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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Nar Shaddaa - Light Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Complete Light and Dark Side Paths
  • All Side Missions
  • Combat Tips and Tricks
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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


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Nar Shaddaa

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Refugee Landing Pad

Upon landing on Nar Shaddaa you'll be tossed into a conversation with Atton. Ask him what you want and end the conversation. You'll be approached by the docking authority. Ask if there's some kind of problem, then offer to pay for the space. Awareness will tell you 50 credits is enough. Offer it up and you'll have a deal. However, your spot is marked for a later arrival. Because you offered the little guy money, you won't get Dark Side Points. Before you head off, choose your team. I opted for Atton, as I always like him with me, and Visas, as it's nice to let the new people play a bit. You will get two new Journal entries: Landing Rights and Ebon Hawk ID Signature.

Move forward and you'll encounter a little scuffle. Ask what's going on, say you're here on Exchange business. Ask how to get the attention of the Exchange. You are told if you make trouble, they'll come for you. Ask what the Exchange wants with the man in front of you, then ask why. Offer to take the man yourself, then Persuade the team that the man is useless to them. The bad guys will walk away. Speak to the man they were threatening for info on Visquis, the leader of the Exchange. If you get through the questions without threatening the man, you'll earn Light Side Points.

Continue forward again and speak to the first refugee. He asks for credits. Say you'll provide them for information, and ask away. Let him know you're a Jedi. After the conversation, more Light Side Points will come your way. Approach the next Refugee and he'll ask you for credits. Give them to him for even more Light Side Points.

Next, pass through the south door and enter the Swoop Garage. As you enter, you'll get a quick cutscene...you're wanted, but we knew that. Continue to make your way into the Garage, collect what you can from the various containers, and speak with the droid, TT-32. He tells you to speak with Master Tienn, who is just around the corner. Speak with him and ask if he can change a ship's ID transponder codes. He tells you he needs a transponder card from another ship, or a blank transponder card and a new ID signature. This will be updated in your Journal.

Speak to TT-32 one more time and he'll ask you to bring back a certain utility droid with plans in its memory core. The droid is in the possession of someone called Kodin. Say you'll do it if you get a free version of the droid shield. You'll learn the droid is short, brown, and its designation is IT-31. This will insert the new entry: Droid Retrieval.

Exit the Swoop Garage via the east door. Pass through the next small room and you'll find yourself on an outer square. This square serves as your central hub. To the north you will find the entrance to the Nar Shaddaa Docks, to the east is the entrance to the Entertainment Promenade, to the south is the entrance to the Refugee Sector, and to the west (behind you) is the landing dock with the Ebon Hawk awaiting your return. Of course, there are characters and rooms in between the main areas. We're going to deal with all of these characters and rooms before exploring new turf. So, first, speak with Vossk, outside the door just to the right of you. He simply provides you with info about the bounty hunters, more about the Exchange, and he speaks of the guild laws. Once that's done, head north.

In the NW corner is a door. Pass through it and you'll find yourself in a Swoop Racing Gallery. It seems Lupo Shar has taken out Bik. Alrighty. Speak with Borna Lys near the table. She'll tell you about the droid Lupo Shar has racing...making it impossible for others to win, and cutting the Exchange out of the deal. Borna wants you to use access codes that she has on the droid, so Lupo will sell the Swoop Racing Gallery to her. Agree to it, and your Computer Skills should kick in (if you're still wearing the important Infiltrator Gloves) telling you you can reprogram the computer behavior core without being noticed. With that, you will receive a new Lupo's Advantage Journal entry. Pass through the door into the next room.

Speak with the characters here, collect what you can from Metal Boxes, then walk over to the C9-T9 Interface Computer in the corner. Slice into the droid's central behavioral core, open the indicated file and reprogram the droid. He will self-destruct. Say the droid has expired and Lupo will approach. Suggest he sells the gallery to Borna Lys. Lupos will run away. Return to Borna for 2000 Credits and the Lupo's Advantage mission will be complete.

Return to Modo So to Swoop Race, if you so desire. The same rules apply as before...however, this time, you'll have to look out for fans and oncoming traffic. I raced, I made mistakes, I won first place and won 500 Credits.

Exit the Gallery via either door, but don't miss the IT-31 droid in the NW corner. Speak with Kodin and ask about the Droid and ask to purchase it. Depending on how you ask you'll be offered the droid for different prices. Your awareness will tell you Kodin will sell the Droid for 150 Credits. Buy it for that amount. Next, buy whatever else you want from Krodin. I bought the HK DROID PROCESSOR here, as it looked important. With the IT-31 droid in your possession, your Droid Retrieval Journal entry will be updated. Return to TT-32 in the Swoop Garage to complete the task. You will also receive XP and a DROID RENEWABLE SHIELD. Exit back out to the main square.

Continue moving in your clockwise path, and pass Krodin and the north door leading to the Docks. You'll come to more thugs harassing a refugee. Tell the Exchange Thugs the man is under your protection, and they will leave. Light Side Points earned. Speak to Rutun, the refugee they were harassing. Ask him what you want and move on.

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Speak with Geeda in the NE corner store. Check out her goods, ask her questions, but don't buy anything. Instead, move past the door to the Entertainment Promenade (where you'll get a Kreia cutscene and and increase in Maximum Force Points), and find Oondar in the SE corner. Speak with him to find Geeda is selling goods on Oondar's turf. The Trade Wars are on! Offer to help Oondar, then ask what he has. If you try to swing any deals here you'll earn Dark Side Points. Return to Geeda and say you'll take her offer of matching Oondar's prices. Tell Oondar he'll have to up the ante, then tell him to give the Exchange your description. Return to Geeda and tell her about Oondar's threat. Your awareness will kick in, telling you Geeda is providing you with a message. Offer to stand with her. Tell her you've already settled the problems on Dantooine, then see what she has to sell. I stocked up on Grenades here, and bought the Opila Crystal. For this you will receive Light Side Points, XP, and a new New Trade Routes: Bonus Mission. Return to Oondar one last time and tell him you're standing by Geeda. More XP, more Light Side Points, and a Trade War: Bonus Mission completion will be yours.

Pass through the door in the SE corner of the square and you'll find yourself in a little scuffle. Take out the Thugs and collect from the Metal Box. Continue around the square. Outside the door to the Refugee Sector you'll encounter a man who claims the Ebon Hawk is his. Question him on his Ebon Hawk knowledge, then give it to him (don't worry...it will be OK). Light Side Points will be earned for this.

With that, the square has been completely checked out. Now it's time to head to one of the three new areas. Start with the Entertainment Sector along the east side.

Entertainment Promenade

Right next to you, at your entrance, is Twik'Gar. Speak with him. He asks to speak with someone inside the Den, by the name of Geredi. Say you'll see what you can to. Speak with Kaalah-Nah, across the way, for info about the area and the Exchange, but don't do any dealing with her.

First, try to enter the Den via the door to the left. You'll learn you need a password to enter the Pazaak Den (Pazaak Den Password). Since this door's not an option, head to the door at the opposite end of the hall and enter the Cantina.

In the Cantina, notice the dancing women in the corner. Since I'm playing as a woman, I was offered to get to Vogga by dancing for him. Since this isn't an option for the men, I bowed out. For this you'll get the Vogga's Dancers Journal entry. Continue moving around the room and exploring. You'll come to some Exchange Thugs who won't speak if you're too close. Equip your Stealth Field Generator (Geeda has one for sale, if you need one), go into Solo Mode, activate Stealth, and listen to their conversation. You'll get the Vogga the Hut Journal entry for doing so. Once this is done, exit back out into the Refugee Landing Pad Square. From here, move south and enter the Refugee Sector.

Refugee Sector

Move forward and speak with the Exchange Thugs. Tell them you're just visiting and ask if you really have to pay the toll. They'll let you go.

The Refugee Sector is another square. You start off at the north end. Again, move clockwise and head east first. You'll first come to three ramps. Take the first two ramps down into the Refugee Commons. Here you must make your way around, speaking to Refugees.

Geriel is next to the door. He's sick. Tell him he may infect others. Offer to speak with the Overseer and you'll get a new Plague Carrier mission. As you look for other Refugees to speak with, some Twi'leks recognize Atton. Speak with them about it, then speak to Atton. The conversation will eventually turn into Atton's desire to use the Force. Teach him and he will take his first steps on the path of a Jedi Sentinel. Atton has the Jedi powers. Right on. Continue speaking with Refugees.

Find Odis at the south end and he'll tell you he's a pilot. For this, you will get the Will Work for Fuel Journal entry. Next, speak to Kahranna. She'll tell you she's lost her pilot and is looking for someone to transport her and her family. This will give you the Seeking Passage Journal entry. Oddly, Odis and Kahranna's goals don't meet here.

Speak with Kaul by the west door. He offers you information for a cost. The information is to use your Stealth Field Generator to steal from the Exchange. You don't need to pay for that. Find Aaida. She tells you her husband is missing. Next, talk to Hussef. Ask what you can do for him, and you'll get the Refugee Woes Journal entry. Finally, find Nadaa. Her daughter has been taken. Offer to pay her debt. You will get the Sold to the Hutts entry. Exit the Refugee Commons via the north door from which you entered, and continue to work your way around the square, starting with the door to the east.

You'll eventually run into Serroco territory. Tell the guard you want to speak to the leader, then persuade him to let you through. For this you will get a Serroco Thugs Journal entry. Pass through the door, and approach the Serroco Leader ahead of you. Tell him you don't like how he's treating the refugees, and you don't care what they do, just lay off. Say "Thanks", get XP and and update to the Refugee Woes Journal entry. Once you've done this, explore the Cargo Containers here, and find the passage to the group of containers to the west for many good items. This will, of course, turn the surrounding Serrocos against you. Take them out.

Once all of the containers are checked and Serrocos are eliminated, return to the Serroco leader and fight him. Collect his remains, then check out the parked Airspeeder in the area. The Airspeeder, when fixed, can quickly transport you through areas of Nar Shaddaa. Install the navigation interface and unlock the controls. It's still missing maneuvering flaps and powercells. Hmmm. We will deal with this at another time. For now, pass through the south door.

Continue fighting Serroco as you go, and work your way around and past the south entrance to the Refugee Commons, and up the ramps to a few Exchange Thugs. The Exchange Thugs won't harm you if they don't catch you stealing. Use Stealth if you don't want them to spot you, or simply take them on.

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The second you turn the corner and head north, check out the first room to your left. There's a guard outside of it. Bust through the door and the guard will attack. Take him out, then speak to the girl. This is Adana, Nadaa's missing girl. Tell her to stay put while you deal with Saquesh. Exit out, continue north, and work your way into the Exchange Headquarters. Speak with Saquesh. Settle Nadaa's debt and pay 600 credits to free Adana. Next, ask if he runs the place and tell him one of the refugees has a terrible disease. Persuade him that the disease will spread. Saquesh says he'll give them more space. Say you'll take care of the sick refugee. For this, the Refugee Woes and Sold to the Hutts tasks will be complete. Exit out.

Your exploration of the Refugee Sector is complete. Return to the Refugee Commons. Speak to Geriel again. Put on your Czerka Utility Belt with its +3 Treat Injury and heal him. This will give you Light Side Points, XP, a decent item (Blue Crystal, for me), and Plague Carrier completion.

Next, find Hussef. Because you gained more space for the Refugees, he will give you a reward. For me it was a DOUBLE-BLADED LIGHTSABER. Nice. Finally, speak with Nadaa. She will also give you and item for returning her daughter. With that, you're ready to leave the Refugee Sector. Exit out to the Landing Pad Square and run across the the Nar Shaddaa Docks.

Nar Shaddaa Docks

Move through the door and check out the room to the right. This is Pylon 1, a control station of sorts. There's nothing you can do now, so exit out and make your way around the Docks.

Pass through the first door you encounter, and you'll find yourself in an Apartment area. Explore the various rooms and collect what you can. In the second apartment to your right you'll run into some creatures who are missing their captain. The Captain is in Jekk'Jekk Tarr, the local gas bar. Say you'll keep an eye out for him for the Wayward Captain Journal entry. Continue exploring.

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In the NWernmost apartment, you'll find a Bith Scientist and his Droid. Speak to the Scientist. He's investigating a new and strange signal. He asks you to be a courier for him. Agree to meet the Twi'lek in Pylon 3 for a Experiment in Deliver: Bonus Mission.

Exit out and find Lasavvou, an Ithorian, in his apartment. He agrees to give you one of his Power Cells (to be used for the AirShuttle), if you speak to the docking authorities for him. A new Overtaxed Ithorian task will be added to your Journal.

Continue ransacking apartments. You'll finally run into Lootra, Aaida's missing husband. Tell him you've already found Aaida, and the Intergalactic Reunification: Bonus Mission will be updated. You need to do something about the Exchange Guards. Worry about that later. Now, finish your pillaging and return to the Docks.

Back on the Docks the Pylon Power console will be across from you. Log into it with your Infiltrator Gloves on and "Optimize power distribution". This will make all Pylons active. This will both activate and complete the Power Shortage: Bonus Mission. The activation of the Pylons is something to be dealt with momentarily. You may care to note, however, that Pylon 2 is at the end of the central bridge in front of you.

Next, speak with Faso, the Twi'lek near the console. Speak to him about Lasavvou. Tell him Lasavvou can't pay him because Faso has the power cells. Faso will offer a deal: Power cells for freedom. It sounds OK. Go tell Lasavvou and get your CRYOGENIC POWER CELL (and completion of the Overtaxed Ithorian).

Return to Faso. Ask if he needs a pilot. He'll tell you about hijackings. Ask what you can do and he'll ask you to talk to Vogga. Next, ask about the Pylons (which we already took care of). However, you will get a new objective, Faso's Freighters. Read the Journal entry carefully. You need to assign three freighters docking priority, determined by the ship's ID Signature. The first two numbers in the signature determine importance. If tied, the last three numbers are compared. You are also told the first two numbers in the second set of digits always match the first set. Good to know. Let's take care of this now.

Return to Pylon 1 and examine freighter ID Signatures. Here the ID SIG for the Alakandor is available. Mine reads S-49-491-937. Head to Pylon 2, at the end of the central bridge. Here you will get the ID Sig for Toorna's Profits. Mine reads E-45-451-118. Finally, head to Pylon 3, at the end of the Docks, to the NE. You'll get a quick cutscene along the way. Watch it and move on. You will have a tough Droid to battle in Pylon 3, so save, if you care to do so.

Inside Pylon 3, log into the Console for the Silver Zephyr's ID: I-96-967-521. According to my numbers, the docking priority goes first to the Silver Zephyr, second to the Alakandor, and third to Toorna's Profits. Assign them accordingly in the console. This will complete the Fassa's Freighters task.

Next, examine the Corpse of the Twi'lek on the floor. This is who the Bith Scientist wanted you to meet. Upon examination, the doors will close and the Cleaning Droid will turn on you. Eliminate him to update the Experiment in Delivery: Bonus Mission. Return to the Bith Scientist in the apartments to tell him. This will complete your Journal entry, as you'll discover the Scientist and his droid have been taken. Collect the DATAPAD to discover the droid turned on him once he discovered the signal. Return to the Docks.

Speak with Fassa for a reward, then move to the North side of the docks. Pass through the unlocked door in the NW corner. Speak to the Bith about Fuel concerns. Next, speak with Vogga's Thug. Tell the thug you want to speak with Vogga about Goto. Pass through.

Speak to Vogga about Goto. Offer to help, as Citadel Station is looking for a new fuel source. For this you will get a Vogga the Hutt Journal entry. Good enough. Now, notice the security door. Walk toward it and you'll be barked at. Also notice the Watering Urn. Exit out.

Before returning to the rim of the Docks, pass through the missed door, north of the Bith and Thug. Inside, speak with B-5DB. He buys droids. Noted. Locked door leading to the warehouse. Also noted. Exit out and head east. Through the next door is Jekk'Jekk Tarr. Put on your Breath Mask and enter. Don't worry about your party. Just try to heal them if their health gets too low inside.

Once you are inside, speak with the bartender. He'll tell you there are five Chambers, where certain species prefer certain chambers. Collect the Chemicals from the Chemical Containers in two of the corners of this chamber (and from behind the bar), then head through the NW door. Again, collect the chemicals, then, in the West corner, speak to the Lunar Shadow Captain. Persuade him to return to his ship and complete the Wayward Captain Journal entry.

From here, the rest of the Jekk'Jekk Tarr is yours to explore. Continue collecting Chemicals. You will eventually find a locked door leading to a Private Lounge. Don't worry about it. Simply work your way back out to the Docks and return to the Landing Pad Square.

Refugee Landing Pad

Having checked out all major areas of Nar Shaddaa and returning to the Landing Pad Square, you'll get a quick cutscene of the docking authority warning you the other ship has arrived, and they want the Ebon Hawk. Head to the Ebon Hawk. Along the way, you may care to upgrade some items and save, as you're about to fight some nasties.

As you approach the Ebon Hawk, you will be confronted and you will find the crew of the Red Eclipse has taken over the Ebon Hawk. Fight your way to your ship. With two members of the party (myself included) equipped with Lightsabers, Mandalorian Melee Shields also equipped, and with Atton at a Level 13, Visas at a 14, and myself at a 16, I had little trouble getting through. If you are damaged, wait to refuel before entering the Ebon Hawk.

Inside, continue to fight your way through. It's quite chaotic inside, so, if nothing else, keep an eye on your health and heal when necessary. Also, try to work you way though without allowing enemies from behind. In other words, don't just run into open areas. Fight your way all of the way to the Cahhmakt, the captain who tries to negotiate, in the small room near the Cockpit. Tell him you don't care about what he does, and he and his men will lay off. You are told one of his men are in the Cantina, and if you go to him, you will be paid a tribute. You also note the body of the man who claimed the Ebon Hawk was his. This completes the Landing Rights Journal entry.

Before you leave the Ebon Hawk, install the PROCESSOR you purchased in the HK droid. All that's left is the droid chassis.

Leave the Ebon Hawk. Again, select Atton and Visas as your party members. Upon leaving, you will receive a message on the Comlink. Return to the nearby Ebon Hawk and listen to it. It seems you're being asked to walk into a trap, as Visquis has asked you to join him in the Private Lounge of Jekk'Jekk Tarr. Go to see him. You'll be by yourself.

Head for the Docks and Atton will come running after you. He gives you healing packs. Continue to the Docks.

Nar Shaddaa Docks

Upon passing through you'll be met by Mira, a bounty hunter looking for you. She tells you the Bounty Hunter truce is over, and your friends are in trouble. Cut to Atton in the Cantina. You will be placed in a battle with the Bounty Hunting Twins. I Gamorrean War Axed the two (while using many Med Packs and a Mandalorian Melee Shield). Only focus on one at a time, as they will heal themselves if you let them. Once you defeat the Twins, you'll be put through a series of cutscenes, culminating in a conversation between you and Mira, where Mira will gas you and leave you alone.

Next, you'll be Mira in an Environmental Suit. Visquis believes this to be you. Make your way through the bar, as Mira, to the Private Lounge. Mira will be taken out. Switch back to you. Zez-Kai Ell, the missing Jedi, will be over your body, updating your Lost Jedi entry. He will be gone when you wake up. Collect what you can from the Metal Box, then exit out of the Apartment area. Head for the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Inside the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, you will learn the Breath Control Force Power. Select and activate the new Force Power and move forward. Those in the bar aren't happy to see you. Fight your way through them.

You'll know you're in the Private Lounge once you're in a place where you aren't being attacked. Speak to any of the Twi'lek Attendants. Ask where Visquis is, then if there's anything else you should know. Ask about Mira, then tell the Attendant to get to safety. Locate the north door to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels and pass through.

Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels

You have no map, and you don't know what direction you need to go. That's why I'm here. While you may want to explore the area for items and a couple of Datapads on a couple corpses, all you really need to do is go straight forward one room (there's a Frag Mine there), then go left until you hit the High Security Door. Approach it and you'll be switched back to Mira, who is now in an arena of sorts.

You'll be thrown into battle with Hanharr, the Wookie Bounty Hunter. Immediately go into your start menu and equip Mira as you see fit. Leave her Wrist Launcher in place and give her what you want. Her Wrist Launcher will launch EXPLOSIVE ROCKETS, when selected from the Demolitions menu. However, Mira has no rockets on her when you first use her, so simply use what you see fit. I defeated Hanharr fairly easily with a simple Double-Bladed Sword and the Heavy Repeating Rifle. Also, if you didn't Level Mira up before, be sure to do so now.

Once you defeat the Wookie, the Hounds will be released. Take them out. Grenades work well here, as does leading the Hounds over the many mines. Mira doesn't trip mines, so leading enemies across them is quite easy. Once they're no longer a threat, pick up the items from the many corpses, and enter the cage where the hounds were held. Here you'll find a corpse with a BEAST TENDER KEYCARD. Pick it up and exit via the north arena door.

In front of you are Ubese Bounty Hunters. I found my Heavy Repeating Rifle to be quite effective against them. Continue forward, then through the door to the north. Again, more Ubese. You can set traps for the Ubese by laying your own mines, then getting them to chase you over them. That, combined with some good Rifle shots make them easy to get by. From this Sparring Room, head west. Take out the Ubese, then access the Emergency Tunnel Control next to the Escape Tunnel door. Access the escape routes, then activate. You will be switched to your character.

Check out your map. You need to get from your location to the Combat Pit where Mira took on the Wookie. Make your way there, collecting items and fighting the Ubese as you go.

Pass through the door (if you can't unlock it, there's a computer in the Vent Control room just north of the Sparring Room, which unlocks all security doors). Inside, speak with Visquis. You'll discover Goto put the bounty on your head. When Visquis is attacked, announce there's been enough killing. You'll be fried, then you'll get an interesting cutscene. Kreia demands Hanharr kill Mira.

Atton and Mira will be thrown into conversation. Ask Mira all the questions you can. You'll eventually find the only way to get to the Jedi (you), is to be sucked up by Goto's yacht. Goto likes sucking up Vogga's ships, so you need one of Vogga's transponder codes to make him think you're merely one of Vogga's hijacked freighters. To get a transponder code, you need to get to Vogga's Droid warehouse...as a droid. A cutscene plays out where a sad little cow like creature sells a "droid" (T3-M4) to Vogga's warehouse guardian, B-5D8. For this you will get Light Side Points and a T3-M4 and Droid Warehouse Journal entry.

As T3, you are to report to C7-E3. Enter the Droid Warehouse, across from B-5D8. Make your way to C7-E3, at the back end of the room. Then, report to C6-E3, who you passed along the way. After you speak with C6, return to C7. Speak to him, then fight him. Enjoy the ease and simplicity of a droid fight. C6 will come around and allow you to pass through the door. This will update T3-M4 and Droid Warehouse.

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