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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Year 2

Below you will find the Story Mode walkthrough. If you would like our 100% completion guide (including all Red Bricks, all Gold Bricks, all Characters, and all House Crests) please join the LunaPass. It's all of our guides (200+) for one low price!

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LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide
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LEGO Harry Potter Game Guide

LEGO Harry Potter Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • The Magic Begins
    • Out of the Dungeon
    • A Jinxed Broom
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • Face of the Enemy
  • Year 2
    • Floo Powder
    • Dobby's Plan
    • Crabbe and Goyle
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • Follow the Spiders
    • The Basilisk
  • Year 3
    • News from Azkaban
    • Hogsmeade
    • Mischief Managed
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • Dementor's Kiss
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • Dragons
    • The First Task
    • Secret of the Egg
    • The Black Lake
    • The Dark Lord Returns

Year 2

Floo Powder

You will begin this level in the Weasley's yard. Approach Ginny and enter the front door of the home.

There's much magic to be done inside. Play as you wish, then work your way into the next room. Stand in the light beneath the painting and activate it. It looks like it will only talk to Ginny. Hit the nearby orange chair (it will be moving) with your wand to reveal the young Weasley, and have her stand in the light.

Collect the dropped object and place it on the fire place.

After the cutscene, you'll find yourself in the backroom of a store. Play around. When you're done, dust off the mirror at the base of the stairs. Look into the mirror to spot the handle at the base of the hand statue. Have Hagrid pull said hand, then build from the remains. Use WL until the object is tossed into the nearby painting, resulting in a Key. Collect the Key and insert it into the lock to exit.

Strike the items outside until you have some bricks to build. Use WL to create a handle. Have Hagrid pull it, then move up the dark alley. Move under the walkway with the crest, then have Hagrid pull the handle at the end. Exit to complete the level.


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Dobby's Plan

Back at Hogwarts, you will need to immediately make a potion. Find the bone in the bottom right corner. Simply destroy everything until many bones are revealed. Use WL on them, grab the bone, toss it into the pot. The flower will be revealed when you build the garbage can from the bricks left of the cauldron. Once the can is built, it will clean and spit out the flower. The third ingredient, the tooth, is found in the potted pink plant in the back right corner. Strike the pot, then the revealed plant monster.

When all three ingredients have been dropped in the cauldron, you'll be rewarded with strength. Pull the handle near the ghost stud exit, and enter the Clocktower Courtyard. Cross, then make your way back to Herbology.

Make your way to the Wardrobe at the far end and collect your earmuffs. From here, simply gather the three Mandrakes (screaming plants), and place them in the empty pots on the table. Upon completion, you'll earn a new skill, Mandrake Handling. Exit out.

Return to the Clocktower Courtyard to find your ghost stud trail. Your trail will be blocked by a screaming Mandrake. Find the wardrobe on the opposite side, along the outside hall. Open the wardrobe and place the plant in the nearby pot. Exit and follow the ghost studs to the next Mandrake. Find the earmuff wardrobe up the stairs (opposite side), and grab the Mandrake. Walk it toward the glass panel. When the glass shatters, continue up the stairs and plant the screamer. Exit left.

Inside Defense Against the Dark Arts, you will be granted Immobilis. The new spell will already be selected for you from your spell menu. Use it on the three flying Pixies by targetting them, then releasing your new spell. Hit them again when they're frozen to take them out.

When the first three pixies fall, you'll have five more with which you must contend. Do so to earn your new spell, then exit out the green arrow door.

Move downstairs to locate the ghost studs, then follow them through the door to the left. Cross the covered bridge, then make your way down to the Quidditch Tent. Enter to begin the level.

Use WL on the trap door and fall through it. Use WL on the glowing objects below. One will reveal a portrait. Activate it. Next, open the chest next to it, revealing a quaffle. Zap the hand to toss the quaffle through the wall. Build from the pieces a trampoline of sorts, and bounce up to the upper level. Cast a spell at Dobby.

Switch to Hagrid and pull the handle. Cross the lowered platform to the right and hit Dobby a second time. Use Immobilis to take out the two Pixies, then Lumos on the plant, thus revealing the snitch. Head right and build from the bricks a staircase. Climb up it.

Use WL on the purple ball, and attach it to the door weight. Move through the door.

Climb up the ladder and strike Dobby again. Switch to Hagrid and pull the handle to drop the bricks. Stack the bricks and jump on top of them to the upper area. Aim and zap the middle locker to free Dobby, then hit him.

Drop off the front edge, then strike the two Pixies with Immobilis. Cross and strike the moving can to blow its lid off. Next, use WL to release Dobby. Hit him for a final time.

You'll end up in the Infirmary, collecting ingredients for your next potion.

Select Madame Pomfrey and lead her to the Earmuff Wardrobe right of the door. Use Ms. Pomfrey's spell menu to select the metal breaking spell (the orange one, near the top), then use it on the wardrobe lock. Have Ron or Hermione step into the wardrobe, the pluck up the Mandrake at the far end. Carry the screaming plant to the glass case, opposite the Earmuff Wardrobe, then pluck up the pink flower. Place the flower in the caudlron and the Mandrake in the pot.

Next, use WL on the skull next to the ailing boy's bed (also next to the Wardrobe). After the skeleton does its dance, grab the bone and drop it in the cauldron.

To collect the spider, you must exit the room. To do this, raise the bed of the blond boy with WL. Build the knight from the resulting bricks, and watch as said knight breaks through the lock on the door. Exit. Pick up the purple broom and use it on the purple web above. Once cleared, as second web will form. Clear it and collect the spider. Return to the Infirmary and drop it in the cauldron.


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Crabbe and Goyle


Follow the ghost studs across the Clocktower Courtyard. Continue following the trail through Hogwarts and into DADA, where you'll be trained for a new spell, Expelliarmus.

Begin by taking on the dummies. Make sure the new spell is active (it's the red one), then stand in front of the doors and hit the dummies as they come at you. Be sure you're using your full "cast", and not the "quick cast" (you'll be hitting "X" on the Xbox 360). You'll get a checkmark for every dummy you take down, as long as you are standing behind the red line. When one of the boys has earned his checkmarks, switch to the other for his fill. When the blackboard is full of checks, you'll be taken to dueling.

Dueling is fairly easy, but it can take time. Youl goal is simply to strike Malfoy with your Expelliarmus spell until he runs out of hearts. Again, be sure you're not using "quick cast", so you are hitting him with the full spell. You may also care to wait until he shoots at you (and misses), so your spells don't hit. Finally, make sure you're aiming in a straight line. If Malfoy goes right, you should also go right. A straight shot is going to be much easier than an angled one.

When Malfoy falls, you will earn your new spell, AND you will understand Parseltongue.

Follow the ghost stud trail down the stairs and through Hogwarts to a gated door. Stand in front of the snake and hit the indicated button to speak Parseltongue to it. The snake will shatter into three bricks. Place the bricks on the purple stand to the left. Begin with the tail, followed by the middle, followed by the head. When the snake bricks are properly placed, the door will open. Move through it.

Head down the stairs and find the green arrow pointing at the central door. Stand in the light and wave for a little cutscene. Follow the ghost studs all the way to Potions Class, where you'll have to mix a new Potion.

Find the apple (I think) behind that orange panel in the bottom left corner. Take down the Pixie to get it. To collect the hair, use WL on the pile of junk on the left side. Hold it until a purple vine is created that steals the nearby boy. To get the flower, locate the desk with the blue and green bottles on it. Hit the bottles so they pour into the nearby cauldron. Pluck the flower from the resulting plant.

When all the ingredients are mixed, take a sip. You'll then be shown a character selection screen. Select Justin Finch-Fletchley (a Hufflepuff), then stand in front of the portrait. This will earn you the Polyjuice Potion. It will also raise the gate. Exit out (not the gate door, but your entrance).

This time follow the ghost studs around and upstairs toward the Great Hall. However, instead of entering the Great Hall, head right. Your door will be blocked. Potion time. Use WL on the bricks to the right of the Great Hall door for some flowers. Pluck the flower and pop it in the cauldron. Locate the apple by tossing the blue flag over the bannister (left of the stairs). Flip the yellow flag (right of the stairs) for the hair.

With the Polyjuice potion in tow, select good ol' Justin again. Walk over to the red curtain and stand in the light beneath the portrait (if the light isn't there, the portrait may need to be dusted off with the high broom).

Inside the restricted area, head right. Use WL on the pipe near the green gas spout to shut down the spout. Continue right. After the cutscene, move thorugh the door.

Crabbe and Goyle

Once again, you must collect the ingredients for a Polyjuice Potion. For the flower, use WL on the plunger in the back left corner to reveal a wheel. Place the wheel on the nearby water heater and a flower will be dropped. Collect the hair by using WL on the sleeping Crabbe and Goyle.

For the apple, equip WL and get yourself up on either of the two toilets on the right. This is tricky as there seems to be a force pushing you off. Just get up there and keep pressing forward, so you're on the toilet lid, and the wheel above is glowing pink. While keeping yourself on the toilet, activate WL. When you rise up, cross the toilet lids all the way left. The chained toilet will blow. Pick up the resulting piece, drop it in the flower next door, build from the remains, and collect your apple.

Drink your Polyjuice Potion and exit out.

Desguised as Crabbe and Goyle, make your way down the stairs. Use Lumos to remove the vines beneath the right staircase, then WL to move the bricks. Use WL again to awaken the snake. Strike the snake in each of its four positions, then build from the dropped bricks. A gold knight will appear who will shut off the sprinklers in the back of the room. Step into the revealed light and move through the door.

In the Slytherin Common Room, make your way all the way right to the globe. Use WL on the globe, then on the resulting fish. Collect from the water the skull, and place the eyes on the snake.


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Tom Riddle's Diary

Simply follow the ghost studs to the bathroom to the right to enter the next level.

Inside the lavoratory, Moaning Myrtle will be tossing objects your way from behind the stalls. Your goal is to catch these objects with WL and send them back to her. Do it so the object hits and breaks the stall doors from which they emerged (stand back and directly in front of the stall). When you break three doors, Ms. Myrtle will appear in the last stull broken (she's kind of hard to see, but she's there). Strike her with your Quick Cast.

On the second and third rounds, you'll need to break the five doors before striking Myrtle. When that's complete, Myrtle will hover before you. Hit her with your best shot.

When Myrtle falls, you'll find yourself in a hallway. Near the entrance is a pink glowing bookshelf. Use WL on it and grab the bone. Run it right and you'll find a cauldron. Drop the bone in.

Next, backtrack a few steps and note the little round stools. Step on them and the platforms behind them will extend. This is quite useful. Hop onto the stool farthest left, then onto the platform behind it. From here, your partner will automatically step on the stools, activating the platforms for you. Climb up and right. At the top, use WL on the glowing object to reveal another stool. Step on it to extend all the platforms permanently (allowing your partner to climb up with you), then cross back to the left. Go to the end and strike the urn to reveal the flower. Place it in the cauldron.

Return back up the platforms and move right. Use Lumos on the vines, cross right, then hit the bouncing object in the alcove. Doing so will reveal the tooth. Collect it and drop it in the cauldron.

Before sipping on the potion, go ahead and build the Earmuff closet from the bricks to the left of the cauldron. Hop inside, pick up the Mandrake, then use it on the glass panel near the wardrobe. This will reveal a handle. Plant the Mandrake, then sip on the potion to gain the strength necessary to pull the handle.

Pulling the handle will reveal a new set of bricks. Place them atop the archway behind them, in a way that you'll be able to use them to cross the above gap (it doesn't have to be pretty). Next, take down the Pixies and stack the bricks here to form another crossable platform.

Before heading up to cross your new platforms, take another sip of that potion. Bulk up, then climb the platforms and cross all the way right. Pull the lever at the far end, thus releasing the pig below. Move through the revealed door.

Make your way down the hall to the stairs, but don't go down them. Instead, enter the hallway behind the stairs and step on the stool platform. This will change the direction of the stairs. Climb them.

Approach and strike the portrait. When it tosses you a stool, place it atop the pole, then step on it. Climb down the stairs to the right.

Equip WL and highlight the large rotating lever between the two cells. Wait for your partner to stand near the bookcase to the right, then activate that lever. Your partner will be carried to the opposite side of the bookcase. Approach him and switch. Here will be another lever. Turn it and your partner will join you.

Move right and strike the panels behind the little wizard with your wand. Build a trampoline from the remains. Use it to reach the high platform, then use Lumos on the vines to the right. Two panels will drop to the ground. Follow them and use WL to place them in the slots along the right wall. Bounce up to the upper level.

From here, use WL on the archways to change their positions, then exit out.


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Follow the Spiders

Follow the ghost studs (and the trail of spiders) out of the forbidden corridor, through Hogwarts, and over the covered bridge to Hagrid's Hut. Enter to begin the level.

Take out the bee and his hive. Equip WL and head right. When you come to the large glowing plant, use WL on it and a fun little plant car will emerge. Hop in and walk over to the ledge. Hit the indicated button ("Y" on the 360), and the plant will spit you out on that ledge.

Use WL to locate the glowing cylinder by the large tree. Break it up and use WL again to create a rain cloud. Carry that cloud high and left, so it's over the brick tree near the ledge. Let it rain upon that tree and your friends below will join you.

Have Fang dig at the hovering paws, which is at the base of the large tree. When the tree falls, cross. Take out the bees, then step out on the dock. Use Lumos on the vines, then WL to raise the brooms. Have Harry jump on one and fly right, to the opposite side. Build the dock here and, again, you friends will join you.

Take out the bees and go all the way right. Watch as the Pixies strip your ladder of rungs. Backtrack a bit and climb the ladder/vine up the wall to the large spider web. Make your way along the narrow ledge to the right. Take out the bees in this area, along with the hive.

Next, focus on the Pixies. Take them out and the tree will disappear. Have Fang dig at the hovering paws, then drop down into the created hole.

Meet Aragon. She's a big spider, and she wants to eat you. Don't let it happen.

In order to defeat Aragon, you must throw other spiders at her. The spiders you must throw are the ones attacking you...but not all the ones attacking you. There will be brown spider and black spiders. The black spiders have a purple panel on their stomachs. Destroy the brown spiders with your quick cast and wait for the black spiders to appear. When they do, make sure WL is equipped and hit them with your wand (a simple strike will do, no spell necessary). A successful hit will bring the spider to its back. At this point, lift the spider with WL, then tap and hold your "Cast" button to spin it. Release to toss it. Repeat two more times to eliminate the Aragon situation.

Next you'll be in the Weasley's car. Follow the path of studs to the end.


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The Basalisk

Follow the Ghost Stud path up to Defense Against the Dark Arts, where you'll be thrown into the last chapter of Year 2.

In the lavoratory (again), begin by striking the portrait on the left side. Build from the remains the platforms (use them if you want), and move through the revealed pipe hole. Move Scabbers through the pipe entrance. A toilet tank will soon block his path, at which point your friends will lower it. Guide Scabbers down to the lowered tank and he'll flush the toilet, revealing several bricks.

Continue right and notice your path is blocked, and a vine has grown over the stall below you. Have someone remove the vine with Lumos to free a Student in Peril AND reveal a piece of the above pipe. Place the piece, continue right. Another blockage. Use Lumos on the next stall to open it up, then have someone use WL on the tank to lower it, finally giving Scabbers a complete path to the second toilet flusher. Flush and a little green frog will hop into the cabinet across the way.

Approach the moving cabinet and use WL on it. Build from the bricks a plunger and hop on. Ride the plunger over to the green glowing toilet and watch it plunge. When it extracts the bricks, build from them (and those next door) a snake mirror. Place Harry in front of it and hit your "Action" button, then enter the Chamber of Secrets (Mwahahahahaha!)

Exit the small room and head left. Note the tunnel. Also note the vines to the left of the tunnel, each holding something. Use Lumos on the vines to reveal a plunger. Approach the tunnel and an octopus creature will appear. Use WL on the plunger to plunge it.

Build from the remains a circular platform. Step on it and your friends will lift you up to the upper level. Move along it to the end, then use WL on the bones. Another plunger and another octopus will be revealed. Use the spouting water to cross to the ledge across the way, then use WL on the bricks here. A bridge will be put in place below.

Cross the bridgee, then use WL on the neck of the large snake statue. Once lowered, hop in the snake's mouth and ride it up. Exit through the light hole.

After a little cutscene, the Basilisk will be revealed. Time to get your fighting pants on...or not, as the Basilisk defeats itself (snakes aren't very bright). To knock off the large snake's first three hearts, simply walk over to one of the three rock piles (along the wall) and wait for the snake to strike. His big head will hit the rocks, causing damage. Repeat two more times.

The second hole on the right side will reveal a smaller snake. Have Harry stand in its light and speak a little Parseltongue. The snake will spit out a Flower. Drop the Flower in the nearbly cauldron.

Just right of the Cauldron are a couple of rocks behind held hostage by a vine. Use Lumos on the vine, then WL on the rocks for the Bone. Drop it in the Cauldron.

The Tooth is in the rock along the left side. Use WL on it, then zap the snake. Drop the Tooth in the Cauldron.

Sip from the Cauldron to become strong, then make your way to the cell door along the left side. Pull the handle next to it, and watch as Fawkes does a little snake damage.

Finally, hit the Basilisk with a spell (I went with Expelliarmus), and he'll momentarily disappear. When he reappears, he'll be high and right.

Run back to that cell door you opened and raise the two small platforms, together with one of your friends. When the platforms are attached to the central platform, pull them (again, simultaneously), then hop into the lowered central platform. You'll arrive near the snake. Use WL on the hat, thus revealing Dumbledore's sword. Step into the circular alcove behind the sword for protection against the Basilisk's breath, then move that sword to the sparlking blue area just to your right. The sword will attach itself to said area, then take out Mr. Snake Head.


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Get our 100% Completion LEGO Harry Potter Game Guide

LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Version Included!

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