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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Onderon - Light Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Complete Light and Dark Side Paths
  • All Side Missions
  • Combat Tips and Tricks
  • Instantly Downloadable eBook (PDF)

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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


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Onderon Sample

Aboard the Ebon Hawk

Upon your approach to Onderon, you will encounter some hostile ships. You get the option to try to take them out or to simply land on one of Onderon's moons. Go ahead and fight off the enemies...but note, even if you are overwhelmingly successful with it, you will still land on the jungle moon.

Dxun is the name of the moon on which you land. Speak with Atton and Kreia. Say you need to get to Onderon, then head to the outpost. For this you will get XP and two new Journal entries: Find the Outpost and Alternate Route to Onderon. Exit the Ebon Hawk and choose your companions: Mira and Bao-Dur.


In front of you is a waterfall. There is a path on each side of it. Take either one and work your way up the hill, fighting off Cannoks and any other creatures you encounter as you go. You will be generally heading NE. Along the way, check your map so you don't miss the Ship Wreckage to the south. Locate it and search the area for remains. Among them you will find the DATAPAD: DEAD REPUBLIC PILOT. You will also find a Rusted Computer Port here. You can log into the port to fix some droids you are about to encounter. If you fix them, you will then be able to approach them and activate them. However, you shouldn't need their help, so it's pointless to waste your goods on them.

Continue north, winding your way around the path. You will eventually come to some bounty hunters. Simply take them out and collect from their remains. Locate the next path north and take it to the Dxun Jungle.

Dxun Jungle

Move up the path and continue fighting. Check out the little area to the SE and locate the Mandalorian's body. Collect what's on him, then examine the Dxun Cache Door. You have the option to blow the door with thorium charges, which I acquired by purchasing them from Akkere back on Dantooine so he'd help in the militia. If you have them, use them as there are many items inside. If you don't it's no big loss, as none of the items are that spectacular. Continue up the path, where you will run into a gang of Madalorians. Question them as you see fit, then allow them to lead you to their camp.

Mandalorian Ruins

You will be tossed into a conversation with Mandalore. Ask what you want of him, then ask how to get to Onderon. You are told you'll need to prove yourself to earn a transport there. You are told to ask around to see what you can do to prove yourself. You are also given the task, by Mandalore, of detonating some charges in the jungle. Check your Journal for new Price of Passage and An Explosive Situation entries. Use the Lab Station, if you so desire, then exit out into the camp.

Head to the Hangar area first, which is NE of Mandalore's "office". Wind your way around the wall to get there, and collect from the many Metal Boxes in the area. Note the Battle Circle, and speak to the Mandalorian Sergeant to get the Battle Circle Journal entry, but don't bother entering yet. We'll hit it later. Also, note the room with the Workbench and the Telementary Computer for the Relay Dish. Upgrade your weapons as you wish, then note the computer isn't working. Exit out and return to the area outside the Command Center, and head south.

Speak with Xarga, who is training some recruits. He is missing one of his warriors, Kumus, and believes he's dead in the jungle. Xarga wants Kumus's body back. Agree to help and you'll receive the Missing Mandalorian Journal entry.

Next, locate Zuka at the terminal by the broken wires. Use your "Computer" skills and Zuka will tell you about his many problems. Upon finishing your conversation with Zuka, you will receive two new Journal entries: Trouble with Cannoks, where you need to locate a phase-pulse converter, as eaten by a Cannok, and Tech Assistance, which deals with the aforementioned Relay Dish. We'll worry about the Relay Dish when we get the phase-pulse converter back.

The Madalorian Guide offers to take you back to your ship, which is nice, but not necessary yet. Kex will sell you some products, if you want them. The Mandalorian Guard Captain will warn you of larger beasts in the jungle, specifically the Zakkeg. Say you'll defeat the Zakkeg, and you'll receive the Zakkeg Challenge Journal entry. Once you've spoken to each of these Mandalorians, leave the camp.

Dxun Jungle

It's exploration time! Head south to the Mandalorian Sentry, then check your map. The path to the north (from where you just came) and the path to the south (your original path) have been covered. You need to check out every other path now. Start with west path, then head north. Fight every creature you encounter and check for remains. The phase-pulse converter is broken up into three parts, each of which is inside a Cannok. Since this game differs between games, where I find my parts may not be where you find your parts, so, again, it's very important you take out every creature you encounter and examine it for the converter parts.

Along this north path, which eventually circles around, you will spot another little path to the NW. Immediately before this path is where I found the Cannok with the PHASE PULSE CONVERTER: POWER inside of it. Take this path and your An Explosive Situation Journal entry will be updated, as there's a detonator right in front of you. Prepare yourself for battle, approach the detonator and press the button. The explosion disturbs a few tough beasts. Take them out, check their remains, then enter the Mandalorian Cache.

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