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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Complete Light and Dark Side Paths
  • All Side Missions
  • Combat Tips and Tricks
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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


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Select your Party member. You'll be selecting again shortly, so choose who you want here. Outside, speak to the Mandalorian Guide and let him lead you to the camp.

Mandalorian Ruins

Ask Kelborn what you want, including "How can we help Queen Talia?". You'll realize you'll have to lead a group to the Royal Palace, while another group must go through the jungle to defeat enemies. Think about what team will work well without you, and who it is you want by your side. I chose Visas, Bao-Dur and HK-47 to go through the jungle.

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When the game loads up you will be in control of the jungle group Visas, Bao-Dur and HK-47. Xarga will also come along for the ride. Move through the cave and fight the Bomas which appear in front of you. Have Bao-Dur take out the mines blocking your path. When you are warned of the security device up ahead, opt to send one party member forward. Select Bao-Dur and go into "Solo Mode". Make sure he's wearing enough Stealth Gear to be able to go into Stealth mode. Go into Stealth mode and pluck up the mines. With both my Stealth Field Generator and Stealth Field Enhancer equipped, I still was not able to avoid being detected by the security device. No bother, I prefer to take my opponents on rather than sneak past them, anyway. If you can sneak and want to sneak, do so, however, if you trigger the alarm, stand back and wait for the Mandalorians to come to you, so you don't trigger the mines.

Once you've eliminated the Sith who appear in the cave, continue to have Bao-Dur approach the security device and turn it off. Exit the cave and fight the Boma. Head north. There are some Turrets along the way. Make use of Visas "Disable Droid" and "Shock" Force powers, if available to you, to take out the turrets quickly (or, if you want, blow up the Turret Power Generator with Bao-Dur by the cave's exit to avoid dealing with them, which is a better idea, as it will help later). Continue to fight your way north.

You'll eventually come to a Sith camp. Again, Visas's Shock attack works beautifully. Take out the men and collect from their remains and Footlocker. Access the security terminal and slice into it. Upload the area schematics if you want a map, then access and examine the officers logs. Next, cross the field and take on the next wave of Bomas and Sith. Note the Droid Power Generator, left of the ramp leading to the Tomb. Have Bao-Dur "repair" it to disable the droids.

Move up the ramp, taking out anyone who didn't come down to fight against you before. Having destroyed both the Turret and Droid Power Generators makes this battle fairly easy. At the top, check all areas for hidden Dark Jedi and Sith waiting to pounce on you. Then enter the Tomb. Fight those who are in front of you, and watch your health as the Sith Lords will do some damage to you. Enter the Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

Tomb of Freedon Nadd

There will be a scene with Xarga, followed by a warning that you have entered the Tomb. Move forward. Before passing through the barrier, head right, and down to the east room with the Workbench. Take out anyone who stands in your way. Collect from the baskets and use the Workbench as you feel necessary. Walk through the purple patch, feel the Dark Side, and control your emotions. This will give you Strength, Constitution and Light Side Points. Walk into the central structure and log into the Ancient Terminal.

Attempt to repair the Terminal and you will find an equation that needs to be solved. Multiply, subtract, add, then divide. This will power up the terminal. Access the Ancient Box for some Lightsaber Upgrades. Do with them what you want, and exit out. Head to the west room (make sure Solo Mode is turned off).

In the West room, take out the enemies, and the active Medical Droid, then collect from what's around. Repair the Broken Medical Droid, and it will follow you around, filling your health as necessary. Enter the central structure and you will find another problem to solve. Replace core C and unlock the container for an ULTIMA PEARL (at least, that's what I got). Exit out and pass through the Barrier door to the north.

Behind the door are some enemies. Eliminate them, then move through the next Barrier door. Behind it are some Dark Jedis. Fight them. Go ahead and toast the Sith Warriors at the bottom of the ramp, too. The door at the bottom of the ramp is locked. Head east.

Take out the Sith Troopers as you move along, and the Bomas in the last room. Enter the central structure and access the terminal. Lower the lever. Return to the central room and head west, again, taking out enemies as you come to them. In the circular room at the end and open the Footlocker. There's Dark energy here, too. This time, "resist the storm" to gain Light Side Points. That's all you have to do here, as the door has already been unlocked. Return to the central room and move down the ramp and through the door.

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Move forward, eliminating those between you and your destination. Approach the Sith Master and you'll find you're too late. What's done is done. Say, "I will not walk the path of the dark side!", then "I stand by the Jedi", followed by "I will not be tempted". Then, fight the Sith Master and his Dark Jedi Masters. They strike hard and fast, but your trusty Medical Droid does wonders in saving your health frequently. Just keep at them and let the Droid do its work. Collect from their Remains, then open the Sith Sarcophagus. Collect from it the M'UHK'GFA (then pronounce it) and the FREEDON NADD'S SHORT LIGHTSABER. Xarga will be waiting for you at the front of the room. Speak with him and let him take you back to the camp. Time to switch teams.

Mandalorian Ruins

OK...while Visas and her team were passing through the jungle, this is what you were up to. Ask about the Basilisk, then select one team member to fight with you, as Kreia will be with you no matter what. I opted for Atton to stand by my side.


Merchant Quarter

Upon landing, Vaklu's soldiers will attack. Take them out. Collect whatever remains they may leave behind, then move north, then west, toward the Sky Ramp. You'll be taken into a cutscene with the Queen and the Jedi Master. When it's over, follow the Captain to the Sky Ramp.

Sky Ramp

You are heading to a tower up ahead. You have many men take take on between you and it, and you are warned that your enemies will get stronger as you get closer. So, with that knowledge, move forward and start picking off the Troopers. Save your good stuff and Force Powers for later. With all three of my characters equipped with semi-bad ass Lightsabers, I had little trouble making it through the men...even the lot of them in the square.

Once you clear out the square, pass through the tower door to the SE. Again, clear the room of the weak troopers and the Vaklu Captain. When this is done, log into the Access Terminal. Enter Bostuco's code, deactivate the forceshield barrier. You'll get a quick cutscene. Log back into the terminal and access the Turret Control. Opt to take control of a turret. You have eight enemy ships to destroy. Use your radar to locate them and blast away. This will give you XP. Log out, exit, then move west and enter the Barracks.

Inside the Barracks you will find more allies. Some will follow you. Collect from the lockers inside and use the Workbench as you see fit. Exit out and head for the Ramp to the east.

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As you approach reinforcements will be called in. Call for a surrender and you'll be attacked. Remember, it's going to get tougher as you approach your goal, so waste nothing here. After taking out the first group, Sith Soldiers will come your way. Take him out, then approach the force field. The console will blow up. Approach the field again. The men behind it say to run. Say you won't harm them if they leave now. They'll run, and the Sith Lord will come forward. Approach the force field one more time and open it. Quickly take care of the soldier so you can focus on the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord is one nasty guy. He'll take off upwards of 100 health points with a good hit, and his own health meter is at 550, so it takes some work taking him down. Again, use your Lightsaber team and Health Jedi Powers as best you can to eliminate him. When this is done, collect his remains and continue up the ramp.

In the next plaza area are more Troopers. They're cake compared to what you just fought. Speak to the Royalist Officer in the corner and say, "I'll meet you...". Move ahead and enter the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace

Move forward and the door to the Throne Room will shut in front of you. Explain that any door can be opened. This will add The Royal Deadline to your Journal. Head north.

Take out the group of Vaklu troopers...they are stronger, but still easy to eliminate. There are many of them as you move along, so simply watch the health of you and your partners, and take your time. You don't need to rush from one group to the next. Refuel, then move forward. Pass through the Royal Museum for some Museum Treasures. In the next room, look out. There are some nasty poisonous gasses that will get you. Use your Breath Control to protect yourself, and equip your partners with whatever protection you have and fight on. This is all for some fine but not necessary stuff in a metal box in the room, so, if you want to avoid it, feel free. Oh, and the Terminals in the area just won't help you. Exit out and move back into the hall. Continue to take out those between you and your destination.

Approach the second doorway in the north hall. Here you will meet Kavar, the Jedi Master. Ask him what you want and continue down the hall before you enter his room. Use the terminal outside the Storage room and try to open it up. You'll have to answer a few questions. 66, 45, and 39 are you answers. Answer them correctly to open the storage room and collect the goods. Return to Kavar's room.

From Kavar's Room, move south, to the West Security Complex. Move through and speak with Captain Kadron. Ask what he needs and ask where the other security console is. It's in the furthest room down the south hall. Be on your way. You will get XP and an update to The Royal Deadline. Collect what's in the room, then access the Security Terminal. Upload the area schematics and open all security doors. Once that is done, backtrack to the Throne Room door. Head south.

On your way south you'll get a cutscene. When you do, gear up, as there's a battle on the way. When you turn the corner, wait for a beast to walk over a mine, then detonate the mine with your Destroy Droid Power. This will harm the beast and eliminate a danger in your way. Simply continue to take on the enemies here, avoiding the mines as you go. I did hit a glitch here, which placed me at the east section of the hall in the middle of battle. It actually helped as I was able to approach from the backside and toss some grenades on unsuspecting enemies. When the hall is clear, enter the Dining Room.

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