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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Peragus - Light Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


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In the cutscene which occurs before you get control of your character, you'll discover an assassin droid on the Ebon Hawk. Next, you'll find your character in a Medical Bay. The first thing you need to do is check your Journal. Here is your first Peragus mission, Recent History: Bonus Mission. You need to learn about what has happened to you.

Move forward and you'll get a note telling you to return to your kolto tank (the empty one) if you lose Vitality Points (health). Noted. Continue forward and make your way to the Medical Lab and Lab Station. Inside, collect the MEDPAC from the Medical Bay Container, note the Lab Station (it works just like the Workbench, but creates health related items, stimulants, mines and grenades), then go ahead and open up the Medical Storage room. Inside, collect the CHEMICALS from one Container and the MEDPAC from the other. Next, return to the main area of the Med Lab and use the Medical Computer.

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Whenever you come to a computer that is willing to provide you with information, use it. First, access the Medical Logs and access the three available to you. This tells you the story of how you arrived in Peragus through the eyes of the lab staff. You will also learn that your being a Jedi has caused some trouble, and the Mining Station is having a few "issues", resulting in a lockdown. Next, return to the main console options and access the patient lifesigns. You'll discover you (#3) were the only patient to survive. Next, access the patient treatment menu, and check the last treatment request. You'll learn a lethal dose of sedatives went to all of the patients (including you). There is no record of who ordered the treatment. However, note that for a Computer Spike (which we don't have) you can attempt to track the lethal order. Keep that in mind. Finally, access the medical bay functions. Do what you want to do here, but be sure to unlock the door to the morgue. With that, log out for XP and a new journal entry, Medical Bay Murders: Bonus Mission. To complete this bonus mission, you'll need to find out who tried to kill you.

Next, head across the hall to the Morgue. Approach the Corpse at the far end of the room and grab the PLASMA TORCH. This will trigger a cutscene with an older woman, Kreia. Be polite, as we're going for Light Side points here. Respond with, "I thought you were dead", "A little disoriented...", "So you can touch minds...", "Last think I remember...", "How do you know...", "The Jedi Order", "What is this place?", "Why do we need to leave", [Awareness], "We'll see...", [Persuade], "They didn't...", "You seem to know a lot", and "I'll return soon...". For this you will earn Light Side Points and your Journal will be updated. The Recent History: Bonus Mission will be updated, and you will receive a new mission, Recover Ebon Hawk.

Exit out of the Morgue. Go into your "Equip Menu", equip your newly acquired Plasma Torch, then use it to bash your way through the damaged door. For this you will earn XP. In the next room, collect the VIBROBLADE from the Corpse and equip it also. Collect the DROID DEFLECTOR MARK I from the Broken Droid, and note that the emergency blast door won't open.

Make sure your Vibroblade is your active weapon, and open the next door, where you'll come to your first enemies: Damaged Mining Droids. Just like in training on the Ebon Hawk, the game will pause when you spot these guys. Use your L and R triggers to select the droid you want to attack first, then stack your attacks with "X". For fun, throw a MedPac in the stacked mix so you can see how it works. Once you're done stacking, hit your "White" button to unpause the battle and unleash the stack. Note, your stacked attacks only work per enemy. You'll have to restack to take on the next droid.

Once they're down, collect the MINING LASER from the one, and go ahead and equip it in the Plasma Torch's spot. It's always good to have one Ranged weapon and one Melee weapon on hand.

Through the next door, take out the next two droids. In the next room, collect the DROID DEFLECTOR MARK I from the broken Droid and try to open the Emergency Hatch. This will awaken Kreia. Say "Kreia", then try to find a way to open it. No good for now. Continue on to the Security Room.

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In the Security Room, collect the SECURITY TUNNELER from the Corpse, then examine the Security Desk. Check the security records...all of them, as you'll learn some important information. Next, access the remote camera controls to note the placement of some more droid attackers and a person in a holding cell. Hmm. Log out and continue through the next door. Kreia will warn you of the droids in the next room. Whatever. You're prepared with your Vibroblade. However, Kreia does give you the passive Precognition Power. When it's triggered, you should save your game. This is a good time to do just that. For this you will earn XP.

Pass through the door and battle the droids. I'm always a fan of the Flurry Attack, followed by a few normal strikes. Upon defeating one or two, Kreia will speak to you. Answer her with the first two answers. When you leave your conversation with Kreia, you'll have an "L" over your face. This means you've earned enough XP to Level Up. This will happen as you earn points. Because your points will probably differ from mine, you won't be told when to level up. All I can suggest is to do it as soon as you get the chance, and go ahead and Auto Level Up when you do (as that will keep your character as close to mine as possible).

Once you've defeated all of the droids, collect the STEALTH FIELD GENERATOR, the MEDPAC, the COMPONENTS and the ION GRENADES from the Footlockers. The Stealth Field Generator can be equipped on your waist, and, when you activate it through your Action Menu, you will be invisible to the Droids. Continue through the next two doors to the Communications Blister room. Here you will have many Droids to deal with. You could use your Stealth Field Generator to just slip by them, but, because we like XP, go ahead and use it to sneak up on them, then take them out quickly. Be sure to make use of your newly available Force Powers now, like "Stun Droid".

When the droids have been eliminated, locate the door leading to the Prison. You can't get through there. So, locate the Administration Computer in the front of the room and access it. Opt to look for the control override switch, then activate it. This will deactivate the force field outside the prison door. Run to the door and open it up. Inside will be a man: Atton Rand.

Say "Who are you?", "Care to explain...", "What is this place", then continue answering with the first response. Eventually, persuade Atton to tell you his plan, then persuade him again. Keep answering with the first response until you get the opportunity to tell Atton you trust him. Do that and Atton will be released. Say "All right, let's go", and you'll return to the front area. After Atton goes through his instructions, say, "What's Wrong". Try to repair it, then ask if there's another way. Opt to try to reach someone on the comm. For this you will earn Light Side points and get an update to your Journal, the Galactic History: Bonus Mission.

Next, log into the Administration Computer again and check all of the administration logs, then access the comm system. Try both the Dormatories and the Hangar Bay. In the Hangar Bay you'll hear blips. Ask "Can you read me?", then "Do a diagnostic...", "We're trapped...", "There must be emergency hatches..." and "I'd rather risk it...". You will then be switched to the T3 droid with a new journal entry, Rescue Your Character. Time to find a console!

Collect the CHEMICALS, COMPONENTS, SONIC GRENADE and NEURAL BAND from the Footlockers, and the REPAIR KIT from the Broken Droid. Equip Droid Neural Pacifier (in addition to the Droid Shock Arm) and the Droid Deflector Mark I. Note the sealed door to the east. Next, pass through the low security door to the south. You will get a quick cutscene of the Ebon Hawk, updating your Recover Ebon Hawk Journal Entry.

Move up the ramp and access the Hangar Control. Opt to Repair and replace the missing part. You'll find you don't have that part. Open up the two Footlockers for REPAIR KITS. Try to open both the Fuel Depot Door and the Hangar Bay Door. Nothing. Return to your original room and pass through the low security door to the west, and fight the Droid. Collect the MINOR SONIC DETONATOR, and make your way down the ramp. Continue to take out droids, collect what's on them, and moving down. You'll find CREDITS, ADRENAL STAMINA and a REPAIR KIT in a PC on the way down. At the bottom, pass through the door to the Paragus Fuel Depot.

Collect COMPONENTS from the Broken Droid and pass through the two doors. Fight the two droids, then collect the DROID ION STRIKER, DEADLY SONIC MINES and DATAPAD: PERAGUS DEPOT SURVEY from the Corpse. From the Broken Droid you will receive the PARTS necessary to repair the Hangar Controls. Return to the Peragus Hangar Bay.

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Make your way back up the ramps and fight the new droids. You may care to use some of your new equipment along the way. At the top, in your original room, return to the sealed door to the east and place a Mine at the foot of it. When it blows, the door will open. Inside you'll find 3C-FD, who is not repairable. Collect the goods from the PCs and Footlocker. Among many items you will come across some great items, including a few precious COMPUTER SPIKES.

Back at the Hangar Control, use a Repair Part to fix the console. Once that's done, access the emergency control commands and repair. Access the hangar logs check the various access logs. Access the cameras, then finally the Comm system and try to repair it. Go ahead and use your Computer Spikes to access the hangar bay layout and to open the blast door to the Fuel Depot. For this you will earn XP and an updated Rescue Your Character Journal entry. Pass through that Fuel Depot Door.

Take on the enemy droids (the Flamethrower works beautifully), and continue to make your way forward to the Peragus Fuel Depot. Don't miss the goods on the Broken Droid, nor those in the Footlocker along the way.

Move forward then left to the Fuel Control Station. Access the cameras, call up the system log and call up the emergency schematics. Open the emergency hatch and you'll be toasted. Back to your character!

Tell Atton you "don't want to talk about it", "It looks like it...", "The turbolifts...", "Maybe...", "Got it.". For this you will receive XP, Light Side Points and an updated Recover Ebon Hawk Journal entry and a new Rescue T3-M4 mission.

Check your map. The newly opened emergency hatch is down the main hall (check your map). However, before you go, check out long hall leading to the SE. Here you will find some disabled droids. Go ahead and repair and examine them. Check the last orders, then switch it to defend organics (that's you). Then, leave them alone for XP. Also, collect the COMPONENTS from the Cylinder. Once this is done, make your way to that now opened Emergency Hatch, and move to the Peragus Mining Tunnels.

Peragus Mining Tunnels

Move forward and speak with Atton: "Barely..." and "I'll be careful then...". In the next room, collect the MINER UNIFORM, MEDPAC, SURVEY GEAR, TELOS MINING SHIELD and SAFETY HARNESS from the PC. Equip the Miner Uniform, the Shield, the Safety Harness (to deal with Demolitions) and whatever else you want. Tell Atton "Yes..." and "There's some kind of...". If you want to know more, politely ask Atton, otherwise, say "Got it. Let's go." and "I can handle it". Collect the COMPONENTS and PARTS from the Broken Droid, and continue on.

In the room with the orange cylinder, head SE first and you'll be told about demolitions. Ask "Why...", then "Understood". If you're following this guide to a tee, like me, you won't be able to do anything with the demolitions. Just avoid them and collect what you can from the Broken Droid. Next, collect from the Droid to the NE, then move down the NW hall, where you'll have to fight a few enemies. Collect what you can and continue on, fighting and collecting as you go.

In the next room where you will encounter a good number of droids, you'll have Maintenance Droids with which to deal. These guys should always be taken out first, as they will repair any other droid you are trying to destroy, as you destroy it. In other words, if you don't take them out first, any damage you do to other droids will prove to be fruitless. Also, keep an eye on your health here, and use MedPacs when necessary, and use your Shields. Also, feel free to use Grenades against the droids, but don't go crazy with them, as it's always good to have a grenade or two on hand. I prefer simply using the Flurry and Power Attack Feats. Finally, if you don't want the XP, you can sneak by these guys with Stealth.

Once you've cleared the room, collect what is available to you from destroyed droids and the Corpse, then continue forward. Atton will tell you to equip your Mining Energy Shield to pass through the hall in front of you. Equip it, then activate it as you would a Medpac, and move down the hall. You will come to a room with more Demolitions. Avoid them (or take them out with your Force Stun Droid power), collect goods from the Corpse. Continue on and fight the next set of droids. Collect what you can from the remains (including INSULATED GLOVES)

You'll be warned by Atton of droids. Ask what you want, then move on to, "Understood". Enter the Central Mining Core, take out the droids on both sides, collect items from the Corpse, then log into the Central Controller. Command the droids to cancel all droid mining functions on organics (1 Computer Spike), and check the droid schematics to raise the temperature in the tunnels. Next, access the fuel containment functions to shut down the containment field, then check out all of the cameras. Log out for XP.

Next, check all four corners where you shut down the containment fields. The droids won't hurt you, as you changed their functions. Collect components from them, and whatever else you can collect in the areas. You will find a COMPUTER SPIKE. Return to the Central Controller and use it to unlock the emergency supply cylinder for a SECURITY TUNNELER, SONIC GRENADE and MEDPAC.

Move down the SE hall and Atton will pick up some readings. Ask "What kind..." and "How much time...". Continue forward and continue collecting. You'll eventually come to the Turbolift to the Peragus Fuel Depot. Enter.

Peragus Fuel Depot

In the cutscene upon your arrival you'll come to a Corpse and a droid calling you "Master". Move through all of the questions, as politely as possible (stay with the first response), until you can ask how to bypass the voiceprint, then, choose that option. Ask more questions about the T3 unit and even more about the hangar bay. In the hangar bay line of questioning, try to persuade the droid. Ask whatever else you want...but, again, remember to be polite. You learn much, including the droid's knowledge of the code, and his ability to speak as the maintenance officer. You will earn XP, Light Side Points and you'll get a new Journal Entry, Voiceprint Protocol. You'll also get updates to the Recover Ebon Hawk and Recent History: Bonus Mission.

Return to the Maintenance Officer Corpse and collect what's on him. Move across the hall and open up the PC for the DATAPAD: SONIC IMPRINT SENSOR and the SONIC IMPRINT SENSOR. Again, XP and a Journal Update. Grab what you can from the droids, then check out the Workbench. In the Workbench, create a Computer Spike or two and an Ion Cell. Go ahead and use that Ion Cell to upgrade your Vibroblade, and, if you want a Basic Ionite Edge. Now your Vibroblade is kick ass. Return to the HK Protocol Droid.

Use the Sonic Sensor, then ask him to speak the voice code. Next, Persuade + Sonic Sensor. With that, tell him that's all you need and you'll be going. Again, XP and an updated Journal Entry are a reward. This is a good place to save. Gear up and move SE and take on many droids. Note there's another repair droid. Focus on him, but don't move to the right...not yet. Instead, clear out what you can first, collect from the remains, then move right. Near the end of the hall a couple of Mining Droids will appear. Take them out, then pass through the low security door for another little battle. Exit out and continue down the open hall, fighting and collecting as you go.

Open all of the doors available to you (but don't take the turbolift) and enter the Droid Corneal Station. Log into the computer and enter the voiceprint code. Open the airlock, then access all of the logs. Check out everything else you can and you'll earn XP and updated Journal Entries. Collect items from the PC, then return to the airlock door which you just unlocked. Pass through it, and the next door. Here, collect the SPACE SUIT from the locker and pass through the next door. You'll be outside.

Peragus Asteroid Exterior

Move outside, along the walkway, and you'll come to a cutscene with Atton. Answer with the first replies, and a ship will dock. This will update your Recover Ebon Hawk Journal entry. Continue making your way along the walkway, and enter the Peragus Dormitory.

Peragus Dormitory

Move forward and deal with the droids. Collect the LORNAN IMPLANT from the PC and pass through the next door. Fight the droid and collect the DATAPAD: STORAGE LOG from the Corpse. The door to the south will lead you to a small room with a Workbench and some items in lockers. Once you have what you need, move north.

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