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LB's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Telos - Light Side


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KOTOR 2 Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith LordsTM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide takes you down both the Light and Dark Side Jedi paths. What's more, its table of contents is beautifully bookmarked so you can easily compare and contrast Light and Dark options before you take a step in either direction. If you want the full "KOTOR II" experience, this is the walkthrough for you!

  • Detailed walkthrough
  • Complete Light and Dark Side Paths
  • All Side Missions
  • Combat Tips and Tricks
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KOTOR 2 Table of Contents

1. KOTOR II Intro and Prologue - Light
2. Peragus - Light
3. Telos - Light
4. Dantooine - Light
5. Nar Shaddaa - Light
6. Onderon and Dxun - Light
7. Korriban - Light
8. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Light
9. The Final Chapter - Light
10. Peragus - Dark
11. Telos - Dark
12. Dantooine - Dark
13. Nar Shaddaa - Dark
14. Onderon and Dxun - Dark
15. Korriban - Dark
16. Return to Onderon and Dxun - Dark
17. The Final Chapter - Dark
18. LB's KOTOR II Guide FAQ - Light and Dark


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Residential Module 082 East

You will be met by Lieutenant Grenn. Ask if you're under arrest. Your personal arms, armor, T3 and ship will be taken away. Ask if you'll get the gear back. Say, "I do", and you'll find yourself in a holding cell. In the cell, try to ask questions, but you'll fail. A guard will enter later. Ask what's going on, then ask why how they plan to get away with this. Finally, opt to "get this over with". For this you will get XP. Also, check your Journal for new False Batu: Bonus Mission, Arrested! and Ebon Hawk's I&D entries.

Batu is quite easy to take out. Do so and Grenn will enter. Answer "Impressive", "How did he manage...", and "What's going to happen...", and "Let's go". You will be taken to your quarters, in apartment C3. Ask how long you'll be there. Ask Atton why you need to leave, then rest.

After some rest, the wall console will ring. Accept the call, and allow Moza to enter. Politely speak with Moza. He will tell you of the plight of the Ithorians, as the Czerka Corporation has begun to take over Telos. Chordo Habat, the Ithorian spiritual leader, would like to meet with you. Say you will speak to Chordo once you are free. This will add the The Caller entry to your Journal.

After more rest you will get get another call. Answer it and accept the call from Jana Lorso. Jana Lorso is a representative from the Czerka Corporation. Speak to her and see what she wants. Ask what you want, and tell her you'll come by when you can. It's good to leave your option open...even when dealing with "bad guys". This will put the Czerka Calling entry in your Journal.

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Eventually Lieutenant Grenn will come in and free you from house arrest, although you are to remain on station. Get through the next conversations and the Arrested! and Ebon Hawk's I&D entries will be updated. Exit your apartment and start opening doors. Leave Apartment Complex C and you will find yourself in a long terminal. Locate the Information Terminal along this long terminal, and log in. Download the area map. Note the "Transit to another module" option. You can't use it yet, as you haven't explored enough, but once you do, this will be your best friend as it will allow you to warp from sector to sector.

Check your new map. Go ahead and check out the various apartments in Apartment Complex B and Apartment Complex A. In Complex B you will find, Opo Chano, a droid part salesman who is in debt to the Exchange. Keep him in mind. In Complex A, you'll meet Harra. Harra lost his girlfriend by gambling. Doton Het is making him pay 2000 credits for the little lady. Offer to help him and you'll receive the High Stakes entry. Finally, if you collect what's in the various Footlockers in Complex A, you'll be confronted by a man. Be polite and leave. You are now ready to enter the Czerka Offices. Exit Complex A run west to the offices and enter.

Speak with B-4D4, then pass through the door behind him. Speak to whomever you want, then work your way through the next two doorways to Jana Lorso. Ask her all of the questions you want, and tell her you'll bring the droid in (although we're not going to). For this you will receive the ITHORIAN CREDENTIALS, XP and and new Replacement Restoration Droid entry. Exit the Czerka Offices. Head west and enter Residential Module 082 West.

Residential Module 082 West

Again, check the Information Terminal and download the map. Enter the Ithorian Compound. Speak with the Greeter, and work your way around to the west room where Moza and Chodo Habat are waiting for you. Speak with Chodo. Question him how you see fit. Let him know "Yes, I'll see it to you safely". You have now told both Czerka and the Ithorians that you will bring them the droid intelligence. Since we're working for the "Light Side", we're going to do what we can to really help the Ithorians. For this you will receive XP and and update to the Replacement Restoration Droid entry. Exit the Ithorian Compound and return to Residential Module 082 East, where you will find the Shuttle Bay Elevator leading to Entertainment Module 081. Enter.

Entertainment Module 081

There are two ramps here...one up and one down. The ramp leading up is closed off at the top, so go ahead and take the ramp down. The first door you pass will lead you to two Merchants. The first merchant in the room sells legal products, the second merchant sells black market products. Buy what you want (but note, your own weapons are near), and note the Workbench in the room. Use it if you'd like, exit, and continue down the hall. Here you will run into a spot of trouble. Some Czerka Mercenaries are giving someone some trouble. Figure out what's going on and help the little guy by not allowing the Mercenaries to lay a hand on him. Don't bother paying the Mercenaries off, just fight them. For this you will receive Light Side points. Tell the little guy to leave for now...take his credits if you want, I declined them and received more Light Side points. Next, enter the Cantina.

In the Cantina you will have a couple of fun options. Just left of your entrance is the Race Master. He runs the Swoop Racing circuit on Citadel Station. Practice before you opt to race, as you can continually persuade the Race Master to allow you to practice for free. To race, hit the A button once to activate the thrusters (I actually keep it pressed, as it feels better, and it doesn't affect anything). Use your control stick to move left and right as you try to hit every accelerator pad, and avoid every mine. Hit "B" to jump mines and obstacles. Keep an eye on the shift indicator at the bottom of the screen. When it tops out, tap "A" again to shift to a higher speed. Once you feel you can race (you might want to check the track records to get an idea of how you're doing), tell the Race Master you want to do so. He will waive the 100 credit entrance fee for you once.

Once you're done racing, head on over to Melba Dule at one of the long blue tables. She'll offer to play Pazaak with you. If you haven't spoken with Atton since arriving on Telos, this will be your first Pazaak experience in KOTOR II. To learn the rules, it's best to back out and speak with Atton. He will put the rules in your Journal for reference.

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Pazaak is very easy. You are given four cards to play with in every round. These cards will be (+) or (-) in their values. You are on the left, you opponent is on the right. The dealer will give you a green card with a positive number on it. The goal is to get your hand's total closest to or exactly 20. If you go over 20 and you don't have a (-) to pull you back, you're automatically going to lose the hand. Usually, you're going to want to let the dealer give you two or three cards before you opt to play with your selected cards. Go ahead and hit "A" to end your turn a few times. Once you get to a number where you want to play one of your cards, select the card and hit "X" to play it. If you're satisfied with your number and don't think your opponent can beat your total, hit "Y" to stand (if you hit 20 you will automatically stand). If you want to keep going, end your turn, again with "A". Note, you can only play one card from your personal deck per turn. You need to win three times to win the game and the credits. Note, your playable cards (those at the bottom of your game screen) are randomly selected from your "Sidedeck" of ten cards, which is determined before you go into the game. Currently, you only have 10 cards, so just select each one and place it in your Sidedeck. However, you will have opportunities throughout KOTOR II to purchase or find Pazaak cards, so you really will have to select which cards go in your Sidedeck.

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Melba Dule has a 40 credit max wager, and she'll play just for fun (play with Atton for fun, too). Once you're satisfied with your Pazaak playing, enter the bar area of the Cantina. A man will speak with you. This is Benok. You'll also be introduced to Luxa. Say you don't want any trouble and Benok will leave. Speak to people in the Cantina. You will meet Corrun Falt, near the stage. He's a disgruntled Czerka employee. He will come in to play later. You will also meet Doton Het, the man who won Harra's girlfriend. Tell him you've come on behalf of Harra. You can purchase her for 2000 credits or wager her for a 1000 game of pazaak. Save your game then play Pazaak for her. If you lose, reload from your save point and try again. Once you win, you'll be given the opportunity to have her keep making money for you (Dark Side Points...and a lot of credits), or you can take her back to Harra (Light Side Points). We went the way of the Light Side.

When you opt to return Ramana to Harra, you will automatically be taken to Harra in Residential Module 082 East. Tell Ramana she's free and that she can do what she wishes. This will give you XP, the Light Side Points, and it will put an end to the High Stakes Journal entry. Return to the Entertainment Module and move past the Cantina this time. Note, there is another Cantina entrance. Next to it is the Cantina Information Terminal. Use it to download the map, then continue moving.

Pass by the two people by the Shuttle Door. We'll be passing through that door shortly. However, continue to move down the next hallway, and enter the TSF offices. Speak to the Protocol Droid. You will learn the Ebon Hawk is missing (the Ebon Hawk: Stolen mission will be added to your Journal, and the Ebon Hawk's I&D entry will be complete). Ask what you want, and ask for your possessions. The droid will open up a door to a locker room. Open up all of the lockers to collect your belongings, then dress up your characters as you wish. Pass through the next Security Door to speak with Grenn. Ask what you can do for him. There isn't much, but he is interested in a New Fuel Source, which is reflected in your Journal. Once you've finished with him, return to the Shuttle Door and pass through.

Dock Module 126

Speak to the various travelers, then move forward. You'll be thrown into a conversation, and you'll be asked if you're Habat's errand boy. Tell him you are helping the Ithorians and your decision has nothing to do with money, and be on your way. Move forward and speak to the Ithorian. Tell him you were sent by Chodo and enter. Approach the terminal and open the next door. Move toward the ship and speak with the Ithorian. You will be approached by a gang of thugs. You need to take them all out.

Once this is done, use the Awareness option to note a modified blaster. You are told Grenn will know more. Say you'll take the droid to the Ithorians right away. You will receive XP, the modified blaster, and an update to the Replacement Restoration Droid entry, and a new Suspicious Goods entry. Select the Droid and tell him you're taking him to the Ithorian Compound. You will be transported there.

Residential Module 082 West

Tell Chodo about the blaster. He, too, tells you to go to Grenn. Ask if there's more you can do. You are told to speak with Loppak in the Bumani Exchange Corp. You will receive XP, a new Ithorian Diplomacy mission, and INFILTRATOR GLOVES. Put the gloves on for an increase in Computer Use and Dexterity, then head to Residential Module 082 East.

Residential Module 082 East

Approach the Exchange Thug and speak with him. Tell him you're here representing Chodo Habat. Next, ask how to make an appointment. You are told appointments are made through Luxa, a woman you met in the Cantina. You will receive XP and an update to the Ithorian Diplomacy Journal entry. Head to the Entertainment Module. Along the way, Kreia will let you know she doesn't like the alliance with Chodo. Ask why and say you need his resources. That will be the end of that.

Entertainment Module 081

Before you enter the Cantina to speak with Luxa, go ahead and locate Grenn in the TSF offices. Show him the modified blaster. Tell him you were ambushed. Ask why that is disturbing. Say you'll help him. You'll be told to show the blaster around, and you'll receive a new Smuggling on Citadel Station Journal entry. Before you leave, speak with Grenn again and ask if there's work for you. He'll speak to you about some bounties. Ask for all of the information on all of the bounties. For this you will receive three more Journal Entries, False Batu: Bonus Mission, TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals, and TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished.

Next, with your Infiltrator Gloves on, slice into the console next to Grenn. Check the status of nearby vessels and access pending investigations. Try to recover the Ebon Hawk's lost data, then log out. Now, head to the Cantina.

In the Cantina, speak with Luxa. Let her speak, then ask if she's Exchange. Be honest with her and tell her you're capable. Ask about her problem with Slusk, then ask how this arrangement would work. Tell her you have a deal. This will activate the Luxa & Loppak Journal entry.

Exit the Cantina. Before heading to the Bumani Exchange Corp, return to the Dobo Bros. Emporium. Speak with Samhan and ask him about the blaster. Continue to press him for answers. Ask what he knows about the smuggling operation, then call him and "idiot". Ask how Czerka is involved, then say you're going. This will update the Smuggling on Citadel Station entry.

Return to Grenn with your new information and rat out Samhan. Ask what Grenn has in mind, and he tells you to try to work for Samhan...to catch him in the act. Return to Samhan. Tell him you'll work for him. He wants you to find three black market items for him, which becomes part of the Smuggling Journal entry. Return to Grenn and he'll provide you with the three items. Return to Samhan with the SECURED GOODS CASE. Agree to escort him. Say you're "Glad you could be of help", then take out Samhan. He will give up and agree to be locked up. Say, "It was necessary to remove this criminal". For this you will receive Light Side Points, XP, 500 Credits and a completion of both Smuggling Journal entries. You will also get an extensive cutscene (although the timing of it may differ for you).

Now that that's over, head to Residential Module 082 East.

Residential Module 082 East

Speak with the Exchange Thug again. Tell him Luxa sent you, and he'll open the door to the Bumani Exchange Corp. Enter.

Persuade the receptionist that you have an appointment. Enter and head east. Say you just want your ship back and that Luxa said it "you" had it. You will be thrown into a battle. Toss a grenade at the group, then work them down from there. Collect BENOK'S BLASTER from his remains, then pass through the next door. Speak to the Gamorrean guarding the next door and he'll let you pass...but not before two droids come out in attack mode. Take them out and speak with Loppak. Say what you want and Luxa will enter. Say, "That's right...", then turn down his offer. Take out Loppak and his turrets. Luxa will thank you for your help. Say you just want the Exchange off Citadel Station, then say you don't want to hurt her. You'll still have to battle the broad. Take her out, and her guards. After all of this, your Ithorian Diplomacy Journal entry will be updated and Luxa & Loppak will be complete.

After a short conversation with Atton, say, "Let's get out of here...". Collect what you want from the Footlocker, the Remains and the PCs. With your Infiltrator Gloves on, hack into the computer and access the remote camera controls. You'll see an Ithorian in a holding cell (in another part of the Bumani Corp.). Deactivate it. Log out and exit.

Before you head to the Ithorians Compound to let them know about recent developments, check out the Czerka Corporation across the way. Make your way to Lorso and you'll find the criminal team for the TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals mission. Say, "Wait!" and they'll leave, but the Journal entry will be updated. Now, head to Residential Module 082 West and the Ithorian Compound.

Residential Module 082 West

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In the Ithorian Compound, speak with Chodo. Say "Thank you", and ask what remains to be done. Say you'll help and get the details. Suggest sneaking into the Czerka offices. You'll be told to speak with the disgruntled Czerka employee you met in the Cantina. The Czerka Mainframe and Crafting a Lightsaber entries are added to your Journal.

Head to the Entertainment Module.

Entertainment Module 081

Enter the Cantina and speak with Corrun Falt, the disgruntled Czerka employee. After some conversation, let him know that you may have a solution for his problems. Tell him about the files. Persuade him that your goals are compatible. He'll tell you about B-4D4. He tells you Chano (the droid salesman in Apartment Complex B) has credentials for B-4D4, which would make B-4D4 work for you. Say your goodbyes and receive XP and an update to the Czerka Mainframe Journal entry.

Residential Module 082 East

Enter Apartment Complex B, and enter apartment B2 to speak with Opo Chano. Tell him you want the droid technician credentials and tell him why. You learn he is in need of money and can't jeopardize his Czerka contract. Say you'll give him an extension on his loan. That will cost your 2500 credits. Ouch...but it's for a good cause. I made my money by selling him goods, through his droid parts store. Lend him the money. Tell him you'll come back later. For this you will receive Light Side Points, XP, CREDENTIALS and an update to the Czerka Mainframe Journal entry.

Enter the Czerka Offices and speak to the receptionist droid, B-4D4. Tell him to come with you, as you have credentials. Together you'll land in the Ithorian Compound.

As the droid, have the mission reiterated to you. Say you understand and you will have an updated Czerka Mainframe Journal entry.

As B-4D4, return to the Czerka Offices and speak to Jana Lorso. Lie to her and enter the Mainframe room. Approach the T1-N1 at the end of the room. Tell him this does not concern him. You will tell him of how he's being used, which will make him as angry as a droid can get. He'll take out the guards while you deal with the Mainframe.

Log into the Czerka Mainframe and copy the necessary files to a datapad, then erase all data regarding your purchase and association with Czerka. You will receive the CZERKA DATAPAD. Return it to the Ithorians and assure them you will cause no trouble. You will be in control of your character again. Speak to Chodo about Bao-Dur, who Chodo believes is on the Czerka-held Restoration Zones, RZ-0031. Continue to ask what you want. You'll be told the closest shuttle to the Restoration Zone is in Bay II of Dock Module 126. Let Chodo "heal" you, and your Maximum Force Points will increase by 5. This updates the Ebon Hawk: Stolen Journal entry, and puts an end to the Czerka Mainframe entry.

Exit out and transit to Dock Module 126.

Dock Module 126

As soon as you get to the Dock Module, you'll be told of an attack on the Ithorians, adding the Ithorians Under Attack! entry to your Journal. Before you return, head all of the way east to the Bay III Airlock, and speak with the Czerka Officer. Ask what he knows about Barono. He tells you to speak with Jana Lorso, at Czerka. Keep pressing him, but don't threaten him...or you'll be awarded Dark Side Points. This conversation will update TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished.

Next, speak to Duros, behind the desk, and ask for info on a passenger that came through here. Persuade him, then pay him the 25 Credits. This will update the False Batu: Bonus Mission entry.

Return to the IT and transit to Residential Module 082 East.

Residential Module 082 East

Enter the Czerka Offices and speak with Jana. Ask her about Batono. Tell her he's gone missing and Grenn and the TSF are looking for him. You are told he spend time with Chodo and the Ithorians. Tell her you'll tell her if you find him. You will earn XP and an updated TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished entry. Time to save the Ithorians!

Residential Module 082 West

If you haven't added your party members yet (ie, if you are running around alone), go into your party menu and add them, as you'll need them for this battle.

Upon entering the office, you will be attacked by a few droids and a few mercenaries. The droids are easiest to take out, so eliminate them first, then work on the mercenaries. After tossing a grenade or two, I used an upgraded Vobrosword (and the Improved Critical Strike). If you run low on health and you're having trouble keeping up, run back out in the corridor. If you're followed, it will only be by a single enemy, which you should be able to deal with. Regroup, then try again...and don't forget your Energy Shields and Adrenal Packs.

The next room is even messier. I suggest tossing a few grenades, then using your Bowcaster and the Sniper shot to do your damage. Again, if you get in trouble, run out to the corridor. When this group has been eliminated, head east to the Vivarium (if you go west, you'll find you need a Passkey). Enter the Vivarium (wait until your Health is at an acceptable level), and take out the enemies inside. When the area is clear, speak with Moza, and grab the ITHORIAN PASSKEY.

With the Passkey in hand, head west, to Chodo's room. Take out the enemies here and Chodo will thank you. Tell him he has given enough. For this you will gain XP, Light Side Points, and a completion of the Ithorians Under Attack Journal entry.

Speak to Chodo now about Batono. Ask "Are you sure?", then Persuade him to tell the truth. Promise not to say a thing, and you're told Batono is in Apartment C1. You will receive XP, the APARTMENT C1 PASSKEY and an update to the TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished Journal entry. Exit the compound and head East.

Residential Module 082 East

Enter Apartment Complex C and open room C1. Tell Batono Grenn is looking for him. Say, "It's the right thing to do", then "The TSF can keep you safe better than you can", then "I can protect you". Tell him you were a Jedi and to come with you.

Exit out to the main corridor and some mercenaries will ask for Batono. Tell them he's going to Grenn, then take them out. You will be automatically transported to Grenn when this happens. Say you need to be going. You will earn Credits, XP, Light Side Points, and the TSF Bounty: Batono Has Vanished entry will be complete.

Before you go, speak with Grenn about Batu Rem...the assassin Batu Rem. This will complete the False Batu: Bonus Mission. You can speak to him about the criminal bounties, too, but you don't have enough info to complete the task.

Exit out and transit to Dock Module 126.

Dock Module 126

Speak to the Ithorian and pass through the Bay II Airlock, then through the Bay 2 door. Approach the shuttle and locate the ramp. You'll be automatically put on the ship.

Telos Restoration Zone

All is fine until your transport is shot down. You'll be thrown into a conversation with a mysterious stranger. Be polite and ask what you want. After your conversations, the stranger, Bao-Dur, will join your party. With his ability to take down force fields, it is required that he is one of the two party members by your side. I chose Atton (now at Lvl. 9) as my other party member. This will update your Ebon Hawk: Stolen! Journal entry.

To the east you will find your first Cannoks. Go ahead and take them out so you know what they are about. Here, and throughout this area, assign Atton to ranged attacks, so he can shoot while you and Bao-Dur take enemies on with your various melee attacks.

Once you've taken out the Cannoks, head to the west side of the ship, have Bao-Dur recover the mines, then collect what you can from the Hidden Cache. Head south. Here you will spot your first enemies in this area. Again, assign Atton to shoot at these guys, while you and Bao-Dur face them with your swords. Use the Mandalorian Melee Shields and some Adrenal Strength for extra melee power. Note, Bao-Dur has a Shield Breaker attack that will take out the force fields some mercenaries use for protection...allowing you to damage them. When you've defeated them, collect from their Remains and continue on.

Take out the Sentry Droid then move around the corner. Here you will find the two criminals on your Bounties list. Eliminate them and your Journal will update the TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals entry. Move toward the ocean.

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