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LB's "LEGO Battles"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Lunabean's Unofficial LEGO(R) Battles(TM) Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo DS provides detailed strategies for each of the game's 90 levels. What's more, it contains ALL Red Brick and Mini-Kit locations, providing you with what you need to earn (100% completion)!

  • Detailed walkthrough for all 90 levels
  • 100% completion
  • All Red Bricks
  • All Mini-Kits
  • Cheats included

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LEGO Battles Game Guide


Welcome to Lunabean's Unofficial LEGO Battles Game Guide. This game isn't LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman, nor LEGO Indiana Jones. It's an RTS, or a real time strategy game, which is completely different in gameplay than the aforementioned titles.

Real time strategy games require extensive multitasking. Put simply, your goal is to build up and defend your team while dismantling the other team.

To best use this guide, follow the instructions provided in the "Castle" level, and do so step by step. They are detailed and explain what everything means. Apply the skills acquired when playing through the other five levels.

I. Castle

Act I

Dark Shadows

Strategy Guide
  1. Touch the box at the bottom of the screen (always touch this box when there's a red check on it).
  2. Select a unit with your stylus to select or "activate" it.
  3. Hit the "deselect" icon in the bottom left corner to deselect the unit or character you just selected.
  4. Select multiple units by sliding your stylus across them all. Up to nine units at a time can be selected.
  5. With your units selected, tap the yellow arrow above the Blue Stud to guide you men to it.
  6. With your units selected, tap the skeleton attacking your castle. Watch as your men take him down.
  7. Tap the Castle and watch as a red build brick appears on the left side of your screen. Tap the brick to expand it and reveal a Builder Icon. Tap it and watch as your castle spits out a new Builder.
  8. Tap the Builder, then tap the Castle. Watch as the Builder repairs the Castle. Note, doing so costs bricks. Your brick counter is in the bottom left corner of your top screen.
  9. Highlight the Builder (if he's not already), then tap that red brick again. This time, note the Farm Icon (silverware). Tap it and place your stylus on the screen on an open section of grass. If the area is clear for building, a checkmark will appear in the top left corner of the area. If it is not clear for building (unfit sections may be red), simply move your stylus around until you find a clear area. Tap that checkmark and watch as the Builder creates a Farm.
  10. Farms increase the number of characters AND Special Units you can create.
  11. Highlight the Builder, tap the red brick, and select the Barracks Icon (the three faces). If the barracks icon is not available, you probably need to clear the message at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to do so.
  12. Find an open grassy patch and build a Barracks just as you did the Farm. A barracks produces Soldiers.
  13. Move through the commands at the bottom of the screen, then select a Builder. Next, tap a tree to issue a Harvest Command. Watch as your little Builder cuts down the tree and returns it to the Castle for bricks. He'll continue to work the patch of trees until it's clear, unless you tell him to do something else.
  14. Tap the Barracks, then the flashing red brick (if it's not flashing, clear the message at the bottom of the screen). Tap the Guardsman Icon (the axe), and watch as the Barracks creates a Guardsman. Tap the Icon two more times to create a total of three Guardsmen.
  15. Tap the Castle, the flashing red brick, then the King Icon (the crown). Watch as your Castle creates a King (or a Hero).
  16. Highlight your Guardsmen (and your King, if you want), and head NE, to the enemy camp (note your map on the top screen, if you need guidance).
  17. Once you reach the camp, tap one of the Skeletons and watch as your Guardsmen take him down (note his health meter). Once the skeleton falls, go after the other one. If you can, it's always best to go after one enemy at a time. Once the second skeleton has fallen, take down the two buildings the same way you did the skeletons.

Mini-Kit Location:
From camp, head SE, then east, to the bride. Cross it and head north.

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Release Date: 06.09.09
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