everything you have learned in past musicals. Remember, if the gauge shows Sebastian, don't hit any buttons. If you're not happy with your performance at any point, simply hit Start > Retry. I was able to get 96,000 on my first try.

Finally, you'll finish Atlantica! You gain an upgrade to your Blizzard Element. You also receive an ORICHALCUM +, an extremely rare item used in synthesis.

Gummi Ship

s Fly to Hollow Bastion.



Make your way to the Moogle, near the Item Shop, across from Scrooge McDuck. Give him your items. You, obviously, may have different items than I. At this point I had the Moogle make a Mage Earing and a Midnight Anklet. This allowed the Moogle to level up and gave him the ability to use Serenity Materials. Head to the Borough.


Defeat the Heartless. You'll be taken into Merlin's House.

Merlin's House

Sid tells you that the MCP is causing some problems. You need to head back to Tron's world. Exit Merlin's House and head to Ansem's Study via Borough, Bailey, Restoration Site, and Postern. It was on the way the way there that I leveled up to Level 42, which earned a Magic and Defense increase.


Talk to each of three fairies. They leave you a chest. Open it for the GULL WING keyblade, which greatly increases the amount of experience gained when defeating an enemy at a critical moment. Equip it if you like, but I recommend sticking with the Wishing Lamp. Head to and through the Corridors and then to Ansem's Study.

Ansem's Study

After the cutscene, you'll receive the SLEEPING LION keyblade, which is well-balanced with strength and magic, increasing maximum ground-based combos by 1. Before you access the computer to go into Tron's World, go through the next doors to Heartless Manufactory.

Heartless Manufactory

Open the chest for the COSMIC CHAIN. I equipped to it Sora. Return to Ansem's Study.

Ansem's Study

"Access Computer" and go to Pit Cell.


Pit Cell

Visit the Moogle if you want. Save. Access the computer to go to the Game Grid. Choose "Light Cycle".

Game Grid

You find Tron. Help him defeat the Heartless. Tron joins your party and you are taken back to the Pit Cell.

Pit Cell

Head out and go to the Canyon.


Fight the Heartless as you make your way to the next glowing blue platform which takes you to I/O Tower: Hallway. It was on the way to that platform that I leveled up to a Level 43, which earned me a Strength and Magic increase. Before you step onto the platform, make sure that you have a few Potions at the ready.

I/O Tower: Hallway

Defeat the Heartless. The purple heartless are nasty. Use Potions and Cura to stay alive. If you want to use a Drive or Limit Command, feel free. Just make sure that they are refilled before continuing to the next area.

I/O Tower: Communications Room

Tron receives Cid's program. Save if you want. Exit out of the room, cross the I/O Tower: Hallway, and enter the red door.

Simulation Hangar

Fight the Heartless and then go to the end of the platform to end up next to the Solar Sailer.

Solar Sailer Simulation

Step up to the Control Panel and "Depart". You'll be attacked by Heartless which will cause there to be too much weight on the Solar Sailer. You'll see a Weight Gauge. You need to defeat all of the Heartless. The slower you do this, the more the weight gauge will go up as there will be more Heartless on the Sailer. You need to take out enemies fast. Try to focus on one enemy at a time and focus first on the larger enemies. Locking on will help you with this. I recommend using the "Comet" Limit Attack (with Donald in your party) at the beginning of the battle when you see the large purple Heartless and near the end of the battle when more purple Heartless appear. Also, keep an eye out for the "Quick Blade" Reaction Command attack. When the battle is over you'll gain a Max HP increase.

Central Command Mesa

Open the chests. You'll receive the COSMIC ARTS emblem. Equip it to Sora. You also receive the Central Computer Core Map. Equip Potions and Ethers. Save. Head out onto the narrow bridge.

Mini-Boss Fight - Sark

Look for the "Zone Guard" Reaction Command. This fight is very easy, though, so you don't even need it. Just attack him normally until he is destroyed.

Boss Fight - MCP and Huge Sark

The way that you damage the MCP is by breaking through the wall protecting him. However, you need to deal with Sark. Attack each of his shins. This will cause him to fall to his knees. At this point, you can attack his head. Do so. Repeat this until you drain his health meter. He'll become stunned and will temporarily be out of your way.

At this point, attack any panel of the wall surrounding the MCP. If the wall is spinning, wait for it to stop before you attack a panel. You'll break through and get a Reaction Command "Delete". You need to rapidly tap your "Triangle Button". Watch as the MCP's health meter falls. Keep tapping as fast as you can until the wall reforms. I happen to be able to tap very quickly so I was able to take off about one life bar.

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When the wall reforms, the MCP will send out red lasers from the wall. You can avoid being hit by them by running with the rotating wall. This is actually advantageous because the MCP won't like you running away. Sark will say, "Going Somewhere?," and will pop up a wall. Approach the wall and you'll get a "High Climb" Reaction Command. You'll climb the wall and face Sark. You will then get the "Needle Dive" Reaction Command which gives a one-hit blow to Sark to stun him so that you can attack the MCP again, without having to deal with Sark. If you don't get the wall and the Reaction commands, just attack Sark's shins and head.

Repeat this procedure until the MCP is destroyed. When it is, you'll gain a Max HP Increase and an upgrade to your Reflect Element. You discover that Hollow Bastion was previously named Radiant Garden.

Gummi Ship

You could have done 100 Acre Wood at any time throughout the game pending you had at least one of the Torn Pages. I held off until now so that I'd have all 5 Torn Pages and could do everything at once. Fly to Radiant Garden (aka, Hollow Bastion) and land at Merlin's House.

RADIANT GARDEN (formerly Hallow Bastion)

Merlin's House

Enter the 100 Acre Wood Book on the stand in Merlin's House.

100 ACRE WOOD (The Hundred Acre Wood)

You could have done 100 Acre Wood at any time throughout the game pending you had at least one of the Torn Pages. I held off until now so that I'd have all 5 Torn Pages and could do everything at once.

The five Torn Pages are found inside large chests in these areas: Disney Castle - Library, Hollow Bastion - Crystal Fissure, The Land of Dragons (Part 2) - Throne Room, Agrabah (Part 2) - Ruined Chamber, and Pride Land - Oasis.

Enter the book and head to the left-most pop-up and enter it.

Piglet's House

Open the large chest on the tree stump for a Defense Boost and the other chests. Piglet is on a branch on the left side of the tree. Move your camera so that it is over him and use the "Rescue" reaction command. Piglet gets blown away by the wind again. You have to rescue him. This is a fun little mini-game. Use your "X Button" to hit honey combs and tree stumps out of the way. Hit the honey jars for honey. When you see a Reaction Command, do it to clear the board. At the end, you'll see Piglet floating by. Get near him and hit the "Triangle Button" to rescue him.

You'll be taken out of the book. Re-enter it. Head to the new pop-up area.

Rabbit's House

You are on the hunt for some honey. Run past Eeyore to get a cutscene. This mini-game entails you flying along a path, collecting honey. After the first segment you'll start to encounter obstacles. If you hit them, Pooh will be knocked off and will lose health. Hit the "Triangle Button" to rescue Pooh. To move left or right quickly, do so while holding the "Square Button". In each section, you can pick up Gopher when you go by him (hit the "Triangle Button" to grab him). Gopher will take damage for you on the next obstacle that you hit. In later segments, try to hit the arrows to get through unharmed. If you get frustrated, simply hit Start > Retry.

You'll be taken out of the book. Re-enter it. Head to the new pop-up area.

Kanga's House

Open chests, (Magic Boost), and then go up to Tigger and "Ask for the Bottle". This mini-game requires you to bounce. Watch the Reaction Commands to jump from balloon to balloon. Pop 10 to advance.

You'll be taken out of the book. Re-enter it. Head to the new pop-up area.

The Spookey Cave

Talk to Kanga and choose to go after Pooh. You have 3 minutes to find him. You have to keep your group near you using the "Forward March" command. If there is danger, like a falling rock, hit the "Company Halt" command to make them stop. When you encounter bees, destroy them to proceed. If your party become panicked, go near them and use the "Settle Down" command. The path you take can pretty much be summed up by looking for ice and crossing it. When you get to Pooh, "Approach" him.

You receive the SWEET MEMORIES keyblade, which does not enhance attack strength but does increase the drop rate of items. You also receive the Spookey Cave Map.

You'll be taken out of the book. Re-enter it. Head to the new pop-up area.

Starry Hill

Open the large chest for the COSMIC RING. Open the other chest for the Style Recipe. Go up to Pooh and talk to him. Choose to help Pooh. This mini-game has you free Pooh from the honey pot. First, you'll see a power meter go back and forth. Hit the "Triangle Button" when the meter is near full. Then, you'll start spinning. Press the "Triangle Button" when you line up with the Triangle Icon in front of you. This will free Pooh.

After you say goodbye to your friends, you receive an upgrade to your Cure Element. You also receive an Orichalcum + for item synthesis. Completing 100 Acre Wood finished off Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion).

Merlin's House

Save and then choose "World Map" to go to the Gummi Ship.

Gummi Ship

Go to the locked pathway, Assault of the Dreadnought.

Assault of the Dreadnought

I used the Highwind Lv. 8. To open doors inside the Dreadnought, target the blue sections of the door with missiles. If any enemy attaches to you, roll with the "Circle Button" to knock them off. Mission Levels 1 and 2 unlocked. The path to Twilight Town is now open.


Central Station

Remember the way to the Mansion? It's through the hole in the wall of Tram Common. On the way there I leveled up to a Level 44, which earned me a Magic Increase and the Negative Combo.

The Old Mansion

Mickey shows up. Fight all of the Nobodies. When they're defeated you'll get a Max HP increase. Enter the Mansion.

Mansion Foyer

Enter the door on your left (Dining Room) and open the chests. Then, open the chests in the Foyer. Head up the stairs and go through the door on the right, the Library.

Mansion Library

Fight the Nobodies. It was during this fight that I leveled up to a Level 45, and received a Strength Increase and a Max AP increase. Go through the door on the lower floor.

Mansion Computer Room

The computer needs a password. Talk to Pence. The answer is, "Sea-salt ice cream". A blue beam is formed. Walk up to the beam and "Touch the Beam". You receive Secret Ansem's Report 10 and are now in the alternate Twilight Town.

Exit out of the room and you'll see a portal to the Dark Realm. Go up to it and enter it.

Betwixt and Between

Defeat the Nobodies. Axel enters the scene; fight alongside him. When they're defeated you'll get a Max MP increase. After Axel fades away, you receive the BOND OF FLAME which enhances Fire attacks. You are taken to the World that Never Was.


To really stock up I recommend that you equip all three of your party with the "Lucky Lucky" ability. Also, completing the 100 Acre Wood earned you the Sweet Memories keyblade. This weapon helps with the drop rate of items. Obviously, you won't care about any of these abilities when it comes to major boss fights, but for now, it helps get you ready for those fights.

Alley to Between

Save and then head to the next area.

Fragment Crossing

Work your way through the area, opening chests, fighting Heartless. Enter the next area.

Memory's Skyscraper

After the cutscene with your "other" you receive Secret Ansem's Report 8. Open chests, fight some Heartless for fun, and enter the next area.

The Brink of Despair

Open the large chest for the Dark City Map. Visit the Moogle. I had him synthesize some items just so he'd gain some experience. He is currently a Lv. 4. Go to Buy. I purchased the Wisdom Wand for Donald and the Knight Defender for Goofy. They are 2000 munny each. If you don't have the munny, it'd be worth leaving and visiting a world of your choice to fight Heartless. Remember to use the Wishing Lamp keyblade, which helps to generate munny, in addition to the "Lucky Lucky" ability. Also purchase at least 10 Potions if you're low. Finally, I recommend you change out your Sweet Memories keyblade at this point as you'll have some mean Heartless ahead. I chose the Sleeping Lion keyblade. Save and then head up the bridge.

Nothing's Call

This is great area to gain experience to level up. Each of the enemies is worth 1000 XP. I leveled up to a Level 46, which earned a Magic and Defense increase, before I moved on. Head to the next area.

Crooked Ascension

Kill the Heartless and move on.

Twilight's View

Open the chest for the COSMIC BELT. Equip it to Sora. Save. Visit the Moogle if you like, I had him make me the Petit Ribbon. Equip yourself and your party for a boss fight. Continue up the stairs and go into the next area.

Boss Fight - Xigbar, Hall of Empty Melodies

Kairi gets her own blade. Ansem the Wise is revealed. You have to fight Xigbar.

For this boss fight I am a level 46, using the Sleeping Lion keyblade, and have the Petit Ribbon, Cosmic Belt, and Cosmic Chain as armor. Strength is 37, Magic is 37, and Defense is 44. I did not use any Drive or Limit Attacks during the battle.

At first, use the "Break" reaction command to defend the "TV" attack where he is up above. After that attack, this fight essentially comes down to health management. Begin by attacking him normally. When he begins to shoot blue lasers at you, look for the "Warp Snipe" Reaction Command and do it repeatedly until it ends. Then, attack normally and look for the "Warp Snipe" again.

Soon, you will warp to a central platform location where he'll fire blue lasers at you as he flies around you, then many wall cannons will fire down on you. If you get stuck in this attack you will lose about half of your health. As soon as you warp to this area, use a Potion or Cura (if your health is low). Then, begin running around the perimeter of the platform in a circle. His shooting attacks may hit you, but when the cannons come out, you'll stay right in front of the lasers and they won't hit you. Of course, if you pause or break off from the circle a tad, the lasers will catch up to you and do lots of damage.

After the warp blue laser cannon area, you'll be brought back to the original battle arena. Continue to look for the "Warp Snipe", attack him normally when you can, and throw in a few Lighting attacks for good measure. One more time during this battle he'll do the original "TV" attack from above. Again, just look for the "Break" command.

Like I said earlier, this battle is all about health management. Use Potions when your health goes below half and if you run out of potions use Cura. When you defeat him you'll gain an upgrade to your Magnet Element and receive Secret Ansem's Report 3. Go to the next area.

Naught's Skyway

Fight the Nobodies and open chests. It was here that I leveled up to Level 47, which earned a Strength increase and the Once More ability. Go into the next area.

Hall of Empty Melodies (upper level)

It's a reunion: Sora, Riku, Kairi. You receive the OBLIVION keyblade, which has great strength and allows the Drive Gauge to restore quickly during MP Charge. You also receive the Castle that Never Was Map. Head to the next area.

Proof of Existence

Save. Note that there are 12 markings on the floor and one orb door at the end of this area. Equip your party and enter the blue glowing marker with the blue glowing doorway sticking out of it. If, at any time you want to try to level up, simply enter any of the previous boss fight areas to battle Nobodies or backtrack to previous rooms.

Boss Fight - Luxord, Havoc's Divide

This is a time-based battle. What that actually translates into is beat him up faster than he beats you up. You start out as a Die. Roll around and use the "Circle Button" to attack him. Once you change back into normal form start attacking him with your Keyblade. Keep doing this and you'll see his time meter going down. During the fight he'll turn into a card and you have to discover which card he is amongst other cards. Try to track him, but I found it easiest to simply attack all of the cards until he is revealed. Keep an eye out for the "Flip" reaction command and use it if you see it. When he gets to about 1/4 of his life, he'll enclose you inside some cards. Fight your way out of it and continue to attack him. Nothing in the fight is very difficult. If you get turned back into a Die (or a Card), just press all of your buttons to reveal any attacks you may have. When you have his time meter down to nothing, attack him one more time to finish him off. You'll get a Max HP increase and Secret Ansem's Report 9.

Boss Fight - Saix, Addled Impasse

After you return to Proof of Existence, head through the next blue glowing door.

Remember the "Berserk" Reaction Command from the Nobody Knights? Well, you'll be using it a lot in this battle. From the start, begin attacking Saix. When you start to see various Axes laying around, go up to one and you'll get the "Berserk" command. Do so and you'll ride the Axe around. Attempt to run into Saix with it and keep an eye out for the next series of Reaction Commands ("Eclipse" and "Magna Storm") which will unleash an attack. In practice, I simply recommend that you constantly tap the "Triangle Button" while you're riding around on the Axe so that you don't miss the attack prompts. When the attack is finished, feel free to either look for another Axe or attack him normally. I found that attacking him normally did more damage, however, later in the fight it's to your advantage to ride the Axe to avoid his attacks.

As the battle progresses so do his attacks. Mostly, he'll send out shockwave rings. You know these are coming when he goes up into the air and says, "Something of the Moon" (I can't remember the exact wording). When you see/hear this happening, run away. You will avoid the first shockwave. Depending on how far into the battle you are, he may follow up that shockwave with a series of devastating moving shockwaves as he cruises around the area. At this point, you should try to find an Axe to do Berserk. It isn't about damage at this point, but avoiding his attack, as if you are riding around on an Axe the shockwaves won't hurt you. Also, if you complete a Berserk attack on him, it may stun him enough that he breaks out of the shockwave attacks and you can attack him normally. Use Potions and/or Cura as necessary.

I did not use any Limit or Drive commands for this fight, although you should feel free to do so. When you defeat him you'll get a Drive Gauge power up; should now have 6. You'll also receive Secret Ansem's Report 12.

Proof of Existence

The large orb door at the top of the stairs is now open. Save and then go through that door.

Naught's Approach

Ansem takes one for the team and Riku is back to being Riku. You receive Secret Ansem's Report 11. Riku joins your party. Fight the Nobodies and go into the next area.

Ruin and Creation's Passage

Although there is no visible bridge, head forward and a path will form beneath you. Fight the Nobodies as you progress forward. Open chests along the way. It was here that I leveled up to a Level 48, which earned me a Strength and Magic increase. Equip yourself for a boss fight. Go through the doorway at the top.

The Altar of Naught

After the cutscene, head up the stairs. You'll get a cutscene and will then have to fight Xemnas all alone.

Boss Fight - Xemnas, Skyscraper

This is not a difficult fight. Start by attacking him. When he sends the dark energy around you, run up to the base of the skyscraper. You'll see a "Facedown" Reaction Command. Do so. This causes you to run up the skyscraper to meet him as he is flying down. Get ready for a few Reaction Commands, "Breakthrough," and "Finish". Do these and you'll damage him a bit. You'll end up back on the ground fighting him. Anytime that you see him turn into an energy ball, run away. Right after he reveals himself he'll put up a wall/shield in front of him. If you're far enough away from him, he'll leave the shield and attack you, whereupon you can attack him. In summary: attack, run away when you see him in a ball, wait for him to come to you, attack. Near the end of the fight, he'll once again encapsulate you in dark energy. Like you did before, run up to the base of the skyscraper and do the "Facedown" command. Follow the Reaction Commands ("Clash") to damage him. You'll return to the ground where you can finish him off.

When he is defeated, you'll gain a Max MP increase. You also receive Secret Ansem's Report 13.

It's time to face the final battle. You get a note that Jiminy's Journal may be worth taking a look at. The game is telling you this so that, if you want or need to, you can visit other worlds to find the Treasure that you missed. To see what Treasure you missed, go to Journal > Treasures. If you see a "?", you missed a treasure in "x" world. Scroll through the worlds to see how many you missed.

Save at the Save Point. DON'T OVERWRITE THIS SAVE. If you are having trouble with the final area, you can always return to this save and level up, do item synthesis, visit other worlds, etc. so that you can better compete.

Go up to the door and choose, "Let's end this".

The Road to the End

Go forward and use Reaction Commands to get by obstacles. You'll soon end up in a cylinder and will have three meters on your screen: Left Cylinder, Right Cylinder, and Charge. You don't have to worry about the meters. Just know that you start at the Right Cylinder. Although this looks chaotic, simply attack enemies until you get the "Stunt Dodge" Reaction Commmand. Do it. This will take you to the Left Cylinder. Keep attacking, until again, you get the "Stunt Dodge" command. Repeat this until both Cylinders are destroyed and you get one final "Stunt Dodge" which takes you up.

Energy Core

Start by attacking the red kingdom hearts symbol door (the Energy Core). A shield will develop over it after a while. Attack the enemies that appear to lower the shield. Repeat until the door is destroyed. Then, approach it and press the "Triangle Button" to "Proceed".

Boss Fight - Xemnas Sitting in the Throne

Run right up to him and attack. When you get blown back by his attack, heal with a Curaga (or a Potion, however, it's best to save Potions for as long as you can) and get right back in there. Keep an eye out for the "Dark Aura" Reaction Command which makes Riku use his powers. Otherwise, attack, heal, attack. You may get the "Wild Dance" Reaction Command if you are away from Xemnas as there are some water forms (like Demyx used to make). If you see it, you may as well use it. This fight was very easy and took no longer than two minutes at most. When it's over everybody will go home, but you and Riku.

Boss Fight - Xemnas in Flight

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This is a bit of a different fight. You have three actions: Drain ("Circle Button"), Laser ("Square Button"), and Attack ("X Button"). All you need to worry about is Drain and Laser. You have to destroy 5 different parts of this flying Xemnas (tail, two engines, two wings). Start by firing lasers at it. You don't have to worry about aiming as it's auto-aim. Do be aware that the first part you're shooting at is the tail. You'll see a red target on it. When you start to see red lasers coming at you, use Drain to gather in energy. Note the energy meter in the upper left. When you get it filled, you'll get a Megalaser attack ("Triangle Button"). This attack needs to be aimed in the sense that you should be able to see the red target on the tail (or whatever body part you're currently going after). In other words, just make sure that Xemnas is in the middle of the screen or you'll waste the Megalaser. Repeat this process of normal laser attacks, absorbing energy and using the Megalaser when the meter is full.

In between each body part that you destroy, he'll launch a blue laser attack. If you simply fly in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction around the edge of the screen, you'll avoid these attacks. He will also use this attack during later stages of the battle, but it is easy to avoid. It was during this battle that I leveled up to a Level 49, which earned a Strength increase and the Finishing Plus ability.

Boss Fight - Xemnas in Throne - Part 2

Begin by attacking him as you did earlier when you fought him in the throne. After several attacks, he'll blast you backwards out into space. Here you have to fly using the "Circle Button" (rapidly tap) to gain altitude and the "Square Button" to glide. Avoid his attacks by flying out of the way. While you're doing this, look for any floating buildings (stationary buildings). Fly to one and attempt to land on it. Just before you land, you'll get a Reaction Command, "Riding Shot," which will shoot the building into Xemnas and then a follow-up Reaction Command, "Meteor Rain", which will slice the building. The building pieces slam into him and he'll resume his normal posture. At this point, fly (glide) to the throne while avoiding the blue lasers and attack him again. Repeat this until you defeat him in this form.

Note that when you're battling him on the throne it is much quicker to get back to him after you get knocked back from his attack. This is because you can use "Glide" to get right back in there and attack rather than having to run like you did when you fought him in this position earlier. Of course, he may have his shield up, so you'll have to wait for that anyway.

Boss Fight - Xemnas in White and Black Robe

To start, don't even try to attack him. Instead, do the "Reversal" Reaction Command over and over (rapidly tap "Triangle Button") until you get on the ground with him. Then, begin attacking him normally. Anytime that you see a "Dark Aura" or "Dark Shield" Command, use it. These use Riku's powers to help you (you've more than likely used these commands before). For the first half of this battle, you'll do a good amount of damage to him and he'll pretty much stay in one place as long as you keep combo-ing him.

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Xemnas has a good deal of attacks, most of which are difficult to avoid. Use "Guard" if you can. Otherwise, the one that is fairly easy to avoid is when the red light sabers surround you. They will pause momentarily and then all come in at you at the same time. Once you learn the timing of this (when he says, "Fire"), it is easy to jump up to avoid them. Use Curaga (or Potions if you have any left) when you need to and continue to attack Xemnas normally.

Soon Xemnas will attack like he did at the beginning. Just use the "Reversal" command over and over. When you land. Attack him normally.

After some more attacks, Sora will be encapsulated and you'll switch to being Riku. You have to attack the Alternate Xemnas (who appears during this time) so that Sora will be released. Note the new set of attacks at your disposal. Begin by using the "Dark Aura" attack over and over. Keep this attack up until the Alternate Xemnas begins getting close to you. When he does, stop the attack and let him charge you. He'll say, "Guard," (at least it sounds like he says Guard, or maybe it's Charge). As soon as you let him charge you start swinging your sword with the "X Button". Don't let him put up his shield. You need to do damage to the Alternate Xemnas with your sword which will cause the real Xemnas to get closer to you. Eventually, both of the Xemnases and Sora will be near you. At this point you'll see the Reaction Command, "Rescue". Do it. I found the "Jump" command to be useless. As soon as Sora is free, use a Curaga.

Continue to fight Xemnas. At various times throughout the battle he'll redo the first attack you had to face. Again, don't worry about attacking him during this time, just use the "Reversal" command to avoid his attacks. If you can sneak an attack or two in there, good for you. He will also use the "Reversal" attack when on the ground. Use Reversal to avoid the attack and then attempt to get a few good attacks in on him. The more combos you can do the more he'll stay still. When you finally get him down to a sliver of health, heal yourself and then use the "Dark Aura" command to finish him off...well, kind of.

You'll enter the next phase where there are dozens of lasers coming at you. Note that your "Attack" command ("X Button") has turned into "Reflect". Rapidly tap your "X Button" to deflect the lasers. Keep it up and you'll soon get a cutscene. As soon as the cutscene ends, Xemnas will be stunned and in the air. Quickly jump and attack him to finish him off, for good this time!

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