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LB's Kingdom Hearts(R) 2
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Part 4

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4. Part 4

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LB "Kingdom Hearts 2" Guide
Table of Contents:

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0. Introduction
Gameplay Basics
Drive Command
Limit Command
Start Menu

1. Part 1
1st - 6th Day
The Tower
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Olympus Coliseum

2. Part 2
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Port Royal
Halloween Town
Space Paranoids
The Land of Dragons Part 2
various Atlanticas

3. Part 3
Beast's Castle Part 2
Olympus Coliseum Part 2
Port Royal Part 2
Agrabah Part 2
Halloween Town Part 2
Pride Land
Pride Land Part 2
Space Paranoids Part 2
100 Acre Wood
various Atlanticas
The World that Never Was
Final Boss Fight

4. Part 4
Olympus Coliseum Tournaments
Ultima Keyblade

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Pain and Panic Cup - You can't use Drive but you can use Limit, although I didn't use any special attacks during this tournament. Fight your way through the various levels. For the Final Match you have to fight Tifu and Leon. They're not that, focus on Tifu first. She won't die so fight her until she down to a sliver of health and then go after Leon. When you defeat Leon, both will be defeated. You'll earn the LUCKY RING and a Serenity Stone. I suggest you equip the Lucky Ring on either Donald or Goofy.

Cerberus Cup - Nothing tricky here. Drive to your hearts content. You earn: Rising Dragon, a staff of great strength and magic. Increases the effect of restoration items used in the field. Equip it to Donald. Protect Belt, greatly increases defense.

Titan Cup - Limit to your heart's content. You earn: Genji Shield, a shield with great strength and defense. Increases drop rate of items. Skillful Ring, drastically increases AP.

Goddess of Fate Cup - Advice: hold out using your Final Form until round 6 where you have to fight the two large, fat, heartless within a certain amount of time. As soon as you're in Final Form, blast them with Lightning until your magic runs out and then finish them off. You earn: Fatal Crest keyblade, increases strength during MP Charge and allows unlimited chain of combos. The combo finishing move is disabled. You receive Orichalcum+. Paradox Cups - After you complete the above, head to Hade's chamber and talk to him to open up four more tournaments; all harder and longer. The tournies will be unlocked based upon Sora's level and Drive Levels, so if you can't open one, try leveling up some first.


Before you fight Sephiroth, it's a good idea to obtain the Ultima Keyblade via Synthesis. This can be quite a time consuming task, so if you want, feel free to try Sephiroth and if you can't beat him, then take on this quest.

The first thing you'll need is the Ultimate Recipe. This can be found in Twilight Town, "Mansion" as long as you're Sora. Land in "Computer Room". Make your way to "Mansion: Basement Corridor". Here are the pods where Donald and Goofy were sleeping. In the hallway is a chest. Open it for the Recipe.

Next, you need to find all seven of the Orichalum+.

1. As Sora, go to "Sunset Terrace" in Twilight Town. Hop on to the top of trolley and jump to the platform with the chest. Inside is the Orichalcum+.
2. In a chest in "Central Command Mesa" in Space Paranoids. This is right outside of the Sark/MCP boss fight.
3. In a chest along the ledge in "The Brink of Despair" in The World that Never Was.
4. Collect one of every synthesis item. There are 50 in total. You can track your progress by visiting any Moogle and checking the "Material Logs". Remember to always have your "Lucky, Lucky" ability equipped, same thing for Donald and Goofy. Also, wear any lucky or item dropping accessory you have. There is no way to tell you where to find all 50. The more you fight, the more chance you have at getting them.
5. Complete the "Goddess of Fate Cup" at Olympus Coliseum (talk to Panic in "Underworld Entrance"…it's the fourth Tournament). See "Tournaments" earlier in this walkthrough for more info.
6. Complete Atlantica.
7. Complete the 100 Acre Woods.

Now that you have gathered the essential items, it's up to you to find the remaining synthesis items necessary to complete the recipe. The best way to get synthesis items is to have items and abilities that increase drop rate equipped and then simply visit different worlds, fighting your way through. You'll find that different enemies drop different items, so the more variety of worlds you visit, the better. This is a long and boring process, but it is worth it.


This fight is not necessary to finish the game, but it is quite a challenge. To get there Hollow Bastion has to have been renamed to Radiant Garden. Then head to Bailey, Castle Gate, Ravine Trail, Crystal Fissure, The Great Maw, and finally, The Dark Depths. You'll see Sephiroth on the other side of the area. Go up to him and talk to him to get the battle going.

This is not an easy battle by any means. I recommend that you are at least a level 60, and even better, a level 75. If you don't have the Ultima Keyblade, get it (by the time you're at level 60-70, you should have all of the pieces). Other preparations are the normal fare: equip lots of Potions, etc., make sure that you have every possible ability that does extra damage equipped, etc. When you feel brave enough, begin the battle.

From the start of the fight, look for the "Block" Reaction Command. After that, it's a matter of getting to know his attacks, avoiding them, and attacking when you can. As you probably discovered, you can't use any Drive or Summon commands. You can, however, use the Trinity Limit Command. This is quite effective against him, and in conjunction with the Ultima Keyblade, you should be able to beat him.

This is a long fight. He has 15 life bars. It's really more a matter of patience than of anything else. Try to stay away from him as much as possible and only attack when there is an opening. When he warps, try to jump out of the way and keep an eye out for the "Block" command. Good luck and congrats when you beat him.


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