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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter" (Nintendo DS)
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

YEAR 2 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • Privet Drive
    • Gringotts Vaults
    • Shopping in Diagon Alley
    • Platform 9 3/4
    • Gryffindor House
    • Transfiguration
    • Flying Lesson
    • The Trophy Room
    • The Mountain Troll
    • Incendio
    • Potions Class
    • The Quidditch Match
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Lumos Charm
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • The Forbidden Corridor
  • Year 2
    • The Burrow
    • Borgin and Burkes
    • Arresto Momento
    • Collecting Ingredients
    • The Duelling Club
    • The Poly Juice Potion
    • The Slytherin Common Room
    • The Revelio Charm
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • The Descendo Charm
    • The Spider Hollow
    • The Chamber of Secrets
  • Year 3
    • The Hogwarts Express
    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Banishing Boggarts
    • Hogsmeade Village
    • The Patronus Charm
    • Pursuing Peter Pettigrew
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • The Time-Turner
    • Freeing Sirius
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • The Summoning Charm
    • Unlocking O.W.L. Revision
    • The First Task
    • The Prefects' Bathroom
    • The Second Task
    • The Third Task

01. The Burrow

Muggle Objects

You need to collect and place five artifacts:
  1. Go outside and use WL on the platform to the right of Mrs. Weasley to get up to the roof. It's on the left corner of the roof. Once you have it, you'll have a marker on your map. Head back inside and go upstairs. Place it on the side table in the bedroom.
  2. While upstairs, move the obstacle in the door on the right and go into this bedroom. Destroy the LEGOs on the right side of the bed to find the artifact (gnome). Head outside and give it to Mrs. Weasley.
  3. Go inside and destroy the chairs around the table so that you can jump up onto the table and grab the artifact (antenna). Go outside and get up to the lower roof the same way you did for artifact 1. Once on the lower roof, use the ramp to jump to the platform that you can use as a lift. Once up, destroy the crate, build the ladder and climb up to the marked location.
  4. Still outside, head back to the ground and go to the left of Mrs. Weasley along the fence. You'll find the artifact near a stump. Head inside and place it on the marked shelf.
  5. The last artifact (microwave) is on the small table on the left of the house. Destroy the chairs and table to grab it and then place it in the marked location on the other side of the house.
When you have collected and placed all five artifacts, talk to Mr. Weasley who tells you to go visit Mrs. Weasley outside.

De-Gnoming The Burrow Garden

This is sort of like whack-a-mole. When you see a gnome pop out of one of the holes, tap it. You'll get a power meter meter. Spin really fast (draw a fast circle) to build up the meter and then lift the stylus to throw the gnome. Repeat until the task is complete. Talk to Mrs. Weasley and you'll get a golden hat.

Head back inside and go toward the fire place to end the level.

01. Collectibles - The Burrow

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02. Borgin and Burkes

Borgin and Burkes

Escape Borgin and Burkes

You need to do some more finding and placing in this level, which will help you escape. From the start, head right and climb the ladder. Inside the chest is the Case. Carry it down to the blue plinth (pillar) and it'll automatically be placed on it. Note that the blue light above the door you need to exit out (on the right of the room) is now lit.

To the left of the ladder that you climbed is an object you can transfigure. Do so and you'll have another ladder. Climb it and head left, down the stairs, to find a key. Take the key all the way to the left side of the room and use it on the door. Go through and use Hagrid to move the various blocks out of the way so that you can go up the stairs and jump a bookcase to get to the Skull. Note that in a chest along the path are Plimpy Eyes (see Golden Hat #2). Exit out and place the skull on the red plinth.

Head to the last marked artifact and you'll find a pile of LEGOs. Build them into a crate that you can use to get to the last artifact. Place it on the green plinth. The door will open. Exit out.

Knockturn Alley

Exit out to Knockturn Alley. Go left and assemble the LEGO pieces into a crate and a jack-in-the-box. Use them to jump to the upper pathway. Switch to Hagrid and push down the bridge. Cross over the bridge and Transfigure the next obstacle in the alley to form a hanging sign. Head forward the wizard.

Get Through the Gate

The wizard says he needs two Scarab Beetles. Destroy the barrels just past and to the right of him to get access to the side-alley. Use Hagrid to push the crate out of the way and destroy everything in this area to find two little beetles running around. Run into each one to pick them up and then bring them back to the wizard. He gives you Exploding Fluid. Tap the gate a few times and you'll use the fluid on'll blow! Go through.

Transfigure the objects near the stairs into a crate and jack-in-the-box. Jump up to the ledge using them. From here you can tap the wheel block holding the cart in place. Do so and use WL on it to make it roll down and break. Assemble the pieces into ramp and head up to exit out the doorway. The level will end.

02. Collectibles - Borgin and Burkes

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03. Arresto Momento

Gryffindor Common Room

Exit out.

Hogwart's East

Head to the marked door: Charm's Classroom.

Charm's Classroom

Learn Arresto Momento (AM)

This spell slows down or stops moving objects. To cast it, tap the moving object and then draw the shape shown to you. Do so on the barrel. Flitwick then tells you to find his three books. They are marked on the map. Simply use your new spell on anything that moves to find them all. Bring them back to Flitwick and then exit out.

NOTE: I will be referring to Arresto Momento as AM for the rest of this guide.

Hogwart's East

Head through the hall, up the stairs and out the door.

Follow the Voice

What the? A whispering voice is speaking to you. You are in the famous Hogwart's staircase area. Follow the voice (the green snake head) down the stairs and go through the door. Keep following it. After the incident with the cat go through the marked door to end the level.

03. Collectibles - Arresto Momento

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04. Collecting Ingredients

Hospital Wing

Skel-Gro Ingredients

You need to grab ingredients to help make a potion for Harry's arm. Exit out of the Hospital Wing.

Northern Courtyard

Find the 5 Scarab Beetles

You are still on the same main mission of finding all of the ingredients. The five Scarab Beetles are in this area and are marked on your map.
  • 2 of the beetles are in the trees that you can destroy in the south corner. Just keep attacking trees and you'll see them running about.
  • You'll find a 3rd in the trees near the Grow Spot in the north.
  • The 4th is in a tree in the east.
  • Getting the 5th one is a tad tricky. Head to the east side of the outer path. In this corner your Owl will tell you that there is a secret spot. Tap the excited Owl to discover Dragon Dung Fertilizer! Head to the north and use it on the Grow Spot. Hop up the branches to the upper path. Use your newly learned Arresto Momento (AM) spell on the sliding blocks. The last beetle is at the end of this upper path.
Exit out through the marked door.

The Grounds

Find the Chinese Chomping Cabbage

Follow the path down, taking out mushrooms, to its easternmost point. Explore this little area of the path to find a secret spot with the Dangerous Vegetable Patch Key. Continue down the path and use the key on the gate.

In the Vegetable Patch, you'll see the cabbage. You need to feed it carrots. Do so by using WL on each carrot that you see. The cabbage will eat four total and then you can use AM on it to stop it. Grab it and a gate will open. Go through.

The Great Lake

Find the 3 Puffer-fish

You can use WL to pull the Puffer-fish out of the water. The first one you can grab from the right side of the shore.

The second and third will require you to build the bridge to the large island. Once there, use WL to move the stepping stones into place to get the west puffer-fish. Then, use AM on the stepping stones to the east to get the east Puffer-fish. You'll automatically be taken back to the Hospital Wing.

Hospital Wing

Make the Skele-gro potion

Go to the marked cauldron to the right and talk to Madame Pomfrey. She'll make the potion and the level will end.

04. Collectibles - Collecting Ingredients

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05. The Duelling Club

The Great Hall

The Duel - Learn Expelliarmus

Head up to Lockhart. You'll have to duel Malfoy. Expelliarmus is like your other attack spell, Reducto. You simply draw a quick line from you to your opponent. In the meantime, you'll want to stay on the move to avoid Malfoy's attacks.

Soon, Malfoy will use Descendo to lower a statue to hide behind. Crabbe and Goyle, his henchmen, will bug you. Attack them until they run away. Then, use WL on the staute to move it and continue to attack Malfoy until the statue starts dropping on you. Each time it lands, attack it until it is destroyed.

Up next, Malfoy will jump over to you and cast a homing spell. You need to outrun the spell and make it slam into Malfoy. After that, books will attack you. Just keep destroying them until they go away (they give a blue stud each time, though, so yay!).

Next, you'll have to destroy another statue he is hiding behind while dealing with books. Once the statue is destroyed, destroy the next one and then attack him again. He'll throw a snake at you.

You can talk to snakes by tapping the snake and then hissing into the microphone when you see the snake icon at the bottom of your screen. You should try both hissing and also saying the word, "hiss," if that's not working.

After that, the duel will end. Exit out the marked door to end the level.

05. Collectibles - The Duelling Club

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06. The Polyjuice Potion

Myrtle's Bathroom

Go and talk to Hermione who tells you that she's going to brew a Polyjuice Potion. She needs 5 Knotgrass Plants and 5 Leeches.

NOTE: If you want to explore each area more, don't grab the 5th plant or leech. Once you grab the last one, you'll automatically be taken away.

Hagrid's Hut - Find the Five Knotgrass Plants

You'll automatically be taken to Hagrid's Hut area and be shown a knotgrass plant. The only problem is there is a Fire Crab making grabbing them difficult. To deal with the Fire Crab, stun it using Stupefy (draw a circle around yourself). This will cause the crab to tip on its back and will allow you to pick a knotgrass plant and grab it. Repeat for the other four.

Once you have all five plants, Hagrid will come by and you'll be taken to the Pond.

Pond - Find the Five Leeches

The leeches can see you coming and they slither away. Put on your invisibility cloak and make your way around the edge of the pond to find four of them. The fifth one will require you to jump to the middle island from the north side of the pond. It's sitting on the left side of the island.

Once you have all of the ingredients, you'll return back to the bathroom. Talk to Hermione. Youe have to go steal from Snape!!!

Hogwart's Dungeons

Find the Bicorn Horn

Snape is close...he's the red dot on the radar. You need to distract him. Look to the bookcase on the left of where you start to see a multi-colored vase. Tap it and use WL to move it. Snape will investigate. Slip by.

Head to the east of the room to find the Storeroom Key. Snape will reposition himself on the stairs. You can sneak by him if you're wearing the invisibility cloak. Do so to enter the storeroom. Open the chest for the Horn.

Find the Boomslang Skin

You'll now be shown where the Boomslang Skin is: in a chest on the left of the room. You need to distract Snape again. This time, light the Brazier on the desk in the storeroom and then put on your cloak. Exit out and head right, towards where you got the first key. It'll explode and Snape will investigate, leaving the Chest Key behind.

Grab the key and head over to the left. Open the chest for the Boomslang.

Snape will now be blocking your exit path. You are shown a potion on the other side of the bookcase. Tap it and use WL on it to lift it up. As it's hovering, light it on fire. Snape will go investigate and you can run for the exit.

Myrtle's Bathroom

Make the Polyjuice Potion

Go to the cauldron and tap it to begin the potion process. Follow the directions to make the potion. Once you do, the level will end.

06. Collectibles - The Polyjuice Potion

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07. Slytherin Common Room

Slytherin Corridors

You can now play as Crabbe or Goyle, Malfoy's henchmen. Transfigure the object on the sliding path near you. It'll turn into a wall. Go to the left side of it (the actual left side, not the left side of the front of it) and tap it. Push it along the sliding path to block Filch from seeing you. He'll go away.

Walk by the painting on the wall and it'll tell you to get rid of the Chameleon Ghoul (armor) at the end of the hall. Defeat the armor and the painting will give you the key. Use it on the door and go through.

Peeves!!! That annoying ghost will make things hard for you. Tap each of the three spinning heads and use Arresto Momento (AM) on them. Once all three have slowed down, he'll go away.

Go up to the door and Transfigure it into boards to cover the hole in the floor. Tap and push the door to go through.

Peeves!!! Yes, he moves the key and there is a Fire Crab here, too. Head left to the corner with the hole in the wall and you'll see a piece of furniture you can Transfigure. Do so and it'll turn into a wall to cover the hole.

From here, head along the hall going left (past the Grow Spot) to the dark part. Use Lumos to so that you can see. Go to the end of the hall to find a chest with Dragon Dung Fertilizer. Head back and use it on the Grow Spot. This will lure the Fire Crab out. The key is on his back. He'll run away but because you have covered his hole with the wall, he has nowhere to go. Use Stupefy (draw a circle around yourself) when its near you to knock it on its back. Grab the key from it and use it on the gate.

Here you'll see a potion sitting on the desk. Destroy the desk and grab the Fire Protection Potion. Now that it's in your inventory you can walk through fire. Go ahead and exit out, walking through the fire to the next hallway.

Note: Many people are reporting being stuck here, so please read these instructions carefully!

In this hallway is the statue of the Bloody Baron, a sliding path, and Filch. Your goal is to grab the statue and pull it back along the path. This is hard because Filch will most likely see you. Here is how I had the most success:
  1. Stand even with the Fire Crab in the wall so that you are near the statue, but not so close that Filch will see you if you just stand still.
  2. Watch the red dot on the map and his radar cone. Actually, don't just watch it, study it. You'll see as the dot goes down, he'll make a quick turn around to look back in your direction, and then will go down a tad more, turn around the other way and head back up.
  3. The instant after he does the quick turn around, walk the step or two toward the statue, quickly tap it, and pull it back. If you just tap it, you'll walk too slowly to it and you'll most likely be caught.
  4. In summary: Get even with the Fire Crab, wait for Filch to do his quick turn around as he's headed down, as soon as he does, walk to the statue, tap it, and pull it back all in one smooth and quick motion and you'll be fine.

Once the statue is in place, the Bloody Baron's ghost will get rid of Filch for you.

Match the Symbols

Now that the coast is clear, head left to the blue marker on the map. Use Lumos to brighten things up. Here you have to push/pull the statue onto the four symbols in the correct order. The order is on the wall and goes from bottom to top: New moon, crescent moon, half moon, full moon. Each time your push the statue onto the correct symbol, it'll turn green and you'll have to fight the knight. When all four symbols are matched the door will open. Go through to end the level.

07. Collectibles - The Slytherin Common Room

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08. The Revelio Charm


Head to the marked classroom.

Charms Classroom

Learn Revelio

There are four steps to casting Revelio:
  1. Notice yourself glowing green.
  2. Tap yourself.
  3. Draw the Revelio spell (looks like an eye).
  4. Rub the beam of light that appears to reveal the object.

Flitwick has hidden three objects in the room. One is in the south corner. The second is near the bookcases on the right side of the room. The third one is on the platform above flitwick. Use WL on the platform to lift yourself up.

08. Collectibles - The Revelio Charm

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09. Tom Riddle's Diary


Chase Aragog

Hmm...everything is a little sepia toned. Anyway, head up the stair and down the other side to find a Hidden Spot (you'll glow green) in the middle of the path. Use Revelio to find a chest. Open it and build the pieces into a painting. The painting will tell you to look behind the tapestries for a door. Do so by tapping each tapestry and lifting it up. Go through the door when you find it.

In this new hall, head along until you see the green painting. Tap it and Transfigure it into a rope. Climb up. Feel free to hop along the platforms, but drop down when you're done. At ground level you'll find a blockaded door. On it is a chest. Tap it and move it using WL. Open it and build the pieces to form a Snake Plinth. Tap the plinth and you'll have to speak Parseltongue. Do so by hissing into the microphone (get close to the microphone). The debris will lower and you can jump across it, going through the door.

In this final room in the hall, use WL to move each brazier into place and then light it. A Teacher Plinth will rise up. A Teacher Plinth will test your spells. This is just a good old game of Memory. Quickly study the pairs and then match them when they turn over. When you've matched them up, a door will open. Go through.

In this hall, defeat the two knights to raise up two pressure plates. Go up to them and jump from one to another (make sure that it's all the way down before you jump to the other one) to spin around a hidden wall with a chest. Open the chest for a key. Use the key on the door and go through.

In the next hall, Transfigure the painting into a platform and use it to lift yourself up to the balcony. On the balcony you'll find a Hidden Spot. Cast Revelio to discover a chest with a key. Grab it and open the door below. Go through.

Pass through this next hall, taking out a knight.

In the next room you'll see Hagrid and Aragog running still. To the right of where you enter you'll see a green snake symbol on the wall. Tap it and speak Parseltongue (hiss) into the microphone. Aragog will run out and go into another hole. Near that hole is another green symbol. Tap and hiss it, too. Repeat for the next two holes that Aragog runs into and you'll get a final scene ending the level.

09. Collectibles - Tom Riddle's Diary

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10. The Descendo Charm


Head down the stairs and enter the classroom.

Charms Classroom

Learn Descendo

Descendo is pretty much the opposite of Wingardium Leviosa (WL). In this case, you tap the object and draw a line down from it along the path shown to you.

Collect the Potions

You have to collect three potions. They are all marked on your map but are a bit hard to get to.
  1. To get the first potion, on the left side of the room, first lower all of the nearby platforms (jump up from near Flitwick) so that you can walk atop and jump across the desks to get to the south staircase. Once there, walk under the floating platform and then lower it. This will raise up the other platform and you can walk to the floating chest. Lower it, open it, and grab the potion.
  2. Head over to the right side staircase and lower each platform to use as a jumping platform. Make your way up to the upper area on the right and grab the potion.
  3. From here, go to the most recent platform you were on and lower the next platform to get to the area above Flitwick. Lower the chest and grab the last potion.

Go back to Flitwick and talk with him. Exit out of the classroom, go up the stairs, and through the door to end the level.

10. Collectibles - The Descendo Charm

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11. The Spider Hollow

The Forbidden Forest

Forest Paths

Head along the path using WL to move the large stone log out of the way. You'll soon get to a Grow Spot and will need some Dragon Dung fertilizer. Backtrack to the water on the left and hop over the stones. Now on the left side of the map, locate the statue and Transfigure it into a ladder. Climb up the ladder and use Descendo to lower the four spider web pods. One of them has the fertilizer inside. Ignore or defeat the spider and then head back and use the fertilizer on the Grow Spot.

Hop up the branches of the tree and go right. You'll see three trees lined up. Go to the left side of the smallest one and attack it to make a domino effect creating a bridge for you to cross over. Before you do, repair the stump and then jump from the rock, to the stump, to the bridge. Cross over.

Continue on the path, passing under some spiders and you'll get to a dead end with a downed tree. Repeatedly attack the tree until it breaks up and then build the pieces into a bridge. Cross over.

Head up the tree with the weird spatula-esque branch and use Descendo to lower it (twist it down). Hop up to it and you'll be tossed.

You are now close to the exit of the forest. Fight or run there (it's marked) and go through.

Secret Cave

Your goal here is to lure the Fire Crab over to the web so that it will burn it for you. You do this by growing the mushrooms at each of the Grow Spots which will cause the Fire Crab to go eat it. The problem is, you can't have the Fire Crab walk over any dark spots. First, though, you'll need some fertilizer.

There is a Secret Spot near the middle of the cave (look for your Owl) where you'll find the fertilizer. Again, use the fertilizer on the nearest Grow Spot to the Fire Crab and then continue to lure him across the cave from one Grow Spot to the next, always having him avoid the dark/shiny spots in the floor.

Note, just to be on the safe side, make sure that you destroy all rocks in the way.

Once the web is burned, head through.

Defeat Aragog

Destroy the rocks to both the left and right of Aragog and then build them into bridges. Go up the left ramp and destroy the eggs. Aragog will come up to try to protect them. A rock will lower down. Use Descendo to make the rock fall on Aragog.

Repeat this process back and forth until he is defeated and the level will end.

11. Collectibles - The Spider Hollow

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12. The Chamber of Secrets

Dark Arts Classroom

Catch Lockhart

Go up to Prof. Lockhart and talk to him. He runs away. Exit out.

Hogwarts East

You'll find a trail of four downed paintings as you go along the hall. Use WL to place each one back on the wall. When you place the last one over the locked door, the lock will go away and you can go through.

You'll find yourself at the Hogwarts Staircases. It doesn't really matter if you go up or down as they'll both lead to the same place. For direction's sake, go down, then up, then up to the right. You'll end up at an open doorway. Go through.

Myrtle's Bathroom

Talk to Lockhart to complete the quest.

The Chamber of Secrets

You need to find the entrance to the chamber of secrets. Head up to Myrtle in the bathroom stall. She'll tell you that the large sink is the key. Go to the other room, where you'll see the blue marker. A green vent will be highlighted. Step on it and then use WL to use it as a lift. Now on the top of the sink, you'll see that you're glowing green...a Hidden Spot. Use Revelio to uncover some pieces. Build them into a Snake Head Plinth. Tap it and hiss away to open the chamber entrance.

Enter the Chamber

You need to make it to the other side of the hall. You'll need to use a lot of your spells to get by the obstacles: Arresto Momento (AM), Descendo, Wingardium Leviosa (WL), etc. You'll also need to speak Parseltongue at the wall markers (defeat the snakes to make them appear) to break the locks on doors that you can then raise up. Soon after, it's Transfiguration on a statue to get to the next hallway.

This is really more of the same. Move the statue to find a Parseltongue marker to open the door. You'll then need to use WL on a drain cap to drain the floor. Cross over and move the gray wall piece to reveal another snake marker. This will turn off the steam vent...continue on to the next hallway.

You'll now need to quickly jump across the floating platforms to the safety on the other side. Here you'll see a snake marker on the floor. Use it and the water will drain. Hop down and use WL to raise up the block. Use the rope to climb back up to the snake marker you just used and use it again to raise the water. The platform that you raised up can now be jumped to in order to get you to the small alcove with the key and another snake marker. Grab the key and use the marker to lower the water. Hop down, climb the rope and use the key on the door. Head through and along the hall and you'll soon meet Tom Riddle!

Defeat the Basilisk

The Basilisk will pop its ugly head out of one of four holes. Each hole has a wall that you can raise in front of it. Take cover behind the semi-circle wall and then look for a blue glow over one of the four holes. This is where the Basilisk will pop out. Quickly use WL to raise up that wall and he'll bop his head on it and be temporarily stunned. Quickly hop down and attack him. You can get in a good three or four hearts of damage on him.

He'll retreat and a number of small snakes will invade. Destroy them to get the Basilisk going again and then just repeat this process until all of his hearts are gone and his tail destroys the gate.

Head through and attack each small wall blocking the path as you go along, watching out for his tail. When you get to the end of the walkway speak Parseltongue and another snake symbol will appear on the right extension of the path (backtrack just a tad). Use this snake symbol and another will appear on the left extension. Go there, hiss away and a series of platforms will appear.

Go to the platforms and use Descendo on each one to make it lower. Jump from platform to platform until you see a blue glow in a wall cave. The Basilisk is about to attack out of it. Wait for him to retreat and jump past him. You'll soon see him pop out the next hole and he won't go back in! What to do?!? Head back to the previous wall cave and you'll see a snake symbol on it. Use it to lure him back and then quickly jump left along the platform path.

You'll soon see both his tail and head sticking out and you can jump to a lonely platform (sort of off the path, out in nowhere) to the left. Do this and from this platform shoot his tail (aim up it a bit, to the meatier part). He'll retreat and you'll be able to jump to that platform. Continue on, shooting his tail again to get by and make your way up to the snake symbol on the wall. Use it and then quickly jump back down to the left. The Basilisk will pop out and from the platform you are on, you can make a fairly long jump up and left.

Keep jumping left and you'll soon be able to jump to the top of the wall. Destroy the rock to find the Basilisk Sword. Use WL to lift it up and slay the naughty snake! That's it, chapter done!

11. Collectibles - The Chamber of Secrets

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