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LB's "LEGO Harry Potter"
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

Year 3

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LB LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4 Game Guide
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LEGO Harry Potter Game Guide

LEGO Harry Potter Table of Contents

  • Year 1
    • The Magic Begins
    • Out of the Dungeon
    • A Jinxed Broom
    • The Restricted Section
    • The Forbidden Forest
    • Face of the Enemy
  • Year 2
    • Floo Powder
    • Dobby's Plan
    • Crabbe and Goyle
    • Tom Riddle's Diary
    • Follow the Spiders
    • The Basilisk
  • Year 3
    • News from Azkaban
    • Hogsmeade
    • Mischief Managed
    • The Shrieking Shack
    • Dementor's Kiss
    • The Dark Tower
  • Year 4
    • The Quidditch World Cup
    • Dragons
    • The First Task
    • Secret of the Egg
    • The Black Lake
    • The Dark Lord Returns

Year 3

News from Azkaban

You'll be immediately tossed into your third year at Hogwarts. First, you must deal with the chomping book. Do so by slipping on your Invisibilty Cloak. Mr. Chops will slip under the bed. Use this time to use WL on the portrait to the left. Doing so will awake the portrait on the right, along with the book. Sneak over to the right portrait and zap it. The wizard will drop a hat and daze the book. Hop on.

After you're tossed off the book, go through the process again. This time the second portrait will be the one over the fireplace. Zap it, then use WL on the series of objects below, eventually creating a fire AND dazing the book. Hop on again.

Repeat the process one more time. When the book is dazed, hop on and the chomping nightmare will be complete. Phew!

In front of the Hogwarts Express, hit the owl cage to reveal a flower. Pick the flower up and put it atop the train's steam pipe.

Next, head all the way right and strike the planter here. Use WL on the metal urn and it will turn into a speaker, frightening away the nearby students. Strike the two trunks to reveal a block. Carry that block over to the trunk by the train and place it on top. Bounce to the train's top, run right and collect the cauldron Flower, then run back left. Fall down on the far end, so you're on the other side of the fence.

Destroy everything in this area, then build from the remains. Among the newly built will be a Cauldron. There will also be a handle. Drop your Flower in the Cauldron. Next, grab the bone, which should be among the destroyed items to the left. Place it in the Cauldron. Finally, collect the tooth, which is in one of the two trunks all the way on the right side of the platform. Drop it.

Drink from the Cauldron and pull the handle. Hop in the train.

Make your way along the Hogwart's Express giving candy to those standing in front of the candy cart. The third lollipop will be a green key. Use it to enter the compartment.

After a cutscene, you'll have Professor Lupin on your side, which is good, as he has a Dementor defeating spell (Patronus). Switch to Lupin and select Patronus from your menu (it's the white one). Once active, cast at the Dementor to the right. Head left to pop the next Dementor. Use WL in the compartment here to find and activate the pick axe.

When the pick axe reveals the next compartment, use WL in it to create a luggage cart. Use WL again to put luggage on said cart. Zap the cart and it will fly to the far end, breaking the lock and blocking the moonlight. Cross right.

Have Lupin take care of the Dementors here, then use WL to uncover the blocked pipe. Move Scabbers through it to open the compartment to the right, then collect the key from the trunk. Insert it in the slot to the far right, then have the pick axe inside do its thing. Move through the door.

In the third car, use Hemione on the bookcase and build from the bricks. Place the block on the puple pad, then move that pick axe to the right. Place the shade over the window, and lead Lupin to the three Dementors. Take them out to complete the level.

House Crests

1. On the train platform, locate and destroy the five brown boxes with the red tops (they're all easy to find, just hit everything).
2. On the train, locate and open the five green trunks. Three are in the first car, two are in the third.

Student in Peril



Follow the Ghost Studs back up to DADA. Inside, you'll be taught Riddikulus. Approach the wardrobe on the left and cast your new spell on the Bogart that appears. Hit it three times as Hermione, then three times as Ron. Upon completion you will earn the new spell.

Exit out, then follow the ghost downstairs and to the right. Locked door. Hit the nearby portrait and a Bogart will appear below. Use Riddikulus on it to make it disappear. Collect the dropped key and use it on the lock.

To get through the courtyard, simply use WL on one of the metal flower baskets and hang it on the hook left of the vine-covered door. Follow Prof. Treelawney into her classroom. Once there, your goal is to place three tea cups on the large saucers. The first one is to the left. Simply use WL to move it. The second you build from bricks near the base of the stairs (just hit things with your wand until the bricks appear). For the third, have Hermione open the bookcase. When all tea cups have been placed, you'll earn a Tea Reading skill and exit out.

Place the second metal flower pot to remove more of the vines, then follow the ghost studs out the back left door. Work your way along the ghost stud path across the covered bridge all the way down to Hagrid's. Blast the garden vegetables so you can pass through.

After the cutscene, you'll be in the woods. You are looking for three fish (or turkey legs?) to place on the platform before Buckbeak. Follow the stud path forward, then take on the Pixies. Note the cat footprints in the area. Have Hermione use Crookshanks to dig in the spot, revealing some vines. Use Lumos on those vines to reveal the fish. Plce it on the platform.

Next, move toward the bottom of the screen and head right. Drop down to the lower area and locate the boulder. Move it with WL, then have Crookshanks dig again. This will reveal a little brown ladder. Climb it to the upper level. Use WL to extend the lily pads, then cross the pond and grab your fish.

The final fish is back in that lower area. Take care of the bee and his hive to reveal it. Place the third fish to complete Buckbeak Handling.

Follow the ghost studs back across the covered bridge and through Hogwarts to the next cutscene (Maruder's Map), then continue to follow the ghost studs up to the Great Hall area. Head left and build the gold statue using the two arms and head (head is released by Scabbers). Enter the hidden area, and move through the doorway.


With the Weasley twins by your side, make your way forward, letting Lumos guide you through the vines. Take out the Pixie to lower the platform, then use WL to attach it to the pink pillar. Jump to it and grab and place the purple pillar next door. Jump to the rock, grab the purple pillar and place it to the right, then grab the far left platform and place it far right. Cross right.

Attach the 1000KG weight to bridge and cross.

Grab the two torches and float the high to the vines. Each one will drop a platform. Cross. Take out the Bogart with your Riddikulus spell, then pull the shades to reveal a few objects. Line them up beneath the faces to the left, from left to right: flower, cake, photo. Cross right and move up the ladder.

After the cutscene, exit the shop by grabbing the pink container from the shelf and placing it on the weight.

Move up the hill toward the snowman. This will release a torch. Use the torch to melt the snow lining the stairs to the right, then build from the bricks a fire. Bye-bye snowman. Head up the hill and right.

Here you will battle a certain unlikable Slytherin. To defeat Malfoy, equip WL and watch as he sends projectiles your way. Some will not glow pink...others will. Avoid those that don't glow, and catch those that do with your "Cast" button (again, not "Quick Cast"). Hold that "Cast" button ("B" on the 360), until the stone returns itself in Malfoy's face.

When you take Malfoy out, he'll reappear in an iron igloo of sorts. This time, send back the igloo's projectiles. When one strikes, watch as Malfoy pops out of the top. Wait for the igloo to shoot again (this time a bigger projectile), then send it back at the slimey Slytherin.

Attach the first broom to the giant snowball. You can't miss it, as it's next to the snowball. To locate the next broom, move to the tree patch. Hit the trees and one will drop a broom. Attach it to the snowball. The third is revealed when you place the purple cage atop the purple sled. Ride that broom toward the snowball and place it. Enter the building to complete the level.

Character Stone

Oliver Wood - In the courtyard outside Professor Treelawney's classroom, create the potion (all ingredients are in the bushes), pull the handle, then fly through the rings.

Mischief Managed

Follow the ghost stud trail to the Gryffindor Common Room to begin the level.

Use WL on the small flame near the left large flame. Carry that small object up and a large key will drop. Place the key in the lock. Next, hit the wardrobe on the right, build the knight, destroy the knight, build the second key. Insert it. Have Harry turn the left key while Ron turns the right.

Move down the hall and enter the large room. Stack the small bricks in the middle, bottom to top: Green, red, blue. The floor will open up, revealing a handle. Hmmm.

Next, take out the Bogart to the right, open the wardrobe and build the cauldron. Collect the Tooth from the trunk in the back right corner (you'll have to zap the Pixie and use his hammer to grab it). Unroll the flag that's hanging from the back wall (high and left) to reveal the Flower. Finally, zap the skeleton in the pit for the Bone. Drink the potion and pull the handle. Place the boulder and move through the door.

Move forward and have Ron eliminate the Bogart. Next, use Harry's skills on the snake. Build from the bricks a little balcony, thus giving you access to a Spider. Looks like you'll have to create another potion.

Look right and you'll spot a cauldron covered in vines. Use Lumos to remove said vines. Place the Spider, along with the Cherries in the cauldron. Note, the Cherries were just left of the cauldron for me. I may have released them playing around in the area. If I did, it was nothing too tricky.

For the Fish (or Turkey Leg), head all the way right and break apart the fountain. Once it's fully broken, you'll be able to rebuild. Do so, then turn the wheel to activate the fountain. Use the leaves to bounce up to the upper level. Watch out for Filch (if he catches you, have your parter zap his cat), then hop through the window and grab it.

Mix the potion for invisibilty. Since Harry has invisibility with his cloak, have Ron use the potion. Return to the upper level and go all the way right. Have Harry pull one weight while Ron pulls the other, then move through the open window.

Head down the hall and open the grey trunk on the right side. Build and play the violin to make the portrait at the end drop its key. Collect the key and use it on the door to the left.

House Crests

1. Destroy the Gold Statues. The first is in the first room. The second is in the hall, as is the third. The fourth and fifth are in the large room with the cauldron.

The Shrieking Shack


Exit the Common Room and follow the ghost stud trail to DADA (although it appears a new entrance). This time, Harry must defeat the Bogarts. Simply hit the treasure chest to open it, then cast your Expecto Patronum spell. The first two trunks are in front of you. The third is being held hostage by a Pixie to your left. The forth is being held hostage by a plant to your right. The fifth can be built out of some fallen bricks on the right side. Build the camera from them, play the camera, then zap the projected portrait for the trunk.

Exit and follow the ghost studs to Hagrid's Hut.

The Shrieking Shack

Begin by defeating the large tree. To do so, tease it by running back and forth. Avoid its branches as they slam down, and wait for the large central branch to drop. When it does, approach and hit the indicated button to hop in. Ride the branch up, then Quick Cast at one of the three green tentacles atop the tree. Repeat two more times.

Drop into the tree. Extent the vines with Lumos and cross. Drop down and find the brown vine hanging to the right. Hit it and it will recoil. Another will drop. Go left and zap the red flower. Move up the leaf platforms.

Before crossing the Spider Platforms, look for the glowing object to the left. Release it with WL and a vine high and right will disappear. Cross the webs and drop off the last one at the bottom. Use WL on the object in the dead end, thus moving a second vine. Hop back onto the spider platform and exit at the top.

Cross the purple and pink spouts, then free the purple and pink balls. Place each one over its corresponding spout, then release. The spouts will break, making the spout on the right go even higher. Dismount left and use WL on the glowing object to release the last vine. Cross right and exit out.

After the cutscene you'll be in charge of Lupin and Serius. Your goal is to catch Scabbers (or Wormtail). To do so, wait until Scabbers takes refuge in a piece of furniture (or the fireplace). When you see this happen, zap that object. Said object will break and Scabbers will run. Repeat until you've created a glow among the bricks. Build from them a mouse trap.

After the next cutscene you'll be back in charge of Harry. Remove the vines with Lumos, then build from the grey bricks a grey block. Hop on top of it, then hop to the ledge.

Head forward and use Crookshanks to dig up the cauldron. Collect the ingredients. The Bone is in the web that's high and left. The tooth is in the snake head fossil attached to the wall (just right of the web). The Flower is created by growing three flowers in the immediate area, each by casting WL on small green balls near the cauldron. Drink the potion and backtrack a few steps to the handle. Pull it and have Crookshanks climb the platforms, then dig the dirt patch.

Climb the resulting brown vine and fight off the nasty forest creatures. Build the red mushroom and use it to bounce up to the werwolf, thus completing the chapter.

Student in Peril

In the spot where you must fight off the nasty forest creatures and build the red mushroom, there's a student trapped in a spider web. Zap the web to release him.

Dementor's Kiss

Move through the door to the left. After a little cutscene, you'll be thrown right into this next chapter.

Grab some earmuffs from the wardrobe and take care of the Mandrake (you'll have to take out the thing in the planter to actually plant the screaming greenery). When the Mandrake is planted, something will sprout from the brown hole nearby. Get rid of it and a nearby barrel will fall over, spilling a fish. Place the fish above Buckbeak, then build the grill from the surrounding bricks.

Grill the fish, then feed it again to Bucky. Use WL on the axe in front of the big guy, then approach him for a quick cutscene.

Take out the bees (and the hives), then fall into the pit to the right. Pop the Pixies so they drop the circular bricks, then build from them a rain cloud, thus filling the pit with water. Use the lily pad to reach the ledge above.

Extend the vines to the left, thus dropping many bricks below. Build from them a record player. Place the nearby record on it (it's the shining object). Return to your water pit and have Crookshanks dig up the dirt patch (note, if you picked up the record early and lost it in the water, it will appear here). Fall into the little pit and use WL on the greenery, thus creating a little ramp up to the ledge. Climb it.

Cross the lily pad to the tree in the middle and use WL on the glowing object. Hit the hook with a spell, then open the gold chest for a gold record. Walk this record down the greenery and place it on the record player.

After the cutscene, head left and up the stone stairs. Move forward and hit the object above the gap. It will fall. Use WL on it to create a little bridge. Cross it, then continue to the vine covered orb. Use Lumos on it and the Dementors will be free.

To fight the Dementors, simply have Harry use his Expecto Patronum spell. Cast it at each of the breath-sucking monsters to free yourself of the level.

Student in Peril

In the area to the left, with the bees, eliminate all the bees and the hive.

The Dark Tower

Hop on Buckbeak to kick off this final chapter of Year 3. Once you're dropped off on the Dark Tower, arm Expecto Patronum and begin your work picking off the Dementors. Run right and collect the pick axe from inside the chest. Use WL and move the pick axe across the stone-covered vine to release the vine. Use Lumos to make it disappear.

Continue forward. There's a barrel next to the fountain. Move it into the water structure to the right. Climb the resulting plants and flowers. When you are standing atop the pink flower. strike the wall and the flower will spin. Ride it up to the above ledge.

Strike the trunk to release the brick. Build from its remains a statue. Strike it, along with the statue across the way, to open the door.

Move along the right side of the room, your partner will move along the left. Move the platform to the left side, then switch characters and cross the platform. Grab the torch on the left and float it to the vine on the right, thus releasing another platform. Have the character on the right cross it, then move the third platform to the left. Switch, cross, build a bridge, switch, cross. Build one more bridge, then exit out.

Take out the three Dementors, then find the cauldron upon the structure in the bottom-right corner. Use WL to move it down, then collect the ingredients. To find the Bone, move down the ladder and lift up the bird with WL. Place it atop the third window, at which point it will break the window. Hop inside and have Hermione use the bookcase to release the Bone. To find the flower, approach the tree in the back right corner. Release the axe, then chop down the branch. The Tooth is in the large plant in the back left corner. Mix them all, take out the Dementors, sip and pull the handle (by the large tree). Cross the bridge and move up the spiral stairs.

To defeat the head Dementor, you must use WL on the two barrels before eliminating the surrounding Dementors. When you use WL on those barrels, the contents will be emptied. Fight off the surrounding Dementors with Expecto Patronum. Make sure you're behind the barrels when you defeat the last one. When the last Dementor falls, the head Dementor will suck you toward it, along with all of the junk you emptied. Assuming the junk hits first, the Dementor will take damage.

Simply repeat this process, using the torches when necessary to melt the barrels, and you'll easily eliminate your Dementor foe.

House Crests

1. Light the five lamps then strike them with your wand.

2. In the room where you collect the Bone, it's in the bottom right corner.

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