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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Introduction - Dark Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Complete Light and Dark Side Paths
  • All Side Missions
  • Combat Tips and Tricks
  • Instantly Downloadable eBook (PDF)

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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


Lunabean, LLC is in no way affiliated with Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, nor any video game publisher, developer, or distributer. Each of these groups has their own registered trademarks. All trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective owners, and theses owners do not sponsor, authorize, nor endorse Lunabean video game strategy guides. This is not an "official" guide.

KOTOR II Strategy Guide Introduction

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About This Guide

Lunabean's Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Walkthrough and Strategy Guide was written with one goal in mind: To get you through the game. This is a difficult task as how this game is played determines how the game plays out. For example, you will often have to choose sides through the game. If you choose to help a certain group, your tasks will be different than had you have chosen to help the other group. For that reason, we opted to write this guide with one constant in mind, and that constant is the Dark Side. At every opportunity provided, we chose the Dark Side option. This makes it so if you're stuck, you can simply go back to a previous save, move along the Dark Side path (as paths are really determined in specific worlds, rather than overall gameplay), and get through the game as we got through it.

This is not to say this guide won't help you if you're playing along the Light Side path. The game's main objectives and directions remain the same along both paths, so, if you're opting to play as a Light Sider, our guide will still guide you, but there will be a few spots where our guide takes you one place, when you need to go someplace else. But, again, these are minor offshoots, and, generally, our guide will tell you where to go. Please note, the Light Side Guide is available here.

Another aspect of the game which made writing the guide difficult is that its an RPG, and almost everyone plays RPGs in a way that is specific to their liking. Also, depending on whether you are playing Light Side or Dark Side, different Force Powers are available to you, so we could be using one while you are using another. For this reason, we provide tips for some of the more difficult battles, but we can't tell you how to fight each one, as that is specific to your liking. However, with that being said, the battles in this game aren't particularly difficult, at least, not until the end. The battles are more for you to use to figure out your fighting style...and it does take a long time to figure out your fighting style, so don't get frustrated. And note, if you're having a lot of trouble getting through a battle, chances are you aren't wearing the best armor, your weapons aren't upgraded to where they could be, or your own character needs some leveling up. If you find yourself having trouble, check out your armor options in your pause menu, upgrade your weapons at a workbench, and level up as you go (we chose to auto level up, so this wasn't even an issue for us).

This game can seem overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. Our guide explains many of the game's intricacies, as you come to them in the game. Also, your own pause menu explains a lot. This is why we don't have weapon descriptions or upgrade information, as it's all available to you from within your own menu. Check it out, navigate it, and use it. Your pause menu is your best friend. Other than that, all I can suggest is to be patient. When we first played the original KOTOR, we were new to RPGs, determined we didn't like them, and almost put the game away within the first hour. However, something eventually clicked with us, and the game ended up being the Lunabean Game of the Year in 2003. The key is to not be overwhelmed. All of the extras are for the people who are going to play it again and again and again, and who want to do it as efficiently as possible. We just want to get you through the game. Be patient, and it will come.

As one last note, we did include items as we found them through Peragus. We did this so you could see the types of items discovered. However, since this game is so user specific, and changes for just about every player, you won't get the same items we received as you're playing through. Items which you are looking for as part of a task, or to move forward through the story, are specifically placed, and are noted in the walkthrough. With that being said, please don't e-mail us asking where to find a specific upgrade or Lightsaber Crystal. They could all be in one of 49 different places. Just check everything, and you'll find whatever it is you need.


Left Thumbstick - Controls the movement of your character.
Right Thumbstick - Controls the camera around your character.
Directional Pad - Scrolls through your Action Menu.
A button - Activates the default action.
B button - Cancels or disengages combat.
Y button - Deletes action from action queue (when stacking actions).
X button - Adds action to action queue (stacks actions in battle).
Black button - Cycles through playable characters.
White button - Pauses combat.
Start button - Accesses the Pause Menu.
Back button - Engages or disengages Solo Mode.
Left Trigger - Cycles through targets and cycles through Pause Menu.
Right Trigger - Cycles through targets and cycles through Pause Menu.


Saving is lovely in this game. You can save whenever and wherever you want. Simply go into your Pause Menu and do so. Save often. Also, the game Auto Saves for you on occasion. This is a good thing.

Game Screen

If you are targeting anything (ie, if you cursor latches on to something), the name of that thing and its VP (Vitality points, or health) is indicated in the top left corner. At the top right corner you will find a map, showing you your location (a larger map is found within your Pause Menu). In the bottom left corner you'll find your Action Menu. The Action Menu will change based on what kind of item is targeted. Move through the actions with your D-Pad, and select one with "A". The order of slots in your Action Menu are as follows (from left to right): Physical Action, Offensive Force Powers, Offensive Items (primarily demolitions), Defensive Force Powers, Defensive Items, Forms and Behavior.

When you are in combat you will get an extension of your Action Menu. This is your queue. Stack actions as you want them to happen with "X". Hit your Black button to do the same thing with your other Party members to launch an all out assault. If you don't do this with your party members, they will fight their own way, which is, often, just fine.

Also, occasionally your portrait will be in the bottom right corner, along with the portrait of your party members. The red bar indicates your VP (health) the blue bar indicates your FP (Force Points). Move between characters with your Black button.

Equip Menu

Use this menu to dress and gear up your characters. Scroll with the D-Pad, select with "A". If "None" appears, you don't have anything for that place on your character's body. Note the numbers on your Equip Menu. The "Def" number is your defense, based on how you are equipped. The higher the number, the less likely you are to be hit by enemies. There are also Attack Bonus and Damage numbers for your right and left hands. Obviously, the higher the number, the more damage you will cause.

Inventory Menu

This menu simply shows you your stuff. Use "Y" to filter it as you want. Also note, you can equip MedPack and Adrenal items here, which is good if you're caught off guard and find yourself in a battle, and you don't want to give up one of your "turns".

Character Info Menu

This menu is self-explanatory, as it tells you about you. Along the right side you'll find the "scores" or levels you have achieved for each of the six attributes. You'll also find your character's level of VP (health), FP (Force Points) and XP (Experience Points). As you play through and gain XP, your VP and attributes will grow. Your FP increases as you play the game and you encounter various characters. Also on this screen you can tell which way your character is leaning, Light or Dark, based on the meter to the left.

Abilities Menu

This menu simply shows you the Skills, Powers and Feats you have, and provides a description of them. You can't activate anything from this menu, but you can learn a lot. The Skills menu tells you about the level of skill your character has in certain areas. Each skill is connected to an attribute. For example, increase your intelligence (when you level up you get the chance to do this), and you will increase your Computer Use, Demolitions, Repair and Security Skills. This higher your Computer Use, the fewer Computer Spikes you'll need to access terminals. The higher your Demolitions, the more likely you will be to be able to recover and create mines. The higher your Repair, the fewer Repair Parts you'll need when fixing items. The higher your Security, the easier it will be to open locks. Check the menu for more details of the skills, and what attributes are associated with each one.

Party Menu

Tells you about your Party members, whom you can select from this menu. Up to two party members can accompany you at a time. You can switch them out more frequently than you could in the original game, but the game is still pretty strict on when you can do so. Just try when you want, if the game doesn't let you, so be it. Note, you can never change members while in hostile areas.

Journal Menu

This menu should be the most checked menu as you play through the game. It tells you what your missions are, and what missions you've completed (scroll through with "Y"). Note that if you hit "X" within this menu, you will get a new "Messages" menu. This is great for catching you up on dialogue and actions you've missed.

Map Menu

Your map will become exposed as you move through areas. On occasion you will be able to "Upload area schematics" from a computer in the area. This will provide you with a whole map. Use your D-pad to scroll through specific locations on the map. Note, if you're not in a hostile situation, you can travel back to the Ebon Hawk by hitting "X".

Options Menu

Save, Load, Quit and do everything in-between.

Setting Up

First, choose your character. Read the descriptions and choose your preferred character. We opted for the Male Jedi Sentinel, as he is well balanced, and we played as a female while playing the Light Side. Note, your female/male option does determine a party member you will receive later in the game. If you choose female, you will later play with the Male Disciple. If you choose male, you will later play with the Female Handmaiden. They are both equals in strength and ability, although the Handmaiden looks a little cooler.

Next you'll be asked to generate your character. Even if you're new to the series, go for "Custom Character", as it's fun to see the options. In "Portrait", choose what your character's face will look like. In "Attributes", read the note. Next you'll see that you have 30 points to divide up among your attributes. For sake of this walkthrough, we went with the game's recommendation for attribute point distribution (hit "Y"). Assign them as you'd like, but note, by doing so, you already may be able to accomplish tasks we can't, or will fail at tasks we can take on. Accept, then move on to "Skills".

Again, read the note and opt for the game's recommendations. Next up, "Feats".

In the "Feats" menu, you'll find you have been granted the "Armor Proficiency: Light", "Critical Strike", and "Flurry" feats. You get to choose one more. We went with the recommended "Toughness" feat.

Next, name your character. We went with "Luna Quai", as a tribute to the Lunabean house cats. Finally, hit "Play", and you'll be on your way.


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You'll start the game in the Ebon Hawk. Most of the crew has been killed. You're newly created character is in critical condition, so you begin as a droid, T3-M4. Immediately you'll be given the option to skip the Prologue, but that would just be wrong. So, opt to Continue the Prologue, and read the instructions on how to move.

Move forward to the cursor in front of you. Note the box in the bottom left corner of your screen. This is your Action Menu. Currently the first box reads "Use". Hit "A" to "Use" the highlighted Galaxy Map. You learn the Galaxy Map puts you near Peragus II, the planet you will be traveling to once T3-M4 restores main power on the Ebon Hawk. Exit out of the Galaxy Map and move down the hall.

Along the way you'll be told of the "Active Quests" screen. Hit "A" and you'll be told a Journal Entry has been added. Journal entries tell you what your current goal is. They include both critical and bonus missions. Press "Start" to open the Pause Menu. At the top you'll see a flashing book. This means you have a new Journal Entry. Scroll over to it with your L or R trigger (read about the other menus as you scroll through). When you get there, you'll see two flashing orange missions. The flashing orange means this is the first time you have viewed the journal entry. Next time you view it, it will no longer be orange, nor flashing.

Play with the filter "Y". While it won't matter now, when you get many journal entries later on, knowledge of how to best use the filter is quite useful. When you're done playing, read the two entries...one is a Critical Mission, the other is a Bonus Mission. We'll be doing both.

Save the Ebon Hawk

Next, scroll again over to your Map. This is the Interior of the Ebon Hawk. You are the arrow to the north. Scroll through the points with your D-Pad. Using your Map is important for getting through this game, and this guide. We will often guide you places based on the Map Note. So, learn to use it and move south to the Communications Console.

Inside this small room there are two objects you can target, the Communications Console and a Plasteel Cylinder. Plasteel Cylinders are containers which can be opened up by targeting them and hitting "A" when your Action Menu reads "Open". Most often targetable PCs (we'll be calling Plasteel Cylinders PCs from here on out) have items inside of them. Other times, they're meant for you to deposit items. This time, open it up and receive the COMPUTER SPIKE. Computer Spikes can often be used to hack computer terminals. Next, scroll over to the Communications Console and "Use" it.

Hit "A" and you'll be told you need a Computer Spike. Lucky we have one! Highlight the first response to "Slice the system", then opt to "Open the Main Hold containment door". Log out. You'll be told you lost an item. Don't worry, it was just your Computer Spike. Exit out and move south to the Main Hold, Security Console.

In this room you will find many targets. First, someone is locked behind the Blast Door. There's nothing you can do about that. There's another Blast Door which also can't be opened. Move along and pick up PARTS from the various Broken Droids in the room. Also, be sure to pick up the LOCKER KEY from the Body. There's a Low Security Door which you can open up, but don't pass through it yet. Instead, move over to the Footlocker. Try to open it and you'll be told you must Bash it. So, use your D-Pad to scroll up and down through your actions. At "Bash", press "A". Continue to press it until the Footlocker opens up for you, revealing a BROKEN ITEM and two COMPUTER SPIKES inside. While the item is broken due to your bashing, you can use it on a workbench...later.

Next, approach the Security Console and use your two Computer Spikes to get into it. Now you can access the ships cameras and security doors. Play around with the cameras, but leave the security doors alone for now. Instead, head SW to the Cargo Hold. Pass through the Low Security Door to get there.

Inside the Cargo Hold you'll meet another droid, 3C-FD. Approach him for a dialogue. You'll learn your dialogue actions are important and often determine gameplay...that's why it's important that you try your best to follow along with our answers.

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You learn the 3C-FD is malfunctioning. You can fix him with one of the Parts you found on the Broken Droids. Opt to repair him and he will join your party. Invite him to come along. For this you will earn Experience Points (get enough and you'll be able to upgrade your character). You will also get a Journal entry, which you will find if you use your filter and find "Completed Quests". That's right, before you even read about the entry, you completed the Repair 3C-FD Bonus Mission.

If you want, go ahead and try switching between characters. Just hit your black button and you'll become the other droid. Good times.

As T3-M4, highlight and open up the Locker with the Keycard you found on the body for a COMPUTER SPIKE, DROID IMPACT ARMOR MARK I, and more PARTS. Next, go into your Pause Menu and go to the "Equip" section. Already highlighted should be the "Plating" section of the Droid. On your left you should see a "None" option and a "Droid Impact Armor Mark I" option. Select the latter of the two to put some armor on. This, by the way, is how you equip your characters throughout the game. It's always a good idea to check this menu regularly, as you'll often pick up something without even knowing, and it could be the best something you could be wearing. You can read all about the items in this menu, then choose according to what you think is best. However, with only one item, we know to equip the new Armor. Do so and exit out.

Next, open up the Metal Box for Combat Training. This will give you a FIELD SURVIVAL PISTOL, and it will cause Sensor Droids to emerge. Again, go into your Equip Menu and place the Pistol in your Right or Left Hand. Exit out of the menu.

As the Sensor Droids approach, you'll come to an explanation of how the game pauses when enemies are spotted. This gives you time to figure out how you are going to deal with the oncoming enemies. You can disable this in the "Options" menu, but it's a good idea to warm up to the game with it enabled. Again, it gives you time to think. It's also an easy way to stack your attacks.

Stacking attacks (and actions) happens by hitting the "X" button instead of the "A" button to perform an action. The "A" button works and puts you in "Combat Mode", causing your character to strike whenever she gets the opportunity. However, you can be more creative and more affective if you stack your attacks with "X", then unleash them by unpausing the game with the "White" button. Give it a try by hitting "X" a few times to select the "Attack". Note the Attack icon will stack up to the right, showing you when specific actions will be performed. Of course, since you can only perform one action now, it's a little silly and anti-climatic, but it's a good habit to get into. Tossing a grenade, giving yourself a MedPac, using your Force attack and finishing off enemies all with a stacked list of actions is quite a good time. Learn to use it.

If you're uncomfortable with your Sensor Droid battle, open up the Metal Box again and more will emerge. And don't worry, games like this are always uncomfortable at first.

Next, move over to the PC and open it up to reveal PARTS and a SECURITY TUNNELER. Highlight the High Security Cylinder next to the PC and note the Security Tunneler shows up in your Actions Menu. Scroll to it with your D-Pad and hit "A" to use it. Inside you'll find more PARTS, COMPONENTS and a COMPUTER SPIKE. That's all for this room. Exit out and head to the Medical Room. On the way you'll be told of the lift. Note it and its placement across from the Medical Room, but ignore it for now.

Inside the Medical Room you'll find your character. You are told he needs a MedPac to survive. Luckily, there's one in the Bin next to her. Open it up and collect the MEDPAC. Highlight your character again and opt to treat the injury. With that you will earn XP (Experience Points) and complete the Heal Your Character Mission. Exit out.

Move toward the Garage. You will find yourself blocked by the Inner Garage Door. This is to teach you a little something about Solo mode. You will also get the Garage Access: Bonus Mission put in your journal. It seems you need to close the Outer Garage Door before opening the Inner Garage Door. However, you need to have a droid appropriately placed so he can pass through the Inner Garage Door once the Outer Garage Door is shut. So, keep T3-M4 where he is, close to that Inner Garage Door. Next, hit your "Back" button to go into Solo Mode. This means the characters won't follow one another. In Solo Mode, hit your "Black" button to switch to 3C-FD. As 3C-FD, return to the Main Hold and access the Security Console. We already used our Spikes on it, so go ahead and close the Outer Garage Door, then open the Inner Garage Door. Hit your "Black" button to switch back to T3-M4, who now has access to the Garage.

Once inside the Garage, your Garage Access: Bonus Mission Journal Entry will be updated, telling you to use the Workbench to create a Repair Kit from your collected Components. Alrighty then. Approach the Workbench and use it. Inside, learn about the Workbench, then opt to use it to "create or breakdown items". You'll immediately be put in the "Create New Items" menu. However, your journal entry tells you to break down items first. So, hit "X" to enter the "Breakdown Inventory Items" menu. Go ahead and break down your Broken Item and a single Part. This should give you six components. Return to the "Create New Items" menu and select the "Repair Kit". It only costs one component. Create it, and note your other creation options. Exit out of the menu for XP and the completion of your Garage Access: Bonus Mission journal entry.

With a Repair Kit in your inventory, select it from your Action Menu and use it on yourself. You feel much better. There are also some Sparking Wires in the room. These can be used to open and close the Garage Doors, allowing you to get the other droid in the room with you, but, there's no point to that, so go ahead and switch back to 3C-FD and have him help you exit the garage. Together again, move to the Lift (across from the Medical Room).

Use the Lift to take you to the outside of the Ebon Hawk. On the Starboard side, collect the many PARTS from the hatches, then approach the Exposed Wires. Opt to Override the door. This will allow you to access the Starboard Dormitory through the garage. We'll do that in a second. Now, cross over the Ebon Hawk to the Port side of the Ebon Hawk. The domes around you are mines. Approach them carefully, and, from your Actions Menu, opt to Recover the mines. If your Demolitions Skills aren't high enough, you'll have to settle for Disabling the mines, which, sadly, doesn't allow you to re-use them. Once you disable one, you'll get XP and an addition to your Save the Ebon Hawk Journal Entry. You are to use a mine to pass through the door to the engine room.

If you weren't able to recover the mines (or, even if you were) collect the MINOR FRAG MINE from the sparking Proton Missile in the area. With your Mines in hand, return to the inside of the Ebon Hawk.

Now, the door to the engine room is just south of you, but if you want to check out the Dormitory we opened up from above via the Sparking Wires, do your little "open the garage door trick" and enter the Starboard Dormitory. Inside, collect the 4 PARTS from one Footlocker, and the DROID FLAME THROWER from the other. Return to the main area and locate the Engine Room Door.

When your droid targets the Engine Room Door, a Minor Frag Mine will appear in your Actions Menu. Highlight it and hit "A" to set it. Move away and the door will blow. Enter the Engine Room.

Inside, pass through the many sparks and use the Hyperdrive. You will find it's damaged, but can become somewhat functional with 5 Parts. You just got 4 Parts from the newly opened Dormitory, so you should be just fine. Rig the hyperdrive. All you have to do now is return to the Cockpit, where the Galaxy Map is located. Do so, activate the Galaxy Map and use your D-Pad to highlight "Peragus II". Hit "A" to travel there.

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