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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter" (Nintendo DS)
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

YEAR 3 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide

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Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • Privet Drive
    • Gringotts Vaults
    • Shopping in Diagon Alley
    • Platform 9 3/4
    • Gryffindor House
    • Transfiguration
    • Flying Lesson
    • The Trophy Room
    • The Mountain Troll
    • Incendio
    • Potions Class
    • The Quidditch Match
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Lumos Charm
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • The Forbidden Corridor
  • Year 2
    • The Burrow
    • Borgin and Burkes
    • Arresto Momento
    • Collecting Ingredients
    • The Duelling Club
    • The Poly Juice Potion
    • The Slytherin Common Room
    • The Revelio Charm
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • The Descendo Charm
    • The Spider Hollow
    • The Chamber of Secrets
  • Year 3
    • The Hogwarts Express
    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Banishing Boggarts
    • Hogsmeade Village
    • The Patronus Charm
    • Pursuing Peter Pettigrew
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • The Time-Turner
    • Freeing Sirius
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • The Summoning Charm
    • Unlocking O.W.L. Revision
    • The First Task
    • The Prefects' Bathroom
    • The Second Task
    • The Third Task

01. The Hogwarts Express

Floating Luggage

Head left and use Descendo to lower the five pieces of luggage. Talk to the marked boy when they're all down. The door to the next train car will open. Head through.

Find a Book

Talk to the boy in this car, who has lost his book. Move the bookshelfs out of the way and head to the book in the back corner. Bring it back to the boy. The next door will open.

Find Some Sweets

There are four sweets to find:
  1. Build the nearby pieces to open the door of the first seating cabin.
  2. You'll glow green in the next seating cabin. Use Revelio to find the sweet.
  3. In the next seating cabin down you'll see your Owl go crazy, marking a Secret Spot. Tap the owl to find the sweets.
  4. Destroy the LEGOs blocking the next cabin and grab the sweet.

Once you have the all, talk to the boy.

Defeat the Dementors and Learn Execto Patronum (Patronus)

Head into the next train car and go to the marked spot, Prof. Lupin who is sleeping. Talk to him and dementors will attack. Prof. Lupin has joined your party.

Head through the car and you'll encounter a dementor. Switch to Lupin and you'll learn how to cast Patronus. Only advanced characters like Lupin can cast this spell (and you a bit later, once you learn it). To do it, make sure that you are Lupin (character with the mustache) and then cast it just like Reducto (draw a line from you to it). Once it hits the dementor, the dementor will be stunned. Run up to it and tap it. Trace the shape shown to you to defeat it!

Take out the other two dementors in this car and the door to the next one will open. Head through and you'll find a door that has broken. A dementor will come in. Stun him, repair the door using the LEGO pieces, and then finish him off. Repeat for hte second door that pops open. Finally, take out the last dementor and then tap Harry to end the level.

01. Collectibles - The Hogwarts Express

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02. Care of Magical Creatures

Hogwarts East

Tame Buckbeak

Head toward Buckbeak and you'll have to feed him three times using WL on the food. After the third time, two Screwts will work their way to Buckbeak. Attack them to make them turn around. You can now approach Buckbeak. Do so slowly and you'll bow (I'm not sure if I make a bowing action on the screen or not). If it's not working for you, walk away and then walk back and it should work.

After you talk with Hermione and Ron, exit out the marked exit to end the level.

02. Collectibles - Care of Magical Creatures

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03. Banishing Boggarts

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Learn Riddikulus and Banish the Boggarts

You are playing as Ron, so you're the one with the red hair. Riddikuls is cast just like Reducto...draw a line from you to the Boggart. Do this for the Boggarts that attack and then head to the floating chest. 10 Boggarts will attack. Destroy them all and then build the LEGO pieces into three platforms. Raise them all up and then jump from one to the next, ending up at the floating chest (you could also just use the one closest to the chest as a lift). Open the chest for the potion.

03. Collectibles - Banishing Boggarts

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04. Hogsmeade Village

Hogwarts Entrance

The Secret Tunnel

Put on your invisibility cloak and sneak past Filch. George and Fred will give you the Marauder's Map (in case you don't know the world of HP, and shame on you!, the map shows the locations of everybody at Hogwarts...just a fact).

You need to find a key. Transfigure the bookstand to the right of the stairs to make a ladder. Climb it to the pressure plate on the pillar and step on it. Ignore the rope that drops on the other side and note that you are glowing green. Use Revelio to uncover a torch. Light it and the nearby bookcase will drop to reveal some LEGO pieces. Build them into a stone and then lift the stone using WL to the top of the other pillar. The pressure plate will lower and columns will extend out from the wall near where the rope came down.

Climb the rope and jump across the columns, watching your timing, to the corner platform. Step onto the pressure plate that is there and a chest will rise up near the door. Open it for the key and then open the door. Go through.

Third Floor Corridor

Lift the statue on the left and build from the pieces a ladder. Climb up. Jump to the pressure switch and the caged pieces will fall. Build them into a snake plinth, tap it, and then speak Parseltongue. A wall column will extend and destroy an object for you, resulting in a sword being left on the ground. Use WL on the sword to cut the rope of the chandelier. It'll crash down and destroy the crates.

Pass through and tap the witch statue (remember, George and Fred said the One-Eyed Witch passageway). You'll be told to say "dissendium" and you will see the Parseltongue icon. I had trouble with this and it only moved when I got the microphone very close to me and "hissed" the word "dissendium". So, go nuts and pretend that you're saying it as Voldemort would say it and I bet it'll open for you. Once it does, enter the passageway.

Secret Passage

Go to Hogsmeade

It's dark here. Cast Lumos. Head down the hall to the end (you'll see a gate). To the left is a secret door (one of several in this hall). Get near it and it'll appear. Tap it and go through. Before you head right, up the path, head forward, destroy the crate and then use Descendo on the large hanging weight. This will partially raise the gate you'll need to get through.

Head down the hall to that gate and go to the left wall. You'll find another secret door behind a crate. Go through and to the end of the hall, destroying crates in your way. Transfigure the statue at the end into a weight. Lift it up and hang it with WL and then lower it with Descendo. This will rasie the gate a bit more.

Exit out and face the red/orange gate that you're trying to raise. Backtrack a smidge and go down the right hall a bit. There is a secret door here (on the north wall). Go through and you'll find a torch room. Light both torches to lower a chest. Open it and build the pieces into a weight. Lower the weight. Yay! The gate will open. Go through.

Destroy the crate, build the ladder, and climb up.

Honeydukes Cellar

Find the Code

Lift up each of the four platforms and under one of them you'll find a note from Ambrosius. It says you need to find four notes to find the vault code. You just found one.

In this same room, head to the hatch that you came up and look up to the block that you can use Descendo on. Do so and a rock will roll down the shelf and knock another note off for you.

Head up the stairs for the third note.

The fourth note is under one of the golden pots.

Head left, over to the safe in the west corner and it'll open, giving you a key. Head up the stairs and use the key on the door.


Sweet Treats

You are now playing as either Fred or George. First, tap the girl and she'll move out of your way. Next, use WL on the shopkeeper on the ladder and he'll slide out of the way. Next, lift up the candy on the floor and then build the other pieces to repair the display case. Finally, to get the witch out of the way, look for the jump spot on the middle table (where the candy that you lifted ended up) and jump up there. Attack the left display case to break it (the case with the green top). The witch will leave and you'll get a load screen.

Note: I got a glitch here where I didn't get a load screen when the witch left. I was just stuck in the store. I had to quit and replay the level and all worked fine.

Hogsmeade South

Hogsmeade Snowball Fight

Tap the ground to make a snowball. You can hold three at any time. Throw them in any direction by sliding your stylus in that direction. You can run around to dodge incoming snowballs and hide behind snowmen for protection. You need to take out Crabbe, Goyle, and then Malfoy. The fewer times you get hit, the higher the stud reward you'll get.

When they're defeated you'll get a load screen (does this level ever end?!?).

Hogsmeade East

Find Scabbers

Scabbers is Ron's mouse, err, rat. Chase him from ice block to ice block, lifting up each block. He'll eventually get to a dead end and will stay put underneath a white fence/sign that you can transfigure. Do so to form a cage and capture him.

Snow Clearing

Talk to the nearby wizard who needs help clearing snow. Light each of the three lanterns, which are all marked on your map. After lighting each one, use Descendo to make it fall and melt the snow. Once all three doorways are clear, go back and talk to the wizard. He'll open the gate and the exit is now marked on your map. Go through.

Hogsmeade West

The Three Broomsticks

Head to the entrance to the pub. You'll be stopped and will be shown something on the roof to the left of the entrance. Go there and use Descendo to make the gutter fall down. Build a ladder from it and climb up. On the roof, destroy the railings across to the right and then jump across. Head down, jumping to the top of the next window. From here, attack the ice chunk over the door to reveal a lantern. Light it and then use Descendo to make it fall. Hop down to the door and ride the platform/lift right back up. You can now jump right/down again to the next window top.

Destroy the crate here, build the ladder (in case you fall down) and then climb the rope. You are now on a snowy roof. Go right a tad and climb the partially snowed over ladder to the top of the dormer window. Jump from dormer window to dormer window (move the chimney pipe out of the way) and then jump to the gray platform. Ride it up as a lift (use WL) and then jump to the top of the roof (the board path). Head left for a quick summit with Ron and Hermione.

Once play resumes, transfigure the gray pieces on the roof to cover the chimney and smoke out the customers inside the pub. Jump down and then go into the pub via the main entrance (marked in green). The level will end.

04. Collectibles - Hogsmeade Village

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05. The Patronus Charm

Charms Classroom

Learn Expecto Patronum (Patronus)

You've done this before, as Lupin on the train. To jog your memory you'll cast it at a dementor just like another other attack spell to stun it. Then, run up to it and tap it. Draw the shape shown to you to defeat the dementor. Take out two more.

Collect the Potion

You need to light four torches. Light the first one and a dementor will come at you. Take it out and then build the pieces it leaves into another torch.

Light this second torch and two dementors will attack. Take them both out and each will leave pieces behind. Build the pieces under the first dementor into a cabinet and then Transfigure it into a torch.

Light this third torch. Then, build the pieces left behind by the second dementor into a record player which you will then Transfigure into a torch.

Light the fourth torch and Lupin will tell you to go into his office to grab a key for the chest that appeared. To get the key, go into his office and defeat the two dementors. It'll appear in the middle of the room. Grab it, exit out, and open the chest for the potion.

Head back to Lupin and talk to him. Exit the room to end the level.

05. Collectibles - The Patronus Charm

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06. Pursuing Peter Pettigrew

The Pettigrew Chase

There is a prefect (the red dot) in this area so you'll need to be careful not to run into him. Head into the room with the prefect (avoid him) and Transfigure the statue into a platform. Jump to it and then to the top of the bookcase. Jump across to the other bookcase using the table in-between and then grab the key on the bookcase.

Exit out and backtrack to the locked door. Use the key and enter the room. Destroy and move obstacles out of your way so that you can jump onto the pressure switch. This will make a wall retract so that you can continue down the hall.

Head to the end of the hall and take out the three dementors; they'll come out one-at-a-time from the wardrobe. When all three are toast, a chest will appear. Open it to receive a cauldron.

Head right to the three pillars and you'll automatically place the cauldron on the middle pillar. The nearby door will open. Go through.

Take out the dementors and then destroy the books blocking the door on the left wall (near the chest you can't open). Go through the door and you'll need to look for clues to a password.

Find the Password

Go to the back of the room and move the first wardrobe using WL, Transfigure the second wardrobe, and then destroy the bookcase. The paintings behind each of these objects will tell you the password. Head over to the door on the left (it's marked) and go through.

You are now in a new area. There is another prefect here. Talk to the painting on the right and then defeat the six dementors. The door will open. Head down the hall and at the end, the painting will tell you that in order to find the key you'll need to defeat the Chameleon Ghouls (Knights) in the middle room. Go around to the door, enter the room, and defeat them. A chest will appear. Open it for the key. Head back to the hall, go to the door, use the key, and go through.

You'll now have to deal with the prefect. Go to the right side hallway and talk to the painting. It'll help you by distracting the prefect. Sneak past to the room with the marked doorway. Destroy the books blocking it and head through.

You'll end up in a new area and it'll be dark. Cast Lumos. You'll see two prefects and Peter Pettigrew on the map! You can take whatever path you wish to get by the prefects. I went up the left hallway and then worked my way over to the floating green objects near the Peter icon on the map. Build, Transfigure, and Descendo the three statues. One is missing its head! You need to find it.

Repair the Statue

The head is marked on your map as the blue star. You do need to avoid the prefects, but this isn't very difficult...just make sure the one in the blue star hallway is walking away from you and then follow him, grab the head, and make a run for the statue. The door will open (and you'll get a wizard hat).

Rehang the Paintings

Go through and Peter will run away. Chase after him and go to the closed door. A painting will tell you to rehang his friends. Follow the hall to the NE corner and hang the small painting, repair and then hang the large one, move a statue off of a third and hang it, and finally, destroy the crate behind you to reveal a fourth. Once all four are hung, the painting will open a secret door for you in this hall with the four paintings.

Enter this small room to find a snake head plinth, tap it, speak Parseltongue and the door that was closed will open. Head back along the hall and go through.

Chase after Peter and he'll escape. Defeat the dementors (six of them) and then head SW along the hall. The painting will tell you about a secret door. Nearby is a crate. Destroy it and build it into a statue which will cause the wall near you to slide open.

You are close to where you entered this area now. Note the marked door on the other side. You need to get there but there are the two prefects to deal with. One easy way to get by them is to follow the lower one on his path (the two of them walk past you, follow the second one who goes right instead of up). Don't get too close, but just stay behind him and then head out through the marked door.

You are in a new area and it's dark here, too. Use Lumos. What?!? The nearby painting doesn't like the light. Ignore him and chase after Peter. Just about as you are to get to him, Snape comes in and ends the level!

06. Collectibles - Pursuing Peter Pettigrew

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07. The Shrieking Shack

The Whomping Willow and Under the Whomping Willow

Defeat The Whomping Willow

You can only see the shadows of the branches above. Stay still and the branch will hover above you and start shaking. When it starts shaking, run! It'll slam down. Quickly attack it.

Repeat for the second branch, but this time, tap it and cast Arresto Momento (AM) on it. Attack the leaves three times and it'll srping back up. Repeat this process a two more times to defeat the Willow. You'll automatically be taken underground.

You'll now be in an underground cave. Use Lumos. Head forward and burn the plant in the way. At the end of the path, Transfigure the flower into a platform, jump to it, burn the next plant, and jump across. Head forward and you'll be blocked by a boulder.

Boulder Barrier

You need to collect the four ingredients for some fertilizer to grow a plant to get over the boulder.
  1. Dragon Dung - In the path near the cauldron (you may have to break something to get it).
  2. Plimpy Eyes - Head past the cauldron to the gap, shoot the plant across to lower a platform, jump across the gap. Destroy the plant and build a ladder. Climb up to find a chest with this ingredient.
  3. Dried Kelp - Head back down the ladder and fall down the ledges (toward the screen). Transfigure the rock and build a ladder so you can get back up later. Head right along the path and use AM on the plant to destroy it. The two slamming plants will stop their action and you can open the chest.
  4. Bones - From the Kelp, head down and right along a narrow extension of the path. It'll soon dead end and you'll see your Owl getting excited, informing you of a Secret Spot. Tap the Owl to get the Bones.

Backtrack and head up the ladder (build it if you haven't yet). Go left to the cauldron and brew the fertilizer. Once you have it, head back along the path to the boulder and use the fertilizer on the Grow Spot. The boulder will lift up and you can pass under.

Head to the end of the path and build the ladder. Climb up.

Shrieking Shack

You are now in the shack. Cross the collapsing floor and head up the stairs. Light the two torches and you'll get a cutscene.

Catch Peter Pettigrew

In this room there is a piano, a shelf, a wardrobe, and a side table. Peter is hiding under whichever one is moving at the time. Attack the object (each has four hearts) and break it open while Peter is under it and he'll pop out. He'll now run around. Attack him four may want to Stupefy him to make it easier...and he'll run under another object.

Repeat this process over and over (avoiding the attacks from other things in-between) until you have defeated him (takes out 6 - 8 rounds of doing this).

Outside the Shrieking Shack

Save Sirius

You are now outside. Transfigure the nearby flower into a platform and jump up. Jump right to the grassy ledge and then attack the rock to the right to reveal another platform. Jump to it and then on up to the upper area.

Drop down to the other side, take out the mushroom men, and then destroy anything you see in this little're looking for the log rings and I think they're already uncovered. Anyway, build the rings into a tube and you'll be shown the open tree stump back up above. Build the ladder out of the pieces that appear to get back up. Head over to the stump and jump in. You'll ride through the warp tube (is this Mario?).

Repair the Statues

Head right and hop across the lily pads. You'll get to two broken statues and need to find parts for them. Head right, using the lily pad and stop on the small grassy penninsula. Here you'll glow green. Use Revelio to make appear a bow and arrow. Grab it. Return to the same spot and use Revelio again to make a lily pad down from you. Hop on it, destroy the rock on the next lily pad, and hop to another grassy area where your Owl will alert you to a Secret Spot with a harp. Bring both items back over to the statues, tap them, and the path will open where the witches retract. Go into that path (where the statues went) to end the level.

07. Collectibles - The Shrieking Shack

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08. The Time-Turner

The Hospital Wing

Turn Back Time

The Time Turner is the hourglass with the yellow sparklies. To use it, switch to Hermione and stand under it. It'll rise up. You'll see the hourglass icon in the bottom right. Tap the icon and a large hourglass will appear on the screen. blad;jkadkjfa;

After it spins and you get confirmation that you used it, open the nearby chest for a key. Use the key on the door and exit out.

Hogwarts East

Pumpkin Patch

You need to find where Fang (Hagrid's dog) buried the key to the gate. There are five marked locations on your map. The easternmost one is blocked by weeds. You can get by them, but wait do do so. Instead, go to each of the other four and look for your Owl to tell you that you are over the right spot. Tap the Owl to find the hidden items. In this case, you'll find the four ingredients for fertilizer.

Head back over to the weeds to the east and tap them. Use AM to stop them and walk by to the final Secret Spot to get the key. Use the key on the gate and enter the pumpkin patch.

Distract Macnair

Macnair, Buckbeak's executioner is already there and he needs to be distracted. You need to make the fertilizer for the Grow Spot near him! Switch to Harry and put on your cloak. Walk over to the cauldron and make the fertilizer.

Note: I had trouble with the Plimpy Eye (third) part of this potion. I was stirring too much and it was smoking and then it'd fail. If this is happening to you, stir until it bubbles and it's red and then stop. That should work. Same thing goes for the last ingredient...stir until it bubbles and it's green then stop.

Once you have the potion made, go to the Grow Spot near the executioner and use the fertilizer on it. A small mushroom will grow. It is a proximity detecting exploding mushroom...meaning...walk near it and then run away to make it blow up. This will get Macnair's attention. Continue to do this for the second and third Grow Spots that pop up.

For the fourth and final one (near the dead end of the pumpkin patch path), get near it and you'll automatically run away from it in the right direction. Keep going though, and place yourself to the right of the log that is on the ground. This way, Macnair will run by you and won't run into you. Once he gets to the final spot you'll be told that all is safe and you can take off your cloak.

Rescue Buckbeak

Head back over to the right where you'll find Buckbeak tied up. Attack the post he is tied to and you'll get a key. Use the key on the chest on the other side of the wall to find some meat. Pick it up and Buckbeak will come and get it. You'll get a load screen.

The Forbidden Forest

The Gramophone

Gramophone Part 1
You need to find three gramophone pieces so that you can repair it so that you can use it to distract Lupin. Explore the area for Secret Spots (look in the middle of each ring of studs). There are four spots total and one will yield a gramophone part. Once all four are revealed, a Grow Spot will emerge, as well.

Gramophone Part 2 Go to this new Grow Spot, by the ledge in the NW of this area you are in, and make it grow (make sure that you are Harry as he has the fertilizer). It'll grow. Hop up and onto the upper path.

Head left, go through the weeds using WL and then fight your way through the mushroom men. You'll soon see your Owl appear. Use it to find a Secret Spot with a rock platform that you can build. Do so and hop up it (ignore the green glow hidden spot for now) to the next upper path. Head left. Go along the many-mushroom path and near the end Hermione will yell that she sees a piece of the gramophone near the horklump plant. To get it, light the succession of torches to draw the moths toward the plant. When the fourth torch is lit, you'll get the part.

Gramophone Part 3 Continue right blasting through trees and then through the weeds. You'll soon come upon a snake symbol near a stump (see Crests below). Continue right from it and Transfigure the pieces you find into a rock so that you can jump up the rocks/stumps to the right to get up to the right ledge.

Now up on the right ledge, locate the Secret Spot to reveal a torch. Light it and then build the pieces that fall into a rock platform to your left. Use this platform to get up to the next higher ledge on the left. Head left through the weeds and then up the path to its northernmost point, exiting out to the next area.

You are in a new area with a new map now. Destroy the bushes to find the final part!

Repair the gramophone that is sitting the middle of the area. You'll call Lupin.

Escape from Lupin

Run right to the marked exit.

You'll be in another new area with a new map. Drop down the ledge and go to the middle of the circle of studs to find a Secret Spot and a phial of fertilizer. You'll toss it into the water, the lily pads will grow, and Lupin will be hot on your trail!

Run around avoiding Lupin while you wait for them to grow. It won't take long and Harry will tell you when they're ready. Hop across them and you'll be in a dark area. Cast Lumos and head down the trail, dropping off the ledge, and continuing on. After another ledge or two you'll see some weeds on the left. AM them and pass through. You'll then exit out the left and the level will (finally) end.

08. Collectibles - The Time-Turner

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09. Freeing Sirius


Find Sirius

Head along the roofridge and use AM to stop the spinning blocks. You'll eventually get to a gate with two torches. Light them to go through. Up next, dementors. Take out all five and the gate will open. Go through. Defeat the next dementor and then light the two braziers to extend a bridge. Cross it, take out another dementor and then light the two torches to get through the next gate.

Take out the dementor and then build the brown pieces into a tower. Use WL to knock over the tower to form a bridge. Cross over, avoid the fire-breathing gargoyle, and then destroy the brown box to find pieces to a ladder. Build the ladder and climb up. Repeat for the next level of this tower and then, at the top, use WL on the two brown supports to lower the next bridge for you.

Cross the bridge and two fire gargoyles will be blocking you path with their flames. Use WL on the two chimneys to block them. Go through, repeat for the next fire gargoyles, and then build the stairs out of the pieces. Light the two torches to make the gate open and then go up the stairs and through.

Head left up the ramp, take out the dementors along the way and at the top, build a bridge. Cross, hang a right, avoid the falling floor and then Transfigure the railing on the left into a bridge to get across the gap. Repeat and then go up the path, past the gargoyles and through the open doorway at the top.

Head up to Sirius' cell, wait for the gargoyles to spin so you can get in there and light both torches. This will both get rid of the gargoyles and open Sirius' cell!

09. Collectibles - Freeing Sirius

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