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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter" (Nintendo DS)
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

YEAR 4 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Below you will find the Story Mode walkthrough. If you would like our 100% completion guide (including all Red Bricks, Golden Wizard Hats, and Character Tokens) please join the LunaPass. It's all of our guides (200+) for one low price!

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LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide

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Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • Privet Drive
    • Gringotts Vaults
    • Shopping in Diagon Alley
    • Platform 9 3/4
    • Gryffindor House
    • Transfiguration
    • Flying Lesson
    • The Trophy Room
    • The Mountain Troll
    • Incendio
    • Potions Class
    • The Quidditch Match
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Lumos Charm
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • The Forbidden Corridor
  • Year 2
    • The Burrow
    • Borgin and Burkes
    • Arresto Momento
    • Collecting Ingredients
    • The Duelling Club
    • The Poly Juice Potion
    • The Slytherin Common Room
    • The Revelio Charm
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • The Descendo Charm
    • The Spider Hollow
    • The Chamber of Secrets
  • Year 3
    • The Hogwarts Express
    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Banishing Boggarts
    • Hogsmeade Village
    • The Patronus Charm
    • Pursuing Peter Pettigrew
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • The Time-Turner
    • Freeing Sirius
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • The Summoning Charm
    • Unlocking O.W.L. Revision
    • The First Task
    • The Prefects' Bathroom
    • The Second Task
    • The Third Task

01. The Quidditch World Cup

The Campsite

Find the Three Ingredients

In order to reach Harry you'll need a fire protection potion, meaning you need to find the three ingredients. They are labeled on your map.

Take out the two Death Eaters by using Stupefy to stun them and then attacking them. Head up to Ron and he'll give you the Salamander Blood.

Move the nearby log and head up north toward the blue star on your map. Take out the two death eaters and then go up to George who gives you Wartcap powder.

Head southeast, Transfigure the wagon and take out the four Death Eaters near Fred. Talk to him and he'll give you the Bursting Mushrooms.

Brew the Potion

Once you have all three ingredients, a new blue star will appear on your map. It's the cauldron. Start heading to it, use AM to get past the two wild rocks. Go a tad farther and you'll see Fred trapped under some timber. Repair it to make a bridge and free Fred. Cross over the bridge and you'll soon find a cauldron.

Brew the potion and you'll be able to walk through fire.

Go ahead and do this with the fire to north...the marked exit.

Find Harry

You are in a new area with a new map. Note the blue star in the NE...that's Harry. Head along the path taking out Death Eaters (remember, stupefy and then attack) and moving the one log in your way. When you get to Harry you'll have to take out four Death Eaters. Do so and then talk to him to end the level.

01. Collectibles - The Quidditch World Cup

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02. The Summoning Charm

Hogwarts East

The Charms Classroom is locked. Head to the east side of the area, defeat the two Knights and open the chest between them for the key. Head back and open the classroom door.

Charms Classroom

Learn the Summoning Charm (Accio)

Follow the instructions to bring Neville's books to you (sort of like drawing a lasso).

Collect the Potion

Head to the north side and pull each of the platforms out of the wall using Accio. Hop up them to the upper level. Pull all three panels off the wall to reveal the potion. Grab it and head back to Flitwick.

02. Collectibles - The Summoning Charm

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03. Unlocking O.W.L. Revision

Hogwarts East

Head through the marked door, to the Charms Classroom.

Charms Classroom

Learn Alohomora

Hermione will teach you Alohomora. This spell allows you to unlock certain chests and doors...the symbol for it is a keyhole, for goodness sake. Unlock the chest that Hermione shows you and then she'll task you with finding the baton.

Collect the Baton

Head over to the marked doors. Open all three. Inside one of them is the baton. Bring it back to Hermione. Exit out the marked door to end the level.

03. Collectibles - Unlocking O.W.L. Revision

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04. The First Task

Dragon Enclosure

The Golden Egg

Head down and stand behind the protective wall so the Dragon doesn't hurt you. Build the pieces to your left into another protective wall. Go to this newly built wall and build the bridge. Run across the bridge.

Take cover as soon as you can and build another cover wall. From it, build another bridge. Head out onto the bridge and use Accio to pull the wall to the right to you. Take cover behind it and build the pieces to the right to complete the bridge. Cross and run along the path to the next cover.

From here you can build another cover wall, this time north of you. Go to it and use Accio on the bridge to the right to pull it out. Cross over it and run along the path, using Accio again on the next bridge. Before you cross it, you can stay where you are and build a cover wall on the far side of it. Cross it and take cover.

Next to you is your broomstick! Hop on and head north jumping off the ramp.


You end up on the rooftops. Build the bridge and cross it. Avoid the holes in the path and then pull out the next bridge. Cross and head down the stairs. You'll see the dragon on your right. Take cover near the window and build the nearby pieces into a chimney. Take cover behind it, and then run down so that you end up behind the wall. Drop off the ledge.

To the right are more pieces. Build them into a platform (use Alohomora on the gate for a crest, see "Crests") and jump to it. Your next jump needs to be timed so that the dragon doesn't bite you. Jump when the dragon is not attacking and run right to another pile of pieces. Build them into a ladder and climb up.

On this landing you'll see two piles of pieces. Take cover behind the wall the left of the gray pieces and build them into a chimney. Take cover behind the chimney and build the brown pieces to repair the bridge to the right. Cross over.

Follow the low broken wall path and drop off the roof to the right, landing on a small platform. Attack and destroy the crate to your right and you'll see a brown platform that you can use Accio on. It'll move to you. Jump to it and then jump to the next stone platform avoiding the bite of the dragon. Upon landing, quickly take cover in the doorway and then attack the brown structure (scaffold? catapult?) to make pieces. Build the pieces into a bridge and cross it.

To your right you'll see a gap and then a slightly different colored wall on the other side. Attack that wall to destroy it and then jump across the gap.

Build more pieces to repair yet another bridge and continue right (to the end of the map). Proceed along and you'll get a quick load screen.

You are now in a new area with a new map, still on the rooftops. Build the two piles of pieces resulting in the dragon getting trapped in a railing. While he's stuck, light the two braziers to open the gate and go through. Repair the next bridge and continue on to the next broken bridge. On the left is a wooden tower (antenna). Its base is green. Tap it and use Accio on it to have the antenna fall on the dragon. Use Accio to pull out the next bridge and then Alohomora on the gate to open it. Go through.

Drat! The dragon has blocked your path with fire. Head left and open the chest for a Bursting Mushroom (ingredient one of three for a fire protection potion). Look left across the gap and attack the crate to make some pieces. Build them into a bridge.

Cross it and you'll find a cauldron. To the left is another chest, this one with Wartcap Powder. Grab it and head right to the low wall. Destroy the slightly different colored section of the wall, and repeat for the wall across the gap. You'll see a chest there. Use Accio on it to bring it across and open it. You'll find the final ingredient, Salamander Blood.

Head back to the cauldron and make the Fire Protection Potion. Once it's made you can walk through the fire. Do so and grab your broom!

The Triwizard Dragon Escape

You'll be flying toward the bottom of the screen and the dragon will be chasing you (you've done something similar to this in a previous mission). You need to fly right and left following the trail of studs and avoiding the chimneys. When you get a warning symbol and sound, that means there is a chimney coming. If you follow the trail of studs, though, you'll know you can dodge right after getting the blue studs. If you cut it real close on the chimneys, the dragon will run into them and you'll get bonus studs at the end. Be careful, also, because the dragon will be shooting fire at you. You just need to dodge these fire balls. Keep up the flying and dodging until the level ends.

04. Collectibles - The First Task

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05. The Prefects' Bathroom

Repair the Leak

Head to the west (left) side of the pool and locate the broken pipe (it's a vertical pipe). Myrtle will suggest that you check out the changing rooms for a spare pipe. A blue star marker will appear on your map. Go there and you'll find that there is a locked door. Rats! Myrtle suggests you go upstairs.

Head up to the right balcony and look along the wall for a small fence/gate. When you are near it, you'll get the Myrtle icon. Yes, you can switch to being Myrtle. Do and float through the fence and along the ducts. You'll drop down into the changing room with the locked door.

Switch back to being Harry and locate the large crate in the back left corner. Destroy it to find the Key! As you head back to the door, note the different colored locker door. Destroy it to find the Pipe!

You now have the key and the pipe. Unlock the door/gate and carry the pipe to the broken pipe you found earlier (it's now marked on your map).

More Leaks

After you place the pipe (it's done automatically), you'll see a wall slide open on the left balcony. Head up there and follow the red carpet to the boiler room.
  1. Build the pieces on the right to fix the two pipes on the right.
  2. Look on the floor for four more sections of pipe. Tap each one and use Accio on it to move it into place. When all four are moved the leak will be fixed.

Fill the Pool

Now that the water is flowing you have to figure out how to fill the pool. Head downstairs where you'll find two piles of gray LEGOs. Build them each into faucets (taps) and the pool will fill.

That's it, the level will end.

05. Collectibles - The Prefects' Bathroom

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06. The Second Task

You are underwater but movement and spells are unaffected. Follow the path, shooting plants out of your way and you'll soon see a tentacle. Attack it and then build the pieces on the right into a cover to keep the tentacle down. Lower the wall and then use AM on the whirlpool. This will only temporarily stop it, so be quick as you swim over it.

The next wall is actually a tad tough to shoot, so get back from it a bit and shoot it if you're having trouble. Here you'll see another tentacle; shoot it and then cover it as you did before.

Use the snake plinth and hiss into it to lower the wall to the right and then continue swimming. When you get to the gate with the hat behind it, look left and destroy the rock column to proceed.

Attack the sea crab thing and then use Descendo to lower the wall. You'll encounter your first mermaid. Take it out with repeated attacks and then use Accio to more the large boulder to block the cave. Move the next wall with WL and then attack it to destroy it. Build from the pieces a bridge and swim across. You'll see somebody floating there and you'll be glowing green. Befor using Revelio, use Accio (check this later) on the blocks up from you to move them out of the way (they'll sink away). Then, use Revelio and a bridge will form where those blocks were. Cross over.

Use the snake plinth to open the doorway and swim through.

You'll find yourself in a new area with a new map.

Swim forward and take out the two mermen (Stupefy and attack). To open the door, shoot the two anchors. Swim through.

Match the Symbols

Head to the back wall to see the symbols: green, purple, blue. Swim around and destroy all of the LEGO piles to reveal an extra green symbol on the floor. You now have two of each symbol on the floor. It doesn't matter in what order you do these, you simply have to swim over each pair. Here is what I did:

First, I swam over one purple and then the next purple. This will result in a match. Next, I swam over both greens. Finally, over both blues. Once all three matches are made, the floor will drop down. Swim to it and drop down.

You'll be in a new area with a new map.

Lower the Wall to Exit Out

The place where you need to go is marked with a green arrow on the map, however, it's not accessible as there is a wall in the way that you'll need to lower in stages.

First, use Descendo to lower the floating crate in the middle of the room. Destroy it to make a round cover in pieces. Build it and it'll sit there, near a tentacle. Tap it and use WL to move it into place over one of the tentacle arms. This will result in one of three sections of the wall lowering.

Second, go over to the left (north) wall of the room and use Accio to push back the door. Inside is a snake plinth. Use it and a block will fall right outside this small room, revealing another cover. Repeat the process of building it and moving it into place over another tentacle resulting in the second section of wall dropping down.

Third, head to the right of the right-most tentacle and swim around until you see yourself glowing green. Use Revelio to find the final cover and repeat the process to move it into place, lowering the final piece of the wall!

This will reveal a doorway. Swim through.

You'll be in a new area with a new map.

Underwater Rescue!

You need to free all three students. Each is marked on the map.

Student 1
Destroy the wall in front of you and then swim to the left of the whirlpool. Take out the four mermen and a chest will appear. Open it for pieces and build the pieces into a snake plinth. Use it to free the first student.

Student 2
After freeing the first student swim north to the second student and swim up onto platform where the student is chained. Use your various magic spells to remove all four rocks that are on top of the cage.

The cage flaots away (I think it does) and you'll have access to a Teacher Plinth. Switch to Dean (yellow shirt) because Harry can't use it. You've only encountered one of these so far and it was a while ago. Basically, this is the memory matching game, so tap the plinth and then study the symbols. Match them up. When you do, the student will be freed.

Student 3
After rescuing the second student, you are shown a pile of LEGO pieces near you. Go to them and build a bridge out of them. Cross over and you'll be near the third student, who is in the middle of this circular area. Go to the south of the circle and you'll see a green panel in the floor. Lift it up, destroy it, and build a snake plinth from it. Use the plinth to free the final stundent. The level will end.

06. Collectibles - The Second Task

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07. The Third Task

The Maze

Serpent Shenanigans

Tap the wooden sign which tells you that there is a precise path through the maze. Enter the maze, go around the coffin, and head to the second sign. This one will tell you to follow the snake.

Standing in front of that sign you'll be glowing green. Use Revelio to the right to uncover a ladder. Climb up to a snake plinth and hiss into it. One half of the coffin lid will open.

Hop down and locate the Secret Spot (Owl) to the left of the coffin. Tap the Owl to reveal some pieces. Build them into a ladder and climb up to the Teacher Plinth. Switch to Dean and use the plinth (matching). Once successful, the other half of the coffin will open and the snake will slither out. Follow it to the right (NE) to a new area.

Botanical Befuddlement

Head to the sign in this new area and it'll tell you to follow the sunflower. Noted. What it really should have told you is that you're going to need a Fire Protection Potion.

Head to the south of the middle area and your Owl will go nuts. Tap it to reveal a chest with Wartcap Powder. In or near this same spot you'll be glowing green. Use Revelio to make a ladder. Climb up the ladder and on the right is a chest with Bursting Mushrooms. Use Accio on the bridge to pull it to you and cross over.

In front of you (to the left of the block with the hat) is a chest with Fertilizer. Grab it and then head up the hedge path and into a secret hedge tunnel. You'll emerge in the south. Transfigure the wooden pieces into a bridge and cross over. Here you'll find a chest. Use Alohomora on it to get the Salamander Blood. Just past this is another secret tunnel. Go in and you'll end up on the east side, near the Snake Plinth. Use it to create four Grow Spots. Go to each one and use the Fertilizer on it. You're looking for the sunflower to mark the correct path. For me, it was the SE path. Go along it to the next area.

The Broken Compass

Use Descendo on the two lamps on poles in the middle of the area. Build one into a compass arrow. Build the other into a Teacher Plinth. Switch to Dean and use the plinth. The arrow will stop and will point in the correct direction. For me, it was due West. Go there.

Map Mayhem

Head to the sign. It'll tell you that X marks the spots of the paths to ignore. Note that the pattern on the ground near the sign is really a map of the maze area that you are in.

Go to the east corner of this pattern on the ground and you'll glow green. Use Revelio to find a ladder. Climb up, use AM on the weeds, and go through the secret hedge tunnel. You'll end up in the SE. Transfigure the wooden poles into a bridge, cross over, and use the Snake Plinth. The result is two red X's on the pattern in the ground.

Hop back down and then head south, then west, to find another ladder. Climb up, go through the weeds, and make the bridge. Cross over to the Teacher Plinth, switch to Dean, and use it. Two more red X's will appear.

Head back to the middle and then take the west path, which goes a bit north. In the corner you'll get an excited Owl. Tap it to reveal ladder pieces. Build the ladder and climb up. Head right, across the weeds, to the Teacher Plinth (you are above the sign now) and use it. Two more red X's will appear.

You are so close to discovering the path. From the plinth, backtrack through the weeds and use Accio to pull the bridge to the right to you. Go through the secret hedge tunnel and you'll end up in the south near a Snake Plinth. Use it to reveal the final red X and a green snake, showing you the correct path (you'll also get a hat). Go there. (For me, the correct path was due East.)

The Sphinx's Riddle

Make sure your eyes are fresh because you're going to need them. Head up the Sphinx and watch as three barrels are shown to you. Under one of them is a red brick. Keep your eye on the red brick barrel as they get shuffled. When they stop, attack the barrel that has the red brick to proceed.


Defeat Voldemort

Noooo! The Triwizard Cup is a portkey. It's a trap!

Before the battle begins Voldemort will destroy a gravestone. Once the battle begins, repair it and use WL on it to lift it up and make it fall on his head, doing one heart of damage.

He'll retreat and two Death Eaters will attack. Remember to Stupefy them and then attack them. Also be on the lookout for weeds that pop up. Once the two Death Eaters are defeated, Voldemort will jump back to the middle of the area and you'll have another opporunity to repair and then lift a gravestone to bop him again, doing another heart of damage.

For this last part, defeat the two death eaters that appear and Voldemort will once again rejoin the battle. On the screen you'll see two icons: you and Voldemort. There is a spell being cast between the two of you and an energy ball that is headed your way. You need to quickly and repeatedly slide your stylus from you to him to make the energy ball go toward him. When it hits him, he'll be defeated and you'll have completed the story mode!

07. Collectibles - The Third Task

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